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Including Historical Sketch and Annals of the University 

and Biographical data regarding Members of the 

Faculties and the Boards of Trustees 





€^t EtkrsOir yresi 





\ Greeting from President Edmund J. James i 

Historical Sketch . . , 5 

Annals 1862-1912 31 

Baccalaureate Alumni 79 

Graduate Alumni 605 

> Honorary Alumni 647 

Records op the Faculty, not Illinois Graduates 660 

Trustees 775 

Directory of Alumni Clubs 791 

Geographical Distribution of Graduates 793 

Index to Alumni 849 




To the Alumni oj the University of Illinois. Greeting: 

It is now seven years since I sent to you a word of greeting with the first 
edition of the Alumni Record 

Our family, which was large then, has been increased by nearly fifty per 
cent. Students, faculties, and alumni have multiplied in much the same 
proportion. Wc have all worked together most cordially to advance the 
interests of Alma Mater, and, thanks to the liberality of the people of the 
oonmuuiweakh, we have seen the work prospering under our hands. 

It is now perfectly evident, if it never was before, that Illinois is destined 
to be one of the great universities of the world. If we and our successors 
perform our duty as we should, here will be a great center of moral and 
spiritual, as well as intellectual force. We may ultimately hope to rank in 
the time to come with the greatest institutions of Europe and older America 
as a center of light and life to our own day and generation. 

For this we may properly enough be devoutly thankful. It means per- 
sonally a great deal to each of us that our Alma Mater, which only a few 
years ago was like a grain of mustard seed, the smallest among its kind, 
has grown into a great tree, under the shade of whose branches the youth 
of all nations are coming to find refreshment for their souls and strength to 
serve the present age, wherever m the world their lot may be cast 

But the privilege of this joy and pleasure in the growth and influence 
of Alma Mater, which by its reflex effect contributes also to our own growth 
and influence, is matched by an obligation which rests upon us all alike to 
do whatever we can to assist this cherishing mother ot ours, to bring forth 
young men and women who will be of real value to the commonwealth and 
the nation and the world. 

A university which is not producing capable graduates, filled with a con- 
suming desire to be of service to their fellow men, may well be considered 
a menace rather than a benefit to the community. 

Tlie University of Illinois may indeed prove a curse to the commonwealth 
if its graduates are merely mediocre or if they use their trained skill merely 
to help themselves in exploiting their fellow citizens instead of doing every- 
thing they possibly can to assist the latter to the highest realization of their 
best selves. 

Stated in broad terms, the real object of university education is to furnish 
a suitable preparation for efficient social service. If it fails to do this it 
is not only futile but dangerous. 

We are earnestly striving to bring this fact home to the consciousness 
and the conscience of our student and instructing body. 

In this fundamental work of making the University of the utmost service 
to the state and the world, the alumni can be of the greatest possible aid 
and that in many ways. 


2 Prbpace 

First of all, by taking thought you may help improve the quality of the 
student body in the University. You can do this by keeping your eyes 
steadily open for the really promising boys and girls among your acquaintances 
and in your community and calling their attention to the University of Illinois 
as a desirable place for their college and university work. If the intel- 
lectually sluggish or morally weak or spiritually blind students in any of 
our great universities could be replaced by those of spiritual insight, moral 
strength, and keen intellectuality, the nation would have great cause to 
rejoice. A university will benefit the community very directly in proportion 
to the number of really capable leaders it turns out; if these leaders be also 
animated by high moral ideals and aims. Send us then the best young people 
you can find in all the extent of your acquaintance and your neighborhood. 

Second, take a really lively interest in the important features of uni- 
versity life. Stand by the trustees and faculties in their efforts to raise the 
standards of moral, intellectual, and spiritual efficiency in the student body. 

It looks sometimes to a superficial observer as if the alumni, the most 
of them at any rate, who show any interest at all in university affairs, were 
interested in these things only as a means of winning intercollegiate contests 
and writing the University*, as they say, ''upon the athletic map." 

Athletics, in my opinion, should form an important element in student 
life in general *and in that of every individual student Intercollegiate 
athletics, if we can control them properly, are of very great value. But 
after all, they are, or should be, viewed and cultivated only as a means to 
an end. 

Our alumni should line up solidly on the Illinois platform, which is very 
simple, namely; that honest, straightforward athletics, participated in by all 
students and pursued in strict sulbordination to the great purposes for which 
a university exists,' are desirable and should be encouraged. But all excess 
in these matters should be discouraged. 

In general, the alumni should use their influence to help the faculty in 
insisting that the so-called student activities, athletics, social affairs, college 
papers, — all good in their way if kept within bounds — shall not interfere 
with the one great student activity par excellence, namely study; and with 
the one object of a university course, namely, the development of the student 
by study and exercise to a high grade of efficiency, physical, moral, and in- 
tellectual — an end which is often defeated — ^by the dissipation of energy and 
will power which so many students indulge in. 

Alumni members of the sororities and fraternities can be in this way of 
especial assistance through the natural influence they can exert over their 
young associates. 

Third, keep your Alma Mater in mind when you kre able to give money 
yourselves, or when you know men and women of wealth who are looking 
for good places to invest money so as to bring in the highest return to society. 
The people of the commonwealth will be much more willing to grant funds 
if they find that the alumni of the University are willing to contribute of their 
means, also to magnify and improve Alma Mater. 

Moreover, there are many things necessary or helpful to a great uni- 
versity for which the state will not as yet contribute money; or at least 

Preface 3 

not in sufficient sums, and these include many of the most important and 
finest sides of university organization and equipment 

You can help the University of Illinois to take its place among the really 
great institutions by giving yourselves, or getting others to give, or both, 
for these fundamental interests which are especially likely to suffer in all 
state universities, owing to the lack of appreciation on the part of the average 
man of their real importance. 

Fourth, keep your Alma Mater always in mind in another way. Talk 
about her to your friends and neighbors. Write about her and her work to 
the newspapers. If you hear slurring remarks concerning her, re-act at once 
and find out the real cause of such remarks. If they are based on fair grounds, 
if the criticism is just, let the University know what it is, so that we may 
mend our ways if they be bad. If injurious articles appear in the newspaper, 
reply to them or give us a chance to reply to them. Let no reflection on 
your Alma Mater pass unrebuked any more than you would one on your 
physical mother. 

You, the alumni, can create and maintain in your localities a favorable 
atmosphere in which the University of Illinois will flourish and rise to ever 
new heights of service and beauty. 

Fifth, give us here at the University the benefit, orally or in writing, of 
your continued suggestions as to how we may make the University of ever 
greater use to this commonwealth and the nation. I have received some 
most valuable aid in the form of letters of suggestion and counsel from our 
alumni. Send them on. They will all be considered, and as far as pos- 
sible heeded. 

Sixth, visit the University in person as often as you can. Come up to 
commencement and to the homecoming, and whenever else you can find it 
possible. Help us make this place a holy one for the human spirit, con- 
secrated to all the forces which magnify the human soul, which sharpen 
the intellect, increase knowledge and skill, refine the taste, fire the heart and 
strengthen the will, clarify and exalt the ideals of love and service to our 
fellow men. Let us make this a place to which coming generations will 
look with the same appreciative and admiring gaze as the thoughtful of the 
whole world now look to Oxford and Cambridge, Berlin and Paris, Harvard 
and Yale — ^when we shall be counted among the greatest of all because we 
have ministered the most 


Edmund J. James. 


An attempt has been made to record concerning each graduate (i) full 
name, (2) degree or degrees, (3) present occupation, (4) date and place 
of birth, (5) names of parents and date and place of birth of each, (6) 
preparation for university, (7) membership in societies and fraternities, 
(8) university honors, (9) services and achievements, (10) membership 
and office in important organizations, (11) date and place of marriage, witn 
name of husband or wife, (12) names of children and dates of births and 
deaths, and (13) present address. 

An asterisk (*) before the name of a person indicates that he is de- 
ceased; before a degree indicates that the holder received a certificate at 
the time of graduation and was voted the degree at the time indicated. 
Unless the degree is followed by the name of some other college or uni- 
versity, it was received at Illinois. 

A dagger (f) at the close of a person's biographical sketch indicates 
that his present address is unknown. Information that will enable us to 
reach these persons will be gladly received. A double dagger (J) following 
an address indicates that we have not heard directly from the person during 
1911-12, but believe that the address given is correct. 

Any corrections or additional data regarding any biographical sketch 
will be appreciated. 

The Editor wishes to acknowledge bis obligations to secretaries of 
classes and other alumni organizations, and to Mr. William Low Pillsbury, 
Registrar of the University from 1893 to 1910, for advice and help. His 
thanks are especially due to Dr. Franklin W. Scott, Editor of the Alumni 
Quarterly and Editor of the 1906 Alumni Record, for help in the prepara- 
tion of this volume. J. H. K. 




The very germ from which the University of Illinois has developed may, 
perhaps, be found in the clause of the famous ordinance of 17Q7, 'Religion, 
morality and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happi- 
ness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be en- 
ooiiraged'' From this germ has sprung abundant growth, yet in itself it is 
but the formulation of a general principle. It says that a certain thmf shall 
be done, but it does not answer the questions as to how or by whom it shall 
be done, or when, except that it shall be done forever. 

The first slight awakening to activity of this educational germ in Illinois 
occurred in 1804, when G>ngress made three districts in the Indiana Terri- 
tory and directed the Secretary of the Treasury to locate one township of 
land in each district for the use of a seminary of learning. At this time Illi- 
nois belonged to the Indiana Territory. Later, in 1818^ when Illinois became 
a state, a second township was given for the endowment of a seminary, and 
also one-sixth of 3% of the net proceeds of government lands sold after Jan- 
uary I, 1819.^ This latter donation to the state was to be "exclusively be- 
stowed upon a college or university." 

The people of Illinois, however, made no attempt to establish an institu- 
tion, of learning with these funds as a foundation until 1833. In that year 
they introduced a bill to incorporate an institution to be named the "Illinois 
University." The bill met with strong opposition, as Springfield was named 
for the location. Through jealousy, Vandalia stirred up the opposition of 
other neighboring cities ; friends of the in£ant colleges of McKendree, Shurt- 
le£F, and Illinois looked with alarm upon the establishment of such a state- 
endowed university; and, in addition, the men in control of state affairs, in 
order to avoid taxation, had already used all moneys received for the college 
fund and from the sale of the seminary lands for the current expenses of 
the government. And any proposition to cut off the use, in a similar way, 
of farther receipts from the same sources was decidedly unpopular. Besides 
th^ would have had to resort to taxation in order to restore the trust funds 
already misappropriated. Fortunatel^r perhaps for them, the bill met with 
defeat, and for several years after this the efforts made to establisji a state 
institution of higher learning were wholly unorganized. The people took 
little interest in 9ie matter and attempts were even made from time to time 
to divide up the college and seminary funds among the colleges of the state.' 

Again, in 1851, the senate passed "An Ace to Establish a State University," 
but upon re-consideration the bill was laid upon the table. An examination 
of this bill shows that the proposed universit]/ was to be a board of men to 
distribute the income of the college and seminary funds to the several col- 
leges of the state, upon conditions named, for the purpose of educating teach- 
ers for the common schools. 

After diis failure, hoiwever, a movement started to establish an institution 

* See Fapert of the Amer. Hist. Soc. V. z. No. 3, W. L. Pillslrary, p. 36; HI. School 
Report, 188^8, p. CXVII. 

'See III. School Rep., 1887-8, p. CXIX. 

6 University of Illinois 

of a rather different character. The Buel Institute, an agricultural society 
of Putnam County, at its fair in September, determined to hold a fanners' 
convention at Granville in November '% take into consideration such meas- 
ures as might be deemed expedient to further the interests of the agricultural 
community, and particularly to take steps toward the establishment of an 
a^icultural university." Professor Jonathan Baldwin Turner of Jackson- 
ville was invited to be present and address the convention. The attitude of 
the leaders of this convention toward higher education and what they sought 
to obtain through their proposed universit>[ may be shown by quoting the 
resolutions presented by a committee, of which Professor Turner was diair- 

**RESOLVED, That we greatly rejoice in the degree of perfection to 
which our various institutions for the education of our brethren engaged in 
professional, scientific, and literary pursuits, have already attained, and in 
the mental and moral elevation which those institutions have given them, 
and in their consequent preparation and capacity for the ^t2Lt duties in the 
spheres of life in which they are enga^d; and that we will aid, in all ways 
consistent, for the still greater perfections of such institutions. 

"RESOLVED, That, as the representatives of the industrial classes, in- 
cluding all cultivators of the soil, artisans, mechanics, and merchants, we 
desire the same privileges and advantages for ourselves, our fellows, and our 
posterity in each of the several callings as our professional brethren enjoy 
in theirs; and we admit that it is our own fault that we do not also enjoy 

"RESOLVED, That, in our opinion, the institutions originally and pri- 
marily designed to meet the wants of the professional classes, as such, can- 
not, in the nature of things, meet ours, no more than the institutions we de- 
sire to establish for ourselves could meet theirs. Therefore, 

"RESOLVED, That we take immediate measures for the establishment 
of a university in the State of Illinois expressly to meet those felt wants of 
each and all the industrial classes of our State ; that we recommend the foun- 
dation of High Schools, Lyceums, Institutes, etc., in each of our counties, on 
similar principles, so soon as they may find it {practicable so to do. 

"RESOLVED, That, in our opinion, such institutions can never impede, 
but must greatly promote, the best interests of all those existing institutions." 

The prominence which this convention holds may be attributed largely 
to the bold and vigorous way in which Professor Turner discussed the ques- 
tions, "What do the industrial classes want" and "How can that want be 
supplied." His answer to the first question was, "They want, and they ought 
to have, the same facilities for understanding the true philosophy — ^the sci- 
ence and the art of their several pursuits, their life business — and of effi- 
ciently applying existing knowledge thereto and widening its domain, which 
the professional classes have long enjoyed in their pursuits." Replying to the 
second question, his belief was that die want neither could, nor should, be 
supplied by existing institutions which were desi^^ned to educate the profes- 
sional classes, and whose spirit was literary and intellectual as distinguished 
from the industrial and practical. He said the need was for a "university 
for the industrial classes in each of the states" and presented his "plan for 
the state university." 

This plan was quite elaborate. It was insisted upon that such a university 
would, of right, receive the college or university fund which the^ state held 
from the general government, and it was doubtless intended to claim also the 
seminary fund, though this is not stated distinctly. 

The address greatly aroused the convention, a report of which, including 
the address in full, was published and widely circulated. The Report of the 
Illinois State Board of Agriculture and the United States Patent office rejwrt 
of 1851 reproduced it; the New York Tribune and the New York Horticul- 
turist noticed it with approval; the attention of the National Ag^ricultural 
Association was called to it; the Philadelphia North American gave it edi- 

Historical Sketch 7 

tonal approval; etc, etc.^ Acceding to the request of the convention, the 
Governor, in summoning an extra session of the legislature to meet June 7, 
1852, laid before that body the subject of industrisu education as presented 
at the Granville meeting. 

At a second convention, held at Springfield, June 8, 1852, representatives 
and friends of some of the colleges attended and claimed that their institu- 
tions, rather than the proposed new university, legitimately should receive 
the college fund. They made a bdd for the seminary ftmd, agreeing to estab- 
lish teachers' departments if it were bestowed upon them. A discussion, 
sharp and angry, took place and the quarrel was transferred to the legisla- 
ture. The convention presented its land grant memorial and enlarged the 
plan for a university by adding a normal school, to be co-ordinate with the 
industrial department,' in order to meet the demand that the seminary fund 
be used in training teadiers for the common schools. The convention also 
urged in its memorial that a beginning be made at once to carry into effect 
eitiier the original plan or some modification of it which the General As- 
sembly might think preferable, "and if possible, on a sufficiently extensive 
scale to honorably justify a successful appeal to congress in conjunction with 
eminent citizens and statesmen in other states, who have expressed their readi- 
ness to oo-operate with us for an appropriation of public lands in each state 
in the Union for the appropriate endowment of universities for the liberal 
education of the industrial classes in their several pursuits in each state in 
the Union." 

In the legislature, the House referred the whole subject to its committee 
on education, and the college men won at first by securing from it a bill to 
divide both ftmds among the existing colleges. But the result was a drawn 
battle; for the bill was laid upon the table, and as if to be rid of a trouble- 
some contest, both Houses joined in a resolution asking authority from Con- 
gress to add both the college and seminary funds to the common school fund, 
so that the income from them might be forever given to the support of the 
public schools. 

A third convention was held in Chicajgo in November, 1852, at which the 
Industrial League of the State of Illinois, with Professor Turner for chief 
director, was organized, — the purpose being to promote the interests of the 
industrial classes. This convention published an address to the people of the 
state, prepared a memorial to the legislature, and arranged for petitions both 
to the legislature and to Congress. 

At a fourth convention held in Springfield, January 4, 1853, again the re- 
quest for an industrial university was set forth and the legislature was urged 
to memorialize Congress, asking for each state an appropriation of public 
lands, of a value not less than $500,000 for the liberal endowment of an in- 
dustrial university. 

In 1854 Governor Matteson proposed the subject of industrial education 
to the legislature for consideration at its special session. In the following 
January, 1855, the Industrial League held a fifth convention in Springfield 
and a bill was introduced in the legislature for "An Act to Incorporate the 
Trustees of the Illinois University." The trustees were to locate the univer- 
sity and to receive from the state the college and seminary funds for its en- 
dowment, on condition that they raised a like amount from other sources. 
They were also to receive any grants which Congress might make for in- 
dustrial education. The plan of the proposed institiption was broad and 
liberal as it appears in the bill, which did not, however, obtain any definite 
action from either House. 

There was little apparent sympathy in Congress with this subject, which 
was arousing such widespread interest, perhaps due to the fact that in 1854 
President Pierce had vetoed a bill proposing land grants to the states for 

^UniT. Studies V. IV, No. i, Nov., 1910, The Origin of the Land Grant Act of 1862 
by "^Am^^ J. James, p. ax. 

*in. School Rep., 1887-8, p. CXXI. 

8 Univbhsity op Ilunois 

establishing asylums for the indigent insane, and in this veto had used Ian- 
guag:e which showed clearly that his action would be the same toward a bill 
providing land grants to the states for colleges of agriculture and science. 

With the coming of a new president in 1857, friends of industrial educa- 
tion again bestirred themselves, and their measure was House Bill No. 2 
introduced by Justin S. Morrill of Vermont, a man from oat of the older 
states which had not thus far benefited by the land grant of the federal 
government It met with strong opposition, and the bill was finally defeated 
at the hands of President Buchanan who interposed his veto, largely upon 
constitutional grounds,^ and it was considered useless to seek for further 
action by G)ngress while Buchanan was president. The bill provided for a 
grant to the several states of 20,000 acres for each member of Congress from 
the state, according to the apportionment to be made after the census of i860. 
The states were to establish within five years not less than one college, where 
the leading object should be to teach agriculture and the mechanic arts, 
without the exclusion of other scientific and classical studies. 

Again earl^ in December, 1861, Mr. Morrill renewed the agitation in 
favor of a national grant of land to each state in the Union for the promotion 
of education in agriculture and the mechanic arts, and secured the passage 
of the so-called Morrill bill by both houses. It was approved by President 
Lincoln July 2, 1862. The act was substantially the same as the previous 
bill The diief differences were a grant of 30,000 acres of land for each 
member of Congress instead of 20,000; the exclusion of states in rebellion; 
and the requirements that the states accept within two years instead of five, 
and that instruction be given in military science. The grant was to con- 
stitute a perpetual fund, the income of which was to be "inviolably appro- 
priated" by the state "to the endowment, support, and maintenance of, at 
least, one college, where the leading object shall be, without excluding other 
scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such 
branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in 
such manner as the legislatures of the states may respectively prescribe, in 
order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes 
in the several pursuits and professions in life."' 

The results of this movement may reasonably be looked upon with satis- 
faction and pride, and great honor is surelv due to Professor Turner. In a 
study by President James entitled ''The Origin of the Land Grant Act of 
1862" may be found conclusive evidence that to "Jonathan B. Turner, the 
Illinois professor and farmer, belongs the credit of having first formulated 
clearly the plan of a national grant of land to each state in the Union for the 
promotion of education in agriculture and mechanic arts, and of having in- 
augurated the agitation that made possible the passage of the so-called Mor- 
rill Act To his memory should be raised a monument in each of the sixty- 
eight institutions which have grown out of his effort or whose power and 
usefulness have been increased by these appropriations.'' 

It is well within the rules of propriety that Illinoisans congratulate them- 
selves that the movement so full of good to the nation, to labor, and to youth 
everywhere, had its inception here in Illinois; that from Illinois came the 
demand upon the federal government; that to an Illinois senator is due the 
first movement in its favor in Congress; and that an Illinois president gave 
it life by affixing his signature. 

On February 14, I863, the legislature formally accepted the provisions made 
by Congress and in due time the land scrip for the 480,000 acres, to which 
Illinois was entitled, was sent to the governor. 

But even after the passage of the bill there was much controversy over 
the funds thus made available for educational purposes. Some wished to 
divide the fund among several agn'icultural colleges; while others preferred 
one college and favored having it made a part of an already existing institu- 

^Cong. Gl., ist Session, ssth Cong. 141a. 

'Text in Laws of the U. S. and the State of Illinois Concerning the Univ. of 111. 

Historical Sketch 9 

tion. Questions of this nature caused much bitter strife. Those who had 
struggled for the passage of this bill had sou^ to establish one institution 
and to make it unlike the existing colleges of the state, and entirely separate 
from them. Naturally, they deprecated any attempt to divide the lund or to 
use it in establishing departments in existing colleges. The views of this 
party were embodied in a bill, drafted by a committee of which, Jonathan B. 
Turner was chairman, and substantially similar to the diarter finally granted 
in 1867. Resolutions were adopted by the State Agricultural and the State 
Horticultural Societies insisting upon one institution, and opi)osing an effort 
to divide the fund, or to use it in establishing departments in existing col- 
leges. They proposed that the location should be made, after the considera- 
tion of bids» at that place which seemed to offer the greatest facilities. 

^ The General Assembly of 1867 passed a bill giving any county, city, town- 
ship, or incorporated town, power to vote bonds and to make proposals for 
securing the location of the University. The people of Champaign were early 
alert to the idea of securing the institution and put forth every effort to 
obtain the prize ; nor were the opposing counties by any means idle. In their 
efforts to defeat this county, the latter sent out warnings and appeals through 
circulars and newspaper articles to the people of the state, in which ridicule 
and derision of the claims of Champaign County formed the burden. The 
seminary property, a large brick building which formed a part of the offer 
of Champaign County, received the label 'The Champaign Elephant," and 
this epithet was well kept before the people of the state; certain Chicago 
papers lending ready and nimble hands in the propagation of this and other 
like derogatory attaicks. Champaign Cotmty, on the other hand, lost no op- 
portunity to gain influence and to make friends for its cause. After a not 
altogether creditable contest among the several competing counties — Cham- 
paign, Logan, McLean, and Morgan — ^the legislature accepted the offer of 
Champaign County, and, subject to certain conditions, located the University 
at Urbana. 

Governor Oglesby approved the act incorporating the Illinois Industrial 
University February 28^1, 1867. This act provided that five trustees were to 
be appointed from each of the three grsLnd judicial districts of the state, and 
one trustee from ead^ of the thirteen congressional districts, who wi^ the 
governor, superintendent of public instruction, president of the State Agri- 
cultural Society, and the Regent, when elected, as ex officio members, should 
constitute the Board of Trustees. In pursuance of the law, the Board met 
for the first time in the Representatives Hall in Springfield on March 12th. 
1867. Governor Oglesby, the temporary president of the Board, prescribed 
the oath to each member, according to the constitution of 1848^ then in force. 
This oath, amon^ other things, solemnly pledged each man not to engage in 
dueling^ during his term of office, and declared that each had not been guilty 
of duding since the adoption of that constitution. 

Under the law, the first business to be transacted was the election of the 
Regent, or President, of the University. The Board chose Reverend John 
Milton Gregory, a man of the broadest and most enlijghtened views, who 
at that time was President of Kalamazoo College, Michigan. 

The Regent being elected, the trustees drew for their terms of office, as 
the act provided that one-third should serve for a term of two years, one- 
third for a term of four years, and one-third for a term of six years.* At 
this first meeting the Board also passed the following resolution : 

"Resolved, That sensible of our dependence on the Divine blessing in 
the great work in which we are engaged it should be a standing order of this 
Board to commence each day's proceedings by the Word of God and 
prayer." The motion carried unanimously.* 

The new^ Board of Trustees, including Regent Gregory, was largely chosen 
from the laity and clergy of the Baptist church, and for some time fear was 

^Rep. of UniT. of HI., 1868, p. 19. 

*Rep. of UttiT. of HL, 186S, p. 16. 

10 University of Illinois 

entertained that the new university would become largely a denominational 
school However, this fear was groundless, as the bias in the actions of the 
Board, which many looked for, did not appear, and in Dr. Gregory's long 
administration it would be difficult to point out anything in his action tend- 
ing in that direction. 

His acceptance of the position as Regent of the University did not occur 
until after he had made a trip to Chicago and to Champaign. He says that 
in both -these places only one opinion was expressed to him, and that was, 
that this new institution was to be "the grandest university on the American 
continent" He accepted the election and became the first Recent, of what 
was then the Illinois Industrial University, serving as its executive head from 
March 12, 1867, a year before the institution was formally opened, until 1880. 

John Milton Gregory was bom at Sand Lake, New York, July 6, 1822. He 
was a graduate of Union College, and a pupil of Eliphalet Nott, one of the 
greatest educators of his day. He studied law from 1836 to 1848, and later, 
after some time spent in the study of theology, he entered the Bapiist min- 
istry. For a time he taught in a secondary school in Midiigan, and was in 
1858 elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction of that state. He 
held this position until 1863, when he was elected to the presidency of Kala- 
mazoo College. After serving this College four years, he entered upon the 
duties of Regent of the University. 

Dr. Gregory was a man of high ideals and broad sympathies, and his 
personal influence upon the student body was marked. His vision of what 
an institution such as a State University should be was far reaching.^ 

Durin|g: tbe year following his election to the regency, and previous to 
the opening of the University, not only were the plans for the institution 
pushed forward at the seat of the proposed university, but Dr. Gr^ory also 
went about over the state, seeking to, interest young men everywhere in secur- 
ing a higher education. Many of the addresses which he made were delivered 
from the rear end of some farmer's wa^on at a county fair. To many young 
men who afterwards came to the University and who have since been of 
great value to their state, the appeal came from the lips of this college presi- 
dent on some such occasion.' 

One of the first great tasks of Dr. Gregory was to prepare an outline of 
the general aims of the new university, and a course of study. This he did, 
as chairman of a committee appcMnted by the Board. The following depart- 
ments and courses of study were suggested to be developed as soon as prac- 

I. The Agricultural Department, embracing — 
T. The course in Agriculture proper 
2. The course in Horticulture and I^andscape Gardening 
II. The Polytechnic Department, embracing — 

1. The course in Mechanical Science and Art 

2. The course in Civil Engineering 

3. The course in Mining and Metallurgy 

4. The course in Architecture and Fine Arts 

III. The Military Department, embracing — 
T. The course in Military Engineering 
2. The course in Tactics 

IV. The Department of Chemistry and Natural Science. 
V. The Department of Trade and Commerce 

VI. The Department of General Science and Literature, embracing — 

1. The course in Mathematics 

2. The course in Natural History, Chemistry, etc. 

3. The course in English Language and Literature 

4. The course in Modem Language and Literature 

' Facts for Freshmen Concerning the Uniy. of HI., by Thomas A. Clark, p. 6. 

* Alumni Quarterly, V. IV, Makers of the Univ, by Henry Mahan Beardsley, *79 
p. 5. 

Historical Sketch ii 

5. The course in Ancient Lang^iage and Literature 

S. The course in History and Social Science 

7. The course in Philosophy, Intellectual and MoraU 

The report of this course of study committee caused considerable excite- 
ment among the people. The idea of teaching ''English Literature" and ''An- 
cient and Modem Languages and Literatures," proved as the red flag to the 
infuriated bull of the story. The institution was denounced as no more than 
one of the "old colleges" and the question was derisively asked, "Why add, 
by a public grant of lands, to these old institutions, of which the people al- 
ready have too many?" It is probably due to the warfare aroused by this 
course of stucW that only ^^ were enrolled at the oj^enin^ of the University 
on Mach 2, 1868, and of these, 45 were from Champaign County. Untrue and 
sensational tales were told and believed, greatly to the discredit of the new 
Universi^. Many demanded that the dassics should be excluded from the 
course of study; others that they should be tolerated, but not cherished. By 
some it was claimed that the students of belle-lettres would constitute an 
aristocratic class in the institution ; that the students of agriculture and me- 
chanic arts would be looked upon as inferiors. The dissatisfaction showed 
itself in newspaper articles and in public addresses; dissensions took place 
in the Board of Trustees ; and finally, in 1870, a convention of delegates from 
the several county agricultural societies met at Bloomington to consider the 
past, present, and future condition of Uie Illinois Industrial University. Dr. 
Gregory attended this convention and delivered an address. He explained at 
length the act creating the University and the course of study, answered 
some reasonable questions, and as a result very much improved the existing 
feeling. They appointed a committee to visit and investigate the institution 
and report thereon. This committee's report served greatly to strengthen the 

The subjects actually taught at its opening were algebra, geometry, nat- 
ural philosophy, history, rhetoric, and Latin, and the work was carried on 
in the brick building which was the donation of Champaign County. This 
building also served partly as a dormitory and came to be known as the 
Old Dormitory building. 

Owing to die belief that it is the separation of the theoretical and prac- 
tical which renders so much education mere "book learning," the Board of 
Trustees decided that a manual labor^ system should be thoroughly tried, 
and all students, not excused for physical disability, were required to labor 
from one to three hours a day. The students went put in squads, under 
their military officers, and under the ^neral supervision of members of 
the faculty. The maximum compensation of such labor was eight cents 
an hour. Many students worked voluntarily over hours, and received for 
such over-work twelve and a half cents an hour. In a short time, however, 
labor was made wholly voluntary, except as it was a part of some course 
of study, as the shop practice in the course of mechanical science and art. 
In matters of discipline Dr. Gregory believed in treating the students 
as men, and in appealing to their manhood for the maintenance of good 
order. His love of freedom showed itself in the establishment of the Stu- 
dents' Government system, first tried in 1870. By permission of the faculty, 
the general assembly of the students was organized, and a constitution 
adopted providing for the election of a president, vice-president, secretary, 
and marshal. There was also a senate of 21 members and a court, con- 
sisting of a chief justice and two associate judges. Under this constitution, 
the senate enacted laws, which became valid only when approved by the 
Regent of the University. All offenses against these laws were tried before 
the students' court, and punished by fines according to the claims of offence. 
Cases requiring the severer penalties of suspension or expulsion from the 
University were referred to the faculty, and students refusing to pay the 
»Rep. of Univ. of HI., 1868, p. 50, 

13 Univbrsitt of Illinois 

fines imposed by the students' government were suspended from University 

Erivileges.^ For a time this system of ^vemment worked admirsd)ly, but 
iterpolitics crept in and perverted justice, and the system was abandoned 
in 1883. 

The faculty for the first term consisted of four instructors, including 
the Regent, two assistants, a head farmer, and two non-resident lecturers. 
A decided contrast in numbers with our faculty of to-day! The two towns 
likewise presented a very different appearance. Street pavements were 
laid some twenty years later than this ; the buildings, for the most part, 
were of the cheaper grade of scantling frames; and the streets themselves 
were more often adorned by wood piles than by sidewalks. Stock of all 
kinds ran at large in both towns and in the country, so that all houses were 
securely fenced to keep out the predatory town cows and hogs. 

Women were not at first admitted to the University. In 1869 the ques- 
tion of their admission was raised, and after a lengthy discussion, upon 
the motion of Mr. John S. Johnson,' it was settled in the affirmative in 
March, 1870. The story is told that a group of boys, much interested in 
the outcome of the discussion, listened to the deliberations of the trustees 
through a friendly stove-pipe hole, and when the vote was finally taken, 
and announced as favorable to the young women, an approving shout was 
heard from the gallant fellows above.* Girls ever since have been thus 
kindly received, and their presence has come to be viewed as a matter of 
course. In the first year, twenty-two were registered; while during the 
year I9ii-'i2, their attendance had increased to 1,007, out of the total number 
of 5,200, or. nearly one-fifth of the whole enrollment of the University of 
Illinois. Thus their early kindly reception seems to have been appreciated. 
In spite of the prominence of agriculture in the state and the important 
part whicli the farmers took in the industrial movement, the agricultural 
department languished. The proportion of ag^cultural students during the 
first decade was insignificant. 

Meanwhile the engineering courses developed rapidly. Stillman W. Rob- 
inson, elected to the professorship of Mechanical Engmeering in 1869, may 
be regarded as the real founder of the College of Engineering. He appre- 
ciated the educational possibilities of shop woHc and made it a part of the 
engineering instruction. In January, 1870, a mechanical shop was fitted up 
with tools and machinery. Dr. Peabody, in speaking of it, says, "It is prob- 
able that tool or machme instruction was first given in America at the 
Worcester Free Institute, which was formally inaugrurated in November. 
1868, six months after the inauguration of this University. I have not 
been able to find that Professor Robinson's practice shop had any other 
predecessor in this country." In the summer of 1871 the mechanical build- 
ing and drill hall (burned on June 9, 1909) were erected and equipped for 
students' shop work in both wood and iron, and for military drill. 

The legislature, in its session the same year, authorized the construction 
of the main University building, according to plans and estimates laid before 
it, at a cost of $150,000. They appropriated $75,000. and provided that the 
$75,000 additional should be appropriated at the next meeting. Work on 
the building was commenced, but the le^slature failed to make the expected 
additional appropriation. A broad, white streak on the west wall remains 
the indelible record of the time when the work could go no further. It 
was deemed advisable to provide temporarily for the continuance of the 
work by the sale of the Champaign County bonds. This was done, and the 
work was resumed. Every effort was made that this money should be 
repaid by the State, but such efforts were unavailing. The building was fin- 
ished and dedicated December 10, 1873.* 

^Rep. of Uniy. of III., 1869, p. 62. 

'Rep. of UniT. of III., 1870, p. 84. 

* Facts for Freshmen Concerning the Univ. of III. by T. A. Oark, p. 7. 

^Rep. of Univ. of 111. 1888, Hist Address by Selim H. Peabody, p. 207. 

Historical Sketch 13 

The other of the larger buildings erected during this period was the 
Chemical Laboratory, which was authorized by the legislature of 1877 and 
dedicated at the commencement in 1878. Its cost, when fitted and fur- 
nished, was $40,000. There were other smaller appropriations made during 
the period, which were used in the construction of a house and bam on the 
horticultural grounds, a gardener's house, a greenhouse, and a bam for the 
agricultural dc^iartment. 

A re-organization of the Board of Trustees occurred in 1873. The num- 
ber of members was reduced from 31 to" 11 — the Governor and the President 
of the State Board of Agriculture, ex oMcio, and nine others, who were still 
appointed by the Governor.* Beginning at this time also, the President of 
the Board was chosen by the members from among their own number for 
a term of one year. At the meeting held July 10, 1873, Emory G)bb was 
elected the new president. He gave much time and attention to the affairs 
of the University for more than a quarter of a century. 

At the end of the first five years the organization of the University con- 
sisted of four colleges — the College of Agriculture, of Engineering, of Nat- 
ural Science, and of Literature and Science. These were sub-divided as 

The College of Agriculture embraced the Schools of Agriculture and Horticulture. 

The College of I^^neering included the four Schools of Mechanical, Civil, and Mining 
Engineering and Architecture. 

The College of Natural Science included the School of Chemistry and the School of 
Katnral History. 

The College of Literature and Arts and Science embraced the School of Modem Lan- 
guage and Literature and the School of Ancient Language and Literature. 

Besides these, there were the Schools of Commercial Science, the School 
of Military Science, and a School of Domestic Economy. The instruction 
in the last named school began with the college year i872-'73. The full 
course in the beginning very nearly corresponded with that in the School 
of English and Modem Language, except that in the second and third years 
lectures on topics of domestic economy took the place of the mathematical 
studies. This was the first School of Domestic Economy of high grade, and 
with a complete course, organized in the United States, if not the first 
in the world 

Admission requirements were at first slight in all departments; but 
fewer than half the students of the earlier years were able to meet them, 
and members of the faculty found themselves overloaded with elementary 
work to the detriment of the higher instruction. In accordance with Dr. 
Gregor/s views, the entrance requirements were gradually advanced, and 
in 1875 & preparatory year was instituted which later developed into the 
Academy. Csuididates in the preparatory classes had to be fifteen years 
of aj^e and be able to pass satisractory examinations in arithmetic, geography, 
English grammar, and United States history. Like other institutions of the 
Middle West, lUinods, after some experiments!, adopted the '^accredited 
school'' system. The first school so accredited was the Princeton High 
School, and by 1880 tiie number had increased to twenty-two.* 

In the early days of the institution, the elective system predominated. 
Although liberty had its risks, it was "not thought useful or right to at- 
tempt to urge every student, without regard to his capacity, tastes, or prac- 
tical wants, to take some lengthened curriculum.' But gradually this 
mtem of complete freedom was modified, and students who desired to 
*^fraduate," were required to complete some one of the courses outlined 
in the catalog. The introduction of academic degrees at the commence- 
ment in 1878 strengthened this tendency. Distinct courses were then defined, 
to each of which a degree was given. 

According to the original state law, the usual diplomas and degrees 

*Laws of the U. S. & State of HI. Concerning the Univ. of III., p. 37. 
*Rep. of the Uniy. of IIL, 1880, p. 44. 
* Fourth Annual Circular, pp. 35-7. 

14 University of Illinois 

oould not be given by the University; certificates showing the studies pur- 
sued and the attainments in each were given instead. But this was a new 
dispensation which the great world was unwilling to accept The ^nd- 
uates found their paper not current in the market The name of the msti- 
tution was persistently misinterpreted. The Regent had to be at all times 
prepared to show that he was not only a trustee of the people but also 
their servant. While it is a matter of record that when the earlier pro- 
fessors went to the State Teachers' Association and sought admission to 
the college section, it was denied them because an institution that gave no 
degrees had no rightful claim to call itself a college/ 

In 1877 the alumni petitioned the legislature to give the University author- 
ity to grant degrees. The authority was given, and a fee of $5.00 ruled to 
be charged for each diploma conferring a degree.* Graduation with a cer- 
tificate was still permitted to those who had obtained the requisite number 
of term credits, but not in subjects prescribed for any particular degree. 

The social life during this period was, in the main, simple and democratic. 
A number of student organizations were formed, many of which are still 
in existence. The earliest literary societies were the Adelphic and Philo- 
mathean organized in March, 1869. Two years later the women of the 
University organized the Alethenai. In the same year, 1871, the University 
band furnished its first music for commencement The first student pub- 
lication was made in November, 1871, and was known as The Student and 
published monthly. The paper two years later changed its name to The 
Illini. The Young Men's Christian organization dates back to February, 
1873; also the organization of the Agricultural Society to the same year. 
In 1874, there was organized an association for the advancement of telegraphy, 
known as the Illinois Industrial University Telegraphic Association, instru- 
ments on the line numbered twenty-five, and the central ofl&ces were open for 
practice all hours of the day. 

Not only were societies formed in this early period which still exist, 
many of them, but also a number of instructors were appointed who are 
still in the service of the University. The Vice President, Thomas Jonathan 
Burrill, came to the University on the 20th of April, 1868, as a special 
assistant, to relieve Regent Gregory of certain algebra classes, and has 
held many and varied positions of trust since that date. In the fall of 
1868 Professor Samuel Walker Shattuck came to the University as Assist- 
ant Professor of Mathematics and Instructor in Military Tactics. Three 
years later, he became Professor of Mathematics and continued to 
serve the University in this department to Sept i, J9I2. He has also filled 
various other positions. He was Professor of Civil Engineering for the 
year 1869-70; he was Acting President for six months in 1873; and served 
as the first Vice President from 1889 to 1894. He became the financial man- 
ager in 1873. A high sense of honor and true loyalty in service have been 
embodied in his career, and the University' very appropriately showed its 
appreciation of him by conferring upon him in June, 1912, the highest honor 
it can bestow, the degree of LL.D. 

No sketch of the University would be complete without the mention 
of Edward Snyder, who was appointed at the same November meeting in 
1868 as Professor Shattuck. His primary interest was in modem lan- 
guages, but the exigencies of the time compelled him to teach a great variety 
of subjects as remote as bookkeeping and military tactics. He was a most 
sympathetic adviser and friend of the students. He continually gave or lent 
them money; and in 1899, three years after his retirement from active ser- 
vice, he gave to the University $12,000, to be loaned to needy students. He 
died in 1903. 

Professor Nathan Clifford Ricker began his work as Instructor in Archi- 
tecture in the University in March, 1873. He has twice acted as Dean of 

^Rep. of Uniy. of 111., x888. Hist. Address hy Sdim H. Peabody, p. 307, 

'Rep. of UniT. of III., 1878, p. 86. 

Historical Sketch 15 

the College of Engineer mg. Many of the University huildings have been 
oxistructed after plans drawn by him. Professor Ira Osbom BaJcer came 
to the University as Assistant in Civil Engineering and Physics in Sep- 
tember, 1874, after having graduated the spring before. Thus four of the 
present faculty have been connected with the institution approximately forty 
years. « 

The period of Dr. Gregory's administration is not marked as one of 
great prosperity financially. The University was the owner of 480,000 acres of 
land scrip. The Board of Trustees proposed at first to locate 50,000 acres 
of its land scrip, and to sell the rest; but the pressure for funds was so 
great that it located but 25,000 acres, about 9,000 being in the state of 
Nebraska and 16,000 in the state of Minnesota. The large amount of land 
scrip thrown upon the market by this and other land grant universities had 
greatly depreciated its value/ and the 455,000 acres sold brought but $319- 
178.87, or seventy cents an acre. 

As fast as the cash was received it was invested in such securities as 
the law demanded, and the rate of interest then current in the state, eight 
to ten per cent, yielded from $25,000 to $30,000 per annum, for the payment 
of current expenses of instruction. The money panic of 1873 did not 
seriously affect the finances of the University until about 1877, when debtors 
began to refimd their loans at lower rates of interest. In this way, the income 
of the University was largely diminished. During the year 1878 the expend- 
itures were found to be $3,500 in excess of the income. No surplus funds 
were on hand, no prospect of increasing the interest on the endowment fund 
— something had to be done — so it seemed best to reduce somewhat the 
salaries of the teaching force. Dr. Gregory suggested that the reduction 
should begin with him, not because his salary was the largest, but rather 
because he would prefer to see his own pay reduced 20 or 25 per cent 
than that the already too meager compensation of his associates should be 
lessened. A reduction was made of the $3,500 by taking small amounts 
from the various salaries and departments, and at the request of the Regent 
$400 from his salary. Places which became vacant were left so; certain 
departments were cut off — those of mining, commerce, and domestic econ- 
omy; the fees of students were raised; and economy in its most rigid form 
had to be practiced everywhere. 

Meanwhile the internal condition of affairs was gloomy. The cordial 
agreement which had existed between the students and the Regent and 
faculty became strained, and finally open rebellion occurred. 

Under these discouraging circumstances Dr. Gregory submitted his resig- 
nation at the June commencement, 1880, and it was immediately accepted by 
the Board. He spent the remainder of his life in Wasliington, D. C, where 
he died October 20, I898. On Sunday, the 23d of October of that year, a 
memorial convocation was held in the old University Chapel, and his body 
was laid to rest in the ground just west of the main University building. 
In speaking of him in a resolution, the alimmi of the University, gathered 
in Chicago, expressed themselves as follows: 

"Full of years and honor, like a shock of ripened com in an abundant 
year, our beloved instructor and friend, Dr. John M. Gregory, the founder 
and first Regent (President) of our Alma Mater, has been gathered to his 

Dr. Gregory served the University for thirteen long and hard years, 
at a time when wisdom, foresight, promptness, courage — ^all the character- 
istics of a competent leader — ^were in most urgent demand, and in none of 
these respects was he found wanting. 

Upon his resignation the Board appointed Dr. Selim Hobart Peabody, 
formerly Professor of Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Regent tro 
tempore. Dr. Peabody was bom at Rockingham, Vermont, August 20, 1829. 

^III. School Rep., 1887-8. p. CXLIII. 

'Alnmni Quarterly, V. IV, Jan., 1910, p. 11. 

1 6 University of Illinois 

He spent one year in the Public Latin School of Boston, but owing to his 
father's death, circumstances compelled him to leave school and help cam 
a livelihood for himself and others. After working five years he entered 
the University of Vermont at the age of nineteen and graduated in 1852. 
The next two years were spent, first as principal of the Burlin^on, Vt, 
high school, and then as teacher in the Collegiate Institute at Fairfax, Vt. 
In 1854 he became Professor of Mathematics and Physics fti the Polytechnic 
College of Philadelphia; three years later he accepted the position of Chief 
Qerk in the United States land office at Eau Claire, Wisconsin; in 1859 
he took charge of the city schools at Fond du Lac, and in 1862 he became 
superintendent of schools of Racine, in the same state. Three years later 
he became an instructor in the City high school of Chicago. While here 
he also organized and directed the evening high school. On March 11, 1868— 
Inauguration Day — he was offered the professorship of mechanical science 
and engineering in the Illinois Industrial University. This he declined, 
but in 1871 he went to the Massachusetts Agricultural College at Amherst 
as Professor of Physics and Civil Engineering, where he remained three years, 
and then returned to his old position in Chicago. In 1877 he received the 
degfree of doctor of philosophy from the University of Vermont. On the 
loth of October, 1878, he accepted the appointment of Professor of Mechan- 
ical Engineering and Physics in the Illinois Industrial University. He 
served in this capacity until the close of March, 1880, when he resigned 
to accept the worfe of editor-in-chief of what later became the International 
Cyclopedia. On July 27th, of this year, he was reappointed to the same 
professorship and made Regent pro tempore, assuming the new duties on 
August isth. The following March, 1881, he was elected Regent of the 
University and continued as such until he presented his resignation June 
10, 1891.^ 

Almost all of his adult life, at the time of his election to the regency, 
had been spent in teaching and accompanying activities. It is said that at 
the time of his appointment he could have taught successfully any sub- 
ject offered in the curriculum of the institution. 

Dr. Peabody encountered numerous annoyances and difficulties during 
his regime. In the beginning, many of the students assumed a questioning 
attitude toward the new Regent. The seniors were said to have held a 
meeting to determine whether they would return or not, but kindly con- 
sented to give the new man a trial.* The first serious hitch came from a 
clash between certain secret fraternities and the court of the organized 
students* government As a result, the Regent recommended, and the trustees 
approved, a ruling that no student could enter the University until he had 
pledged himself not to join a fraternity, and that no student should be grad- 
uated until he had certified that he had not belonged to any fraternity while 
in the University. The adoption of these rules disclosed the existence of 
four such organizations. Their members petitioned the faculty to repeal 
the rules, but the faculty only turned their petitions over to the Board, 
which recommended that their requests be refused. The rule was stren- 
uous, and was not repealed until the September board meeting, 1891." From 
the time of the passage of the rule, more or less antagonism existed, directed 
chiefly toward the Regent, whose duty it was to execute the mandate. Unfor- 
tunately for him, he was a man sufficiently sensitive to criticism to find it 

Another occurrence, trivial in itself, also inflicted no little injury. One 
of the cadet captains in the military organization failed to receive^ an exam- 
ination grade sufficient to permit him to continue in his official position. His 
brother officers undertook to compel his re-instatement by entering up<Hi 
what we would call a strike. Dissatisfied students were allowed to take 

» Alutnni Quarterly, V. V. July, 1910, Makers of the Univ., by Thomas J. Burrill, p. aosff. 
•Rep. of Univ. of 111. 1888, Hist. Adress by Pres. Peabody, p. a 10. 
*Rep. of Univ. of III., 1892. p. 151* 

Historical Sketch 17 

their grievances to the Board of Trustees, and it in turn sat as a sort of 
hig^ court, and in effect, put the faculty upon trial. In this case, a matter 
which should have been adjusted without great difficulty, became unneces- 
sarily burdensome. 

President Peabody systematized administrative affairs, instituted im- 
proved bookkeeping and gathered up loose ends everjrwhere. He person- 
ally attended to numerous details. Dr. T. J. Burrill, in wrking of his work, 
said that "throughout his administration he had no stenographer. The 
University did not own during his time a typewriting machme. The offi- 
cial correspondence was mainly conducted in his own handwriting. There 
was no registrar. At the beginning of each term he personally issued class 
permits and at the close recorded class grades. Aside from his headship 
in the department of Mechanical Engineenng and Physics, he taught classes 
(during different terms) in Mechanics and Hydraulics and Mental Science, 
the latter subject being required of all, seniors. It is little wonder that 
there was not much time for effective campaigning outside or for dreaming 
of future greatness." 

But in spite of many obstacles, and in spite of the fact that these were 
days of small things educationally, progress was made during this adminis- 
tration. In 1879^ there were 434 students (reduced in iS3o-8i to 379), 
and 26 teachers of all grades, of whom 15 were of professorial rank; in 
1890-91, there were 519 students and 40 instructors, 24 of whom were of 
professorial rank. Thus there was a gain in students of 19.6 per cent and 
in the corps of instruction of 53.9 per cent, and for those having professorial 
rank, 60 per cent. For the first named year the total income from all sources 
was about $60,650; for the last named, $124,600, or 146 per cent gain. The 
total legislative appropriation for the session of 1879 was $2^,500; that for 
the session of 1891 was $147,200. This latter figure included $70,000 for the 
Natural History Building, but excluding this, 8ie gain was $51,700, or 203 
per cent* 

Before President Peabod/s administration, all state appropriations had 
been clearly for specified purposes and exclusive of salaries for instruction. 
At the legislative session of 1881, the trustees resolved to ask, in addition 
to the usual sums, for an appropriation for the current expenses of instruc- 
tion. The l^slature granted the sum of $11400 to help cover the amount 
of the loss stiffered by the University because of the reduction in the interest 
on its investments.* The next legislature was asked for $14,000, for the 
same purpose, and the grant was made. During the biennial periods which 
followed, the sums of $24,000, $32,000,' and $40,000 were allowed, respect- 

Appropriations for buildings were small, and were slow in coming. After 
much persuasion and political wire pulling on the part of the Regent and his 
local aids, $10,000 was secured for a Drill Hall in 1889. This caused great 
rejoicing. During the year the students purchased and placed in the Drill 
Hall $125 worth of gymnastic apparatus^ the money being for the most part 
the proceeds of an athletic entertainment ^ven the year before in Champaign. 
Those who at that time wished to practice m the gymnasium paid 50 cts. a term 
for a ticket, and with the money so secured, instructors were employed from 
among the students. At the next General Assembly, Regent Peabody, al- 
most unaided by others connected with the University, succeeded in winning 
suffidentlv the good will of the legislators to cause the passage of a bill 
carrying $70,000 for a new Natural History building. 

In 1887, a law was passed making membership in the Board of Trustees 
elective, at a general state election, and restoring the Superintendent of Pub- 
lic Instruction as an ex officio member, and so there are to-day three ex officio 

* Alumni Qumrterly, VoL V, No. 3, July, 1910, Makers of the Uniy., by T. J. Burrill, 
p. an. 

'Rep. of UniY. of III., 1882, p. i8a. 

'Rep. of UniT. of 111., 1888, p. 211. 

1 8 University of Illinois 

and nine elective members. The change in the manner of election helped ma- 
terially to bring the institution before the people of the state. It also made 
it possible for women to serve on the Board. None became members, how- 
ever, until November, 1904, when Mrs. Lucy L. Flower was elected. It is 
interesting to note that she received many times the number of votes that 
have been cast for any other woman as a candidate for office in this state.' 
While she was the first woman regularly elected a member of the Board. 
Mrs. Dr. Julia Holmes Smith really served a short time before her, having 
been apoointed by the Governor to fill an unexpired term. 

In 1084 the opportunity seemed favorable to begin the sale of the 9,000 
acres of land located in Nebraska, and by judicious management the endow- 
ment fund was thus raised from about $320,000 to upwards of $450,000.' The 
sale of this land stretched out over a period of twenty-five years, the last 
being sold only in 1909. The sale of the land in Minnesota began at a some- 
what later date, and while all is now sold (1912), the pa3rments are not yet 
quite all made. The total endowment fund received by the University up 
to March i, 1912, from the sale of its land scrip amounted to $647,401.53. 
The pressing need for funds and the dislike for paying taxes upon this land 
caused much of it to be sold at a very low price. 

In 1887 the federal government again took up the work it had begun in 
1862. By the passage of the Hatch Act, approved March 12, of that year, 
the national government appropriated $15,000 per annum to each state for the 
purpose of establishing and maintaining, in connection with the colleges found- 
ed upon congressional act of 1862, agricultural experiment stations "to aid in 
acquiring and diffusing among the people of the United States useful and 
practical information on subjects connected with agriculture, and to promote 
scientific investigation and experiment respecting the principles and applica- 
tions of agricultural science." President Peabody took a prominent part in 
the discussions of the convention which led to the passage of this act. Under 
its provision, the Agricultural Experiment Station of Illinois was founded 
in 1888 and placed under the direction of the trustees of the University, and 
a part of the University farm, with buildings, was assigned for its use. State 
appropriations have been added to the federal grants to the Station, until 
its revenues have become the largest of those of similar institutions through- 
out the world.' 

In 1890, by another measure known as the Morrill College Aid Act, the 
Congress of the United States made further appropriations for the land grant 
colleges. Under this enactment each such college or university received the 
first year $15,000, the second $16,000, and thereafter was to receive $1,000 a 
year additional to the amount of the preceding year, until the amount reached 
$25,000, which sum was to be paid yearly thereafter. The use of this ftmd, 
although restricted, made possible indirectly a considerable development in 
the humanities as well as in the natural sciences.* 

As the institution developed, the name the "Illinois Industrial University" 
was felt to be a serious handicap. It was never understood in the sense 
originally intended. The promoters had meant to establish an institution in 
which a liberal education should be offered, and one which should be par- 
ticularly suited to those engaged in industrial pursuits, in distinction to the 
professions as they were then recognized. But the prevailing impression 
gained for the name was that manual labor was a prominent Mature. The 
name came to be considered a serious obstacle to the institution, and a bill 
was introduced in the legislature of 1885 for its change. The application for 
a change of name met with bitter opposition, especially in the senate, many 
of tlie opponents contending that the change would be detrimental to the 

^Minutes of Board of Education of Chicago, June a8, 191 1. 

*Rep. of Univ. of 111., 1888, p. an. 

*tJniy. of 111. Register, xgii-ia, p. 449. 

*Act approved Aug. 30, 1890, in Laws of U. S. & State of 111., Concerning the Univ. 
of III. 

Historical Sketch 19 

"industriar* ideas of the early advocates. But on June 19, 1885, Governor 
Qs^esby approved the bill which changed the name to the "University of 

In this same year the State Laboratory of Natural History was transferred 
to the University from Normal. This laboratory was created for the purpose 
of makinff a natural history survey of the state and publishing the results, 
and also for the purpose of fumishmg specimens to the public schools and to 
the state museums. These collections amounted to 75,000 specimens, in round 
numbers, besides 15,000 bottles, vials, and other packages, the contents of 
which were largely unclassified. The apparatus transferred with this material 
consisted chiefly of a very full outfit of collecting apparatus for both terres- 
trial and aquatic work and a considerable amoimt of microscopic materials 
and apparatus. 

During the regime of Dr. Peabody, the University largely extended the 
knowledge of itself among the people of the state principally by means of ad- 
dresses and exhibits. It has been estimated that during the one year of 1888 
over 100 gatherings were attended by members of the faculty and more than 
200 addresses were delivered. The most notable of the technical exhibitions 
were kept on display, -as follows : six months at the State House in Springfield, 
sixteen months at the expositions at New Orleans; at the great educational 
displays at Madison, Wisconsin, and Chicago; and at the state fairs.^ 

Many things conspired to make Dr. Peabodjr's office a. hard one to ad- 
minister. Matters of dicipline, disturbances in the cadet battalion, a radical 
change in the personnel of the Board, all these were circumstances which so 
strengthened the opposition to the Regent as to defeat his re-election in 1891 
for the next biennial period. In June he offered his resignation, which was 
at once accepted. That he succeeded as well as he did is evidence of great 
personal and professional power among men and of exalted devotion to the 
cause he espoused. 

Upon his resignation the Board temporarily appointed a man who has made 
his life a part of the University and who through the varying fortunes of 
the institution has filled many important and critical gaps. That man 
was Dr. Thomas Jonathan Burrill. He first came to the University as a 
special assistant to teach algebra, on the agreement that as soon as botany 
could be provided for, he should have charge of it. Three months after his 
first connection with the institution, T. J. Burrill became Assistant Professor 
of Natural History, which at that time included botany. He became full Pro- 
fessor of Botany and Horticulture in 1871. His professorship began at "sun 
up" and lasted indefinitely and included anything that needed doing. He 
taught most of the day, planted with his own hands, or saw to the planting 
of most of the trees on the campus (after he had laid it out for treatment), 
wrote reports, lectured here and there, served on innumerable committees, 
collected specimens up and down the state, and was even charged at one time 
by the Board with tne sale of a pair of mules, whose labors on the South 
Farm showed that they were not so able to stand the strenuous life as he was. 
After the founding of the Agricultural Experiment Station in 1888, Professor 
Burrill became its horticulturist 

In 1875 Dr. Burrill became the corresponding secretary of the Board of 
Trustees, a position he held for thirteen years. In 1878, he was appointed 
Dean of the College of Science, and for a brief time was Acting Regent. When 
the Regency changed in 1880, Professor Burrill filled the place temporarily. 
Foot years later when the head of the University was absent for a brief time 
on University business he was made presiding officer. Upon the resignation 
of Dr. Peabody in I891, Professor Burrill began an indefinite interregnum. 
Almost his first undertaking was to reorganize the military department, which 
had caused a great deal of trouble in preceding years. He effected such an 
organization that it has never caused any trouble since. 

Students were allowed greater freedom and responded with greater sanity 

*Rep. of UniT. of Fil., 1888, p. 211. 

20 Univeksity of Ilunois 

of conduct Everywhere a better spirit grew up. The old fixed courses of 
study were abolished and substanti^ly our present S3rstem evolved. In Sep- 
tember, 1891, the Board passed the following resolution with regard to fra- 
ternities : 

''Resolved, That the pledge hitherto required for candidates for entry to the 
University in re^d to college fraternities be omitted, and that the subject 
of these fraternities be referred to the committee on rules." 

Durix^ Dr. Burrill's administration the attendance rapidly increased. 
Student or^^anizations were stimulated — ^we find the first University Glee Qub 
organized m October, 1891; the first annual concert of the Illinois Military 
Band given in February, 1892 ; besides the organization of the Mandolin Club. 
Chemistry Qub, Art Club, Students' Assembly for "Socisd and Intellectual 
Purposes," etc. 

But perhaps the point of greatest triumph in his administration was in 
the finances. The Board had been accustomed to asking support for the 
University in a most modest way, and the result was that it had been doled 
out to them in fifty-cent pieces. Dr. Burrill advocated asking for everything 
wanted, leaving the legislature to cut down the request if it saw fit. Prom 
the appeal to the legislature in 1893 came the appropriation for the engineer- 
ing building, and greatly increased sums for other expenses. The total 
appropriation rose from |i47,ooo to $295,000.^ 

Several new courses of study had their origin in this period. The School 
of Philosophy and Pedagogy, included in the College of Literature and Arts, 
was organized, as well as the Graduate School. The department of Municipal 
and Sanitary Engineering and Architectural Engineering were likewise creat- 
ed. In January, 1893, the agricultural short course was offered. The office 
of Registrar was provided for August i6th of the same year, and the ap- 
pointment of W. L. Pillsbury was made. In 1894 ^n appropriation of $1,800 
was made for a bioloi?ical station at Havana and $1,200 for a summer school 
at the University. The first summer session began the following June and 
continued four weeks ; thirty-eight persons were enrolled, twenty-six of whom 
were teachers from over the state. Members of the regular faculty gave the 
instruction and the full resources of the University, in the way of laboratories 
libraries, and apparatus were made available for the work. 

Although the preparatory class served as an important feeder for the 
University it was not the intention of the governing boards that this class 
should be largdy increased. In March, 1894, however, the Board established 
a two years' course in the preparatory school. Preparatory classes had been 
taught almost from the beginning of the institution, but with the anticipation 
that the time would soon come when such instruction mi^ht be wholly left to 
the high schools. If it had seemed possible, the University authorities would 
gladly have abandoned the preparatory work, but if, as it appeared, it must be 
continued, better provision had to be made for it Hence, a principal was 
appointed, teachers were employed, and a course of instruction mapped out. 

While the faculty confined themselves in the main to tmdergraduate in- 
struction, the graduate department was slowly taking shape. The first fel- 
lowships were instituted in 1892, and in 1894 the faculty was authorized to 
define the requirements for doctors' degrees. 

The University gradually extended its relations with the public school 
system of the state through its accredited schools, and also by the aid of the 
county superintendents who conducted examinations for scholarships, and by 
its course of University extension lectures. A great change came over the 
state in its attitude toward the University. Dr. Burrill's policy was one of 
open discussion, friendly co-operation with all educational and other interests 
ox the state; and had much to do with allaying opix)sition on all sides. 

Forty-four years is a long time to serve an institution, and when that ser- 
vice has been rendered with such faithfulness, such kindly benevolence, and 
such utter unselfishness as in the case of Dr. Burrill, the institution should 

^Alumni Quarterly, V. II, Oct., 1908, Makers of the UniT., by C. M. Moas, p. 329. 

Historical Sketch 21 

certainlj honor the man. It did so at the 4i8t oonunencement by conferring 
upon him the highest honor that the University can give, the honorary de- 
gree of LL.D. Although Dr. Burrill retired from active duty Sept i, 1912, he 
retained his o&ct in the Natural Histoi^ Building, thus the institution is still 
to have the benefits of the counsel of this superior man whose visions are not, 
even now, of the past University, but who is still planning for the future, still 
bnovant, still optimistic 

Various causes delayed the action in electing a new Regent, but it was 
felt that the important thing was to find the rignt man, no matter how much 
time it might require, rather than to hasten the dection. Great care was taken 
in the matter and after three years of inquiry and discussion, the Board ten- 
dered the appointment, April 13, iQsM, to Andrew Sloan Draper of New Yoiic 
The title of Kegent as applied to the chief executive of a collegiate institution 
was found to be confusing since the term was generally used for a member of 
the board of control — a trustee. The legislative enactment founding the 
University designated the executive by this name and it was so used from 
that time up to the appointment of Dr. Draper. With his appointment the 
Board of Trustees gave authority for the title "President" to be used instead 
of the title "Regent as given in the University charter. The time fixed for 
the beginning of Dr. Draper's services was August i, 1894, and upon that 
date he assumed the duties of this office. 

The third president of the University was of sturdy New England stock 
and was bom June 21, 1848^ at Westford, New York. He was educated for 
the profession of law in the Albany Law School of Union College, gradu- 
ating in 1871. For nearly a dozen years after his graduation in law, he prac- 
ticed his profession. He was a member of the New York state legislature in 
1881, a Judge of the United States Court of Alabama Claims from i88d. to 
1886^ and State Superintendent of Public Instruction from I886 to 1892. 
He received the honorary degree of doctor of laws from Colgate in 1889, 
from Columbia in 1903 and from the University of Illinois in 1905.^ For 
two years previous to his coming to the University he was superintendent 
of the public schools of Qeveland, Ohio. 

President Draper did not aspire to the presidency of the University; in- 
stead, he was sotu^ht out by the Board. He savs, "I had serious misgivings 
about the advisability of accepting the post I doubted my adaptability to it" 
The fact that he was not a university man caused him to hesitate. While for 
a lon^ time he had followed educational thought, he had not had much to 
do with the higher grades of college and university work. ^ But his wide ex- 
perience with men, in politics and educational work, and his ability as an or- 
ganizer, aided greatly u his mana^;ement of University affairs. 

President Draper early sided with the many friends of the University who 
felt that, while the institution was orgsinized primarily to educate people for 
industrial vocations, it was not doing its whole duty as lon^ as its efforts 
were confined within these limits. Conferences were held with the trustees 
and faculties as to the best means of beginning departments of law, medicine, 
and teadiin^. The result of this activity was that during his administration 
the University organized and established a number of new schools and de- 

The first new school was that of Pharmacy. The Chicago College of 
Pharma^ made a proposition to turn over and donate its school and property 
to the University on the provision that it be maintained as a part of tht 
Universi^ of Illinois. The Board accepted the proposition at its April meet- 
ing, 1896,' and on May i, this College became the School of Pharmacy. 

Negotiations looking toward the affiliation of the College of Physicians and 
Surgeons of Chicago with the University, which had been going on for sev- 
eral 3rears, were concluded by the Board of Trustees March 9, 1897.* 
* Who's Wbo in America, 1908-9, V. s, p. 530. 
sRei>. of UniT. of Bl., 1898, p. 238. 
'Rep. of Univ. of 111.. 1898, p. 74, 


On April 21, 1897, it became the School of Medicine of the University of 
Illinois. It was one of the foremost of such schools of the Middle West Its 
buildings were substantially constructed and its location directly opposite the 
Cook County Hospital, and in the very center of opportunities for medical 
research, gave the students unusual clinical privileges. The first year there 
were 409 registered at this medical college. The institution was entirely 
self-supporting, and continued a part of the University of Illinois until June 
30, 1912, when the renewal of the lease was refused on the part of the College 
of Physicians and Surgeons. 

The organization of a School of Law was a matter which had long been 
in the minds of the authorities, and nearly two years previous to the opening 
of the school, the Board of Trustees had determined that the step should be 
taken. Pursuant to their action of Dec S, 1896,^ the School of Law was or- 
ganized and instruction began September 13, 1897. The formal opening was 
through a public meeting held in the chapel of the University, which was 
addressed by Justice Jacob W. Wilkin of the Supreme Court of the state. 
Many members of the local bar, and prominent citizens, as well as students, 
attended the meeting. The facultjr of the School of Law was composed from 
the beginning of professors devoting their entire time to instruction, and of 
other professors who taught related subjects in the University, such as con- 
stitutional law, the history of jurisprudence, etc., and non-resident lecturers. 
The course of study at first covered two years, but a very short time later it 
was re-arranged on the three-year basis. On February 9, 1900, the School of 
Law became the College of Law ; and on the same date the School of Medicine 
became the College of Medicine.' 

In 1897, the School of Library Economy which had been established in 
1893 at the Armour Institute of Technology in Chica^ was transferred to 
the University; the Director of that school was appomted librarian of the 
University Library; and the State Library School was opened. There were 
but two other such schools in the country and no other west of the Allegheny 
Mountains. Admission to the school was placed upon the same basis as ad- 
mission to other departments of the University. 

From time to time some slight provision had been made for musical in- 
struction and in 1895 the work had been reorganized and enlarged. By vote 
of the trustees on June 9, 1897, the department became the School of Music 
with a separate faculty and organization.* Instruction was given in violin, 
piano, and voice, and a course was offered leading to the degree of bachelor 
of music 

The adequate supervision of social interests was felt to require distinct 
administrative attention, and at the March meeting, 1897, the Board of Trus- 
tees created a Dean of Women's department and appointed a Dean in the 
person of Dr. Violet D. Jayne of Minneapolis, Minnesota.* Events proved 
the selection to be a wise one. In 1901, a similar measure was adopted with 
reference to male students,, by the appointment of Professor Thomas Arkle 
Clark, Dean of Undergraduates, who served in this capacity until 1909, when 
he became Dean of Men. 

In 1899 some additional courses were offered in railway engineering. Two 
years before this the Big Four Railway Company had built a dyna- 
mometer car for the use of the University upon its system, and in 1900 the 
Illinois Central Railroad did the same thing, and decided improvements 
were made upon the first car offered. 

In the summer of 1899 the University made an earnest effort to establish 
the summer session. Some such efforts had been made years before, but with- 
out much success. It secured the attendance of 148 students during a term 
of nine weeks. The work was satisfactorily initiated and the results were 

^Rep. of Univ. of 111., 1898, p. 44. 
*Rep. of Univ. of 111., 1900, p. 254. 
■Rep. of Univ. of HI., 1898, pp. 124-5. 
«Rep. of Univ. of 111., 1898, p. 65. 

Historical Skbxch 23 

considered quite substantial. The work offered was largely of a character 
which would appeal to teachers in the high schools of the state, and persons 
of this class responded in considerable numbers. Students were allowed to do 
work which might count towards a University degree, and many availed 
themselves of the privilege. 

The work of the State Entomologist's office had been done at the Univer- 
sity of Illinois since January, 1885. By legislative enactment in iSgg it be- 
came permanently established at the University, the trustees of which are 
required by that act to provide for the Entomologist and his assistants such 
omce and laboratory rooms as may be necessary to the performance of their 

On March 12, 1901,^ a School of Dentistry was organized as a depart- 
ment in the College of Medicine. In the following fall the school opened with 
an enrollment of 134 students. Some four years later the name was changed 
to the College of Dentistry. This collie remained an integral part of the 
University until June 30, 1912, when it was discontinued. 

The General Assembly in 1900 made an appropriation for the establish- 
ment of courses of training for business, and, in accordance with that action, 
the trustees approved the organization of the Courses in Business Adminis- 
tration (frequently given elsewhere under the name of School of Commerce). 
The department opened in 1902 with two new professors; one called from 
Yale, and the other from Tome Institute. 

One year later the special appropriation by Congress to the state made 
possible the founding of the Engineering Experiment Station. Within its 
scope were embraced several problems connected with architecture, and civil, 
electrical, mechanical, and sanitary engineering. The quarters were in the 
University buildings and shops. 

President Draper managed in a large degree to put the University in a 
more favorable light before the people of the state, who in many cases had 
looked upon it with disfavor or with indifference. One of the menaces of the 
University's power to do good was the claim often made through die secular 
newspapers of the state that there was little religious spirit in the University. 
President Draper early began placing the facts before the people to show 
that this was untrue. Statistics from the Young Men's and Young Women's 
Christian Associations refuted these charges; greater efforts were made by 
the several church denominations ; and near the end of his administration the 
percentage of men and women who were parties to the great Student Volun- 
teer Movement for Christian Missions was shown to be greater than in any 
other state institution. 

President Draper overcame much of the opposition which had existed in a 
measure between the University and other colleges of the state by showing 
in addresses and papers that all of these colleges and the state's big school 
were needed to do the work which should be done. 

The increase in attendance at the University during the decade from 1894 
to 1904 was marvelous. The attendance at Urbana increased from 750 in 
1893-4 to 31CO in 1902-3, and during the latter year there were about 900 in 
the Chicago departments. The number of instructors increased proportion- 
ately. Especially striking was the growth of the College of Agriculture. In 
the early nineties the attendance of regularly matriculated students had almost 
reached the vanishing point, a result due partly to defective equipment and 
partly to the prevailing skepticism among the farmers themselves with regard 
to the possibilities of scientific instruction in agriculture. During this period 
new interest sprang up, the appropriations increased, and in 1903, for the 
first time, there came to the University a substantial number of agricul- 
tural students. 

Not only were the appropriations increased for the College of Ag^cul- 
ture, but there was also a general increase throughout the University. For 
the biennium commencing July i, 1895, the appropriation for the general cur- 

*Rep. of Univ. of 111., 190a, p. 54ff. 

24 University of Illinois 

rent expense was $i8o»ooo, and for the following two-^ear periods, re- 
spectively. $220,000; $270,000; $350*000; and $500,000; makinf: a total in ten 
years of $1,520,000/ In addition to these increased 24>propriations for current 
expenses, there were large appropriations for buildings. 

The Library building, dedicated at commencement in 1897, was occupied 
in the September following. It was both designed and constructed by grad- 
uates of the University of Illinois. The interior decorations were by Mr. 
Newton A. Wells, and it is said that they present the best example of a 
pure Byzantine style to be found in the United States. The architects were 
Professors N. Chfford Rickcr and James M. White. A new astronomical 
observatory was completed, equipped, and occupied. Under the dome a fine 
twelve-inch telescope was erected by the foremost telescope builders in the 
United States. Another important addition to' the group of University 
buildings was the electrical engineering building located just north of Engi- 
neering: Hall; and in the Central Heating Plant located to the east of the 
Electrical building— ^th designed by professors in the department of Archi- 
tecture. All the University buildings are heated by the Central Heating 
Plant The pipes are carried in brick tunnels a third of a mile hi length and 
large enough to enable a person walking erectly to pass through them. 

At the close of the year 1900, the main group of agricultural buildings 
was completed on the South Campus, from an appropriation of $150,000. 
This was the first time the state had expended any considerable amount of 
money to provide an agricultural plant. 

Other buildings erected during President Draper's administration were a 
new wood shop on the site of the old one which had been burned, a Presi- 
dent's house, a splendid gymnasium, an excellent building for applied me- 
chanics, a testing laboratory, and University water station. South of the 
Science building a substantial and capacious dtemical laboratory was con- 
structed. The old chemical laboratory was remodeled and given over to the 
College of Law. The building of the College of Medicine in Chicago was 
largely reconstructed, and the West Division high school property was also 
acquired and put into excellent condition. In 18^ a new gymnasium was 
installed on the upper floor of the old mechanical building. It was not ideal 
in appearance, but was adequately equipped and well suited for practical use. 
It was provided with a very satisfactory equipment of lockers, and also with 
reasonable toilet and bathing accommodations. Illinois field was considerably 
enlarged and much improved in appearance. The unsightly board fence was 
removed and a handsome iron one put in its place. The running track was 
enlarged so as to be a full third of a mile in length. 

The legislature of 1903 made provision for the establishment of the 
Woman's building, three agricultural buildings, a foundry, and a steam labora- 

A new greenhouse was constructed and occupied opposite the new electri- 
cal building and added an attractive feature to the University grounds. In 
connection with the Electrical building and the Central Heatmg Plant there 
was installed and put into operation an electrical lighting plant. It supplied 
arc lights upon the campus and also incandescent lights in the buildings 
which are wired for the purpose. It was the policy to light all the University 
buildings from this center as soon as possible. 

Lightning strudc the chemical building in August, 1896. The roof and 
practicallv the whole of the interior of the building were destroyed. Nothing 
remained but the four walls. Steps were at once taken to renew the roof 
and tiie interior was replaced in a very hasty, rough, and unsubstantial man- 
ner because of lack of time and funds to do the work properly. A year later, 
in June, 1897, the Natural History building was struck by lightning. The re- 
sults were not so serious as with the chemical laboratory, but fire followed and 
not only the roof but also the upper portions of the interior, and the building 

* Alumni Quarterly, V. IV, Apr., 1910, p. 99. 
*I11. School Rep., i903-4» P* 5^* 

Historical Skbtcu 25 

and its contents, were seriously injured by water. The damage to the latter 
building was repaired in time to prevent any interruption of University work. 

On June 9, igoo, the oldest building on the campus, which accommodated 
the wood shops, testing laboratory, ^draulic laboratory, repair shops, and 
gymnasium was totally destroyed by fire. The building was an old one, yet 
substantial and exceedingly useful, and housed important interests. 

Perhaps the event which caused the most serious concern on the part of 
the administration was the defalcation of the Treasurer in February, 1897. 
All the cash balances of the several funds were involved. All the appro- 
priations had been collected from the State Treasurer to the end of die year, 
and there were no means which could be applied to salaries and other ex- 
penses. Fortunately the legislature was in session and official notice was 
brought to the attention of ti^t body, which came to the relief of the Univer- 
sity by assuming charge of the wlrale matter and restoring the funds com- 

President Draper showed the keenest personal interest in students and 
student activities. The united action of the students in all important meas- 
ures to be advanced, the kindly and frank treatment of each other in their 
personal and class relations, and the hearty and Ic^al support of all Univer- 
sity interests were immense Actors in the control and enlargement of the 
institution. The adoption of orange and blue as the University colors by 
the p^eral assembly of students within a month after the beginning of the 
administration was a step. Encouragement was ^ven to athletics by the em- 
ployment of coaches and University instructors in the department, and they 
were made more popular by the President's attendance upon the games. The 
grounds were b^utified and made attractive by making open spaces for 
sward, the paving of walks and drives, and the planting of a colony of squir- 
rds upon tiie campus. 

While President Draper stood for what furnished students social and 
physical enjoyment, at the same time he was a rigid disciplinarian. The en- 
forcement of authority has been made easier down to the present time because 
of President Draper's successful stand in administering justice after a certain 
class riot, which occasioned considerable difficulty. 

Dr. Draper resigned in March, 1904; his resignation to take effect after 
two months' leave of absence, thus practically rounding out ten years of 
service. They were a splendid ten years for the University of Illinois. 
Things were favorable when he began. The excellent opportunity for the 
chief executive was turned to the best account. He quickly appreciated the 
situation and with abundant forcefulpess and admiratue generalship, carried 
the institution forward in its remarkable career. Having been elected to the 
newly created office- of Commissioner of Education in Uie state of New York, 
he gave up his work in Illinois with abundantly demonstrated evidences of 
its success during the ten years of his presidency. 

On November 5, 1904, Dr. Edmund Janes James, the fourth president 
of the University, assumed the duties of that office. His formal installation 
took place in October of the following year. On this occasion delegates 
were present from a large number of American and foreign universities, 
making the exercises of unusual interest. Perhaps one of the most striking 
features was a series of conferences on various questions of educational pol- 

President James is the first native of Illinois to be elected to the presi- 
dency of its state university. Moreover, he has served the two other great 
universities of the state, having presided over Northwestern for a time and 
having been for six years a professor in the University of Chicago. He is a 
descendant of j^ioneer Methodist ministers and was bom May 24, 1^5, at 
Jacksonville, Ilhnois. He prepared for college in the Model Department of 
the nimois State Normal School and in the fall foIlowin|^ his graduation 
there, became a student at Northwestern University. After spending one 
year at this institution and (Mie year at Harvard, he entered the University 

26 Univbrsity op Illinois 

of Halle in 1875, where two years later, at the age of twenty-two, he re- 
ceived his doctoPs degree. He first taught as prinapal of the high school at 
Evanston, going from there to accept a similar position in the High School 
Department of the Illinois Normal University. In 1883 he became Professor 
of Public Administration in the University of Pennsylvania. While there he 
was for a time secretary of the graduate faculty and organized the instruction 
in this department. He was also Director of the Wharton School of Finance 
and Economy. 

In 1896 he accepted a position as Professor of Public Administration and 
Director of the University Extension Division in the University of Chicago. 
Six years later he resigned this position to become President of Northwest- 
em University, and in 1904 he again resigned his position in order to accept 
a similar one at the University of Illinois. 

He received the honorary degree LL.D. from Cornell College (Iowa) in 
ig02f from Wesleyan, 1903, Queen's College also in 1903, and from Harvard 
University in 1909. 

The progress of the University during the last few years has been rapid 
and uninterrupted. Opportunities for advanced work in nearly every depart- 
ment of the University have been materially increased. Perl^ps the organi- 
zation of the Graduate School as a separate administrative body was a step 
which aided most greatly along this line. The legislatures of 1907 and 190Q 
appropriated for the work of the school a sum of $50,000 a year. This 
was a step unprecedented in any state and the act was warmly welcomed 
by educational authorities. 

Hand in hand with graduate work goes the necessity for a strong library. 
While not yet all that could be desired, the University library has likewise 
progressed. The number of volumes m 1904 was 63,724; the number of 
pamphlets, 14,512; while on June 30, 1912, the general University library 
contained 212,700 voltunes, aside frcMn about 23,000 pamphlets, pieces of sheet 
music, maps, and photographs. 

The courses in Business Administration were established in a modest way 
in igoo. Five years later an effort was made to put the work on a better 
basis, and the legislature gave the School an annual income of $25,000, and 
since that time it has become one of the strongest in the country. The last 
legislature recognized the importance to the state of this department in the 
substantial way of making an appropriation for a Commerce building. On 
May 21, 1912, occurred the laying of the corner-stone of this building. 

The department of Household Science has taken its place as, on the whole, 
4he foremost university department of its kind. In 1910, for the first time 
in any university, was offered a complete four-year course in household 
management, as distinguished from Household Science. 

The Liberal Arts colleges are making a definite effort not only for the pro- 
motion of research, but also toward the uplifting of secondary education by 
giving to prospective teachers opportunities for higher work and better prep- 

During the year 1905, the Trustees created a School of Education. In 
some respects this was a grouping together of the courses in the University 
which pertained most directly to the future work of the teacher. All in- 
structors who offer courses primarily intended for prospective teachers are 
on the faculty of this school. In framing its organization, the presidents of 
the normal schools of the state were consulted, and their advice has proved 
most helpful on many important points. 

The legislature in 1905 made the small appropriation of $5,000 for the 
establishment of courses in ceramics, in response to a reouest from tht vari- 
ous ceramic societies of the state, who asked that the University ^ve 
thorough and reliable instruction in the geology of clay working materials, 
their origin, classification, physical and chemical properties, and their behavior 
under such influences as are met with during the processes of manufacture. 
Courses in ceramics and ceramic engineering, supplemented by a course in 

Historical Skbtch 27 

cement making, were organized and have become regular four-year courses 
in the College of Science. It is a School which has proved itself of much 
benefit to the people of the state in a number of ways. It has found a method 
of making high grade brick and tile from material before regarded as wortii- 
less; it has shown, in the manufacture of enamel brick, that Illinois clays 
may be used more profitably than those of other states ; it has compounded a 
white and cheaper grade of stoneware ; and it has given to the people f orm- 
obe for compoundmg crystalline and fritted glazes which heretofore had 
been kept secret^ 

In the same y«ar the State Geological Survey and the State Water Survey 
became scientific departments connected with the University, llie legislature 
created the State Geological Survey as a bureau of the University, with the 
objects and duties usual to such surveys. The University has furnished 
suitable quarters for the offices of this survey, and it has found in the lab- 
oratories of the University a most valuable assistance in the prosecution of 
its work. The presence in the University of men of the scientinc standing of 
those engaged in the Survey has been of very substantial, though indirect, 
value to the scientific advance in these various subjects. The State Water 
Survey had for its purpose the stud^^of the water supply of the state in all 
its aspects. Its work has been both m the field and in the laboratories. 

The College of Agrictdture and the Experiment Station have produced a 
profound influence upon the farming practice of the state in the last ten years. 

The main contribution of the College of Engineering, in the same period, 
as distinguislhed from what it has done hitherto^ probably lies in the stimulus 
given to industrial research through the Engineering Experiment Station. 
As the work and purposes of the Station have become better understood in 
the state, the officers m charge have been. flooded with applications for help 
hr beyond their ability to meet 

On January 50, 1906, the Board of Trustees created a department of Rail- 
way Engineering. One year later, supplementing that action, the School of 
Railway Engineering and Administration waiS established. This School 
offers courses in railway, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering as 
well as in management 

A Mine Rescue Station was established at the University in 1909. It is 
in co-operation with the State Geological Survey and the College of Engi- 
neering of the University. Its purpose is to demonstrate to mine operators 
and others the value of oxygen helmets and resuscitation apparatus in 
connection with rescue work in mines, as an aid to fighting mine fires, and 
in the opening of mines which have been sealed on account of fires. The 
Station not only gives demonstration but also tmdertakes to train men in 
the use of such apparatus, the service being given gratuitously, and as far 
as possible, to all interested within the limits of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, 
Iowa, Missouri, and western Kentucky. 

Nor is the University dependent only upon these inward workings for 
signs of its prosperity. There are many outward signs as well. A splendid 
advance be^an in the appropriations for buildings in 1889 with that for the 
Natural History Hall. During President Draper's administration, this ad- 
vance gathered force, until with President James we find the buildings go- 
ing op, not one at a time, but by the twos and threes. The estimated value 
of the buildings on the campus at the beginning of this period was $1,127,- 
500; while at Qie present time (1912) the estimate is $2,229,000. Among the 
more important ones constructed during the past ten years, is the Auditorium, 
costixig $100,000, which has been completed and in constant use from its 
dedication in November, 1907. It proves a great help to University life. The 
Physics building has been erected with an appropriation of $250,000, and 
an addition built to the Natural History building from an appropriation 
of $1501,000. Abraham Lincoln Hall has been constructed at a cost of ^50,- 

^Alnmni Quarterly, VoL III, No. 3, July, 1909, Progreis of tbe Univ. in Five Years 
1>7 Divld Kinley. 

28 University of Illinois 

000 — the name being chosen for the building because the appropriation was 
obtained durin|[ the centennial year of the birth of Abraham Lmcoln. The 
Woman^s building has been erected from an appropriation of $80,000, and 
the University Power House from an appropriation of $75,000. Among 
other structures that have grown upon the campus in this period are the 
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Greenhouses, buildings for Farm Me- 
chanics, Ceramics, and the State Entomologist 

For the biennium bcfi;inning July i, 1903, the total amount of appropria- 
tion was $1,152,400, while for the biennium b^'nning July i, 1911, the Uni- 
versity received $3,5i9>30o; something like ^35,000 of this appropriation 
being for buildings and permanent improvements. Among the more im- 
portant buildings to be constructed from this i^tpropriation are the foUow- 

Armory $100,000 

Engineering Building and Ground 200,000 

School of Commerce Building 125,000 

Addition to Woman's Building 125,000 

Stock Judging Pavilion So/xx) 

Horticultural Building 50,000 

Not only was this large appropriation made to the University for the 
present biennium, but also a bill was passed providing for a one mill tax 
on all the assessed property of the state for the support of the University.^ 
On the present taxing basis, the law should yield about two and one-quarter 
millions of dollars a year. This sum is not automati^ly appropriated to 
University uses, although it can be used for no other puipose; however, only 
such a sum will be appropriated biepnially from it as the General Assembly is 
convinced is needed by die institution for which it is collected. This means 
that the ambitious interests within the University will reach an agreement on 
the campus; the budget will be made here; and the united requests, within 
the sum available, can be presented as a unit to the legislative committee. 
The one mill tax puts the regular support of the University upon a safer 
foundation, and assures a regular income. No other event in the history 
of the institution is more important than the passage of this bill 

Altogether aside from the increase in attendance caused by the addition 
of new schools and new courses, the increased numbers at the University of 
Illinois is striking. For the year 1903-4, the total attendance was 3,594 (in- 
cluding the Academy), while for the year I9ii-'i2, the total attendance was 
5,200. By vote of the Trustees the Academy, which had existed since 1876, 
as a one, two, or three year preparatory school, was discontinued at the end 
of the school year 1911. 

With the increased appropriations and the increased attendance has also 
come a material strengAening of the teaching force. Salaries of men of 
professional rank have been increased fifty per cent, and distinguished 
scholars have been brought to the University from all over the world. 

Naturally the increased attendance has meant increased activity in all 
kinds of student life. Fraternities and sororities have almost doubled in 
number. The installation of a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Tau 
Beta Pi, and other honorary organizations is a tribute of the esteem which 
sister institutions in the country hold for Illinois. Interest has developed 
in debate and oratory and at the same time a record has been maintained 
in a^letics of which Illinoisans may be proud. One of the most compre- 
hensive organizations within the University perhaps is the Illinois Union. 
It came into existence at a mass meeting of die students on March 3, 1909. 
The Union is an organization of all Illinois men, whether graduate, under- 
graduate, or faculty, whose purpose is to develop good fellowship among 
the students and to promote Illinois spirit by ^1 possible means. 

One of the sources of strength to any institution is the good will and 

^Riep. of Univ. of 111., 1910, |>. 177* 

Historical Sketch 29 

co-operation of its former students in all the work of that institution. The 
interest and pride of the alumni of the University of Illinois in its work 
seem steadily and plainly to increase. The Alumni Record made its first 
appearance in 1906 and contained an account of the life and work of each 
graduate of the institution up to that time, as well as similar accounts of 
the faculty and trustees. The 1912 publication is an attempt to continue the 
good work. 

With the growth and variety of University interests, the problem of 
administration became more and more complicated. While in the early days 
matters of discipline were settled by the faculty, and if this settlement was 
unsatisfactory, the complainants often carried their woes to the Board of 
Trustees, at the present time the Council of Administration, which is made 
up of the President, Vice President, and the deans, has complete control of 
discipline. The General Faculty has given way to the University Senate 
consisting of the menri>ers of the Council and sul full professors; although 
each college maintains its separate faculty, whose action m important matters 
requires the ratification of the Senate or the Council. 

One of the strongest evidences of educational progress of any univer- 
sity lies in the increased estimation in which she is held by her sister in- 
stitutions throughout the country. Dean Kinley, in writing of this, sadd, 
"Our admission to the Association of American Universities and the conse- 
quent recognition of our graduate work by foreign universities, expressions 
of opinion in the newspapers aAd magazines and personally by distmguished 
educators, are all cumulative evidence that we have advanced to a higher 
educational plane in the opinion of those most able to judge." 


As yet no adequate history of the University of Illinois has been pub- 
lished. The chief sources of information for such a work may be found 
in die various official publications of the University, chief among which are 
the Reports of the Board of Trustees. These reports have been published 
since 1868, annually up to 1876, and biennially thereafter. In these reports 
may also be found historical addresses given by Regents Gregory and Pea- 
body. The Illinois School Reports published by the Superintendent of Pub- 
lic Instruction contain the biennial reports of the R^^ent or President of the 
University. Its development may be traced, too, through the annual catalog, 
first labeled the Annual Circular, then the Catalog, and finally the Register 
of the University of Illinois. These volumes have very brief historical 
sketches which form a sort of backbone of the important events from the 
b^^inning of the University. A more complete historical sketch may be 
found in "Facts for Freshmen Concerning the University of Illinois" pub- 
lished by Dean Thomas A. Clark and Arthur Ray Warnock, in die fall of 
1911. Interesting articles of an historical nature have appeared from time to 
time in the Alumni Quarterly, chief among which are a series entided 
"Makers of the University." The Laws of the United States and State of 
Illinois Concerning the University of Illinois are a collection of the acts of 
the Federal Congress and the state legislature relating to the University of 

Some idea of the work of particular departments may be gathered through 
the various scientific publications — such as, the bulletins of the Engineering 
and Agricultural Experiment Stations. In the University Studies are contri- 
butions from various departments of the University, literary as well as 

In the various student publications may be gleaned aspects of student 
life not brought out by the official records. Among the most important 
are The Daily Illini, first published monthly as The Student, but now 
issued six times a^ week during the academic year ; The Illio, an annual 
publication of the junior class; The Illinois Magaeine, a literary monthly; 

30 Univbrsity of Illinois 

the Agriculturist, containing contributions from students and instructors in 
the College of Agriculture, and the Technograph, containing matter of similar 
nature for the College of Engineering, all serve to bring out the various 
phases of student activity. 

Valuable sketches covering the earlier period are: "The University of 
Illinois in the 17th Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public In- 
struction of Illinois," by W. L. Pillsbury; the same author's sketdi of 
Jonathan Baldwin Turner in the Transactions of the Illinois State Historical 
Society ; President Edmund J. James's monograph entitled "The Origin of the 
Land Grant Act of 1862." 



An act donating public lands, on the ratio of 30,000 acres for each Sena- 
tor and Representative, to the states and territories whidi would provide 
colleges for the benefit of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts was passed by 
Congress, and approved on July 2, 1862. Under this grant Illinois would 
receive property to the value of $600,000.00 (480,000 acres) the interest on 
which was to be applied for these purposes. The grant had to be accepted 
and applied to its uses before July, 1867, or it would have reverted to the 


The Legislature of Illinois accepted the grant Feb. 14, 1863, and discussed 
the matter for some time without being able to come to any agreement on 
the details of the proposed college or on its location. Some wished to divide 
the money up among the existing colleges, provided they established schools 
of tb(is nature; some to establish a school to teach Agriculture and the Me- 
chanic Arts ; and some to attach a new school to the Normal University. 


At the State Fair held in Decatur in 1864, a committee was appointed by 
the State Agricultural Society to take the matter up and present some defi- 
nite plan to the Legislature. This Committee was composed of Wm. H. Van 
Epps, Prof. J. B. Turner, A. B. McConmell, B. G. Roots, and John P. Rey- 
nolds. They drew up a bill as an expression of the views of the farmers, and 
presented it to the Legislature in 1865, and again in 1867. 


State meeting of all those interctsted in the organization of the proposed 
Industrial University held at Bloomington. Meetmg recommended that the 
state build only one university. 

Sept 21 — Notice was published of an informal election to be held in Cham- 
paign cotmt^ on Oct 10, by order of the board of Supervisors. The voters 
were to decide whether or not the county should appropriate $100,000.00 worth 
of Champaign county bonds "to secure the location of the Illinois Industrial 
University in this county." 

Oct 5 — Proposition of Champaign and Urbapa was to purchase the build- 
ing then standing, called 'The Urbana and Champaign Institute Building," 
with the eight acres on which it stood, at a cost of $30,000.00, then use the 
other $70,000.00 to buy more land and secure the location of the University 
over the other contestants — Bloomington, Jacksonville, and other towns Had 
made offers. The Champaign papers said that they could thus give this build- 
ing, 1,000 acres for a farm, 100 acres for a "garden-patch" and still have 
$40,000.00 left 

The building was erected in 1861, supposedly at a cost of $i75,ooaoo, and 
was said to be "one of the largest and most substantial buildings in the State, 
second only to the Normal University." It stood at the north end of what 
IB now Illinois Field; facing University Avenue. The Main part of the struct- 
ure was one hundred twenty-five feet front, forty feet in depth, and five stor- 


32 University of Illinois 

ies high. From the center projected a wing forty-four by seventy feet, four 
stories high. It contained ninety dormitories, each ten by fifteen, "suitable 
rooms for principals, professors, etc." and "accommodations for 800 students." 

Oct. I2j-Retums of the election on the question of the bond issue show 
the vote to have been : For, 1,601 ; against, 1,035 — ^majority for, 566. 

"Urbana and Champaign were unanimously in favor of the measure. A 
considerable opposition was manifested in some of the country towns, how- 
ever." This opposition was due to the fact that the smaller towns regarded 
the whole thing as a scheme on the part of Urbana and Champaign to make 
the entire county pay for a school which would benefit these two communities 


Jan. 10 — Mr. Tincher (Senator from the Seventh District) introduced 
into the Senate a bill for "an act to provide for the organization, endowment, 
and maintenance of the Illinois Industrial University." This bill provided, 
among other things, that the Institution should be located at Champaign. At 
the same date Senator Fuller (Twenty- third district) introduced a bill simi- 
lar to Mr. Tincher's except that it provided for the location of the University 
by a commission to be appointed by the Governor. These two bills were read 
twice and ordered printed. Jan. 11 — Both bills in the House were introduced, 
the Champaign bill being offered by Mr. Griggs from that district. The 
Senate at this time voted that the entire grant should be applied to one insti- 
tution. Jan. 25 — ^The (Governor approved a bill giving any county, city, town- 
ship, or incorporated town authority to levy taxes or voluntary subscriptions 
for the purpose of securing the location of the University. 

Feb. I — Mr. Tincher moved to amend the Fuller Bill by striking out the 
section providing for a committee to locate the college. This amendment 
was carried by a vote of fifteen to nine. Feb. 22 — House Bill amended by 
adding to the offer contained (the Institute property) therein (as require- 
ments for ^e location) 810 acres of land, $50, worth of freight' (appro- 
priated by the Illinois Central), $100,000.00 in Champaign County Bonds, and 
$2,000.00 in fruit, shade, and ornamental trees and shrubbery from Dunlap's 
nursery, making a total of $450,000.00 estimated valuation of property. This 
bill as amended passed the House on the same day. Its provisions were that 
the institution should be located in Urbana. The trustees were to be ap- 
pointed by the Governor, with approval of the Senate, five from each grand 
judicial division, and one from each congressional district. They were to 
serve for six years, without salary, the first appointment to draw lots, one- 
third to serve two, one-third four, and one-third six years. The trustees 
were to elect a Regent to serve two years, a Treasurer, and a Recording Sec- 
retary, and were to provide buildings, teachers, etc Students were to be at 
least fifteen years old. Each county was entitled to a scholarship for de- 
scendants of soldiers and seamen. No degrees were to be conferred on gradu- 
ates. The Regent, with the Governor, the Superintendent of Public Instruc- 
tion, and the President of the State Agricultural Society were to be ex officio 
members of the Board. The instructors were "to teach in the most thorough 
manner such branches of learning as are related to Agriculture and the Me- 
chanic Arts and Military Tactics, without excluding other scientific and 
dassical studies." The college year was to extend through six autumn and 
winter months so that the students could go home for the six spring and 
summer months or stay at the University and pursue optional studies "pro- 
vided tiiat no student shall at any time be allowed to remain in or about the 
University in idleness, or without full mental or industrial occupation." This 
Act passed the House by a vote of sixty-six to ten, the Senate by eighteen to 
seven, and was approved Feb. 28, 1867. The immediate result was a huge 
celebration in Champaign. 

IVfar. 8 — Passage of Supplemental Bill, providing that on the failure of the 
county authorities to comply with the requirements of the Act by June i, the 

Annals 33 

trustees were to locate the University at some other town. Trustees were ap- 
pointed by Governor Oglesby as follows : 

1st Congressional District, David S. Hammond, Cook Co. 

2nd Congressional District, Luther W. Lawrence, Boone Co. * 

3rd Congressional District, Horatio C. Burchard, Stephenson Co. 

4th Congressional District, John S. Johnson, Hancock Co. 

5th Congressional District, Samuel Edwards, Bureau Co. 

6th Congressional District, O. B. Galusha, Grundy Co. 

7th Congressional District, M. L. Dunlap, Champaign Co. 

8th Congressional District, Samuel Allen, Tazewell Co. 

9th Congressional District, Alexander Blackburn, McDonough Co. 
loth Congressional District, M. C. Goltra, Morgan Co. 
nth Congressional District, J. P. Hungate, Qay Co. 
I2th Congressional District, Willard C. Flagg, Madison Co. 
13th Congressional District, A. M. Brown, Pulaski Co. 

First Grand Judicial Division— L. R. McMurry, Effingham Co.; Charles 
Topping, Union Co.; Thos. Quick, Washington Co.; and Isaac S. Mahan, 
Marion Co. Second Grand Judicial Division — George Harding, Edgar Co.; 
Henry Pickerel, Macon Co.; Mason Brayman, Sangamon Co. Third Grand 
Judicial Division— John M. Van Osdel, Cook Co. ; J. C. Burrough, Cook Co. ; 
S. S. Hayt, Cook Co.; Emery Cobb, Kankakee Co.; and Rol^rt Douglass, 
Lake Co. First meeting to be held in Springfield, Mar. 12, 1867. 

Mar. 12 — ^First meeting of the Board of Trustees held in Springfield. 
Nominations for the position of Regent being called for, the names of Hon. 
Daniel J. Pickney of Ogle County, Dr. N. N. wood of Morgan County, Hon. 
J. L. Pickard of Cook County, and Dr. John Milton Gregory of Kalamazoo, 
Mich., were proposed. Dr. Gregory was elected and was granted a salary of 
l3,> a year. A committee of five, with the Regent as chairman, was 
selected to prepare a course of study and to report to the Board. John W. 
Bunn of Springfield was elected Treasurer, and a finance committee to serve 
for one year was appointed. Willard C. Flagg of Madison County was 
elected Corresponding Secretary; O. B. Galusha of Grundy County, Record- 
ing Secretary. The Board passed a resolution favoring the establishment 
of a Mechanical Department to be located at Chicago. Afar. 29 — An election 
was held in Urbana and Champaign to decide whether the two cities should 
appropriate $45,000.00 for the University, Champaign to give $25,000.00, 
Urbana, $20,000.00. The vote was as follows : Champaign : — ^For, 676 ; 
against 4, Urbana: — ^For, 406; against, o. Mar. 29 — Dr. Gregory visited 
Champaign and Urbana for the first time. 

Apr. 10— Vote authorizing Supervisors to issue the bonds for $ioo,ooo.oc 
resulted as follows : For, 2,731 ; against, 867. 

May 7 — ^The second meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in the 
chapel of the "Urbana and Champaign Institute," twenty-two of the thirty- 
two trustees being present. Dr. Gregory accepted the appointment, his salary 
having been increased to $4,000.00 a year. A committee on Buildings and 
Grounds was appoittted, the land grants accepted, and the University perma- 
mcntly located at Urbana. Scrip was ordered sold. A seal was adopted. It 
was decided to open the institution on the first day of March, 1868. A reso- 
lution to admit both sexes was referred to the Executive Committee to be ap- 
pointed by the Regent. 

A committee on Courses of Instruction reported the following curriculum : 

1 Agricultural Department 
(i) Agriculture 

(2) Horticulture 

(3) Landscape Gardening 
II Polytechnical Department 

(i) Mechanical Science and Art 


34 Univbrsity of Illinois 

(2) Civil Engineering 

(3) Mining and Metallurgy 

(4) Architecture and Fine Arts 

III Military Department 

(i) Engineering 

(2) Tactics 

IV Chemistry and Natural Science 
V Trade and Commerce 

VI General Science and Literature 
Natural History, Chemistry, etc. 

(3) English Language and Literature 

(4) Modern Languages and Literature 

(5) Ancient Languages and Literature 

(6) History and Social Science 

(7) Philosophy (Intellectual and Moral) 

July 3l--Dr. Gregory issued a circular, proposing that each County Agri- 
cultural society offer a prize of one hundred dollars to aid the best scholar 
from the public schools of the county who should attend the Industrial 

Nov. 26 — Board of Trustees purchased six and one-half city lots adjacent 
to the ' University for the price of $1,850.00. The lots purchased lay along 
the west of what is now Illinois Field. The committee recommended the 
purchase of twenty-four others, between Romine and Mathews Avenues, east 
of Illinois Field, which could be secured for $9,150.00. This recommendation 
was referred to the Finance Committee. The Board decided that all students 
should register in the Military Department. The school year was divided into 
three terms, running from September to June. Three men were elected, 
Head Farmer, Jonathan Periam, Professor William Baker of Springfield, 111., 
and Professor G. W. Atherton of New York. March 11 was decided upon as 
the date for the formal opening of the University. 


Mar. 10 — Willard F. Bliss elected Professor of Agriculture. Mar. 11 — 
Inaugural Ceremonies and Formal Opening of the University. Hon. S. W. 
Moulton presided at the exercises. The music was under the direction of 
Geo. F. Root of Chicago, the dedication hymn being written by Dr. Gregory. 
Letters from Governor Oglesby, Senator Yates, and General Logan were read. 
The principal address was delivered by the Honorable Newton Bateman, State 
Superintendent of Public Instruction. General Hurlburt introduced Dr. 
Gregory. The exercises were followed by a banquet in the dining Hall of 
the University. Mar. — Philomathean and Adelphic Literary societies were 
organized. Tuition at the University was placed at $5.00 per term, $15.00 
per year. 

June — Close of the University for the year; seventy-seven students were 
enrolled during the first term. During the few days of closing exercises Pro- 
fessor J. A. Sewall of Normal delivered an address before the Literary 

Aug. 5 — The following appointments were announced: Prof. A. P. S. 
Steward of Harvard, to the chair of Chemistry, Captain S. W. Shattuck of 
Norwich University to be Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Instructor 
in Military Tactics, and T. J. Burrill of the Urbana Graded Schools, as As- 
sistant Professor of Natural History. The latter had been engaged by the 
Regent in April. Aug. 12 — The first catalogue of the University was issued 
announcing the second year of instruction to begin on the fourteenth of Sep- 
tember; the University opened with a total enrollment of eighty students. 

Nov. — The committee on Faculty of the Board of Trustees reported the 
employment of Professors Stewart, Shattuck, and Burrill, also of Captain 

Annals 35 

Edward Snyder as Accountant and teacher of Bookkeeping and German. The 
Board took up for consideration a resolution of the City Council of Chicago, 
promising a donation of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the estab- 
iishment in Chicago of a Poljrtechnical School. The members of the Board 
residing in the Third Grand Division and the First Congressional !District 
were authorized to accept the ofiFer on behalf of the Board. The following 
resolution was passed: ''Resolved, That we recognize it as a duty of; the Board 
of Trustees to make this University pre-eminently a practical school of Api- 
culture and the Mechanic Arts, not excluding other scientific and classical 
studies." A resolution calling for the admission of women to the University 
was referred to the next meeting for action. 

Dec. 19— Announcement of the "First Annual Course of Agricultural Lec- 
tures and Discussions." The course was to start on the twelfth of January 
and to continue for eight days. Publication of the "Recommended Courses 
of Study," for the use of entering students. 

Mar., i86p— The annual report of the regent included a statement that the 
students had worked on the farm two hours a day in the Spring, and one 
hour a day during the Fall. The labor system was continued. Dr. Gregory 
was re-elected Regent, Bunn Treasurer, Flagg Corresponding Secretary, and 
Bliss Recording Secretary. The Board adopted a resolution directed to the 
Governor recommending tliat the number of members of the Board should be 
cut down; that there sliould henceforth be one member from each Congres- 
sional district It was resolved to admit female students "as soon as means 
arc at our command to furnish proper buildings for the purpose." 

July-*-Prof. Wm. M. Baker was elected as Regent pro tern, during the ab- 
sence of the Regent in Europe. One thousand dollars was appropriated for 
a greenhouse. Professor S. W. Robinson was employed as Professor of 
Mechanical Engineering. 


Feb., 1870. — Department of Mechanical Engineering was created. 

Mar. — ^The Board voted to admit women "as soon as buildings are pro- 

Aug. 2fi — It was finally decided, by a vote of five to four, to admit women 
to the University. 

A. P. Bliss, Professor of Agriculture and Recording Secretary, resigned, 
and Professor Snyder was elected Recording Secretary. 


Sept 3, 1870 — ^Adoption of Student Government. The legislative body con- 
sisted of a General Assembly elected by vote of the students; the judicial de- 
partment was a Council of five, chosen from the General Assembly; and the 
Executive department consisted of a President and Vice President pf the Gov- 
ermnent, an Adjutant for each building, and Hall Sergeants. 

Feb. 24, 1871 — ^First building appropriation for the University introduced 
into the Legislature. It provided for one hundred thousand dollars a year for 
two years for a main building and twelve thousand five hundred dollars a year 
for two years for a mechanical engineering building, besides twenty-five thou- 
sand a year for running expenses^ apparatus, etc. This bill as passed by the 
Legislature, March 13, 1871, provided $7S,ooo for a building to cost not more 
than $150,000; $75,000 more was to be appropriated at an adjourned session. 
That was not done and the building was completed at the expense of Uni- 
versity funds. 

Feb. 28^Scientific Association organized. 

Mar. — ^Tlie Regent reported twenty-two women in attendance. Dr. Gregory 
was re-elected. A site for the new main hall was adopted. Van Osdel of 
Chicago was to be the architect. Library numbered 5,000 vols. Donations 
for the year included 200 gooseberry cuttings. 

June 4-7 — Qosing exercises. Address by President Erastus 0*Haven, D. D. 

Aug. — ^The executive committee of the Board of Trustees voted to allow 

36 University of Illinois 

tlie Regent to use one recitation room for a preparatory department. Con- 
tracts for the two new buildings were let, and the site of the Mechanical 
Engineering Hall (old woodshop) was adopted. Don Carlos Taft was ap- 
pointed Professor of Geology and Zoology. He had begun teaching in April. 
Aug. 24— A convention of "friends of Agriculture and Polytechnic ^ucation/' 
held in Chicago, appointed a committee of one from each state in which was 
located a college founded on the National Land Grant, to petition Congress to 
establish Agricultural Experiment Stations at these colleges. Dr. Gregory was 
President of the Convention and appointed Secretary Flagg as Committeeman 
from Illinois. A circular to Illinois Congressmen was accordingly issued in 


Sept. 13, 1871 — Drill Hall and Mechanical Shops opened. On the same 
day the cornerstone of University Hall was laid. Hon. Newton Bateman 
delivered the principal address, October 4, 1871. Organization of the Ale- 
thenai Literary Society by women of the University. 

Oct — ^The Chicago fire occurred during this month. One hundred and fif- 
ty-seven students were sent from the Military to assist in keeping order in the 
city" during and after the fire. 

Nov. — ^The first publication by the students of the University appeared. 
It was called The Student, and was published monthly. 

Mar. 1872 — ^The Trustees requested the Legislature to appropriate money 
to finish University Hal^^ Boarding Hall for women established under the 
auspices of tiie Universi^. 

April — The Legislature adjourned without appropriating money to finish 
University Hall, so the Executive committee of the Board of Trustees voted 
to sell Champaign County Bonds, held by the Board, to secure the necessary 

June 6— First presentation of "Certificates" to graduates. Those receiving 
them were: John J. Davis of Freeport, Willis A. Reiss of Belleville, Alonzo 
L. Whitcomb of Urbana, Stephen A. Reynolds of Belvidere, James N. 
Mathews of Mason, Charles W. Rolfe of Montgomery. 

Addresses were delivered by Dr. Mathews, and Dr. Edwards, President 
of Normal University. The University Band furnished music for the first 


Feb. — Organization of the Young Men's Christian Association at the Uni- 
versity. Feb. 25 — Organization of the Agricultural Society. 

Mar. — Dr. Gregory re-elected Regent, relieved from teaching, and eiven 
a leave of absence until fall to enable him to take a European trip. Pro- 
fessor Shattuck appointed Regent pro tern. N. C. Ricker appointed In- 
structor in Architecture. 

May 7 — ^Adoption of a law providing that the Board of Trustees should 
henceforth consist of nine members, three from each grand judicial division 
of the State, appointed by the Governor. 

June 2-5 — Commencement. Address delivered by Hon. Andrew D. 
White, President of Cornell University. June 4 — Passage by the Legislature 
of an appropriation to finish University Hall. June 5 — Alumni Association 
of the University organized. 

July — Meeting of the newly organized Board. Passage by the Board 
of a Resolution declaring that Agriculture and the Mechanics Arts were 
the primary studies of the institution, all others being secondary. 


Sept. — Name of the University publication changed from The Student to 
The mini. Departments of the University now recognized were: (i) Agri- 
culture; (2) Polytechnic; (3) Military; (4) Chemistry and Natural Science; 
(5) Trade and Commerce; (6) General Science and Literature, 

Annals 37 

Dec. 10— Dedication of University Hall. Dec. 19— Dedication of Adelphic 
Hail in University Hall. Address l^ Dr. Grcgorv. 

Mar. 7, 1874 — Dedication of Philomathean Hall. Address by Dr. Gregory. 
Mar. II.— -Celebration of Anniversary day. Address by Professor T. J. Bur- 
rill. Failure of Legislature to pass any bill of appropriations for the Uni- 
versity called for the discussion by the Board of methods of retrenchment. 

June 9 — N. C. Ricker appointed Assistant Professor of Architecture. 
June lO—Commencement. 


Sept 21 — First issue of the University Reporter, a publication of four 
small pages. Its purpose was ostensibly to arouse interest in the Student 
Government and to advocate the establishment of a university press. Its 
real object was to elect a certain ticket in the student campaign. There 
were three tickets in the field: "Reform," "Law and Order," and "Re- 
porter." Probably largely as a result of the issue of three numbers of this 
paper almost every one of the thirty candidates on the "Reporter" ticket was 

Nov. 26 — First annual banquet of the Telegraphic Association, composed 
of students bent upon mastering the new art of telegraphy. 

Dec 4— Union meeting of Philomathean, Adelphic, Scientific, and Ale- 
thenai Socides. 

Mar. 4, 187s — Banquet of Senior Military Class. Professor Manle^ 
Miles of Michigan, elected Professor of Agriculture and Instructor in Agri- 
cultural Chemistry, at a salary of $5,000.00 a year. 

June — N. C, Ricker advanced to full professorship. June 7-8-9 — Com- 
mencement. First annual meeting of Alumni. 


Oct. 28, 1875 — Second annual Oratorical Contest between the colleges 
of Illinois held at Jacksonville. The contestants were representatives of 
Knox, Northwestern, Illinois Wesleyan, Chicago Universitjr, Shurtleff, Mon- 
mouth, Illinois College, and Illinois Industrial University. First Prize 
was won by J. C. Lewis of the Industrial University, second prize by J. 
Otis Humphrey of Shurtleff. 

Mar. 1876— Board of Trustees decided to establish a Preparatory depart- 
ment March 11 — ^Anniversary Day. Address by Dr. Gregory. 

June — ^Dr. Gregory presented his resignation of the regency. June 6 — 
Discovery that a chapter of a fraternity had secretly existed for some time 
in the University led to a recommendation by the Regent and the adop- 
tion by the Board of this resolution: "Resolved, That the Board condemns 
the formation and perpetuation of secret societies in the University as 
detrimental to the scheme of self-government attempted by the students; 
and that we trust a due regard to tiie best interests of the institution will 
induce our students to disband and discountenance such organizations." 
The Young Men's Christian Association was granted the use of a room in 
University Hall. All University instructors were given notice of prospec- 
tive cut of ten per cent, in salaries, caused by the Board's lack of funds. 


Sept — Dr. Gregorv decides to withdraw his resignation and remain. 

Mar. 1877 — School of Art and Design established. Dr. Gregory re-elected 
Regent Professor Ridcer's plans for a Chemistry Building accepted. A re- 
duction of ten per cent of all salaries decreed by the Board of Trustees. 


Sept — Preparatory students required to drill. Chemical laboratory lo- 
cated. All bids for the building rejected. Major Dinwiddie, the first army 
commandant^ to<^ charge of the military department. 

38 University of Illinois 

Oct. i8 — Inter-collegiate contest at Monmouth, won by Knox, North- 
western second, Illinois Industrial University third. 

Feb. 13, 1078 — Organization of "Temperance Union" t^ University 
students. / . 

- Mar. — Illini advocated inler-collegiate baseball contests. Seniors decide 
to leave clock for west tower of Main Hall as class memorial. Rules passed 
by the Board governing the granting of degrees. Voted to give diplomas 
to graduates, charging a fee of $s therefor. President Gregory appointed 
by Sie Governor commissioner to Paris Exposition, and granted leave of ab- 
sence to attend. Three hundred Springfield rifles received for cadets. 

May 31 — Entertainment by Musical Qasses and Singers of the University. 
Petition to the Legislature asking it to empower the Trustees of the Uni- 
versity to grant degrees, signed by members of the classes of 1872-7, inclusive. 
Petition granted. Annual contest of Illinois Industrial University Associa- 
tion. Summer School of Mechanic Arts held in Chicago from June 24 to 
August 15. 


Sept. — Office of "commander of battalion" abolished and "military pro- 
fessor" given charge of "military classes and drill organizations." 

Dec. — Illini advocated adoption of University colors. 

Sept. — S. H. Peabody appointed Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 

Jan. 16— Organization of the State Natural History Society at Normal. 
Professor T. J. Burrill Vice President, Professor S. A. Forbes of Normal 
University, Secretary. 

Mar. — Committee of Board of Trustees reported its approval of Woman's 
Hall, but had no money with which to build it. Dr. Gregory re-elected 
Regent Regent directed by the Board of Trustees to submit the Constitution 
and By-Laws of the Student Organization for self-government to the At- 
torney General for an opinion as to whether they conflicted with State Laws. 

May — University received gold medal for exhibit at Paris exposition. 


I. O. Baker made Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. 

Oct. 2 — Sixth Annual Contest of Illinois Inter-Collegiate Oratorical As- 
sociation held in the University Chapel. First inter-collegiate Baseball game. 
Score, Illinois Industrial University 12, Illinois College 5. 

Dec. I — Professor Peabody resigned. Trustees decided to employ an 
Instructor in Free-Hand Drawing. 

Jan. 27-30 — Agricultural Institute held at the University. 

Feb.-^Natural History Society organized. 

Mar. — Cadet uniforms changed from grey to blue; seniors and juniors 
released from drill. Military departments reorganized on account of stu- 
dent troubles during the past term. Preparatory Department to be closed 
after June, 1881. 

June — Dr. Gregory resigned ; the resignation to take effect September first. 
Professor S. H. Peabody reappointed to the chair of Mechanical Engineering 
and appointed Regent pro tempore. Old Dormitory Building decreed unfit 
for occupancy. 

June 3 — Senior Meeting of Alethenai. June 7 — Closing Concert of Musical 

Oct 2—- Baseball: Illinois Industrial University 14, Kiiox 8. 

Dec— U. S. Signal Station established. 

Feb. 24— Publication of "The Vindicator," of four pages as a result 
of class troubles. It died after a second issue on the fifth of March. 

Mar. — ^Action of previous year in regard to Preparatory Department re- 
scinded. Acting Regent Peabody made Regent Old Dormitory offered fo/ 
sale. Legislature appropriated money to help out the endowment fund. 

Annals 39 

May 31 — Kappa Kappa chapter of Sigmi Chi organized. Competitive 
drill of battalion. 

June — ^Regent reported to Board the formation of a new secret society 
and requested action. Board resolved that the Regent and faculty should 
take steps to secure the abandonment of the society. Petition to re-estab- 
lish School of Domestic Science refused. 


Dec. — Regent reported to the board that the faculty had passed rules 
providing that no student could enter the University until he had pledged 
himself not to join a fraternity; and that no student should graduate until 
he had certified that he had not belonged to any while in tbe University. 
The adoption of these rules had disclosed the existence of four societies, 
whose members petitioned the faculty to rescind these rules. The faculty 
turned the petitions over to the Board, which recommended that the request 
be refused. All University dues remitted to "Charles Montezuma, an Indian 
of the Apache nation," during his course through the University. 

Jan. 9 — ^Banquet of Sigma Chi fraternity. 

Mar. — First issue of Sophograph, college annual, published by the soph- 
omores. March 14 — Petitions from students requesting the Board of Trus- 
tees to allow fraternities to enter the University refused. 

June — Decided to build an Astronomical Observatory. Regent directed to 
take charge of the Illini property. Scientific Association disbanded. Pro- 
fessors Henry A. Weber and Melville A. Scovell discharged for having pat- 
ented private rights on the results of their investigations and experiments in 
the manufacture of sugar and glucose, conducted under the patronage of 
the University and at the expense of the State. Professor Taft was given a 
year's leave of absence, and his chair declared vacant. 


Sept. — Board voted to employ Instructor in Elocution. Wm. McMurtrie 
appeared as Professor of Chemistry. Observatory opened. Seniors adopted 
custom of wearing black silk hats, juniors white plug. 

Oct. — Illinois joined "State Baseball Association." Illinois Inter^Col- 
legiate Oratorical Contest at Chicago — I. I. U. third. 

Jan. 8— Civil Engineering Club organized. 

Mar. — ^Appropriation for a national flag for the battalion. Student Gov- 
ernment System abolished. 

May 19 — First Field Day at the University. 

June — Board of Trustees voted to abolish student government. 


Sept — Students required to give pledges not to join fraternities. Lots 
between the old drill hall and Green Street purchased. 

Oct. — Series of University discourses held in Chapel on Sundays from 
October to March. At State Inter-collegiate Contest Baseball: Illinois In- 
dustrial University 14, Knox 9; Illinois University 21, Monmouth 5— giving 
Illinois Industrial University the championship. Illini placed under new 
management Board of thirteen elected from students to supervise the pub- 
lication. % 

Nov. — M. E. and E. K Society organized. 

Jan. — Formation of a committee by alumni to get the name of the in- 
stitution changed from "Illinois Industrial University" to "University of 

Mar. — S. A. Forbes appointed Professor of Zoology. 

Mar. 19 — Young Women's Christian Association organized. 

40 University of Illinois 


Dec.— Board of Trustees requested Legislature to change the name of 
the institution. Board resolved to provide apartments for the State Labora- 
tory of Natural History. 

Mar. — Prof. Peabody re-elected Regen:. Petition of Foster North, who 
had been refused a diploma on account of non-attendance at chapel, re- 
ceived by Board of Trustees and referred to committee. 

June — ^Legislature changed the name of the institution to "The Univer- 
sity of Illinois." 

July — Chair of Mining Engineering and position of Assistant Professor of 
Rhetoric and Oratory created. 


Sept. — Petition of Foster North referred to Attorney General. 

Dec. — ^Attorney General reported in favor of faculty ruling. Petition re- 
fused. Mr. Fisher of Chicago appeared before the Board on behalf of "Secret 
College Societies," and requested the withdrawal of the prohibition of these 
societies at the University. Action deferred. 

Mar. — Board refused to grant the request of Mr. Fisher. 

April — Illinois Teachers* Association petitioned the Board to create a 
chair of Pedagogy. Regent Peabody handed his resignation to the Board. 
The Board decided to refuse the resignation, and increased the Regent's 


Sept. — ^Legislature passed a bill providing that Trustees of the University 
should henceforth be elected by popular vote. 

Oct — ^Baseball: University of Illinois 17, Illinois College 11; University 
of Illinois 20, Wesleyan 17; Illinois College 26, Knox 21, giving the Univer- 
sity of Illinois team the State Championship. As a result of troubles in the 
chemistry department seven students were suspended. 

Mar. — ^Regent Peabody re-elected. Plan of honorary scholarships for 
counties adopted. Regent's salary fixed at $4,000.00. Committee appointed 
by the Board to carry out the objects of a bill for Experiment Stations passed 
by Congress. 

May — Baseball at Inter-State Oratorical Contest; University of Illinois 
19, Illinois Wesle3ran 13; Illinois College 19, University of Illinois 16; Uni- 
versity of Illinois 13, Illinois College 6. 


Oct. — ^At Inter-collegiate Contest Baseball: Monmouth 14, University 
of Illinois 9; Blackburn 14, University of Illinois 13. 

Dec. — Report of Board's Committee on Experiment Station plans ac- 
cepted, and Dr. Peabody, and Professors Morrow, Burrill, and McMurtie 
selected as directors. 

April 23 — Adoption of old college yell: Rah Hoo Rah, Zip Boom Ah. 
Hip Zoo Ra Zoo, Jimmy blow your Bazoo, Ip-sid-di-i-ki, U. of I., Champaign. 
C. P. VanGundy, originator. 

May 2 — W. L. Pillsbury appointed Secretary of the Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station. 

June 26 — W. L. Pillsbury elected Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and 
Recording and Corresponding Secretary of the University of Illinois. Base- 
ball: University of Illinois 13, Illinois College 12. 


Sept.— Regent recommended to the Board that the certificates of gradu- 
ation be abandoned. Board later abolished the certificates. 

Oct.— Baseball : University of Illinois 22, Illinois College 8. 

Dec. — Committee of six appointed by the Board of Trustees to codify 
the laws relating to the University and to request the Legislature to pass 
them as codified. 

Annals 41 

Jan. 29 — Organization of Inter-Society Oratorical Association by Adelphic, 
Alethenai, and Philomathean Sodeties. 

Mar. — Petition from women of the University to the Board asking for a 
gymnasium referred to a committee to decide whether it was advisable to 
ailow women to take calisthenics. Dr. Peabody re-elected Regent. 

June — Petition from women for calisthenics refused. Location of Drill 
Hall soon to be built decided upon. 


Sept. — ^Professor Ricker's plans for the new Drill Hall accepted by Board 
of Trustees. 

Oct 4— Inter-Collegiate Association held their first Athletic Meet at 
Gaksburg, won by University of Illinois. 

Presentation of $20 by Captain Hazelton of Forest Glen, to the Univer- 
sity for the purchase of the Hazelton Prize Medal. 

Dec 10 — Executive Committee reports to the Board that it has granted 
the Regent a leave of absence on account of ill health, and has appointed 
Professor Burrill Acting Regent. Appointment continued by the Board. 
Resignation of Professor Comstock of Minting Engineering department 
Mr. Foster North petitioned the Board of Ti*ustees to be restored to his right 
of attendance at the University. Petition refused. 

Mar. 10 — Presentation to the University Athletic Association by Knox 
College Association of the cup won by Illinois at the Inter-Colleg^ate Meet of 
October previous. 

April — ^Foster North files petition for mandamus in the Supreme Court 
to compel the Trustees to restore him to attendance at the University. 

May 16— Baseball: University of Illinois 18, Illinois College 11. 

June— Committee of Board of Trustees recommended that the Prepara- 
tory Department "be dispensed with as soon as adequate provision for doing 
its work is made by some public or private institution located in the vicinity 
of the University." Professorships of Psychology, Greek, and French es- 
tablished. June II — Dedication of Military Building at Commencement. 


Oct 3 — State Intercollegiate won by Illinois with 21 points. Baseball: 
University of Illinois 11, Knox 3; University of Illinois 9, Illinois College 4; 
giving University of Illinois the Championship. Football: Illinois Wesleyan 
16, University of Illinois o. 

Nov. 22— Football: Purdue 62, University of Illinois 0. G. Huff played 
on the Illinois team. Nov. 24— University of Illinois 12, Illinois Wesleyan 

Dec — Instructor in Gymnastics appointed. Dec. 3 — ^Architects' Club 
organized. Command of a company of the battalion taken away from a 
senior, Miller, on account of poor scholarship. All other officers but one 
resigned. All returned but two on Feb. 11, 1891. These two were sus- 
' pended. Students held mass meeting and petitioned the Board of Trustees 
to reinstate them. The Board tried the case, and recommended that the 
students be reinstated at the end of the term, and that the rules governing 
students be so revised that the students would be able to understand them. 

March — Supreme Court decision in Foster North case reported as decided 
in favor of trustees. Committee of Board of Trustees reported in favor 
of granting Master's degrees to students who had received certificates be- 
fore degrees were granted, as a recognition of success in their professions. 
Board adopted the report and decided to confer not more than ten such 
degrees each year. Board voted to give over to the Athletic Association 
for athletic purposes "the north half of the north campus." Class rush at 
freshman reception resulted in the suspension of eleven men. All but one 
man were reinstated a week later, he refusing to apolo^ze or to "express 
regret" A number of students arrested and tried for voting at city elections. 
Found not guilty of illegal voting. 

42 University of Illinois 

May 15 — Baseball: University of Illinois 14, Wabash 10; University of 
Illinois 5, Wcsleyan 4. 

June — ^Regent Peabod/s final resignation accepted by the Board to take 
effect September first 

Aug. — Professor Ricker's plans for Natural History Building accepted. 
Location determined. Professor Burrill appointed Acting Regent. Board 
passed the following: "Resolved, That the pledge heretofore required for 
candidates for entry to the University in regard to college fraternities be 
omitted, and that the subject of these fraternities be referred to the com- 
mittee on rules." Resignation of Professor Dc Garmo. 


Sept. — Dr. Peabodv received appointment as Chief of the Department of 
Liberal Arts of the World's Fair, and departed for Chicago. Electrical Engi- 
neering Department established. "Artificial Stone" walks ordered built over 
the campus. Military drill required only of freshmen and sophomores, and 
of them only two hours per week. First season of Philo-Adelphic Lecture 

Oct. 1-2-3 — Inter-collegiate Contest at Monmouth. Baseball: University 
of Illinois 8, Illinois College i; Knox won from Monmouth; University of 
lUinois 15, Knox 4, giving Illinois the championship. The athletic contest 
ended in a dispute between the University of Illinois and Knox over protested 
men. Oct. — Organization of first University Glee Club. 

Nov, 7;— Football: Universitjr of Illinois 42, Eureka 0. Nov. 20, Univer- 
sity of Illinois 12, Knox 0. University of Illinois Champions of Illinois. 

Dec, — Board of Trustees adopted new code of rules for students. Affilia- 
tion of Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons proposed. Dec. 8— 
Raising of National Flag. Oration by Hon. H. S. Qark, Presentation by S. 
A. Bullard, President of Board of Trustees. Dec. 8 — Organization of Alpha 
Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma. Dec. 22 — ^Re-organization of Kappa Kappa 
Chapter of Sigma Chi. 

Feb. — First Annual Concert by University of Illinois Military Band. 
Football : University of Illinois 24, Pastime A. C. (St Louis) 10. 

Mar. — Board of Trustees resolved to investigate the question of their 
power to establish a Law School. Decided that it could not affiliate the 
College of P. & S. Mar. 5 — ^Formation of local fraternity Epsilon Delta. 
Mar. 9— Laving of Corner Stone of Natural History Hall. Address by 
T. C. Chamberlain, President of the University of Wisconsin. Stone laid by 
Hon. Henry Raab, Superintendent of Public Instruction. Discussion of can- 
didates for the Regency by the Board. Names of Professor H. S. White of 
Cornell, Judge A. S. Draper of New York, and Professor George C. Par- 
ington of the University of Missouri suggested. 

April 20 — Baseball: Michigan 18, Illinois 0. 

May 7 — Northwestern 8, Illinois 13; May 8^-Beloit 9, Illinois 6; May 9 — 
Lake Forest 10, Illinois 5. May 9 — Mandolin Club organized. May 13 — First 
Western Inter-Collegiate Meet held at Champaign; entries: C. B. College. 
Iowa, Rose Polytechnic, Illinois College, Washington Univ., Lake Forest. 
Purdue, Northwestern, and University of Illinois. Pennant won by Univer- 
sity of Illinois. Permanent organization effected. May 21 — Baseball: Uni- 
versity of Illinois S, Northwestern i. May 30 — University of Illinois 3, Wes- 
leyan i. 

June — Board of Trustees voted that henceforth Professors and Assistant 
Professors should hold their positions during the pleasure of the Board. 
June 4 — Baseball: University, of Illinois 5, Lake Forest o. June 5-8 — 
Commencement. Baccalaureate address by Dr. J. M. Gregory. June 27 — 
Committee of Board to secure a Regent authorized to offer the position to 
Dr. Gladden of Ohio, if it saw fit, at a salary not to exceed $6,000.00. Pro- 
fessor Ricker presented plans for three proposed new buildings. Engineer- 

Annals 43 

ing Hall, Library, and Natural History Museum. » Board voted to erect the 
first two "as soon as practicable." • .^f . 


Oct 6-7-8 — 111. Inter-Collegiate held at the University; won by Univer- 
sity of Illinois with 102 points; Monmouth second place with 28 points. 
Baseball: University of Illinois 11. Wesleyan 2; University of Illinois .15. 
Illinois College o; University of Illinois 7. Monmouth 6; University of Il- 
linois, piampion of Illinois. Oct. 8— Football; University of Illmois 2, 
Purdue 12; Oct 12— University of Illinois 16, Northwestern 16; Oct. 22— 
University of Illinois 22. Washington U. o. Oct. 21— Columbian Day Cele- 
brated at University. Oct. 22 — Football; University of Illinois 20, D.oan Col}. 
(Omaha) o; Oct 24, Nebraska 6, University of Illinois 0; Oct 26, University 
of Illinois 2& Baker 12; Oct. 27, Kansas 24, University of Illinois 4; Oct ^ 
University oz Illinois 48, Kansas City Assn. 0. Banquet given to team on its 
return from the Western trip on Hallowe'en night. 

Nov. — ^Board of Trustees voted appropriation for Woman's Gymnasium. 
Petition for Woman's Dormitory received by Board. 

Nov. I — Football; Wisconsin forfeited. Nov. 5 — University of Illinois 
38, Englewood o. Nov. 5— Rho Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma established. 
Nov. 16 — Football; University of Illinois 4, Chicago University 4. Dedica- 
tion of Natural History Hall. Address by David S. Jordan, President; of 
Leland Stanford, Jr. Nov. 19 — ^Football : University of Illinois 34, De Paiiw 
University a Nov. 22 — Chemistry Club Organized. Nov. 24 — Football: 
University of Illinois 20, Chicago 12. Illinois conceded to be the best West- 
em team. 

Dec — Board refuses to grant petition asking for Woman's Dormitory. 

Jan. — Agricultural Short Course created. 

Mar. — Baseball coach employed. 

April 8 — Baseball : University of Illinois I6, Wabash o. April 22, Michigan 
6. University of Illinois 5. ^ 

May 6— -Baseball: University of Illinois 14, Wabash 6. May 8, Univer- 
sity of Illinois 5, Iowa 3. May 10, University of Illinois 15, Northwestern 8. 
May 12-13 — Western Inter-Collegiate held at Champaign; won by Univer- 
sity of Illinois with 56 points, Northwestern second with 15. May 17 — Base- 
ball: University of Illinois 13, Indiana 6. May i8-yUniversity 'Of Illinois 7, 
DePauw 5. May 22 — University of Illinois 3, Chicago 2. May 20 — First 
Interscholastic won by Peoria High School. May 27 — Baseball : Chicago 6, 
University of Illinois o. May 30 — University of Illinois 15, Purdue 5. 

June — ^Baseball: Michigan 10, University of Illinois 3. June 5 — ^Uni- 
versity of Illinois 3, Detroit A. C. S. June 6 — University of Illinois 4, Lon- 
don A. C. 3. June 7 — Commencement address delivered by Governor Alt- 
geld. June 8 — ^Baseball : Qeveland A. C, 17, University of Illinois^ 15. June 
9, University of Illinois 11, Oberlin 7. June 10 — Oberlin 11, University of 
Illinois 8. Jtme — ^Plans for Engineering Building chosen. 

July— ^Chair of Romance Languages created. 


Sept — Creation of office of Registrar, and appointment thereto of W. L. 
Pillsbury reported to Board. Sept. 30 — Football: University of Illinois 
60, Wabash 6. 

Oct 17 — ^University of Illinois 14, De Pauw 4. Oct. 21 — ^University of 
Illinois 4, Northwestern 4. Oct. 27 — ^Local fraternity of Beta Beta Beta or- 
ganized. Oct 28— Art Qub organized. 

Nov. 6 — Football : Oberlin 34, University of Illinois 24. Gifts of World's 
Fair Exhibits to University. Nov. 11 — Football: University of Illinois 18, 
Pastime A. C 6. University Athletic Association changed colors from Black 
and Yellow to Crimson. Nov. 25 — ^Football: University of Illinois 26, 
Purdue 26. Nov. 28— Colors changed to Olive Green. Nov. 30, Football: 
University of Illinois 10, Wisconsin 10, 

44 University of Illinois 

Dec. 9— First meeting of University Assembly. Dec. — Board of Trustees 
passed resolutions censuring the action of certain students in "interrupting 
the class supper of the freshmen" held at Bloomington, Illinois. December 
13 -Corner-stone of Engineering Hall laid. Main address delivered by Dr. 
Robert H. Thurston of Cornell. 

Feb. 5 — First Junior Promenade. Feb. 9 — Installation of Illinois Eta of 
Phi Delta Theta. 

Mar. 2 — Organization of Faculty Club. Resignation of Dean Morrow. 
Organization of Students Assembly for "social and intellectual" purposes. 
Acting Regent reported to Board of Trustees that Faculty had decided to 
discontinue formal chapel at the end of the year. Students henceforth en- 
tering University must be at least sixteen years of age. Board established 
a two years' course in the Preparatory School. $1,800.00 appropriated for a 
biological station to be located at Havana, and $1,200.00 for a summer school 
at the University. Board voted to establish courses leading to degrees of 
Ph. D. and Sc. D. 

April — A. S. Draper elected Regent Dramatic Club organized. April 
6 — ^Local fraternity Delta Delta Delta becomes Beta Upsilon chapter of 
Delta Tau Delta. April 7 — Baseball: University of Illinois 14, Wabash 2. 
April 20 — ^Michigan 12, University of Illinois 8. April 21 — Minstrel Show by 
students. April 24 — Military concert g^ven by Band. April 25 — Baseball: 
Illinois 9, Purdue 5. First volume of Illio, published by juniors as an an- 
nual, issued. 

May 8^Baseball: Illinois 20, Wisconsin 5. May 11 — Chicago 9, Illi- 
nois 10. May 12 — ^Michig^n 10, Illinois 5. May 14 — Illinois 12, Alerto 
(London C.) 10. May 25— Norwalk A. C. (O.) 5. Illinois 8. May 16— 
Oberlin 13, Illinois i ; Illinois 18, Chicago 17. May 19— Third Annual Field 
Day of Western Colleges at St Louis won by Illinois with 71 points out 
of a total of 135. May 28 — Baseball: Oberlin 11, Illinois 5. 

June I — Baseball: Detroit A. C. 8, Illinois 4. June 2 — Western Inter- 
Collegiate at Chicago; entries: Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago, Iowa College, 
Michigan, Northwestern, et aL Won by Illinois with 37 points. June 6-— 
Commencement Address delivered by President Angell of Michigan. 
Adoption of West Point style of uniform for cadets. 

Aug. — Professors N. C Ridcer, S. A. Forbes, and D. Kinley made Deans 
of the Colleges of Engineering, Science, and Literature and Arts,, respec- 
tively. Title of "Regent" changed to "President." 


Sept. — mini published weekly. Sept. 14 — President Draper assumea 
charge. Director of Department of Music appointed. 

Oct. 6 — Football: University of Illinois 36, Wabash 6. October 12 — 
Chicago A. C. 14, University of Illinois 0. Oct. 16— Vice President Steven- 
son visited the University. Oct. 19 — ^Football : Illinois 54, Lake Forest 6. 
Faculty and students in convocation adopted orange and navy blue as Uni- 
versity colors. New rules adopted for Illini management, putting control 
in hands of students. 

Nov. 2 — Football: Illinois 66, Northwestern o. Faculty of the College 
of Literature and Arts decide to drop the degree of B.L. Nov. 14 — Per- 
formance of "A Box of Monkeys" by Dramatic Club. Nov. 15 — Inaugura- 
tion of President Draper and dedication of Engineering Hall. Addresses 
by President Draper, President Adams of Wisconsin, Governor Altgeld, 
and Hon. G. C. Neeley of Chicago. Nov. 16 — Football: Purdue 22, Illinois 
2. Nov. 21 — Illinois 6, Chicago o. Nov. 24 — Illinois 10, Pastime A. C. o. 

Dec. — Board of Trustees resolves to enter into negotiations for affiliating 
the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Committee on Buildings and 
Grounds reported that in the opinion of the Attorney General the Trustees 
did not have power to lease University ground for the building of houses for 
professors. Dec. 5 — ^Tennis Association organized. 

Annals 45 

Feb. 4 — Republican Club organized. Feb. S — Medical Oub organized. 
Feb. 12 — Women's Glee Club organized. Nine sophomores suspended for 
kidnapping freshmen before the freshman social. Board of Trustees decided 
to introduce into the Legislature a bill providing for the purchasing of the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons. 

March i — Play given by members of Alethenai. March 12 — ^A. S. Draper 
re-elected president Physical Training Department organized to include 
men and women. President directed to report to the board on the advisa- 
bility of establishing School of Music. Board approved. the action of the 
Council of Administration in su^ending the students for kidnapping fresh- 
men. March 15 — Illinois Gamma Zeta of Alpha Tau Omega installed. 

April ijy-Baseball : Illinois 12, Wabash 8. April 20 — Illinois 9, Michi- 
gan a April 27 — ^Northwestern 7, Illinois 2. 

May 3 — ^First Sophomore Cotillion. May 6 — Baseball : Illinois 10, Iowa 8. 
May ^—Illinois 8, Purdue 5. May 9— Notre Dame 8, Illinois 7. May 10— 
Michigan 11, Illinois 2. May 16 — First Session of State High School Con- 
ference. May 17 — ^Baseball: Illinois 9, Grinnell o. May 25 — Illinois 9, 
Northwestern 6. May 27 — Iowa State 16, Illinois 26. May 28, Illinois 13, 
Grinnell 6. May 29— IlKnois 14, Iowa 3. 

June I — Inter-Collegiate Meet won by California, Illinois fourth. Depart- 
ment of Political Science and School of Music established. Superintendent 
of Buildings and Grounds appointed. Committee appointed to establish a 
vaccine farm. Board voted to locate Library Building opposite Daniel 
Street. Voted to sell land and build a house for the president with proceeds. 
June 10 — Commencement Address delivered by Hon. Shelby M. CuUom. 


Sept 17— -Visit of Governor Altgeld to the University. Sept 18 — Eng- 
lish Club organized. Board of Trustees decides to reorganize College of 
Agriculture. Voted to pave Green Street through the campus. 

Oct. 6— Football: Illinois 48, Wabash o. Illinois Delta of Kappa Alpha 
Theta established. Oct 12 — ^Football: Chicago A. A. 8, Illinois o. Oct 
20 — Illinois 79, Illinois College o. Oct 26— Illinois 10, Wisconsin 10. Illi- 
nois Zeta of Pi Beta Phi established. 

Nov, 3 — Football : Illinois 28, Lake Forest o. - Nov. 24— Illinois 38, North- 
western 4. Nov. 28— Purdue 6, Illinois 2. 

Dec — ^Banquet by Faculty to Football Team. Plans for Library Building 
all rejected. Mr. Bumham of Chicago employed to draw plans. Chicago 
College of Pharmacy proposed affiliation with University. Burrill Avenue 
named. School of Music announced first series of concerts. Dec. 13 — 
French play produced by Alethenai. Dec 27 — ^Mr. Burnham resigned as 
Architect for Library Building. Board decided to have Department of 
Architecture draw plans if possible. 

Jan. 14 — Council of Administration adopted rule that all gatherings in 
University buildings should end by 11:30 p. m. Jan. 15 — ^First of a series 
of lectures by Lorado Taft 

Feb. — ^Advisory Board of Athletic Managers appointed by President. 
Feb. 8— First Athletic Conference held at Chicago; Wisconsin, Northwest- 
em, Chicago, Midiigan, Purdue, and Illinois represented. Feb. i2>-^Lincoln 
Day; addresses by Pres. Draper and Prof. Greene. University Biological 
Station established on the Illinois River. Woman's League organized. 

March 7 — ^Adoption of "I'' as athletic emblem. March 10— Board of 
Trustees adopted plans of Professors Ricker and White for library. Tennis 
courts constructed on campus. Business system of University organized. 
Opening of President's House. March 13 — First French play by Le Cercle 
Fran^ais. First Chicago-Illinois debate, won by Illinois. 

April — Observatory located. Site for Library changed. Board of Trus- 
tees passed resolutions condemning the practice of local committee's send- 
ing carriages to the University for student voters. The proposals of the Chi- 

46 University of Illinois 

cago College of Pharmacy for affiliation adopted. April 5 — Baseball: Illi- 
nois 20, Wabash 0. April 21 — Chicago 9, Illinois 6. April 19 — Michigan 5. 
Illinois 3. April 21 — Concert by Theodore Thomas Orchestra. April 26-- 
Baseball: Illinois 16, Northwestern 2. 

May I — Baseball: Chicago 10, Illinois 4 May 3 — Illinois 11, Purdue 3. 
College of Pharmacy affiliated. May 8 — Baseball : Illinois 8, Beloit 7. May 
9^-Competitive Shoot: University of California 380, Illinois 374. Baseball: 
May 10 — Illinois 20, Northwestern 9. May 13 — Baseball : Illinois 19, Indiana 

3. May 16 — Illinois 18, Grinnell 3. May 25 — Michigan 20, Illinois 3. May 
T^j — Illinois 22, Notre Dame 7. May 28 — Illinois 12, Wabash 4. May 30 — Illi- 
nois 10, Wisconsin 4. Resignation of Professor Edward Snyder. 

June 9 — Hijgh School Visitor employed. June 10 — ^Location of Library 
finally fixed. Commencement, address by Chancellor Winfield S. Chaplin 
of St. Louis University. June 19 — ^Arrest of Trustees for violating flag law 
held unconstitutional. 

August IS — Chemical Laboratory partially destroyed by fire caused by 
lightning; loss $40,000.00. 


Sept. 4 — Corner-stone of Library Building laid. Sept 26 — ^First Tennis 
tournament at University. Board of Trustees appointed advisory Board 
to School of Pharmacy. 

Oct. 3 — ^Football : Illinois 38, Lake Forest 0. Oct. 6 — School of Phar- 
macy opened as a department of the University of Illinois. Oct 10— Foot- 
ball: Illinois 70, Knox 4. Oct 17 — Illinois 10, Missouri 0. Oct. 21 — Illinois 
22, Oberlin 6. Oct 31 — Chicago 12, Illinois o. Oct. 23 — Establishment of 
Oratorical prize in College of Literature and Arts. 

Nov. 7 — Football: Northwestern 10, Illinois 4. Nov. 26 — Illinois 4. 
Purdue 4. Nov. 28 — First Saturday afternoon cadet hop. 

Dec. 4 — First Junior Prom, in Military Hall. Dec. 20 — Basket ball 
(Girls) ; Illinois 28, Wesleyan 12. Trustees decide to establish a Law School. 
Dec. 21 — Freshman social broken up by sophomores, largely by the use of 
chemicals. Dec. 22 — President calls convocation and notifies students that 
the freshman social affair is to be investigated. 

Jan. 7 — Football conference of College Presidents at Madison; all 
Western state universities represented. Jan. 11 — University regiment at- 
tended installation of Governor at Springfield. 

Feb. I — Nine students expelled by the Council. One student found guilty 
of disorderly conduct in an Urbana court and fined. Medical Club reorgan- 
ized. Feb. 19 — ^Joint Philo-Alethenai play given in University Chapel. 

March — College of Physicians and Surgeons joined the University. 
March 9 — President Draper re-elected. Office of Dean of Women created. 
Action of Council in regard to expulsion of students approved. Trouble 
with Beloit College over ball game. Caspar Whitney, arbitrator, found in 
favor of Illinois. Board of Trustees requested Board of Beloit to require 
Athletic Association to pay over the money in accordance with the decree of 
the arbitrator. 

April — Charles W. Spalding. Treasurer, embezzled University funds, 
E. G. Keith elected Treasurer. April 17 — Baseball: Illinois 9, Chicago 5. 
April 22 — Michigan 7, Illinois 3. April 28 — Chicago 9, Illinois 5 First in- 
structors in Law School appointed. Money received from Beloit. 

May 5 — Baseball: Illinois I3, Purdue 2. May 10— Inter-Collegiate Rifle 
Contest; seven entries: California first, 400; Virginia second, 386: Illinois 
third, 375. May 11 — Dual Meet, Chicago 7T^ Illinois 43. May 14 — Baseball: 
Illinois 3, Wisconsin 5. May 19 — Illinois 16, Nebraska 9. May 21 — Illinois 

4, Wisconsin 6. May 22 — Track, Illinois 84, Purdue 36, May 25 — Baseball : 
Illinois 9, Notre Dame 8. May 26— Illinois 3, Michigan o. May 29 — Ober- 
lin 7, Illinois 7. Library School of Armour Institute transferred to the 
University as State Library School. Board of Trustees decided to erect 
independent heating and lighting plant for the University. 

Annals 47 

June a — ^Illinois Alpha of Tau Beta Pi organized. June &— Library 
Building dedicated. Address delivered by Melvil Dewey, Director of New 
York State Library. June 9-— Commencement. Address by President Can- 
field of Ohio State University. Legislature appropriates money to cover 
deficit caused by Spalding's embezzlement. New bridge to be erected on 
Burrill Avenue. June 17 — Natural History Building partially destroyed by 
fire caused by lightning; loss $75,000.00. June 29 — Board voted to admit 
women to the School of Medicine. 


Sept. 13 — College of Law opened. Sept. 21 — Board of Trustees decides 
to use old Military Hall as a gymnasium. Oct. 2 — Football: Illinois 26, 
Eureka o. Oct. 9— Illinois 6, P. & S. o. Oct. 16— Illinois 6, Lake Forest o. 
Oct 15 — Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta established. Oct. 23— Football: 
Illinois 32, Purdue 4. Oct. 30 — Chicago 18, Illinois 12. First student recital 
in Music School. 

Nov. 11 — Homeric tableaux ^iven by Faculty, under supervision of N. A. 
Wells. Nov. 12— Football: Illinois ^ Knox o. Nov. 15— Library Club 
organized. Nov. 20 — Football: Illinois 6, Carlisle Indians 6. Nov. 25 — 
Illinois 6, Eureka o. 

Dec. I — Former Treasurer Spalding sent to penitentiary. Board of 
Trustees resolves that "free scholarships do not include instruction in the 
departments of Law, Pharmacy, Music, and Medicine, unless otherwise 
ordered by this Board." 

Feb. II — ^Lincoln Day. Address by I. N. Phillips. Feb. 16 — President 
Draper declines position of Superintendent of Public Schools of New York 
City. Feb. 17 — Announcement that course of study had been organized in 
School of Music leading to degree of Bachelor of Music. Feb. 15 — Produc- 
tion of "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme" by Le Cercle Frangais. 

March $ — First concert by Ladies* Glee Club. March 11 — First woman's 
edition of IlUni, March 17 — Gymnasium moved from Military Hall to top 
floor of Wood Shops. 

April 8 — First concert of Oratorical Society. Apr. 9 — Baseball: Illi- 
nois 30, Northwestern 7. Apr. 12 — Students burn Spain in effigy. Apr. 16 — 
Baseball: Michigan 4, Illinois 3. 

May 4 — Baseball: Illinois 19, DePauw 0. May 7 — Dual Meet, Illinois 
81, Purdue 47. Baseball : Illinois 3, Michigan o. May p—Illinois 8, North- 
western 4 May 12 — ^Rifle Contest, California 416, Illinois 400. May 14 — 
Baseball: Chicago 12, Illinois 9. Meet: Chicago 74 Illinois 54. May 20 — 
Qiptain Brush released from his duties as commandant to join his regiment 
at the front. May 20 — Wisconsin-Illinois debate won by Wisconsin. May 
21 — Baseball: Illinois 3, Michigan o. May 24 — Illinois 5, Chicago 6; Illi- 
nois 4, Chicago 13. May 26 — Woman's Department organized. May 30 — 
Basebsdl: Illinois 3, Northwestern 5. 

June I — Western Inter-Collegiate splits up. Chicago, Illinois, and Michi- 
gan hold triangular meet. June 2 — Baseball: Chicago 2, Illinois i. June 
6 — Receipt by University of dynamometer car from Big Four Railroad. 
June 8--Commencement address delivered by William H. Maxwell. Jona- 
than B. Turner- present at commencement, at the age of ninety-three years. 
Board of Trustees appropriated money for improvement of Illinois Field. 
Board voted to confer honorary degrees henceforth "but only upon rare 
occasions for exceptionally high merit in literary, scientific, and other edu- 
cational work, and upon a three-fourths vote of both the Faculty and Board 
of Trustees." 


Sept. — Application of Illinois School of Dentistry for Affiliation with 
University. Military Department vacant on account of Spanish War. 

Oct. I— Football: P. and S. 10, Illinois 6. Oct. 8— Notre Dame 5, Illi- 

48 University of Illinois 

nois o. Oct. 10 — ^Watcheka League organized. Oct. 15 — ^Football: Illinois 
16, DePauw o. Oct 19-— Death of Dr. John M. Gregory, first regent of 
the University. Engineering Laboratory opened. 

Nov. 12 — Football: Michigan 12, Illinois 5. Nov. 18 — Carlisle 11, Illi- 
nois 0. Nov. 24 — Illinois 11, Minnesota 10. Chess Club organized. 

Dec. — Department of Oratory added, and consolidated with Department 
of Rhetoric. Board of Trustees decided to elect Deans annually. 

Jan. — College year divided into two semesters instead of three terms 
as formerly. Jan. 11 — Death of Professor Jonathan B. Turner. Jan. 27 — 
Athletic Association Benefit cleared $1,000.00 debt of Association. Jan. 28 — 
Installation of Illinois Beta of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Feb. 14 — State Library Association met at University. 

March — Professor Snyder's gift of $12,000 to establish a fund for needy 
students received. Departments of Household Economics and Railroad 
Engineering established. 

April 21 — Illinois-Wisconsin debate won by Wisconsin. Illinois-Indiana 
debate won by Illinois. Apr. 22 — Baseball: Illinois 4, Chicago 2. Apr. 24 — 
Supposed burning in effigy of Governor Tanner for vetoing appropriation 
bill of University disavowed by students. Baseball : Illinois 6, Wisconsin o. 
Apr. 28 — Beta Lambda of Kappa Kappa Gamma established. Apr. 29 — 
Baseball : IHinois 7, Michigan 3. 

May I — Baseball: Illinois 12, Northwestern 9. Comic opera "Patience" 
given by Opera Club. May 3 — Baseball: Illinois 11, Chicago 9. May 4-5 — 
First May Festival by old Oratorical Society, now named Choral Society. 
Board of Trustees decided to erect Agricultural Building. Illini to be pub- 
lished henceforth as newspaper. University Bulletins also to be published. 
May 6 — Dual Meet: Illinois 87, Purdue 41. — May 7 — "Le Medecin Malgre 
Lui" produced by Le Cercle Frangais. May 10 — Baseball: Michigan 2, Illi- 
nois I. May II — Notre Dame 15, Illinois o. May 12 — Beloit 6, Illinois 0. 
May 13 — Illinois 13, Wisconsin 4. Dual Meet: Wisconsin 72, Illinois 56. 
May 18 — Baseball: Michigan 4, Illinois 3. May i9-;-Michigan 4, Illinois 2. 
May 20 — Illinois 9, Northwestern 3. May 20 — Preliminary organization at 
University of State Historical Society. May 24 — Baseball: Chicago 9, Illi- 
nois 3. May 28 — ^Local Sorority of Gamma Sigma organized. 

June — Prof. Thompkins resigns to become President of Normal Univer- 
sity. Board of Trustees decides not to establish College of Teachers. Plan 
of Agricultural Scholarships adopted. 


Sept. — Opening of Christian Association House. Case system adopted 
in Law School. Sept. 20 — ^First issue of Illini as newspaper, published tri- 
weekly. Organization of Faculty Golf Club. Sept. 30 — Football: Illinois 
6, Wesleyan o. 

Oct. 7 — ^Visit to the University of Don Ignacio Mariscal, Vice President 
of Mexico, and party. Football: Illinois 5, Knox o. Oct. 14 — Football: 
Indiana 5, Illinois 0. Saturday School for teachers organized. Oct. 28— 
Football: Michigan 5, Illinois o. Nov. 11 — Wisconsin 23, Illinois o. Nov. 
22 — Purdue 5, Illinois 0. Nov. 25 — Illinois 29, St. Louis University o. Nov. 
30 — Iowa 58, Illinois o. 

Dec. — Organization of Oratorical Association. Tablet to the memory of 
Professor Turner to be placed in Agricultural Building. Dec. 8— Installa- 
tion of Iota chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. 

Jan. — ^Adoption by the University of limited reformed spelling in its 
publications. Jan. 19 — Formation of Western Inter-Collegiate Baseball 

Feb. ^--Affiliation of College of Physicians and Surgeons completed. 
Illinois-Indiana debate won by Illinois. Feb. 12 — ^Lincoln Day; Address by 
Hon. Paul Selby. Feb. 28— German Club organized. 

Mar. 10 — ^Triangular Meet: Chicago 48, Notre Dame 31, Illinois 19. 

Annals 49 

March 13 — ^Unveiling of Library mural paintings. Department of Domestic 
Science established. March 26--Death of Former Dean George Espy Mor- 
row of the College of Agriculture. 

April 3 — Morrow Memorial Meeting. Apr. 4 — Presentation of "The 
Biikado" by the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs. Apr. 8— Inter-Fraternity 
Baseball League organized. Apr. 10 — Baseball: Illinois 10, Chicago 6. 
Apr. 14 — Illinois 5, Purdue 4. Apr. 16 — Michigan 7, Illinois 3. Apr. 20 — 
University Minstrel Show Benefit for Athletic Association. Apr. 21 — Base- 
ball; Illinois II, Chicago i. Apr. 27 — Grant Day Convocation. Baseball: 
Illinois 4, Northwestern 3. Apr. 28-— Illinois 12, Wisconsin o. Apr. 29— 
Bolter Collection of Insects donated to University. Apr. 30 — Baseball: Illi- 
nois II, Beloit I. 

May 2 — "La Poudre aux Yeux" given by Le Cercle Frangais. May 4 — 
First Open-Air Concert by University Band on President's Porch. May 5 — 
Dual Track Meet: Illinois 106, Purdue I4. Baseball: Illinois 4, Chicago i. 
May 8-9-10 — May Festival. May 9 — Baseball : Illinois 17, Iowa o. May 12 — 
Dual Meet: Chicago 90, Illinois 38. May 14 — Baseball: Illinois 12, Michi- 
gan 6. May 15 — Michigan 7, Illinois 3. May 16 — Inter-Fraternity Baseball 
Scries won by Phi Gamma Delta. Apr. 18-— Dual Meet, Wisconsin 6454, 
Illinois 63%. May 22 — ^Maypole Dance by Women's Physical Training 
classes* May 23 — ^"Einer Muss Heiraten" presented by Der Deutsche 
Verein. Baseball: Illinois 9, Chicago 4. May 25 — Inter-Collegiate Ora- 
torical League Contest (Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Cornell, and Ohio Wesley- 
an) won by Ohio Wesleyan, Illinois second. May 26 — Baseball: Illinois 10, 
Chicago 3. May 30 — Illinois 6, Michigan 5. Illinois wins the Western 

June I — Celebration of victory on return of team by Faculty, Students, 
Citizens, Band, Battery, and Battalion. Dinner given to team by Presi- 
dent Draper. June 6--Baseball: Illinois 8, Minnesota 3. June 9 — Wood 
Shops totally destroyed by fire; loss $60,000.00. June 13 — Commencement 
Address by Hon. Bird S. Coler. Honorary degree of Doctor of Archi- 
tecture conferred on Dean N. C. Ricker. Board of Trustees granted Dean 
Kinley one year's leave of absence. Prof. T. A. Clark appointed Acting 
Dean of the College of Literature and Arts during Dean Kinle/s absence. 
Installation of Omicron Chapter of Chi Omega. Installation of Morrow 
Chapter of Alpha Zeta. 


Sept — Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta, 
Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Beta Phi, 
Kappa Alpha Theta, and Kappa Kappa Gamma installed in Chapter houses. 
Gymnasium moved back into Military Hall on account of loss of Wood 
Shops. Sept. 10— Opening of University Dining Hall. Organization of 
Department of Pedagogy and of School of Household Science. Opening 
of Agricultural Building. Sept. 29— Football: Illinois 26, Rose Polytechnic 
o. Phi Delta Theta chapter compelled to abandon chapter house on account 
of epidemic of typhoid fever. 

Oct. 3 — ^Football: Illinois 63, DePauw 0. Oct. 6— Illinois 21, Wesleyan o. 
Oct 10— Illinois 6, P. and S. o. Oct 13— Illinois 16, Knox o. Oct. 16— 
Illinois 35, Lombard o. Mathematical Club organized. Oct. 20 — Football: 
Illinois 0, Northwestern o. Oct 22— Reading by James Whitcomb Riley, 
assisted by students. Oct. 23 — ^Authentication of Lincoln Ox Yoke. Oct. 
26 — First issue of Studenfs Democrat to run through the campaign. Organ- 
ization of Orange and Blue Club. Oct. 27— Football : Michigan 12, Illinois 0. 

Nov. 3^Football: Illinois 17, Purdue 5. Nov. 97-Purchase of West 
Division High School building for the College of Medicine. Board of Trus- 
tees voted to place a memorial tablet for Professor Morrow in Agricultural 
Building. Nov. 10— Football: Minnesota 23, Illinois o. Nov. 17— Illinois 
0, Indiana o. Nov. 21 — Major Fechet gives lecture on his Sitting Bull cam- 

50 Univbrsity of Illinois 

paign. Nov. 24— Football; Wisconsin 27, Illinois o. Nov. 26 — First meet- 
ing of lUinois Fortnightly Club. Nov. 27— First meeting of Illinois Elec- 
trical Association at the University. Organization of Big Nine College 
Conference. Organization of Pedagogical Library and Museum. 

Dec. 10 — Inter-Collegiate Student Stock Judging contest held in Chi- 
cago; won by Illinois; eight colleges represented. Political Science Club 
organized. Dec. 20— Dramatic Qub organized. 

Jan. 14 — Regiment attends inauguration of Governor Yates. Jan. 17 — 
"Hiawatha's Wedding Feast" given by the Choral Society. Jan. 23 — Board 
of Trustees decided to establish School of Dentistry. Jan. 25 — Illinois- 
Indiana Debate won by Indiana. 

Feb. 4 — ^John Marshall Convocation. Address by President Draper. 

Mar. 5--Glee Club makes trip to Florida. March 9 — ^Triangular Meet: 
Notre Dame 43, Chicago 37, Illinois 28. March 12 — School of Music reor- 
ganized. Committee of Board Trustees reported in favor of buying Illi- 
nois School of Dentistry. March 13 — Der Deutsche Verein presents '*Gun- 
stige Vorzeichen." Seniors decide to wear caps and gowns at commence- 
ment exercises. March 27 — ^Presentation of "The Rivals" by Dramatic 
Club. Adoption of rules enforcing scholarship standing of athletics. Fac- 
ulty adopted caps and gowns for commencement exercises. 

April I — Chicago National Baseball Team established training quarters 
at University. April 8— "Pirates of Penzance" presented by Glee Club. 
April 13 — Baseball: Michigan 9, Illinois S. April 20, Illinois 35, Indiana 4. 
April 23 — Beloit 4, Illinois i. University Song Book published. April 26— 
Baseball: Illinois 8, Minnesota 0. April 27 — Faculty golf tournament. , 

May I — Conference of State University Presidents at Illinois. Baseball: 
Illinois 15, Chicago 3. May 2 — Northwestern 6, Illinois 2. May 6-^Illi- 
nois 6, Notre Dame 2. May 6— Affiliation of Chicago School of Dentistry. 
May 8 — Baseball: Illinois 17, Chicago 6. May lo-ii — May Festival with 
Boston Festival Orchestra; Presentation of "Samson and Delilah." May 
II — Baseball: Michigan 7, Illinois 6. May 13 — Notre Dame 10, Illinois 7. 
May 15 — Student riot at Pan-American circus, several injured. May 17 — 
Wisconsin-Illinois Meet won by Wisconsin, 65-64. Baseball: Illinois 8, 
Chicago 7. May 18 — Illinois 10, Northwestern o. May 21 — Dedication of 
Agricultural Building. May 22 — Baseball: Illinois 5, Chicago 2. May 25— 
Dual Meet: Illinois 60, Northwestern 52. May 29 — Baseball: Michigan 4, 
Illinois 3. May 30 — Inter-Fraternity Baseball Series won by Phi Gamma 

June I — Adoption of Inter-Sorority Rushing Compact June 4 — Base- 
ball: Illinois 13, Wisconsin 0. June ii — Office of Dean of Undergraduates 
created and Professor T. A. Qark appointed to the position. June 12 — 
Commencement. Address by Luther Laflin Mills. 

July — Board of Trustees voted to oppose the granting of any parole or 
pardon to Charles W. Spalding. 


Sept. 14 — University Senate created. Sept. 19— Memorial Exercises for 
President McKinley; address by President Draper. Sept. 28 — Football: 
Illinois 39, Englewood o. 

Oct. 3 — School of Dentistry opened as department of University. Oct. 5 
— Football; Illinois 52, Marion Sims 0. Oct 11 — Illinois 23, P. & S. o. 
Oct. 12 — Illinois 21, Washington o. Beginning of work on new Chemistry 
Building. Oct. 16 — Squirrels imported for campus. Oct. 17— Football: Illi- 
nois 24, Chicago o. Oct. 21 — Monster celebration of Chicago victory. Oct. 
26--Football : Northwestern 17, Illinois 11. 

Nov. 2— Football: Illinois 18, Indiana 0. Nov. 4— Death of Major Din- 
widdie, first University commandant. Nov. 9— Football: Illinois 27, Iowa 
o. Nov. 16— Illinois 28, Purdue o. Nov. 18— Illinois Live Stock Breeders 
met at University. Nov. 2&— Football, Minnesota 16, Illinois 0. 

Ankals 5t 

Dec 9h-Illinois Horticultural Society met at University. Dec. 19 — 
Sigma Chi and Sigma Delta houses partiy burned. Dec. 26-27-28 — ^Modern 
Language Association meeting at University. 

Jan. 10 — Illinois Club composed of cjiapters of Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma 
Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, and Sigma Delta (afterwards Beta Theta Pi) organ- 
ized. Art Gallery in Library Building opened. Jan. 25 — First Concert of 
University Orchestra. 

Feb. I — Indiana-Illinois Debate won by Indiana. Gymnasium Team 
organized. Feb. 12 — ^Lincoln Day. Address by Honorable Clark Carr. 
Feb. 16 — ^First University Vesper Service. Feb. ip-U^ouncil of Adminis- 
tration censured Kappa Sigma for violation of University rules in holding 
its annual on Thursday night. • Feb. 27 — ^Organization of John Marshall 
De1»ting Gub by Law students. Feb. 28— Installation of Sigma Rho Chap- 
ter of Beta Theta Pi. 

March. 8 — Invitation Track Meet held by St. Louis University, won by 
Illinois. March — School of Commerce organized. Old Chemistry Building 
turned over to Law School. Board decides that B. A. degree shall be given 
for usual course in College of Science. University water works plant com- 
pleted. Board decides to establish a University postoffice. Council of 
administration refuses petition of freshmen asking to be allowed to hold 
a social. 

April 6 — President Draper injured in accident while driving. Apr. 8 — 
Presentation of "lolantbe" by Opera Club. Apr. 9 — Dr. Senn amputated 
President Draper's le^. Apr. 12 — ^Baseball: Illinois 7, Michigan 3. Apr. 
23 — Qass of 1902 decides to leave memorial fountain. Apr. 23 — Baseball: 
Illinois II, Northwestern 3. Apr. 25-26 — Province Convention of Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon at University of Illinois. Apr. 25 — Baseball: Wisconsin 2, 
Illinois I. Illinois-Missouri debate won by Missouri. Apr. 26— Baseball: 
Chicago 6, Illinois 5. Apr. 30 — Illinois 10, Chicago i. 

May 3 — Dual Meet: Chicago 65, Illinois 6r. Baseball: Chicago 3, Illi- 
nois 2. May 7 — Baseball : Illinois 7, Chicago 3. May 9 — "Minna von Barn- 
helm" given by Der Deutsche Verein. . May 12 — Baseball : Illinois 2. Michi- 
gan o. May 16— Track: Wisconsin 58, Illinois 54 May 17 — Baseball: 
Illinois 15, Chicago i. May 21 — Baseball Team leaves for the North and 
East May 22 — ^* School for Scandal" given by Dramatic Club. Baseball: 
Illinois 7, Michigan 6. May 24 — Illinois 3, Princeton i. Majr 30 — ^Harvard 
2, Illinois I. June i — Illinois 6, West Point 5. June 4 — Illinois 10, Yale 
4. June 7 — ^Illinois 11, Pennsylvania 3. 


Sept. — lUini published five days a week. New Chemistry building opened. 
College of Law in old Chemistry building. Sept. i9--Installation of Gamma 
Nu chapter of Sigma Nu. Sept 20 — Football : Illinois 34, North Division 6. 
Woman's Gsannasium moved to Testing Laboratory. Sept 27 — Football: 
Illinpis 45, Englewood o. 

Oct I — ^Return of President Draper to University. Football: Illinois 
22, Osteopaths o. Oct. 4—- Illinois 33, Monmouth 0. Oct. 8— Illinois 24, 
Haskell Indians 10. Oct. 11 — Illinois 44, Washington 0. Oct 15— Federa- 
tion of Women's Qubs met at University. Oct. 18— Football: Illinois 29, 
Purdue 5. Oct. 25— Chicago 6, Illinois o. 

Nov. I— Football: Illinois 47, Indiana o. Nov. 3— First issue of Illi- 
nois Magazine, Domestic Science Qub organized. Nov. 8— Football: Min- 
nesota 17, Illinois 5. Nov. 10— Organization of local sorority of Alpha 
Delta Gamma. Nov. 15 — ^Football: Illinois o, Ohio State University o. 
Nov. 22— Illinois 17, Northwestern o. Nov. 27 — Illinois 80, Iowa o. Organ- 
ization of Theta Kappa Nu. 

Dec— Board of Trustees decided to give degrees B. A. and B. L. S. in 
Libraiy School. Dec. 6— Installation of Rho Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma. 
Dec 8— Illinois Grange met at University. Council of Administration 

52 University of Illinois 

refused to allow freshman social. Dec. 13 — Reorganization of Political 
Science Club on honorary basis. 

Jan. 16 — Illinois-Iowa debate won by Illinois. 

Fd). 14 — Dual Meet: Chicago 60, Illinois 20. 

Mar. 6 — ^Indiana-Illinois debate won by Indiana. March 13 — President 
Draper re-elected. Board of Trustees voted to abolish University Dining 
Hall. Board decided not to abolish fees. March 14 — Michigan-Illinois meet 
won by Michigan. March 22 — ^Dual Meet: Chicago 45, Illinois 41. 

April 8 — "Pinafore** presented by Opera Club. April 18 — ^Baseball: 
Illinois 10, Northwestern o. April 21 — First Out Door "Sing." April 23 — 
Baseball; Illinois- Wisconsin game forfeited by Wisconsin. April 24 — Illi- 
nois-Missouri Debate won by Missouri. Baseball: Michigan 17, Illinois 10. 
April 25 — Illinois 17, Northwestern 2. April 30 — Illinois 8, Notre Dame 5. 

May I — Baseball: Illinois 10, Purdue 2, May 5 — Illinois 29, Northwest- 
em 2. May 6— Illinois 3, Wisconsin o. May 6-7-&— May Festival. Presen- 
tation of "Elijah." May 9 — Baseball: Illinois 8, Michigan 2. Dual Meet: 
Chicago 74, Illinois 52. May 11 — Baseball: Illinois 7, Nebraska 3. May 
14 — ^Dual Meet: Wisconsin 62, Illinois 50. May 15 — Baseball: Illinois 4, 
Chicago 3. May 20 — Illinois Law School 8, Chicago Law School o. Cen- 
tral Oratorical League won by Indiana ; Illinois Second. May 23 — Baseball : 
Illinois 9, Chicago 5. May 26 — Death of former Regent Peabody. May 
28— Baseball: Illinois 20, Oberlin 3. Sigma Chi chapter censured by fac- 
ulty for holding dance on forbidden night May 30 — Baseball: Illinois 9, 
Michigan 2. Illinois wins championship of the West. 

June I — Baseball: Illinois 4, Notre Dame 2. "Honors" consisting of 
letters "I A" granted to women for gymnasium work. June 8 — ^Resignation 
of Dean Scott of College of Law. Commencement Address by President 
Charles Thwing. LL. D. degree conferred on Honorable Joseph G. Cannon. 
June II — Columbia University confers degree of LL. D. on President Draper. 


Sept 13— Death of Professor Edward Snyder. Sept. 19— Agreement to 
affiliate Chicago College of Dental Surgery adopted by the Board of Trus- 
tees. Football : Illinois 45, Englewood 5. Sept 26— Illinois 43. Lombard o. 
Sept. 30 — Illinois 36, Osteopaths o. 

Oct 3— Football: Illinois 29, Knox 5. Oct 10— Illinois 64, Rush Medic 
0. Oct. 9— Organization of Harvard Club. Oct. 14— Football: Illinois 54, 
Dentists 0. Oct 17—- Illinois 24, Purdue o. Oct 20— Six students suspended 
for hazing. Oct. 22— Organization of Kansas City Alumni Association. 

Nov. 4— Memorial Mass Meeting for Purdue Wreck. Nov. 8— Football: 
Indiana 17, Illinois o. Nov. 14— Minnesota 32, Illinois o. Nov. 21 — Iowa 
12, Illinois 0. Nov. 26 — Nebraska 16, Illinois o. 

Dec. 8 — Organization of Engineering Experiment Station. Name of 
preparatory department changed to "The Academy of the University of 
Illinois." Dec. 17— Christmas Concert by Choral Society. 

Jan. 8— Wisconsin threatens to sever athletic relations on account of 
trouble over the proceeds of the forfeited baseball game. Organization of 
Illiola Literary Society. Dec. 15— Illinois-Iowa Debate won by Illinois. 
Jan. 16— Illinois- Wisconsin trouble settled by agreement of Illinois to pay 
disputed fund over to Purdue Memorial Fund. Jan. 18 — Illinois Domestic 
Science Association met at University. Jan. 20— Illinois Society of Engineers 
met at University. Jan. 26 — President Draper allowed by Board of Trustees 
to resign in order to accept the position of Commissioner of Education of 
the State of New York. Board adopted plans of McKim, Mead, and White 
for the Woman's Building. 

Feb. 3— Athletic Board of Control adopted graduate system of coaching. 
Death of Prof. A. W. Palmer. Feb. 4— Reorganization of Dramatic Club. 
Feb. 6— Dual Meet: Chicago freshmen vs. Ilhnois freshmen; won by Illi- 

Annals 53 

now. Feb. 7 — Chicago College of Dental Surgery withdrew from Uni- 
versity. Feb. 16 — Inter-fraternity tournament organized. Feb. 22-Organiza- 
tion of chapter of Sigma Xi. 

March 4~Indiana-Illinois Debate won by Illinois. March 5— Dual Meet: 
Chicago 38, Illinois 28. March 11 — Organization of Macgruder chapter of 
Phi Alpha Delta. March 15— Beta Theta Pi house quarantined on account 
of scarlet fever. March 25— Electrical Engineering Society oi^anized. 
March 26 — St Louis University Track Tournament won by Illinois. 

April I— Work be^un on Woman's Building. April 5— "Miss Hobbs" 
presented by Dramatic Club. April 12— "Erminie" presented by Opera 
Qub. April 13— Tennis Club organized. April 16— Baseball: Illinois 10, 
Knox o. April 20--Illinois 10, P. and S. o. April 23— Illinois 20, North- 
western o. March 27— Wisconsin 5, Illinois 4. April 28— Trustees voted to 
csts^lish professorship of Political Science. April 29— Missouri-IUinots 
Debate won by Missouri. April 30~Baseball : Illinois 10, Michigan 6. 

May 3 — Illinois 2, Notre Dame i. May 4— Illinois 7, Northwestern 2. 
"Twelfth Night" presented by English Club. May r—Dual Meet: Chicago 
79%, Illinois 46%. May 9— Baseball: Illinois 7, Minnesota 4 May 13—- 
Dual Meet: Chicago 30, Illinois 36. Illinois 71, Purdue 55. Baseball: Illinois 
14, Oberlin 2. May 14— Illinois 7, Michigan i. May 17— Purdue 8, Illinois 6. 
May 18— Illinois 6, Ohio State 5. May 20— Illinois 7, Chicago 6. May 21— 
Dual Meet: Wisconsin 79, Illinois 47. May 23— Baseball: Illinois 17, Min- 
nesota 5. May 26--University Regiment went into camp at the World's Fair 
in St. Louis. Baseball: Illinois 2, Chicago i. May 27 — ^Tennis: Chica^^o 
won from Illinois. Dual freshmen Chicago-Illinois Meet, won by Illinois. 
May a8 — Baseball: Illinois 11, Chicago o. Illinois won Western champion- 
ship. May 30 — Baseball : Illinois 8, Beloit 4. 

June 3— Baseball: Illinois i, Notre Dame 0. Hahnemann Medical Col- 
lege applied for affiliation. June 5 — Baccalaureate. President Draper's 
farewell. June 7 — Commencement. Address bjr Charles W. Fairbanks. 
Baseball: Chicago 15, Illinois 11; Illinois 13, Chicago 4. Illinois 12, Ober- 
lin 3. Illinois 5, Ohio 4. Illinois 9, West Virginia 5. Trustees decided 
not to affiliate Hahnemann Medical College. 

Aug. 19 — ^Resignation of Miss Jayne, Dean of Women. Aug. 23 — Elec- 
tion of Edmund Janes James of Northwestern University to Presidency. 


Sept. — Music School moved down to rooms in basement of University 
Hall. Sept 24 — ^Football: Illinois 10, Northwestern College q. Chemistry 
Department reorganized. Sept. 26 — Six men suspended for hazing. Depart- 
ment of Forestry and Landscape Gardening established. Sept. 28---Football : 
Illinois 23, Wabash 2. 

Oct. I — Football: Illinois 11, Knox o. Oct. $ — Illinois 26, P. and S. o. 
Oct. 7 — Organization of Mechanical Engineering Society. Oct. 8 — Univer- 
sity of Illinois Day at World's Fair. Football: Illinois 31, Washington a 
Oct. IS — Illinois 10, Indiana 0. Oct 22 — Illinois 24, Purdue 6. Oct. 25 — 
Commercial Club organized. Oct. 29 — Illinois 6, Chicago 6. 

Nov. 5 — President James assumed charge. Football: Illinois 46, Ohio 
State a Nov. 12— Football: Northwestern 12, Illinois 6. Nov. 18-— Instal- 
lation of Illinois Delta of Phi Kappa Psi. Nov. 19— Football: Illinois 29, 
Iowa o. Visit of Chicago Press Club to University. Agricultural School 
wins Grand Prize for Live Stock exhibit at World's Fair. Suspension of 
publication of Illinois Magasine.^ Nov. 24— -Football : Nebraska 16, Illinois 
10. Adoption of Conference rule barring freshmen from athletic teams. 

Dec. 3— Organization of Illinois Alumni Association in New York City. 
Dec 8— Slight fire in Agricultural Building. Dec. 14— Organization of Stu- 
dents' Co-operative Association. 

Jan. 9 — Regiment attended inauguration of Governor Deneen. Jan. 
10— Ralph O. Roberts, captain of baseball team, killed in wreck on Big 

54 University of Illinois 

Four, several other students returning from holidays injured. Jan. il— 
Illinois Magazine resumed publication. 

Feb. II — Dual Meet; Illinois 49, Chicago 37. 

Mar. 3— Indiana-Illinois Debate won by Illinois. March 4— Dual Meet: 
Illinois 45. Chicago 41. March 17— Camera Club organized. March 28— 
"Gloriana" presented by Dramatic Club. April 7— First annual Law School 

April i4--Baseball : Illinois 11, Wabash 2. Apr. 19— Illinois 6, Purdue 
I. April 21— Illinois 5, Northwestern o. April 22— Illinois 3, Wisconsin o. 
April 26— Illinois 11, Chicago 9. April 28— Illinois-Missouri debate won by 

May 3— Baseball: Illinois 6, Wisconsin 3. May 5-6— Tennis: Illinois 
won from Purdue. May 6— Baseball : Michigan i, Illinois o. May 6— Track : 
Chicago 77, Illinois 49. May 8: Presentation of "Frier Bacon and Frier 
Bungay" by English Club. May 9— Baseball: Illinois 3, Chicago o. May 
12— Track: Illinois 48, Purdue 42. Baseball: Illinois 5, Northwestern o. 
May 13— Illinois 9, Chicago 4. May 15— Tennis—Iowa wins. May 18— Base- 
ball: Michigan 2, Illinois l. May 19— -Tennis: Northwestern and Illinois 
tied. May 20— Track : Illinois 84, Wisconsin 42. Baseball : Wisconsin 2, 
Illinois I. May 25 — Watcheka League dissolved and new Woman's League 
formed. May 26 — Baseball: Chicago 2, Illinois o. May 27 — Illinois i, Wis- 
consin 0. May 30 — Illinois 7, Chicago 3. 

June 7 — Commencement. Address by Secretary Cortelyou. June 8 — 
Baseball: Illinois ii, Chicago 8. Resignation of Deans Forbes, Ricker, and 
Burrill. Professor Townsend appointed Acting Dean College of Science; 
Professor White, Acting Dean College of Engineering. Miss Kyle appointed 
Assistant Dean of Undergraduates. 


Sept. — ^Adoption of Daily Absence rule under which no absences are ex- 
cused. Opening of Insectory, six days a week. Sept 29 — Organization of 
School of Education. Sept. 30 — Two students suspended for hazing. Foot- 
ball : Illinois 6, Knox o 

Oct 4 — Football: Illinois 6, Wabash o. Organization of triangular 
debating league by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio universities. Oct. 7 — ^Foot- 
ball: Illinois 24, Northwestern College o. Oct 14— Illinois 12, St Louis 
University 6. Oct 16-19 — Installation of President James. National Con- 
ference of College and University Trustees; Conference on Religious Edu- 
cation in State Universities; Conference on Commercial Education. Oct 
16 — Dedication of Woman's Building. Four students suspended for hazing. 
Oct 17 — Presentation of "Frier Bacon and Frier Bungay," by English 
Club. Oct 17 — Parade of Illinois Students. Oct 20— Location of Audito- 
rium by Board of Trustees. Oct 21— 'Football : Purdue 29, Illinois 30. Nov. 
28— Illinois 30, P. & S. o. 

Nov. 4 — Football: Michigan 33, Illinois o. Nov. 11 — Introduction of 
La Crosse. Nov. 18— -Football : Chicago 44, Illinois o. Nov. 30 — Nebraska 
24, Illinois 6. 

Dec. — Appointment of student advisers from Faculty. Dec 1 — Organiza- 
tion of Western Inter-collegiate Basket Ball League. Dec. 8 — Organization 
of Hawkeye Club by Iowa students. Dec. 10 — ^Department of Ceramics 
established. Dec. 16— Student Carnival for benefit of Athletic Association. 
Dec. 20— Christmas Concert by Choral Society. Carnival Committee reported 
Association debt as paid. Dec. 21 — Installation of chapter of Delta Upsilon. 

Jan. il — Hamilton Gub Contest at Chicago: Wisconsin first, Jacob 
Cantlin, Illinois, second. Jan. 14 — Memorial Exercises for President Harper 
of Chicago University. Jan. 20 — First Inter-collegiate Basket ball game 
for University: Illinois 27, Indiana 24. Jan. 27 — Basket ball: Illinois 25, 
Purdue 19. 

Feb. 3— Basket ball : Illinois 23, Wheaton College 21. Prof. E. B. Greene 

Annals 55 

made Acting Dean of the College of Literature and Arts. Plans of C. H. 
Blackall of Boston, for new Auditorium accepted by Trustees. Feb. i^— 
Lincoln's birthday celebrated. Address by Hon. J. S. Stevens of Peoria. 
Feb. 14— Basket ball: Illinois 31, Oberlin 25. Feb. 16— Dual Meet: Illinois 
61, Chicago 25. Basket ball: Indiana 38, Illinois 7. Feb. 17— Aquatic Con- 
test: Chicago 28, Illinois 13, Basket ball: Purdue 48, Illinois 22. Feb. 20— 
President James calls meeting of fraternities to discuss advisability of 
holding conference of college fraternities. Feb. 22 — Installation of chapter 
of Sigma Kap|>a. "One Night Only" given by Players' Qub. Feb. 24— 
Basket ball: Illinois 24, Chicago 21. Feb. 28— Minnesota 27, Illinois 25. 

Mar. 3 — Basket ball: Wisconsin 35, Illinois 32. Dual Meet: Illinois 
4554; Chicago 40^/^. Chapter of Delta Rho Sigma organized in College of 
Agriculture. March 9— Ohio-Illinois debate won by Illinois. Indiana-Illi- 
nois debate won by Indiana. March 14 — ^Anniversary of founding of Uni- 
versity celebrated; addresses by Vice President Burrill. March i^Aquatic 
Meet: Chicago 27, Illinois 14. March 20— Colored woman, bitten by bull- 
dog, sues Delta Upsilon chapter for $2,000.00 (see April 14). 

April 2 — First game of baseball training season with Chicago National 
League. Work begun on Auditorium. Apr. 7 — Dean of Undergraduates 
ordered second Illio election on account of charts of illegal voting. Apr. 
14 — Suit against Delta Upsilon withdrawn by plaintiff. Ionian Literary So- 
ciety organized. Apr. 16 — Aquatic Meet: Yale 53, Illinois 8. Apr. 20 — 
Faculty of Literature and Arts presented to David Kinley, retiring Dean, 
a gold watch. Water Polo : Illinois 2, Chicago i ; which gave Illinois the 
Western Intercollegiate Water Polo championship. Apr. 22 — Baseball: Illi- 
nois 3, Chicago 0. First Junior smoker. Apr. 24 — Athenian Literary Society 
organized. Apr. 26 — Hon. Leslie M. Shaw, Secretary of the United States 
Treasury, spoke on the "Evolution of Self-Govemmcnt." Apr. 27 — Base- 
ball: Illinois 12, Notre Dame 9. Apr. 29— Heth Chapter of Acacia Frater- 
nity installed. Baseball : Michigan 1 1, Illinois 7. 

May 2 — Baseball: Illinois 22, Indiana 3. May 6 — Track Meet: Illinois 
75, Chicago 51. May 9 — Company K won the company competitive; Jos6 
G. San Victores won the Hazelton Prize medal. May 12-13 — May Festival. 
May 26— Women's number of the Illinois Magazine, May 18 — Annual 
Maypole dance on Illinois field. Dean Qark wrote a letter to the freshmen 
on hazing. May 20 — Interscholastic Athletic contest: Wendell Phillips and 
West Aurora tied for first place. First interscholastic circus in gymnasium. 
Baseball : Illinois 8, Chicago 7. Phenix, new senior society, established. 
May 22 — 1907 Illio issued. Tennis: Illinois 4, Iowa State 2. May 23 — 
Water Polo team gave exhibition for University gymnasium girls. May 
24— Tennis: Illinois 3, Chicago 3. May 25 — Baseball: Illinois 3, Amherst o. 
May 27 — Baseball: Michigan 8, Illinois 4. May 29 — University Memorial 
Day; E. Benjamin Andrews, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska, 
delivered address on General Grant. Reception to General Nelson A. Miles. 
May 30 — General Nelson A. Miles reviewed University regiment and spoke 
on "The Military Training of the Citizen Soldier." Corner-stone of new 
Auditorium laid. General Miles gave Decoration Day address. May 31 — 
Baseball: Illinois 2, Chicago o. 

June I — Philomathean and Alethenai societies gave Shirley's "The Oppor- 
tunity" on the south campus. Jtme 2 — Baseball: Illinois 8, Minnesota 0. 
Michigan won conference meet; Illinois scored 74-5 points. June 10-13 — 
Commencement exercises. June 10 — President James delivered Baccalau- 
reate sermon. June 12 — Class of 1901 formed first permanent class organiza- 
tion among the Alunmi. June 13 — Baron Herman von Speck-Stemburg, Am- 
bassador from Germany to the United States, gave the commencement address. 


Sept. 17-18 — ^Registration days. Sept, 19 — ^Large room in Bumham Hos- 
pital is set aside as a Student Ward. Sept 26 — First Convocation of the year 

56 University of Illinois 

held in the Armory at 4:00 p. m. Principal speakers, President James, Mr. 
Samuel A. Bullard, and Mrs. Carrie T. Alexander. 

Oct. 2— Freshman class organized. Oct. 13— Football: Illinois 0, Wabash 
0; Oct. 27— Michigan 28, Illinois 9. Oct. 20— Annual Interclass Track meet, 
freshmen scored 02 points, sophomores 42, juniors 6, seniors 15. Oct. 28— 
Cosmopolitan Club organized. 

Nov. 3 — Fall Handicap won by Freshmen. Senior Class election. Nov. 
5 — Inter-Society Declamation Contest held under auspices of Oratorical 
Association. J. C. Herbstman won first place. Nov. 17 — Football: Chicago 
6St Illinois o. Nov. 10 — Illinois 6, Wisconsin 16. Nov. 24 — Purdue o, Illinois 
5. Nov. 21 — Annual color rush, won by the freshmen. Nov. 26— Gustav E. 
Karsten, newly elected head of Department of Modern Languages, gave his 
inaugural address; subject. Aims and Scope of German Philosophy." 

Dec. I — ^Athletic Conference of the Big Nine, held in the Auditorium 
Hotel in Chicago, made a number of rules governing athletics, football, etc. 
Dec. 3 — Convocation held in the Armory to celebrate the 88th anniversary 
of the life of Illinois as a state. Hon. Lawrence Y. Sherman, Lieutenant 
Governor of Illinois, was the speaker. His subject, "The Importance of State 
Sovereignty to the Commonwealth." Senate took action materially affecting 
the policy and work of the various colleges, changing entrance requirements, 
graduation requirements, etc. Dec. 10 — Dr. Guy Stanton Ford, newly elected 
Professor of Modern European History, gave his inaugural address; subject, 
"Rise of Prussia to her Present Greatness." Dec. 11 — Dr. W. A. Noves of 
the U. S. Bureau of Standards, made head of Department of Chemistry and 
Director of the Chemical Laboratory, to begin September i, 1907. Board of 
Trustees decided that the University Library shall be open every Sunday af- 
ternoon from 2:00 to 6:00 o'clock. Dec. 11 — Council of Administration 
consented to the organization of the Scribblers' Club. Dec. 18 — ^Annual 
concert by the Choral Society and Orchestra in the Armory. The program 
was a miscellaneous one, closing with fhe "Hallelujah Chorus" from the 

Jan. — The Students' Cooperative Association was dissolved. Jan. 9 — 
Governor Deneen in his message to the legislature, took occasion to call 
attention to the graduate work of the University, mentioning especially the 
Graduate School, the Engineering Experiment Station, the State Water Sur- 
vey, and the Departments of Ceramics and Applied Chemistry, and strongly 
approved the askings of the University. Jan. 12 — Conference of represen- 
tatives of the Big Nine Colleges held in Chicago. Jan. 17 — F. H. McCon- 
aughey, Senior L. & A., died imexpectedly. Within a few hours after his 
death the case was pronounced diphtheria. Those who had been exposed were 
quarantined. About 20 people contracted the disease. Antitoxin was ad- 
ftiinistered and no case was serious. Dr. Thomas J. Burrill and Dr. W. G. 
Bain of the State Water Survey rendered efficient service in helping to stamp 
out the disease. Jan. 23 — Urbana Commercial Club gave banquet to Presi- 
dent James and the members of the Board of Trustees. Jan. 28-Feb. 1 — Prof. 
Josiah Royce of Harvard University gave a series of five lectures on the 
general subject, "Loyalty as a General Principle." 

Feb. 4 — Senate voted that after Sept., I9(», requirements for entrance to 
the University should be raised from 14 to 15 units. Feb. 5 — ^Ladies' Glee 
Club gave concert in chapel. Feb. 8— Legislative party of 125 members visited 
University. Convocation at 10:30 a. m. President James presented some of 
the needs of the institution. A number of legislators made speeches. Feb. 
9 — Unitarians organized, with Albert Vail as pastor. Meetings held for the 
present in Morrow Hall. 

March 1-2— Electrical Engineering Show. March 4-9— Dr. E. A. Winship 
of Boston, editor of the Journal of Education, gave a series of five lectures 
at the University under the auspices of the School of Education. March 4 — 
Contest to select a representative in the Equal Suffrage Oratorical contest 
under the auspices of the Equal Suffrage League of the State. J. H. Zear- 

Annals 57 

ing, L. & A. Sophomore, won. March 11— Convocation held in Armory at 
4:00 p. m. in honor of the founding of the University. Mr. Henry M. 
Bcardsley, '79, of Kansas City, gave the address, subject, "The Viewpoint of 
the Graduate." March 12 — Albert V. Bleininger appointed Assistant Pro- 
fessor of ceramics, to begin work September i, 1907. March 12 — Board of 
Trustees established a laboratory of Physiological Chemistry in the Dept. of 
Animal Husbandry. Samuel A. Bullard, '78. retires from the Board of Trus- 
tees. L. H. Kerrick elected President of the Board of Trustees. Board of 
Trustees gave permission to build a Baseball grandstand on Illinois Field. 
March 13 — L. H. Kerrick found dead in bed. March 14 — Senator LaFol- 
lette gave the concluding number of the Star Lecture Course. March 15-16— 
Players Club presented Goldsmith's "She Stoops to Conquer" at Morrow 
Hall. March 20— W. L. Abbott elected President of the Board of Trustees. 
March 26-28 — Prof. Edward Channing of Harvard University delivered a 
series of lectures at the University in commemoration of the three hundredth 
anniversary of the founding of the colony of Jamestown. March 30 — Ben 
Tonriinson appointed Rhodes Scholar from Illinois. First meeting^ of the 
National Commission for the Investigation of Nutrition Problems, held at 
Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York City. Prof. J. J. Abel of Johns Hopkins 
was elected President of the Commission, H. S. Grindley of the University 
of Illinois, secretary. The other members of the commission are Russell 
H, Chittenden of Yale University, David L. Edsall of the Washington Uni- 
versity Medical School. Albert P. Mathews, University of Chicago, and 
Theobald Smith, Harvard University Medical School. 

April I — ^Katherine L. Sharp resigned her position as Head Librarian and 
Director of the Library School. Baseball: April 17 — Illinois 13, Wabash o; 
April 20 — Chicago o, Illinois 10; April 24 — Illinois 4, Notre Dame 6; April 
27 — Chicago 5, Illinois 6. April 24---Class of 1882 celebrated silver anniver- 
sary of their graduation. Twelve members present. April 30-May 1-2 — Dr. 
Julius Goebel of Harvard lectured before the students of the University of 
Illinois; subjects, Deutsche Volkslieder, Faust, and Longfellow. 

May — Campus Sings held on the campus. May i — ^A. T. Irion appointed 
to have charge of the University postoffice. May 2 — Congressman W. B. 
McKinley made to the Oratorical Association a cash gift of $175 a year for 
five years, to be offered in prizes to intercollegiate debaters and orators. May 
4 — J. H. Zearing, representing the University of Illinois, won the hundred- 
dollar prize in the State Equal Suffrage Contest in Chicago. May 6 — Illinois 
alumni in Washington, D. C, effect tentative organization. May 6-1 1 — Prof. 
Russell H. Chittenden of Yale delivered a series of six lectures on the general 
subject of nutrition. May 8 — -Varsity "I's" voted members of the Polo Team. 
May lo-ii — ^Second meeting of the National Commission for the Investiga- 
tion of Nutrition Problems, held at the Universit>r of Illinois. Baseball : May 
II— Chicago o, Illinois 3; May 17 — Illinois 3. Williams 2; May i&— Illinois 12, 
Indiana 5; May 22 — Purdue 5, Illinois 9; May 23 — Illinois i, Notre Dame 0; 
May 29 — ^Illinois 8, Chicago 7, May 14 — Dramatic Club "Mask and Bauble" 
presented Carton's "Liberty Hall," at the Walker Opera House. May 15 — 
Competitive Military Drill by the University regiment May 16 — Maypole 
Dance on Illinois Field. May 18 — Last saloon in the Twin Cities closed. 
John Parson of Oak Park gave a reception to Illinois alumni in Chicago. 
May 20-21 — Annual May festival by the Choral Society. Foote's "Skeleton 
in Armor," Costa's "With Sheathed Sword," and Gounod's "Redemption." 
made up the program. May 27 — General Assembly approved the bill ap- 
propriatmg to the University for the next biennium the sum of $710,845 
per anntun for general expenses, and $51,100 for additions to the plant; also 
$250,000 for the erection of a Physics Laboratory, and $150,000 for an addi- 
tion to Natural History building. May 30 — Memorial Day. University ex- 
ercises suspended. Convocation and Regimental Parade. Gen. William C. 
Carter delivered an address on "Our Military Obligations." 

June— The old house at the northwest comer of Wright and Green 

58 University op Illinois 

streets was moved back, and a two-story brick building is being built in its 
place, which will be used for business purposes. This is the begnnning of a 
movement to build business buildings near the campus. June i — Baseball: 
Purdue I, Illinois 2. Illinois won the Western Conference Track Meet by 
scoring 31 points. A. H. Payne, a freshman, who had been somewhat ill for 
a few days, was declared to have smallpox, and was taken to the detention 
hospital. June 4 — Board of Trustees created the position of Supervising 
Architect and appointed Professor J. M. White to the position. Chester N. 
Grcenough of Harvard University was elected Professor of English. June 
9 — Beginning of .commencement week ; baccalaureate sermon by Bishop Sam- 
uel Fallows. June 10 — Class day address by W. P. Trent, subject, Henry 
Wadsworth Longfellow. Class of 1907 presents to the University a marble 
t usf of Henry W. Longfellow. June 11 — Alumni Day, address by Lorado 
Taft, subject, "Old Time Ideals." June 12— Commencement day. Address 
by Hon. James Bryce, subject, "History and Good Citizenship." Honorary 
degree of Doctor of Laws conferred on Mr. Bryce. June 17 — Summer Session 
opened. June 28 — Dr. Ernest R. Dewsnup of the University of Chicago was 
appointed Professor of Railway Administration. Professor W. F. M. Goss 
appointed Dean of the College of Engineering. June 3 — Professor Edwin G. 
Dexter resigned as Professor of Education and Director of School of Educa- 
tion, to become Commissioner of Education in Porto Rico. Board of Trustees 
voted to give him leave of absence from the University to accept this position. 
July 20 — Dr. Edward C. Hayes of Miami University, appomted Professor 
of Sociology. 


Sept. — Name of the Illini changed to The Daily Illini, and the size of 
the paper changed from a four-page, five-column paper to an eight-page, four- 
column one. Sept. 10 — ^The Board of Trustees made an appropriation for 
the purchase of the Dittenberger Library. Professor Floyd R. Watson ap- 
pointed Assistant to the Dean of the College of Engineermg. Sept. 16-17 — 
Registration days. Sept. 25 — First University Convocation in the new Audi- 
torium. Newly elected members of the faculty, Ernest R. Dewsnup, 
Barrie Gilbert, Chester N. Greenough, Edward C. Hayes, and William A. 
Noyes were introduced. 

Oct. I — Ground was broken for the erection of the building for the Uni- 
versity Club. Oct. II — Death of Trustee Alexander McLean. Oct. 15 — 
Inaugural exercises in honor of Professor William A. Noyes, recently 
chosen head of the Department of Chemistry. Oct. 16 — Dr. Arthur Bostwick 
delivered a lecture before the members of the Library School. Oct 19 — 
Board of Trustees voted an appropriation for the purchase of band instru- 
ments for the University Band. Board of Trustees adopted certain rules 
regulating the attendance upon University classes by persons not regularly 
registered as students. Oct. 20 — First Assembly of the Graduate School. 
Oct. 24-26— Prof. William Bateson of Cambridge, England, gave course of 
three lectures on "Heredity" before the University. Oct 30 — Engineering 
College gave a reception to Dean W. I*". M. Goss on his arrival at the 
University. . . 

Nov. 4-5 — New Auditorium dedicated with a series of concerts and other 
exercises in honor of Edward McDowell. Addresses by the Architect of the 
building, Clarence H. Blackall, and Professor Newton A. Wells, the de- 
signer of the memorial tablet, and by President Edmund J. James. The chief 
address of the occasion was delivered by Hamlhi Garland, who was an in- 
timate friend of McDowell. Nov. 11 — Illinois Gamma chapter of Phi Beta 
Kappa installed by Professor E. A. Grosvenor of Amherst After the presen- 
tation of the charter the charter members who were members of other 
chapters organized, adopted a constitution, and elected officers. Nov. 20 — 
Students of Phillips Exeter and Phillips Andover Academies organized a 
Phillips Club. Nov. 21-23 — High School Conference. Nov. 2a — Concert of 

Annals 59 

the Illinois Glee and Mandolin Club in Springfield. Nov. 2;^ — Dr. Charles P. 
Steinmetz of Union College, and President of the American Institute of 
Electrical Engineers, gave a lecture on "Alternating Current Railway 

Dec, 2 — ^The New York lUini held the first of a series of monthly meet- 
ings at the Cafe Boulevard in New York. Dec 3 — ^Annual exercises in 
commemoration of the admission of Illinois as a state into the Union. 
Speaker, President Harry Pratt Judson of Chicago University. Dec 6— 
President and Mrs. James gave a reception in the parlors of the Woman's 
Building, in honor of Hon. and Mrs. Samuel A. Bullard, and the members of 
the faculty. Dec 7 — State Academy of Sciences organized at Decatur, Illi- 
nois. Forty-four of the eighty people present were from the University of 
Ulinois. Dec 9-13 — Professor John Dewey of Columbia University deliv- 
ered a series of lectures on the general subject of "The Relation of Types 
of Philosophy to Types of Educational Theory." Dec. 10— The Board of 
Trustees decided that the Senate Room in the Library should be provided 
with shelves, and the Dittenberger Library should be housed there; that two 
book stacks should be placed in the present Library School Room; that the 
offices of the President, the Regfistrar, the Comptroller, the Purchasing Agent, 
and the Dean of Undergraduates, should be provided for in one of the new 
buildings to be erected; that the Library School shotdd be provided for in 
the rooms thus vacated. Dec. 10 — The Board of Trustees accepted a gas en- 
gine presented to the College of Engineering by Charles E. Sargent. Dec. 
13— Junior Promenade. Dec 14— The Woman's League held a bazar in the 
parlors of the Woman's Building for the benefit of the loan fund for needy 
girls. Dec 16 — Annual Choral Society concert. Dec 16-18 — Dr. M. F. 
Libbcy, Professor of Philosophy and Education at the University of Col- 
orado, ^ve a series of three lectures before the School of Education; gen- 
eral subject^ **The Relation Between Teaching Methods and Subject Matter." 
Dec 17 — Chess and Checker Club organized. George Enos Gardner, first 
professor of law in the University of Illinois, died at his home in Worcester, 
New York. Dec. 18 — President James was the guest of the University of 
Illinois Club at Kansas City, Missouri. Celebration of the Scandinavian 
Julc-fest. Dec 19 — Mr. Allan H. McGlaughlin, for eleven years janitor at 
the Men's Gymnasium, died suddenly of paralysis. At a public meeting in the 
Auditorium, the Athletic Association presented Varsity "Fs" to the athletes 
who were entitled to them. German Club Weinachtsf est ; members of the 
Qub presented "Finer Muss Heiraten." Dec 21 — Chapter house of Delta Tau 
Delta Fraternity badly damaged by fire. Holiday recess begins. Dec 27-28 — 
Third meeting of the National Commission for the Investigation of Nutri- 
tion Problems held at the University of Illinois. 

Jan. 3 — Instruction begins after the holiday recess. Jan. 4 — Big Nine Con- 
ference. Michigan withdrew from the Conference Short course in agri- 
culture; 552 men and 53 women registered. Jan. 7 — ^The English Club 
under whose auspices the Illinois Magazine had been published for the last 
six years, formally suspended its publication. The University of Illinois 
was elected to membership in the Association of American Universities. Jan. 
17 — ^Mabel Gridley, representing the Illiola Literary Society, won the second 
annual declamation contest of the literar>- societies. Jan. 20 — President 
James called a student mass meeting for the purpose of giving the students 
a chance to present their views on the question of whether there should be 
five- -or seven Conference football games. Jan. 25 — The Board -of Trustees 
decided to. send Professor Herbert W. Mumford to the Argentine Republic 
to investigate the present conditions and future prospects of the beef interests 
there. Jan. zg — Dr: Gustav E. Karsten, Head of the Department of Modern 
Languag^es, died of pneumonia, ' . . 

jTcb, I — ^Annual banquet of .^hfe University Gub of the East, held at the 
rooms of the Aldine Association, New York City. The name of the club was 
changed to The University Of ifiinois Club of New -York. Feb. 3 — Second 


6o University of Illinois 

semester opens. Feb. 3-7— Professor Clifford H. Moore of Harvard Univer- 
sity conducted a series of five lectures on the general subect, "Five Centuries 
of Western Paganism." Feb. 4-5— Formal opening of the reorganized Graul- 
uate School, and installation of Dr. W. F. M. Goss as Dean of the College 
of En^neering. Feb. 10-15— Professor Bailey Willis of the United States 
Geological Survey gave a series of six lectures under the auspices of the 
College of Science. General subject, "The Successive Geologic Condition of 
North America." Feb. 12 — ^Lincoln Day Convocation in the Auditorium. 
Norman Hapgood, editor of Collier's Weekly, delivered the address of the 
day. Feb. 15 — ^Twenty-two former students of the University of Illinois 
held a meeting and banquet at the Adams Hotel in Denver, O)lorado, and 
perfected an organization which is to be known as the University of Illinois 
Qub. Sixth annual dinner of the University Club of St Louis held at 
Lippe's Hotel, St. Louis. Feb. 17-19 — Professor Frederick K Bolton, Di- 
rector of Education at the Universit;. of Iowa, gave a series of lectures be- 
fore the School of Education. Feb. 20 — State Board of Health ordered 
general vaccination of all University students, because of the prevalence of 
smallpox in Urbana and Champaign. Professor Keyser of Columbia Uni- 
versity spoke on "The Meaning and Scope of Mathematics" before the Col- 
lege of Science. Feb. 21 — Mr. Hamilton Holt, Managing Editor of The In- 
dependent, spoke to the newspaper classes on making a magazine. Feb. 24 — 
First election of undergraduates to the local chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. 
Feb. 24-29 — Seed and Soil Special in charge of Agricultural College pro- 
fessors was run over the C. & E. I. from Bismarck to Joppa. 

March 10 — Student convocation held in the Auditorium. President James 
gave a twenty-minute talk on "Ideals and Successes." Dr. William C. Bagley 
appointed Professor of Education. W. L. Abbott was re-elected President 
of the Board of Trustees. March 12 — The annual banquet of the University 
of Illinois Association of Southern California was held at the Hotel West- 
minster at Los Angeles, California. March 16-21 — Prof. Hans Gadow, an 
English scientist, lectured at the University on the general subject of "The 
Coloration of Animals." March 18 — Special Convocation held in the audi- 
torium in honor of Ex-President Andrew S. Draper. Alexander Dana Noyes 
of the New York Evening Post lectured to the business and newspaper 
students, subject, "How News Is Gathered in Wall Street" March 23 — Mr. 
Rudolph Leypoldt of Hartford, Connecticut, lectured before the Library 
School. March 24 — Prof. R. Leonard of the University of Breslau lectured 
before the students of the College of Law, subject, "German Ideals of Private 
Law." March 25-27 — Electrical Engineering show. March 27~Esperanto 
Club organized. March 30— Prof. Elmer T. Merrill of Trinity College, 
Hartford, Connecticut, spoke to the students of history and classics, subject, 
"The Roman Prince as Magistrate." March 31 — Prof. Albert F. Kuersteiner 
of Indiana University spoke to students of Modern Languages on "Balzac." 

April I — Ex-Governor Hoard of Wisconsin addressed the students of the 
College of Agriculture; subject, "The Development of the Dairy Industry 
in Wisconsin." April 3 — Amherst Dramatic Club presented "The Taming of 
the Shrew" in the Auditorium, under the auspices of the Star Lecture 
Course. The Trustees voted that the Journal of English and Germanic Phil- 
ology, which had been conducted by the late Professor Gustav E. Karsten, 
should be taken over by the University. April $-6— President Charles W. 
Eliot of Harvard University, accompanied by Mrs. Eliot, were the guests of 
President and Mrs. James and the University of Illinois. On April 5, 
Vesper Services were held in the Auditorium at which President Eliot 
spoke. Monday noon, April 6, President and Mrs. James gave a luncheon to 
the Deans and their wives, in honor of President and Mrs. Eliot, at the 
President's house. At 3:30 President Eliot reviewed the University Regi- 
ment, and at 4:00 o'clock spoke before a General University Convocation. 
At 6:30 p. m. the Har^'ard Club entertained President and Mrs. Eliot at a 
luncheon in the Housdiold Science wing of the Woman's Building. At 8:00 

Annals 6i 

pi m. President and Mrs. James gave a reception in the Woman's Building for 
President and Mrs. Eliot. April 6-11 — Mr. Hammond Lamont, editor of The 
Nation, New York, lectured daily to the classes in newspaper writing. On 
April II he gave a general lecture on the subject, "The Daily in a De- 
mocracy." April ID— University of Chicago lUini held their annual spring 
banquet in the private dining room of Hutchinson Hall on the Midway 
campus, twenty-seven men being present April 13 — ^James Park Slade, 
trustee of the University from i8i59-'73, died at his home in East St. Louis. 
April 16 — Easter recess begins. April 21 — Instruction begins after Easter 
recess. April 23 — Forty-seventh commencement of the School of Pharmacy. 
April 30— Fortieth anniversary of the opening of the University celebrated 
by a Convocation in the Auditorium. Professor Charles M. Moss delivered 
the address, which took the form of a eulogy of Dr. Thomas Jonathan Bur- 

May 2 — ^Resignation of Dr. George T. Kemp accepted. Dr. Raymond 
Weeks of the University of Missouri, appointed Professor of Romance Lan- 
guages and Head of the Department of Romance Languages. Dr. Julius 
Goebel appointed Professor of German and Head of the Department of Ger- 
manics. Charles H. Mills appointed Director of the School of Music. The 
appointment of an Assistant Dean of Undergraduates authorized. Board of 
Trustees voted to furnish water, heat, and electricity for the new Young 
Men's Christian Association Building, at the cost of this service to the 
University. May 4 — The Senate voted to discontinue the teacher's certifi- 
cate of qualification to teach. May 7 — Formal opening of the University Club 
House. May 11 — Madam Schumann Heink gave a concert in the Audito- 
rium. May 12-13 — Choral Society concerts, the numbers given were "Stabat 
Mater" and Handel's "Messiah." May 14 — Maypole dance. Death of 
Horatio C. Burchard, a member of the first Board of Trustees. May 18 — A 
mock national Republican convention was held in the Auditorium. May 
19-22 — Miss Helen Scott Hay, head of the Illinois Training School for 
Nurses, lectured before the Household Science department on "Home Care 
for the Sick." May 26~Annual Military Drill. May 27 — ^The I Ilia made its 
appearance. Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, the national chemical frater- 
nity, was established at Illinois. F. P. Downing of the University of Wis- 
consin, and W. B. Jadden of Indiana University conducted the installation 
exercises. An t.:hibit of paintings by George R. Barse, Jr., in the University 
Auditorium. The McKinley prize of $175 a year for five years was distrib- 
uted in the form of watch fobs for the members of Delta Sigma Rho. 

June — ^Y. M. C A. Building completed 3nd ready for use by Commence- 
ment time. June 6 — Military Band Promenade Concert in th« Armory. June 
7 — Baccalaureate address in the Auditorium at 10:00 a. m. by President Ed- 
mund J. James. The keynote of the address was "Courage and Fortitude in 
the Struggle of Life." June 8 — Class day exercises : Auditorium, 9 130 a. m. 
Military Band Concert on the lawn at i :30 p. m. In Morrow Hall at 4 :oo p. 
m. Professor Frederick J. Turner of the University of Wisconsin delivered 
a lecture before the first joint meeting of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi, at 
the University of Illinois; subject, "The Development of American Society.' 
Initiation of newly efected alumni and graduating members in the Phi Beta 
Kappa society, held in Morrow Hall at 5 :oo p. m. Senior Ball in the armory 
at 8:00 p. m. June 10 — ^Thirty-seventh annual commencement. Address by 
Hon. Wu Ting Fang, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary 
from China, subject, "Why China and America Should Be Friends." June 
10 — ^Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws conferred upon Hon. Wu Ting Fang. 
Second annua} senior breakfast servied on the lawn before the Woman's 
Building: at 8:00 a. m. June 20 — Professor James H. Pettit granted 
leave of absence for the year 1908-9. Professor George H. Meyer appointed 
Assistant Dean of th« College of Literature and Arts. Board of Trustees 
granted permission to the Dairy Department to take up an investigation of 
tuberculosis among dairy animals, and the effect of its presence upon human 

62 University of Illinois 

beings. June 24 — President Edmund J. James sailed for Europe on a tour 
of investigation of the veterinary schools of Europe. 

Baseball for Spring of 1908: Illinois 1% Wisconsin 3; Illinois i, Minne- 
sota 2 ; Illinois 6, Chicago 2 ; Illinois 3, Iowa i ; Illinois 2, Iowa ; Illinois 3, 
Purdue 2 ; Illinois 16, Minnesota o ; Illinois 9, Wisconsin 3 ; Illinois g, Wiscon- 
sin 3; Illinois 12, Chicago i; Illinois 3; Chicago i; Illinois 6, Chicago 7; Illi- 
nois o, Purdue 4 ; Illinois 5, Indiana 4. 

July — Paving of John and Daniel streets under way. July 3 — Board of 
Trustees appropriated $200 to be divided into twelve prizes (together with 
$100 contributed by the Oratorical Association) for the men chosen to rep- 
resent the University in the four intercollegiate debates for the coming 
year. They also voted that a $75 prize, a $50 prize, and a $25 prize should 
be awarded to the contestants for the Northern Oratorical League, to take 
the place of the same sum heretofore provided for the Hamilton contest, 
which had been discontinued. July 3 — ^The Board of Trustees awarded 
contracts on the new Physics Building and the addition to the Natural His- 
tory Building to Jobst & Son of Peoria. July 9-12 — State Convention of 
the Christian Endeavor Society held at the University. Main meetings in 
the Auditorium, general headquarters at the Y. M. C. A. Building. 

Summer 1908--G0V. Charles S. Deneen appointed Mr. Arthur Meeker 
of Chicago and Mr. A. P. Grout of Winchester, Illinois, to fill the vacancies 
on the board of Trustees caused by the deaths of L. H. Kerrick and Alex- 
ander McLean. 

August I — Nutrition Club disbanded. 


Sept. 1908 — ^The Council of Administration published a request that all 
student gatherings should close not later than twelve o'clock. The Athletic 
Association announced that Illinois Field would be lighted in the evening by 
electricity. The Christian Association House, formerly occupied by the 
Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations, was given over to 
the exclusive use of the women. The Daily Illini was expanded to eight 
pages of five columns each. Sept. 19 — President James arrived in New York 
from his tour of investigation of the veterinary schools of Europe. Sept. 
20-21 — ^The American Mathematical Society held its meeting at the University. 
Sept 2^~The Board of Trustees approved President James' appointment 
of Dr. Thomas J. Burrill, Dr. Ward J. MacNeal, and Mr. Cassius C. Hayden 
as delegates to the International Tuberculosis Congress in Washington, D. C. 
Fred D. Crawshaw was appointed Assistant to the Dean of the College of 
Engineering. Sept. 30 — ^The University of Illinois Republican Club re- 
ceived a visit from Congressman J. S. Sherman, candidate for Vice Presi- 
dent, and Congressman Nidiolas Longworth. 

Oct. — ^The Agricultural Experiment Stations of Illinois and Wisconsin 
have decided to co-operate in a series of investigations on tuberculous cows. 
The senior class established a precedent by awarding sweaters to the girls 
who earn places on the basket ball team.* Push ball contest takes the place 
of the old-time color rush between sophomores and freshmen. Oct. 4. — 
Dedication of the new Y. M. C. A. Building. Oct. 8— The Law Students 
presented to the University a portrait of Dean Oliver A. Harker. Oct. 9 — 
Dr. Geo. T. Kemp, formerly of the University of Illinois, made an attack 
in Science on thq administration of the University of Illinois. At 10:30 
p. m. fire broke out in the top floor of University Hall. No serious dam- 
age was done. Oct. 11 — The first Convocation of the year was held in the 
Auditorium. President James presided. Short talks were given by Vice 
President Burrill, Deans Kinley, Harker, Greene, Goss, Townsend, and 
Davenport. Four new members of the Faculty were introduced: Pro- 
fessors Julius Goebel, William C. Bagley, Charles H. Mills, and Ray- 
mond Weeks. Oct. 12-16 — Prof. J. A. Loos, Director of the State School 
of Political and Social Science and Commerce at the University of 

Annals 63 

Iowa, delivered a series of lectures on social problems. Oct. 13 — ^The Uni- 
versity held a convention for the discussion of animal tuberculosis. The 
convention appointed a permanent commission to study the condition of 
herds in the state, and to recommend legislation. Oct 15 — ^The Senate 
passed resolutions declaring its confidence in the University administration, 
and denying that academic freedom is suppressed. Oct 16-17 — ^The Eastern 
Illinois Teachers' Association held its meeting at the University of Illinois. 
Oct 29 — President James spoke before the Chicago Association of Com- 
merce at the Great Northern Hotel on the subject, "The Fimction of the 
University for Increasing Domestic and Foreign Commerce." 

Nov. — ^Football schedule: Illinois 17, Monmouth 6; Illinois 6, Mar- 
quette 6; Illinois 6, Chicago 11; Illinois 10, Indiana o; Illinois 22, Iowa o; 
Illinois 15, Purdue 6; Illinois 64, Northwestern 8. Nov. 7 — Noisy celebra- 
tion of the football victory over Iowa. Nov. 11- 13 — Prof. Ernest H. Lindley 
of the department of Philosophy of Indiana University, delivered a series 
of three lectures before the School of Education. Subjects: "Mental Efl&- 
ciency. The Psychology of Leadership, and Some Pedagogical Implications 
of Hypnotism." Nov. 19-21 — Annual High School Conference. 

Dec — ^The Illinois Traction System had laid the third track on the Uni- 
versity grounds, connecting the new Oregon street line with the John 
and Wright street lines. Dec. 3 — ^University of Illinois Qub of New York 
gave a dinner in honor of Dean W. F. M. Goss and Professor Lester P. 
Breckenridge. University of Illinois Club of Chicago entertained coaches 
Arthur R. Hall and Justa M. Lindgren at the Boston Oyster House. Illi- 
nois Day; address by Professor James W. Gamer. Dec. 8— The Board of 
Trustees adopted a revision of their by-laws. The Board of Trustees 
adopted the following regulations in regard to rebate of students' fees: If 
a student withdraws from a course or college within ten days from the 
beginning of a semester, all his fees for the work dropped shall be refunded; 
after ten days, and before the middle of the semester, a rebate of one-half 
of the fees shall be made; aftier the middle of the semester, no rebate shall 
be allowed. Dec. 9 — ^L. & A. Assembly commemorating the birth of John Mil- 
ton. Dec. II — Illinois defeated Minnesota in debate, and lost to Nebraska. 
Dec 11-13 — ^At the Y. M. C. A. was held the first Collegiate Missionary 
Conference of the Colleges of Central Illinois. Dec. 12 — ^Junior promenade 
in the Armory. Dec 14 — ^The Commission on Coimtry Life held a session 
at tfie University of lUmois. Dec. 18— The second annual presentation of 
football "I's" in the Auditorium. The Illinois State Horticultural Society 
held its 53d annual convention at the University of Illinois. Dec. 28 — 
The Board of Trustees adopted a revision of the University Statutes. Dec. 
2p-30^The American Society of Agricultural Engineers held its second annual 
meeting at the University of Illinois. 

Jan. — Seven hundred and fifty-five students registered in the short course 
in agriculture. Jan. 4 — Second Annual Banquet of the University of Illinois 
Qub of Pittsburg was held at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Pittsburg. Jan. 7-8 — 
Dean David Kinley represented the University of Illinois at the meeting of the 
Association of American Universities held at Cornell University. Jan. 11-15 — 
Professor Graham Taylor delivered a series of lectures on the general subject 
of Civic Renaissance. Jan. 15 — Professor Stephen A. Forbes resigned his 
position as Professor of Zoology and Head of the Department of Zoology, 
on account of the increasing press of work in connection with the offices of 
State Ejitomologist and Director of the State Laboratory of Natural His- 
tory. Jan. 18-19 — Exhibit of the researches in progress in the chemical 
laboratory. Jan. 19 — ^Exercises in commemoration of the hundredth anni- 
versary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe. Professor Chester N. Greenough 
presided. Addresses by Professor Raymond Weeks, Professor Julius Gocbel. 
and Assistant Professor Harnr G. Paul. Jan. 19-22 — ^The twenty-first annual 
meeting of the Illinois Clay Workers' Association and the Illinois Qav Work- 
ers* Institute. Jan. 22 — A Conference of the Presidents of the Colleges of 

64 University of Illinois 

Illinois with the President of the University and the Dean of the Graduate 
School. Jan. 23 — Norman Hackett, the actor, gave a lecture before the 
students of the University of Illinois, on "Dramatic Activities in American 
Universities." Jan. 25-27 — Professor Jagadis Chunder Bose of the Presi- 
dency College, Calcutta, gave a series of three hectures of special value to 
students of physics and physiology. 

Feb. — Dean Thomas A. Clark was offered a position in Leland Stan- 
ford University, which he declined. Feb. i — Mr. Ralph C. Wilson of the 
Bankers' National Bank of Chicago gave a series of three lectures before 
the business students of the University. Feb. 6 — -Sophomore Cotillion iti 
the Armory. Feb. 7 — Third Annual Post-Exam. Jubilee in the Auditorium. 
Feb. 8 — ^The regulation of the Council of Administration, prohibiting stu- 
dents who are on probation from serving on the staff of any student pub- 
lication during the period of probation, went into effect. The hundredth 
anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln was observed by exercises 
occupying one or two hours a day for four days. These exercises included 
a general University Convocation, an exhibit of books, pictures, and other 
Lincolniana, and addresses on several aspects of Lincoln's service to the 
country. Feb. 10 — The students held a smoker in the Armory to do honor 
to Dean Thomas A. Clark and to celebrate his decision to remain ai the 
University of Illinois. Feb. 10 — The Forty-sixth General Assembly passed 
a joint resolution endorsing the request of the University to be put on the 
list of institutions to the members of whose faculties retiring allowances will 
be granted by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 
Feb. IS — Prof. Geo. E. Woodberry, formerly of Columbia University, gave a 
series of lectures on literary subjects. Feb. i7-2i-;-The Young Men's Christian 
Association held a series of evangelistic* meetings. Feb. 19— The annual 
Military Ball. Feb. 20^The Illinois State Academy of Science met in Spring- 
field. A large delegation attended from the University of Illinois. Twenty- 
five members of the Alumni Association of Colorado, with their wives and 
friends, held a banquet at the Hotel Boulderado at Boulder, Colorado. Feb. 
23 — ^The mini Club was organized in Chicago with 290 members. Feb. 25-26 — 
The biennial visit of the legislative committee to the state university. The 
party consisted of one hundred men and twenty-five women. Regimental 
Review at 10:30 a. m. General University Convocation. 

March — The Council of Administration appointed two committees on 
discipline, one for men, of which the Dean of Men is ex officio chairman, 
and one for women, of which the Dean of Women is ex officio chairman. 
March i — ^The Phi Beta Kappa Society held its mid-year meeting for the 
election of members. March 3 — Scabbard and Blade, a military social 
fraternity, was organized. A meeting was held to organize the Students' 
Union. About five hundred men joined at this time. March 7 — The nine 
Chinese students in the University of Illinois gave an entertainment in Mor- 
row Hall. March 9 — The Board of Trustees appointed Mr. Phineas L. 
Windsor, Librarian at the University of Texas, to he Librarian and Director 
of the Library School. Prof. L. P. Breckenridge presented his resignation 
as Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Engineering 
Experiment Station, to accept a professorship at Sheffield Scientific Insti- 
tute. The Board of Trustees elected officers. William L. Abbott was again 
chosen President of the Board. March 11 — A mine explosion and rescue 
station was established at the College of Engineering by the United States 
Geological Survey. March 12 — ^The University of Illinois Association of 
Southern California held its annual banquet at the Nadroj Cafe in Los 
Angeles. March 20 — ^Glee and Mandolin Club gave a concert and min- 
strel show in the Illinois Theater. March 22-27 — Prof. E. Bradford Tich- 
ener of Cornell University gave a series of lectures on psychological sub- 
jects. The Southwestern Alumni Association of the University of Illinois 
held its annual banquet in Kansas City at the Ormond. Dean William 
F. M. Goss was a guest of the Association. March 26 — ^The fifth annual 

Annals 65 

dance of the College of Law was held in the Armory. March 29-April 3 — 
Dr. George Howard Parker, Professor of Zoology at Harvard University, 
gave a series of lectures on zoological subjects. 

April — The Department of Household Science conducted a series of 
experiments in its experimental house at the corner of Wright and Daniel 
streets. April 3 — The Filipino students at the University gave an enter- 
tainment at Morrow Hall. President James was a guest of honor at the 
sixth annual banquet of the Illinois University alumni of New York at the 
Hotel Manhattan. The name of the organization was changed to the Uni- 
versity of Illinois Alumni Association of New York. April 7 — The Forty- 
sixth General Assembly of Illinois adopted a resolution approving a policy 
of paying the salaries necessary in order "to attract to and retain in the 
service of the University and the State the best available ability of this 
and other countries." April 19-24 — A conference on public health was held 
at the University under the auspices of the University and the State Board 
of Health. April 24 — Three thousand students under the direction of the 
Illinois Union, gave a "Spring Celebration." April 29— Forty-ninth annual 
commencement of the School of Pharmacy. 

May — The members of the newspaper classes conducted the Dadly Illini 
during the first week in May. May 6--First election of officers of the Illi- 
nois Union. May 7 — National Convention of the Delta Sigma Rho, orator- 
ical fraternity. May 10 — ^The corner-stone of Osborne Hall was laid by 
Bishop Edward W. Osborne. Annual May Festival. Monday evening the 
Choral and Orchestral Societies of the University gave Gounod's "Mors 
et Vita." On Tuesday afternoon the New York Symphony Orchestra, con- 
ducted by Mr. Walter Damrosch, gave a Tchaikowski and Wagner program. 
On Wednesday evening the University Chorus, the New York Symphony 
Orchestra, and soloists gave a program celebrating the Mendelssohn cen- 
tenary. May 17 — Mr. Helge A. Haugan, treasurer of the University of 
Illinois, died at his home in Chicago. The University of Illinois Associa- 
tion was organized in Portland, Oregon. May 19— Company C of the sec- 
ond battalion won the University Competitive Drill. The New University 
Medal for individual work was given to G. K. Tracy, a sophomore in agri- 
culture. The Hazelton prize was awarded to F. D. Dunn, a freshman in 
engineering. May 2I — Mask and Bauble presented "Two Strikes." written 
by Thacher H. Guild, in the Auditorium. May 29 — Annual "Peanut Ban- 
quet," at the College of Agriculture. 

June — ^Baseball schedule : Illinois 9, Indiana i ; Illinois 8. Indiana i ; Illi- 
nois II, Minnesota 2; Illinois 6, Minnesota 4; Illinois 3, Wisconsin 2; Illi- 
nois 2, Wisconsin i; Illinois 3, Purdue 4: Illinois i, Chicago 3; Illinois 0. 
Chicago 2; Illinois 7, Chicago 2; Illinois 15, Minnesota 0; Illinois 5. Chicago 
I ; Illinois 5, Purdue o. The University purchased the entire library of 
5,200 volumes of the late Professor Moritz Hcyne, of the University of 
Gottingen, on German literature and philology. June 4 — ^The Trustees 
adopted a minute expressing appreciation of the services of Professor Lester 
Paige Breckenridge. June 5 — Illinois won the Conference Athletic Meet at 
Marshall Field. Twenty-seventh annual commencement of the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, the College of Medicine of the University of 
Illinois. June 8 — ^The legislature passed an act authorizing and directing 
the establishment of a department of mining engineering at the University 
of Illinois, for which it made an appropriation of $7,500 per annum. June 
9-14 — ^A total of $2,288,500 for the biennium, including building appropria- 
tion, agricultural appropriation, mining engineering bill, and general appro- 
priation bill, was appropriated to the Uni\ersity by the General Assembly, 
$250,000 of this amount being for a new University Hall. June 13 — Bac- 
calaureate address by President Edmund J. James, who took as his theme 
the proposition that the greatest force that will aid in advancing society 
toward an ideal state, is lo\x of fellow man. June 14 — Gass day exercises, 
Senior Ball. June 15— Alumni Day. Presidents Reception in the Auditori- 

66 University of Illinois 

um. Alumni Association adopted a resolution requesting the Board of 
Trustees in planning for the future of the University, to preserve the old 
University Hall. June i6 — ^Thirty-eighth annual commencement. Address 
by Baron Kogoro Takahira. His Imperial Japanese Majesty's Ambassador 
to the United States; subject, "Influence of American Education in the Far 
East" June 21 — Summer session began. Illinois members of the Western 
Society of Engineers gave a dinner at the City Club of Chicago in honor 
of Prof. Lester Paige Breckenridge. June 24 — Dr. Henry B. Ward of the 
University of Nebraska was appointed Professor of Zoology at the Uni- 
versity of Illinois. Mr. Henry Alexander Haugan, Vice President of the 
State Bank of Chicago, was elected Treasurer of the University of Illinois. 
The Trustees approved the granting of the degree of J. D. (Juris Doctor), 
Doctor of Law. 

July — The street-car track was taken up from Green street. Work was 
under way on two large apartment buildings in the Bronson Block, one on 
Illinois street and one on California. July 5-6 — The Coburn Players pre- 
sented Percy Mackaye's "Canterbury Pilgrims" and Shakespeare's "As You 
Like It" and "Twelfth Night," under the auspices of the Summer Session. 
July S — Mrs. Carrie T. Alexander, member of the Board of Trustees, was 
married to Dr. William Bahrenburg of Belleville. July 14 — Dean William 
F. M. Goss was appointed Director of the Engineermg Experiment Station 
in place of Professor Lester P. Breckenridge, resigned. July 14 — ^The 
Trustees approved the location of the new University Hall south of the 
Woman's Building. July 21 — The Trustees decided to charge a fee of 
$24 a year to students engaged in graduate study in absentia^ Previous to 
this no fees were charged them. July 21 — ^The Trustees authorized the 
publication of the results of the investigations of the Nutrition Commission. 

Aug. — ^The administration offices were removed from the Library building 
to the new addition to the Natural History Building. Aug. 20 — Summer ses- 
sion closed. 


Sept. — ^The lectures in Personal Hygiene required of all men of the fresh- 
men class, given this year by Dean Thomas A. Clark. Rule 41 for the 
Guidance of Undergraduates, that a student having grades below 75 in sub- 
jects aggregating twenty-five per cent of his entire work shall not be grad- 
uated, became operative. Dr. Raymond Weeks was called to Barnard 
College in Columbia University. Sept. 2 — The article on the University 
of Illinois by Edwin E. Slosson appeared in the Independent Magazine. 
Sept. 20-21 — Registration days. Sept. 21 — The Trustees appointed Harry 
H. Stock (editor of Mines and Minerals) professor of Mining Engineering 
in the University, in charge of the Department. Sept. 30 — First general 
convocation of the year held in the Auditorium. The speakers were Presi- 
dent James, Professor Albert P. Carman of the Physics Department, and 
Dr. Henry B. Ward, new Professor of Zoology. 

Oct. — Illinois Magazine again revived. Oct. 6 — At the inauguration 
of Dr. Abbott Lawrence Lowell as President of Harvard University, the 
honorary degree of Doctor of Law was conferred upon President Edmund 
J. James. The Boston Transcript, in recording the event spoke of Presi- 
dent James as "the man under whose inspiring touch the University of Illi- 
nois has risen to the front rank among American Universities." Oct. 19 — 
The first meeting of the University of Illinois section of the American 
Chemical Society. Oct. 24 — State convention of the Y. M. C. A. was held 
at the University of Illinois. Oct. 27 — Second annual pushball contest be- 
tween the sophomores and freshmen on Illinois field. The sophomores won by 
a score of 15 to o. 

Nov. 13 — President James issued a letter to the student body strongly 
condemning the actions of the student mob on Saturday night, November 
6th. Nov. 13— Cherry (111.) mine explosion. Mr. R. Y. Williams, Director 
of the Mine Rescue Station at the University, did excellent work. He and 

Annals 67 

Professor Harry H. Stoek, newly appointed head of the Department of 
Mining Engineering were prominently mentioned in all press despatches. 
Nov. 18-20 — ^Annual High School Conference. Nov. 26 — Dr. Ernst Jtdius 
Berg was appointed Professor of Electrical Engineering and Head of the 
Department of Electrical Engineering. The Trustees voted to exempt 
from tuition in the Graduate School all members of the staffs of auxiliary 
bureaus and scientific stations connected with the University who may be 
enrolled as regn^ar students in the Graduate School. The Trustees decided 
to locate the new University Hall south of the Woman's Building and west 
of Burrill avenue; also that the name "Abraham Lincoln Hall" should be 
given to the building. Nov. 26-27 — Formal dedication of the new Physics 
Laboratory. Gov. Charles S. Deneen was. present and presented the build- 
ing to the University. President James delivered the charge to Professor 
A. P. Carman, Head of the Physics Department. President Henry S. 
Pritchett of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 
delivered the main address. 

Dec. 3 — Professor Arthur G. Webster of Clark University gave a series 
of lectures on scientific subjects. Professor Harry H. Stock was appointed 
by Gov. Charles S. Deneen as a member of the Illinois State Mining Com- 
mission. The commission is to formulate desirable legislation for ihe 
control of mining, and to recommend such le^slation to the Governor of 
the State. Football schedule for 1909: Illinois 23, Millikin o; Illinois 2, 
Kentucky State 6; Illinois 8, Chicago 14; Illinois 24, Purdue 6; Illinois 6, 
Indiana 5; Illinois 35, Northwestern o; Illinois 17, Syracuse 8. Professor 
H. S. Grindley of the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry in the Department 
of Animal Husbandry, and Dr. Ward J. MacNeal, bacteriologist in the lab- 
oratory, were appointed by Gov. Charles S. Deneen as members of the 
commission to investigate the cause and nature of pellagra. Dec 6-18^ 
The College of Agriculture, at the National Com Exhibition at Omaha, 
displayed an exhibit showing how to manage the soil to prevent agricultural 
bankruptcy. Dec. 10 — ^Junior Promenade in the Armory. Dec. il — ^The 
University Glee Club and Mandolin Club appeared in the Walker Opera 
House in their nineteenth annual home concert Matinee and evening con- 
certs were given. Dec. 13-18— Professor Joseph Bedier of the University 
of Paris, France, delivered a series of six lectures at the University under 
the auspices of the Romance Languages Department, dealing with subjects 
from mediaeval and modem Frendi literature. Dec 14 — Annual Christinas 
concert of the Choral and Orchestral societies. The Trustees authorized 
the President of the University to accept from the Commission of the Illi- 
nois Farmers' Hall of Fame, a picture of Cyrus Hall McCormick. The 
Trustees accepted a donation of $100 from Dr. Otto L. Schmidt of Chi- 
cago, for the purchase of books for the University Library, which may be 
recommended by the Department of German. The Trustees voted that 
beginning with September i, 1910, two units of German shall be required 
of students who desire to enter the course in Chemical Engineering. Dec 
IS — ^The name of Cyrus Hall McCormick was enrolled in the Illinois Farm- 
ers' Hall of Fame. Exercises were held in the^ University Auditorium. 
Hon. Albert P. Grout, chairman of the Illinois Farmers' Hall of Fame and 
member of the University Board of Tmstees, presided. Governor Charles 
S. Deneen spoke President James spoke on behalf of the University. Miss 
Muriel McCormick, granddaughter of the inventor, unveiled the portrait 
which was hung under an American flag at the back of the stage. Later 
in the afternoon a reception was given to the out-of-town guests in the 
Woman's Building. Dec i6--Eighteen players on the 1909 Varsity Eleven 
were awarded "Fs" at a mass meeting held in the Auditorium. Dec. 17 — 
President and Mrs. James held a reception in the Woman's Building in 
honor of Professor Joseph Bedier. Dec. 22 — The new rule of the Council 
of Administration with regard to absences before and after vacations went 
into effect. 

68 University of Illinois 

Jan. — Nine hundred and eight persons registered in the short course in 
agriculture. Jan. 4 — ^The intermission period between class hours was changed 
frbm five to ten minutes. Jan. 11 — L. & A. Assembly in memory of Carl 
Schurz. Jan. 15 — Illinois Union banquet in the Armory. Jan. 18— The Illini 
Club of Chicago held its annual meeting in the University Club of that city. 

Feb. 3 — The Trustees voted to raise the standard of entrance to the 
Medical School. Feb. 4 — Annual Sophomore Cotillion. Feb. 11 — The third 
annual electrical engineering show. The annual meeting of the Illini Club 
of Colorado was held at the Auditorium Hotel in Denver. Feb. 17 — ^Rob- 
ert B. Fizzell, representing the Philomathean Literary Society, won the 
inter-literary society declamation contest. Feb. 18-19 — Third annual con- 
vention of the Illinois State Academy of Science was held at the Uni- 
versity. Feb. 18-25 — An exhibition of paintings and etchings from the 
Albert Rouiller Studio of Chicago was held in the foyer of the Auditorium. 
Feb. 19 — Track coach, Harry Gill, was presented with a watch at the annual 
in-door track meet with Chicago. The funds for the purchase of the watch 
were raised by popular subscription under the direction of Phenix, an honor- 
ary senior society. Feb. 22 — University convocation held in tbe Auditorium. 
Professor Q. M. Van Tyne, Head of the Department of History at Michi- 
gan, spoke on "Political Thinking of Washington's Time." Feb. 24-25 — 
The Players Club presented "The Rivals'* in Morrow Hall. Feb. 25 — Presi- 
dent James, as chairman of the legislative committee of the National Asso- 
ciation of State Universities, presented to the Senate of the United States 
a petition signed by thirty-six presidents of independent agricultural and 
mechanical arts colleges, and ninety-seven presidents of normal schools, pro- 
testing against the bill permitting George Washington University to receive 
$45,000 a year from the government as an agricultural college, under the 
provision of the Morrill act of July 2, I862. Feb. 25 — Annual Military Ball. 

Mar. 8— William L. Abbott was re-elected President of the Board of 
Trustees for the ensuing year. March 8-0 — Second annual meeting of the 
Illinois Water Supply Association was held at the University. March 9-15 — 
Eduard Meyer, Professor of Ancient History of the University of Berlin, 
and 1909 Exchange Professor at Harvard University, gave a series of six 
lectures at the University of Illinois. His general subject was "Political 
Institutions and Ideals of Ancient Greece." March 11 — The University of 
Illinois Alumni Association of Southern California held its annual banquet 
on the nth floor of the Wright & Callender Building, Long Beach, Cali- 
fornia. March 12 — Illinois won the debates with Ohio and Indiana Uni- 
versities. March 15 — ^The third floor of the Cosmopolitan Club House was 
badly damaged by fire. March 21-23 — President Charles Blanchard of 
Wheaton College delivered three lectures before the School of Education. 
March 24-25 — Deans of the colleges of liberal arts of a dozen middle western 
state universities held their second annual meeting at the University of 

April — A petition was presented to the Council of Administration by 
Shield and Trident and Phenix, honorary senior societies, asking that offi- 
cial recognition be given to the movement to establish an annual Illinois 
Home Coming. President James resigned as chairman of the Board of 
Trustees of the State Historical Library, to which position he was appointed 
in 1897 by Govrrnor Tanner, reappointed by Governor Richard Yates, and 
continued by Governor Charles S. Deneen. Governor Deneen appointed 
Dean Evarts B. Greene chairman of the Board in place of President James. 
April 2 — The annual dinner and business meeting of the University of Illi- 
nois Club of Washington, D. C, was held at the Teacup Inn. April 3 — Miss 
Irma Voigt was chosen to represent the University of Illinois at the annual 
Northern Oratorical contest to be held in Minneapolis in May. April 4 — 
Meeting of the University Senate. April 8 — Professor Edward Lee Thorn- 
dike of Columbia University delivered a series of five lectures under the 
joint auspices of the College of Literature and Arts and the School of Edu- 

Annals 69 

cation. His general subject was "Individual Differences and Their Causes." 
April 12 — ^The last of the year's series of Assemblies given by the College 
of Literature and Arts was held in the chapel. An address was given by 
Mr. George F. Schwartz of the Music School. The Trustees granted the 
request of Professor Nathan Clifford Ricker to be relieved of the admin- 
istrative duties connected with the headship of the Department of Archi- 
tecture. Professor Chester N. Greenoiigh, head of the Department of 
English, resigned to accept a call to Harvard University. April 14 — Mr. 
Emory Cobb, for twenty years a member of the University Board of Trus- 
tees, died at his home in Kankakee. April 19 — The students of the Class- 
ical Department presented Aristophanes' "Qouds" in the Auditorium. April 
25 — Edwin E. Slosson, literary editor of The Independent, began a series 
of lectures on journalism before the newspaper students. He also delivered 
a course of lectures before the School of Education on the "Tendency and 
Needs of University Education." April 27 — The Varsity Soccer team played 
its first game in competition with Christian Brothers College on Illinois Field. 
Illinois was defeated by a score of 9 to 2. April 29 — George Mygatt Fisk, Pro- 
fessor of Commerce at the University of Illinois from 1902-8, met death 
by drowning at Madison, Wisconsin. 

May — Professor James W. Gamer was made editor of the new publica- 
tion, the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. May 2-4 — Annual May 
Festival. Madame Rosa Olitzka of the Boston Concert Company gave a 
concert on the evening of the 2d. The Chorus sang "King Olaf" and "Hi- 
awatha" on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, accompanied by the Min- 
neapolis Symphony Orchestra with Emil Oberhoffer conducting. May 4 — 
Bryant Bannister was elected President of the Illinois Students' Union. 
May &-9 — The Argos Club became Deuteron chapter of the Phi Sigma 
Kappa fraternity. May 10 — Professor Thomas W. Hughes resigned as Pro- 
fessor of Law. May 19---Dr. Theobald Smith of the Harvard Medical 
Sdiool lectured at the University on "The Relation of Bovine to Human 
Tuberculosis." Twelfth annual Maypole Pageant on Illinois Field. May 
20 — ^Richard Price Morgan, member of the University Board of Trustees 
from 1891-7, died at his home in D wight, Illinois. Frederick O. Sylvester 
of St. Louis displayed over a hundred of his views of landscape in the foyer 
of the Auditorium. May 20-21 — The National Nutrition Commission met in 
the University chemistry laboratories. May 28 — The Aztec Club became the 
Omicron Chapter of the Psi Upsilon fraternity. 

June — ^The Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Company presented to the Uni- 
versity of Illinois a locomotive testing plant. The University of Illinois 
baseball nine won the Western Inter-Collegiate Baseball championship. The 
mini played a total of fourteen intercollegiate games, and won them all. 
The University Athletic Association presented each of the players a solid 
gold souvenir Illinois watch fob. June i — ^Annual initiation of Sigma Xi. 
June 4 — ^John Mills Pearson, a former trustee, died. June 6 — President 
James spoke at the annual banquet of the Alumni of the College of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons in the gold room of the Auditorium Hotel in Chicago. 
June 12 — Rev. W. S. Plumer Bryan gave the baccalaureate sermon; sub- 
ject, "The Problems of Relipon." June 13 — Dedication of the memorial 
urn presented by the graduating class; class day exercises in the Auditori- 
lun at 9:30; military band concert on the lawn at 1:30 p. m. ; Senior Ball 
in the Armory at 8:00 p. m. The Trustees approved a recommendation 
that, beginning with September, 191 1, a college degree should be required 
for admission to the Library School. The Trustees appointed Frederick 
M. Mann Professor of Architecture and Head of the Department of Archi- 
tecture. Colonel Edmund G. Fechet requested to be relieved from duty 
as Military Commandant and Professor of Military Science, as soon as his 
successor could be found. Major Benjamin C. Morse was appointed to 
fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Colonel Fechet. Charles M. 
McConn was chosen to be Assistant Registrar of the University, and Regis- 

70 University of Illinois 

trar from October i, 1910. June 14— Alumni Day: Reunions of the follow- 
ing classes were held: 1875, 1880, 1885, 1890* 1895, 1900, and 1905. Presi- 
dent, and Mrs. James gave their annual reception to the graduates and their 
parents and friends in the University Auditorium. June 15 — The thirty- 
ninth annual commencement was held in the Auditorium. President James 
gave the address; subject, "The Fellowship of College Men." The honorary 
degree of LL. D. was conferred on Mrs. Ella Flagg Young. The honorary 
decree of Doctor of Engineering was conferred ugon Professor Lester 
Paige Breckenridge, and Hon. Isham Randolph of Chicago. Dean David 
Kinley sailed for Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, to represent the United 
States at the Fourth Pan-American Congress. He was accompanied by 
Mr. Herman G. James, his private secretary. June 28 — Mrs. Mary R Faw- 
cett was appointed Acting Dean of Women in the University of Illinois. 

July 4 — The Library School Alumni Association met at the Grand Hotel. 
Mackinac Island, in conjunction with the annual conference of the Ameri- 
can Library Association. July 25 — Thirty-four alumni from New York and 
vicinity enjoyed a clambake at Coney Island. July 29 — The Trustees ac- 
cepted the gift of a collection of the various editions of Evans' Map of the 
American Colonies, dated 1755, presented by Dr. Otto L. Schmidt of Chi- 
cago to the University Library. July 29 — William Low Pillsbury, Regis- 
trar of the University^ of Illinois since 1893, and Secretary of the Board 
since July i, 1888, resigned, the resignation to take effect October i, 1910. 

August 10 — The comer-stone of Lincoln Hall was laid. President W. 
L. Abbott of the Board of Trustees presided; Dean E. J. Townsend spoke 
for President James, and Dr. Charles Davison, a trustee, laid the comer- 


Sept 17 — President James was guest of honor at the annual banquet of 
the mini Club of Peoria at the Creve Coeur Club. Sept. 19 — Registration 
day. Sept. 20 — C. M. McConn was elected Secretary of the Board of Trus- 
tees from October i, 1910. The Daily IlUni began its tenth year of publi- 
cation. Sept. 21 — ^A thousand freshmen attended the first convocation in 
the University Auditorium. President James welcomed them. Dean 
Thomas A. Qark and Mr. Ray Waraock, Assistant Dean, spoke briefly. 
Sept. 26 — Military drill began tmder the new Commandant, Major Ben- 
jamin C. Morse. Sept. 29 — President James gave the principal address at 
the installation of Dr. Frank McVey as President of the University of 
North Dakota. 

Oct — ^The 1909 Memorial Fountain, between the Men's Gymnasium and 
the Armory, completed. By special action of the Carnegie Foundation 
Board, Mr. William L. Pillsbury was given a retiring allowance. Oct. 
3-15 — ^Dr. Josef Redlich, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University 
of Vienna, gave a series of lectures. Oct 14-15 — ^The First Annual Home- 
coming at the University occurred. The weather was warm and fair ; the 
Twin Cities were decorated with Illinois colors in honor of the occasion. 
The main features of the Homecoming were the Alumni-Varsity baseball 
game; the pushball contest; the mass meeting on the bleachers; class re- 
unions; the football game with Chicago, won by Illinois by a score of 3 to o. 
At the mass meeting President James announced that Francis J. Plym, class 
of 1897, had established a traveling fellowship in architecture of the annual 
value of one thousand dollars. Oct 15— The first regular meeting of the 
University of Illinois Alumni in St Paul and Minneapolis was held in the 
Commercial Club rooms in the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. 

Nov. 4— U. S. Congressman David J. Foster spoke at a University Con- 
vocation on the new peace movement. Nov. 10 — The first annual dinner of 
the University of Illinois Club of Springfield was held at the Colonial Cafe 
in Springfield. Professor James M. White was guest of honor. Nov. 
12-17— Dr. William Morris Davis, Professor of Geography at Harvard Uni- 
versity, gave a course of six lectures on Geography as a Subject for Uni- 

Annals 71 

vcrsity Study.*' Nov. 16 — Colonel Edmond Gustave Fechet, for ten years 
Commandant of the University of Illinois Regiment, died at the Burnham 
hospital in Champaign. Nov. 17— The funeral of Colonel Fechet was held 
in the University Auditorium. Nov. 17-19 — ^Annual High School Confer- 

Dec. — 1910 Football schedule: Sept. 31, Illinois 13, Millikin o; Oct 8, 
Illinois 29, Drake o; Oct. 15, Illinois 3, Chicago o; Nov. 5, Illinois 3, Indiana 
0; Nov. 12, Illinois 27, Northwestern o; Nov. 19, Illinois 3, Syracuse a 
Seventy-six members of the Illinois Faculty at Urbana were listed in the 
new American Men of Science. Seventeen of this number were included 
in the starred list of a thousand most eminent men of science in America. 
Dec. 9 — Jimior Promenade in the Armory. Dec 10— The annual concert 
of the Glee and Mandolin Club. Matinee and evening concerts were given 
in the Auditorium. Dec. 15 — Professor Charles F. Moore of Purdue Uni- 
versity lectured before the Coltege of Engineering. His talk on "Blasting 
Powder" was given as the first of a series in exchange between Purdue 
and Illinois. Dec. 28 — ^The Illinois State Teachers' Association at its meet- 
ing in Chicago December 28th, passed a resolution favoring the appropria- 
tion of the money asked for by the University of Illinois for the erection 
of a building for the School of Education at the University of Illinois. 
Dec 30-^The mini Club at Peoria held a meeting at the Creve Coeur 
Qub. Fifty graduates and students of the University of Illinois held their 
annual reunion at Rockford, Illinois. 

Jan. 4 — Governor Charles S. Deneen, in his biennial message to the legisla- 
ture, presented very fully the work and needs of the University of Illinois 
and its allied bureaus. Jan. 6— Irma E. Voigt, representing the lUiola Literary 
Society, won the inter-literary society declamatory contest Jan. 13-14 — ^The 
Illinois Union presented a musical comedy, "The Maid of the Moon," written 
by George Morris, 111., 1910, and his brother Paul Morris, a graduate of the 
University of Wisconsin. Jaa l6 — ^For two weeks beginning January i6th, 
the School for Housekeepers was held in the Woman's Building. Jan. 
16-28— Nearly a thousand students attended the Agricultural Short Course 
Jan. 17 — ^The Trustees granted permission to the Corps of Cadets to wear 
a dark blue flannel shirt in place of the cadet blouse, "at such exercises as 
may be prescribed by the Military Commandant" Jan. 25 — ^The name of 
James Nicholas Brown was enrolled in the Illinois Farmers' Hall of Fame. 
Mr. Brown was the second man to receive this honor. Jan. 30-Feb. 8— 
The Illinois Horticultural Institute was held at the University. 

Feb. — ^The University of Illinois Alumni Association of India was or- 
ganized with a membership of six. Feb. 3 — Sophomore Cotillion in the 
Armory. Feb. 7 — Post-Exam. Jubilee was held in the Auditorium under the 
auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association. Feb. 7 — The Council of 
Administration adopted a plan for the reorganization of The Daily Illini. 
The Illini hereafter to be controlled by a board of six trustees, three from the • 
faculty and three from undergraduate students. The Fiftieth Annual Conven- 
tion of the Illinois State Horticultural Society was held Feb. 8-10. Feb. ii — 
President William Howard Taft visited the University for the purpose of re- 
viewing the Cadet Regiment. He arrived over the Wabash Railroad at 8.50 
a. m., and was met by a committee, and driven to Illinois Field ; reviewed the 
Regiment ; saw the University grounds ; made a five minute address to citizens 
of 9ie Twin Cities at the Illinois Central Station, and left for Springfield, all in 
less than an hour. Feb. 12-14 — Dr. Charles M. Sheldon of Topefca, Kansas, was 
the guest of the University. He addressed the Assembly of the College of Lit- 
erature and Arts and spoke to students of sociology and of journalism on 
"The Ethics of Newspaper Making." Feb. 13 — I. N. Read of Urbana pre- 
sented the University with a cane made from an oak door post in Lincoln's 
home in Old Salem, Illinois. The cane was presented in the name of Mr. 
Read's daughter, Mrs. Nellie Ross, '01. The Military 'Band gave a concert 
at the State Armory in Springfield, tmder the auspices of the University of 

72 University of Illinois 

Illinois Club of Springfield. Feb. 15-16— Biennial visit of the General As- 
sembly to the University. More than one hundred members were present, 
thirty of whom wcne accompanied by their wives. Feb. 24 — ^Annual Military 
Ball in the Armory. Feb. 27— President James, for the University Senate, ap- 
pointed a committee to consider the question of the present organization of 
the University from the standpoint of efficiency, and to summarize the results 
of their deliberations in the form of a constitution for the University, to be 
considered later by the Council and Senate and trustees of the University. 
Feb. 28 — A serines of meetings was held in the interest of the Young Men's 
Christian Association. Dr. Clarence A. Barbour of New York, "Dad" 
Elliott, and others assisted. The annual dinner and business meeting of the 
University of Illinois Club of Washington, D. C, was held at the Teacup 
Inn. Twenty-four were present. Dr. Raymond M. Alden of Leland Stanford 
University was elected Professor of English in the University of Illinois, 
to begin service September i, 191 1. 

March 4 — The second annual conference of the Presidents of the smaller 
colleges of Illinois was held at the University. The purpose of the meetings 
is to bring each of the colleges in the stat« into closer touch with the 
others, and to effect a closer relationship with the University. March 7 — 
Dr. C. P. Steinmetz addressed the students of the College of Engineering 
on Electric Energy." March 9 — C. H. Cartlidge, Bridge Engineer of the 
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, gave an illustrated lecture on 
"Reinforced Concrete Pile and Trestle Bridges." March 9-10 — Col. William 
Nathan McChesney delivered two lectures before the College of Law on 
"Uniform State Laws." March 11 — Celebrating the anniversary of Founders' 
Day, the Puget Sound Association of the Alumni of the University of Illinois 
met for their annual reunion and banquet at the Tacoma Hotel. The Univer- 
sity of Illinois Alumni Association of Southern California banqueted at the 
University Club of Los Angeles. The attendance was almost double that of 
any previous banquet of the Association. March 14 — B. R. Rickards was ap- 
pointed Professor of Municipal and Sanitary Dairying in the University of 
Illinois. March 14 — Miss Lutie E. Stearns, Chief of the Traveling Depart- 
ment of the Wisconsin Free Library Commission, began a series of three 
lectures before the Library School and staff. March 20-21 — Dr. Arthur E. 
Bostwick, Librarian of the St. Louis Library, lectured before the Library 
School. March 21 — Mr. Herbert R. Cross, gave a series of lectures on art 
before the University, continuing through six weeks. March 23 — President 
Frank L. McVey of the University of North Dakota gave an address on 
"Sticking Points in Taxation." March 27-31 — Mr. Paul E. Moore, Editor 
of the Nation, gave a series of five lectures on "Types of Romanticism." 
March 28 — Mr. Charles F. Scott, Chief Consulting Engineer of the Westing- 
house Electric and Manufacturing Company, lectured on "The Young En- 
gineer and Modern Industrial Conditions." March 31 — The eleventh annual 
dinner of the Southwestern Alumni Association was held at the Coates 
House, Kansas City, Mo. Dean Thomas A. Clark was present from the Uni- 

April — ^Late in April the new IlUni Board of Control announced the ap- 
pointment of H. H. Herbert, Editor; C. M. Sullivan. Manager; and F. X. 
McGrath, Bookkeeper of the paper for 191T-12. April 7-8 — The Players' Club 
presented "Our Boys" on Friday and Saturday evenings and Saturday after- 
noon, in Morrow Hall. April 8 — ^The Seventh Annual Dinner of the New 
York Alumni Association was held at the Hotel Manhattan, one hundred and 
fifteen persons were present. Ex-President Andrew Sloan Draper and Dean 
Thomas Arkle Clark were guests of honor. April 18 — Mr. Oswald Garrison 
Villard, editorial writer on the New York Evening Post and President of the 
Evening Post Company, addressed an assembly of the College of Literature 
and Arts on "The Problem of Independent Journalism." April 9^0rin R. 
Wakefield brought suit against the University to compel the granting of his 
diploma. His contention involved the rule which permits the University to 

Annals 73 

withhold the granting of a degree when a student has twenty-five percent of 
his work below the grade of 75 percent. The case was decided in favor of 
the University. 

May — The Lincoln League, a student organization was organized. A con- 
stitution was adopted and temporary officers chosen. May 2 — Baron d'Es- 
toumelles de Constant spoke at a University Convocation on "International 
Peace." He also spoke on the peace movement at a dinner given in his honor 
in the evening. May 3 — Students' Union election. May 17 — Maypole Dance 
on Illinois Field. May 18-20 — The Nineteenth Illinois Interscholastic meet. 
May 20 — Interscholastic circus on Illinois Field. 

June — ^The graduating class presented to the University as a class me- 
morial two trophy cases to be placed in the entrance of the Men's Gym- 
nasium. June 10 — The 47th General Assembly of Illinois appropriated to 
the University $3489,300 for operating expenses, buildings, etc, and also 
$30,000 for the support of the School of Ceramics. The 47th General As- 
sembly passed a bill providing for a mill tax for the support of the Univer- 
sity beginning with the year 1912 ; also an act providing that the employees of 
the University of Illinois will be under civil service regulations. June 11 — 
The Right Reverend Edward W. Osborne, Bishop of Springfield, delivered 
the baccalaureate address. His text was '*They watched him." June 12 — 
Gass Day. Annual address before the Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi so- 
detics was delivered by John M. Coulter, Professor of Botany at the Uni- 
versity of Chicago. His general theme was, "Contributions of Germany to 
Education." Senior ball at 8:00 p. m. in the Armory. June 13 — ^Alumni 
Day. A bronze memorial tablet to the late Professor Arthur W. Palmer was 
unveiled. The Trustees appointed Dr. Jean Beck of Vienna, Austria, As- 
sistant Professor of Romance Languages. The Trustees authorized Dean 
Thomas A. Clark to publish "Facts for Freshmen," to be presented to each 
freshman upon his admission to the University. Mr. Donald Graham, 1907, 
who won in the competition for the Plym fellowship in architecture, was ap- 
pointed to the fellowship for the year 1911-12. June 14 — Fortieth annual 
Commencement day. The Commencement address was given by President 
James. His address was an appeal to the graduates to make their careers 
object lessons in the defense of academic education. The honorary degree of 
Dr. of Laws was conferred on William E. Curtis; the degree of Dr. of En- 
gineering on Ralph Modjeski. June 27 — The beginning of the six weeks' 
course given in the Summer Session in the Library School. Summer Ses- 
sion opened with an enrollment of nearly seven hundred. July 11 — Miss 
Isabel Bevier delivered the president's address at the opening session of the 
American Home Economics Association, meeting with the National Educa- 
tion Association at San Francisco. .Her topic was "The Home Economics 
Movement." June 14 — ^The Trustees voted to close the California avenue 
and John street entrances to the campus; to close Burrill avenue south of 
the Auditorium, and to post notices barring automobiles and motorcycles, 
at the entrance of Burrill avenue on the south side of Green street. 

August 27 — Alfred Bayliss, from 1899 to 1907 ex oMcio a member of the 
Board of Trustees, died at his home at Woodbine, Ohio. 


September — The roadway which formerly curved about the northeast 
comer of University Hall, was changed during the summer to run directly 
east to the Law Building, and thence south. A broad cement walk was built 
in front of University Hall, directly east to the Law Building. The opening 
of Lincoln Hall and the new Power Plant necessitated a readjustment of 
class rooms and offices in University Hall and in the Electrical Engineering 
Building. The department of Classics, and the graduate and upper class 
work in Modern Languages, English, and the Social Sciences, formerly located 
in University Hall, were removed to Lincoln Hall, as were also Seminar 
libraries and many books of value to these departments. September 18-19— 

74 University of Illinois 

Registration days. September 29 — Professor Eugene Meyer of Germany, head 
of the Reich-Anstaldt, or Calibration Laboratory, and Professor of Engineer* 
ing at Charlottenburg University, on a tour of investigation of foreign en- 
gineering institutions, made a visit to the University. 

October — ^Football schedule and results for 1911-12: Oct. 7, Illinois 33, 
Millikin o, at Urbana; Oct. 14, Illinois 9, St. Louis, o, at Urbana; Oct. 21, 
Illinois o, Chicago 24, at Chicago; November 4, Illinois 12, Purdue 3, at 
Urbana; Nov. 11, Illinois o, Indiana o, at Indianapolis; Nov. 18, Illinois 27, 
Northwestern 13, at Urbana; November 25, Illinois 0, Minnesota 11, at Ur- 
bana. October 6— The Marquis of Queensberry, then on the sporting staff of 
the Chicago Tribune, visited the University for the Illinois-Millikin football 
game on Oct. 7, and spoke at a mass meeting in the Auditorium. October 
14 — ^At the first general convocation of the year, held in the Auditorium. 
President James spoke briefly upon the growth of the University, and intro- 
duced the three new members of the Senate, Professor Rajmiond M. Alden 
of the English department. Professor Charles R. Richards of the department 
of Mechanical Engineering, and Professor Chester G. Vernier of the Law 
School, each of whom made a short speech. Preliminary honors as granted 
in the various colleges were announced. October 21-24 — The State Conference 
of Charities and Corrections met at the University. Professor E. C. Hayes 
was elected President for the following year. 

November i — Registration in all departments of the University was 4,929, 
as compared with 4,659 on Nov. i, 1910. November 7 — The Choral Society 
presented a miscellaneous program in the Auditorium. November 11 — Pres- 
ident James sailed for Europe from New York on the Steamer "Abraham 
Lincoln," Hamburg- American Line. Napoleon B. Morrison of Odin, a former 
trustee of the University, died at his home in Odin. November 14 — Dr. J. 
M. McCormack, of the American Medical Association, lectured on health 
conditions, under the auspices of the Anti-Tuberculosis Society. Professor 
Thomas E. Oliver gave an illustrated lecture on Paris at the L. & A. As- 
sembly. November 17 — First annual Agricultural Dance held in the Armory. 
Vice President and Mrs. Bur rill, in the absence of President and Mrs. James, 
gave a reception for the new members of the faculty in the Woman's Build- 
ing. November I8— Thirty members of the Southern Illinois Editorial As- 
sociation, who were guests of Congressman William B. McKinley of Cham- 
paign, visited the University. November 20 — ^At 4:00 p. m., the first As- 
sembly of the College of Science was held in the Natural History Lecture 
room. Vice President T. J. Bur rill delivered a lecture on "A Vacation in 
New Mexico." Professor Josiah Royce of Harvard University lectured at 
11:00 a. m., on "Some Psychological Problems Suggested by Pragmatism;" 
at 7 130 p. m., on "The Problem of Religious Instruction in Modern Academic 
Education." November 21 — ^Thomas Liggett of the United States Sherardiz- 
ing Company, delivered an illustrated lecture in the Chemistry lecture room 
on "Sherardizing." November 23 — ^The Art Department gave a tea in their 
rooms in University Hall. November 23-25 — Annual High School Confer- 
ence at the University. November 24-26--Second Annual Fall Homecoming 
occurred, and was even a greater success than the first. November 24 — ^The 
comer-stone of the George McKinley Memorial University Presbyterian 
Church was laid. The chief address was given by Rev. John Balcolm Shaw 
of Chicago. Hon William B. McKinley, principal donor of the church, made 
the presentation address. Rev. Martin E. Anderson, student pastor of the 
church, laid the corner-stone. November 24-25 — Mask & Bauble presented 
"The Lion Rampant" at the Illinois Theater. November 25 — The annual 
dinner of the Harvard Club was given at the University Club. November 
27 — C. B. Hatch & J. M. Kaufman of Champaign, gave their seventh annual 
complimentary banquet to the football team. Sixteen men were awarded the 
official football "I." 

December 3 — An automatic freight and passenger elevator was installed 
in Lincoln Hall. December 4-9 — Dr. E. G. Cooley of Chicago gave a series 

Annals 75 

of five lectures before the School of Education, on "Industrial and Vocational 
Education in Germany. December ^— The twenty-first annual Glee Qub 
concert, matinee and evening, was given in the Auditorium. December 6— 
Illinois Day, which falls on Dec. 3, was celebrated by a general convocation 
held in the Auditorium. Hon. Clark E. Carr of Galesburg gave the address. 
His subject was "Illinois." December 8— Illinois won the debates with Iowa 
and Wisconsin. Junior Promenade in the Armory. December 9— Fire 
damaged the Dental Building in Chicago to the amount of about two thou- 
sand dollars. Dr. Henry S. Curtis of Clark University lectured before the 
College of Literature and Arts on "The Playgroimd as a Social Factor." 
December ii-i6—The 56th annual convention of the Illinois State Horticul- 
tural Society was held at the University. December 12— The Choral Society 
sang "The Messiah" at itsj Christmas concert. December 14-17 John R. 
Mott conducted a series of evangelistic meetings at the University under the 
auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association. A general University 
convocation was held in the Auditorium on Friday, Dec 15, at 4 :oo p. m., at 
which Mr. Mott spoke on the subject of "Students in Russia." On Saturday 
afternoon Mr. Mott spoke to the women of the University and the community, 
on "Religion as a Matter of the Will." A series of meetings was held during 
the same time under the auspices of the Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion, conducted by Mrs. Harriet E. Monroe of Washington, D. C. December 
19-^The United Charities Association of Champaign and Urbana was or- 

January 6— Eva Mitchell, representing the Illiola Literary Society, won 
the inter-literary society declamatory contest. January 8 — ^Ridiard T. Crane, 
an active opponent of universities and university education, died at his home 
in Chicago. January 15 — ^The Com Growers* and Stockmen's Convention held 
their annual Farmers' Short Course at the College of Agriculture, contin- 
uing for two weeks. Professor Joseph Barrel 1 of Yale University began 
a series of lectures on geological subjects. January 16 — ^The Cotmcil of 
Administration granted permission to organize "The Fourth Estate," an 
honorary journalistic fraternity composed of men from the jtmior and 
senior classes. January 18 — The College of Engineering held an Assem- 
bly in the Auditorium at 4 :oo p. m. Addresses were given ^ by H. M. 
ByHesby of Chicago, J. C. Gableman, President of Illinois Society of En- 
gineers and Surveyors, and Dean William F. M. Goss. January 22 — Pro- 
fessor J. McKcan'Cattell of Columbia University addressed the University 
Senate on the subject. "Problems of University Administration." January 
23 — ^D. H. V. Hess of the Libbey Cut Glass Company of Toledo, Ohio, spoke 
before the Chemistry Club on the manufacture of glass. 

February 2 — Annual sophomore cotillion. February 6 — Post-Exam. Jubi- 
lee. The contract for the Ceramics and Mining Engineering Laboratory 
was let to A. W. Stoolman, for $22,019.12, not including the chimney. 
February 7 — ^Dr. Guenther Jacoby of Germany was appointed Lecturer m 
the department of Germanic Languages for the second semester, his gen- 
eral topic being "The Philosophy of the German Classical Poets." Presi- 
dent Livingston C. Lord of the Eastern Illinois State Normal School, 
lectured before Kappa Delta Pi, the honorary educational fraternity, on "The 
Ethics of Kipling." February 8— W. A. McKnight, Y. M. C A. Secretary, 
resigned to accept a similar position in Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic. 
February 8— Dr. J. Howard Mathews of the University of Wisconsm de- 
livered an illustrated lecture on "Color Photography and Some of its Commer- 
cial Applications," in the Chemistry Lecture Room, under the auspices of 
Alpha Chi Sigma, the professional chemical fraternity. February 12— Pro- 
fessor Albert Bushnell Hart, Professor of History at Harvard University, 
delivered the address at a Convocation in honor of the birth of Abraham 
Lincoln, in the Auditorium, at 7:30 p. m. The subject was "Lincoln and 
Government." February 15 — ^Dean David Kinley lectured before the third 
College of Science Assembly on "Socialism." February 21— A severe bliz- 

76 University of Illinois 

zard raged all day. Street car traffic was stopped and trains were so delayed 
that there was only one mail delivery in thie Twin Cities. February 2^ — 
Military Ball in the Armory. February 19-23 — Dr. Casper Rene Gregory of 
the University of Leipzig gave a series of five lectures on "Five Centuries 
of Science at Leipzig." February 25 — Miss Catherine McCallum Mclntyre, 
for twenty-three years Secretary of the College of Agriculture, died at the 
Battle Creek Sanitarium in Champaign. February 26-— Prof. W. L. Johann- 
sen, Professor of Plant Physiology in the University of Copenhagen, de- 
livered a series of lectures on "Modern Problems of Heredity." February 
26-27-28 — The University Military Band of sixty-five pieces, accompanied by 
a special harpist, made its second annual state tour, playing in Bloomington. 
Peoria, Decatur, and Springfield. February 29 — ^Vice President and Mrs. 
Burrill tendered a reception to the faculty in the Woman's Building in honor 
of President James on his return from Europe. 

March 2 — Annual band concert in the Auditorium. March 4-9— Prof. W. 
L. Kuekenthal of the University of Breslau gave a series of lectures on "The 
Principle of Convergence as Illustrated in the Whale." March 12 — The 
girls of the University began a campaign to secure funds for a new Young 
Women's Christian Association building and dormitory, for which Congress- 
man William B. McKinley pledged twenty thousand dollars. March 13 — A 
students' mass meeting, called by President James, was held in the Auditorium, 
to discuss the Western Conference Athletic situation. March 13 — Seven 
lectures on public headth were arranged for, to be given by health experts 
from different universities and bureaus throughout the country. The first 
lecture was given by Dr. Henry B. Favil of Rush Medical College, his subject 
being "Sociological Aspects of Public Health.'' March 18-23 — Prof. F. E. 
Schelling, head of the department of English at the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, gave a series of lectures on "The English Drama." March 19^ 
The presidents of the universities in the "Big Eight" conference met in 
Chicago to discuss conference rules. Match 21 — At the annual meeting of 
Trustees in Chicago, officers were elected for the ensuing year. W. L. 
Abbott was again chosen president. The Board of Trustees decided on the 
location of the new Armory, the Stock Judging Pavilion, and the new horti- 
cultural building, all to be erected on the south campus. 

April I — Dr. Inazo Nitobe, of the first higher college at Tokyo, gave a 
series of lectures on "Some Characteristics of the Land and People of 
Japan." Dr. Nitobe's lectures were given under the auspices of the Carnegie 
Endowment for International Peace. Professor William A. Noyes, Director 
of the Chemistry department, was given a leave of absence of a few months 
from April i, to attend the International Council of representatives of 
chemical societies at Berlin, as the accredited representative of the American 
Chemical Society. April 2 — The city election in Champaign to decide the 
"wet" and "dry" issue resulted in a victory for the "dry" element, with a 
majority of 479. Student voters were generally challenged at the polls, and 
notaries public were kept busy swearing out affidavits. April 3 — Dr. John 
A. Lomax of the University of Texas and President of the American Folk 
Lore Society, lectured on "The Songs of the Cowboy." April 4-6 — The cen- 
tral section of the American Society of Zoologists met at the University of 
Illinois. April 9 — Colonel Theodore Roosevelt visited Champaign and spoke in 
the City Park at i :30 p. m. April 10 — A chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, the 
national honorary journalistic fraternity, was granted to Fourth Estate, the 
local Journalistic fraternity. The Trustees voted to close their medical and 
dental work conducted in the city of Chicago in the plant owned by the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, on the expiration of the lease on 
June 30, 1912. April 12 — Professor Wilhelm Paszkowski of the Univer- 
sity of Berlin delivered a series of lectures at the University on "The German 
Theater and Drama." April 30 — Following a petition of the Pan-Hellenic 
Council, the Council of Administration passed a rule that no student may 

Annals 77 

become a member of any national or local fraternity until he has success- 
fully passed eleven hours of work. 

May 16— ^Annual Maypole dance on Illinois Field. The weather was cold 
and a drizzling rain fell. May 17-1& — Annual Interscholastic week. May 21 
—The ceremonies connected with the laying of the comer-stone of the Com- 
merce building were held at 4:00 p. m. W. L. Abbott, Pres. of Board of 
Trustees, presided. Addresses were given in the Auditorium by Dean David 
Kinlcy and Francis G. Blair. President James performed the ceremony of 
laying the corner-stone. Short addresses were given by B. F. Harris of 
Champaign, President of the Illinois Bankers' Association and W. Carbys 
Zimmerman, the S^^te Architect. May 21 — The Military band serenaded 
President James, in honor of his birthday. May 22 — At 4 :30 p. m., the First 
Annual formal "President's Review'' of the Regiment was held on Illinois 
Field. The President presented the commissions to the commissioned offi- 
cers of the regiment, May 25 — E. R. Ludwig of the class of 191 1, was 
selected for the Plytp Fellowship for the year 191 2- 13. 

June 9— Baccalaureate address in Auditorium delivered by the Rev. Wil- 
liam I. McElveen, Pastor of the Evanston Congregational Church. Subject, 
"Social Service as a Part of a Useful 'Career." June 10 — Class Day exer- 
cises, 9:30 a. m. ; Senior Ball, 8:00 p. m., in the Armory. June 11 — Alumni 
Da/. About one hundred early matriculants from 1868 to 1872 held a re- 
union. June 12 — Commencement Day. Address delivered by President Ed- 
mund J. James, subject, "The Life and Labors of Jonathan Baldwin Turner." 
One feature of the commencement program was the unveiling of the portrait 
of Jonathan Baldwin Turner to be placed in the Illinois Farmers' Hall of 
Fame. The portrait was the gift of Mrs. Mary Turner Carriel, a daughter 
of Jonathan Baldwin Turner. A. P. Grout. President of the Commission of 
the Illinois Farmers' Hall of Fame, made the presentation speech. The por- 
trait was unveiled by Mrs. Leslie McPherson and Miss Mary Louise Turner, 
granddaughters of Professor Turner. The honorary degree of LL.D. was 
conferred on Dr. Thomas Jonathan Burrill, Vice President of the University 
of Illinois, and Professor Samuel Walker Shattuck, Comptroller of the 
University, in recognition of their long and excellent service to the Uni- 
versity of Illinois. Both men retired from active service 'in the University 
on Septennber i, 1912, and accepted retiring allowances from the Carnegie 
Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. June 30 — Lease of the prop- 
erty of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Chicago to the University 
of Illinois, expired. Lease was not renewed. 




CLASS OF 1872 (20) 


*M. S. in Agr., 1802; Retired farmer: b. Dec 3, 1849* Quebec, Can.; s. Samuel 
(b. 1S16, Can.) & Lois (Barber) Burwash (b. 1826, do.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. 
Philomathean. Address, 610 W. Green St., Champaign, 111. 


State Horn. Med. Soc. (Pres. 1894) ; Amer. Inst. Horn.: Wis. Acad. Sci., Arts & Letters; 
Amer. Assoc Adr. Sd. (Fellow); Bd. Comm. State Geol. & Nat Hist Sur. of Wis., 
(Secy., 1902 — ); Amer. Forestry Assoc: Wis. Ardueol. Soc; Racine Physicians Bus. 
Assoc, (Pres., 1005). Married Anna Margaret Snyder, 1882, Racine, Wis. Children, 
John Archibala, b. 1883; Marguerite, b. 1887. Address, 119 College Ave., Racine, Wis. 


(Brother of No. 39) 

*B. S.» 189s; Physician; b. Nov. 29, 1847, Switzerland Co., Ind.; s. Henry (b. 1821, 
Massac Co^ HI.) & Ljdia (Bassett) Drury (b. Switzerland Co., Ind.) Preoared in 
Mason H. S.; M. D.. Chicago, 1876. Med. Exam. Member M. E. Church; A. F. & A. M.; 
I. O. O. F.; M. W. A.; connected with I. O. G. T.; A. L. of H. Married Hattie 
Narm, 1873, Champaign. 111. (d. 1873); Mary £. Mann, 1883, Newton, III. Children, 
Jean Paul, b. Oct. 4, 18S8; Lillian Lucile, b. May 26, 1891. Deceased. 


CerL; b. Juhr 10, 1848. Rochelle, 111.; s. Willard Parker (b. June 8, x8o8. Richmond, 
Vt.) & Lucy^ (Cochran) Flagi^ (b. May 19 1812). Prepared in Acad., Alton, (^pt. 
Studied law in Rochelle: admitted to bar, 1874. Lawyer and writer in Sioux Falls. S. 

1904, Duluth, Minn. 


(Brother of No. 22, 236) 

*M. S. in C. E., 189^; Farmer & Real Est. Bus.; b. Apr. 17, 1847, Burton, 111.; s. 
Lewis (b. Apr. 20, 1814, Washington Co^ N. Y.) & Mandana (Cole) Hatch (b. July 22, 
182c, Hill, N. H.) Prepared in Todd's Sem., Woodstock, and Bryant & Stratton's Com. 
Coll., Chicago. Philomathean. Scholarship. Contractor, 1872-6; Saw Mill owner and 
operator, 18^6-93; Farmer and Real Est. operator, 1893 — . Mlarried Tamar Ann Richard- 
son. May 20. 1877, San Francisco, Calif. Child, Lewis Miles, b. Nov. 28, 1880. Address, 
Alderton, Wash. 


(}ert.; Real Est & Abstract Bus.; b. Oct. 4, 2850. Farmingdale, 111.; s. Henry PraU 
(b. Aug. xo, 1805, Vt) & Mercy Bannister (Sanders) Lyman (b. Dec 3, 1805, Bethel, 
Vt) Prepared in Springfield H. S. Philomathean. Asst Div. Engr., I. C. R. R., 1872-5; 
Engr. for Cairo & Vincennes R. R., 1875-7: Con. Engr., different railroads. 1877-8; Engr. 
in charge of Transfer Constr., Cairo, and Asst CEuet of Cotton Belt Route, x 878-82; 
Asst Supt, Little Rock, Ft Smith R. R., 1882-4; Real Est & Abstract Bus., Ft Smith, 
Ark., X884 — Member G. A. R.; A. F. & A. M.; Knights Templar: B. P. O. £.; I. O. O. 
F. Married Emma Stewart, Jan. x6, 1873, Champaign, 111. Children, Georgina, b. Dec. 
17. 1885; Henry Pratt, b. Mar. 25, 1890. Address, 3x6 N. Sixth St, Ft Smith, Ark. 


*M. L., i8qx; Phvsician; b. May 27, 1852, near Green Castle, Ind.; s. William (b. 
1 81 9, Va.) & Deborah (Hopewood) Matthews (b. X826. Ky.) Prepared in Pub. Sch. 
Mason. First Matriculant in Univ. M. D., Mo. Med. Coll., X878. Philomathean; Delta 
Tan Delta; Pres. Bd. of U. S. Pension Ex., Effingham, X2 yr. Author: Tempe Vale & 


8o University of Illinois U^72 

Other Poems, Chas. Kerr, 200 pp., 1888; Poems by Alonro Hilton Davis, with Memoir, 
1891; many poems in current magazines. One of the founders & Vice Pres. of Western 
Assoc, of Writers. Member Excupalian Med. Soc. & 111. State Med. Soc. Married Luella 
Matthews, June 2, 1878 (d. Feb. xi, 1894); Madalinc Wright, Dec. 30, 1896. Children, 
William Vivian, b. Mar. 28, 1879; tames Kiley, b. June 10, 1883; Courtland Wade, b. 
Dec. 14, 1897. Died Mar. 7, 19x0, Mason, 111. 


Cert.; Physician; b. Sept. 7, 1850, Worcester, Mass.; s. £. W. (b. Oct. 28, 1813) & 
C. A. (Allen) Parker (b. Sept. 17, 1818, Mass.) M. D. Mo. Med. Coll., 1877. Married 
Martha E. Baker, 1872. Address, Los Angeles, Calif. 


(Father of Nos. 1255, 1256) 

*M. L., 1895; Farmer; b. Jan. 29, 1849, Raymond, O.; s. Nathaniel (b. Sept. 19. 181 x, 
Mt. Vernon, N. H.) & Melissa Stuart (Ballston) Raymond (b. Dec. 9. 1818, Spa, N. Y.) 
Prepared in Peru and Champaign Pub. Sch. Philomathcan. Prcs., First NatM Bank of 
Philo, 6 yr.; Pres., The Citizens Bank, Tolono, 5 yr.; Pres., The Champaign Co. Farmers 
Inst., 12 yr.; Trustee, Univ. of 111., 1892-8; served 37 yr. as Sch. Trustee of Raymond 
Twp. & zp yr. as Twp. Supervisor. Member The Patrons of Husbandry, III. Soc; The 
Sons of the Revolution. Married Edith Eaton, Oct. 27, 1875. Philo, 111. Children, John 
Eaton ('99)» b, Nov. 19, 1876; Ruth Cleveland ('99), d. June 8, 1878. Address, 
Sidney, Hi. 


•M. S., 1804; EnfT. & Survyr.; b. Mar. 31, 1853, Belleville, 111.; s. Frederick (b. 
Oct. 28, 1826, Ger.) & Susanna (Hopp) Reiss (b. Aug. 27, 1827, do.) Prepared in 
Belleville H. S. Attended Wash. Univ., St. Louis. Mo., 1 yr. Philomathean. C. E.. 
M. C. v., & Ft. Scott R. R., 1873-4; Prin. of Schs., 1874-88; Gen. Engr. & Survyr., 1888— 
State Militia, 1876-84. Deputy Co. Survyr. of St. Clair Co.; Deputy Co. Treas., part of 
one term. Member Bd. of Educ. (6 yr.); Univ. of 111. Club, St. Louis, Mo. (Pres. 4 yr.); 
mini Club, Belleville (Pres.); etc. Married Matilda Faas, Sept. 26, 1882, Millstadt. 111. 
Children, Paula Helen, b. July 6, 1883 (d. May 9> iS9i)i Elmer Fred, b. Tan. 28, 1886; 
Ben Harry, b. Mar. 31* 1800; Edwin Joseph & Edgar Rudolph, b. Jan. 3, 1891. Address, 
200 Portland Ave.. Belleville. 111. 


•M. L., 1897: Lawyer: b. July 6, 1849, Mukwonago, Wis.; s. Edward Hinman (b. 
Oct. I, 1823, Taghkanic, N. Y.) & Olive (Bidwell) Reynolds (b. Tune 18, 1824, Dalton, 
Mass.) Prepared in Belvidere. Philomathean. Lawyer in Belvidere, Rockford, and 
Chicago, 1880-09. Author: Fuller's Law Manual (with Hon. Chas. Fuller), Stephen 
Avery, Reynolds & Co., Chicago, 1878; Lost Lac Labelle; Last Year's Leaves, and many 
other poems; contributed to various publications, including home ^aper and Illini. Served 
in 35tn & ^6th Gen. Assem. of 111.; Justice of the Peace, Belvidere, a number of yr. 
Married Delia M. Fillmore, 1876, Champaign, 111. Children, Edward F., b. Mar. 19, 1877; 
Alphersyne L., b. Oct. 12, 1878; Frederick J., b. May 4, 1881. Died Aug. 13, 1899, 
Elgin, 111. 


*M. L., 1893; Horticulturist; b. July 2, 1850, Springfield, 111.; s. Simon Peter (b. 
Oct. x6, 1821, Va.) & Sophia Jane (Earnest) Rickard (b. Aug. 24, 1823, 111.) Prepared 
in Springfield H. S. Philomathean. Capt., commanding Co. A., Chicago fire. Farmer, 
Springfield; Pres. Farmers & Merchants Bank of Hcmet, Calif., 1 907-11; Horticulturist, 
ibid. Member Presb. Church (Trustee). Married Kate Eliza Boardman, Nov. 26, 1879, 
Spriiijdield. 111. Children, Frances Beatrice, b. Oct. 23, 1880; Lucius Simon, b. July 
26, i£%2; Laurence Edwin, b. Sept. i, 1884; Ernest Woodward, b. Oct. 6, 1886; Howard 
Brown, b. Dec. x, 1889; Raymond Bonsall. b. June 2, 1892; Katharine Helen, b. July 
28, 1900. Address, 334 Oakland Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 


(Husband of No. 87; Father of No. 2217) 

B. S.; M. Arch., 1878; "D. Arch., 1900; Professor; b. July 24, 1843, Acton, Me.; s. 
Gen. Ebenezer (b. Shapicigh, Me.) & Mary (Stacy) Ricker (b. 1821, do.) Prepared in 
Pub. Sch, Me., and private study. Second Prcs., Coll. Govt.; Tau Beta Pi; Acacia; 
Sigma Xi. Taught country sch., 1861-2; stud., Bcaukademie in Berlin, summer sem., 1873; 
in charge Dept. of Arch., Univ. of 111., first two terms, x 872-3; Instr. 1873; Asst. Prof. 
1874; Prof, of Arch., 1875 — ; Dean of Coll. of Eng.. 1878-1905; re-elected, 1905; re- 
lieved of administrative duties upon own request, 1910. Author: Graphic Statics and 
Trussed Roofs, 1884; Bulls, of Eng. Exp. Sta., on Trussed Roofs, Extension of Dewey 
Decimal System for Architecture and Building, Base and Bearing Plates for Columns 
and Girders; Translation of Wagner's Moderne Architektur, Brickbuilder, 1902; numerous 
articles and reviews in arch, jours.; Inland Architect Handbook to Chicago Pub. Lib.; 
also an extended work on Roofs, nearly completed for publication. Member Unit. Church; 
Univ. Club of Chicago; Amer. Inst. Arch. (Fellow; Hon. Fellow, do.) '.Amer. Assoc. Adv. 
of Sci.; Chicago Chap. A. I. A.; Amer. Fed. of Arts; West. Soc. Engrs. ; 111. Bd. of 
Exam. (Pres. 1899); U. S. Assay Comm., 1903; 111. Comm. on Bldg. Laws, 1911. Arch, 
of Law Bld^., Armory, Nat. Hist. Hall, of the Univ. of 111.; Lib. Bldg., do., (with White); 
Expert Adviser, Competition f9r Carnegie Lib., Davenport, la.; Competition for H. S. 
bldg., Burlington, la.; Competition for State Arsenal, Springfield, 111.; Competition for U. 
S. Dept. of Justice, Wash., D. C, 1910. Married Mary C. Steel ('75), Aug. 25, X875 (d. 

1873] Baccalaureate Alumki 81 

Aug. 6. 1910). Child, Ethel ('04), b. Champaign, 111. Address, 612 W. Green St., Ur- 
bana. III. 

(Father of Nos. 1400, 1752, 1950, 35x8) 
B. S.; M. S., 1878; Professor; b. Apr. 17. 1850, Arlington Heights, 111.; s. Charles 
Wesley (b. Me.) & Melissa Deette (Haven) Rolfe (b. Nov. s, 1829, near Sackef s Harbor. 
N. Y.) Prepared in Oswego. Philomathean. Asst. in Nat. Hist., Univ. of 111., 1872-3; 
Prin. of Schs., Sidney, 1873-4; taught in Jennings, Sem., Aurora, 1874-6; Prin., Water- 
man, 1876-7; Supt. of Sens., Kankakee, 1877-81; Prof, of Geol., Univ. of 111.. 1881 — 
Married Martha Kinsman Farley, Dec. 26, 1877, Oswego, III. Children, Martha Deette 
Coo), b. July II, 1879; Mary Annette ('02), b. Apr. 3, 188.1; Susan Farley ('o^), b. Oct. 

13, 1882; Amy Lucile C08), b. Feb. 5, 1886. Address, 6ot John St., Champaign, 111. 


(Brother of No. 16) 

Cert.; Promoter; b. Apr. 25, 1852, Springboro, O.; s. Wallace (b. May 20, 1829, do.) 
& Rebecca (Mullin) Silver (b. Dec. 11, 1830, do.) Prepared in Urbana H. S. Philo- 
mathean. Admitted to bar, iCan^ 1879; 111., 1889. Merchant, Pres. Bd. of Trade, etc., 
Lyons. Kan., 1880-9; Assoc., The Credit Co., 1889-1903; Promoter and Organizer, 
• 903 — ; Secy, and Treas. Miravalles Co., Durango, Mcx.: Pres. Internat'l Mex. Land^ Lum- 
ber & Stock Development Co., ibid. Author: Twentieth Century Conduct, or A Secular 
Anathema on Fakery in Business, Social and Professional Life, 528 pp.; Ideals and 
Idealism (pamphlet). Address, Llano Grande, Camino de Mazatlan, via Durango, Mex. 


(Brother of No. 15) 

•M. L., 1894; Teacher & Farmer; b. Dec. 21, 1850, Springboro, O.; s. Wallace (b. 
May 29, 1829, do.) & Rebecca (Mullin) Silver (b. Dec. 11, 1830, Jo.) Prepared in 
Urbana H. S. Adelphid. Married Edna E. Foster, Sept., 1873. Children, Charles; 
Raymond; Minnie; Bertha; Edna. Died, July 24, 1905, Oklahoma City, Okla. 


Cert.; b. Aug. 15, 1847. near Ingersoll, Oxford Co., Ont.; s. Pellum Cartwright (b. 
Nov. 28, 1800, West Oxford, Ont.) & Mary Amelia (Gleason) Teeple (b. Sept. 20, 181 6, 
Rowe, Mass.) Prepared m Jennings Sem., Aurora; Todd Sem., Woodstock. Served 
as State Militiaman, on duty at the Chicago Fire, 1871; Private Sec'y to Recent Gregory. 
Univ. of 111.; Recorder U. S. I^ke Sur., Detroit, Mich., 1872; as Engr. in Charge of 
Field Work, Cartographer and Computer, 1877; lumber dealer until 1884; served as 
Village Trustee, 188^; Police Justice, i886;7; retired from bus. in 1884. Joint Author: 
£ng. IDept., U. S. A.; Tables showing; difference of level in feet, corresponding to a 
Riven angle, when the distance is read in metres or feet, and for Horizontal Reductions, 
for use with stadia, Washinalon Govt. Print. Office, 1879, 65 pp. Member Western Lit. 
Assoc. Died Apr. 2, 1888, Nashville, Tenn. 


•B. S., 1895; b. 1846, Pa. Prepared in Bement H. S. P. O. Clerk, Douglas Park. 
Chicago, 1904. Address, Douglas Park, Chicago, 111. 

•M. I-., 1894; Physician & Farmer; b. Mar. 30, 1848; s. Rollin (b. Sept. o, 1808, N. 
Y.) & Alma Taylor (Lyons) Whitcomb (b. Dec. 31, 1819, Coalrain, Mass.) Prepared in 
I. S. N. U. Philomathean. Phys. ana Sur., St. Paul, Minn., 1889-1905; Phys. and 
Fruit Farmer, Rogers, Ark., i905-9' Member III. State Med. Assoc.; Champaign Co. Med. 
Soc. (Pres. 1885-7); Amer. Med. Assoc; Ramsey Co., Minn. Med. Soc.; Benton Co., 
Minn., Med. Soc; U. S. Pension Exam. Bd. Married Mattie Julia Beach. Ort. 27, 1880. 
Children, E^win, b. Sept. 7, 1881; Alma Dwight, b. Dec. 18, 1887; Dwight Cummins, b. 
Apr. 24, 1891; Lois, b. Dec. i, 1897. Died Apr. 10, 1909, Rogers. Ark. 


Cert.; Farmer; b. Nov. 30, 1845; s. Jonathan L. (b. Jan. 18, 1803, Jonesboro, Wash. 
Co., Tenn.) & Aurora B. (Foster) Wootf (b. Sept. s, 181 1, Winthrop, Mass.) Prepared 
in Sawyers Acad., Bunker Hill. Philomathean; Delta Tau Delta; Pres. Coll. Govt. Co. 
F-, 133d 111. Inf. Vol., and Co. G., 150th 111. Inf. Vol. Militiaman at Chicago during 
the great fire in Oct., 1S71; Brevet Capt., I. N. G. Filled various positions as Supt. in 
Co. Fair Assoc, & political offices, such as Justice of the Peace, Assessor, Highway 
Comm., Two. Superv., Sch. Trustee, etc. Married Eliza J. Howell, Jan. 1, 1880. Address. 
Woodburn, HI. 

CLASS OF 1873 (14) 


•M. L., 1893; Minister; b. Apr. 5, 1847, Oregon, Mercer Co., Ky.; s. James M. (b. July 

14, 1811, Ky.) & Ellen (Ficklin) Graham (b. Oct. 7, 1820, rfo.) Prepared in Pri. Sch. near 
Eldorado. Mercer Co. Adelphic; Charter mem. & first Secy., Y. M. C. A. Licensed as 
Presb. Minister, 1874; ordained Winfield, Kan., 1879. Served number of churches (longest 
time with any, eleven years). Called "The Church Builder of Kansas," having been 


instrumental in building seven during his ministry. One of the speakers at the first 
Alumni Araoc. meeting held June 8, 1875. Member Emporia Presbsrtervj seventeen years. 
Represented that body in the Gen. Assem. of Presb. Church in the U. S. A. convened in 
Portland, Ore., 1892; introduced in that meeting the first anti-tobacco resolution ever 

Box 124 Kampsville, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 5 & 236) 

*M. S. 1891; Farmer; b. Nov. i, 1848, Spring Grove, 111.; s. Lewis (b. Apr. 20, 1814, 
Hebron, N. Y.) & Mandana (Cole) Hatch (b. July 25, 1825, Hill, N. H.) Prepared in 
Diitt. Sch.; Elgin Acad. Philomathean; Agr. Club. Trustee, 1899-1905, also 1907-13, Pres.. 
Bd. of Trustees, 2 vr.; Superv., Burton Twp., 10 yr.; Pres. Agr. Soc of McHenry Co., 5 yr. 
Author: The Hundredth Man in Horticulture, V. 28, 111. Hort. Rep.; various lectures pub- 
lished in Farmers Institute Reports of 111. Member State Dairymans Assoc; Farmers In- 
stitute. Married Anna Melissa Reynolds, Belvidere, 111., Jan. 3, 1876 (d. Mar. 26, 1896); 
Mrs. Ethelyn Baker Foster, Dec. 21, 1905, Chicago. Address, Spring Grove, 111. 


B. S., 1878; *M. S., 1894: Teacher; b. June 28, 1851, Darke Co., O.; s. Samuel (b. 
1812, Pa.) & Elizabeth (Martin) Hays (b. 1812, O.) Prepared in Pub. Sch. Adelphic, Pres. 
Mine Supt. in Colo., x88a* Teaching, 1885 — Author: Best Methods of Raising House 
Plants, 1876. Deacon, Elder, of Church; Pres. of Colo. Acad, of Sci., 1901-2; Secy., 
Sci. Sec. State Teachers Assoc, 1909-10; Pres., Sci. Sec State Teach. Assoc, 1910-11. 
Address^ N. Side High School, Denver, Colo. 


Ctrt. in C. E.; Editor; b. Dec. 10, 1847. LaSalle, III.: a. Thomas Walker (b. Nov., 
181 1, Ire.) & Charlotte (C^dwell) Hennessey (b. Jan., 1821, N. Y.) Prepared in Pub. Schs. 
Attended Niagara Univ., Niagara Falls, ff. Y., 1868-9. Adelphic. Author: published 
the LaSalle Tribune for some years. Married Emma Bassett, Jan. i, 1876 (d. Oct. 7, 1889). 
Children, Ethel, b. Dec. 1876 (d. Mar^ 1894); Enid, b. Aug., 1880; Leroy, b. Feb., 1882; 
Lora, b. May, 1885. Address, 3210 Harvard St., Chicago, 111. 


*B. S., 1895; Dairyman and Farmer; b. Nov. 28, 1848, Columbus, O.; s. John William 
(b. Nov. XI, 1823, Hesse, Ger.) & Barbara Ellen (Clark) Hill (b. Jan. 10, 1823. Worthing- 
ton, O.) Prepared in Brothers Sch. Teutopolis; also a school in southern 111. Capt. Philo- 
mathean. Farming, 1882; Farming & Sheep Raising, 1880; Dairying & Farming, 1899- 
190^, (Carolina, Porto Rico. Married Jennie M. Detmers, Oct. 28, 1874, Manhattan, Kan. 
CThiidren, William Henry, b. Oct 15, 1875; Edgar Louis, b. Nov. 13, 1877; Mary Ellen, 
b. Feb. 21, 1882; Charles Frederic, b. Aug. 17, 1882; Edith, b. Apr. 10, 1885 (d. May 14, 
1885): Freda Margaret, b. May 3, 1886; Robert Elsmere, b. Jan. 5, 1889; Jeannette Bar- 
bara, D. Mar. 4, 1892. Died Oct. 10, 1905, Elgin, Texas. 

*B. L., 1895; b. 1854. Entered from Urbana. Deceased. 


(Father of No. 2180) 

Cert., 18^4; C. E., 1892; b. Aug. 2, x845> Grant Co., Ind.; s. Joseph (b. i799i N. Car.) 
& Mary (Smith) Morrow (b. 181 o, Va.) Prepared in Jonesboro (Ina.) H. S.; State Nor. 
Sch., Oswego, N. Y. Philomathean. Civ. Engr., with U. S. Laice Sur. most of time, 
1 871-8 ; Farmer, 1878-88; with U. S. Eng. Dept. at large, 1891-11. Married Harriet M. 
Case, Feb. 7, 1878, Mendota. 111. (d. Sept. xo, 191 1). Children, Nelson, b. Nov. 6, 1879; 
Louise, b. Mar. 13, 1882. Address, Altamont, Kan. 


B. S. in C. E. 1878; D. Eng., 1903; Civ. Engr. & mem. Miss. Riv. Comm.; b. Mar. 4, 
1848, Skane, Sweden (came to U. S. 1851): s. Jons Akerson (b. Sweden) & Boel_Tons 
(Dotler) Ockerson (b. 1803. .(^0.) Prepared in Elmwood H. S. Tau Beta Pi; Ptes., 
Adelphic; Pres., Coll. Govt. Level & Transit man, A. T. & S. F. IL R.; Asst., U. S. Lake 
Sur.; Asst. Engr., Eads Jetties, 1876; Prin. Asst. Engr., Miss., Riv. Improvement: Engr. 
& Mgr., Silver Age Mining Co^;^ Colo., 1910-11; Engr. in charfl« Colo. Riv. work. Jury of 
Awards, Paris Exptn., 1900; Chief Dept. Liberal Arts, La. Purchase &cptn., 1902-5, & 
mem. Superior Jury of Awards. Member Miss. Riv. Comm., 1898— U. S. Del. to 
Intematl. Cong, of Merchant Marine, Paris, 1900; U. S. Dd. to Internatl, Cong, of 
Navigation. Paris. 1900; Res. Comm. for Sweden, La. Purchase Exptn., 1903; U. S. Del. 

1898; Amer. Soc. of C. E., Pres. same, 19x2; twice Vice Pres. & twice Pres., St. Louis 
En^s. Club: G. A. R.; Noonday Club, St. Louis; Bellevive Country Qub, same; Pres., 
Univ. of ni. Alumni Assoc of St. Louis. Author: Numerous articles contributed to 

1874] Baccalaureate Alumni 83 

Trans, Anur. Soc. of C, E.; Jour, Associated Engr. Sacs,; Engr. /oiirna/.; Proceedings 
Eighth Intcrnatl. Cong, of Navigation. Paris, looo; same, Tenth Cong., MUan, 1905; 
I nth Cong., St. Petersburg, 1908; Engr. Cong., Glasgow, Scotland, 190 1; & Official Kpts. 
Married Helen M. Chapin, Nov. 3. 1875, Detroit, Mich. (d. Mar. 1886); Clara W. Shackel- 
ford, June 4, 1890, St. Louis, Mo. Address, 501 Clara Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


•M. L., in Agr., 1894; Farmer & Stock Raiser; b. Damascus, 111.; s. Norman (b. Oct. 
IS. 181 x) & Phila Ann (Martrinc) Phillips (b. 182a, Albany, N. Y.) Prepared in Rock 
Rnr. Sem. Phalomathean; Y. M. C. A. Magistrate, 4 yrs.; Election Comm., 4 yrs. Address, 
Madison Sta.. Miss. 


•M. L., 1893; Judge; b. Aug. ao, 1854. Warren, 111.; s. John D. (b. Nov., 1824, Otsego 
Co., N. Y.) & Julia E. (Carpenter) Piatt (b. 1824. do,) Prepared in Warren H. S. Adel- 

appointed Judge loth Jud. Dist. of la., 1898; elected to that office, 1898, 1902. 1906, 19 10. 
Married Delia Mary Phelps, Apr. 21, 1887, Waterloo, la. (d. May 7, 1907); Myrle R. 
Sarvay, June z6, 1909, Carthage. N. Y. Children, Franklin C. (d. in infancy); Alice 
Virginia, b. Jan. 28, 1893; Elda May, b. Nov. 19, 1895. Address, 515 E. 3d St., Water- 


•C E., 1894; Real Est. & Loan bus^ b. Auff. x8, 1851, Worthington, Pa.; s. James B. 
(b. Aug. 10, 1826, Worthington, Pa.) & Elvira Henrietta Porterfield (b. Mar. 5, 1829, do.) 
Prepared in Sidney H. S. Adelphic. Co. Survyr., Buffalo Co.. Nebr., 12 yrs.; City Engr., 
Kearney, Nebr., 8 vrs., ending 1902. Married Avis Scott, Feb. 28, 1889, Kearney, Nebr. 
Address, Kearney, Nebr. 


(Husband of No. 88) 

*M. S., 1891; b. Oct. 6, 184^, Springfield, N. Y.; s. Joseph (b. 180^, Belchertown, 
Mass.) & Emma (Bates) Robbins (b. i8i9f Kensington. Eng.) Prepared in Gram. Schs., 
N. Y. City. Ph. D., Wesleyan, Bloomington, z888. Sunt, ox Schs., L]rons, la., 12 yrs.; 
Pueblo, Colo., 1894-6; Univ. of Chicago, i896-9. Invented a force pump in 1870. Author: 
Many published speeches & addresses; contributed to several educ jours.; Camping on the 
Miss., a book for ooys. Officer in Scottish Rite Masonry, 10 yrs.; 32d deg. Mason: memb. 
Mystic Shrine. Married Margaret Esther Stewart ('75) > Dec 31, z879* Child, Alice 
May. Died Feb. 6, 1889, Chicago. 


B. S. and C. E., 1878; Architect; b. Jan. 5. 1846, Westmoreland Co., Pa.; s. Henry 
(b. 1801, Pa.) & Margaret (Gardner) Swartz (b. z8o6, do.). Prepared at home. Philo- 
mathean. Instr. in Arch, and Math., Univ. of 111.. 1873-7; Locating Engr. on Santa Fe 
from Kan. City to Chicago; Arch., (A. C. Swartz & Son), Fresno, Calif. First Asst. in 
first R. R. Sur. over Marshall Pass, 1877; had important part in great rairoad war for 
possession of Grand Canyon of the Ark., 1877-8, between tne Santa Fe and D. & R. G. 
Companies. Served as private in Chicago. 1871. Member Christian Church. Married 
Charlotte Ellen Lloyd, Dec. 10, 1878, Areola, 111. Children. Howard S., b. Jan. xo, X882 
(d. Augr- 6, 1909); Fred L., b. June 9> 1885; Burton A., b. Oct. 5, 1887. Address, Fresno, 

•M. S., 1894; Lawyer; b. June 7, 1850, Keokuk, la.; s. William Henry (b. Nov. x8, 
1803, Argyle, N. Y.) & Abby Lydia (White) Williams (b. June 20, 1814, Putney, Vt.) 
Prepared in Perry, Pike Co^ 111.; New Ipswich, Appleton Acad., N. H.; B. L,, Keokuk 
Coll. of Law, 1884. Chm., State Convention which organized la. Branch, Natl. Farmers' 
Alliance and several years State Secy. & State Lecturer of same; Twice Chm. of Com. 
on Resolutions, Natl. Alliance, and two years Natl. Lecturer. Thrice Pres. Scientific Soc. 
U. of I. Two Years (^. Survyn Lee Co., la. Teacher & Prin. 1873-1884; Lawyer, Real Est., 
Loan, and Ins. Agt., X884. Married Laura Jane Steadman, May 4, 1880, Henry Co., la. 
(Hiildren, Eva Theodora, b. June 13, 1883; Bertha E., b. Apr. i, 1885 (d. Nov., 1886.) 
Paul William, b. Nov. x8, x888; Ralph Steadman, b. Mar. 28, 1891. Address, 24 N. 5th 
St., Room 3> Second story, Estes Bldg., Keokuk, la. 

CLASS OF 1874 (19) 


(Father of Nos. 1447, 2308, 2309, 2878) 

B. S. In C. E.; C. E.; 1878; D. Eng., 1903; Professor; b. Sept. 23. 1853, Linton, 
Ind.: s. Hiram Walker (b. Mar. 11, 1826, Lewiston, N. Y.) & Amanda (Osborn) Baker 
(b. Sept. 3, x82c, Linton. Ind.) Prepared in Mattoon H. S. Adelphic. Asst. in C. £. 
& Phys. Univ. of 111., 1874-8; Instr. in C. E., X878.9; Asst. Prof., X879-1880: Prof., x88o — 
Author: Treatises on Masonry Construction, Leveling, Durability of Brick Pavements, 
Engr.'s Surveying Instruments, Roads and Pavements; besides various arts, in eng. jours. 
andj)roc. of Eng. Socs. Member Amer. Soc. of C. E.; Western Soc. of C. E.; Soc. rrom. 
of £ng. Educ. (Pres. 1893-4, X899-X900); 111. Soc. of Engr. (Pres. i887-x889); Deacon 

84 University of Illinois U^7A 

Cong. Church. Married Emma Burr, Aug. is, 1877 (<!• June 21, iQ"). Children. 
Horatio Weber ('oi) b. July 9. 1879: Imo ('05), b. June 26, 1882; Cecil Franklin ('07). b. 
Nov. 19, 1883; Ira Webster ('05). b. Mar. 17, 1884. Address, 1107 W. Oregon St., Ur- 
bana, III. 


•M. L.. 1893; M. D.; Physician (retired); b. June 25, 1847, O.; Prepared in Com. 
Schs. Retired Phys. Pharm. & Farmer. Address, Fort Garland, Colo. 


(Mother of Nos. 2590, 3291) 

*M. L. 1892; b. Jan. 11, 1854, Elm Grove, 111.; d. Daniel Arnold (b. July 26, 1827, 
Providence, R. I.) & Sarah Reed (Walker) Cheever (b. Apr. i, 1829, Deering, N. H.) 
Prepared Peoria H. S.; Alethenai; (one of the founders, the first Secy., and later Pres.); 
first lady Vice-president., Stud. Govt.; Vice-pres., Class. Teacher in pub. schs. and teacher 
of music until 1878. Member Cong. Church; Champaign Soc. Sci. Club. Married Al- 
phonso Hunt Bryan, Nov. 19, 1878, Peoria, lU. (d. Nov. 27, 1910). Children, Helen 
Gordon, b. May 3, 1883, Sarah Elizabeth, b. June 15, 1886. Address, 508 S. Fourth St., 
Champaign, 111. 


•B. S., 189s; Farmer; b. Apr. 15, 1842, Nicomita, Turkey; s. James Gerigorial & 
Noon-yah Gregory (b. liscutory, CJonstantinople, Turkey). Farminp; in Bakdjedjck, Turkey. 
Member Cong. Church; A. F. & A. M. Died Aug. 16, 1906, Bakdjedjck, Turkey. 

(Brother of No. 3) 
•M. L., 1894; Attorney; b. Oct. 17, 1850, Bennington, Ind.; s. Henry (b. 182^, Fort 
Massac, 111.) ft Lydia (Bassett) Drury (b. 1823, Bennington, Ind.) Prepared in Mason, 
H. S. Philomathean. Member, Co. Univ. Cadets called out at request of Gov. to do police 
duty in Chicago at time of great fire in 1871. Teacher, 1874-7; Law Stud., 1877-9; Ad- 
mitted to bar in 1880. Practiced Law in S. Dak. 1880 — Married Mary Ochsner, Lone 
Rockf Wis., Nov. 1885. Children, Mary L., b. 1893; Joseph H., b. 1897. Address, Cham- 
berlain, S. Dak. 


(Brother of No. 64) 

*B. S. in 1895; Farmer; b. Oct. 14, 1849, North American Phalanx, Monmouth Co., 
N. J.; s. Lucius (b. Aug. 7, 1814, Hancock, Vt.) & Lucy (Cleveland) Eaton (b. June 11, 
1824, North Hector, N. Y.) Married Grace E. Baker, Nov. 19, 1881, (d. Apr. 2, 1900, 
Bloomington). Children, Amy Pearl, b. Apr. 21, 1883; Howard Lucius, b. Feb. 5, 1888; 
Berenice Loveday. b. Mar. 5, 1896; Ralph Parker, b. Aug. 5, 1898. Address, R. F. D. 
No. 58, Sidney, 111. 


*C. £., 1892; b. 1854, O.; s. Erastus Ells. Died Feb. 26, 1896, Kansas City, Mo. 


(Bro. of Nos. 174, 17s) 

*C. E., Z903; Civ. Eng.; b. Aug. 13, 1850. Paris, O.; s. Isaiah & Sevilla (Smith) 
Estep. Delta Tau Delta. Specialized in R. R. location & constr.; held various positions, 
including Asst. Engr., O. R. & N. Co. & N. P. R. R. in Ore., Wash., Ida., & Mont., etc., 
1874, 1900. Prin. Asst. En^r.; St. L. R. R. Co., Minneapolis, Minn., ^900-3; Asst. Engi- 
neer N. P. R. R. Co., Lewiston, Id., 1905; Engr., St. L. R.. S. Dak., 1906; Dist. Engr., 
Milwaukee, R. R., Id., 1907-8; Asst. Engr., G. N. R. R., Wenatchee, Wis., 1909; Asst. 
Engr., Grand Trunk R. R., Southbridge, Mass., 191 o — Married Giertrude M. McConsland, 
(d. May 15, 1909; Seattle. Wash.); Mrs. Jennie Hobbs, Nov. 22, 1910, Seattle, Wash. 
Address, P. O. Box 1535 Providence. R. I. 


Cert, in Agr., 1877; Violinist; b. Mar. 27, 1854, Wortley, Eng.; s. Charles (b. Dec, 
z8oo, Rotherham, Eng.) & Mary (Robinson) Foster (b. June 11, 1817). Prepared by 
private tntors. Philomathean. Organized & conducted the first Univ. orchestra & also 
conducted the first male chorus composed of Univ. students. Dir. of Mus.» Univ. of 111., 
1894-5. Author of maxw articles for musical papers. Married Alethea M. Burnap, Sept. 
24, 1894, Champaign. Children, Alice E., b. Sept. i, 1898; Alethea M., b. Mar. 6, 1902. 
Address, 713 W. (Jreen St., Champaign, 111. 


•B. S., in Agr., 1878; b. 1846, Athens, Greece. Dir. of Agr. Address, Nicosia, 
Cyprus, (t). 


•M. S., 1894; Pharmacist; b. Jan. 30, 1853, Lyndon, 111.; s. Perry L. (b. Enfield, N. Y.) 
& Philcna (Fitch) Jeffers (b. Pa.) Prepared at Lyndon, 111. Pres., Adelphic; Y. M. C. A.; 
Choral Soc: Univ. Band; Asst. in Chem. Lab. Clerk for S. A. Sheppard & Co., Boston, 
Mass., 187^; same, J. A. Blake, Ipswich, Mass., 1876-81; opened Dusiness as prop, of 
Pharmacy in Swampscott, Mass., 1881; opened branch store, same town, 1898. Deacon in 
Cong. Church; memb. Salem Oratorio Soc, several yrs. ; Pres., Swampscott Lodge, 
I. O. O. F. ; First Pres., Boston's Assoc, of Univ. of 111. Alumni. Married Elizabeth B. 

1874] Baccalaureate Alumni 85 

Stalker, Dec 25, 187s, Ipswich, Mass. (d. Aug., x888); Clara M. Colcord, May 12, 1892, 
Swampscott. Children, Lcroy, b. Aug. as, 1876: Lyndon B., b. Mar. 14* 1885; Perry C, 
b, Apr. 4, 1893. Address^ 164 Humphrey St., Swampscott, Mass. 


(Brother of No. 80) 
•M. S., 1892; Ostrich Farmer; b. Feb. 9f 1851, Mechanicsburg, 111.; s. William 
Smith, (b. March 28, 1807, Montgomery Co., Ky.) & Amanda Priscilla (Watson) Pxckrcll 
(K Apr. 10, x8i6. Mason (;o., do.) Prepared in Springfield H. S. Delta Tau Delta. Live 
Stock farming, 1874-85; Elec Lighting & Gas, 1885-95; Ostrich Farming, 1895— Married 
Georgiana M. Keith, Nov. 15, 1883, Chicago. Children, John Keith, b. Feb. 3. 1885; Abbie 
Beatrice, b. Dec. 12, 1887; William Smith, b. Mar. 27, 1896. Address, 364 N. 7th Ave., 
Phoenix, Ariz. 

(Brother of No. 81) 

•A. B., 1878; Loans & Ins. bus.; b. Aug. 24, 1853, Canaan, Conn.; s. William Gifford 
(b. Nov. 27, 1816, dfl.) & Jane E. (Adam) Pierce (b. Nov. 16, 181 5, do.) Prepared in 
Elmwood, H. S.; Knox Acad., Galesburg, 111. Beta Theta Pi; Philomathean ; Delta Tau 
DelU; one of the editors of Student, also of Illini. Practiced law, Champaign, 1897-83; 
Citv Atty., same, 1882-3; engaged in bus.. Farm Loans, Real Est. & Ins., 188^-95; connected 
with Omaha Mercury, a law publication, 1 895-1 902; Deputv Auditor & Ins. Comm. of 
Nebr., 1903-9; Vice Pres., Lincoln Accident Ins. Co. & memb. Ins. firm of Pierce & Hat- 
field, also connected with Security Savings & Loan Assoc, 191 o — Married Margaret Harris, 
May 20, 1880, Champaisn, 111. Children, William Dwight, b. Nov. 16, x88i; R07 Gif- 
foro, b. Oct. 23, 1884; Paul Harold, b. Oct. 3, 1887. Address, 1728 Cherry St., Lincoln, 

(Wife of No. 49; Mother of No. G 189) 

*B. L., 1878; b. Mar. 13, 1853, Albion, Mich; d. Aaron (b. Apr. 9, 1820, Ft. Edward, 
N. Y.) & Frances Augusta (Shaw) Potter (b. May 31, 1830, do.) Prepared at home. 
Charter mem. Alethenai; Stud. Govt.; Phi Beta Kappa. Taught in Engl. Dept in coll. 
in Ark., 1875-7. Has written constantly for publication since graduation, i)ubli8hing 
stories, verse, descriptive letters and articles on religious & educational subjects; re- 
viewer of current literature since 1876. Author: Serials, Through Devious Ways; Ich 
Dien; Rose Cottage; The Phantom Flower; etc. One of first two women members of 
Mont. Press Assoc. Member Home & For. Mission Socs.; charter mem. R. I. Short Story 
Club; Mont. Press. Married Henry Sheldon Reynolds (*74). June 10, 18^4, in Univ. 
parlors by Regent Gregory. Children, Vinton Irving, bv Dec. 16, 1878; Ernest Shaw, 
b. Dec 7, 1884; Paul Kea, b. June 15, i88q (d. Apr., 1891); Frederick Aaron, b. May 
14, 1893. Address, 60 Evergreen St., Providence, R. I. 


(Husband of No. 48; Father of No. G189) 

*B. S., 1878, *M. S., 1879; Religious work with Publ. Soc; b. Sept. 19, 1849, 
Providence, R. I.; s. Jeremiah Anthony (b. May 11, 1820) & Charlotte S. (Vinton) Reyn- 
olds (b. Sept. 13, 1822). Prepared in country schs. & State Nor. Sch., Bloomington, 111. 
Scientific & Adelphic Ph. D., Judson Univ., 1882. Taught Chem. & Nat. Hist, Ark., 
1875-7; farming, 2 yrs.; grad. course in Univ.; Prospector & Assayer in Colo. & Mont.; 
taught I yr.; Supt. of Concentrator; Rancher, 6 yrs.; Prof, of Nat. Sci., Union Coll., 
Lincoln Nebr.; Religious work with Publ. Soc. last 7 :^rs. Held church offices & different 
offices connected with Franklin Soc. of Providence; Sci. Soc. organized, 1822. Number of 
GeoL lectures delivered there as. From Mine to Mint; Some Common Fossils; Along the 
Shore; & other R. I. lectures. Married Frances Adelia Potter ('74) June 10, 1874, Ur- 
bana. 111. Children, Vinton Irving; Ernest Shaw; Paul Rea (d.X; Frederick Aaron. 
Address, 60 Evergreen St., Providence, R. I. 


B. S.. 1874, Draftsman: b. Jan. 12, 1849, Baden, Ger.; s. Charles (b. Apr. 15, 182 1, 
Ger.) & Katharena (Leicht) Smith (b. Jan. i, 1816). Prepared in private H. Schs. & 
home studies. Adelphic; Telegraphic Soc; Band. Invented Reversing Link for Steam 
Engine* Pat., No. 203,662, 1878; Metallic Scale for Draftsmen, Pat. No. 287,480, 1883; 
"T' Square, No. ^07,419, 1884; Scale Holder for Draftsman, No. 332,958, 1885; Metallic 
Triangle for Draftsmen, No. 437>870, 1890; also the following inventions not patented. 
The Over-hanging Arm Brace tor Milling Machines; Blue Print Frame; Automatic two- 
KtSLT Coaster & Brake for Bicycles. Author: Arts, for the American Machinist, Balancing 
Engines, x88i, p. 5; Cushion Balance, i88x, p. 6; Steam Engine Economy, 1882, p. 5; 
New Reversing Link for Steam Engines, Van Nostrand's Engr. Mag.; 1879, p. 123; Im- 
proved Method of Finding the Diameters of Cone & Step Pulleys, Trans, of Amer. Soc. 
of M. B., Vol. 8, p. 464; also many others along engr. subjects. Married Mary Jewett 
Trafton, Apr. 29, 1884, Central Falls, R. I. Address, 563 Stanbridge St., Norristown, Pa. 


•C. E., 1894; b. May 10, 1854, Buffalo, N. Y.; s. Joseph Story. Engr. & Survyr in 
So. Calif., x88a — Pres. Bd. of Educ, San Luis, Calif.; V. Pres., Co. Bd. of Educ, do. 
Member, Board of Health, do. A. F. & A. M.; K. T.: K. P. Married Captola Evans, Feb. 
24, 1886, San Luis Obispo, Calif. Address, 1342 Garden St., San Luis Obispo, Calif. 

86 University of Illinois [1875 


*B. S., 1895; Phvs. & Sun; b. Feb. 6, 1854, Farmingdale, 111. ; s. Charles (b. Jan. 
10, X804, N. H.) & Elizabeth (Innis) Watte (b. Dec 31, 1813, Countv Down, Ire.) Pre- 
pared in Sprinfftield IL S. Delta Tau Delta, Capt. M. D^ Uniy. of Mich., 1878. Teacher, 
^874-5; Phys. and Sur., 1878 — Member Aicer. Inst, of Hom^ late Maj. ana Sur., Ohio 
N. G., i9o>5. Married Emelie C Shunck, Oct. vo, 1884. Children, Edna Imogene, b. 
Jan. 10, 1886; Frederick W., b. Oct. 19, 1887. Address, 1035 Superior St., Toledo, O. 


*B. S., 1895; b. 1851, III.; 8. Evans Wharry. Died, June 28, 1896, Sycamore, 111. 

CLASS OF 1875 (37) 


•B. L., 1805; b. Lexington, Ky.; d. C. N. (b. Ky.) & A. J. (Noble) Anderson (b. do.) 
Prepared in Champaign Sem. Member, M. E. Church. MarrieidJ. R. Grecnhalgh, x88o. 
Champaign, 111. Address, 217 E. Twelfth St., Oak Cliff, Dallas, Tex. 


(Father of No. 2311) 

*B. S., 1895; b. Aug. 22, 1852, Porter O)., Ind.: s. Oliver W. (b. Aug. 4{ 1828) & 
Mary Jane (Williams) Barnard (b. Feb. 10, 1832, Wayne Co., Ind.^ Prepared in Kan- 
kakee H. S. Delta Tau Delta: Adelphic Dairying, 1887; Supt. Machine Shop, 1880: Supt. 
Aermoter Co., 1894; Supt. Fairbanks-Morse, 1898; Supt. Temple Pump Co. Invented 
Windmill, 1894; gas engine, 1898; steel tower; speed-changing driving & reversing de- 
vices for grinder, 1900-1905 ; improvement on explosive motor, 1905; motor vehicles, 1905. 
Married Kate L. Bordwell, Dec. 12, 1877, Manteno, 111. Children, Ruby Allison, b. June 
28, 1880; Lela Ethelyn ('05), b. Nov. 17, 1882; Gilenn Milton, b. Aug. 13, 1885. Died, 
Apr. 4, 1905, Chicago, III. 


(Brother of No. 255, 301) 

*B. S. in Chem; 1878; Mining; b. June 18, x8$s, Stockbridge, Vt.; s. Oramel 
Churchill (b. Sept. 9* 1829, Bridprewater, Vt.) & Caroline (Ellis) Barnes (b. Feb. ao, 
1829, Norwood, Mass.) Prepared m Champaign H. S. Tutor, Univ. of 111., 1873*7; Drug 
bus. 1877-86; Mortgage and Loan bus., 1886-91; Manufacturer of high grade clay build- 
ing products^ 1891-6; Elec. insulation, 1896, 1904; Mgr. of water company, 1904-7; Mining, 
1907 — Original research work upon heavv insulation materiaL Married Kittie Wheeler, 
Oct, 7, x88^, Topeka, Kan. Children, Helen, b. Jan. 24. 1888; Katherin, b. July 7, 1892; 
Gladys, b. July 3, 1903. Address, Goldfield, Nev. 


*M. S., 1892: Banking; b. May 12, 1852. Genoa, 111.; s. Teremiah Libby (b. Apr. 17, 
1805, Scarborouffh, Me.) « Eliza Ann (Jackman) Brown ^b. May 26, 1826, Shadifl^e, 
Franklin Co., N. Y.) Prepared at Sycamore, III. & Univ. Acad.; Scientific; Philo- 
mathean. Practicing Veterinary, 1877-1881; Gen. Store, 1880-1882; Banker, 1882 — Two 
terms Pres. Village Bd.; six terms Prcs. Bd. of Educ; two terms Superv. Pre. De Kalb 
Co. Sail Improve. Assoc. Married Emily E. Pond, May 16, 1878, Genoa, 111. Children, 
Claude, b. Mar. 15, 1880 (d. Oct. 23, 1886); Earle W., b. July 30, 1882: Bayard, b. May 
21, 1891, one daughter and one son died in infancy. Address, Genoa, 111. 


B. L.; M. L., 1881; Banking & Real Est.; b. Feb. 17, 1852, Marengo, 111.: a. Milo S. 
(b. 1826, Burns, N. Y.) & Hanah M. (Drake) Brown (b. 1830, Cuyler, N. Y. Pre- 
pared in Marengo H. S.: Philomathean (Pres.). Teaching to Feb., 1882; Loan & Real 
Est., 1882- 1 890; Abstracting & Real Est., 1890-1899; Banking, abstracting & real est., 
1899 — I vith Brown Brothers State Bank & Trust (Company. Member, M. E. Church: 
SupL of S. S. & on official boards, etc.; Aberdeen, S. Dak. Social Sci. Club. Married 
Mary L. Manley, June 9, 1880. Tolono, 111.; Children, Paul M., b. Apr. 30, 1883; Norma 
M., b. Nov. 24, i886; Clinton F., b. June 13, 1890; Address, Aberdeen, S. Dak. 

(Mother of No. 3109; Sister of No. 93) 

1899-1900: Missionary Soc. Pres. Church. Married Milton Moore, Mar. xo, 1880, Philo, 
111. Children, Harold, b. June 6, 1883, (d. June 8, i88p); Mabel D., ('07), b. Mar. 28, 
1885; Bertha Louisa, b. Feb. 22, 1887; Herbert Campbell, b. June 18, 1892, (d. Dec. 19, 
1894). Address, Clinton, III. 


(Husband of No. 72; Brother of No. 261) 

*B. S.; 1895; En^neer; b. July <, 1852, Linton, Ind.; s. Isaiah (b. July 1^, 1825) ^& 
Elizabeth (Osborn) Coddington (b. Marcn 22, 1829). Prepared in H. S. Menomonie, 

Planing Mill, 1898-1901; 
and 1 89 1. Married Alice 

Wis. Arch. 1878-1885; Planing Mill, 1885-91: Arch. 1891-1898; Planing Mill, 1898-1901; 
Bridge and Mech. Engr., 1901 — Patents on Split Pulleys, 1890 and 189 1. Married Al' 

1875I Baccalaureate Aluusi 87 

La ('»<), June >i. i8>6, ChuniMign, HI. CbUdrtn, Corinae, b. 1877; Samuel Cedl, b, 
tSSi; A^b, b. iS8«; Lee, b. iS8s (d- 1888); Clyit, b. 18871 Kutb, b. iS8»; Paul, b. iBg2. 
Aidrett. N. Hawankee, ^i<), 


'B. S., 1895: Eiigin«rj b. Nor. ifi, 1853, Brlle Plain, 111.; a. Cbarlea (b. Doucaater, 
Ew) ft Man Eliubeth (Fenr) Dobion (b. IC7.) Prepared in Minonk Pub. Scbs. Prea. 
FhOinutbean, X. R. MaintcDance, Conitr., operation & aurvem Member Baptiat Cbureb; 
WcMerrr Sot Enira. Married Mar^ F. Milliroore, Dec, 187s, Janeiville, Wi«. (d. Feb., 
1887); Carrie R. Toppini, Mar., iSga. Children, Ella, b. Aug., 1895; Harriet, b. A[>r., 
iIKKi: Alfred Topping, b. liar., igoz. 'Died, Aug. is. igo6. 

(Brotber of So. 418) 

*B. S., in C. E.; iSgj; Lawrer: b. Dec 4. i8si, Cook Co., III.; a. Menzo (b. Dec ig. 
1S16, Pnlaaki. N. V.) « Arabella (Pierce) Duulap (b. Apr. 18, iSii, Sandy Creeli, N. Y.) 
Prepared in Diat. Scfa. Student till 1S81; Lawyer, 18B1— Married Clara J. Buaey, May 
t6, 1S88, Urbana. Children, Mathew E., b. Sept. la, iSgi; Francia E., b. Mar. 5, i8«4. 
Aiirtu. 1S4 W. Randolph St, Chicago. 


•M. S.. 1801; Sute Senator. Fanner & Fruii Grower; b. Not. 14, iSsj; a. Mathiaa 
Lane (b. 1814, Cherrr Valley, N. Y.) & Emeline (Pierce) Dunlap (h. Sandy Creek, N. Y.) 
Prepared in Savoy Cut. Sch. Coll. Council. Mem. Sute Senate i8cii-igia. Married Nora 
Bait, Inly s. 1877, Urbana. Children, Mabel, b. Jan. », ISS3 (d. Apr. 3, 1893)1 Clar- 
ence, t D^ a6. iSSti (d. Mat. 30, 1892); Daisy, b. Dec 13, 1844 W. Teb, 8, 1895). 

Ill, aToy, ^^ -ERNEST EATON 

(Brother of No. 40) 

•B. S., i8<JS: Fanner; b. Feb. 0, 1851, N. Am. Phalanx, Monmouth Co., N. J.: a. 
Locini (b. Aug. 7, 1814, Jantock, Vu) & Lucy (aevelaod) Eaton (b. June 11. 1814, 
Schuyler Co., N. Y.) Prepared in Com. Schs. Printing & Newapaper Work, 1877-89; 
Farming 1S89-1900. Married Joaephine E. Clift, Jan. lo, 1881. Children, Bertha Fay, b. 
Koi. 3, 1883; Frank Clifl, b. Sept, 15, '8S7; Leland Emeat, b. Dec 1, .900. 'Died, Apr. 
JO, 1900, Downa, Okla. 


•M. K, 1S91; Lawyer; b. Nov. iS, 1850, Tuscarogai Co., Ohio; a. Philip (b. Mar. t8, 
1894. Carroll Co.. O.) & Sunn (Staley) Evcrhart (b. May 14, 1837, Tuncarogaa Co., O.) 
Prepared in Neoga: Adelphic; Capt. Admitted to bar, 1S78; Married Clara Catr, Sept a*. 
1884. Toledo, 111. Children, Louiae, b. Apr. 15, 1886; Suiie, b. Nor. 18, 18B7; Millard C. 
b. Jdr iB, iSSp; Minnie, b. Jan. 3, 18911 Philip H., b. Apr. 6, 1894; GUdya, b. July 19, 
1S97. *Died Aug. I, 1899, Toledo, III. 

(Brother of No. 135) 

Cert.: b. Feb. a, 1853. Irvington, 111. Taught aebool at Ringwood, HI., 1875-6: in 
Calif., 1876-81. Waa the nominee of the republican party of Sonoma County, Calif., for 
Co. Sopl. of Pub. Scha., at the time of hii death. 'Died Oct. i, 1B83, Bloomfietd, Calif. 

•B. S., 189s: Heal Eat.; b. Dec v. Lake Co., 111.; a. Eljsha 

Giidtey (b. June aj, 1817, Ononda, rlolte Sawyer (Hunewcll) 

Gridley b. Sept. 18, 1817, Norwich, V .rivate acbs. Philomatheani 

farming & atockraiaiag until 1890: Ir 1S01.8; Deputy Co. Treaa, 

Lake Co., 1899-1900; Co. Treaa., i Wa. a member of the 

militia troop orginiied at the Univ. [our daya pati 

Chicago after the lite 01 Oct. 0. 187 Bilinaki of Di 

ni., Sept. 17. 1883. Children, Maud le, b. Sept. 11, taaa. y,a- 

iita, 3511 Sheffield Ave, Chicago, III. 


Cert, in L. & S.ib. Dec ii, 1847, Md.; d. Lewi* S, (b. i8ao. Md.) & Suaanna (Long) 
HuUinger (b. 1814, Pa.) Prepared in SterUng Sem., Diioa Sem., & Norihw. Coll. Alethe- 
nai: Coll. (3ovt. Taught acli. 11 yean. Married Charles M. Sterling, Oct. 31, 1877. 
Children, Lewis M.. b. Jan. 31, 1879; Kalherine Grace, b. Dec. 18, 1880. Addnii, sooi iiih 
Ate., Seattle, Waab. 


•B. L., 189s; b. June 15. i8s7. Huntington, Ind.: d. Isiael <b. 1818) 6 Mary Ann 
(Eitcp) Karihtr (b. iSio). Prepared in Chamaaign H. S. Married Albert Eisner, May 
II, 1879, Champaign, m. Children, Maurice, 1,. July a, iSSo; Harry, b. July 10, 1881 
(d. Hay 30, 189a); Albert, b. Sept. i. 1885; Edward, Oct. 17, 18891 Robert, b. Nov. 9, 
tSgti Katlafine, b. Nov. s, 1897. Address, 301 Umveriily Ave., Champaign, 111. 


•B. L.. 1S9;: b. Feb. i«, 1850, Woodsville, O.; d. Elijah (b, Sept. tS, 1819, L'Original, 
Can.) a rfary (Ballard) Kellogg (b. Sept. j. 1819, Geor^ Vt.) Prepared in Sem.. 

88 University of Illinois [1875 

Maumec City, O. Married Harry E. Hudson, Tunc 21, 1880, Hampton, la. Children, 
Birncy Vane, b. May 8, 1888; Oscar Junius, b. Dec. 5, 1884; Terence Elijah, b. Dec. 26, 
x886 (d. Aug. 27, 1887); Lepha Hazel, b. Nov. 18, 1888. Address, Dougherty, la. 

(Brother of No. 351) 
B. L., 1878; M. L., X 880: Editor & Publisher: b. Feb. 10, 1844, Carlylc. III.; a. George 
(b. June 29, 18 1 6. Carlisle, Pa.) & Ann (Shelley) Kenower (b. Mar. 10, 1829. Lancaster, 
Pa.) Prepared in rural & village schs., Hucy, III. Philomathean; Delta Tau Delta. 
Taught, 1875.82; Editor & Publisher, 1882 — Married Mary Jane Barth, 1877, Mascoutah. 
111. Child, Fcnn Carleton, b. June 20, 1878. Address, Wisner, Nebr. 

(Wife of No. 60) 
♦B. L., 1880; b. Mar. 17, 1851, Mt. Auburn. IlL; d. John McCollister & Kate (Chism) 
McCollistcr. Alcthenai. Married Vantyle William Coddington, June 21, 1876. Cham- 
paign, 111. Children, Corinne, b. June 15, 1877; Samuel Cecil, b. May X4» 1881; Adah, 
b. Feb. 20, 1884; Lee, b. June 10, 1885 (d. Nov. 8, 1888); Clyde, b. Aug. 21. 1887; Ruth, 
b. Mar. 8, 1889; Paul, b. Apr. 19, 1892. Address, N. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Cert, in L. & S.; b. 1852, Can.; s. Ira S. Leflar. Entered from Batavia, 111. Deceased. 


•B. S., 1878: Veterinarian: b. Aug. 21, 1853, Roscoe, 111.; s. Thomas (b. Feb. 2, 1807, 
Canterbury, N. H.) & Elira Burns (Greeley) Lyford (b. July 8, 1809, do.) Prepared 
in Beloit, Wis.. & Rockford, 111., H. Schs. Scientific; Philomathean. D. V. S., Montreal 
Vet. Coll., 1877; M. D. C. M.. McGill Med. Coll. Attended Royal Coll. of Vet. Surgeons, 
1879. Prcs. Northwestern Vet. Med. Coll., 1883-9- In 1888 invented patented & put on 
the market an appliance for breeding mares. Author: Barren Mares; articles. Operations 
on Corns and Contracted Feet, Fleming's Vet. Jour.; published in London, Castration of 
Crytorchides. 1879; Differential Diagnosis between Furunaelus and Farcy, 1902; Radical 
Operation for Bursal Enlargements, Amer. Vet. Review, 1901 ; Rep. of Coll. & Educ, 
same. 1903; etc., etc. Member Amer. Vet. Med. Assoc; Minn. State Vet. Med. Assoc; 
Pres. State Vet. Assoc^ & Vice Pres. & State Scc*y. Amer. Vet. Med. Assoc, at different 
times; Pres., Sec'y* & Treas. of Minn. State Vet. Med. Exam. Bd. Married Emma Laura 
Hendrickson, Dec. 23. 1885, St. Paul, Minn. Children. Stella Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1886; 
Dartt, b. Mar. 19, 1888; Kenneth, b. Sept. 2, 1889; Chester Dudley, b. Sept. 24, 1897. 
Address, 817 3d Ave., S. Minneapolis. Minn. 


*B. L., 1895; b. Tune 16, 1847, Defiance Co., O.; s. Philip (b. Mar. 22, 1823, 
Carlisle, Pa.) & Mary (Wissler) McCauley (b. Nov. 20, 181 9, Pickaway Co.) Prepared in 
Bryan Acad.. Bryan,' O. Philomathean. Taught in Pub. Schs. in 111., 1875-90; in Idaho, 
1890-3; Hist. & Math., Defiance Coll.. 1893-7; no regular occupation, 1897 — Address, 
Defiance. O. 


*B. S., 1885; Traveler, Interpreter, Illustrator, & Lecturer; b. Besigheim, Ger. Studied 
in Ger. & London. ^ Traveled widely in Europe & New Zeftiland. Interpreter at an 
Orientalist Congress in Stockholm; Delegate to Peace Congresses in Berne, Chicago, Ant- 
werp, Brussels; Lecturer at Universite Populare, Milan, Italy. Address, 1310 Tampa St., 
Tampa, Fla. 


•B. S. in C. E., 1895; Survyr. & Civ. Engr.; b. Oct. 3, 1849, McDonough Co., 111.; 
s. James B. (b. Apr. 27. 1797) & Elizabeth (Patton) Parks (b. Jan. 5, 1806, Rockbridge Co., 
Va.) Prepared in Monmouth, 111.. Acad. Philomathean, Pres.; Capt.; with Co. B at 
Chicago Fire; memb. ist senate of Coll. Govt. Editor Douglas Co. Review, i875'7; State 
News Editor. Dallas Daily Herald, Oct.. 1877; Hotel Cltrk & Newspaper (Jor., 1878; 
Survyr, Clarendon, Tex., 1878-83; Agt. for Tex. Land Co. of N. Y.; Dist. Deputy Survyr, 
1879-84; State Survyr of Tex., 1884-8; Dist Survyr, Tex., 1888-92; Justice of Peace, 
'894-5; U. S. Mineral Surveyr, 1896-— Mining, Goldfield, Nev., 1906-7. Invented Clino- 
meter, 1891; Tire Expander, 1893; Bicycle Lock, 1897; Typewriter bracket attached to 
desks. 1897. Pres., State Surveyor's Assoc, of Tex., 1892-3" memb. A. F. & A. M.; 
Pres., Masonic Club, Cripple Creek & Goldfield, Colo. & Vice Pres. same, different times. 
Married Vashti Wallace, Nov. 3, 1879, Danville, III. Children (adopted) Andrew Wallace 
Hull, b. 1868; Nellie, b. 1876; Nina, b. 1892. Address, Box 655, Goldfield, Nev. 


(Husband of No. 180) 

B. L.; M. L., 1878: Genl. Mgr., Cooperative Refining Co.; b. Sept, 29, 1849, Readsboro, 
Vt.; s. Beni. Battles (b. Oct., 1817, Vt.) & Polly Maria (Blanchard) Parsons (b. Sept. 
8, 1823, do.) Prepared in Waterloo (la.) H. S. Adelphic. Charge of Commercial Dept., 
Univ. of III., 187580; Hardware & Implement business, Wellington, Kan., 1880-5; Cashier, 
Woods, Parsons Co., 1880-3; founded Harper, Kan., Free Libr., 1880; organized Scott 
City Town Co.; laid out Scott City; organized Scott Co. bank; cashier, 1886-9: organized 
& became Pres. of Tribune Town Co.; Dir., Lcoti Town Co., Kan.; Minneapolis, Minn., 
1 yr.; Loan bus,; Cashier, Farmer's & Drover's I^ank, Kingman, Kan., 1890-4; lived on 

1 875) Baccalaureate Alumni 89 

ranch, 1895-ipoo; Kansas City, Mo., real est. & loaning, zgoi; oil bus. in Chanute field, 
organizing oil & ^as companies & producing oil; drilledT 63 wells; built & operating Kan. 
Cooperative Refining Co., is^oa — Has taken an active part in interesting young people 
in Higher education bv offering prizes, etc. Author of some articles. Member Univer. 
Church, S. S. Supt. & Trustee. Married Mary Sophronia Larned ('78), Aug. 11, 1881, 
Champaign, 111. Address, Chanute, Kan. 


•B. S., 1895: b. Apr. 2§, 1847, Whitewater, Wis.; s. Deland (b. Sept. s, 1813, Vt.) & 
Almaria Love (Drake) Patch (b. yan. 26, 1826, Boston, N. Y.), Machinist, i yr.; Supt. of 
New Doty Mfg. Co., Janesville, Wis. to 1898. Served in 3jd Wis. Vol. Inft. Co., 1862-5. 
Married Anniie Bell McNutt^ June 7, 1876, Champaign, 111. Child^ Clarence Emory, b. 
July 31, 1893, Janesville, Wis. *Died Mar. to, 1907, Janesville, Wis. 


(Brother of No. 46) 

*M. S.; 1892; Ostrich Farmer; b. Oct. 4, 1853, Mechanicsburg, 111.; s. William S. (b. 
Montgomery Co., Ky.) & Amanda P. (Watson) Fickrell (b. Mason Co., do.) Prepared in 
Pub. Sch., Sangamon Co., 111. Delta Tau Delta. Married Frances N. Ulen, Oct. 22, 1889, 
Catletsburg, Ky. (d. Dec. 16, 190.3). Children, Charles Ulen, b. June 4, 1892; William 
Watson, b, Apr. 15, 1894; Dorothy Frances, b. Feb. 7, 1896; Kenneth, b. Mar. 71, 18991 
•Died Sept. 6, 1907. 


(Sister of No. 47) 

Cert.; b. June 5, 1851, Canaan, Conn. : d. William Gifford (b. Nov. 27, x8i6, Canaan, 
Conn.) & Jane Elizabeth (Adam) Pierce (d. Nov. 16, 181 5, do.) Prepared in Knox Sem. 
Cxalesburg, 111., Alethenai. .Address, 1728 Cherry St., Sta. 6., Lincoln, Neb. 


(Brother of No. 190) 
•B. S., 1895; Lawyer; b. July 12, 1853. New Castle, Pa.; s. James M. (b. County 
Down, Ire.) & Caroline M. (Lyon) Pollock (b. Brighton, Can.) Prepared in Mt. Vernon 
H. S. Practicing Law, 1877-87; Law Clerk & Asst. Atty., Dept. of the Interior, 1887 — 
Married Augusta May Grant, Jan. 19, 1881, Mt. Vernon, 111. Address, 1819 Q St., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


•M. E., 1893; Machinist; b. Dec. 15. 1839, S. Reading, Vt.; s. Ebenezer (b. Sept. 30, 
1809. S. Reading, Vt.) & Adeline (Williams) Robinson (b. Dec. 19, 1814). Prepared in 
Wesleyan Sem., Springfield, Vt. Prop. Mach. Shop to 1898; Plumbing & Heating estab- 
lishment, 1898— Trustee & Deacon, Baptist Church. Married Melora Smith, Apr. 30, 
1861 (d. Aug. 16, 1885); Mrs. Semphronia £. Jenks, Nov. 30, 1886. Children, Sarah 
Ann, b. & d. Mar. 4, 1862; Addie Eva, b. Oct. 17, 1863 (d. Aug. 27, 1865); Gertrude Minnie, 
July, 5, 1868 (d. Dec. 2^, 1887); Inez Mary, b. Nov 28, 1872; Fannie Nettie, b. Aug. 30) 
i88t. Address, Champaign, 111. 


(Husband of No. 171) 
B. S.; M. S., 1878: Ph. D. 1906; Dean & Dir.; b. Feb. 26, 1855, Belvidere, N. J.; s. 

Cbem.. 1876-80; Prof, of Agr. Chem., 1880-2; Mgr., Sugar Factories, 1884; Spec. Agt., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1884-5^ Dir. Ky. Agr. Exp. Sta., 1885-1912. Dean of Coll. of Agr., State 
Univ. of Ky. & Dir. Exp. Sta., 1909- 191 2. Invented: Clarifying cane juices by super- 
heating (with Prof. H. A. Weber), a method now extensively used; Modification in the 
Kjedahl method where nitrates are present. Has writtc^n bulletins & reports, Ky. Agr. Exp. 
Sta. Fellow, Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Soc. for Pro. of Agr. Sci.; Amer. C^hem. Soc; 
Soc of Chem. Industry, London; Past Pres., Official Agr. Chemists Assoc; Past Pres.. 
Amer. Assoc, of Agr. Coll. & Exp. Stas.; Pres., Park Comm., Lexington, Ky.; merab. Ky. 
State Bd. of Agr.; U. S. Food Standard Com.; in charge of Pure Food Control, fertilizer 
control, feed control & seed ^lontrol work of State of Ky. Married Nancy Davis ('78), 
Sept 8, x88o, Monticello, 111. Died Aug. 15, 19 12, Lexington, Ky. 


(Father of No. 1760) 

•M. L. in L. & S.. 1891; b. Feb. 8, 1853, Carmel, N. Y.; s. Orlando B. (b. 1824, New 
Fairfield, Conn.) & Emily H. (Disbrow) Scudder (b. 1829, do.) Prepared in Creston H. S. 
Pres. Philomathean; memb. Coll. Senate; Private Sec'y to the Pres., 1873-5. Taught Ro- 
chelle. 111., 1875-6; Supt. of Schools. Ashton, 111., 1876-8; Supt. of Schs., N. Dixon, 111. 
1878-80; Traveling, 1880-1; taught Hist. & Sci., N. 111. Norm. Sch., 18812; Supt. of Schs., 
Dixon, 1882-5; Pekin, 111., 1885-9; S. Evanston, 111., 1889-02; Prin. Emerson Sch., Chicago, 
1893-6; Robt. Morris Sch.. (Chicago, 1896-1908; Prin., Newberry Sch., Chicago, 1908-9. 
Treas.. 111. State Teachers* Assoc, 1889-97. Married Amelia C. Beyer, E)ec. 26, 1876, 
Sycamore, 111. Children, Theo. Y., b. Dec. 17, 1877 (d. Mav 10, 1911); C5liver C, b. July 
27f 1879; Henry Disbrow, (*o2), b. Dec. 20, 1881; Charles R., b. May 26, 1884. Address, 
2015 (Cambridge St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

90 University of Illinois [1876 

(Father of 832) 
B. L., 1879; Mgr. Savings in Bank; b. Mar. 20, 1844, Falmouth, Ind.; s. William M. (b. 
Oct., 1803, Bourbon Co., Ky.; & Nancy (Redmond) Shawban ^b. Oct., 1810, near Cynthiana, 
do.) Prepared in Com. Schs. Philomathean: Bus. Mgr., Illxni; Editor, same: Pres., Coll. 
Govt. Taught, 1861-81; Co. Supt. of Schs., Champaign Co., I881-1902; in 111. Title & Trust 
Co. Bank. 1902 — Editor, ///. State Courst of Study for Common Schools, 1885-1903. 
Elder in Church of Christ. Trustee of Univ. of III., i887-p^. Married Sarah Vista Srown, 
May I a. 1867. Children, Gertrude, b. Feb. 8, 1874; William Warren, b. Aug. 9, 1877; 
Helen, b. & a. 1875. Address, 606 Daniel St., Champaign, 111. 


(Wife of No. X3; Mother of No. 2217) 

B. L., 1878; b. Feb. xa, 1852, Galesburg, 111.' d. James (b. Nov. 24, 1808, Hebron, 
N. Y.) & Minerva Selina (McConoughey) Steele (o. Sept. 22, 1821, Bainbridge, O.) Pre- 
pared in Oberlin & Urbana H. Schs. Alethenai: Qass Historian; memb. Univ. Senate; Hon. 
memb. Arch. Club; Der Deutsche Verein; Le Cercle Francais; a founder of Urbana-Cham- 

?aign Unitarian church; Pres. Art Club of Champaign, 1909-10; Cent, branch of A. C. A.; 
ounder. Acanthus Coterie; Acting Regent, D. A. R.. 1908-9. Married Nathan (Hifford 
Ricker C72), Aug. 25, 1875, Urbana, 111. Child, Ethel ('04), Apr. 12, 1883. *Died Aug. 
6, 1910, Urbana, 111. 


(Wife of No. 32) 

B. L., 1878; M. L., 1886; Teacher; b. Aug. 5, 1855, Frankfort, O., s. Hugh Coulter 
(b. z82T, Chillicothe, do.) & N. Lavinia (Smith) ^tewart (b. 1828, Greenfield, do.) Pre- 
pared in French Sem. & by Private Tutors. Taught, Phoenix H. S.; Sem. Dept., Mills 
Coll., C^if., 1902-3; Polytechnic H. Sm Los AngelesL Calii. Ed. & Publisher, First Cona. 
Parish Monthly; The Supernatural in Shakespeare. Married Henry Edwin Robbins, ('73 J, 
Dec 31, 1879, (d. Feb. 6, 1899, Chicago. 111.) Child, Alice May, b. Apr. 6, 1882. 
Address, 6919 Bonsallo Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 


•B. Lm 1895; Lawyer; b. Feb. 10, 1855, Belleville. 111.; s. Sharon & Mar^ (.Hilgard) 
Tyndale. Prepared in Springfield H. S.; B. S., Cornell, 1877; LL. B., Columbia, 2879. Psi 
Upsilon; various literary & social societies and Assocs.; Assoc, of the Bar of the City of 
New York, x88o. Address, 49 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 


Cert; b. May 23, 1855, Rockford, 111.; s. Lyman Fenn (b. Roxbury, Conn.) & Celora 
E. Warner, (b. Troy, N. Y.) Prepared in Rockford H. S. Delta Tau Delta; Philomathean; 
Pres. Sen. Class. Gen. Engr., R. R.; Hyd. & Min. Address, Auburn, Calif. 

CLASS OF 1876. (29) 


(Father of No. 1793, 2303) 

M. S.: 1894; Farmer; b. Apr. 15. 1854, Seekonk, Mass.: s. Jonathan Bowers (b. Aug. 
I, 1 82 1, Warren, R. I.) & Harriet Maria (Horton) Allen (b. Aug. 31, 1823, Providence, 
R. I.) Prepared in high schs. and Miss Susan Hopkins' Private School, Delavan, 111. 
Scientific Assoc Member Co. Bd. Supervisors, III. Farmers' Inst. (Dir.); Advisory Com. 
and Soil Investigations, 111. Agr. Exp. Sta.; M. M. Soc. of Delavan, 1879; Town Clerk: 
School Twp. Treas.; School Dir. Married Ada Marv Eaton, Sept., 1879. Children, Edith 
Louise: Paschal; Fred Eaton: Jonathan Bowers: Ralph, Jr.; Lucy Elizabeth; Harriet Hor- 
ton; Hester Ada; Theodore Raymond; Eloise Grace. Address, Delavan, 111. 

Certificate in Agr.; "B. S., 1895. Died Oct. i, 1911, Igo, Calif. 


(Brother of No. 59) 

Cert.; Lawyer; b. Mar. 2x, 1851, Coshocton, O.; s. Patrick Steele (b. Feb. 12, 1804, 
Westmoreland Co., Pa.) & Rachael (Mitchell) Campbell, (b. Apr. 30, 18x4, Cecil Co., Md.) 
Prepared in Lebanon, O. Member Bapt. Church. Married Eugenie Daniels, June 5, X879, 
Chicago, 111. Children, Winifred D., b. Apr. 5, x88o; Howard, b. May a, 1882; Wavland £., 

b. Aug. 25, 1883; Theron Peters, b. Aue. 20, 1886 (d. Jan. 19, 1888); James William, Jr., 
b. Oct. 23, x888. Died Jan. 22, X890, Los Atos, Calif. 


*B. S., X893; Farmer* b. Mar. 6, X852, near Bourbon, 111.; a. Lemuel (b. Aug. 30, 
X824, Cynthiana, Kentucky) & Prudence Wile^ (Beavers) Chandler (b. Sept. 8, 1823, \^, 
across line from Cumberland, Md.) Prepared m Bourbon, Douglas Co., 111. ; Adelphic, Pres. 
Winter Term 1876; Delta Tau Delta, Pres. i Term; member of Senate in Coll. Gov. x year; 
Pres. Sen. Class Winter Term. Law student; farmer; Clerk U. S. Indian Service, 
Yankton Agency, Dak., 1885-7; Jicarilla Agency, New Mex., 1887-9; practiced law. 

1876] Baccalaureate Alumni 91 

Pueblo, Colo., 1889-92; farming, 1892 — Married Bell Augusta Bailey, Mar. 6, 1883, 
Graamere, Ind. Child, Mercy Lee (d. June 7, 1885, aged one year six months.) Address, 
R. F. D. No. 3, Box 76. Tacoma, Wash. 


*C. E., 2892; Architect; b. Oct. 11, 1854, XJpshur Co., Va.: s. Cornelius & Lucinda 
(Young) Clark (o. Va.) Prepared in Champaisn Co., 111. Scientific Assoc. C. E., 1892: Ry. 
Surreys, Hydrographic & Geodetic work on U. S. Lake Survey, 1876-9: Instr. in C. £. 
Dept., Uniy. of 111.; since 1879 Asst. Engr. with Miss. R. Comm., & Chief of topographical 
and drafting division of Miss. R. Comm. at St. Louis; Desijrning Arch, for TulJy & Clark, 
and for lVoinan*s Magcunne buildings; Member of Ensr's. Club. St. Louis; Amer. Inst, of 
Archts. (Fellow) (^ntemporary Club of St. Louis; Monday Evening Club of Kirkwood, 
Mo.; Tuesday Evening Club of Webster Groves, Mo.; 111. Soc. Engrs. & Survyrs., 1887-89; 
Member St. Louis Merchant's Exchange. Married Emma M. Schimmel, Nov. 20, 1888, 
Normal Park, 111. Children, Helen, b. Jan. x8, 1892; Cornelius S., b. Feb. 9, 1894 (d. 
Nov. 14, 1895). *Died Mar. 13, 19x1, Webster Groves, Mo. 


*B. L., 1895; Lawyer; b. Jan. 1*5. 1851, Belvidere, 111.; s. Charles Elmer (b. Aug. i, 
181 1, Tioga Co., N. Y.) & Martha (Heaton) Drake (b. Boone Co.. N. Y.) Prepared in 
Boone Co. Pub. Schs. Philomathean ; (^ave stone oration, class day (stone placed beneath 
'76 Elm tree near the walk leading N.W. from main building); L.L. B., Univ. of Mich., 
1879; Practiced law, Leadville, Colo.. i879<8o; Kokomo, Colo., x88o; Pueblo, Coll., x88i — 
Military Service during strike of x88o; Colorado N. G.. early 8o*s; State Senator, x892-6; 
Delegate to Natl. Rep. Con., i838. Address, Pueblo, Colo. 


*B. L.. 1895; Lawyer; b. Feb. 23, 1851, Antwerp, N. Y. : s. James & Sarah (Beaman) 
GtlL Author: A Timely Warning; For Fools in Hell; The Effect of Money; Spanish War; 
The Villainous Law to make Millionaires & Paupers; Monopolies & Trusts — ^The (^use and 
only Remedy — ^illustrated; The Degenerated Supreme Court, State of Illinois; etc. Member 
of Natl. Liberty League. Address, Antwerp, N. Y. it) 


*B. S. in Arch., 189^; Arch. & Builder; b. Mar. 8, 1849, Richvicw, 111.; s. Hosea B. 
(b. Union Co.) & Polly Anna (Pate) Gore. Prepared in Washington Sem., Richview, 111. 
Philomathean. Farmer, 1894-1903 ; Arch., 1903 — Married Phoebe Farmer, Oct. 19, 1880, 
Ashley, III. Children, Dwight Clifford, b. Jan. 23, 1883; Ross Ellis, b. May 12, 1889. 
Address, 507 Bryant Ave., Walla Walla, Wash. 


*B. L., 1895; Lawyer; b. 1855, Rochelle, III.; s. A. S. Gregory. Capt. in Univ. Regt. 
Address, (t) 


*B. L., b. May 17, 1856, Aberdeen, O.; s. Elijah G. (b. 1832, Maysville, Ky.) & 
(Amelia L. Holton (b. 1832, backetts Harbor, N. Y.) Alethenai. Artist, 1880-6; taught in 
Chicago H. & Gr. Schs. Member Social Economics Club; Political Eauality LcMue. Mar- 
ried James H. Krebs, June 28, x886, Chicago (d. July 19, 1909). Address, 806 E. sxst St., 
Chicago, 111. 


*M. S., 1893; Principal; b. May 21, 1857, Chicago, III.; s. William £. (b. Feb. 17, 
1820, Sharon, Conn.) & Mary A. (Dakin) Knioloe (b. Dec. 22, 1821, Dutchess Co., N. Y.) 
Prepared in Cvrand Prairie Sem., Onarga, and Oilman H. S. Philomathean; Delta Tau 
Delu. Prix). Urbana H. S., 1877-81; Frin. Girard Pub. Schs., 1881-3; Supt City Schs., 
St. Augustine. Fla., 1884-05; Prin., Duval H. S., Jacksonville, Fla., 1895-1909; Prin. 
Leon H. S., Tallahassee, Fla., 1909 — Teacher uf Nat. Sci., Champai^ Co. Inst, 1879-82: 
Prin. of Summer Tr. Sch. for Teachers under Educ. Dept. of Fla. ; six years Conductor of 
St John's Co. Inst, St. Augustine, 1880-^5. Member Educ. Comm. from Fla. to World's 
Columbian Exp.; St. Augustine Nat. Hist. Soc. (Curator); Fla. State Teachers' Assn. 
(Pres.); Chapman ScL Oub (Pres. 1895). Married Adelaide Victoria Clarke, Aug. 5, 
1885. Carlinville, 111. Address, Tallahassee, Fla. 


(Brother of Nos. 103, 104) 

*B. L., 1895; Farmer; b. Oct I3> 1851; s. J. (b. Lairg, Scot) & Catharine (Rupple) 
Mackay (b. Hesse, Darmstadt, Ger.) Prepared in Mt Carroll H. S. Philomatnean. 
Teacher, Lawyer, Farmer. Address, Mt Carroll, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 102, 104 & Father of No. 3087) 
*M. L., 1892; Lawyer: b. 1854, Mt Carroll, III.; s. John (b. Scotland) & Catherine 
Mackay (b. Ger.) Prepared at Mt. Carroll, 111. Adelphic. Married Susan Hostetter, 1883. 
ChiWren, Sarah D. ('07); Robert P. ('12); Catherine H. Address, Mt Carroll, 111. 


^Brother of Nos. 102, 103) 
*B. L., 1895; Banker; b. Mt Carroll. IIL: s. John (b. Scotland) & Catherine Mackay 
(b. Ger.) Prepared at Mt. Carroll, 111. Adelphic. Pres. Banking House of Mackay Bros., 

92 University of Illinois [1876 

Madison, S. D. Married Clara G. Shirk, 1881 (d. 1889); Olive W. Mackay, 1894. Children. 
Jesse J., Zella G. Address, Madison, S. Dak. 


(Brother of No. 184) 

*M. L., 1893; Bank Pres.; b. Dec. 3, 1854, Westhersfield, 111.; s. Isaac S. & Jane H. 
Mahan. Prepared at Champaign. Delta Tau Delta. Banking bus^ ist Natl., Urbana; 
Cashier. Stock Yards Savings liank, Chicago; Prer. Drexel State Bank, Chicaffo; Pres. 
South Side State Bank, Chicago. State Militia, 8 yrs., rank of Mai., 8th 111. Militia. Mar- 
ried Isotta Carley, Jan. 11, 1877, Champaign, 111. Children, Mark C.; Jennie M.; Margaret 
W.; Adelaide S.; Henry W.; Maude L. Address, South Side State Bank, Chicago. 


Cert.; b. in HI.; s. Adin Mann. Entered from Batavia, 111. Took M. E. Course. 
Died Apr. 23, 1876, Winnebago, III. 


(Brother of Noa. loB, 889, 1052. Father of Nos. 2163, 3864) 

*B. L., 1895; Farmer; b. May 8, 1854, Marshall Co., 111.: s. William Henrv (b. Apr. 
21, 1827, Va.) & Elizabeth Dabney (Abraham) Mann (b. Va.) Prepared in Gilman Pub. 
Sch.; Lincoln Univ. Adelphic; Delta Tau Delta; Capt. Weekly newspaper, 1877-78; farmer, 
1878 — Circuit Clerk & Recorder, Iroquois Co., 1892-6; Dir., 111. State Farmers' Inst., 
1896 — Auditor, same, 1904 — Member Advisory Comm. on soil investigations. 111. Exp. 
Sta., 1905 — Married Fannie Judson, Mar. 28, 1878, Chenoa. Children, Charles J., '04; 
Mary Elizabeth, '09. Address, Gilman, 111. 


(Husband of No. 169; Brother of Nos. 107, 889, 1052) 

*M. (<.. 1892; L.L. D. (Hon^ 1903; Lawyer; b. Oct. 20, 1856, Normal, 111.; s. William 
Henry (b. Apr. 21, 1827, Va.) & Elizabeth Dabney (Abraham) Mann (b. Aug. 29, 1829, Va.) 
Delta Tau Delta. Grad. Union Coll. of T^w, i88x. Practicing in Chicago, 1881 — Member 
Oakland Sch. Bd., 1887: Atty., village 'of Hyde Park, iS^S; Alderman i2d Ward Chicago, 
1892-6; tern. Chairman Rep. State Conv., 1894; Chairman Cook Co. Rep. Conv^ 1895; Master 
in Chancery, Superior Ct., Cook Co., 1892-6: GenL Atty. South Park Bd., Chicago, 1895; 
member Congress, ist 111. Dist., 1897-1903; ad Dist., X003 — Chairman Cook Co. Rep. Com., 

Natl. Bank Bldg., Chicago. 


B. S. in M. E., 1878; Adjustor of Fire Losses: b. Oct. 9, 1854, Cincinnati, O.: s. 
Nathan Miller (,h. Aug. 10. i6iS,do.)& Ada Eleanor (Pickett) Noble (b. Feb. 23, 1829, do.) 
Prepared in Pub. Sen., Mattoon. Adelphic; Scientific; Capt. R. R. service, 1876-83; since 
then in fire insurance; Adjustor of fire losses. Sons of Amer. Rev. Presb. Mar- 
ried Mary Tyler Churchill^ Apr. 22, 1880, Mattoon, 111. Children, Ada Mary, b. Mar. 
26, 1881; Raymond Churchill, b. Dec. 26, I883 (died 7th yr.); Lawrence Roswell (died in 
infancy); Louis Games (died in infancy); Ccdric Percy, b. Nov. 8, 1894. Address, 
Mattoon, 111. 


*B. L., 1804; Physician; b. Aug. 8. 1856. Bloomfield, la.; s. William L. (b. Feb. 4, 1823. 
Clark Co., Kv.) & Mary A. (Smith) Oliver (b. Mar. 19, 1828, Indianapolis, Ind.) Prepared 
in Ladoga Sera. Pres., Adelphic; Vice Pres., Coll. Govt.; Foreman, lllini office; tJapt. 
M. D., Med. Oil. of Ind.. 1079. Practicing medicine, Lonston, Kan., i88oj; Co. Supt. 
of Schools, Elk Co., Kan., 1885-9; Arlington, Wash., 1889 — First Lieut. Co. £., K. N. G., 
1886-7. Author: Stage Benton, The Black Birder, a tale of an African Slave Trader, 
Overland Monthly, San Francisco, Calif., 1887. Member. Co., Dist., State & Natl. Med. 
Socs. Married Martha Lilian Best, Sept. 22, 1899, Montreal, Can. Address, Arlington, Wash. 


*B. L., 1895; Lawyer; b. 1856, O.; s. E. H. Palmer. Capt., Univ. Regt.; Address, 
Clinton, 111. 


Cert.; Editor & Publisher; b. Aug. 17, 1853, Itasca, 111.; s. Theodore (b. Oswego, N. 
Y.) & Susan (Davis) Pierce (b. Landgrove, Vt.) Prepared in Webster City, la. Grad. 
la. State Norm. School, Cedar Falls, 1881. Taught school in San Jose, Cal., 10 yrs.; Prin. 
Belmond High School, i yr.; Ed. & Pub. of Belmond Herald. Married Harriet Emma 
Pi'owse. Jan. a, 1891, Mission San Tose, Calif. Children, Lyna Ellen, b. Mar. 26, 1895; 
EfTie Alberta, b. Nov. 29, 1900. Address, Belmond, la. 


•B. L., 1895; Lawyer; b. Feb. ao, 1854, Wavcrly, 111.; s. William (b. Nov. 13, 1820, 
Yorkshire, Eng.) & Sarah Maria (Purdy) Rhodes (b. Aug. 8, 1826, Leeds, do.) Prepared 
in Dwight H. S. Philomathean; Delta Tau Delta. Editor, the El Dorado Spring News, 
1897-1902; First Sers. Carbonatic Rifles, Colo., militia, 1881-3. Republican candidate for 
Cong.^ 6th Dist. of Mo., 1904; Alderman & Mavor; Presidential Elector in Mo., 1908. 
Married Charlotte Zelhart, Apr. 15, 1886, Mo. (a. May 17, 1894); Orpha M. Troutman, 

1877I Baccalaureate Alumni 93 

1904. Children. William Frederick, b. May xi, 1887; George Edwin, b. Apr. 25, z888; 
John Franklin, b. Jfuly a, 1889; daughter, b. & d. 191 1. Address, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 

Cert, in Agr.; b. £851, Bangor, Me.; 9. H. G. Scribner. *Died Apr. 34, X89X, Fair- 
play, Colo. 


M. L., Z891; Miner; b. Feb. 8, 1854, Alton, 111.; s. James Ely (b. Sept 21, 1814, N. Y. 
Gty) & Sabra Bicknell (Ellis) Starr Yb. Not. 29. 1836, Wacham. Mass.) Prepared in 
Common Sch. Adelphic, Fres.; Capt.; Taught, 1876-83: Lawyer, 1883*1001: Miner, 1901 — 
liarried Anita Denny, Jan. 30, 1894, Portland, Ore. Children, Anita Elizabeth, b. Feb. z6, 
1896; Orin Denny, b. Mar. x8, 1898. Address, Schury, Nev. 


(Brother of Nos. 295, 448, 580, 581) 

•B. L., 1805: Lawyer & Banker: b. July 4, 185^, N. Y.; s. Nathan (b. Wilson, N. Y.) 
& Jane (Clojrd) Weston (b. Troy, N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Adelphic; Class 
Presw senior yr. Regent, Univ. of Nebr., 1894-1900: State Auditor, Nebr., 1901-05. Mar- 
ried Eugenia C Clarke, Mar. 23, 1887 (d. July 29, 1890) ; Helen H. Mackay, Dec. 11, 1901. 
(Hiild, Margaret C, b. Feb. 21, 1888. Address , Hay Springs, Nebr. 


Cert, in C E.; b. 1855, N. Y.; s. Robert Wild. Died, Nov. i88z, Los Animas, (>>lo. 

*B. L., i8oc; Farmer: b. Nov. 12, 1850, Putnam, Conn.; s. Nathan (b. 1817, do.) & 
Catharine B. (Tnatcher) Williams (b. zSio, Thompson Hill, Conn.) Member Cong. Church. 
Married Mabel (jordon, June 20, 1894, Sterling, 111. Address, Powell, Wyo. 

Cert.; b. 1854, Chicago; s. Alonzo C. Wood. Address, 6936 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 

CLASS OF 1877 (41) 


(Brother of Nos. 332, 369, 411; Father of Nos. 4518, 4519) 

B. S. in M. E.; Civil Engineer; b. Sept. 21, 18^5, Whiteside (^., 111.: s. Asa M. & 
Sarah Sperry Abbott. Teacher, Fulton Co., 1877-9; St. Louis, Mo^ on U. S. (lOvt. Work, 
River & Harbor, 1879-80; Pueolo, Colo., transitman, A. T. & S. F. R. R., i88o-x; Engr., 
Mez. Nat. R. R., Laredo, Texas & Saltillo, Mex., 1 881-4; Private Engr., Saltillo, x 882-87; 
Eagr. on Const., Mex. Southern R. R., 1887-92; Private Engr., dams, canals, reservoirs, 
etc, X893-6: Chief Engr., Coahuila & Zacatecas K. R., x 897- 1905; Chief Engr., Coahuila & 
Pacific K. K., 1899-X903; State Enrr., Coahuila, 1896-— MemDer of Saltillo Casino. Mar- 
ried Aurelia Halle, Aiig., 1884, (d. 1902); Grace Ailing: Feb., 1904. Children, Edward 
Halle, b. Aug., 1887; Theodora Sarah, b. Jan., 1890. Address, Saltillo, Mex. 


(Mother of No. 3231; Sister of No. 333) 

*B. I^., 1895; b. Apr. 17, 1855, Urbana, 111.; d. Francis Fitch (b. June 13, 1824, Olm- 
sted Falls, O.) & Nancy (Dean) Adams (b. Apr. 16, 1834, Dayton, O.) Prepared in Dist. 
Sch., near Urbana. Pres. Alethenai; Class vice Fres. Teaching until 1884. Author: 
Pamphlets of Travel; Yellowstone Park; Glimpses of East; Glimpses of West; Glimpses of 
Soutnland; From Naj)les to London; special newspaper work; Yellowstone Park pamphlet 
translated into Russian. Pres. Ladies Aid Soc., Trinity M. E. Church; Conference Cor. 
Sec*v., Worn. Home Missionary Soc, M. E. Church; Pres. Monday Club; Trinity Literary 
Cirde: Dir. loth Dist. Ind. State Federation of Qubs. Married W. Bent Wilson, June 10, 
1884, Tolono* HI. Children, John Dean, b. June 27, 1885; Louise, b. May 9, 1895 (d. Sept. 
23, 1895). Address, Lafayette, Ind. 


•B. L., X878; b. 1854, in Ky.; s. D. S. Allen. Died, July 8, 1880, Harristown, 111. 


*B. S. in Sc, X895; in business: b. Nov. 15, 1857, Alton, 111.; s. Amasa Stetson (b. 
Mar. xa, x8ai, Boston, Mass.) & Catherine (Riley) Barry (b. Mar. 21, 1825, Middletown, 
Conn.) Prepared in Alton H. S. Adelphic. Special Agt., Fire Ins., 1881-90; Assoc. Mgr. 
Western Dept., same, xSoo-^; Mgr. Pa. Fire Ins. Co., for 17 western states, 1895 — 
Member Union League, Chicago: Univ. Club, Chicago; Pres. Country Club, Evanston; 
(jlenview Club. Married Ida M. Bateman, 1885, Alton, 111. Child, Lucile Barry Cobum, 
Address, 1225 Forest Ave., Evanston, 111. Bus. Add., 76 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 


National Guard, i87S*9. St. Louis Nat. Bank, 1878-79; Wabash Ry., 1879-81; C. M. & St. 

94 University of Illinois I1877 

p. Ry., 1881-85; Sec'y & Mgr. Millers* Nat. Assoc, of U. S., 1885-1902; Commissioner of 
Nat. Bd. of Trade, ipoa-03; Atty. & Special Agt., Inter-State Commerce Commission, 1903- 
06; Traffic Mgr., Pub. Service Commission, and Dist. N. Y., 1907-09; Attpr. & Traffic Mgr. 
Syracuse, 1909-12. Author of numerous articles on transportation subjects; has owned 
and published The MilHnq Engineer, 1884-87; The U. S, Miller, 1888-1901; & several other 
trade papers. Married Anna Louise Dering, Nov. 5, 1906, Chicago (d. Sept. 2, 1909). 
Address, P. O. Box 127, Syracuse, N. Y. 


B. S. in 1878; M. Arch.. 1880; Architect; b. Feb. 3, 1857, N. Y. City; s. C. R. (b. 
1830, Alban]^) & Eliza (Davis) Blackall (b. 1834, Boston.) Prepared by privat 

1830, Albany) & Eliza (Davis) Blackall (b. 1834, Boston.) Prepared by private instruction. 
Tau Beta Pi. Architect, N. Y., 1880; Colorado Sprifags, 1882; Boston, 1882 — zst holder 

Fellow of the Am. Inst, of Architects; ist Sec'y, N. Y. Architectural League, 1S81-82; 

. _ ... . Trustee & 

Sec'y, Rotch Traveling Scholarship, since 1891; Boston Chamber of Commerce; Boston 
Art Club; Cambridge Qub: City Club, Boston; Salem Club; Natl. Geographic Soc.; Natl. 
Fire Protection Assoc; Blag. Law Commission, Boston & Cambridge; (^airman, Board of 
Appeal. Cambridge; Fire Prevention Commission, Boston. Married Emma Murray, Dec. 5, 
188^, Boston, Mass. Children, Marian, b. July 31. 1887;. Robert Murray, b. Apr. 26, 1889. 
Address, 16 Chauncey St., Cambridge, Mass.; Bus, Add., 20 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


(Sister of No. 335) 

•B. L. in 189s: b. Feb. 10, 1857, Cherry Valley, 111.; d. J. J. (b. Fayetteville, N. Y.) 
& Evlyn (Butteriield) Bogardus (b. Pooipey Hill, N. Y.) Prepared in Young Ladies' 
Seminary. Alethenai. Lived at various M. E. oarsonages of the N. Y. east Conference. 
Member M. E. Church; Champaign Art Club. Married T. Lambert Price, Dec. i, 1886, 
Champaign, 111. Children, Frances Eugenia, b. Nov.. 1887: Mamie Olivia, b. 1889; Helen 
Martha, D. 1903; Mildred Bogardus, b. 1905. Address, Hollywood, Calif. 


Cert.; Teacher: b. June 30. 1853, Napoleon, Ind.; d. Levi (b. Nov. 16, 1804, Lexing- 
ton, Ky.) & Jane (Wilson) Boshar (b. Harrisbur^, Pa.) Prepared in Pub. Schs. Member 
First Congregational Church, Champaign, IlL Died Oct. 31, 1905, Chicago, 111. 


•B. S. in Arch., 1895.; Architect: b. Mar. 17, 1855, Carbondale, III.; s. Daniel Harmon 
(b. 181^, Vergennes, Vt.; & Julia (Etherton) Brush (b. Murphysboro, 111.) Prepared in 
Carbondale H. S. Delta Tau Delta. Married Ida Flemming, Mar. 11, 1885, Ft. Wayne, 
Ind. Address, Carbondale. 111., or 54 W. Randolph St., CHiicago, HI. 


•B. S. in M. E., 1895; Engr. & Lawyer; b. Apr. as, 18155, Mt. Vernon, O.; s. C. P. 
(b. Mar. 14, x8o8, Athens, O.) & Marian A. ^Hawkes) Buckingham (b. Auff. 1820, Mass.) 
Prepared in Chicago H. S.; LL. B.. Union Coll., Chicago, 1870. Practiced law, Chicago, 
1879-85; Traveled, 1885-8; with West. Elec, Co. & Siemens & Halske, 1888-97; Alaska, 
1897-8; Fairbanks, Morse & Co., 1898-1912. Married Cora Gordon, Evanston, 111., May 
28, 1 89 1. Child, Thomas Putnam, b. Feb. 28, 1894. Address, care of Fairbanks, Morse 
& Co., Los Angeles, Calif. 


(Father of Nos. 2594, 3293) 
*M. S., 1892; Phys. & Sur.; b. Oct. 30, 1848, Dundee, 111.: s. Edward Bumstead (b. 
1803^ Eng.) & Ann (Smith) Bumstead (b. 1810, do.) Prepared in Elgin Acad. & Marengo 
H. S.; Philomathean ; Y. M. C. A.; Class Pres. & valedictorian, 1877.; M. D. at North- 
western, 1880; M. E. Churchy 1864^; American Med^ Assop._& 111. State Med. Soc; Fox 
River Valle 
Justina A. ] 
Arthur Pingree 
Emily, b. 1891 (died, 1903). Address, Dundee, 111. 


•B. S.: in Agr., 1895; b. 1849, Boston, Mass.; s. John Clay. Died June 13, 1898, 
Chicago, 111. 


•B. S., 1895; Hort. & Agr.: b. Oct. 15, 1845, Dowagiac, Mich.; s. Stephen (b. Feb. i, 
1816. Geneseo Co., N. Y.) & Elizabeth (Prater) Crow (b. Aug. 6. 1826, Wayne Co., Ind.) 
Prepared in Pub. Sch., Greenfield, 111. Bldg. (Contractor, 1877-78: Sec Chf. Engr.. B. & 
M. R. R. R., 1878-80; Asst. U. S. Engr., Imp. Mo. River, 1880-84; Supt., Brownill Car 
Co., 1884-95; Inspector on Constr., U. S. Dredges for Miss. R. (!^om., 1895-1901; Horti- 

1877I Baccalaureate Alumni 95 

culture ft Agriculture, 1901 — 133 Rgt., 111. Vol., 1864. Teacher in S. S. since 186^; 
Deacon; Church Treas., 1894-1910; Engrs. Club, St. Louis, x886-96. Married Sue T., July 
3, 1870 (d. Tulv 19, 1871); Amanda S., Jan. 28, 1878 (d. Jan. x6, 1903.); Celia K., June 
28, 1905. Cnila, Allen B., b. June 4, 1887. Address, Cedar PI., Keokuk, la. 


•C E., 1893; Civil Engineer; b. June 8, 1850, Lowell, 111.: s. John B. (b. 1823, Water- 
loo, N. Y.) ft Elizabeth (Sarles) Elliott (b. Catskill, N. Y.) Prepared in Wesleyan Univ. 

& Oberlin Coll.; Philomathean. General drainage engineer & Geologist, Marietta, O., 
1897-01; Editor Drainage Journal, Indianapolis, Ind., looi-a; Engineer in chari^ of 
Drainage Investigations, U. S. Dept. of Agr., Washington, D. C, 1902-7; Chief of Drainage 

Washington, D. C. 


•B. L., X895; b. Feb. 3, 1858, Urbana, 111.; d. Jess (b. Mar. 27, 1824, Zanesville. O.) 
& Martha £. (Henderson) Falls (b. June 5, z8ip, Mt. Carmel, Ky.) Prepared in Cham- 
paign H. S. Teaching, 1877-87. Address, Tullahoma, Tenn. 


(Brother of No. 66) 

*B. L. in Agr., 1895^ Principal: b. Aug. 27, 1858, Irvington, III. Taught at Iristown, 
II]., 1877-8; in California, 1878; Prin. Horace Mann Grammar School, San Francisco, 
Calif. Address, Horace Mann Grammar School, yalencia St., between 22d & 23d Sts., 
San Francisco, Cal. 


*B. S. in Chem., 1895; Assayer, Chemist, Metallurgist, Mining Engr., Retired; b. Aug. 
6, 1854, Massena, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.; s. Otis (b. May i, 1794, Chester, Vt.) & Chloe 
(Brodcway) Gibson (b. Aug. 29, x8i6^ Hoxburg, Canada). Prepared in Sprin^eld (Vt.) 
H. S. Phi Lambda Upsilon; Asst. in Chem. Lab., 1876-7; Marshall Coll. Gov., 1875; 
member senate, 1876: Pres. Philomathean, 1877: Capt. & Adjutant, U. of III. Battallion 
(then known as 6th Reg't. 111. National Guards). Prof, of Chemistry, Coll. of P. & S., 
1882-90: Chicago Coll. Dental Surgery, 1888-96; Hahnemann Med. Coll., 1889. Three 
years Vt. Militia, ad Regt.; Four years 6th Regt., I. N. G.j Capt. & Adjutant, ist Regt. 
Infantry, I. N. G., 1 898-1901. Invented improvement in refining lead bullion & desilveriza- 
tion of same, 1878, and in gold extraction from ores. Author : Chemical and Microscopical 
Determination of Poisons, pub., 1882; Translator of Rudroff's Analytical Chemistry for 
Beginners, Chicago Med. Book Co., 1894-02; Rei>ort6 on Spontaneous Combustion and 
Non Conductors, 1884; Articles on Ilvgicne — Air, Water, etc., for Healthy Homes, 
1890-91-94; Metallur^ and Assaying, in N. Y. & Chicago Mining Journals, etc. Member 
.\iner. Assoc, for Advancement of Science: Amer. Chem. Soc; Amer. Geological Soc. 
Zuchert rerein Gesellschaft, Berlin. Married Eva Katherine CHapp, Althos, Mass. Child, 
Jessie Mary, b. Sept. 5, 1881, Champaign, 111. Address, X505 Morse Ave., Chicago, III. 

(Father of Nos. 1678, 1870, 2389, 2987; brother of No. 138) 

Portia Eunice (b. 1886 ('07). Address, xios Calif. St., Urbana, 111. 

(Brother of No. 137) 

*B. S., 1895; Farmer; b. 1856, («enoa. 111.: s. John (b. 1816, Carlyle, Eng.) & Frances 
£. (Williams) Gilkerson (b. 1832, N. H.) Died, Mar. 13, 1912, Elgin, 111. 

(Sister of No. 178, 505) 

A. B., 1878; Artist; b. in Ann Arbor, Mich.; d. John M. (b. July 3, 1822, Sand 
Lake, N. Y.) & Julia Gregory (b. ibid.) Address, Care Sebasti & Reali, Rome, Italy. 


*B. S. in C. £., 1805; Mine Mgr.; b. Oct. 8, i8c8. Eau Claire, Wis.; s. Donald (b. 
Dec x6, 1828, Ottawa, Ont.) & C^eorgiana Frances (Atkinson) Kennedy (b. Minneapolis, 
Mien.) Philomathean. Bank Clerk, i8:r8-79; with C. St. P. M. & O. R. K. Co., 1879-81; 
Mfg. Bus., 1881-96; Mining and Eng. in Ariz., 1896-1900; R. R. Building in N. Mex., 
1900-4; Water Prqiect for £1 Paso, Tex., 1904; Charge of Construct, on flarriman lines 

out of Portland, Ore., 1^05-10. Mine Mgr. Married Kate Davis, June 28, x888 (died 
June 5, 191 1. Address East 1703, xath Ave., Spokane, Wash 


*B. S. in L. & S., x89s: Steam Supplies Dealer; b. Aug. 18, X856, Chatham, 111.; 
s. John R. (b. Fannington, Conn.) & Sarah M. (Thompson) Lewis (b. Monson, Mass.) 

96 University of Illinois [1877 

Prepared in Chatham Grade Sch. Delta Tau Delta. Cashier Bank, Chatham, III., to 
i38x; Wholesale Steam Supplies, 188a — Treas. Crane Co., Omaha, Neb. Married 
Florence, E. Dameille, June 30, 1881. Children, Florence Belle, b. Apr. 16, 1882; Arthur 
Crane, b. May 10, 1885. Died July s* 1910. 


(Husband of No. 147, Father of Nos. 1731, 2732, 4785) 

•M. S., 1805; Architect; b. July 22. 1855, Philadelphia. Pa.: 8. David Rossitcr (b. 
Aug. 27, 1828, Valley Forge, Pa.J_ & Hulda (Corson) Llewellyn (b. June 24, 1831, Cape 
May Co., N. J.) Prepared in Pub. Sch., Sterling, 111. Philomathean; Tau Beta Pi. 
Instr^ Univ. of 111., 1877-9; Supt. of Bldg. Constr., St. Louis, 1879-81; Supt. Lindell 
Ry. Co., same, i88i-6; Farming, 1886-90; Secy., Quarry Co., Warrensburg, Mo., 1890-2; 
Architect, 1892 — Pres. Chicago Arch. Club, 2 terms; Pres. Arch. League of Amer., 2 
terms; member Union League; Chicago Arch. & La Grange Country Clubs; Cliff Dwellers. 

Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

Cert, in C. E.; b. 1854, Burritt, 111.; s. John McPherson. Died Jan, 26, 1886, Lex- 
ington, Ky. 


•B. S., 189s, b. Dec. 5, 1856, Philadelphia, Pa.; d. Robert Archibald (b. Mar. 9, 183 1, 
Philadelphia, Pa.) & Catherine Maxwell (b. Feb. 11, 1835, Marion, Pa.) Prepared in 
Pub. sen. of Philadelphia. Coll. Senate. Teacher, autumn of 1877 & summer term, '78 
in the country; one term, i88c. Died Apr. i, 1908, Philadelphia, Pa. 


•B. S. in Arch., 1892; Farmer; b. June 20, 1854, Davenport, la.; s. Adrian (b. Apr. 
12, 1814, Bridgetown, N. J.) & Susannah (Evans) Afoore (b. Jan. 25, 1816, Lancaster 
Co., Pa.) Prepared in Davenport (la.) H. S. Philomathean. Architecture, 1877-1908; 
Farmer, 1908 — Member Presb. Church. Address, Box 16, R. F. D., No. 2, Hood River. 


(Wife of No. 159, Sister of Nos. 187, x88) 

•B. L. in L. & S., 1895; b. Aug. 14, 1847, Metamora, 111., d. Andrew N. (b. about 
1 82 1, Portsmouth, N. H.) & Mary A. (Grove) Page (b. 1822, Harrison Co. Ind.) 
Prepared in Metamora H. S. Alethenai. Member of Westminster Presb. Church, Se- 
attle, Wash. Married Robert F. Whitham C77)» June 7, 1877, Champaign, III. Children, 
Paul P., b. May 30. 1878; Joha Dement, b. Sept. i, 1880 (died Nov. 2, 1899); Cari Farwell, 
b. Sept. 3t 1882; Ruth, b. Aug. 10, 1887; Robt. Lynn, b. Jan. 10, 1889. Address. Box 
75, RR. No. 3, Olympia, Wash. 


(Wife of No. 142, Mother of Nos. 2731, 2732, 4785) 

B. S., 1879; 'B. L., 1895; b. June 23, 1857, Monticello, 111.; d. Wm. Hart (b. 
Brookville, Ind.) & Clarinda (Marquiss) Piatt (b. Pickaway Co., O.) Prepared in Mon- 
ticello Pub. Schools. Phi Beta Kappa. Taught school, Hement, III., 1877-8; Marengo, 
111., 1880. Author: History of Piatt Co.. 111., Hill Pub^ Chicago, 634 pp., 1883. First 
Pres., Univ. of 111. Alumnae Assoc, of Chicago; memb. Chicago Wom. Club; same in La 
Grange; Assoc of Coll. Alumnae. Married Joseph Corson Llewellyn ('77), May 17, 1883, 
Monticello, III. Children, Ralph Corson, b. Apr. 20, 1884; Clannne, b. Feb. 14. 1886; 
Ruth (*xx)> b. Dec. 21, 1888; Vida, b. Aug. 21, 1891. Address, 324 6th Ave., LaGrange, 


•B. L., 1895; b. 1850, Vermilion Co., III.; s. James F. Rice. Died Aug. 29, 1902, 
Oakwood, 111. 


*B. S. in C E., 1895; b. Feb. 16, 1852, Fayette Co., O.; s. Abel Renick (b. 181 5, 
Romney, W. Va.} & Jane (Dill) Sesrmour (b. 181 2, Bainbridge, O.) Prepared in Dist. 
Schs. Civ. & Min. Engr. bus., 1877-90; Mgr. & part owner in^ Water Works & Elec. 
Power Co., a long distance transmission plant, 1890. Married Corinne Ann Howells, 
June 8, 1885. Address, Santa Monica, Calif. 


•B. S., 1895; Banker; b. Feb. 7, 1856, Urbana, 111.; s. William (b. Nov. 2, 1825, 
Baltimore Co., MdJ & Lucinda H. (Lindley) Sim (b. Sept. 5, 1828, Knox Co.. O.) Pre- 
pared in Urbana Pub. Sch., and under tutors at Univ. of 111. Held several offices in 
Coll. Govt, Senator & Chief Justice. Adelphic: Capt., Univ. Regt. Drug business, Topeka, 
Kan.; Kansas Loan & Trust Co.; Santa Fe R. R. Co.; Banking & Loan Business, Wichita, 
Kan. Trustee M. E. Church, 17 yrs.; Sch. Bd., Wichita, 6 yrs. Married Nellie Huntoon, 
Nov. 22, 1 88 1. Topeka^ Kan. Children, Arthur Barnes, b. Aug. 17, 1882; Ellen Lucinda, 
b. Oct. 26, 1885; Nellie Huntoon, b. Feb. 5, 1895. Address, 1303 N. Lawrence Ave., 
Wichita, Kan. 

1 8771 Baccalaureate Alumni 97 

(Wife of No. 158) 

•B. L., 1895: M. L., 1901; b. Sept. 4i '855, Susquehanna, Pa.; d. William VfeUu (b. 
Maj 12, 1816, Mt. Hope. N. Y.) & Letitia Wilison (Lockwood) Skinner (b. June 17, 
i8ai, Bloomingburg, N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign Pub. Sch., Pres. Y. W. C. A.; Coll. 
Senate; Class poet. Teacher 1877-83; Teacher, Uom. Sci.^ 1897-1905- Author of numerous 
poems, published in papers of Middle West; Prize article m Des Moines Daily News. 
Has giTen public readings from her poems, and public addresses on relisious and phil- 
aDtbromc subjecu. Member W. C. T. U., Pres., Dist. Sec; D. A. R.; Univ. Extension 

Dec. a4, 1890; Walter De Witt, b. Feb. 23, 189a. Died Feb. 33. 1906, Chicago, IH. 

*A. M., X905; Practicing Physician: b. Oct. 17, 1851, Rockton, 111.; d. James Harris 

1880-83; New Eng. Hosp. for Women & Children, Boston, 1883-4; Practicing medicine, 
Kansas City, Mo., 1884 — Prof, in Women's Coll. Kaiu City, Mo., 1893-96; Lect. on Phys. 
and Hygiene in Scarrett Train. Sch. 1902 — Member Co., State, & Natl. Medical Assoc'ns.; 
Unitarian Church; Anothaeum Club; University Extension. Address, 300Z Bales Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo.; Bus. Add., 60 Commerce Bd., do. 


*B. S. in Arch, 1895; Real Estate Bus.; b. Mar. 2, 1853, Hamilton. 111.; s. John (b* 
Feb. ao, x8ao, Inverness, Scotland) & Jane (Wright) Spence (b. Jan. 37, 181 6, Aberdeen, 
do.) Prepared in Country Sch., Monticello Twp., 111.: Bailies Bus. Coll., winters ot 
1871 & '72. Philomathean. Farmer, 1877-1898; Night Watch, Univ. of 111., 1898-1900; 
Rtal Estate Bus., 1000— Invented a table by which could be calculated the cost of 
labor & material needed in constr. cf bldgs., either by the square or by the bldg. Schl. 
Dir., 1880-8. Modern Woodmen; Yeomen. Married Bertna Wilhamena Voigtlander, 
Dec 23, 1878. Hamilton. 111. Children, Minnie Bertha, b. Nov. it, x88o: Charlie Edward, 
b. June 6, 1883 Eva Lena Jane, b. Apr. 11, 1888. Address, 313 E. Claiic St., Champaign. 
III. Bus. Add., News Bldg., do. 

*B. S. in M. E., 1895; b. 1855, Miss.; s. H. M. Stayman. Deceased. 


(Husband of No. 157) 

Cert, in M. & S.; Engineer; b. Oct. 24, 1855, Newgong, Assam, British East Indies; 
^. Rev. I. T. (b. 1820, Erie Co., N. Y. )& D. <J. (Allen) Stoddard (b. 1821. Cattaraugus 
Co., N. Y.> Prepared in private schs., and at Central Coll., Pella, la. Philomathean; 
Delta Tau Delta. Capt. Draftsman, topofiraphical work, 1877-80; R. R. survevs, 1881-3; 
City Engr, Oskaloosa, la., Co. Survyr, Mahaska Co.. la., and manag^er land title Co., 
1883-90; cemetery and park work in various cities; topograpnical sur. of ill. for Columbian 
Expt., and sewers in N. J., 1890-6; Mun. Eng. in la., 1897 — Capt. in la. N. G., 188^. 
Amhor: Small treatise on Farm Drainage and Road Improvement, 1885; short stories m 
Harper's and other papers. Organized first Soc. of la. Survyrs. and Engrs. Married 
Anna M. Keables, Jan. 30. 1879, Pella la. (d. Jan. 10, 1890); Carrie D. victor, V77) 
.\pr. 14, 189^/ Champaign, 111. (d. Apr. 19, 1894.) Children, Ruth, b. June 8, 1880; Tay 
Palmer, b. July 13, 188a; Carl Gregory, b. Apr. 27, 1885; Roy Keables, b. Aug. 32, 1809. 
Address, Pella, la. 


(Sister of No. 446) 

1882, Champaign, 111. Children. Robert Henry, b. Sept. 30, 1883; Ruth, b. Jan. 35, 1885 
(d. SepL 1887.) Address, 602 W. Hill St., (5hampaign. 111. 


(Wife of No. 15s) 

Cert.; Teacher; b. Apr. 37, 1856, Lynchburg, Va. Alethenai. Taught, Champaign, 
'877-84; Sisscton, S. Dak., Indian Sch.; 1884-6; Teacher & housekeeper, x886 — Member, 
Cong. Church. Married Ira J. Stoddard, Jr., ('77) Apr. 14, 1892, Champaign, 111. Died 
Apr. 19, 1894, Chicago 111. 


(Husband of No. 151) 

B. L. in I^ & S., 1880; Carpenter; b. Feb. 11, 1849, Marietta, O.; s. Geo. A. (b. 
Athol. Mass.) & Susan U. (Bailey) Ward (b. Marietta, O.) Prepared in Prairie City 
Acad. Adelphic. PracUsmg law, 1881-1901; Farming, 1901-06; Carpenter. 1906— Married 
Velma E. Skinner, 1882, Champaign (d. Feb. 23, 1906.) Child, Russcl A., b. Feb. 32, i8«6. 
Address, 217 N. Cherry St., ()lathe, Kans. 

98 University of Illinois [1878 

(Husband of No. 146) 
Cert, in Chem.j U. S. Mineral Surveyor; b. Apr. 13, 1852, Lawrence Co., Pa.; a. 
John Dement (b. Feb.. 1815, W. Va.) & Caroline (Farwell) Whitham (b. Aug. x8i8. 
Keene. N. H.) Prepared in Monmouth High School; Univ. Acad. Adelphic. Capt Civ. 
Eng. & Surveying. Rankin, Vermilion Co., 111.. 1877-79; U. P. Railroad in Wy., 1880; 
Fruit Growing & County Surveying— Municipal & Street Ry. & City Eng. of Olympia. 
Wash., 1890-92; Pres. Capital City Abstract Co., 1892-96; U. S. Land & Mineral Sur- 
veyor for Wash.. 1894 — Examination of Mines in interest of private parties^ 1894 — U. 
S. Mineral Survyr. for Alaska. 1900 — Member Pacific N. W. Soc. of Eng. 1903 — 
Prcsb. Church. Married Martha E. Page, Tune 7, 1877. Children, Paul P.. b. May 30, 
1878; John Dement, b. Sept. i, 1880 (d. Nov. 2, 1899); Carl Farwell, b. Sept. 3, 1882; 
Ruth Ellen, b. Aug. 10, 1887; Robert Lynn, b. Jan. 10, 1889. Address, Olympia, Wash. 


•B. S., 1895; Farmer: b. Jan. 23, 1855. Stockton, Jo Daviess Co., 111.; s. Burton 
and Sophia (Byron) Wright. Prepared in vVoodstock H. S. Married Nellie C. Fordick. 
Dec. 10. 1878. Children, Ward E.; Edith H.; Avicc; Burton; Howard. Address, Wood- 
stock, 111. 

CLASS OF 1878 (42) 


(Father of Nos. 2881, 363 O 

B. S., 1880; Farmer; b. Apr. 25, i8<7, Jefferson Co., N. Y.: s. Phenix (b. Nov. 24, 
1816) & Juliette (Lamson) Baker Cb. May 8, 1821.) Philomathean. Married Alice R* 
Beebe, Dec. 29, 1882. Children, Ray L., b. Feb. 14, 1884; Ruth M., b. Mar. 29, 1887. 
Address, 121,21 Parnell Ave., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Aug. 6, 1854, Chicago, 111.; a. Edward Ballard (b. 
Augusta, Me.) & Lucy Wilcom (Plum) Ballard (b. Middletown. Conn.) Prepared in 
Englewood H. S.; Lombard Coll.; Sangers Acad.; Babcock's Acad. Arch., 1878-80, Chi- 
cago; lumber business. Mo., one year; three years in business in Chicago; banker in 
Madison, S. Dak., four years; Vice-Pres. First Natl. Bank; Arch, until death. Inspr. 
of the Ft. Sheridan buildings. Member Univcrsalist Church. Married Kate L. Wood, 
Sept. 12, 1883, Oak Park, 111. Children, Mary Gage, b. Nov. 5t i88«; Jessie Gertrude, 
b. Dec. 23, 1886; Kathryn Louise, b. Dec. 24, 1887; Edward Wood, b. July 
27, 1889; Douglas Keene, b. July 31, 1891; Esther Eatin, b. May x, 1895. Died Mar. 4, 
i895> Oak Park, 111. 


(Brother of No. 302) 

B. S. in Agr.; b. Jan. 14, 1856, La Moille, 111.; s. Sereno (b. Nov. 23, i8ao, Wil- 
mington, Vt.) ^ Allisanny S. (\\'inchester) bridge (b. July 13, 1821, Marlboro, Vt.) 
Prepared in La Moille H. S. Philomathean; Capt. in Univ. Reg. Stock raiser, 1878; 
Business, Minneapolis, 1 891-6; Clerk in Circuit Court, Commissioner's Office, Detroit, 
Mich., 1898. Member of, and held successively all offices in, Palestine Lodge F. & A. 
M., Detroit; Drill Corps. Detroit Commandery, Knights Templars. Married Sara £. 
Phillips, June 17, 1893, Minneapolis, Minn. Child, £verette» b. May 26, 1894. Died 
Mar. 18, 1899, Detroit, Mich. 


Cert., 1878; Banker: b. Oct. 31, 1855, Marengo, 111.; s. Milo S. (b. i8j6. Burns, 
N. Y.) & Ilanna M. (Drake) Brown (b. 1830, Cuyler, N. Y.) Prepared in Marengo 
H. S. Philomathean; Delta Tau DelU. Teaching 1878-1882; Law and Real Estate, 
1882 — Pres. Board of Education, Aberdeen 1892-1905; Receiver U. S. Land Office, Aber- 
deen, 1807-1901. A. F. & A. M. Member ot firm of Brown Brothers, Bankers, 
Comm. of Finances of Aberdeen 1912 — Married Laura E. Bailey, Nov. 15, 1878, Kantoul, 
111. Children, Mila A., b. Feb. 21, 1881; Frank A., Jr., b. Oct. 28, 188^; Harry F., b. Apr. 
5. 1886; Lorna D., b. Dec. 24, 1889; Lauran A., b. Apr. 21, 1893 (died June 19, 1908). 
Address, Aberdeen, S. D. 


(Brother of Nos. 303, 304, 459; Father of Nos. 2331, 2592, 3665) 

B. S. in Arch.; M. Arch, (hon.) 1903; Arch.; b. Mar. 25, 1853. Saneamon Co^ 111.; s. 
Wesley (b. July 28, 1816, Shelby Co., Ky.) & Sarah Ann (Foster) Buflard (b. July 18, 
1824, Montgomery Co., Ky.) Prepared in Country Schs. Adelphic Pres. and Orator, 
Senior Class: Editor, The Daily lllini. 1877-8; Pros. Atty.; First and Second Associate 
Justices, and Chief Justice of Supreme Court, old Coll. Govt. Pres. Y. M. C. A., 
1876-7 (charter member). Rep. in Inter-State Orat. Cont., 1877. Taught school, 
1878-9; Arch., 1879 — Arch, of 111. State Comm. to reconstruct Lincoln Natl. Monu- 
ment, 1898-9. City Engr. and member Board Public Works, Springfield, 111., 
1884-9; Trustee, Univ. of 111., 1889-1907; President of Board of Trustees, 1891-3, 1904-7; 
Introduced manual training and mecn. drawing in Springfield schs: edited Rpts. Ill, Soc. 
Engr, & Survyrs, 1890-5; published several professional pamphlets. Member M. E. 
Church; 111. Soc. Engrs. & Survyrs. (charter member); Amer. Inst, of Archs., 1885; 
Exec. Secy. & Treas., 111. Soc. Engrs. and Survyrs.; Tau Beta Pi. Married Elsie Cornelia 

1878] Baccalaureate Alumni 99 

Elliott, Apr. 19, X882, Tomca» 111. Children, Helen Elizabeth ('05) > b. Ma^ 17. 188^; 
Edwin Elliott ('06). b. Aug. 30, 1884; Clark Wesley Cop), b. Oct. 21, 1886; Elsie Louise, b. 
Sept. X3, 1887. Address, 318 S. Glenwood Ave., Springfield, IlL 


B. S. in M. E.; Mechanical Engineer; b. Feb. 27, i8s8, Woodstock. 111.; s. Lyman 
E. & Elizabeth (Hollister) Burr. Prepared in Woodstock H. S. Adelphic. Prop, of 
Machine Shop and Foundry. Invented Thermometer graduating machines and numerous 
other inventions; pipe threading machine patents. Supervisor of Champaien Twp., 1890- 
98; County Treas. of Champaign Co., 1898- 1902. Married Nancy J. Glenn, Apr. 20, 
i88x. Child, Elizabeth H. (ex '04), b. Mar. 8, 2882. Address, Champaign, Illinois. 


B. S.: Banker; b. Apr. 2, 1857, Crawfordsvillc, Ind.; s. Noah Beery, Sr., (b. Oct. 
10, 1816, Pleasant Valley, Va.) & Margaret (Wimp) Coffman (b. Feb. 20, 1820, Carroll, O.) 
Prepared in Urbana H. S. Philomathean: Orat. Jun. Class; Repr. Univ. at Inter-Coll. 
C^t. Contest at Monmouth, 111., 1876; offices under Students' CTovt. Studied law with 
Summers & Wright, Urbftna, 1878-79; Local Reporter on Champaign Co. Gatette, Re- 
moved to Wellington, Kan., & admitted to practice there, x87p. Opened office at Ottawa. 
Walked to Hebron, Nebr. & taught Dist. School; took Clerkship in Bank; became Cashier; 
opened Law office with Manford Savage (No. 194); Bank Cashier, Tacoma, 1883; Che- 
halis, running small private bank, 1884; Pres. & Mgr. of Bank, Inc. as ist Nat'l. Bank, 
1890— Treas. 8th Missionary Biv. Prot. Epis. Church, comprising Pac. Coast. Alaska, 
Hawaiian Islands & Manila; Pres. S. W. Wash. Settlers Agency; Delegate to Nat'l Kep. 
(}onv., Philadelphia, xooo; many times delegate to triennial Conv. of Prot. Episcopal church; 
Treas., Diocese of Olyinpia; Represented Univ. of 111. at 50th Anniv. of Univ. of Wash. 
Married Adaline J. Tigne, Oct. x, X883, Hebron, Nebr. Children. Florence Adaline, b. 
Dec 7, x88^; Ethelin Margaret, b. June 29, x886; Daniel Tigne, b. Aug. 17, 1890. 
Address, Chenalis, Wash. 


Cert. L. & S., b. 1854, 111.; s. R. F. Coflin. Prin. of H. S. Quitman, Miss., X904' 
*Died, Feb. 9, 1908, Picayune, Miss. 

(Wife of No. X08) 

licago, ill. 


B. S. ii} L. & A.; Librarian; b. Henry, 111.; d. Mary Culver. Children's Librarian, 
Minneapolis Pub. Lib. Married A. C. Ellison. Address, Pub. Lib., Minneapolis, Minn, t 


(Wife of No. 84; Sister of No. 264, 309) 

B. S. in Dom. Sc^ b. Jan. 28, 1857. Washington Co., Ind.: d. Chester Powers (b. Mar. 
% X835* Washington Co., Ind.) & Hettie (Close) Davis (b. May i, X838, Scott Co.. Ind.) 

State Univ.; 

Second Presb. 

, . ^ . . . ^ 111. Address, 

Lexington, Ky. 


Ctrt. Lit, Sci. & Mil.; Banker; b. Sept. 28, 1853, La Salle, 111.; s. Francis A. (b. 
Conn.) & Mary (Hartshorn) Dean (b. N. Y.) Class Historian; Delta Tau Delta. Capt. 
in Univ. Regi; Mercantile Bus., x 878' 1904; City Natl. Bank, 1904 — State Senator, 
1003-4: Mayor of Holdrese,6ve terms. Married Cora C. Riggs, June 25. X879, Buckley, 
IlL Address, Holdrege, Nebr. 


B. S.J b. May X5, x8s4, Cobden, 111.; d. Andrew (b. Gettysburg, Pa.) & Sophia 
(Linjsle) Deardorff (b. Jonesboro, IIU Prepared in Cobden H. S. Alethenai. Taught 
m County Norxnals, 4 yrs.; Deputy Co. Supt. of Schs., 2 yrs.; Bd. of Co. Examiners, 
17 yrs. Married Benjamin F. Donnell, May i, X883, Anna, 111. Children, Delia Elizabeth, 
b. June 7, 1884; franklin Andrew, b. Aug. x, 1888: Earl, b. Oct. i, 1894 (d. Aug. 10, 
1895). Address, Ashland, Kan. 

(Sister of Nos. 42, 175) 

Cert.;, b. Paris, O.; d. Isaiah (b. Wcllsville, O.) & Sevilla (Smith) Estcp (b. Pa.) 
Prepared in Rantoul H. S. Member of M. E. Church. Died Jan. 25, 1887. Rantoul, 111. 

(Sister of Nos. 42 & 174) 

Cert.: d. Isaiah (b. Wellesville. O.) & Sevilla (Smith) Estep (b. Pa.) Prepared in Ran- 
toul, H. 5. Book and Art Ex. Member First Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle, Wash. 
Address, 1824 Twenty-fourth Ave., N., Seattle, Wash, » 1 •♦ 

100 UwivERsiTV OF Illinois [i*?^ 

B. S. in M. E.; Relired; h. J«n. ai. i8s6, Kewsnee, lU.; >. Sullivan R. (b. Apr. 
JO. 1816, Luenhurg, Mbbs.) & M»ry S. (Gardner) Francis (b. Nov. 13, t8js, Lowell, rfa.) 
Preparej in Din. Sch. Employ«l in Elgin Watch FaMory, 187990. Invtnled » Con- 
ilrucled pure loft water rfsetvoir for home. 1893: Found diameter of ciicle x by solving 
equation of about joth decree with about tcrmi, i8ge; Onginal soluiioa of why 
water doea not come 10 level of fountain head through pipe eonUining packets of »«, 
1000. Aatbor: Short Letters in Pliyiical Culturt Maiattne. published in FUtiroo Bldg., 
New YorV. loo6-T. Married Jeannette E. Crowfoot, Aug. 10, 1890, Buffalo, N. Y. Ad- 
dr.,1. Kewanee. 111., R. F. D. No. s. 


Cert, in Chem.: Physician: b, Oct. 27, 1S51, Highland, III.; s. Goillieb (b. Apr. 11, 

1817, Swilierland) & Ejnmarilta (Branger) Gainer (b. 1833. do.) Fre^red in Hi^- 

land. 111.. State Nor. Univ.; M. D., Washington, .880. Member Board Trustees M. TE. 

~ ■ *- ... ^. . ~ . ...R. - . x„Bioa Sch. Bd.; Pre*. 

Aabocs. Married Amelia 

ren, (Catherine E., b. Jan. 

Amelia, b, Aug. ij. 1887. 

1, "Trenton, 111.; Direclor Trenton Mifiing Co.; member TreBloa Sch. Bd.; 

CllnlOD Co. Med. Soc: member III. State and Amer. Med. Aiaocs. Married Amelia 

G«Sner. Mar. 39. 1881, St. Louis, Mo. (d, Feb. 9. 'S91.) Chil ^ . . 

14, 188]; Gertrude, b. Oct. a, i88«; Karl S., b. July 5, 1886, 
Died June is, 190^, Trenton, 111.^ 

(Brother of Nos. 139, 505) 

A. B.; A. M., 1905; Uwyer; b. Aug. 17. 1858, Ann Arbor, Mich.: a. John M. (b. 
July 3, i8a3j_Sand Lake, N. Y.) & Julia Gregory (b. Sand Lake, N. Y.). Prepared in 
Champaign H. S.; Univ. Acad. Adelphic. Salesman, 1878-1880: Civ. Engr., iBSo-iBBa; 
Bndge Engr., Atlantic ft Pacific R. S.; Law, 1883— Director, Kansas Cily Art Assoc; 
Trustee, Kanass City Symphony Orch. Soc: Kansas City Bar Assgc, 13 yrs.; Kansas 
City Civic League; Prcs. Provident Assoc; Kansas City Country Club; Kansas City Cily 
Club: Knife k Fork Gub. Married Josephine Karnes, Nov. 3 189a, Kansas City, Mo. 
ChUdren, Joseph Van Clief, b. Feb. 4- ■894; John Milton, b. Sept. s. 1896. AdJmi, 
Waterworks Bldg.. Kansas City, Mo. 


B. S. in C. E.J Prcs. Coniracting Co.; b. Mar. J9, i8ss, SL Louis, Mo.; ». Fred- 
eric (b. Ger.) S Philipena (Diehl) Hauscr (b. do.) Prepared in common sch., Mas. 
coutah. 111. Constr. Dept., A. T. & S. F. R. B., 1878-S9; Mgr. B. Lantsy Sons, (;Dn- 
traclors, 188*1904; Vice Pres. Sharp-Hauser Conlr, Co., 1004-9; Pr«. "■ Hauaer Contr. 
Co., 1909— Memler Univ. Club, Los Angeles; Trustee, Presb, Church. Married Mrs- 
Margaret S. Harter, Oct. 3, 1504, Los Angeles, Calif. Addrcts. 981 St. Andrews PI., 
Los Angeles; £w. Add., 504 Central Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(Wife of No. 78) 
""-•-"-- 3't,ies8, Walerloc, la.: A. Charles Gowdy (b. Mar. 1, 1814. Middle- 
l. Evelyn (Blancha.d) Lamed (b. Nov. a, 1821, Windham Co., Vt.) 

Champaign schools 1 
. of S3. T -- "-- 

of the Dept. 0. ,. , r r, , .»-., .-u_.u. 

Suffrage Speaker. Member Humane Soc; School Bd.; Women's & Children's Hosp. ol 
Kansas Cily. Mo., one lime Vice Pres.; Auditor, a yrs.; V--—' ■- I'-ii- -"- •- 
UniTeraaliat Church. Married Fernando Alston Parsons ('75), . 
III. Addriss, 803 S. Central Ave., Chanute, Kan. 

B. L.: Lawyer; b. Sept. t6, iSjs. Ralley, Quebec; a. Josiah (b. Nov. ao, 1810, Sun- 
stead, Quebec) A Rockselana (Davis) Lee (b. Jan. 19, 1814, ds ) Prepared in Mt. Car- 
roll H. S. Adelphic. Studied Law in office of Hon. James Shaw, Ml. Carroll, II. Prac- 
ticing since l88rj.meml-- ' "-■' ' " ' -. - - - - 
Cb^eyenne Co., Nebr., 2 

.'* Bbj™ 


(Brother of No. 508) 

ans; b. Dec. 19, 1857, Lamoille, 111.! s. David Hayden (b. 

[8JS -^""i^""'; (Angier) Llovde .^b. ifijo. Vl.) Pre'pared In 

Pnn Traveled eilensively abroad k in southern SMtes since 1807. 

P™ c, 1 yr., each; Deacon Baptist Church, 18 yrs.; memSer 

Chai yn.; Champaign City Council, a yrs.; Treas. of Univ. Y. M. 

C. ' >ecy. ft Chairman Champaign Co. Prohibition Ontral Com., 

seve -We & Trust Co. M.rri;dV France. Core Jjine"^, ^S^ 

Cnai Ellen, b. May i(, 1900. Addriss, Boi ifi, Venice, Calif. 


B. S. in Arch.: Seal Estate business; b. Mar. n. 1857, Newark N T - s. Henrv H 

<b. Mar. .0, 1818, (f. Y. City) & Ida E. (Scharff) McLane (b jZe '.3. iSis, A^Si^am 

Holland.) Prepared in Waukegan H. S. Delta Tan Delta. Railroad Clerk, iBjcSif 

1878] Baccalaureate Alumni ioi 

Traveling Salesman, 1881-3; Real Estate, 1884— Member Univ. Club; Real Etaate Bd.; 
Hamilton Qub, life member; Midlothian Country Club. Address, 64 E. 36th PI., Chicago; 
Bus. Add, Room 909, 69 W. Washington St., Chicago. 


(Sister of No. 105) 

Cert, in L. & S.; b. Jan. 6, 1859,. Tonica.Ill.; d. Isaac Sanders (b. Oct^io, 1828, 
Sardinia, .--.-. .. - ^-._^ ... «v.«. 

pared in 

Author of a number of stories in masauucs. wai«i«:vi au»w tt..«i.«^ .■...ujik, * 

Champaign, 111. (d.- July i, 1909). Address, 6027 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

(Father of No. 3J10) 
Cert, in L. & S.; Lumber Dealer; b. Sept. 15, 1849, Louisville, 111.; s. Daniel (b. 1S22) 
& Eliza Ann (Monical) Moore (b. 1827, Ind.) Prepared in Com. Country Sch. Scientific 
Soc.. Pres. Prin. Toledo Sch., 1879; taught country Sch., 1880: Dry (Soods bus., x88x-93; 
Proprietor, Wabash Lumber Yards, 1802— Elected Survyr of (Hay Co., x88o; Clerk of 
village of Louisville, 1885; Treas. of the city, 1886; Pres., Village Bd., 1889; Secy., The 
Wabash Bldg. & Loan Assoc., 1895—; Dir- & Vice Pres.. Clay Co. State Bank,. 1905. 
Married Manala Margerette George, Feb. 10, 1884, Louisville, 111. Children, Samuel 
Burns, ('07) b. May 28, 1885; Frances CHeveland, b. Oct. x6, 1889; Maud Elizabeth, b. 
Nov. 28, 1890 (d. Feb. 1, 1892). Address, Louisville, 111. 


B. S. in M. £.; Manufacturer of Struc. Steel: b. 1853, Bohemia; s. Wensel Morava. 
Pres. Morava Constr. Co., 1900— Address, 5621 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111. 


(Sister of Nos. 146, 188) 

B. L. in L. & S.; M. L., 1879; Lecturer & Organizer of W. C. T. U.; b. July 30, 1852, 
Metamora, 111.; d. Andrew H. (o. Jan. 7, 1820, Gilmanton Iron Works, N. H.) & Mary 
Ann ((jrove) Page (b. Oct. 26, 1820, Georgetown, Ind.) Prepared in Jacksonville & Home. 
Alethenai; Mystery of the Seven Sisters. Wrote Class song; Vice Pres., (Hass; Senator. 
Stud. Govt. Taught music, 1879-88; same in Eureka Coll. 2 yrs.; Rancher on Homestead 
(Haim in Wyo., 1888-93; Lecturer & Organizer for W. C. T. U., 1892-1910. Author: 
Heart Culture, a textbook on Humane Education, 273 pp., Whitaker & Ray Co., 1897; 
Humane Educator No. c, 100 pp.; many short stories in various periodicals. Died July 
28, 19x0, Olympia, Wash. 


(Sister of Nos. 146, 187) 

Ort. in Arch.; B. S. in Arch., 1879; Teacher; b. Jan. 27, 1849, Metamora, 111.; d. 
Andrew N. (b. Jan. 7, 1820, Gilmanton, N*. H.) & Mary Ann (Grove) Page (b. Oct. 26, 
1820, New Albany, Ind.) Prepared in Tremont III^ Acad^ Metamora H. S. Pres., Ale- 
thenai; Mystery of Seven Sisters; Senator, Stud. Grovt. Teacher, x 878-90; Arch. Drafts- 
man, 1889; Drafting, Blue Printing & Abstracting, 189s. Pres., W. C. T. U., W. Wash., 
1895-X900: Vice Pres. at large of same organization & State Supt. of Temp, literature, 
xooo-s- Issued W. C. T. U. reports, pp. 80-90, 5 yrs. Author: A Country School 
Teacher: Relation of Cruelty to Food Supply; A Sketch from Life, Northwest Jour, of 
Educ, Seattle, Wash.; also numerous articles for press along temperance and humane 
lines. Address, Box 356, Olympia, Wash. 


Cert, in L. & S.; Lawyer; b. Lodi. Washtenaw Co.j Mich.; s. John (b. Burton, O.) & 
Elizabeth (Wakely) Patchin. Prepared at home; Oberlin, winter i88o-x. Pres., Adelphic; 
Senator in Stud. Govt. LL. B., Univ. of Mich., 1884. Taught School, x878-8i; Clerk, 1881-2; 
Law Sch., Ann Arbon x 882-4; Practicing Law, 1884 — Mayor Traverse City, Mich., 
1900-x; memb. Bd. of Educ, 1890-1900; Chairman City Rep. Com., Traverse City, 1905 — 
Married Ruth M. Patchin, July 6, 1888, Manchester, Mich. Children, Lucius W., b. July 
18, 1889; Elizabeth, b. July 2, 1895. Address, Traverse City, Mich. 

(Brother of No. 82.) 
B. L.; Lawyer; b. 1858, Mt. Vernon, 111.; s. James M. Pollock. Address, Mt. Vernon, 

B. S. in Agr.; Lawyer; b. Mar. 21, 1856, Woodstock, 111.; s. Thomas McDonough (b. 
Madison Co., N. Y.) & Julia Antionctte (Webb) Richards (b. Columbia Co., N. Y.) 
Prepared in Watcrville, N. Y., H. S. Philomathean. LL. B., Union Coll. of Law 
(Northwestern). 1884. Farmer & Sch. Teacher, 1878-82; studying Law, 1882-4; Practising, 
1884 — Elder Presb. Church; Prosecuting Atty., Thayer Co., 4 yrs.; Speaker of House of 
Rep., Neb. Legislature, 1895. Married Carrie Allen; Lida M. Ashby, 1883; Uzzie E. Lowrie. 
Children, Carl Gregory, b. June 10, 1880; Bessie Ashby, b. Aug. 3, 1887; John Lowrie, b. 
Mar. 22. 1893; Webb, b, July 24, 1898. Address, Hebron, Neb. 

102 University of Illinois I1878 

B. S. in Chcm.; b. 1854, Paris. 111.; s. J. O. Rudy. Died July 16, 1899, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 


Cert, in L. & S.; Born 1851, Paterson, N. J.; s. S. D. Abram. Died June 4, 1887, 
Ranton, N. Mex. 


(Brother of No. 247) 

B. L. in L. & S.: Lawyer; b. May 24, i8S4» Macoupin Co,. 111.; s. Nathan (b. Mar. z, 
1812, Windsor, Vt.) & Sophronia (Wilkins) Savaffc (b. Rutland, Vt.) -Prepared in Girard 
H. S. Philomathean: Phi Beta Kappa. Pres., Natl. Independent Tel. Assoc; mem. 111. 
State Bar Assoc. Married Anna Savage, June 8^ 1882. Child, Arthur Dale, b. Feb. i, 
1890. Address, 723 W. Church St., Champaign, III. 


solidated Frisco Times and El Reno Herald, X892; Published same 1892-5; Farmer, 1894. 
Founded and published Oklahoma Review, Author of several religious & government 
publications. Member, Board Trustees, Plymouth Cong. Church, Enid, Okla. Married 
Clara Dell Canady, Dec 16, 1880, Champaign, 111. Children, Albert Canady. b. Aug. 28, 
1 881; Noel, b. Oct. 13, 1883; William Lemon, b. Nov. 16, 1884; Arthur Ware, b. Aug. 
13, 1887. Address, Enid, Okla. 


Cert, in L. & S.; Pres., Sparks Milling Co.; b. Nov. 5, 1858, Staunton, 111.; s. David 
R. (New Albany, Ind.) & Anna Davenport (Chapman) Sparks (b. near Staunton, 111.) 
Prepared in Alton H. S. Adelphic; Leader, Gymnasiuni, 2 yrs. Mfg. Flour, Alton, Mills. 
Pres., Millers' Natl. Federation. Married Bessie Mayo Pegram, Jan. 6, 1894, Lincoln, 111. 
Address, Alton, 111. 


Cert.; b. 1856, III.; s. Levi Spradling. Died Nov. 30, 1881, Greenleaf, Kan. 


Cert.: Miner; b. Aug. 3, x853f Lowell, O.; s. J. B. (b. 18^7, Lowell. O.) & Malinda 
F. (Martin) Spra^e (b. 18^2, Pa.^ Prepared in Decatur, 111. Adelphic; Att;r. under 
Stud. Govt. Practice law: Claim Adjuster on R. Rs. in Tex., Kan., & Ark.; Mining Bus., 
1897-1905; Mgr. of Min. Co., Mex., 1905-8. Member City Council, Springfield, 111., i88x; 
Co. Assessor, Patter Co., S. D., 1882. Married Linnie M., Roll, 1882, Springfield. 111. 
(d. 1890). Children, Linnie M., b. 1883; Gladys, b. 1885. *Died Feb. 7, X91X, Jackson- 
ville, 111. 


B. S. in Sci.: Farmer; b. June 29, 1850, Walton, N. Y.: s. James (b. May 5, 1803, 
Walton, N. Y.) & Abijeail (Terry) Weed (b. Nov., 181 8. do.) Prepared in Belvidere S. 
Side H. S.; Lombard Coll.; Jefferson Liberal Inst., Galesburg. Teacher, 1878-86; Farmer, 
J 886 — Married Lydia Margaret Ridpath, Apr. 7, 1885, New Sharon, la. Address, AIvo, 


B. L. in L. & S.; Lawyer; b. X855, Dwight, 111.; s. G. W. Whitlock, Capt. Univ. Regt. 
Address, Gettysburg, S. Dak. 


Bridge Designing and Construction, 1 878-1880; Railroad Engr., 1880-1883; Bridge Design- 
ing and Construction, 1883-1887; Mgr. and Eng. of Lassig Bridge Works, Z887-X90X; Con- 
suTtinpr Eng., Bridges & Buildings a specialty, 1897-X901; Vicc-pres. and Western Manager 
American Bridge Co., 1901-05; Pres. Amer. Bridge Co., 1905-1911: Am. Soc Civil Engrs.; 
Western Soc Engineers; Am. Ry. Eng. and Maintenance of Way Assoc. Af ember of 
Skokie Country Club (Glencoe); Engrs. Club (N. Y.); Duquesne (^lub, Pittsburgh; Union 
League (Hub, Chicago; Engrs. Club, Chicago; Univ. Club, Chicago. Married Alice A. 
Hanna, Feb. 27, 1884, Wooster. O. Children: Mabel, b. Jan. 1885 (died Apr. 1885); 
Harry H. ('08), b. Mar. 31, 1886; Margarette, b. Oct. 1, 1887; Gertrude, b. July i, 1889; 
Katherine b. July 10, 1892. Address, Glencoe, 111.; Bus. Add., 74 W. Adams SL, Cnicago. 


B. L.; b. Jan. 3, 1859, Peru, 111.; s. Henry (b. Dec. i, 1821, Stuttgart, Ger.) & 
Caroline (Ream) Zimmerman (b. Aug. X2, 1828, Shaferstown, Pa.) Prepared in H. S. 
Delta Tau Delta. Bookkeeper, 1878-84; jeweler, 1 884-1903. Married Emma Merkel, Dec 
2, 1896, Peru, 111. Child, Ralph Edward, b. Apr. 12, 1899. "Died July 21, 1903, Peru, 111. 

1879I Baccalaureate Alumni 103 

CLASS OF 1879 (23) 

(Husband of No. 264; Brother of No. 584; Father of Nos. 2891, 3637) 
B.L.; M. L.. 1880; A. M., 1905; Lawyer; b. Oct. 20, 1858, Milford Tp., Knox Co.. 
0.: 8. George Fitch (b. May 26, 1827, Miltord Tp., do) & Martha (Mahan) Beardsley ^b. 
July x6, 1834, Mt. Morris, N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign H. S.; Pres. of Adelphic; 
mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Senate CoH. Govt.; Represented Adelphic in Inter-society Orat. 
Contest; Ed. in Chief Iliini one yr.: Qass Pres.; Asst. in Chero., Univ. of 111., two years; 
since then lawyer, now mem. firm Beardsley, Gregory (No. 178) & Kirshner, Kansas City, 
Mo. Upper House Common Council, K. C. Mo., 1898-1902; Pres. Upper House Common 

II, 1887; Henry Scovell, b. June 17^ 1895. Address, Commerce Building, Kansas 
City, Mo. 





Cert., L. & S.: Lawyer; Judge ist Cir. 111.; b. Aug. 16. 1856, Berlin, Green Lake Co., 
Wis.: s. Comfort Edgar (b. Oct. 3, 1824, Ithaca, N. Y.) & Celcstia Ann (Carter) Butler 
(b. Aug. 19, 1833, Darien, N. Y.) Prepared in Anna Pub. Sch., Pres. Adelphic; in days 
of "CoU. (jovernment" was member of Univ. "Senate"; Coll. Marshall; Prosecuting Atty.; 
Assoc. Justice Supreme Court; Pres. Coll. Gov.; Pres. of Class Fresh. & Jun. years; Capt. 
Co. C., 1878*9. Taught school 1870-81 j Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1881-2; LL. B. 
Union Univ. 1883; U. S. Revenue Service, 1883-4; States Attorney, (Tairo, III., 1884; re- 
elected i888;02-96; Corporation Council city of Cairo, 1895-8; Circuit Judge, ist Circuit of 
111., 1903. Re-elected 1908; Capt. & Adit. 9th Regt. I. N. G.. 1884-5; Member board of 
Education, C^iro, 1896- 190 2. Member A. F. & A. M.; K. ot P.; Twice Pres. Alumni 
Assoc Univ. of 111.; Presb. Church. Married Mary Mattoon, Oct. 28, 1885; Children, 
(^mfort Straight ('09) b. Mar. i, 1887; William Glenn ('12) b. June 24, 1890; Frank- 
lin Mattoon, b. Mar. 22, 1892; Mary, b. Aug. 18, 1893; Esther, b. Nov. 28, 1895 (d. 
Jan. 16, 1896): Helen, b. Mar. 12, 1897 (d* Nov. 7, 1906); John Bruce, b. Jan. 22, 1899. 
Address, 2036 Walnut St., Cairo, lU. 


B. S. in Nat. Hist.; Principal; b. at Union, 111. Prepared in Marengo H. S.; Taught 
one year in Farmer City and one year in Paxton, thirty years in Chicago; at present 
Prin. Alcott Sch., Chicago, III.: mynber of Chicago Principals' Club: Lake view Woman's 
Club; Pol. Equality League. Married Dr. Bradford Allen Camfield, Dec. 23, 1909. Address, 
501 Belmont Ave., Chicago, III. 


B. S. in M. E.; b. 1856, Lyndon, 111.; s. George L. Coburn. Died Jan. 10, 1894, 
San Antonio, Tex. 


Cert. Architect; b. Oct. 23, 1856, Urbana; s. S. Magnus & Julia A. (Brougham) 
Freijs. Prepared in Country Soi. near Urbana. Member Baptist Church. Married If ellie 
A. Potter, 1883, Indianapolis (d. 1892); Cora A. Turner, 1893, Stanton, Va. (d. Sept. 23, 
1912). Children, Mildred Grant, b. tuly 3, 1885 (d. July 17, 1884); Marion Antoinette, 
b. July 12, 1887; Barbara Montrose, b. Apr. 20, 1908. Address, 554 Central Trust Bldg., 
Inaianapolis, Ind. 


B. S. in Min. E.; Civ. Engr^;; b. 1856, 111.; Prepared in Fairmount H. S.; V. Pres. 
& Gen. Mgr., Cohocton Brick & Tile Co., Forest City, Ark. Address, Forest City, Ark., 
or Fairmount, 111. 


B. S.; b. 1853, Fairfield, Me.; d. James Hale. Dist. Supt., Bureau of Charities, 1904. 
Address, Sheffield, 111. 


B. S. in Agr.; Farmer, Banker, and Merchant; b. May 24, 1857, Geneseo, 111.: s. 
Levi Wason (b. Nov. 15, 1827, Canaan, N. H.) & Sarah Elizabeth (French) Hoit (b. Nov. 
I, 1836, Coventry, Conn.) Prepared in Geneseo H. S. Philomathean. Pres. First Nat'l 

t>^_t. _^ /^ .__ 1 1 J T »*■ 1 ^^ r^t • nn i tt_»__ ^e 

bom, July 21, 1880 (d. July 26, x88o); Maurice Elon, b. June 23, 1893. Address, 
(jeneseo, HI. 


Cert, in C. E.; with Albert Dickinson Seed Co.; b. Sept- 13, 1856, Sprinsfield, O.; s. 
Anthony & Sarah (Drew) Johnson. Prepared at Keokuk, la., and Kansas City. Mo. Sci. 
Soc; Capt. Coal Bus., Chicago, until 1887; with the Albert Dickinson Co., Chicago, 111., 

104 University of Illinois [1879 

Seed Merchants. 1887 — now representing them at Boston, Mass. Member Baptist Church. 
Married Adelaide Frances Rose, Feb.. 1887, Chicago, 111. Address, 272 Fairmount Ave., 
Hyde Park, Mass. Bus. Add., 506 Board of Trade Bldg., Boston, do. 

(Father of Nos. 2710, 3818) 


Tau , . _ . - , 

cantile Bus., X885-00; Farmer, 1890-7; Mgr. & Secy. Maricona Creamery Co., 1907- 
Trustec, Phoenix Union H. S., 1901 — Married Emma C. Trask, Oct. 15, 1879, B«da* 1^1 
Children, Marion R., ('06) b. Jan. 22, 188I; Herbert E.', b. Nov. 4, 1882; Harlow T.. b. 
June 13, 1884; Lucile E. ('09) b. Aug. 19, 1885 Address, Phoenix, Ariz. 


Cert. D. Sci.; b. Oct. 25, 1858, Louisiana, Mo.; d. Robert Hamilton (b- ^^^^1 & 
Olivia (Jones) Kimberlin (b. 18222. Prepared in Louisiana (Mo.) Pub. & Private Sch. 
Teacher in Primary Sch., Urbana, 111.; Teacher & Asst. Prin., Blackstone H. S., Mcndota: 
Supervisor & Dir. Phys. Culture, Detroit Pub. Sch.; Wis. Sutc Supt. of Woman's Dept. 
Mutual Life Insurance Co.. N. Y. Author: Course of Study in Physical Culture & 
Physiology, arranged specially for Detroit Pub. Schools, John Bomman & Son, 1895; also 
magazine articles, mostly upon topics relating to Phys. Culture. Member A. A. A. ot 
Phys. Education (one time Secy.); Pres., Detroit .\ssoc. for the Adv. of Phys. Educ; 
Detroit Conservatory of Mus. For number of years on faculty of Natl. Summer School 
of Mus. Died Jan. 19, 1904, Milwaukee, Wis. 


B. S. in Min. E.; Engineer; b. Apr. 6, 1858, Paris, lU.: s. George W. (b. Jan. 15, 
1831, do.) & Sarah J. Kimole (b. Oct. 2, 1834, Schenectady, N. Y.) Prepared in private 
acad., Paris, 111. Adelphic and Scientific Sees. With A. T. & S. F. R. K., Engr. Dept., 
Las Vegas, N. Mex., 1879-81; Mex. Central R. R., Paso Del Norte, Mex., 1881-4, Iran 
first line of R. R. from U. S. to Mex.; Co. and City Eng^r., Paris, 111., 1884-6; re-entered 
service of A. T. & S. F. R. R., on surveys and construction of line between Kansas City 
and Chicago, 1886-8: Roadmaster from Kansas City Div., A. T. & S. F. R. R., 1888-92: 
Gen. Roadmaster, Kansas City to Chicago and St. Joe, 1892-3; Roadmaster of third and 
fourth Div., N. Y. L. D. & W. R. R., 1804-7; Div. Engr. in charge of Maintenance, 
Cincinnati Div., Erie R. R., 1897 — Married Sara S. Gates, Nov. 8. 1888, LaPIata, Mo. 
Address, Marion, O. 


B. S. in Min. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Feb. ic, 1850, Obersulzen, Rhine, Ger.; s. Henry 
(b. 1826, do.) & Susanna (Reihs) Kuhn ^b. 1038, Musbach, do.) Capt. of Prescott, Ariz., 
Cruards. Invented copper riveted fastenings as applied to overalls, 1892. Built R. R. 
from Prescott Junction, 1886-7. Married Sallie Jereslaw, Jan. 1890, aan Diego, Calif, 
(d. Oct., 1809.) Children, Susie, b. Jan. 27, 1891; Rutk, b. Feb. 14, 1893 (d. July, 1893); 
Miriam, b. Sept. 8, 1898. Died Feb. 20, 1899, San Dicga, Calif. 


(Father of 3064, 3838, 4772) 

B. S. in Ajgr.; Grain & Stock Raiser; b. Apr. 6, 1856, Hamlet, III.; s. Graham (b. 
Jan. 21, 1821, Salisbury, Conn.) & Mary Howard (Candor) Lee (b. Nov. 22, 1834, Union 
Co., Pa.) Prepared in Hamlet Pub. Sch. Scientinc Assoc; Adelphic; Telegraph Assoc; 
Star Lecture Assoc; Pres. Coll. Government; member Senate. Married EUena Bopes, 
Dec. 15, 1881, Hamlet, 111. Children, Mary H., b. Jan. 11, 1883 C07); Mylo, b. May 12, 
1884 (Ex. '07); Charles Bopes, b. Mar. 17, 1886 ('09); Otis Hoit, b. May 3, 1888; ('11); 
Izora, b. Mar. 11, 1890 ('14) Ellcna, b. June 7, 1892 ('15); Fanny, b. Nov. 20, 1806; 
Florence, b. July 8, 1898. Address, Reynolds, 111. 


B. L.; b. Dec 8, 1859, Champaign. 111.; d. Eli N. (b. Oct. 13, 1826, Whiting. Vt.) & 
Rachel Jane (Barlow) McAUisfcr (b. Mar. 27, 1837, Ticonderoga, N. Y.) Prepared in 
Champaign H. S. Alethenai; Illini Bd.; Valedictorian. Co. Supt. of Sch., Sherburne Co., 
Minn., by appointment in 1903; elected 1904 for a yrs. Member Eastern Star; W. C. T. 
U. Married Tohn H. Miller, Oct. 27, x88i, Champaign, 111. Child, Hubert McAllister, b. 
Mar. 17, 1886. Address, Big Lake, Minn. 


B. S. in C. E.; b. 1861, 111.; s. Charles M. Milton. Died July 22, 1892, Platte- 
ville, Colo. 


B. S. in Sci., 1880; Physician: b. June 28, 1856, Newtonville, Mass.; s. Samuel (b. 
Oct. I, 1 82 1. Bamstead, N. H.) & Ann Louise (Blodgett) Stanton (b. Nov. i, 1828. 
Albany, N. Y.) Prepared in London, Eng. Philomathean, Pres.; Treas., Coll. Govt.; Secy., 
Class; Right Gen*l. Guide; Capt.; Commander Co. E, winner of ist prize in competi- 
tion. M. D., Northw. Univ., 1892. Agt., N. Atlantic Steam Traffic Conf., C. M. & Si. 
P. R. R., 1882-7; Traveling Art., St. P. M. & M. R. R., 1887-9; Physician, 1892— I. N. 
G., 1880-2; Hosp. Steward, 1882-3; Lieut. & Asst. Surg., 1897-1904; Capt. Asst. Surg.. 
1904-7; Maj. & Surg., 1907-10; Secy, to Surg. Gen'l., 1910 — Act. Asst. Surg., U. S. 
Army; Attending Phys., H. O. Dept. of the Lakes, 1893-7; 1st Lieut., M. R. C., U. S. 

i88o] Baccalaureate Alumni 105 

Army. 1907 — Atst. Editor, Chicago Med. Gasetie & Chicago Med. i?^i;., 1880-2; Editor 


Y. City. Children. George Com well, b. Feb. 17. 1889 (d. Oct. 8, 1896); Dorothy,^b. June 
^9» 1890 (d. Dec. 8, 1895); John Bloomfield, b. Mar. 28, 1897. Address, 640 Sheridan 
Road, Chicago; Bus. Add., 1604 Masonic Temple, do. 


Cert.: in Business; b. Not. 14, 1858, Kankakee, 111.; s. Frederick (b. London, Eng.) 
& Elixa (Paddon) Swannell (b. • Devonshire, do.) Prepared in Kankakee H. S. PhUo- 
mathean; Capt. Co. B., 1879. One yr., I. N. G.j Capt. Co. L., 3rd Reg., 1890. Married 
Florence Misener, Arlington, la. Children, Fred W., b. 1886; Jeanette, b. 1887; Horace, 
b. 1889; Laurence, b. 1891. Address, Kankakee, 111. 


(Brother of No. 328.) 

B. L. in L. & S.; M. L., 1880; Sculptor, Lecturer. Instructor; b. Apr. 29, i860, 
Elmwood, 111.: s. Don Carlos (b. 1827, Swanzey, N. H.) & Mary Lucy (Foster) Taft (b. 
Sbutesbury, Mass.) Prepared at home & at Univ. Adelphic. Studied at Ecole des Beaux 

Pans, 1880-83: received prix d' atelier, 1883. Received Desi^er's Medal, Columbian 
Exposition, 1893; Silver Medal, Pan-American Exposition, 1901: (Told Medal, La. Purchase 


Exposition, 1904; Sculpture, instructing and lecturing, 1 886-— Member Nat. Sculpture Soc.; 
of Western Artists; Soc. of Chicago Artists; Municipal Art League of (Chicago, xst 

Vice-pres, : Municipal Art Comm. of CGicag^o, Sec. ; Nat. Inst, of Arts & Letters; Nat. 
Acad, of Design. Author: History of American Sculpture, Macmillan Co., 1903. Married 
Carrie L. Scales, 1800 (d. Apr., 1892); Ada Bartlett, Feb. 11, 1896, Boston, Mass. 
Children, Mary, b. Feb. 26, 1897; Emily, b. Apr. 19, 1899; Jessie Louise, b. June 23, 1906. 
Address, 6016 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 


B. S. in Min. E.; Broker; b. 1852, Hartford, Conn.; s. William B. Thompson. 
Address, Riverside, 111. 


Cert, in Agr.; teacher: b. Jan. 10, 1853, Clarion, 111.; s. Franklin (b. Jan. a, 181 5, 
Whiting, Vt.) & MarUla E. (Hastings) Walker (b. Mar. 11, 1820, Wilmington, Vt.) 
Prepared in La Moille Schs. Philomathean ; Class Pres., 1879; Capt. Univ. Regt. Mer- 
chant, X881-3: Stock Farming, 1884-90; Teaching, 1897 1906. Clerk & Trustee, Baptist 
Church, 1 894-1 904. Marriea Florence Myra Cushman, Jan. i, 1880, Champaign, 111. 
Child, £lva Grace, b. Sept. 23, 1880. Died Feb. 14, 1906, Lincoln, Nebr. 


(Brother of No. 490.) 

Cert, in L. & S.; Physician; b. Dec 27, x8§8. Metamora, III.; s. James Smith (b. 
Dec. 13, 1821, Sidney, O.) & Sidna (Robinson) Whitmire (b. Dec. 28, 1828, Jacksonville, 
111.) Pr«>ared in Metamora H. S. Adelphic. B. L., Univ. of la., 1882; M. D., Rush 
Med. ColJu. Chicago, III., 1885. Published numerous articles on medical topics, in Peoria 
Medical monthly. Medical Standard, and The Medical Analectic. Member, III. State Med. 
Soc, 188s; N. Cent. 111. Med. Soc. 1885; Austin Flint Med. Soc. and Cedar Valley Soc, 
la. Married Mary Barrett, May 18, 1887, Mt. Vernon, la. C^hild, Clarence Leonard, Jr., 
b. Nov. 2, 1S95. Died Sept. 29, 1895, Waverley, la. 

CLASS OF 1880 (26) 


B. L. in L. & S.; b. Champaign, III.; d. Jonathan (b. Oct. 26^ 1824, Natick, Mass.) & 
Ellen (Hunt) Bacon (b. Feb. 14, 1836, Tewkesbury, Mass.) Prepared in Champaign H. 
S. Alethenai. Address, 181 1 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham, Wash. 


(Mother of Nos. 2953 and 3722) 

Ort. Dom. Sci.; b. Sept. 17, 1856, Pittsfield, N. H.; d. Samuel E. (b. Feb. 24, 1828, 
Pittsfield, N. H.^ & Sarah Marilla OClark) Batchelder (b. Mar. 10, 1834, Bamstead, N. 
H.) Prepared m Batchelder School, Illini Tp.; Alethenai. Pres. one term. Member 

b. Jan. 20, 1888 (09): John Thomas, b. Jan. 2, 1890 (died Apr. 7, 1904.) Address, 22/ 
Bonner Ave., Tyler, Tex. 

(Husband of No. 354.) 

. A. B., 1905; Banker & Telephone Exchange Builder; b. Sept. 13, 1855, Garden Prai- 
ne, 111.; s. Orlando (b. Auk. 26, 1825, Oswego, N. Y.) & Mercy (Winega) Bills (b. Sept. 
«o. 1827.) Prepared in Marengo H. S. Delta Tau Delta; Philomathean. Studied law 

io6 University of Illinois [1880 

in office of Geo. W. Gere. Champaign. 1880-81, admitted to oractice in Nebr., 1882; 
Banking;_Built_an_Autoinatic (Strowgcr) TcL Exchy Lincoln^ Nebr., & _Sioux Cit^*^ la., 

Nebr. legislature ot zeoo^pi for service in bioux Indian war 01 winter 1000-91. Marnea 
C. Florence Lewis ('83) Sept. 13, 1883, Farmer City, 111. Child, Breta, b. Mar. 2a, 1887. 
Address, Lincoln, Nebr. 


B. S. in 1870: Bridffe Machinery Designer; b. Feb., x8s9> near Emporia. Kan.; s. 
Jan. (b. Netherlands) & Maria Bley (b. do.) Prepared in Comm. Sch., £1 Paso, Colo. 
Scientific Machinist & Sch. Teacher, 1880-87; Machine Draftsman, 1887-91; Teacher Mech. 
Drawing in h. schs.^ Chicago, 1891-5; Instr. in Mech. Draw. & Design, Armour Inst., 
1896-9; Bridge Machinery Designer, Chicago, 1900 — Married Caroline Lucia Averill, Aug. 
«i8, 1892, Durand, Wis. Address, 5046 Washington Park Court, Chicago. 


L.L. 6.; Confectioner & Baker; b. Dec. 13, 1856, Vermillion Co., Ind.; s. Jacob £. & 
Sarah (Salts^ver) Brilcs. Prepared in Tuscola H. S. Married Ida B. Lindley, Nov. 30, 
1 88 1, Iroquois Co., III. Address, 420 Hazel St., Danville, 111. 


*M. L.. 1 891; Financier; b. Feb. x, 18^8, Urbana; s. Joseph Okell (b. Huntington, 
Long Island, N. Y.) & Julia (Hunt) Conklin (b. Norwich, Eng.) Prepared in Urbana. 
Pres., I term, Adelphic: One of the founders of the Jarvis-Conxlin Mortage Trust Co.; 
Vice Pres., s yrs., N. Amer. Trust Co., N. Y.; resigned 1900, devoting time to personal 
investments & various other financial undertakings. One of the founders & a Dir. of 
Nat'l Bank of Cuba; Pres. Jucaro & Moron Ry. Co.; Vice Pres., Central Cuba Sugar 
Co.; Vice Pres. Central Moron Sugar Co.; Pres. North Shore Estates Co.; Pres. Havana 
Telephone Co.; Pres. Huntington Assoc; Pres. Mo. Soc. of N. Y. Member Metropolitan 
Museum of Art; Amer. Museum of Natural Hist.; Civics Club; Lotus Club; the 
Bibliophile Soc; St. Nicholas Club; Amer. Club of Havana; Nassau Country Club; Auto- 
mobile Club of Amer.; Huntinj^ton Country Club. Married Mary MacFadden, May 4, 
1898, Paris. Children, Julia Cecilia, b. Feb. i, 1890; Roland Hunt, b. June 3, 1904; Rose- 
mary, b. July 23, 1909. Address, i Wall St., New York. 


B. S. in Chem.; Fanner; b. Sept. 21, 1857, near Troy, III.; s. John A. (b. Aug. 10, 
1809, Va.) & Lucinda (Lemen) Cook (b. Dec. 25, 1814). Prepared in Edwardsville H. 
S. Address, Edwardsville, 111. 


(Father of No. 4689.) 

Cert, in L. S.: Publishers' Agt.; b. July 28, 1857, Shelbyville, 111.; s. Isaac (b. 1823, 
Cerne Abbas, Eng.) & Mary Ellen (Cole) Groves (b. 1832, Md.) Prepared in Champaign 
High School. Adelphic; Pres. i term; Capt. Teacher in III. schools from 1 880-1 907: since 
1907 engaged as ^Publishers' Agt. Married Dora Trabue, Aug. x, z888. Children, JPauline, 
b. Dec. 7, 1889; Charles Harold, b. Nov. 27, 1897. Address, 701 W. Church St., Cham- 
paign, 111. 


Cert, in L. & S.; b. Nov. 9, 1857, Prcscott. Wis.: s. John C. (b. Germany) & Anna 
Mona (Illg) Hafner (b. do.) Prepared in Oak Park II. S. Philomathean. Fire Insurance. 
Married Addie E. Lumbard, Oct. 31, 1891, Oak Park, HI. Children, Eugenia, b. Jan. 22, 
1893; Irene, b. Mar. 27, 1897; Marion, b. Mar. 17, 1900. Died, Dec. 9, 191 1, Oak Park, 111. 

Cert.; b. 1859 in 111.; s. Mrs. Susan Harden. Died June 2, 1899, Liberty, Nebr. 

(Father of No. 4702; Brother of Nos. s; 22.) 

A. B.; Farmer; b. Jan. 1, 1857, Spring Grove, 111.; s. Lewis (b. Apr. 20, 1814, 
Washington Co., N. Y.) & Mandana (Cole) Hatch (b. July 22, 1825, Hill, N. H.) Pre- 
pared in Elgin Acad. LL. B., Union Coll. of Law, Northwestern Univ., 1882. Married 
Agnes M. Kimball, Apr. 18, 1887, Woodstock, 111. Children, Edith Irene ('11) b. Apr. 
14, z88p; Alice Ruth, b. Mar. 15, 1891; Ralph Ernest, b. Jan. i, 1896 (d. Mar. 6, 1896); 
Laura Agnes, b. Feb. 13, 1900. Address, Richmond, 111. 

Cert. Mech. Eng.; Eng*r & Contr.; b. Jan. 17. i860, Davenport. la.j s. Richard (b. 
Apr. 15. 1 82 1, Wurtemberg, Ger.) & Babctta Hyde (b. Dec 17, 1823, Muhringen, do,) 
Prepared m Chicago H. S. Married Antoinette Schiffcr, Dec 22. 1889. Children, Marion, 
b. Apr. 17, 189s; Richard, b. Oct. 17. 1898. Address, 1548 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

(Father of No. 3814) 

Cert.; Banker; b. Oct. 22, i860, Lacon, 111.; s. Margaret Davis (b. Apr., 1818.) Pre- 

Sared, m Uu:on H. S. Lawyer, 1882-83; Farmer. 1883-8; Banker, 1888-98. Married 
Iinnie P. Miller, Dec. 23. 1885. Henry, 111. Child, John Lloyd ('09) b. <5ct. 16. 1887. 
Died Mar. 10, 1898, Bradford, 111. 

i88o] Baccalaureate Alumni 107 

B. L.: Landscape Gardener; b. Mar. 16, 1851, Medway, Mass.; s. Gilbert (b. Feb. 9, 
1 818, Heaway, Mass.) & Hannah (Prescott) Kingsbury (b. Oct. 21, 1827, Phillips, Me.) 
Prepared in HoUiston H. S. Adelphic. Fruit Growing, Nursery, Landscape Gardening, 
1888 — Member Cong. Church. Married Mary Stevens, May 29, x888 (d. Oct. xo, 1890); 
Frieda Haack, Apr. k, 19x1. Children, babe, died at birth^ Oct. 10, 1890; Charles Arland, 
b. May 11, '12. Adaress, 3350 Moncrieff Place, Denver, Colo. 

A. B. in L. & A.; Teacher; b. Dec. 15. 1858, Tordanvillage, Ind.; d. M. C. (b. Mar. 
3. 1833. Greensborough, N. Car.) & Lucinda (Nichols) Lucas (b. June 10, 1838, Boiin- 
green, Ind.) Prepared in Pub. Schs., Douglas Co., III. Alcthenai; Class Secy. Address, 
108 S. Fifth St., Champaign, III. 


sor; 1 
Princeton, Ind.) & 

B. L.;_ Professor; b. 1855, Benton, 111.: s. Isaac Montgomery (b. July 18, 1826, 
Mary Catharine (Elston) Neely (b. Old Frankfort, 111.) ^ Prepared in 

Claremoxit, Calif. Wrote and introduced bill in 35th Gen. Assem. of III. in X887, Making 
Trustees of Univ. of 111. Elective by popular vote — ^a measure marking the beginning of 
the recent marvelous growth of the Univ. Member Presbyterian Church; Presb. Brother- 
hood of Chicago, Pres.; Evanston Club; Univ. Club of Evanston. Married Lucia H. Fish, 
Sept. 9, 1880, St. Louis, Mo. Childreii, John H., b. Dec. 18, 1881; Mary Ruth, b. Sept. 10, 
1884; Clara Grace, b. Aug. 4, 1886; Lucia Helen, b. Sept., 1888; Philip Montgomery, b. 
Apr. 17, 1891; Charlotte, b. Feb. 28, 1894; Dorothy L., b. Feb. 28, 1896. Address, Po- 
mona, Calif. 


B. L. in L. & S.; b. July 20, i860; d. Oscar F. (b. Nov. 6. 1818, Peru, N. Y.) & 
Calesta L. (Flanders) Parker (b. June 9, 1832, Lawrence,^ N. Y.) Prepared in Decatur 
H. S. Member Bd. of Educ, 1896 — Married V. N. Hdstetler, 1889, Decatur. Child, 
Ruth Brooks, b. Dec. 9, 1891. Address, Decatur, III. 


(Father of No. 3500.) 

B. S. in M. E.; Foreman Eng. Dept., Elgin Natl. Watch Co.; b. Mar. 27, 1856, St. 
Louis» Mo.; s. Washington (b. 1822, Louisville, Ky.) & Melissa Hickson (LaSalle) Parker 
(b. A|>ril 15, 1829, New Florence, Mo.) Prepared in country school & Shurtleff Coll.; 
Scientific Assoc, 111. Ind. Univ. Machinist, Farmer, St. Railroad Foreman; Operative 
Engr.; Chief Examiner on Board of Exam. Engrs, City of Elgixi: Patented Low Water 
Alarm for Steam Boilers; Steam Engine Lubricator; Steam Cylinder Oil Atomizer; 
author of numerous articles for papers axul magazines. Member Mystic Star Lodge, A. F. & 
A. M., Chicago: Oriental Consistory^ Chicago j Hon. Mem. No. i N. A. S. £., Chicago; 
Mem. Univ^sal Crafts. Coun. of Engrs. Chicago; Trustee in Baptist Church; Pres. 111. 
State Assoc. N. A. S. E., 191 1, 111. State Deputy; Pres. Elgin Assoc. No. 49 N. A. S. £., 
Pres. P. O. S. A. 1892 — Olympia, Wash. Married Annie Pilcher, Oct. i, X883, Godfrey, 
III. Children, Washington Warner, b. Nov. 8, 1884 (E. E. 1908, III.); Francis Leroy, b. 
Oct. 31, x886; Annie Clara Louisa, b. Apr. 5, 1888; David James, b. Oct. 21, 1889; Charles 
Quintin, b. June i, 1801; Alma Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1893 (d. Feb. 4, 1895). Address, 
632 Grace St.. Elgin, 111. 


(Mother of No. 2823; Sister of No. 281.) 

B. S.: b. July 28, 1857, Edgar Co., 111.: d. John T. (b. Hardin Co^ Ky.) & Elizabeth 
(Elliott) Pearman (b. 111.) Prepared in Cnampaisn H. S. Married Clinton H. Stevens, 
Oct. 25, x88i. Champaign, III. Children, Sabra Elizabeth, b. Dec. 28, 1883, ('06); Robert 
Pearman, b. May 30, 1889; Elliott Griffen, b. July, 1892. Died Aug. 24, 1892, Logans- 
port, Ind. 


(Husband of No. 267; Father of No. 3517.) 

Various positions, 1880-2; Asst. Engr., C. & A. R. R., 1882-3; Calculator, Union Bridge 

more than x 60,000 tons of steel bridges smce 1896). Member C9ng. Church; Amer. 

(d. Apr. 5. i8aO; Albert Wil 
Address, 166 N. Scovillc Ave 

io8 University of Illinois [i88i 


*'. Ry., 1880-3; Locating, Res.. Div. & Asst. Engr., x883-9i: Hardware Merchant, 1891-s; 
Engr. & Sunt., Obras de la Aduana & Govt. Harbor Improvements, Tampico, Mex., 189s- 
ipoi; Chief Engr., No. Mich. R. R., 1901-3; Enin-. & Supt.. MacArthur Bros. Co., 1903-s; 
Res. Engr., Fitzsimmons & Connel Co., 1905: Res. Mgr., MacArthur Bros. Co., i905:Xo; 
Chief Engr., M. V. & P. R. R., 1912. T. N. G., 6 yrs.; Brevetted Capt. by Gov. 
Richard J. Oglesby, 1885. Surveyed & built many miles of A. T. & S. F. R. R.; Biy 
Four; Mex. Cent.; No. Mich.; M. V. & P. R. R.; built the wharves, revetmenu & 
Custom House for Mex. Govt., Tampico, Mex., 1805- 1901; directed Engr. work on West 
Nubish, Mich., channel. 1904-7; Livingstone channel, Detroit river, 1908, for U. S. Govt.; 
designed & operated the 50-tube air-lift for in watering the 120 A. copper-dam on Liv- 
ingstone Channel; etc. Author: Inner Circle System of Subways for Chicago, Street Ry. 
Jour., 1903; & numerous contributions to Enar. News & Engr. Record, Member Western 
Soc. of Engrs^ A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M.; K. T. Married Maggie Mosser, Dec. 25, x88o, 

Jacksonville, Fla. (d. Jan. zo, 1907); Rose Nelson Squier, July 6, 1908, Sault Ste. Marie, 
(ich. Children, Arthur, b. Oct. 12, 1881 (d. Aug. 12, 1901 ); Joseph Albert, b. Feb. x8, 
1890. Address, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 


(Brother of No. 194) 

B. L.; M. L., 1888; Author; b. Feb., i8$5, Macoupin Co., 111.; s. Nathan (b. Mar. 
I. 1 81 2, Windsor, Vt.) & Sophronia (Wilkins) Savage (b. Reading, Vt.) Planted trees 
along Burrill Ave^ south of Main Hall. Philomathean. Teacher; lawyer; farmer; author. 
Author: English Grammar, 40 pp.; American History, 320 pp.; My Grandfather, A Revolu- 
tionary Tale for Boys: The Golden Urn and Other Stories of Mowitchman (a collection 
of Inaian legends); The Society for the Preservation of Truth (Its Unofficial Records); 
Hamilton or Govemeur Morris, Which?: Some Problems In English, (read before the 
Wadiington Phil. Soc.) Fellow of The American Akademe. Married Bessie Isaacs, Nov. 
7, 1890. Child, Henry Isaacs, b. Sept. 13, 1891. Address, 212 Twenty-third Ave., N. 
Seattle, Wash. 


(Brother of No. 365) 

B. S.; C. E.. 1883; Assoc. Prof.; b. Dec. 21, 1859, Woodstock, 111.: s. Peter (b. 1820, 
Drachenbrunn. Alsace) & Eliza (McCown) .Sondericker Cb. 1829, Cookstown, Ire.) Pre- 
pared in Woodstock H. S. Instr., Univ. of 111., 1880-3; Asst. Prof, of Engr. & Math., 
1883-5; Instr. in App. Mech., Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1885-90; Asst. Prof, of App. Mech., 
1890-9; Assoc. Prof.. 1 899- 1 904. Devised machine for repeated stresses upon the resisting 
properties of iron & steel, built by the Mass. Inst, of Tech, for its Mfech. Lab., 1891. 
Author: Notes on Graphic Statics, John Wiley & Sons, N. Y.. 1903; An Investigation as 
to how to test the Strength of Cements, Jour, of the Assoc, of Engr. Socs.^ 1888; Experi- 
ments relating to the theory of Beams, Tech. Quarterly, 1887: A Description of some 
repeated Stress Forms of Cement Briguettes, Jour, of Assoc, of Engr, Socs., 1899 & Engr. 
Record. 1899; Repeated Stress. Tech. Quarterly, 1809. Member Boston Soc. of C. £.; 
Soc. ox Arts; Mech. & Phil. Club of Boston. Married Ellen M. Carman, June 6, 1889, 
Circleville, O. *Died July 22. 1904, Wilmington, Vt. 

Cert, in Mech. Eng. & L. & S.; b. 1861, O. s. M. M. Travis. Died Sept. 30, 1885. 


(Mother of Nos. 3330 and 4128; Wife of No. 309) 

B. S. in H. Sci.; b. Nov. 14, 1854, Bristol, 111.; d. William (b. May 10, i8a8, Holden, 
Mass.) & Joanna Maria (Curtis) Watson (b. Oct. 24, 1832.) Prepared in DeKalb H. 
S. Alethenai. Teacher of H. Sch., 1880-3. Married Sept. 27, 1883. Children, Marietta 
Searle, b. June 6, 1884; (Sertrudc Curtis, b. Oct. 24, 1886; Chester Watson, b. Dec. x6, 
1889; Helen Powers, b. June 5, 1894. Address, R. F. D. 3, Holton, Kan. 

B. S.; LX. D., xpo4j Surveyor; b. Dec. 12, 1865. Stillman Valley, 111.; s. Joshua & 
Lucy Ann (Brown) White. Prepared in Mt. Morns Acad. Survyr. for C. M. & St. 
P. R. R. Maj. xst Bat. N. D. V., service in P. I., 1898-9; Member House Rep., N. Dak., 
1891-3; Senate, x 893-9; Governor, N. Dak., 1901-5. Married Elsie Hadley, Sept. 19, 1894, 
Indianapolis, Ind. Children, Edwin Lee, b. July 5, 1896; Richard Seldon (adopted) b. 
June 17, 1903. Address, Valley City, N. Dak. 

CLASS OF 1881 (46) 

Cert.; b. 1862, in Tenn.; s. R. D. Allison. Died Apr. 21, 1891, Anthony, Kan. 

B. S. in Sci.: A. M., 1905; Principal: b. Nov. 30, 1855. Brookficld, 111.; s. George W. (b. 
Dec. II, 1812, Somerset, Pa.) & Nancy .\. (Green) Armstrong (b. Apr. 12, 1815, O.) Pre- 
pared in Prep. Sch., Univ. of 111. Addphic. Instr., Univ. of 111., 1881-2; Prin. of Gram. 

i88i] Baccalaureate Alumni 109 

Schy i88a-4; Teacher of Sci., Lake H. S.. Chicago, 1884-9; Prin. idem. 1889-91; Prin. 
of En^lewood H. S., Chicago, 1891 — Author: The Use and Abuse of Interscholastic 
Athlebcs, Proc, of the North Central Assoc, of Colleges and Secondary Schools, VoL VII, 
95 pp.; The Enfflewood Plan of Sex Segregation, do., 150 pp.: Advantages of Limited Sex 
Segrefation in High School, The School Review, Vol. XVIII, No. s, 1910; Chemical Labora- 
tory Guide for High Schools (with Jas. Norton); Exercises in Sci. for a Twenty Weeks' 

semes, ill. Cbiidren. ueofffc wild, d. June 2%^ ibss {.a. Mar. 24, i»{$«s;; urace <^., d. xmov. 
24, 1S88; Charles H., b. May u, 1890; Juliette A., b. Aug. 9, 1902. Address, 10638 
Prospect Atc., Chicago, IlL 


(Wife of No. 331) 
Cert.; b. Feb. 27, 1863, Oconomowoc, Wis.; d. Alfred B. (b. Dec 25, 1826, London, 
Eng.) ft Adaline T. (Loomis) Baker (b. May 18, 1826, Utica, N. Y.). Prepared in 
Champaign H. S. Alethenai. Teacher of Music, Univ. of 111., 1883-6. Married John G. 
Wadsworth, Oct. 27, 1886, Champaign, IlL Child. John, b. Nov. 8, 1898. Died Nov. 25, 
1899, Council Bluffs, la. 


(Wife of No. 287; Sister of Nos. 56 & 301) 

B. L. in L. & S.; b. Aug. xi, 1863. Norwood, Mass.; d. Oramel Churchill (b. Sept. 9, 
1829, Bridgewater, Vt.) ft Caroline (Ellis) Barnes (b. Feb. 20, 1829, Norwood, Mass.) 
Pre(»red in West Side H. S., Champaini. Alethenai. Taught. 1881-4. Married Sprague 
Dwight Ross, June 35, 1884, Chicago, III. Children, Bertha, b. June 12, 1888; Kenneth 
Dwight, b. Sept. 17, 1893. Address, Grand Island, Nebr. 


(Husband of No. 277; Father of No. 3936) 

B. L. in L. & S.: Banker; b. Nov. 30, x86o; s. Beman C. (b. 1835. New York) & 
Hettie (Condit) Beach (b. 1836, O.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Adelphic Clerk 
and Bookkeeper till 188^; Cashier Investment Bank, 1883-1901; Investment Banker and 
Prcs. Dakota Savin/irs & Loan Co., 1901 — Member Congr., Church. Married Metta 
Macknet, (*8i). Children, Bayard M. ('09) b. Jan. 30, x888: Daniel B^ b. Mar. xo, 1892 
(died Oct. 10, 1892); Dorothy B., b. Feb. 17, 1893. Adaress, Huron, S. D. 


Cert, in Chem.: Real Estate and Loan bus.; b. Sept. 10. 1859, Girard, 111.; s. John 
(h. 1833, Todd Co., Ky.), and Ann (Baily) Bellamy (b. 1829, Bucks Co., Penn.). Prepared 
in Girard Pub. Sch. Merchant to x888. Married Laura M. Boggess, May 15, 1884, 
Girard, 111. Address, Girard, 111 


Cert, in Chem.; Physician; b. Apr. 5, i860, Urbana, 111.: s. Samuel H. and Olive A. 
Bimey. Prepared in Univ. of 111. Prep. Sch. Rush Medical Collese, Chicaeo, 111. Phy- 
sician and Real Estate Dealer. Married Lucy E. Busev 1892, urbana. 111. Children, 
Cyrus M., b. 1894; Esther O., b. 1896. Address, 309 Ideal Block, Denver, Colo. 


B. S. in M. £. Chief Draftsman; b. Sept. 22, 1850, at sea; s. John (b. 1816, Lincoln, 
Eng.) & Eliza (Eastwood) Boothbv, (b. 1820, Leeds, do.) Prepared in Pittsfield H. S. 
Pres. Sci. Soc Teacher, x88x-2; Draftsman, 1882-7; Chief Draftsman Dean Bros. Steam 
Pump Works, 1887 — Discovered most of the ou^ut of the Dean Bros. Steam Pump 
Works. Vestryman of Christ Church (Episcopal); Dir. Brotherhood of St. Andrew: 
Member Com. of One Hundred "Men and Religious Forward Movement." Married 
Nannie Eveline Talbot, June 29, 1890, Indianapofis, Ind. Children, Evelyn Eastwood, 
b. Nov. 8, ,1891; Katharine Fielding, b. Dec. 35, 1903. Address, 3321 N. Pennsylvania St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 


Cert, in Agr.; Farmer; b. Tan. 18, i860, Sheffield, 111.; 8. Nathaniel (b. 1820) & Mary 
Ann (Cumxnings) Boyd (b. 1831, Ky.) Philomathean; C^pt. Baseball team two years; 
CapL, Univ. Regiment Breeder of thorou^bred Hereford cattle. Married Addie M. 
Humphreys, June 2, 1890, Sheffield, 111. Children Roland H., b. Aug. x6, 1891; Edith, 
b. Feb. 96, 1893; Stanton H., b. Dec. 26^ 1895; Marion C, b. July 30, X897. Address, 
.^^heffield. 111. 


(Brother of No. 60) 

B. L. in L. & S.; M. L. 1884; Principal; b. Apr. 8, 1857* Linton, Ind.; s. Isaiah (b. 
July 13 1825) & Elizabeth (Osbom) Coddington (b. Mar. 22 1829.) Prepared in H. 
Sens., Menomonie and Chippewa Falls. Wis. Adelphic; Chief Justice in Coll. Govt. 
Teacher in Kansas City, 1881-7; in business, 1887-90; Prin. of Schs., Chicago, xSoo — 
Contributed articles to different educational papers. Member Marquette C!iud; Illini 
Qqjb, Chicago; Philosophic Round Table. Chicago. Married Helen R. Erskine, 1895, 
Racine. Wis. Children. Donald Clyde, b. Mar. 2, 1899; Mildred, b. Jan. 11, 1902. Ad- 
dress, X5X9 Estes Ave., (Hiicago, III. 

no University of Illinois [i88i 


B. S. in Chem.; b. Mar. 3, 1859, Greene Co., 111.; s. Edmund M. (b. Nov. 25, 1831, 
Hopldnsville, Ky.) & Martha (Tunnell) Cooper (b. Feb. 11, 1836, Greene Co., 111.) 
Prepared in Girard Pub. Schs. Dealer in Drugs, 1883, Van Buren, Ark.; Loan and 
Abstract business until 1899. Married Jennie Shive, July 3, x8qo» Bebee, Ark. Children, 
Mary J., Albert Everett, and Edmund £.. Died Jan. 24, 1899, Van Buren, Ark. 


B. L. in L. & S.; Physician; b. Mar. 17, 1857, Salem, III.; a. John H. (b. July 3, 1828, 
near Salem, 111.) & Rebecca Jane (Eagan) Davis (b. May 19, 1832, do?) Prepared in 
Salem H. S. Scientific Soc. of 111. Ind. Univ.; Salutatorian; Pres. of Sen. Class. M. D., 
Kansas Cit^r Med. Coll., 1899. Telegraph Operator, 1884; R. R. Sta. & Express Agt., 
1898; Practice of Medicine m Mo. & Tex., 1899— Married Jennie K. Sbeffy, July ai, 

1888. Sulphur Springs, Tex. (d. Tune x6, 1894); Floatie Sheffy, Sept. a^, 1897, Ennis» Tex. 
(d, Jan. 26t 1909). Children. Sheffy Stirling, b. Mar. 29, 1891; Janie Lou, b. Aug. 28, 
1894 (d. Jan. 20, 1897). Address, Arbala, Tex. 


(Wife of No. 203; Mother of Nos. 2891, 3637; Sister of Nos. 171, 309) 

B. L.; b. May 11, 1858, Vienna, Ind.; d. Chester Powers (b. Mar. 7, 1835, Scott Co., 
Ind.) & Hettie Maria (Qose) Davis (b. May i, 1838, do.) Prepared in Monticello H. S. 
Kappa Kappa Gamma: Class Prcs.; Pres. Alethenai. Married Henry Mahan Beardsley 
('79), Apr. 24, 1883, Monticello, III. Children, Eleanor Mahan (*07), b. Nov. 29, 1884; 
George Davis ('09), b. Apr. 11, 1887; Henry Scovcll, b. June 17, 1895. Address, 3643 
Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 


B. L.; A. M., (hon.) 1906; Journalist; b. Feb. 8, i860, Decatur, 111.; s. Andrew (b. 
Dec. 24, 1820, Greencastle, Pa.) & Manila Lavena (Baker) Dennis (b. Aug. 20, 1824, 
Jefferson. Tenn.). Prepared in Decatur H. S. Philomathean. Secy. Student Govt.; Pres. 
Senior Class. i88o; Editorial Staff, The Daily Jllini, 1879-80; Chief Editor, The IlHni. 
i88o^x. Reborter. Chicago Daily News, 1882-4; Dramatic Ed., 1884-5; City Ed., 1885; 
Exchange Ed., 1886-8; Editorial writer, 1889-91; Assoc. Ed., Amer. {Weekly) 189 1; 
Managing Editor, The Chicago Record, 1892-1901; Chief Editorial writer and manager 
foreign news service, Chicago Daily News, 1901-8: Assoc. Editor, 1908 — Editorial writer 
for several years for The World Today. Member, City Club, Chicago, 111. Married 
Jeannette Caldwell Wilson, 1884, Paris, III. Children, Ruth Elizabeth, b. Nov. 16, 188^; 
William Andrew, b. Mar. 25, 1888; Herbert Wilson, b. Jan. 27, 1890, (d. Dec. 26, 1909); 
Mildred Blackburn, June 9, 1895. Address, 668 Graceland Ave., Chicago, III. 


B. S. in Agr.; Bookkeei)cr; b. Nov. 6, 1856; s. Francis (b. Me.) & Mary E. (Rankin) 
Dressor (b. 111.) Prepared in Greenville H. S. Philomathean. Bus. course, Jacksonville, 
III. Bookkeeper, City Mills, Jacksonville; Clerk. Kansas City, Mo. & Sturgis, S. D.; do. 
Sorento Western Bank & Trust Co., Piedmont. S. D.; Clerk, Sorento, 111., & Cashier, 
Bank of Sorento, since 190 1; Bookkeeper, The State Bank of Hailes & Sons, Greenville, 
111. Married HattieF. Hendrics, Jan. 26, 1899, Hillsboro. 111. Children, Francis W., b. 
July 5, 1900; Dorothy D., b. Feb. i, 1902; Mary L., b. Feb. 8, 1903; John R., b. Mar. 15, 
191 1. Address, Greenville, 111. 


(Wife of No. 24s; Mother of No. 3517) 

B. L.: b. Sept. 27, i860. Knob Prairie, Marion Co., 111.; d. Abram Caldwell (b. Jan. 
20, 1833, Covington, Ind.) & Lavisa Wood (Fancher) Elder (b. Apr. 5, 1835, East Wales, 
N. Y.) Prepared in Mattoon H. S.; Alethenai; Senator, College Govt.; Class Hist, one 
year. Member First Cong. Church, & Chairman of Relief Com. of Oak Park, 111.; Pres. 
Univ. of 111. Alumnae Assoc, Chicago, 1908-9, 1909-10; Member Oak Park Board of 
Charities, 1909-12: Chicago College Club; Assoc. Collegiate Alumnae; Charter Member 
Drama League of America; Augusta Club: Married Albert Fowler Robinson, Dec. 31, 
1885, Topeka, Kans.; Children, Raymond £lder (*o8), b. Nov. 6, 1886; Philip Edward, 
b. July 10, 1890 (died Apr. 51*1891); Albert William, b. May 27, 1894; Donald Bruce, b. 
Dec. X4, 1902. Address, 166 N. Scoville Ave., Oak Park, 111. 


(Husband of No. 384) 

Cert.; Machinist; b. Nov. 16, 1856, Springfield, 111.; s. William (b. Scotland) & Mary 
(Vancil) Forsyth (b. Auburn, 111.) Prepared in Univ. .\cad. Sci. Assoc. Married Lola 
Ellis C84), 1885, Canton, 111. Children, Ruth A., b. Feb. 7, 1887; Ethel F., b. Mar. 29, 

1889. Address, Gilroy, Santa Clara Co., Calif. 


B. S. in C. E.; Pres. Cal. Washed Sand & Gravel Co.; b. Feb. 12, 1862, Camargo, 
III.; 8. Tames Richard (b. Jan. i, 1826, Va.) & Sarah C. (Watson) Hammett (b. Tuly 4, 
1836, Newtown, Ind.) Prepared in Dist. Sch. Philomathean; Capt. Farmer until i88p; 
Tile Mfgr.; 1883- 1890; Banker, 1890-1902; Real Estate & Insur^ 1902-06; Pres. Calif. 
Washed Sand & Gravel Co., 1906— Married Lizzie Thompson, June 18, 1884, Tuscola, 
111. (d. June, 1887); Minnie Rice. Sept. 22, 1892, Indianola, 111, Children, Don T., b. 

i88i] Baccalaureate Alumni hi 

Dec 25, 1885; Harry Rice, b, Sept. i, 1803; Rhea Louise, b. Jan. 21, 1896. Address, 
Redlands, Calif. Bus. Add, 600 Shearer St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(Wife of No. 293; Mother of No. 3997) 

B. S. in Sci.; b. Mar. 6, i860, Camargo, 111.; d. William Soule (b. 1823, Va.) & Rachel 
J. (Wibley) Hammet (b. 2836, C^margo, 111.). Preoared in Dist. Sch. Alethenai; Nat. 
Hist. Soc; Coll. Senate; Pres. Oratorical Assoc. Member Congr. Church and various 
soda] dubs. Married Arthur Newell Talbot, C8x), June 7, x886. Camargo, lU. Children, 
Kenneth Hammet, b. Apr. 7, 1887 C09); Mildred Virginia, b. Feb. 6, X89X ('12)^ Rachel 
Harriet, b. Apr. 6, 1896; Dorothy Newell, b. Dec. 26, 1898. Address, xoxx W. Calif. Ave., 
Urbana, III. 

(Brother of No. 387) 

Cert. C. E.; Struc. Engr. & Contractor; b. Aug. 25, 1858, Galesburg, III.; s. Benjamin 
F. (b. Nov. 23, i833> Erie, Pa.) & Clara E. (Lehman) Hill (b. Feb. 1,^x836, Sharon 
Springs, N. Y.) Prepared in Paxton H. S. Philomathean. Civ. Engr., 1881-7; structural 
Engr. & Contractor, 1887 — Member First Universalist Church; Western Soc. of Engrs. 
Married Estelle J. Bacon, Feb. 14, 1894, Iowa City, la. Children, Julia Augusta, b. June 
28, 1896; Walter Bacon, b. Sept. 2, 1898; Dean Frederic, b. Mar. 8, X900. Address, 
Mountainair, N. M. 


A. B. in L. & A.: Teacher; b. Sept. 30, 1859, Tolono, 111.; s. Walter Forrest (b. Sept. 
7, 1807, Wells, Me.) & Rebecca Ann (Miller) Hill (b. Dec. 21, Lebanon, O.) Prepared in 
Tolono H. S. Adelphic; Capt. Taught country sch. 1881-2; Carroll Coll. Acad., Wau- 
kesha, 1882-^; Wyman Inst., Upper Alton, 1883-5; Curtis Sch., 1885-06; Curtis H. S., 
1906-11, Chairman Bd. of trustees of M. E. Church; Principal, Curtis H. S. Married Ina 
Mabel Miller, July 25, 1888, Chicago. Children, Harold Crawford, b. Apr. 18, 1889; Mar- 

Siret Dorothy, b. Dec. xs, 1890; li^rion, b. May i, 1892; Lawrence Elias, b. Oct. zx, X897; 
onald Miller, b. Oct. 9, 1902. Address, 100 W. 113th Place, Chicago. 

Cert, in Chem.; b. 1851, Mass.; s. Samuel Kingman. Died Sept. 9, 1892, Boston, Mass. 


B. L.; b. 1 86 1, Champaign, III.; d. I. Lawhead. Died May x, X884, Champaign, 111. 

Cert. E. & M. S., in L. & S.; Teacher of Piano & Voice; b. June 25, i860, Belvidere, 
111.; d. Edwin L. (b. Sept. 19, 1833) & Mary E. Lawrence (b. May x6, 1833, Cuba, N. Y.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Pres. Alethenai; Member Coll. Senate; Hon. member of Philo- 
mathean; Congr. Church; Eastern Star. Married Jonas A. Allen, May 6, 1885, Belvidere, 
III. Child, Eugene, b. Aug. 3, 1897. Died Aug. 19, 1909, Oak Park, III. 


B. L.; Teacher; b. Jan. 15, 1851, Madison, Ind.; s. Hiram (b. 1825, Madison, Ind.) 
& Elizabeth (Etherton) McKay (b. 1832, do.) Prepared in 111. Norm. Univ. Adelphic; 
Delta Tau Delta: Pres. & Valedictorian of Class. Teaching: Trustee, Univ. of III., 1886- 
95; 185)6-1903, Pres., 1896-98. Author of law making Trustees elective officers; also law 
providing free scholarships in each Co. of State. Member Presb. Church. Married 
Rebecca M. Farson, Aug. 27, 1889. Address, 134 Warren Ave., Chicago. 

(Wife of No. 256; Mother of No. 3636) 

A. B.; b. Nov. 25. 1859, Girard, III.; d. Daniel S. (b. May 28, 1836, Newark, N. J.) 
& Rhoda J. ((Hark) Macknet (b. July 11, 1836, Lafayette, Ind.) Prepared in Girard 
Pub. Sch. Alethenai, Pres.; Pres. of Class; member Senate, 1879; Orat. Assoc; Assoc. 
Justice, Coll. Government. Member Cong. Church; Pres. Aid Soc, 1887-9, 1900-2. Married 
Bayard E. Beach (*8i), Oct. 13, 1885, Girard, 111. Children, Bavard Macknet ('09), b. 
Jan. 31, 1888; Danid Beman, b. Mar. 10, 1892 (d. Oct. 10, 1892); Dorothy Blessing, b. 
Feb. 17, 1893. Address, Huron, S. D. 


B. L. in L. & S.; Physician; b. May 23, 1858. Marengo, IIL; s. A. G. (b. 1824, London, 
Eng.) & Mary (Moore) Mansfield (b. 1832, Vt) Prepared in Marengo H. S. Sdentific 
Soc. M. D., N. W. U. Med. Dept., Chicago, 1884. Member Natl., State & Co. Med. Socs. 
Married Ida Pierce, 1884. Children, Mary, b. 1892 (d. 1904); Esther, b. x886. Address, 
Washington, III. 

B. S. in Agr.; Farmer & Fruit Grower; b. Sept. 25, 1856; s. W. H. (b. N. H.) & 
Mebitable W. (Kaime) Mason (b. do.) Prepared in Buda H. S. Member I. O. O. F.; 
Unitarian Church. Married E. May Fuller, Dec. 23, 1886. Address, R. F. D. No. i, 
Buda, III. 

(Brother of Nos. 432, 480) 

Cert, in L. & A.; Financier; b. Apr. 23, 1853, Mctamora, 111.; s. Levi P. (b. 
Kochester, Vt.) & Mary A. (Parmintcr) Morse (b. Eng.) Prepared in Eureka Coll. & Dist. 

112 University of Illinois [i88i 

schools. Philomathean; Delta Tau Delta; Pres. of Class; Class Prophet; Pros. Atty., 
Coll. Govt.; CapL Prin. of Schools, 1881-4; Deputy Sheriff. 1884-5; Life Ins. Dist. Agt., 
1885-7: Real Estate, 1887-91; Pres., Home Embroidery Macn. Co., 1891 — Vice Pres. the 
Equitable Finance & Development Co., 8 yrs.; Mgr., Chicago office, 1902 — Pres., The 
Old Colony Life Ins. Co., 1907-10. Member Presb. Church; Bd. of Deacons, 1895-1902; I. 
O. O. F. Married Jessie Griest, Aug. 14, 1901, Kansas City, Kan. Children, John Hale, 
Jr., b. July 18, 1902 (d. Oct, 20, 1902); David Levi, b. Dec. 22, 1904 (d. May 5, 1905)* 
Address, 1806 Central Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 


B. S. in C. £.: Civ. Engr.; b. Oct. 20, 185^, Canton, 111.; s. Henry L. & Ann M. 
Nicolet. Engr., both on constr. & operation, A. ¥. & S. F. Ry., 1879-88; Engr. Buildings 


first two 

Address, LaSalle, 111. 


(Brother of No. 244) 

B. S. in Chem.; Physician; b. Aug. 20, 1859, Edjrar Co., 111.; s. John T. (b. Oct. 29, 
Hardin Co., Ky.) & Elizabeth (Elliott) Pearman (b. Sept. 15, 1833. Edgar Co., 111.) Pre- 
pared in Champaign H. S. M. D., Rush Med. Coll., 1885. Member Champaini Co. Med. 
Soc.: Champaign Co. Country Club. Married Mary Richardson, Sept., 1800, Palatine, 111. 
(d. Nov. 1890); Isabel Van Uleck, June 1895, Champaign, 111. Address, Mahomet, 111. 


(Brother of No. 283) 

,B. S. in L. & S.; Teacher & Fruit Grower; b. Jan. 21, i860, Warren, IlL; s. George 
Whitfield (b. Nov. 4, 1832, Painesville, O.) & Mary Ann (Abbey) Pepoon (b. Aug. 30, 
1835, do.) Prepared in Warren H. S. Adelphic; Y. M. C. A.; Class Hist,; Deputy 
Marshal, Coll. Grovt. M. D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1883. Physician, 1883-92; 
Teacher in Lake View H. S., Chicago, 1892 — ; Fruit Grower, 1910 — First Lieut., Co. C, 
3d Regt, N. N. G., 188^-4. Fish Warden, Fulton Co., 111., 1889-92. Author: Plant Studies, 
(joint author) D. C. Heath & Co., 1900, 100 pp.; Representative Plants, Ginn & Co., 19^2, 
i^S VlP'l Flora of S. W. Mich., i90<^ Mich. Acad, of Set. 10 p.; Cliff Flora of Jo Daviess 
Co., 111., 1909, same, 6 p.; Gun Shot Wound of the Brain, The CHnique. 1893, 6 p.; 
Destruction of a Farm Flora, Plant World, 1903, 3 p.; also other articles along botanical 
& medical lines. Trustee M. E. Church; memb. Mich. Acad, of Sci. : III. Acad, of Sci.; 
Life memb. Chicago Acad, of Sci.; Amer. Forestry Assoc; Pres., Chicago Mycological 
Soc, 1 894-1 900; Natl. (jeog. Soc; Chicago Geog. Soc; Audubon Assoc, of III.; Amer. 
Nature Study Soc; Roger's Park Roque Club. Married Alma Adelphine Wilcox, Apr. 
2$, 1883, Chicago (d. 1893); Helen Sophia Foberg, 1900, Chicago. Children, Rudolf 
Silas, b. 1885; Mary Lucile, b. 1887; Laura Constance, b. 1890. Address, 3842 Byron St., 
Chicago, 111. 


(Brother of No. 282) 

Cert, in Agr.; Farmer & Fruit Grower; b. Jan. 2|, 1858, Warren, 111.; s. George Whit- 
field (b. 1832^ Painesville, O.) & Mary Ann (Abbc^) Pepoon (b. 183s, do.) Prepared in 
Warren H. S. Adelphic, representative in Inter-Soc Orat. Cont. Collection Clerk, ist 
Natl. Bank. Fremont, Nebr., 1881-2; Stockman, 1882-4; Teacher, 1884-5: Cowboy, 1885; 
Teacher, 1B85-6; Deputy Sheriff & Co. Jailer, i886-po; Teacher. 1890; Policeman, 1891; 
Miner & Millman, 1891-3; Farmer, 1893-5; Miner, Millman, Shift boss. Foreman, Mining 
Promoter, 1895-1908; Farmer & Fruit Grower, 1908 — Invented many Tools & Machines 
& patd. some of no commercial value. Commandant of Canton Progress, Patriarchs Mil- 
itant: I. O. O. F., 1889-90. Married Sophia Margaret Moeller, 1893, Baker City, Ore. 
Children, William Wallace, b. 1894; Herman Lojene, b. 1896; Elzanore Lucile, b. 1897; 
George Theodore, b. 1904; Mary Margaret, b. 1905; Maurice Manly, b. 1905 (d. Oct., 
1905). Address, Oswego, Clackamas Co., Ore. 

(Brother of Nos. 399, 484) 

B. S. in C. E.; Hydraulic Engr. and Fruit Grower; b. June 21, 1858, Adaline, Ogle Co., 
111.; s. Mayo H. (Waldo, Mc) & Marv (MacFarland) Philbrick (Hagerstown, Md.) Pre- 
pared Baileyville H. S., and Univ. of 111. Acad. Civil Engr., R. R. building, 1881-1895; 
Ilyro-Elect. work, 1895 — ; began growing peaches and apples 1904 — : Rec'a Capt. Com., 
1 88 1, Univ. of 111. Built and designed largest Hydro-Electric plant at the time of construc- 
tion in the southern states, 1 890-1 903. Author, Description of Hydro- Electric Plant built in 
Alabama, Engineering News, Dec jj, 1901, Vol. 46. Married Anna Lewis Wells, Dec 35, 
1883; Children, Lewis, b. Oct. x, 1B84* Martha Grace, b. Jan. 28, 1887; Mary Holdens, b. 
July 2, 1889; Hazel, Dec i, 1890. Address, Baldwin, Ga. 

B. S.; b. 1855, Plattville, 111.; s. Daniel Fletcher. Died June 15, 1888, Coonia, Calif. 

Cert, in L. & S.; b. 1861, 111.; s. Henry Porter. Died Jan. 10, 1886, Garden Prairie, 111. 

i88il Baccalaureate Alumni 113 


(Brother of No. 576; Husband of No. 355) 

B. S. in Chem.; Financier; b. Feb. 8, 1857. Reno, IlL: a. John M. (b. June 7, 1823, 
Maury Co., Tenn.) & Ruth M. (Jones) Ross (d. Dec. 2, 1825, do.) Prepared in Green- 
ville H. S. Philomathean. Teacher & Salesman, 1881-4: Real Estate & Loan Bus., 1885-93; 
Banker, 1894-1909; Secy.-Treas., Ross Investment Co.; Secy.-Treas., W. Grand Island Live 
Stock Co.; Vice Pres., Home Savings Bank of Grand Island, 1909 — Married Bertha E. 
Barnes ('81), June 25, 1884, Chicago. Children. Bertha, b. June 12, 1888; Kenneth Dwight, 
b. Sept. 17, 1893. Address, Grand Island, Neor. 


Cert, in Chem.; b. Aug. 28, 1859, Salem, II!.* s. Bernard (b. Nov. 27, 1826, Ger.) & 
Christine (Lacroix) Swartz (b. Au^. 28, 1830, do.) Prepared in Salem, 111. Philoma- 
thean. Druggist, 1881-1907. Married (^lara Rose Schwartz, Apr. 29, 1886, Salem, 111. 
Children, Helen, b, Jan. 15, 1893; Christine, b. June 6, 1906. Address, Salem, 111. 


(Husband of No. 381) 

B. S.; M. S., 1886; Asst. in Univ.; b. Jan. 3, 1859, Moline, lU.; s. Frank (b. Mar. 4, 
1831, Granville, Mass.) & Mary Elizabeth (Bliss) Seymour (b. May 2^, 1837, Honolulu, 
Hawaii). Prepared in Maplewood H. S., Camp Point, 111. Y. M. C. A.; Aaelphic, Vice 
Pres.; Nat. Hist. Soc. Instr. in Elem. Bot. as undergrad. Botanist, 111. State Lab. Nat. 
Hist., 1881-3; Private Asst., Cryft. Herb., Harvard Univ., 1883-5; Botanist, as above, 
1884-6; Instr. in Bot., Univ. of Wis., 1885-6; Asst. Cryft. Herb., Harvard Univ., 1886 — 
Discovered a few species of parasitic fungi. Member Amer. Assoc, for Adv. Sci.; Amer. 
Acad, of Arts & Sci.; Torrev Bot. Club. Married Anna Julia Conkling ('84), May 6, 


B. S., in Chem.; Drugnst; b. Sept. 27, 1856, East Berne, N. Y.; s. Joshua (b. Apr. 
26, 1829, do.) & Catherine Hannah (Allen) Slade (b. Apr. 29, 1835). Prepared in Syca- 
more H. S. Philomathean. Druggist, firm of Worthington & Slade. Married Cora Black, 
Sept. 8^ 1886. Children, John, b. Mar. 5, 1890; Katherine Claire, b. Apr. 18, 1896; Eliza- 
beth Muriel, b. Nov. 14, 1897. Address, 1027 Spafford Ave., Rockford, 111. 

B. L.; b. 1859, lU.; s. W. C. Stacy. Died July 17, 1895, Spring Hill, Ala. 


B. L.; b. July x, 1857, Dahlgren, 111.; s. Alexander M. (b. Feb. 5, 1820, near McMinn- 
ville, Tenn.) & Louisa (Varner) Sturman (b. Oct. 28, 1819, Spartanburg, S. C.) Pre- 
pared in McLcansboro and Enfield. III. In law office of Mr. High, 103, Adams St., Chi- 
cago, for a few years. Married July 17, 1888. Died June 6, 1901, Salina, Kan. 


(Husband of No. 270; Father of No. 3997) 

B. S., in C. E.; C. E. 1885; Prof, of M. & S. Engr^^ and in charge of T. & A. M.; 
b. Oct. 21, 1857, Cortland, 111.; s. Charles A. (b. London, Eng.) & Harriet (Newell) Talbot 
(b. Brockville, Ont.) Prepared in Sycamore H. S. Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Philomathean 
(Pres.; Vice Pres.; Sec); Assoc. £d., Illini; Delegate Interstate Orat. Assoc; Class 
Ersayist; Capt. Civ. Engr. on railroad location, constr. and maintenance work, 1881-8^; 
Asst. Prof, of Eng. and Math., Univ. of 111., 1885*90: Prof, of Mun. & San. Eng., and in 
charge of T. & A. M. 1890 — also engaged in Oy, Eng. on railways, waterworks, sewer- 
age, pavement, and other public works; investigation of steel, brick, reinforced concrete, 
other materials of constr., and in hydraulic and sanitary investigation; Con. Engr., State 
Water Surv. Author: The Railway Transition Spiral, McGraw-Hill Book Co.; numer- 
ous bulls, of the Univ. of 111. Eng. Exp. Sta. on reinforced concrete, brick, steel columns, 
hydraulics, etc. Contributor to Eng. Jours, and En^. Soc. Proc Member Amer. Soc. 
C. E. (Dir. and Vice Pres.); Western Soc. Eng. (Vice Pres.); Amer. Ry. Eng. Assoc; 
Amer. Soc Testing Materials. Internatl. * Assn. Testine Materials; Soc Promotion 
Exig. Educ. (Pres.); Amer. W. W. Assn.; Amer. Soc. Mun. Imp.; Amer. Assn. for Adv. of 
Sd.; in. Soc Eng. and Surv.; 111. W. S. Assoc; Chicago Engrs. Club; Congr. Church. 
Married Virginia Mann Hammet ('81), June 7, 1886. Children, Kenneth Hammet, b. 
Apr. 7, 1887 ('09); Mildred Virginia, b. Feb. 6, 1891 ('12); Rachel Harriet, b. Apr. 6, 
1806; Dorothy Newell, b. Dec. 26, 1898. Address, ion W. Calif. Ave., Urbana, 111. Bus. 
Add., 300 Lab. App. Mech., Univ., of 111., Urbana. 


B. L.; b. Oct. 9f 1861. Champaign, 111.; d. John Harrison (b. July ip, 1813, Adams 
Co., O.) & Mary (Mac Neil) Thomas (b. July 8, 1822, do.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. 
Alethenai: Class Vice Pres. Bookkeeper, 188 1-7; Cashier & Confidential Secy., 1887-9; 
Member, Oniir. of IlL Alumni Assoc, 1881-1912: Pres. Univ. of 111. Alumnae Assoc, 19x0- 
11; Vice Pres. Chicago College Club, 1909-10; Cor. Secy., Chicago Assoc. Collegiate Alum- 
nae, 1907-9; Trcas. U. S. Daughters of 1812, 1906 — ; Chicago Chapter, D. A. R., 1898 — 
Address, 51x1 Cornell Ave, Chicago, 1\\. 

114 University of Illinois [1882 

(Brother of xi6, 448, 580, 581) 
B. L.: B. S., 1883; b. June 22, i860. Champaign, 111.; s. Nathan (b. Wil»on, N. Y.) 
& Jane (Cloyde) Weston (b. Trov. N. Y.) Adelphic; C. E. Club; Civ. Engr., Topcka, 
Kan. & Chicago, 111. Married Elizabeth Jane Towlson, Aug. ro. 1885, Detroit, Mich. 
Children, Frederick William, b. June 1, 1888; Mabel Towlson, b. Jan. 12, 1891. Address, 
6617 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Cert, in Agr.; Farmer; b. Dec. 16, 1858, Paris, 111.; s. William Oliver, (b. 1831, 
Palestine, III.) & Cassandra (Blackburn) Wilson (b. 1832, Paris, 111.) Adelphic. Member 
Presb. Church. Married Emma Schenck, July 30, 1891, Paris, 111. Child, Dudley Black- 
burn, b. Apr. 26, 1897. Address, Paris, 111. 


(Sister of No. 368) 

B. L., in L. & S.; b. June 23, z86o. Champaign, III.; d. James Stephen (b. Aug. 16, 
1 81 6, Highland Co., O.) & Katharine (Lauder) Wright (b. Mar. 26, 1823, Bourbon Co., 
Ky.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Alethcnai; Class Historian. Postmistress, Rentchler, 
111., 190a — Member Ladies Indus. Soc; Unit. Church, Quincy, 111., 1909-xx; Utopian Soc. 
Married Henry Edward Richardson, Mar. 7, 1889, Champaign, 111. Children, Eugene, b. 
Jan. 7, 1890; Ruth, b. Dec. 4, 1892; Helen, b. Dec. 1, 1894; Dailey, b. Mar. 9, 1897; James 
Hollins, b. July 26, 1899. Address, Rentchler, 111. 

CLASS OF 1882 (34) 


B. L. in L. & A.; b. May 5, 1863, Ash ton, 111.; fl. John Archibald (b. Nov. 30, 1833. 
Stephentown, N. Y.) & Rhoda Anne (Siple) Andrus (b. Nov. 12, 1842, Berkshire, O.) 
Prepared in Ashton H. S. Alcthenai; Pres. Coll. Gov't. Teacher in Gram. Dcpt., Ashton 
Scb., 1882-4; same in Marshalltown, la., 1884-7; P""* Third Ward Sch., Marshalltown, 
1887-9. Member Presb. Church. Married John Charters Griffith, June 18, 1889, Ashton, 
111. Children, Mildred Elizabeth, h. Feb. 26, 1893; Stanwood John, b. Mar. 18, 1897; 
Oliver Andrus, b. Nov. 22^ 1900. Address, Ashton, 111. 


B. L.; b. Feb. 8. 1861, Chicago. 111.; d. Samuel (b. Oct. 8^ 1831, IHon, N. Y.) & 
Louise A. (Holmes) Avery (b. Manchester, Vt.) Prepared by private tutor and one year 
in Acad., Univ. of 111. Alethenai. Address, 2736 Decatur St., Omaha, Nebr. 


B. S. in Chem.; b. 1861, Wis.; s. S. Bailey. Married Kittie Reed. Died May 13, 
1901, Chicago, 111. 


(Brother of No. 56 and No. 255) 

Cert, in Chem.; b. Nov. 10, 1859, in Mass.; s. Oramel Churchill (b. Sept. 9, 1829, 
Bridgewater, Vt.) & Caroline (Ellis) Barnes (b. Feb. 20, 1829; Norwood, Mass.) Supt. of 
Franklin Sugar Co., Tenn.; Supt. of Hoopeston Susar Co., 111.; Supt. of Pa. Enameled 
Brick Co., Oaks, Pa.; Supt. of Recons. Granite Co., Norristown, Pa.; with Harrison Safety 
Boiler Works, Phil., Pa., 1906— Patented several inventions. Sugar maker in Louisiana 
and Cuba; cont., Panama Canal; five years in gold mines; three years on Texas cattle 
ranch. Married Daisie Alice Zimmerman, June 4, 1906, New York City. Address, Norris- 
town Pa 

' * 302. •ARTHUR M. BRIDGE 

(Brother of No. 163 ) 

Cert, in L. & S.; Farmer; b. Feb. 14, z86o, La Moille, 111.; s. Sereno (b. Nov. 23, 
1820, Wilmington, Vt.) & Allisanny S. (Winchester) Bridge (b. July 13, 1821, Marlboro, 
Vt.) Prepared near La Moille, 111. Philomathean; Sigma Chi; Capt. Uniy. Regt.; Farmer, 
1882; Banker, 1890; Drugnst, 1892; School Treasurer: Baptist Church j' A. P. & A. M. 
Married Mary E. Porterfield, July 15, i884j.Mendota, 111. Children, Alice Irene, b. Oct. 
27, 1889; Don Wallace, b. Sept. 16, 1891. Died June 19, 1894, Goldneld, la. 


(Brother of Nos. 165, 304, 459 ) 

B. L. in L. & S.; M. Arch., 1898: Teacher; b. Feb. 23, 1858. Mecbanicsburg, 111.; s. 
Wosley (b. July 28, 1816, Shelby, Co., Ky.) & Sarah Ann (Foster) Bullard (b. Tuly 
18^ 1824, Montgomery Co., Ky.) Adelphic. Teacher in Illinois, 1882-6; Dakota, 1886-^0: 
Washington, 1890-7; Illinois, 1897-1905; Lane Technical H. S., Chicago, 1905 — Married 
Caroline J. Ritsher, 1894, Beloit, Wis. Child, Elsie Carolyn, b. July 28, 1897. Address, 
735 Barry Ave., Chicago, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 165, 303, 459 ) 

B. S.; M. Arch., 1898: Architect; b. July 31, 1855, near Mecbanicsburg, 111.; s. 
Wesley (b. July 28, 181 6, Shelby Co., Kentucky) & Sarah Ann (Foster) Bullard (b. 

i882] Baccalaureate Alumni 115 

Tacoma, Wash. Address, 75 West Koadp Prospect Hill, do. 


Y. M. C. A.; Capt. M. D., Hahnemann MecL CoU. & Hosp., 1884. Practicing Phys. 
Author: Spiritual Therapeutics; Vaccination as a Prophylactic of Variola; Transactions 
Homto. Med Soc, Sute of N. Y. Member Rochester Baptist Social Union, Vice Pres., 
looi-a; Pres. Monroe Co. Homeo. Med. Soc., i8oa; Dispensary Staff, Rochester Homeo. 
Hosp., 1806: Attending Phys., Rochester Homeo. Hosp., 1904. Phys., Court of Equity No. 
238, P. of A., 1897; Monroe Assoc. No. 14, N. A. S. £., 1908. Married Grace Cushman, 
Sept. 4, X884, Champaiffn. Children, Julia Marena, b. June 30, 1888; Florence Eliza, b. 
June 2S9 x8oo; Olive Marion, b. Jan. 16, 1892; Leicester Cushman, b. Mar. zi, 1895. 
Address, 32 Upton Park, Rochester, N. Y. 


(Brother of No. 307) 

•B. L. in L. & A^ 1893; Teacher: b. Aug. s, 1858; s. Jacob (b. Metz, Germany) & 
Margaret (Worsham) Cole. Prepared m Tuscola H. S. Scientific Assn. Second honor in 
oratory in Inter-Society Oratorical Contest, i88x; Capt., 1892. A. M., Colorado Coll.. 
1898; Ph. D.; Denver UnivM 1906. Admitted to the Bar in 111. and Nebr. Teacher and 
in fruit business. Member Conspr, Church; Western Acad, of Sci. Married Sophia Norris, 
1887, Grand Island, Nebr. Children. Eleanor Blessing, b. Aug. a, 1892; Margaret Cor- 
delia, b. Jan. 9, 1894. Address, Knollerest, Ruby Mesa, Grand Junction, Colo. 


(Sister of No. 306) 

Cert. L. & S.; b. Dec 38, x86o, McLeansboro, III.; d. Rev. Jacob (b. Nov. 3, 1S27. 
Metz, Ger.) & Margaret (Worsham) Cole (b. Oct. 29, 1827, Henderson, Ky.) Prepared 
at Du Quoin & Tuscola. Alethenai. Teacher, Pub. Sch. at Du Quoin, 1882-83; East 
Side Sen., Champaign, x884-c. Married Dr. Wilfred Ferrel Hall, Dec. 29, 1885, Cham- 
paisn (d. June 18, 1904.) Children, Jennie Lourene, b. Dec. 19, 1886; Wilfred Frank, 
D. Mar. 22, x888; Mayme Margaret, b. Sept. xo, 1890 (d. Mar. 22, 1909); Laura Hazel, 
b. Nov. 3, X897. Address, McLeansooro, III. 


Cert, in Agr.: Farmer; b. Sept. x6. 1859, Waterloo, Seneca Co., N. Y.; s. Geo. W. 
(b. Schuyler, N. Y.) & Frances (Hatton) Curtiss (b. X832, Waterloo, N. Y.) Prepared in 
Warren, HI. Adelphic. Banking, X882-80; Farming, X894 — Married Lora Giller. Dec. 
7, 1892, Whitehall. Children, (jieorge, b. Oct. 4, 1893; Frances, b. Dec. 23, 1894; Edward, 
D. Sept. 28. 1897: Esther, b. Sept. 19, 1900; Homer, b. Feb. 2, 1902; Marshall, o. Feb. 13, 
1904. Address, Stockton, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 171, 264; Father of Nos. 3330, 4128; Husband of No. 250) 

Cert. L. & S.; Farmer; b. i860, Ind.; s. C. P. Davis. Married Clara M. Watson. 
Address, Straight Creek, Kan. 


B. L.; Lawyer; b. Mar. 18, i860, Atlanta, 111.; s. Samuel Eichberg (b. Apr. 17, 1832, 
Get.) & Mina (Stern) Eichberg (b. do.) Prepared in Shurtleff College: Pres. of Philo- 
mathean; Sigma Chi; Qass Pres.; (^pt. in Univ. Regiment. LL. B. Union Coll. of Law 
(Northwestern) 1884. Practicing law. 1884 — Married Emma Longini, Dec. 15, 1892, 
Chicago, Illj Children. Adrian J., b. Dec. 2, 1895; Leila, b. May 8, 1902. Address, Suite 
510, 35 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 


Springfield, Mo. 


A. B. in L. & A.; A. M., 1888; Lawyer and Real Est. Bus.: b. July 31, 1856, 
3iCarBhaIl, ,Mo. s. Joseph & Martha (Duggan) Harrison. Prepared in Shurtleff CoU. Prep. 

b. Oct., 1890; Warren Craig, b. Oct., 1898; Stanley Dwight, b. Oct., 1900. Address, 6153 
Ellif Are., Chicago, HI. 

ii6 University of Illinois [1882 


B. S., in C. E., 1907; b. July 31, 1861, Trumbull Co., O.; 8. Warren (b. N. Y.) & 
Chloe Elizabeth (Bierce) Maltby (b. O.) Prepared in Champaini H. S., Adelphic. On 
railroad work & gen. practice till 1896; Miss. River Comm., 1808 & 1902-4, in charge of 
Dredgingoperation ; Prin. Asst. Engr., Panama Canal 1905-7; Chief Engr., Dodge & Day, 
Engrs., Philadelphia, i907-xo; Genl. Supt;. James Stewart & Co., Contractors, xoio-ii; 
with Tohn F. Stevens Const. Co. Author: History of Miss. River Bridges in Jour, of West- 
ern Soc. of Enprs., 1903; Dredsing on Miss. River, Trans, Amer. Soc. C. £.,1904, No. 5. 
shorter papers in various Eng. Socs. & Reports in Chief of Engrs., U. S. A. ; Panama Canal 
Trans, of St. Louis Ry. Club, 1907. Member St. Louis Engrs. Club; Amer. Soc. C. E.; 
St. Louis Ry. Club. Married Margaret E. McNary, Feb 4, 1885; Josephine Hedges, Feb. 
I, 1907. Children, Ruth, b. Dec 20, 1885; Marion, b. Oct. 22, 1887. Address, 90 Morn 
ingside Drive, N. Y.; Bus. Add., 55 Wall St., New York. 


Cert.; b. Sept. 13, 1856, near Waterman, 111.; s. John H. (b. Oct. 6, 1828, N. Y.) & 
Rhoda S. (Yay) Merritt (b. N. Y.) Prepared in Waterman H. S. Lee Center Acad. 
Adelphic. Clerk in Bank, Augusta, Kan., 1882-4; same, Fred Smith's Bank, Mason City, 
111.; Clerk & Bookkeeper, Farmers State Bank, 1886-8; Dir. & Asst. Cashier, same, 1901. 
Member First M. E. Church at Waterman; Presb. at Augusta, Kan.; Elder at M. C.j Hon. 
Meb. W. C. T. U.; Co. Prohibition Com., Pres., Sec'y. or Treas.; Supt. Sunday School. 
Married Hattie Osborn, Feb. 28, 1884, Mason Citv, lU. Children, Lela Beardsley, b. 
July 13, 1886; Blanche Fay, b. Aug. 12, 1891. Died Feb. 8, 1901* Mason City, 111. 


B. L.; M. L., 1897; b. Apr. 22, 1859, Benton, 111.; s. Isaac M. (b. Princeton, Ind.J 
& Mary C, (Elston) Neely, (b. Frankfort, 111.) Prepared in Du Quoin Pub. Sch. Star- 
vation Soc, Tanner Hall; Adelphic; Hatchet Orator. M. D., Howard Univ., 1887; D. M. 
Univ. of Georgetown. 1891 ; Record & Pension Office, War Dept., Sur. Gen. Office, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Practicing Phys., Washington, D. C, 188^-1895; Acting Chief Med. Insp., 
Chicago Health Dept., 1895-1905. Private for six vears in Natl. Guard, Dist. Col.; Capt. 
Co. B. & D., 2nd Bat., 2nd Reg. 1888-90: Hospital Steward and Surgeon, 5th Bat., 2nd 
Reg., 1892-5, Member, Med. Soc, Dist. 01 Col.; Med. Soc, Chicago; Amer. Med. Assoc. 
Amer. Pub. Health Assoc Married Ella V. Spurgeon, Aug. x6. 1886, Baltimore, Md. 
Children, Hazel Adelaide, b. Sept. 12, 1887; Charles Bertes, b. Sept. 10, 1889; Donald 
Stuart, b. Jan. 18, 1891; Harold Richard, b. Sept. 29, 1893; Joseph Ralph, b. July 2, 1896. 
Address, 2159 Clarendon Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Cert, in C. E.; Gold Miner; b. Aug. 9, 1858, Arlington Farm, 111.; s. Thomas (b. Aug. 
24> 1835, Arlintgpn Farm, O.) & Subina (Munron) Noble (b. June 26, 1837, Stark Co^ O.) 
Prepared in Whipple Acad., 111. Coll. Hennepin Canal Survey, 1882; Engr. Dept., Santa 
Fe R. R., Lajunta, Colo., 1883; same, Mcx. R. R., Monteroy, Mex., 1883; Motive Power 
Dept., Corpus Christ!, Tex., 1884; Engr. Dept., Loredo, Tex., i88<; on Location & Constr., 
Mex. R. K. from Saltillo to San Luis Potosi, Mex., x 886-8; Gold Mining, San Diego, 
Calif., 1888-1902; San Diego, Calif., 1903; Encinitas Copper Mine, San Diego Co., 1904; 
(lold Mining near Descanso, 1904 — Address, Descanso, Calif. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr; b. Rob Roy, Fountain Co., Ind., Aug. 17, 1856; s. James 
(b. June 2, i8o§, Franklin, Warren Co., O.) & Mary Alice (Miller) Orr (b. Union Coapel, 
Ind.) Preparea Attica H. S.; one vcar at Indiana University. Adelphic Society; Rodman 
with Hennepin Canal, Dixon; Feeder, 1882; Draftsman I. C. R. R. Co., Jackson, Miss., 
1883; DrafUman C. B. & Q. R. R. Co., 1883-1892; Asst. Const. Pub. Works, Evanston, 111. 
1892-5; Asst. Engr. E. J. & E. R. R. 1896-X900; Chief Engr. E. J. & E. & Chicago, Lake 
Shore & Eastern R. R., 1900-2; Gen. Practice 1903, Engr. & Survr.; Asst. Engr. Constr., 
Cincinnati, Bluff ton, & Chicago, at Bluff ton, 1904-5; Asst. Engr. Indiana Harbor Belt 
R. R. X905-6; with Sanitary Dist. of Chicago, 1906-10; engaged in practice of C. Eng^., 
Roadways, Railways, Waterways, Water Supply, Sewerage, Land Surveyiiig, Landscape 
designs. Land drainage; Engr. for State Penitentiary Com., etc Original Petitioner for 
County Scholarship to Univ. of 111.; do. Univ. change of name, 1885; wrote law author- 
izing mode of election of Univ. trustees from that of appointment by the Governor, 1887. 
Mem. ist Cong. Church, Evanston, 1886-1902: Central Presb. Cnurch, Joliet, 1902 — 
Mem. Matteson Lodge, No. 175, A. F. & A. M^ looj — Married Mrs. Katherine F. 
Weese, Dec. 24, 190X, Joliet, 111.: Child, (adopted) Edith Mae Weese. Address, 107 Second 
Ave., Chicago. Bus. Add., 717 Woodruff BIdg. 


B. L.; b. x86o, Watseka, 111.; s. Mrs. E. S. Palmer. Died, July 4, 1884, Austin, Tex. 


(Brother of No. 360) 

B. S.,in Arch.; Architect; b. Nov. x6, 1858. Eau Claire, Wis.; s. Selim Hobart (b. 
1829, Rockingham, Vt.) & Elizabeth (Pangborn) Peabody (b. 1836, Burlington, Vt.) Pre- 

Sared in Chicago H. S. Tau Beta Pi. Supervising Arch., Univ. of Wis. Invented Unit 
tirrup & System of Concrete Constr., with movable forms for floors, 1907-8. Married 
.\gnes Cochrane, Sept. 31, 1885, Hingham, Mass. Children, Marion (^race, b. 1886; 

1882] Baccalaureate Alumni 117 

Arthur Cochrane, b. 1891 ; Charlotte Elizabeth, b. 1899. Address, Univ. of Wis., Madison, 


Cert in L. S.; b. 1861, Illinois; s. £. V. Raley. Married James D. Harrison. Address, 
Granville, 111. 


B. S. in C. £.; b. 1859, Calif.; s. A. A. Richards. Died, May 15, 1889, Carthage, N. M. 


(Brother of No. 400) 

B. S. in M. E.; Engr. & Survyr; b. Sept. 19, 1861, Jefferson, 111.; s. Clark (b. z82p, 
Utica, N. Y.) & Elizabeth Harrison (Linscot]) Roberts (b. 1839, Jay, Me.) Prepared in 
Jefferson H. S. Sigma Chi.; Adelphic Machinist; Instrument mtin on Miss. Riv. Survey; 
traveling salesman; Asst. Engr., Chicago Sanitarv Dist.; Engr. & Surveving Bus., 1893 — 
Married Addic M. Keith, July 20, 1887, Blue Island, 111. Children. Keith, b. Aug. 3i> 
1880; Marion, b. June 30, 1892; Helen, b. Mar 23, 1895; John Clark, b. Dec. 12, 1896. 
Address, X014 Lake Ave., Wilmette, 111. 


(Father of No. 4399) 

B. L.; Mgr., Western Life Indemnity C^.; b. Dec. 22, i860. Champaign, 111.; s. Daniel 
(b. May 30, 1830, Heath, Mass.) & Philena Dole (Kellogg) Rugg (b. Shelburn, Mass. J 
Prepared in Champaign H. S. Adelphic; Sigma Chi.; v^ass Orat. for Jr. Exhibition; 
Class Poet; delivered one of the orations commencement. Wholesale & Retail Shoe Bus., 

Amoc, 1884. Sec*y. & Treas., 10 yrs.: Sec'y. & Treas.^ Endeavor Soc. for 111. I 
Cora M. Maltby, 1887. Champaingn, HI. Children, Daniel, (*ii) b. Sept. 27, 1889; ueien 
Caroline, b. Aug. 16, 1903. Address, 507 W. University Ave., Champaign, 111.; Bus. Add., 
604 Masonic Temple, Chicago. 



Gieeprian; Adelphic: Alethenai honorary; valedictorian of Mech. engineers; Capt. Engr. 
till Sept., X8S2; draftsman in C^r Shops of K. C» Ft. Scott & Memphis to 1883: Mech. 
Eng. in charge of machine shops at Harrisonville, Mo., 1883, also partner Harnsonville 
machine works to 1903; Engr. in charge construction, Webb City Iron Works. 1906 

($100,000); Proprietor Harrisonville Machine Works, *' — '-'* *' '- "^ — '*' ' ' * 

Oct. 14, x8S8, (died Jan. x6, 1892); Married Sarah 
Apr. 29, 1903); Children, Alice (died in infancy); 
b. Mar 17, 1897; Elizabeth, b. Nov. 3, 1900; Mary, 
ville. Mo. 


(Brother of No. 488) 

B. S. in M. E.; Pres. & Mgr., Decatur Brewing Co.; b. June 17, 1862, Decatur. 111.; 
s. Henry (b. Jan. 13, 1834, Wildeshausen, Oldenburg) & (Proline (Weissmann) Shlaude- 
man (bMar. 22, 1836, Rothselberg, Rheinplatz, Ger.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Sigma Chi 
Brush Elec 0>., Cleiveland, O., 1882-3; Harpstnle fid Shlaudeman, Brewers, Decatur', 
111., 1883-5; Wes. Elec. Co., Chicago, 1885-6; Henry Shlaudeman, successor to £utrpstrile & 
Shlaudeman. 1 886-8; Vice Pres. & Mgr., Decatur Brewing Co., 1888-1903; Pres. & Mgr. 
do., 1903 — ACember, Lib. Board, Decatur Pub. Lib., 1902-9 and 1912 — Married Josephme 
Theresa Bauxn, Oct. 27, 1886. Address, Decatur, III. 


(Husband of No. 353) 

B. ^. in Chem.; Horticulturist: b. Apr. 15, i860, Fishkill, N. Y.; s. Joseph (b. 1818, 
do.) & Sarah Slauson (b. 1829. Bedford, N. Y.) Prepared in Dwight H. S. Philomathean. 
Asst in Chem. 1882-^; Studied Law, admitted to bar x88^. Partner with T. L. Ray, 1887* 
00. Practiced law in Seattle, Wash., 1890-1900. Horticulture xooo — Married Celeste 
Langley C83), Nov. ij, 1888, Champaijni (d. Sept. 3. 1903, Seattle, Wash.) Married Alice 
Swinburn Leckenby Sept. 27, 1907. Children, Saran Jeannette, b. Aug. 2, 1897: Celeste, 
May 2, 1899; Howard Langley, Dec. 7, 1901. Address, 54x6 Morgan St., Seattle, Wash. 


(Husband of No. 347) 

B. L.; Lawyer; b. Mar. 8, 1861, Newton, 111.; s. C. B. (b. 1834, W. Va.) & Celestia 
Elfie (Gray) Smith (b. 1836, Arcole, O.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Adelphic; Rep. 
in Inter-Soc Orat. Contest; Capt., Univ. Regt. LL. B., Albany Law Sch. Atty. to Bd. of 
C^ Comm.t 1900-1904; Mun. TudgCt Minneapolis, x904-ii; Member, A. F. & A. M.; 
L 0. O. F.; K. P.^ B. P. O. E.; Maccabees; M. E. Church; (^m. Club of Minneapolis. 
Married Grace Maria Healey, 1888, Champaign, 111. Child, Marian Alden Smith, b. Mar. 
10, 1890. Address, 2018 Hawthorn Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

'ii8 University of Illinois [1883 

B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Dec. 3, 1857. Dixon, 111.: s. AquilU (b. 1832, Center 

.'Nrcb. tor Men's uym: unem. i5idg.; Hyarauiic lad,; laecnanic isiag. juemoer, 
Church, Champaiffn, 111. Married Ida Florence Rush, Sept 7, 1881. Children. Clifford 
Ricker, b. 1885; Charles Blakely, b. 1888; Mary Ethel, b. 1890. Address, 401 W. Univer- 
sity Ave., Champaign, 111. 


(Brother of No. 222) 

B. S.; Banker; b. Dec 30, 1863, Elmwood, 111.; s. Don Carlos (b. 1827, Swanzey, 
N. H.) & Mary Lucy (Foster) Taft (b. Shutesbury, Mass.) Prepared in Champaign H. S.; 
Univ. Acad. Married Grace Aumer, Oct. 4, 1892. Childern, Arlo; Lloyde; Royal; Mabel; 
Florence. Address, Hanover, Kan. 

B. S. in Hydr. Engr.; b. Oct. 13, 1855, Dundee, 111.; s. Uugb (b. July 24, 1818, Glas- 

fow. Scot.) & Maffdalene (Rankin) Todd (b. Jan. i, 1827* Delry, do.) Prepared in Elgin 
IU.)i Acad.; Phuomathean; Class Prophet; Various lines of Hydr. and Mun. Eng. 
Married Pearl B. Loveland, June 9, 1902. Child, Francis Hugh, b. Aug. 8, 1901. Ad- 
dress, Elgin, 111. 


Cert, in Sci.; Elec. Engr.; b. Nov. 10, 1858, Quincy, 111.; s. Edward (b. Oct. 30, 
1823, Templeton, Mass.) & Lucretia Wheeler (Newhall) Turner (b. July 4, 1831, Ipswich, 
N. H.) Prepared in Quincy H. S. Philomathean; Capt I. N. G.; Fanning & Ranching, 
1883-90 & 1896-1900; Elec. lEngr., 1890*06 & 1900-05; Merchant, i9o6-X9io; with Northern 
Electric Co., 191 0-12. Married Mary Boone Burroughs. June 6, 1902. Children, Ruth, 
June 29, 1903; Goddery Burroughs, b. Aug. 7, 1907. Address, Yuba City, Calif. 


(Husband of No. 254) 

Cert, in L. & S.; Banker; b. Aug. 26, 1859, Kinnickinnic, Wis.; s. John Gregory (b. 
Mar. 10, 1825, East Aurora, N. Y.) & Mary Ann (Wainwright) Wadsworth (b. June 29, 
1825, Newark-on-Trent, Eng.) Prepared in Chippewa Falls (wis.) H. S. Adelphic; Sigma 
Chi.; Class Pres.; Pres. Coll. (jovt.; Valedictorian; Capt. Civ. Engr., 1882-4; otenog., 
1884-s; Cashier, 1885-92; Banker, 1802 — Member Presb. Church; Y. M. C. A.; A. F. & 
A. M.; Knight Templar; B. P. O. E. Married Kittie Marie Baker (*8i) Oct 27, 1886, 
Champaign. III. (d. Nov. 25, 1899); Lora Loomis Crossland, Mar. 14, 1906, (^aha, 
Nebr. CHiildren, John Baker, b. Nov. 8, 1898; Edwin Horace, b. May 22, 1907; Dorothy, 
b. Dec. 4, 1910. Address, 114 S. Sixth St, Council Bluifs, la. Bus. Add., 201 Pearl 
St, do. 

CLASS OF 1883 (37) 

(Brother of Nos. 120, 369, 4x1) 
B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Eng.; b. Feb. xs> 1859* Whiteside Co., 111.; s. Asa McFarland 

Ida HartweU, May 7. x888. New York City. Child, Doris Lilian, b. June xo, 1889. 
Address, 71 Broadway, N. Y. 


(Brother of No. i2x) 

Cert.: b. Aug. 23, 1867, near Urbana, 111.; s. Francis Fitch (b. June 13, X824, Olm- 
stead. Falls, O.) & Nancy (Dean) Adams (b. Apr. x6, X834, Dayton, O.) Prepared in 
Dist. Sch. near Urbana. Scientihc Soc. Taxidermist, Curator Museum, Auckland, New 
Zealand, x 885-7; Collector in Borneo, x 887-8. Made collections for Smithsonian, Harvard, 
Illinois. Prepared complete exhibit of birds of 111. for World's Fair, X893; was in charge 
of 111. Exhibit Author of articles on Bird and Animal Life, in various papers and mag- 
azines. Died May 20, 1893, Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in Chem., 
& Evelyn Bogardus 

(Husband of No. 587) 

.; Chemist; b. Nov. 30. 1863; s. John Jeremiah (b. Dec. 6, 1828, N. Y.) 
oc jivciyn Dugaratis (b. Sept, 1 828, do.) Prepared in Champaign High School. Philo- 
mathean. Sugar Chemist Kan., x 883-84; Asst., Commercial Lab., Chicago, 1886-87, Asst. 
Chemist, B. & O. R. R., 1888-89; xst Asst, Univ. of 111., 1889-90; Commercial Chemist 

1883] Baccalaureate Alumni 119 

& Assayer, Seattle^ 1890 — City Chemist, 10 yrs.; State Chemist, 4 ^rs. Member Amer. 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Industry; N. Pacific Soc. Min. Enjg^s. Married Lucie Rae Brum* 
back (*9o), Feb. 16, 1892, Gilman, 111. Children, Almon Eugene, b. Sept. 2S^ 1895; Wal- 
lace Dayid, b. Dec i, 1896; Helen Evelyn, b. Jan. 17, 1899. Address, 90 Columbia St., 
Seattle, Wash. 


(Sister of Nos. 678, 784, 1623) 

A. B. in L. & A.; A. M., 1891; b. Apr. 23, i860, Lawrence Co., O.; d. Benjamin Frank- 
lin (b. July a, 1832, do.) & Mary Jane Armstrong) Boggs (b. Nov. 20, 1835, Jo.) Pre- 
pared in Tuscola H. S. Alethenai: Oratorical Assoc; Senate of Students' Govt.; Pres. 
Alethenai ; Secy, of Orat. Assn.; H. S. Teacher, 188^-90. Member M. E. Church; Friday 
Evening Bible Class; Woman's Home & Foreini Missionary Soc; W. C. T. U.; Pres. 
Danville Dist. Home Miss. Soc, 1903; Pres. Home Miss, Aux., 1905; Secy. Board of 
Mgrs., Cunningham Children's Home, 1910; Pres. Bible Class, 1900-01; Pres. Mothers' 
Gub, 1907-08; Pres. Woman's Anti*Saloon League, 1908. Married Isaac Albert Love, 
Feb. II, 189X. Children, Estelle, b. Dec. 13, 1891; Martha Harriet, b. Apr. 24, 1894; 
Beryl Frances, b. June 9* 1896; Cassandra Armstrong, b. Mar. 4, 1898. Address, 1214 
Vermilion St., Danville, III. 


Cert, in C. E..; Rancher & Stock Raiser; b. Jan. 14, 1859. Sheffield, III.; s. D. O. 
(b. Westfield, O.) & Harriet A« (Reed) Brainard (b. Franklin, N. Y.) Prepared in 
Buda H. S. Surveys, Miss. River, 1883-84; Wis. River, 1885-86; Duluth South Shore 
& Atlantic R. R., 1886; III. Central Ry., 1887; Survey III. River, 1889; Building Const., 
Chicago, 1890; U. S. Asst. Engr. in charge III. River Improvement, 1891-1905; Asst. 
Ensr. in charge of lock gate Constr., Hennepin Canal, 1905-7; Ranching & Stock Raising 
in Pecos Valley, N. M. Member Western Soc. of Engrs. Married Lena Freedlin, June 
8, 1889, Champaign, 111. Children, G. Reed^ b. May 26, 1890; Fred, b. Feb. 17, 1892; 
Warren G., b, Nov. 3, 1900. Address, Artesia, N. M. 


Cert, in Sci.; Teacher; b. Oct. 27, 1856, Mt. Palatine, 111.; d. John (b. 1807, Pendle- 
ton Co., Ky.) & Amelia E. (Newport) Colvin (b. Oct. 14, 1820, Boone Co., Ky.) Pre- 
pared in Pub. Schs., Putnam Co., III. Alethenai Soc. Teacher of Dom. Sci. and Lit. 
work. Member Woman's Club. Married Walter C. Hargis, Sept. 11, x 886, Normal, 111. 
(Hiildren, Louella, b. Aug. 26, 1887; Louis Maurice, b. Aug. 22, 1889; Alice Ethel, b. Oct. 
23, 189 1. Address, Bondville, 111. 


(Brother of No. 2618) 

Ort; b. Dec. 13, 1861, Armstrong Co.; Pa.; s. James M. (b. May 27, 1836, do.) 
& Margaret A. (Blame) Craig (b. May 15, 1840. do?) Prepared in (JhampaiRTi H. S. 
Phi Delta Phi. Caot. Taught in country schs., 1684-6; attended Bloomington Law Sch., 
1887-8; LL. B., 1888; practiced law for eight years, Champaign Co.; Inspector Bldg. and 
Loan Assoc, 1 896-1904. Died Sept. 27, 1904, Champaign, III. 


B. L.; b. 1859. 111.; (guardian^ T. B. Whitcomb) d. Mary A. (Kirby) Fellows. Mar- 
ried Joseph Daniels Day, 1889, Milbank, S. Dak. Children, Florence Adelaide, b. 1891; 
Frank Fellows, b. 1896. Address, 533 Fourteenth Ave., North Seattle, Wash. 


B. L.; b. Apr. 27, 1863, Champaign, Xll.; d. Daniel (b. Dec r8, 1815, Warehouse 
Point, Conn.) & Mary Josephine (Hodges) Gardner (b. Oct. 181 7, Warren, Mass.) 
Prjmared in Champaign H. S. Grad. in piano, Cincinnati Coll. of Music, 1895. Member 
College Club of Cincinnati; Pres. 1911-12 of Woman's alliance of ist. Cong. Unitarian 
Church of Cincinnati. Address, Elmhurst, E. Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

, ..B. S. in C. E.; C. E., 1886; Engineer; b. Nov. 17, 1834. Case Co.. Mich.; s. Ben- 
•jamin Butler (b. 1800, Conn.) & Susannah (Alvord) Gates (b. i8ii, Penn.) Prepared 
m Univ. Acad. U. S. Deouty Mineral Survyr.; Deputy State Survyr.: Co .Survyr. ot 
Butte Co., S. Dak.; Co. Survyr., Lawrence Coj City Engr. of Spearftsh. S. Dak., for 
12 yrs. Hon. Member Black Hawk Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; member of (;ommandery of 
Sir Knights at Spearfish; Black Hills Consistory Scottish Rites Free Masonry, 23d degree; 
Naja Temple A. R. O. N. M. S., Deadwood. Address, Spearfish, Lawrence Co., S. Dak. 


•Cert, in L. & S., 1S94; Judge Municipal Court, Chicago; b. Nov. 29, 1857, Scales 
Monnd, Jo Daviess Co., 111.: s. Adoniram Tudson & Mary Ann (Clendening) Going. Pre- 

Co., 1904-06; Judge Municipal Court, 1906 — Third Rept., I. N. G., 1877-0, 1881-3, Capt. 
Member Chicago Bar Assoc: Marquette Club, board of directors, 1902-4; Elder in Fuller- 
Ion Ave. Presb. Church; 111. Athletic Qub, Chicago; Pres. Chicago Boys' Club, 1908-9, 
i9XO>xi: Vice Pres. Olivet Institute, 1910-11. Married Nenah Gertrude Avery, Jufir 16, 
1885, Eau Claire, Wis. Children, Grace May, b. Aug. 29, j886; Gertrude, b. Jan. 4, 

I20 University of Illinois [1883 

1890 (died May 16, 1892); Judson Freemaiip Jr., b. Sept. 2, 1897. Address, 2x17 Fremont 
St., Chicago, III. 


B. S< in C. E.; Pres. W. F. Goltra Tie Co.; b. Dec. 3, x86i, near Kankakee, 111.; 
8. Clarkaon Kinff (b. 1826, Newark, N. J.) & Almi^ Elizabeth (Perault) Goltra (b. 1838, 
Plattsburg, N. Y.) Prepared St. Viateurs Coll. Continually in service of Lake Erie 
and Western R. R. Co. as Engineer, Draftsman, Chief Clerk to Purchasing Agt., to Chief 
Engineer, to General Manager, Asst to Chief Engineer & Purchasing Agent, x 884-1 907; 
Gen. Tie Agent, N. Y. Central lines, 1907-10; Pres. W. F. Goltra Tie Co., ipio — ; dealer 
in railroad ties and builder of tie and timber treating plants. In 1911 invented new 
process & method of treating ties and timbers. Full description published in Ry. 
Engineering and Review, Jan., 19 12. Author of Characteristic Report of Lake Erie and 
Western R. R. Co., Jan., 1900; has wiitten many articler in Ry. Age Gazette and Ry. 
Engineering & Review, mostly jpertaining to timber preservation. Member official board 
Euclid Ave. M. E. Church: Knight Templar; Mason; Amer. Ry. Engineering Assoc; 
Wood Preservers* Assoc.; Cleveland Athletic Club. Married Annie Laura Rust, June 
12, x888| Bloomington, 111. Children, George Rust, b. May 3, 1889 (died Aug. 9, 1889); 
Laura Fay, b. Apr. 24, 1890; Zella Pearl, b. Mar. 2a, 1893; ^^^^y Price, b. Tune 5, 
1895. Address, 1940 E. 93d St., Cleveland, Ohio; Bus. Add., 804-806 Rockefeller Bldg., do. 


B. L.; Rancher; b. Aug. 13, 1857, Beaver Dam, Pa.; s. William Allison (b. Dec. xs, 
1 82 1, Wayne, Pa.) & Sarah (Mead) Gray (b. Sept. 4, 1821.) Prepared in Allegheny Coll.. 
Pa. Philomathean. Mining & Real Estate; Ranching. Member M. E. Church. Married 
Minnie Gray, Feb. 11, 18S4, Rantoul, III. Children, Sarah Ellen, b. Nov. 22, 1885; 
George A., b. Mar. xc, 1887; Ida Belle, b. July 3, 1889; Edith Anna, b. July 3, X889; 
Nelson Clarence, b. May 14, 189 ij Myrtle Minnie, b. May 14, 1891; Stanley Collins, b. 
Dec. IX, ipoi; Gladys Loretta, b. Ncv. 2, 1903; Helen Bernice, b. June 23, 1908. Address, 
Chatsworth, 111. 


Cert. L. & S.; Jud^e; b. May 10, 1863, New Lenox, 111.; s. Dwight (b. Dec X4, 1821, 
Sheridan. N. Y.) a Lizzie (Craig) Haven (b. June 5, 1840, Dublin, Ire.) Prepared in 
Com. Sens, and by private instr. Philomathean; Capt. Univ. Regt.; I. N. G., Q. M. 
Serseant, Color Srt.; Capt. & Adj.; 3rd & 4th Inf., x883-97. Lawyer; Judge Co. Court, 
Will Co., X902-6; Pres. Toliet Reoublican Printing Co.; Pres. Builders' Supply Co. Mem- 
ber Episcopal Church; A. F. & A. M.: Commercial Club of Joliet; Calumet, Washinston 
Park, & South Shore Country Clubs, Chicago; Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Married Mary 
Robinson. Child, Florence Dwight. Address, 172 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 


(Wife of No. 326) 

B. L. in L. & S.: b. Mar. 18, 1862, Champaign, 111.; d. James M. (bb 1828, Vernon, N. 
V.) & Marian (Hunt) Healey (b. 1834, Tewkesbury, Mass.) Prepared in Champai^ H. S. 
.Methenai. Member M. £. Church; College Club. Married Charles Linnaeus Smith ('82) 
1888, Champaign. Child, Marian Alden, b. 1890. Address, 2018 Hawthorne Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Mmn. 


B. L.; Banker; b. June 29, 1862, Sullivan Co., Ind.; s. Nathaniel Pinckard (b. Aug. 
x6, 18x8. Urbana, O.) & Cynthia (Burnet) Heath (b. Dec. 13, 1822, Sullivan Co.. Ind.) 
Prepared in Champaign H. S. Pres. Adelpnic; Sigima Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pres. ox Class. 
Clerk, Champaign Natl. Bank, 1883; Asst. Cashier, 1887; Cashier, 1888-1902; Director, 
1 898-1 904: State Bank Examiner. Apr. 1002-4; Vice-Pres. « Dir. Hibernian Banking Assoc. 
I9O4-X0; Pres. Live Stock Excnange Natl. Bank of Chicago, also Dir. in Stock Yards 
Savings Bank, the Mid Cit]r Bank & Central Mfg. Dist. Bank, Chicago, 1910 — Delegate III. 
State Republican Conventions, 1892 & 1904; City Treas., Champaign, 1889-91; School 
Treas., x 890- 1902; Member 111. Comm. Pan-American Exposition. 1901: Pres. Alumni 
Assoc, 1891-2: Union League; University^ Bankers, Saddle and Sirloin, Midlothian Coun- 
try & South Shore Country Clubs of Chicago; University Clubs of Evanston & Urbana. 
M!arried Clara Owens, Tune 17, 1890, Catonsville, Md. (d. Dec xo, 1904.) Children, 
Nathaniel P*i b. 189X; William O., b. 1901; Florence B.. b. 1904. Address, 4514 Green- 
wood Ave., Chicago; Bus. Add., Union Stock Yards, Cnicago. * 


B. S. in Chcm.^ Evangelist; b. Aug. i, 1863, Mendon, 111.; s. Rev. Matthias Avise 
(b. Dec X, X836, Quincy, III.) & Minerva Dunlap (Cavender) Hewes (b. June 3, X841, O.) 
Prepared in Charleston and Waverly H. Schs. Adelphic. S. T. B., DePauw Univ., 1891. 
Teacher, 1883; Photomphy, 1885: First Asst. Prof, ot Chcm., Univ. of 111., x886; Photog 
raphy, 1887; Asst. Cnemist, N. W. Fertilizer Co^ Chicago, 1888; Theol. student, X891 ; 
Missionary to India^ 1891; Prof, in Reid Christian Coll., Lucknow, India, x8o6; Evangelistic 
work, iQo^ — Acting Chaplain for Wesleyan and Presb. troops in British Army, India, 
Duke of Wellington's Regt., 1907-8; Essex Reg., 1909. Author: The Philosopher's Stone, 
Meth. Pub. House, Lucknow, India, 1896, 10 pp. Member M. E. Church. Married Annie 
Butcher. Dec 3, X896, Naini Tal, India. Children, Edwin B., b. May 3, 1899; George C. 
Jry b. Aug. 14, 1901. Address, Fithoragarh Kumaun, India. 


Cert, in Sci; with Amer. Beet Sugar Co.; b. Jan. 27, i860, Huey, 111.; s. Joseph (b. 
Jan. 23, 1827, Huey, 111.) & Martha Ann (Jones) Huey (b. Jan. 16, 1829, Christian Co., 

i883 Baccalaureate Alumni 121 

Ky.) Prepared in pub. schs., Huey, 111. Adelphic. Postmaster, Huey, 1885-8; Rancher, 
1888-9; Foreman, Union Lime Co., 1889-93; Rancher, 1893-1900; Miner, 1900-2: Limestone 
Insp. Amer. Beet Sugar Co.. 1902; agent, do.^ 1907 — Married Agnes £. Farrell. 
Dec 2, 1907. Address, Halleck, San Bernardino Co., Calif. 


(Brother of No. 71.) 

B. S. in Chem.; Editor; b. Sept 12, i860, Xenia, 111.; s. Geo. (b. June 29, 1816, 
Carlisle, Pa.) & Anna v.Shellev^ Kenower (b> Mar. 10, 1829, do,) Prepared in Huey, 111. 
Pbilomathean ; Class Pres.; Pnilomathean, Pres.: Class Poet. Farmer; School teacher, 10 
yrs.; Ed. Breckenridge Bulletin, 1895 — Marriea Ola RusselL Aug. 35, 1891, Bolivar, Mo. 
Children, Pansy, b. Aug. i7» 1894; Pauline, b. Jan. 8, 1897; Fred Russell, b. June 17, 190a; 
Ethel, b. Not. i, 1905. Address, Breckenridge, Mo. 


B. L. in L. & S.; b. Apr. 14, i860, Stratton, Vt.; d. Melvin Augustus (bb Aug. 9, z8i8, 
Wardsboro, Vt.) & Marcellini (Hunt) Knowlton (b. Nov. 18. zoio, do,\ Prepared in 
Urbana H. S. Alethenai. Teacher in Pub. Schs., Champaign, 111., 1883-8. Member Baptist 
Church. Married £. Hylan Cushman, Sept. 13, 1900, Rochester. N. Y. Address, 532 W. 
148th St., New York City. Bus. Add., 1735 Amsterdam Ave., do, 


(Wife of No. 325.) 

B. L..; b. July x. 1862, Champaign, III.; d. James W. (b. Jan. 17. 1836, near Erie, 
Pa.) ftjeannette J. (Young) Langley( b. Feb. 11, 1838, Elyria, O.) Prepared in Cham- 
paign H. S. Alethenai. Attended Boston School of Orat. Taught Elocution in Cham- 
paign, IlL, to xSoo, & Seattle, Wash., 1890 till her death. Charter member Women's 
Century Club of Seattle, & at one time Pres.; member Eastern Star. Married Howard B. 
Slauson ('82) Nov. 15, 1888, Champaign, 111. Children, Sarah Teannette, b. Aug. 2. 1897; 
Celeste, b. May 22, 1899; Howard Langley, b. Dec. 7, 1901. Died Sept. 3, 190^, Seattle, 


(Wife of No. 228) 

B. L.; b. June 8, 1856, Lerov, 111.; d. Jacob Benner (b. Dec. 24, 1823, Morgantown, 
Pa.) & Jane (Culbertson) Lewis (b. Dec. 17, 1825, New Atnens, O.) Prepared in Farmer 
City H. S.; Univ. Acad. Married Charles Jacob Bills (*8o) Sept. 13. 1883, Farmer City, 
IlL (^hild« Breta, b. Mar. 22, 1887. Address, 1503 H St, Lincoln, Neor. 


Cert, in C. E.; (General Agent C^jjada Life Assurance Co.; (b. April 12. 1859, New 
York Citr); s. George and Emma Wood Lewis; Electric Light business in Cnicago; Pur- 
chasing Agent K. & W. R. R. and D. M. & K. C. Ry.; Agent New York Life ins. Co.; 
(jen'I Agent Canada Life Assurance Co. to date. Member Morning Star Lodge No. 5 
K. of P. Keokuk, Iowa: Meridian Lodge No. 610 F. & A. M^^ Cleveland, Ohio; Gate City 
(3iapter No. 7 Rl A. M. and Damascus Commandery No. 5 K. T., Keokuk, Iowa; Peoria 
Consistory 32 degree, Peoria, III.; and Kaaba Temple Nobles of the Mjrstic Shrine, Daven- 
port^ Iowa. Married Rose £. Pendleton, Aug., 1888, Chenoa, 111. Children, Qare Louise 
l^wis, b. Aug. 1889; Emily Dana Lewis, b. June, 1891. Address, 10617 Hampden Ave., 
Ckveland, Ohio. 


*B. S. in Chem., 1893; b. Mar. 6, 1858, Ccrro Gordo, 111.; a. Jacob G. (b. Nov. 21, 
1 831, Milo, Me.) & Elizabeth Payson (Norris) Little (b. Aug. 8, i837t Fremont, N. H.) 
Prepared in Lincoln H. S.; Wesleyan Univ. Pbilomathean. Taught in pub. sch. until 
spring of 1903. Member Amer. Assoc for Adv. of Sci.: Nat'l. Teachers' Assoc. Married 
Mable Leontine Morris, Aug. 30, 1892. Children, Rose Elizabeth, b. Julv 13^ 1893: Morris 
Albert, b. Feb. 27. 1895; Harriet Fern, b. July xo, 1807 (d. Mar. xo, 1901); Harold Pearson, 
b. Mar. 7, x^K>: Edith Marion, b. Jan. 10, X902; Florence Mable, b. Jan. 15, 1904. Died 
Sept., 1903, HoDoken, N. J. 


B. L.: Lawyer & Judge; b. June 28, 1862, Ipava, 111.; s. Joseph Long (b. Apr. 9, 
1834, Muakingiim Co., O.) & Martha £. (Quillin) McCune (b. July 8, 1838, Clarksburg, 
W. Va.) Prepared in 111.' Coll. Pbilomathean, Pres.; Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Valedic- 
torian; Pres. Class; Editor in Chief, Illini; 2d place in Orat. Contest; Univ. Baseball 
Club. LL. B. (cum laude), Columbia, 1886. Circuit J'udge, 1905-9; also Judge of Juvenile 
Court, 1905-9. Author: 4th edition, McCrary on Elections, Callighan & Co., Chicago, 
1895; article on Judges, Cyclopedia of Law & Procedure, Amer. Law Book Co., Mo. Elder 
in Cong. Church; member Kansas City Bd. of Educ; Mo. State Rd. of Law Examiners; 
Vice Pres. K. C Pure Milk Commission: Vice Pres., Cit^ Club; Pres. K. C. Bar Assoc; 
K. C. Provident Assoc; 0>mmercial Club; Nat'l Municipal League: Mo. Bar Assoc; 
Univ. Club; Country Culb; Sons of Revolution. Married Helen A. McCrary, Sept. 6, 1888, 
Colorado Springs, Colo. Children, Joseph M., b. May 2j, 1891; Helen Elizabeth, b. May 
9. IQ02. Addresst 3516 Holmes St., Kansas City, Mo.; Bus, Add., 831 Scarritt Bldg., Kan- 


Ort. in M. E.; Municipal Eng.; b. July 6, 1856, Chatham, 111.; s. Morrison Morgan 
(bi Bath Co., Ky.) & Elizabeth (Crow) Moore (b. Christian Co., Ky.) Prepared in Univ. 
Acsd. (jovemment Survey, Miss. River, 1883-84; Drainage Eng., 1884-86; Foundrying ft 

122 University of Illinois [1883 

Eng:., Wellington. Kan., 1886-94; Wichita, Kan., 1894 — Married Martha Elizabeth Hih. 
1887, Auburn, 111. Children, May, b. Apr. 29, 1888 (d. Aug. 4> 1888); Corliss, b. Mar. 
21, 1890. Address, 1715 University Ave., Sta. A., Wichita, Kan. 


(Husband of No. 666.) 

B. S. in Chem.; Professor; b. Feb. 17, 1861, London, Eng.; s. William (b. London) & 
Harriet (Fairchild) Palmer (b. do.) Prepared by private instruction. Philomathean, Pres. 
Scholarship, Harvard. 1884-6. S. D., Harvard, 1886. Teacher; Asst. in Chem., Univ. of 
111., 1886-8; Stud, in Berlin & Goettingen, 1888-9; Asst. Prof., do., 1889-90; Prof, of Chem., 
do.f 1 890- 1 904. Discovered the Arsine Series. 1892. Author: Chem. Survey of the Waters 
of 111.; Preliminary Report, 1897; Report 01 Chem. Survey of the Waters of 111., 1892- 
1902; numerous articles m Berichte and The Amer. Chem. Jour., between 1 885-1904. Member 
Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci., Die Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft, Berlin, 1888-1904; 
Amer. Chem. Soc; 111. State Bd. of Health. Married Anna Shattuck, (*9i), Aug. 9, 1803, 
Champaign, 111. Child, Charles Shattuck, D. Nov. 11, 1895. Died Feb. 3, 1904, Urbana, 111. 


(Sister of No. 318) 

B. L.; b. Jan. 12, 1861, Fond du Lac, Wis.; d. Sclim Hobart & Mary Elizabeth (Pang- 
born) Peabody. Prepared m Chicago H. S. Married Dr. Winthrop Girling, June 30*, 1892, 
Chicago. Address, (jlencoe, 111. 


B. S. in Chem.; Druggist; b. Nov. 6, 1861, Polo, 111.; s. Walter Ward (b. 1835, Putney, 
Vt.) & Fannie A. (Daily) Pcirce (b. 1835, N. E. Pa.) Prepared in Polo H. S. Capt.; 
Pres., Philomathean; Treas., Y. M. C. A.; on Comm. to organize ist Field Dajr Athletic 
meet; Pres. Sr. C^lass. Trcas., Cong. Church; memb. Royal League; Nat'l Union; Ind. 
Foresters. Married Marian Moifatt, May 4, 1887, Thawville, 111. Children, Earle Carle- 
ton, b. Feb. 10, 1892; Vernon Densmore, b. Nov. 27, 1897. Address, 5518 Wabash Ave., 
Chicago; Bus. Add., 5500 State St., Chicago. 


Cert, in Chem.: b. July 2^ 1861, Piatt Co., 111.; s. Jacob (b. Monticello, 111.) & Mary 
Augusta (Hubbell) Piatt (b. Cincinnati. O.) Prepared in Monticello Pub. School. Artillery 
squad; Bayonet Fencing. Member M. E. Church; Blue Lodge. Married Laura Belle 
Smith. Children, Laurance Guy, b. Apr. 21, 1888 (d. Sept. 23, 1889); Elizabeth Alden, 
b. Aug. i^, 1800; Genevieve Marie, b. Aug. 28, 1898. Address, ^805 Lyndale Ave. S., 
Minneapolis, Minn.; Bus. Add., c/o Supt. G. N. Ex. Co., St. Paul, Minn. 


(Father of No. 4866) 

*A. B., 1909; Milling & Investments; b. Nov. 9, 1862, Mascoutah, 111.; s. Philip Henry 
(b. July II, 1818, Hassloch, Ger.) & Anna Maria (Eisenmayer) Postel (b. Dec. 11, 1822, 
do.) Prepared in McKendree Coll. A. B., McKendree Coll., 1883; A. M., 1886. Member 
M. E. Church: Merchants Exchange; Mo. Athletic Club. Married Amalia A. Postel, Dec. 
7, 1887. Children, Allan J. ('11), b. Sept. 21, 1889; Mertie A., b. June 25, 1891; Urban S., 
b. Feb. 28, 1905. Address, Mascoutah, 111. 


B. S. in C. £.; Dealer in Lumber, Bldg. & Loans & Real Estate; b. Aug. 2<, 1857, 111.; 
s. Edward & Mary A. (Pope) Scotchbrook. Member Presb. Church: A. O. U. W. Married 
Nettie Barden, June 9, 1887, Wellington, O. Children, Frances W., b. May 4, 1888; Carl 
E., b. Mar. 7, 1894. Addre.ts, Wessington, S. D. 

(Brother of No. 248) 

A. B.; b. Apr. 20, 1862, Woodstock, HI.; s. Peter (b. Aug. 9. 1820, Drachenbrunn, 
Alsace) & Eliza (McCown) Sondericker (b. 1829, Cookstown, Ire.) Prepared in Wood- 
stock H. S. Scientific; Pres., Y. M. C. A. M. D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., 1887. Teacher, 
1883-5; Med. Stud. & Hosp. work, 1885-9; Teacher, 1889-94. Member Baptist Church. 
Address, Woodstock, 111. 


Cert, in L. & S.; Teacher: b. Nov. 21, 1862, Champaign, 111.: d. J. R. & Mary L. 
(Evans) Stewart. Taught in Chicago schs, 1883 — Address, 3936. N. 43rd Ave., Chicago, 


(Brother of No. 579) 

B. S. in Chem.; Pres., Paper Mfg. Co.; b. Nov. 2g, 1862, Tonics, 111.; s. Joseph (b. 
Sept. 5, 1825, Hanan, Ger.) & Marie (Brennerman) Weis (b. 1827, Cassel, do.) Prepared 
in Peru H. S. Adelphic. Asst. to Prof. C. Tilbert Wheeler, 188^-9; Instr. in Chem. Lab., 
Hahnemann Med. Coll., 1889-94; Adj. Prof., Chem., Chicago Coll. of Dent. Surg., 1892-4; 
engaged in paper mfg., Franklin, O., 1894 — Pres., The Perfect Safety Paper (To., 1909 — 
Pres„ Men's Club of Franklin, O.; Bay State Club; Golf Club. Married Isabel Gracey 
McMillan, Mar. 5, 1889, Montreal. Children, Herman William, b. May 18, 1891; Marie, 
b. Nov. II, 1895; Isabel Gracey. b. Jan. 23, 1898; infant, b. 8c d. May 11, 1890; infant, b. 
ft d., Dec, 1893. Address, Amherst St., Holyoke, Mass.; Bus. Add., Winter St., do. 

1884] Baccalaureate Alumni 123 


(Sister of No. 297) 

B. L.; h. Aur. 16. 1S62, Champaign, 111.; d. James Stephens (b. Aug. 2. 1816, O.) 
ft Kstherine (Lander) Wright (b. Mar. 23* 1826.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Married 
James Maxwell Blackburn, Sept i, 1887, (champaign. Children, June, b. June 13, x888 (d. 
Dec. 17, 1801;) Kittle, b. Sept. 13, 1889; Edgar Wright, b. Jan. 12, 1891; Hazel, b. May 
12. 1893; Percy, b. Tune 1, 1895; Florence, b. Aug. 8, 1896; Edith, b. Oct. 7, 1900. 

resSf Corsicana, Tex. 

CLASS OF 1884 (43) 

(Brother of Nos. 120, 332, 411) 


Sigma Xi Machinist & Uraftoman, 1884-85, Wunder & Abbott Illuminating Co., 1886-87; 
rrcL ft Mgr., Nat'l Elec Constr. Co., 1888-94; Engr., Commonwealth Edison 0>., 1895 — 
Trustee Univ. of 111., 1905-— Member Chicago Athletic Assoc.; University Club of Chi- 
cago; Amer. See. of M. £.; Amer. Inst, of Elec. Engrs.; member and past president 
Wetten Soc. of Engrs. Married Carrie Entwhistle. Sept. 14, 1887, Morrison, 111. Chil- 
dren, Arthur W., b. Mar. 21, 1890; Helen, b. July 5, 1891; Robert E., b. Sept. 14, 189s; 
Josephine E., b. Nov. 19, 1898; Dorothy C, b. Sept. 5, 1902. Address, 4616 Beacon St., 
Chicago, III. 


Cert, in C. E. Born Jan. 3> 1862, Altona. IlL; s. Allen (b. Feb. 17. 1823) & Louisa 
(Garinger) Austin (b. May i, 1039.) Prepared in Altoona H. S. Civ. Engr. and Drafts- 
man for C. B. & Q. R. K., 1 886-1 903; Div. Engr. 1903. Married Nettie R. Bostwick, 
Oct i^, 1890, Galena, 111. Children, Louise mT. b. Sept. 27, 1897; Genevieve L., b. 
Mar. 18, 1903. Died Apr. x, 1904, La Crosse, Mien. 

(Sister of No. 7^7) 
B. L.; Phys. & Surg.; b. Dec. 16, 1861, Urbana; d. Homer W. (b. May 23, 18^6, 
Ontario, O.) & Lorinda J. (McConney) Ayers (b. Jan. 14, 1837, Bainbridge, O.) 
Prepared in Urbana H. S. Alethenai. B. S., Chicago Sch. ot Sci. 1897; M. D.. Nat'l. 
Homeo. Med. Coll., 1896; M. D., Harvey Med. Coll., 18^7; M. D. Dunham Med. Coll., 
1898; M. D. Hering Med. College, 19x2. Asst. Bacteriologist, Univ. of 111., 1886-93; Prof. 

of Bacteriology Narl. Homeo. Med. Soc, 1893-96; Asst. House Physician Nat. Emergency 
Hosp., 1896-97; Member of State Homeo. Med. Soc.; Amer. Inst, of Homeo.: State Men. 
Soc; Chicago Med. Soc; Social Economics Club; Homeo. Lady Physicians Club; Coll. 

Alnmnae Aaboc; Univ. of 111. Alumni Assoc, of Chicago (served as Pres. same). Mar- 
ried Charles Boulson Saunders, M. D., June, 1896, Urbana, 111. Address, 919 LaSalle 
Ave., Chicago. 


Ort. in Agr.: b. 1865, Ridott, 111.; s. Anson A. Babcock. Entered from Ridott, 
Stephenson Co., 111. Capt.(t) 


(Sister of No. 674) 

B. L.; M. L., 1892; Student; b. Dec 30, 1859. Lyndock, Ont., Canada.; d. Issac (b. 
Dec 14, 1821, Montreal, guebec) & Mary Ursula (Davis) Barber (b. Feb. x6, 1834. 
Onrell, Ont.) Prepared in State Nor., Emporia, Kan., and Champaign H. S. Alethenai 
Pres.; Illini sUfF: called committee together that formed the Y. W. C. A. in the Univ. 
A. B., Victoria Univ. Attended School of Pedagogy, Toronto, Ont., ,x89i. Teacher in 
Pub. Sch., Pana. 111.; same in Urbana, H. S^ teacher in Eng. in Hamilton Ladies' Coll., 
Ont; teacher ox Mod. Lang, and Eng. in Canadian H. S.{ connected with N. Y. Ins. 
Co., for ten years; ranchinjg and educational work in Calif.; grad. work in Univ. of 
Calif. Address, Kenwood, C^lif. 


(Husband of No. 453) 

B. S. in C. E.; Civ. En^r.: b. 1861, Washington, 111.; s. A. Barbour. Struct. Engr. 
Lackawanna Steel Co. Married Minnie S. Wright ('85.) Address,(^) 

(Brother of No. 376) 

A. B.; b. Ma 

Jane (McCreeryJ 
H. S. and Ind. N 
on staff of Illini and of Sophograph, Died Dec. 28, X884. 

(Brother of 375) 

A B. in L. & A.: Priqcipal; b. Mar. 16, 1859, Rochester. N. Y.; s. Gilliam (b. 
June 6, 1837, N. J.) « Mary Jane (McCreery) Bartholf (b. May 25, 1834, Dunville, 

124 University of Illinois [1884 

Can.) Prepared in Rochester H. S. Adelphic Lit. Soc. B. S. in Ind. Nor. Sch.: law 
course Lake Forest Univ. Prin. Grammar School^ Davenport. la., two years; Prin. 
Von Humboldt Sch. Chicago, twentv-two years; Pnn. Crane Tech. H. S., two years. 
Married Frieda Siebenmann, Oct. 16, 1907. Children, Mary Louise, b. Aug. 17, 1908; 
Frieda Alice, b. Oct. 24, 191 1. Address, 453 Roslyn JPlace, Chicago. Bus, Add,, Crane 
Tech. High School, Chicago, 111. 


(Sister of Nos. 378, 413, 628, 785, loio) 

B. S.; Retired Physician; b. May 5, 1858, Aetna Twp., 111.; d. Daniel Ludwig (b. 
Mar. I, 1833. Pickaway Co., O.) & Henrietta Curtis (Hill) Braucher (b. Tune i. 1831, 
Orange, N. H.) Prepared in Lincoln H. S. Alethenai. M. D., Herring Med. Coll. & 
Hospital, 1805. Practiced medicine over 4 yrs., giving up office in 1900. Member ot 
Church of New Jerusalem. Address, 227 Lincoln Ave., Lincoln, 111. 


(Brother of No. 377, 413, 628, 785, loio) 

B. S. in C. £.: Min. Engr.; b. Nov. 28, 1859. Logan Co. HI.; s. Daniel Ludwig 
(b. Mar. i, i833> Pickaway Co., O.) & Henrietta Curtis (Hill) Braucher (b. June i, 
1831, Oranire, N. H.) Prepared in Lincoln H. S. C. E. Club. C. £. & Survyr. Lin- 
coln, 111., 1885-86; Min. Engr., Trinidad Coal & Coke Co., SUrkville, Colo., 1886-87; in 
Chief Engr's. Office, drafting, Raton^ N. M.. June- Aug., 1887: on Vermejo, Survyg. & 
Prospecting for Coal, fall, 1087, Elkins, N. M.; in charge of development mines 5 a 7f 
C*non City, Colo., 1887-88; work under management, A. T. & S. F. R. R., fuel depart- 

Myra Elizabeth Miller, Bloomdale, O., Nov. 5, 1890. Children, lierbert Edward, b. 
Aug. 6, 1891 (d. Oct. 25, 1901); Dorothy May, b. Feb. la, 1904. Address, 302 Peoria St., 
Lincoln, Illinois. 

(Wife of No. 388) 

B. L.: b. Feb. 17, 1862, Polo, 111.; d. John D. (b. July 21, 1830, New York) & 
Max7 E. (Cutts) Campbell (b. Apr. c, 1835, Kittery, Me.) Prepared m Polo, 111., H. 
S. Alethenai; Y. W. C. A.; Oratorical Assoc Teacher, 1884-88; Member Congr. Church. 
Married Thomas Forsyth Hunt, ('84) Aug. as, 1888, Polo, 111. Children, Theodore Mor- 
row, b. Dec. 7, 1889: Marion Juliet, b. Tan. i, 1899. Address, University of Cali- 
fornia, care Prof. T. F. Hunt, Berkeley, Cal. 


Cert, in C E.; Civ. & Min. Engr.; b. Jan. 30, i860, Gerlaw, 111. Prepared in 
Monmouth Acad. & Coll., Monmouth, III. Adaress, Portland, Oregon. 

(Wife of No. 289) 
B. L.; b. Mar. 11, 1862, Leroy, 111.; d. Aaron Belknap (b. Jan. 7, 1832, Mt. Vernon, 
O.) & Mary (Maltbie) Conkling (b. Feb. ,11, 1832, Southington, O.) Prepared in 

Champaign. 111. Children, Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 27, 1880; Rosa Margaret, b. Apr. 
28, 1890; Frank Conkling, b. July 21, 1895; Edith Katherine, S. Sept., 28, 1896. Address, 
Waverley, Mass. 


Cert.; b. Nov. 14, i860, Metamora, 111.; d. Joseph Manley, {b. Mav 30, 1829, Somer- 
ville, Mass.) & Anna (Stevenson) Clark (b. Apr. 29, 1834, Hopkinsvilfe, Ky.) l*repared 
in Univ. Acad. AlethenaL Post Office, Wichita, Kan., Aug. 1886-87. Died Jan. 9, 1887, 
Wichita, Kan. 


B. S. in Chem.: Physician & Surgeon; b. Mar. 12, i860; s. John (b. May, 1833, 
Ger.) & Margaret (Stromborser) Eberlein (b. Dec. 26, 1832, Ger.) Prepared in Pub. 
& Par. Schls, Mascoutah, 111. Married Emma T. Smilie, July 19, 1892. Address, 
Lacon, 111. 

(Wife of No. 268) 

B. L.: b. Nov. 9i 1858. Canton, 111.; d. Geo. W. (b. Canton, 111.) &Mary£. (Peterson) 
Ellis (b. Meadville, Penn.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Married James W. Forsyth ('81) 
188^, Canton, lUj Children, Ruth A., b. Feb. 7, 1887; Ethel F., b. Mar. 29. 1889. 
Adaress, Gilroy, Santa Qara Co., Calix. 

(Wife of No. 398; Mother of No. 4851) 

Cert, in L. & A.; b. May 12, i860. Felicity. O.; d. Horace (b. Feb. ao, 1811, 
Springfield, Vt.) & Alzira Alvira (Howse) Hall (d. Apr. 12, 1820, do.) Prepared in 

18841 Baccalaureate Aluuni 135 

CluniiMiBn H. S. Y. W. C. A.: Alethfoai. Grad. UniT. o£ 111. Music School with 
Stcond Honar, 1B7B1 Miuic Teacher, 1877-84. CbampiiEn A UrbiHB; teacher of Piano 
■Dd Voice, Searcy Coll., Ark., 1S84-5, 1886-^1 same m Champaign and Urbana, 1885-6; 
roideiit in JacksaHTille, 111., 1887-91; Champaign and Urhana, i8cii-i9il. Married Samuel 
Wilioa Parr ('84), Dec. 27, 1887, Champaign, 111. Childien, Eliiabeth, b. June 18, 
18S9: Harold tucien, b. Sept. 25. 1894- Addrtls, g>g W. Green Si-, Urbana, lU. 

B. S. in H. E.; U. E., iSSg; Engineer; b. Oct. 6, i86a, HonmoiKb, lit.; >. Frank Ham- 
ilton (b. Oct. i, 183s, Pa.) a Minaret Amelia (Hilt) Herdman (h. Sept. 21. 1841. Mon. 
moath, 111.) I^repared in Gramdar Sch., Chicago and Zsnetrille (O.) H. S. Member 
A. S. M. E.; A. I. E. E.; Mgr. & Eng. of the Water and Ligbl Properties of Winnetka. 
Married Mair Tildm Victor, Aug. 12, 1886. Children, Margaret Mary, b. Apr. a?, l8«8; 
Carrie Belle, b. Feb. 37. 'Bflii rr*"'' Victor, b. Mar. ao, 1897. Addrta, Winnetka, IIU 
(Sister of No. 271) 

Cert.; Stenographer; b. i8«o, Galesburg. in.; d. H. F. Hill. Stenog. in Coll. Aer-, 
UniT. of Calif., 1904. Addrtis. Agr. Depl., UniT. of Calif., Berkeler, Calif. 
(Husband of No. 379) 

B. S. in Agr.; M. S., 1692; D. Agr., looj; Dir. & Dean: b. Jan, i. 1861, Ridott, III.: 
s. Thomas Haraball (b. iSiS, Nottingham, Eng.) a Hary (Kirk) Hunt (b. Arnold, do.) 
Prepared in Freeport H. S. Sigma X'l; Town and Gown (Ithaca); Cornell Coamo. Oub; 
Alpta Zeta. Assl. to lU. State Enlonial. tS85-(i; Asst. m Agr. Uoi?. of 111., ,iBS6-8; 
Ash. Aar., III. Agr. Exp. Sta., 1888-01; Prof, of Agr,, Pa. StateT:oll„ 1891-2; Prof, of Agr. 
Ohio Slate Univ., 1892-1; do., and Deau. of Coll. of Agr. and Domestic ScL ibid., 1896- 
1903: Prof, of Agronomy, Comell Univ., 1003-?; Dir. Agr. Eip. Sta. and Dean of Sch. 
of Aar., Pa. Stale Coll.. i907-i»; Dean of Coll. Agr. & Dir. E»p. Sla. Univ, of Cal. 
Author; Soils and Cmp* of the Farm (with G. E. Morrow), Howard ft Wilson Pub. Co., 
CUcaso, 189a, 8to., 303 pp., republished, New York, Orange Judd Co., 1890, Svo. 303 
pp. The Cereals in America, New York, Judd Co., 1904, pp. »iviii, 421; also a large 
number of bulls., rots., addresses, conlr. id joura., tic. Married Juniala G. Campbdl 
('84) Aag. 22, 188S. Children, Theodore Morrow, b. Dec. 7, 1889; Marion Juliet, b. 
Jan. I. iSgp. Addrtsi. Univeraity of California. Berkeley, Cal. 


B. L. in L. a S.: b. Mar. to, 1S62, Champaign, III.; d. George (b. Dee. aj, 1831, 
Graresend Eng.) & Mary (Poulterer) Kemball [b. Mar. a. 1838, Portamouth, do^ Pre- 

Bred in Champaign H. S. Alethenai. Taught in Pans High School, 2 yrs.: East Side 
i^ Scbool, Champaign, i vr.j Urbana High School, 4 yrs. Member M. £. Chnrch. 
Married Harry Lewis Murray, Sept. i. 1S91. Champaign. Children. Kemball. b. Nov. »o, 
1892; Wesley, b. Sept. 1, 1895; Ruth, b. May 24, 1898; Helen, b. Dec. 6, 1903. Addrtit, 
Denver, C7oId. 

(Brother of No. 814) 
B. S. in Chem.; Newspaper work; b. Nov. s. iSfia. Boston Mass^ s. Edwin A. « 
(Haia Bartlett (Bryant) Kimball. Newspaper Reporter & Exchange Editor of Chicaao 
Rtctrd Htrald & dileaeo THbuni ft otheis. Author: Short stories in magazines and 
newtpapera. Member Press Club of Amer.; Nat'l. Union; Mason: la. Slate Traveling 
MenV Assoc. Died about June s. i9oS- 

Cert, in L. & S.; b. May 18, iS;<>, Chicago, III.; d. Frederick William (b. Apr. 9. 
■ Sig, Gtr.) & Mary Josephine (Stewart) Krause (b. Sept. 21, 1B34, Albany, N; V.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Alethenai; Choral Soc.; Choir: Senator in Coll. Govt. Married 
Alfred Chalfoat, Sr., June 9, 1S92, Chicago, »l. Children. Leonore Vinetle. b. Mar. 
23, 1B93: LoniB Paschal, b. Feb, 2, 1899. Aiirtst, R. F. D., No. 2, Box ia8 B., San 
Kego, Calif. 

B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Enei.; b. Apr. 1, 1S63, Carlvle, III. Prepared in McKendree 
Coll. Chiel Engr.. SanU Fe & Hanover Drainage Dists., 1884-S: Abatracta & Keal 
Estate, iBpS; Civ. & Hun. Engr., 1S9S. Adiren, Carlylc, lit. 

B. S. in Chem,: Grain Merchant & Seedsman; t 
Robert HcTTCv (b. 1812, Lexington, Ky.) & Valeria (( 
Ogdenlburg, N. V.) Prepared in (Champaign H. S. A 
t Friaklin, Tenn.; Merchant in Thomasboro, III.. tS 
Wash., tSSe; C^ain, Flour & Feed buaineaa; Flouring K 
Importing & Exporting Business: Manu, of Stock P 
Wholode Seeds, etc. Pres. 4 '^reas. of Chaa. H. 1 
Portland, Ore. Member A. F. ft A. M,: Ramier Ou 
Chib. Married Julia Putnam, Sept. 3. '885. Champaigi 
Edna Sengfelder, Jnty lo, 1910, Seattle, Wash. Chili 

126 University op Illinois [1884 

[arion Mildred, 
Seattle, Wash. 

1886; Farwcll Piatt, b. July 37. 1888; Dorothy E. P., b. Sept. la, 1889; Marion Mildred, 
b. June I, 1899; Janet, b. Oct. ao, 191 1. Address, 11 08 sth Ave. West. " 

(Brother of No. 393) 

at Seattle, Wash.; Asst. Counsel of Oregon Improyement Co., at Seattle, 1892-7: in 
grocery business at Skagway, Alaska. 1897- 1900; since 1900 at Dawson, Yukon Ter., 
Canada; member Seattle Athletic Club since 1893; member of Dawson Amateur Athletic 
Association since 1907. Address, Dawson, Yukon Ter., Canada. 


Charge of Fruit & Ornamental Grounds, 1885-8; Asst. Hort. of Exp. Sta. & Instr. in 
Hort., Univ of 111., 1888-96; Farming, 1896. Author: Pamphlets, Csarden Experiments 
with Sweet Corn, is pp.; with Sweet Corn, 14 pp.; with Sweet Corn & Popcorn, 15 PP>: 
Potato experiments, 18 pp.; Varieties of Apples. 52 pp.; Com Crossing. 30 pp.; The 

rill, Sept. 6. 1885. Children. Hugh Baevard, b. Dec 28, 1886; Edith, b. Aug. ax, 1880; 
Donald, b. May 5, 1891; Leon, b. Oct. i, 1893; Allan, b. Aug. 10, 1895; Kenneth ParriU, 
b. July la, 1897; Jean Wendell, b. Aug. 15, 1903. Address, Jackson, Miss. 

B. S. in Chem.; Physician; b. 1867, Arizona; s. Coluycva. Assoc. Prof., Post-Grad- 
uate Hospital, Chicago. Address, 3135 S. Park Ave., or 7 W. Madison St, Chicago, HI- 

(Husband of No. 430; Brother of Nos. 70a, 1057) 


B. L.: Lawyer; b. Aug. 2, 1861, Kimmundy, 111.: s. John Barbe ^b. May 8, 1829, 
&.) & Martha (Doolen) Morgan (b. Aug. 15. 1830.) Prepared in Kimmundv H. S.; 
L.U B., Northwestern Univ. 1887. Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Member University 
Club, Chicago: Press Club: South Shore Country Club; Windsor Golf Club; 111. Ath. 
Club. Married Louise Merboth ('85), Spring Bay. 111., Dec. 30, 1800. Child, May Mer. 
both, b. May 15, 1895. Address, 7640 Marquette Ave., Chicago, III. 


(Husband of No. 385 & Father of No. 4851) 

B. S. in Chem.; Professor; h. Jan. 21, 1857, Granville, 111.; s. James (b. 1830, Bond 
Co.. 111.) & Elizabeth Fidelia (Moore) Parr (b. 1836, Putnam Co., do.) Prepared in 
Norm. Univ. H. S. Philomathean. Pres.; lUini sUtt; Editor, Illini; Baseball; Urat. 
Inter-Coll. Contj ist Pres. Athletic Assoc.; Valedictorian; Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda Up- 
silon. M. S., Cfornell. 1885; Stud. Berlin & Ziirick, 1900-1. Instr. 111. Coll., 1885-6; 

Prof., (5en'l. Sci^ same, 1886-91; Prof, of App. Chem., Univ. of 111.. 1891. Invented 
Calorimeter for Coal, 1900; Total Carbon apparatus, 1903; Sulphur Photometer. 1903; 
Calorimeter for Gas. 1910; Calorimeter Bomb. 1912; Blast Burner 1895 & X9ia. Author: 
The Chemical Examination of Water, Fuel, Flue Gases & Oils, 8vo., 100 pp.; First Report 
on Composition & Character of 111. Coals (b. F. R. Koch), Pub. Bur. of Labor Statistics, 
1902 (also a 2d & 3d report published later); Sodium Peroxide as a Third Group 
Reagent, Jour, of the Amer. Chem, Soc, VoL XIX, No. 4, 1897; A New Volumetric 
Method for the Estimation of Copper, Jour, of^ the Amer. Chem. Soc, Vol. XXII. No. 
10, Z900; The Determination of Total Carbon in Coal & Soil, same. Vol. XX VI. No. 3* 
1904; The Photometric Determination of Sulphur in Coal (with^ C. H. McClure), same. 
Vol. XXVI, No. 9. 1904; also numerous other bulletins and articles along chemical sub- 
jects, especially relating to coal. Fellow A. A. A. S.; memb. & councilor Amer. Chem. 
Soc.; memb. Soc. Chem. Ind.; Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials; 111. Water Works 
Assoc.; Univ. Club; State Comm. Y. M. C. A.; Univ. Bd. Y. M. C. A.; Amer. Electro- 
Chem. Soc; Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Cong. Church. Married Lucie A. Hall ('84) 
Dec 27, 1887, Champaign, 111. Children, Elizabeth, b. June 18, 1889; Harold Lucien, b. 
Sept. 3, 1894. Address, 919 W. Green St., Urbana, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 284, 484) 

Cert, in L. & S.; Judge: b. June 20, i860, Adeline, Ogle Co., 111.; s. Mayo H. (b. 
June 8, 1827, Waldo. Me.) & Mary (McFarland) Philbrick (h, ScpL 1828, Md.) Pre- 
pared in Univ. Acad. Philomathean; C^t. by brevet in I. N. G. Lawyer. 1887-1903; 
Circuit Judge. 1903; Judge Appellate Court 3d Dist. 111., 1899. Married Carrie J- 
Thomas May 28. 1891. Cedar Rapids, la. Childien, Lois, b. Oct. 10, 1905; Gladys, b. 
May 30, 1897. Address, 705 S. New St., Champaign, 111. 

1884] Baccalaureate Alumni 127 


(Brother of No. 321) 

B. S. in C. £.; Chief Engr.; b. 1863, Jefferson, 111.; s. Clark Roberto. Chief Ensr., 
Chicago, Woodstock & Waukegan Traction Co., Gasoline Ry. Address, 4564 Milwaukee 
Atc., Chicago. 

B. L.: Author: b. Mar. 25, i860, Hopedale, 111.: s. Joseph (b. Jan. 4, 1821, Nancy, 

Chenoa, 111. 


B. L.; M. L., 1895; Teacher; b. March 13, 186^, Urbana, III.; d. Joseph Walter Cb. 
Nov. 31, 1 83 1, Knox Co., Ohio) & Sarah Ann (Buscy) Sim (b. Aug. 19, 1833, Greencastie, 
Ind.) Tregared in Urbana H. S., Y. W. C. A.; Pres. Alethenai: Class Historian; Senate, 
Stttdent Govt.; Representative, Alethenai: Inter. Soc. Orat. Contest; Phi Beta Kappa. 
Teacher, Urbana Pub. Sch., 1884-6; Clerk in Co. Clerk's Off., 1886-02; Teacher, Kng., 
1897-1900: Ger. & Eng. Champaign H. S., 1901-3; Ger., do., 1903-6. Member M. £. 
Church; Assoc. Coll. Alumnae; Secy. Urbana Chautauqua Circle, 1902-4: Pres. Chau- 
tauqua Alumnae Assoc, 1906. Advisory Bd., Univ. of 111. Y. W. C A., 1908-11. Address, 
6225 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 


B. S.; Engineer: b. Nov. 15, i860, Kankakee, 111.; s. Albert Dan (b. Auk. 12, 1823, 
Otsego Co.. N. Y.) & Mary CNoyes) Sizcr (b. Sept. 1, 1831, Walcott, Vt) Prepared in 
.Mahomet, 111. Adelphic: Jun. Class Pres. Teacher. 1884-5; ^ng. & Farmer, 1885-9 & 
1 899-1905; Estimator & Draftsman, Arch. Iron Work, 1890-2. Merchant, 2895-8; Engr. & 
Fanner, 1905-12; City Engr. Champaign, loii — Married M. Anna Shurto, June 30, 1892, 
Delavan. III. Children, Albert Dann, b. Nov. 25, 1893; Bruce Lucius, b. April 25, 2895; 
Donald Eugene, b. Oct. 10, 1901; Dorothy, b. Aug. 3, 1903. Address, 727 W. University 
Ave., Champaign, HI. 

B. L.; b. Jan. 5, 1863, Newton, 111.; d. Col. Benjamin (b. Apr. 27, 1835, Preston Co., 

Va.) & Celestia Elfie (Gray) Smith (b. Aug. 12, 1816, Cleveland, O.) Prepared in 
(Champaign H. S. Married Silas Hubbell Pratt. Children, Lawrence; Elizabeth Alden, 
b. Aug. i|, iSoo; (jenevieve Mary, b. Aug. 28, 1898. Address, 3805 Lyndale Ave., S. 
liinneapolis, Minn. 


B. S. in Chem.; b. 1865, Rock Island, HI.; s. C. Speidel. Died Oct. 19, 1892, Ravens- 
wood, IIL 


B. S. in C. £.; Civ. Ensr.; b. Mar. 10, 1864, Inland la.; s. Charles W. (b. 184X1 
Exeter, N. H.) & Lucy L. (Alien) Stevens (b. 1842, Boston, Mass.) Prepared in Chicago 
W. Div. H. S. Adelphic. Asst. Co. Survyr, Streator, 1884; Asst. Engr., Miss. Kiv. 

Occasional 2ai>ers m Engr. magazines & newspapers. Member Western Soc Engrs.: 111. 
.^ssoc. of En^rs. & Survevors. Married Hattie B. Thompson, June 18, 1800, Urbana, 
111. Children. Vernon T., fe. Oct. 3, 1892; Richard W., b. Feb. 25, 1894. Address, 301 
Union St., Toliet, HI. 


B. S. 1886; D. Eng. 1903; Dir. Natl. Bur. of Standards; b. July 18, i86x. Litch- 
field, 111.: s. .<;pTr"cl fb. 1831, Ky.) & Mary B. (Webster) Stratton (b. 1835. 111.). Pre* 
lared in Litchfield H. S. Philomathean. Capt. D. Sc. (hon.) Western Univ. of Pa.. 
1903; D. Sc. (hon.). Univ. of Cambridge, 1908. Instr. in Math., Asst. Prof., ana 
Prol. of Physics and Elec. Eng., Univ. of 111., 1885-92; Asst., Assoc, and Prof, of 
Pbyscs, Univ. of Chicago, 1 892-1901; Dir. Natl. Bur. of Standards, Washington, D. C, 
1901 — Ensign. Lieut. Jr. grade, Lieut., and Lt.-Comdr., 111. Naval Militia, 1895-1901 ; 
Uent., U. S. W., Span.-Amer. War, May-Nov., 1898; Comdr. Comdng. D. C Naval 
Militia, 1904 — Member Com. of Weights and Measures; Amer. Inst, of Elec. Engrs.; 
Amer. Physical Soc.; Amer. Phil. Soc; Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Wash. Phil. Soc.; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. of Amer.: Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials; Cosmos Club; 
C^evy OoMc Club; The Quadrangle Club, Chicago. Address,^ht Farragut, 17th and I 
Sts., N. W., Washington, D. C. 


B. S. in aiem.; Druggist; b. Nov. o, 1859* Lawn Ridge, 111.; s. Peter V. (b. May 6, 
1818, N. Y.) & Martha (Van Anken) Van Petten (b. Jan. 3, 1825, N. Y.) Prepared in 
Lacon H. S. Adelphic. Pres. Soph. Qass. Married Violet May Harris, Nov. 6, 1895, 
Evasston, 111. Chud, Chella Harris Van Petten, b. Aug. 19, 1896. Address, East Las 
Vegas. N. Mex. 

128 University OF Illinois [1885 


(Brother of Nos. 447, 776, 1280) 

B. S. in Agr.; Farmer; b, Mar. rg, 1861, Lyonsville, 111.; s. Robert (b. Apr. 19, 
1824, Ch^ter, N. Y.) & Mary Roe (Ketchum) Vial (b. Nov. 18, 1834, Newburffh, N. 
Y.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Gregorian. Sunday Sch. Supt.; Church Clerk; iSchool 
Director. Married Hattie M. Ifoyt, Oct. 26, 1887, Bridgeville, N. Y. Children, Clara 
Gertrude, b. Sept. 2Tf 1888; Ralph Hoyt, b. Oct. \2, 1890; Albert Russel, b. May 26, 
1893: George Edmuncl, b. July 8, 1897; Gordon Lewis, b. Apr. 7, 1899: Wilbur Frank- 
lin, D. Sept. 21, 1901; Chester LeRoy, b. Oct. 30, 1905. Address, K. F. D. 2, La 
Grange, 111. 

409 (a). CHARLES H. WEST 

B. S. in C. E., 1912. Engaged in Levee Constr. work in Miss.^ the last 25 ys* 
Appointed mem. Miss. Comm. in 191 1 by President Taft. Address, Greenville, Miss. 


B. L.; Merchant; b. i860, Fayette Co., 111.; s. Clifton Reader (b. 1835, Va.) & 
Sophia (Lape)) Wills (b. 1837, Lancaster, O.) Prepared in Salem II. S. Admitted 
to Bar. Married Minnie L. Jerauld. Children, Charles Jerauld, b. Aug. 22^ 1899; 
Ruby Dorothy, b. Sept. 12, 1901: Walter Wallace, b. Feb. 21, 1904; Sarah Ehzabeth, 
b. Sept. 19, 1909. Address, Vanaalia, 111. 

CLASS OF 1885 (44) 


(Brother of Nos. 120, 332, 369; Father of Nos. 4046, 4047) 

*B. S. in Agr., 1912; Farmer; b. Nov. 2. 1862, Union Grove, 111.; s. A. M. (b. 

gueechy, N. H.) & Sarah (Sperry) Abbott (d. Mecca, O.) Adelphic. Member State 
egislature, 1 898-1902; Vice Pres., State Farmers' Inst. Workers; Member State Legis- 
lature 1901-12 — Chairman Sub-Committee on U. of I. appropriations. The Univ. re- 
ceived its largest appropriation for buildings and general expense in its history — the 
one mill tax for the Univ. was passed by this legislature. Member Odd Fellows, Masons, 


(Brother of No. 455) 

Cert, in L. & S.; b. 1862, Urbana, 111.; s. A. M. Ayers. With Mex. Central R. R. 
(1904). Address, Urbana, 111. (t) 


(Brother of Nos. 377, 378, 628, 785, loio.) 

B. S. in M. E.; Engineer; b. Mar. 13^ 1857, Logan Co., III.; s. Daniel Ludwig (b. 
Mar. I, 1833, Pike Co., O.) & Henrietta Curtis (Hill) Braucher (b. June i, 1832, New 
Hampshire.; Prepared in Lincoln H. S., & Univ. of 111. Acad. Univ. Band. Discovery, 
That the recalescent point in the heating and cooling of steel may be used in hardening 
steel. Married Hattie Alice Abbott, Aug. 7, 1889; Decatun 111. Children, Alma Leone, 
b. Mar. 31, 1892, (d. Jan. 3, 1896); Kachel Abbie, b. Sept. 30, 1894. Address, S^S 
Sherman St., Danville. 111. 


Cert, in M. E.; b. Jan. 27, 1861, Cincinnati, O. Mechanical Engineer; now Merchant. 
Address, Huraboldt, 111. 

(Wife of No. 444) 
B. S.; b. July 6, 1863, Cobden, 111.; d. E. N. & Frances E. (Goodrich) Clark. 
Alethenai. First M. E. Church; W. C. T. U.; Chautauqua Circle. Married Wm. H. 
Stockham ('85^ April 27, 1887, Cobden, 111.; Children, Herbert C, b. 1888; Douglass 
W., b. 1898; Richard J., d. 1903. Address, 1231 N. 32d St, Birmingham, Ala. 


Cert; Physician; b. 1861, Champaign, 111.; s. Thomas & Elizabeth (Roberts) Cole. 
Married Anna B. Smith, 1890, Huron, O. Address, Le Mars, la. 


B. S. in C. E.; Superintendent; b. Mar. 24, 1862, Chicago, 111.; s. A. M. F. (b. 
1824, Amherst, Mass.) & Caroline (Kirk) Colton (b. 1832, Morristown, N. J.) Prepared 
in North Div. H. S., Chicago. C. E. Club. Supt. for Fitzsimons & Connell Dredge & 
Dock Co., Contr. for Pub. Works, 1885. Member Western Soc. Engr. Married Dec. 
26, 1899. Child, Catherine, b. July 5, 1908. Address, 600 Central Ave., Wilmette, 111. 


(Brother of No. 62: Father of No. 4631) 

Cert, in Chem.; Carpenter: b. Nov. 17, t86o. Savoy, 111.; s. Menzo (b. Dec. 19, 1816, 
Pulaski, N. Y.) & Arabella (Pierce) Dunlap (d. Apr. 23, 1825, Sandy Creek, N. Y.) 

1885] Baccalaureate Alumni 


Prepared in Urbana, 111. Married Charlotte R. Jutkins. June 2, 1886. Children, Robert 
M., b. Oct. 18. 1887; Effie Charlotte, b. Dec. 26, 1888; Leonard E., b. Apr. is, 1802. 
Address, 703 W. Washington St., Urbana. 111. . f a, y 


o ^\,^*',^-„^-»„'903; Writer; b. Cobden, 111., Oct. 21, 1864; d. Parke;r (b. Aug. 8, 
1831, Mt. Holly, \t.) & Melanie (Tracy) Earle (b. Jan. 12, 1837, Peru, Ohio.) Pre- 
pared in Cobden H. S.; Alethcnai; represented Alethenai in Intersocicty Oratorical 
Contest, 1884. Writer, 1885-1904; Librarian & Editorial Asst. Estacion Central Ag- 
rononMca dc Cuba, 1904-1907; writer 1907 — Author: The Wonderful Wheel, Century, 
Co., N. v., 1896, pp. 152; The Man Who Worked for CoUister, Copeland & Day, 
Boston, 1898, pp. 284; Through Old Rose Glasses, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, 
1900, pp. 209; The Flag on the Hilltop, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston. lopa, pp. 
J 25; short stories and occasional essays printed in The Atlantic Monthly, The Centur\, 
Everybody's, Harper's Monthlx, McClure's. The Outlook, Scrihner's. and other magazines 
and papers, 1887 — Married William Titus Hofne, July i, 1906, at Santiago de las Vegas, 
Cuba. Address, 2701 Virginia St., Berkeley, Calif. 


B. S. in Chem.: Chemist: b. May 6, 1864, Milwaukee, Wis.: s. Joel (b. 1834, Mass.) 
& Jane May (Field) Ellis (b. 1840, New York.) Prepared m Milwaukee Pub. Sch.; 
Univ. Acad. Si^a Chi; Prof, of Chem. 1885-190^: Secy. & Treas., Geo. W. Pitkins Co., 
Paint Mfrs., Chicago, 1903 — Author, Notes in White Paint Analysis. Member, Amer. 
Chem- Soc. Married, Mary Harvey, Dec. 1892, Aurora, 111. Children, Richard, b. 1896; 
(jerald Van Norturck, b. 1902. Address, Evanston, 111. {%) 


Paullina, Ja. Children, Lois Abbie^ b. Mar. 25. 1893; fiyron Shirley, b. Dec. a, 1894; 
Helen Elizabeth, b. Oct. 4, 1902; Genevieve Ruth, b. May 7, 1909. Address, Gaza, la. 


Cert.; Banker & Broker; b. May 31, 1861, Meriden, 111.; s. Robert S. & Mary E. 
(Scofield) Hopper. Prepared in Bristol H. S. Adelphic. Banker, Sandwich. 111.; 
Real Est. ana Manufg., Lincoln, Nebr.; Banker & Broker, Chicago, 111. Married 
Frances J. Stinson, Tunc 7, 1888, Sandwich. 111. Hamilton Club. Address, 5850 So. 
Park Ave., Chicago, 111. Bus. Add., 819 Rookery Bldg., Chicago. 


B. L.; b. Aug. 7, 1862, near Hoopeston, 111.; d. Henry Trowbridge (b. Mar. 5, 
1838, Repton, Eng.) & Susan Belle (Lionberger) Jones (b. Dec 21, 1844, Luray, Va.) 
Prepared in Hoopeston H. S. Pres., Alethenai: Y. W. C. A., Pres.; Pres. of Class; 
Engl. & Mod. Lang, orator on Commencement. Taught in Champaign Pub. Schs., 1885-7; 
invented blanks for R. R. Reports, adopted by Genl. Mgr. & Cjenl. Supt. of B. & O. 
R. R., 1892. Ed. & Compiler of Songs tor Young Volunteers, the Courier Printing Co., 
Zanesville, O., 1890. Supt. of Juvenile gospel temperance work under auspices of 
Zanesville, O., Temperance Union 1889-91. Pres. of W. C. T. U., Cambridge, O., 1898-9. 
Post Grad. liirork, Univ. of Redlands, 1910-11. Author: many short stories and poems 
Tiublished in various newspapers and magazines since 1885: wrote "(^de to the University 
of Redlands," sung by choir at dedication of Univ., 1909. Member of Natl. Assoc, of Coll. 
.\Iumnae, So- Cal. Branch; Baptist Church; Univ. of 111. Alumni Assoc. Los Angeles 
branch. Married Philip Taylor Spence, Dec. 15, 1887, Champaign, 111. (^ild, Virginia 
Grac>'bcl, b. Aug. 27, 1902. Address, Terracina Park, Redlands, Cal. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Oct. 10, 1861, Rock Island, 111.: s. R. D. (b. Batavia, 
N*. Y.) & M. CBroderick) Kendall. Prepared in Rock Island H. S. Adelphic, Pres. 
fiv. Engr. in R. R. Service. Married May Hume, Mar. 5, 1895, San Antonia, Tex. 
('hild, Editha, b. Jan., 1899. Address, 911 E. ist St., Austin, Tex. P. O. Box 645. 


B. S. in M. E.; Teacher; b. Oct. 6, 1865, Kewanee, III.; s. Richard (b. 1831, 
Flushing, Eng.) & Rosetta J. (Chambers) Kent (b. 182^, Smithfield, O.} Prepared in 
Pub. Schools of Galvsu Wyoming & Kewanee, 111. Elec. & Mech. Engr.; Teacher, 
1897 — Member A. S. M. E.; Amer. Electro.-Chem. Soc; A. A. A. S.; Soc. Promotion' 
of Engr. Education; NatL (aeog. Soc^ A. S. H. & V. E. Married Jessie PauU Nichols, 
May i& 1893. Child, PauU N., b. Feb. 19, 1902. Address, 2446 Harrison St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 


B. S.; Farmer: b. Apr. 11, 1859, Carlock, 111.; s. Simeon (b. Sept. 16, 1829, 
Lewistown, Pa.) & Mary (Plank) Lantz (b. Aug. 16, 1833. Woostcr, O.) Prepared in 
Carlock H. S.; Univ. Acad. Philomathean. Pres. & Secy. Farmer and Breeder of Pure 
Bred Stock. Member, Mennonite Church. Married Lydia Ann Kopp, Carlock, iU.i 
Jan. 25, 1888. Children Etta Mabel Lantz. b. Feb. 12, 1890: Clarence Kussell, b. Nov. 
M, 1891; Esther Marie, b. Dec. 2, 1894; Lillian May, b. May 16, 1897; Ruth Kstelle, 
b. Aug. 26^ 1900; Mary Pauline b. Aug. 3, 1905. Address, Carlock, 111. 

I30 University of Illinois [1885 


B. S. in M. £.; Master Mechanic; b. Feb. 27, i86j, DeKalb Twp., 111.; s. Nathan 
(b. May ax. 183^, Veteran, N. Y.) & Mary Hepsey (Semis) Lattin (b. Dec. ax, 1830, 
Fitchburg, Mass.) Prepared in Sycamore H. S. Tau Beta Pi; Capt. Dratuman. 
Pullman Car Co., 1885-00; Chief Draftsman, Osborne Steam Engr. Co., 1890-4; with 
Metropolitan Westside Elevated Ry. Co., 1894-6; Draftsman & Genl. Supt, Amer. 
Grass Twine Co. & Minn. Harvester Co., St. Paul, 1 896-1 903; Asst. Supt., Deering 
Works International Harvester Co., Chicago, 190 j-8; Supt. Akron Works, International 
Harvester Co., Akron, O., 1908-9; Asst. Supt. & Master Mech., Hamilton Works, inter- 
national Harvester Co. of Can. 1909^ Member Amer. Soc. of M. E.; Western Soc. 
of Engrs. Married Fannie Thomas, Aug. ic, 1887, Kickapoo, Peoria, 111. Children, 
Robert Thomas, b. Aug. 30, x888: Judson, Jr., b. Oct. 22, 1889 (d. Mar. 7, 1900); 
Elsie Stowell, b. Nov. a8, 1894; Mary Claire, b. June 14, 1902. Address, 96 Ontario 
St., Hamilton, Ont., Can. 


B. S. in Chem.; Chemist: b. June 5, i860, Pittsburgh, Pa. Prepared in Oak Park 
& Elffin H. Schs. Ph. D., Berlin, Ger., 1888. Chief Chemist. Albert Frostel & Sons 
Co., Milwaukee. Address, 606 Woodland Ave., Oconomowoc, Wis. 


Bank Clerk, 1886-8; Cashier, Cor onado Beach Co., 1889-00 Farming, 1891-1902; Cashier, 
Ipava State Bank, 1902-8; Farming, 1008 — Member Fulton Co. Bd. of Supervisors, 
x6 yrs., chairman of same, 7 yrs. Address, Ipava, 111. 

(Wife of No. 397) 
Cert.; b. 1864, Spring Bay, 111.; d. Mary Merboth. Married George N. Morgan 
('84). Address, care George N. Morgan, 7646 Marquette Bldg., Chicago, lU. 

B. S.; M. S., 1888; Chemist: b. July 26, 1862, Buffalo, N. Y.; s. John (b. 
1822, Gier) & Marv (Fougeron) Miller (b. 1825, France). Prepared in Umv. Acad. 
Philomathean; A. M., Ph. D., Univ. of Berlin: Anal. & Consulting (Jhemist; State Analyst; 
Prof, of Med. Chem. & Toxicology, Med. Dept. Niagara Univ., 1888-97; Assoc Prof. 
Chem., Univ. of Buffalo, 1 897-1 901. Fellow, Chem. Soc, 1888; Fellow, Royal Micro- 
scopical Soc, 1892: memo. German Chem. Soc, 1886; Amer. Chem. Soc, 1892; Soc of 
Chem. Industry, 1894: Amer. Mic Soc, 1890. Married Gertrude Neele. 1892, Coving- 
ton, Ky. Children, Helen L., b. 1894; Jack, b. 1895. Address, 176 Norwood Ave., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


(Brother of 280, 480) 

B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Ensr. & Fruit Grower: b. Nov. 6, i860. Cazzenovia, 111.; s. 
Levi P. (b. 1 84 1, Rochester, \t,) & Mary A. (Parminter) Morse (b. 1843, Devonshire, 
Eng.) Prepared in Metamora (I1I.5 H. S.; Philomathean. R. R. location. Construction 
& Maintenance, 1885-91; Elevated Ky. Construction, Chicago, 1891-95: Paving, Concrete 
& Park work, 1895- 1899; Asst. Engineer Chicago & Alton R. R. Buildings & Main- 
tenance, 189^-1903; Engr. Track Elevation C. & A. R. R., Chicago 1903-05; General & 
Irrigation Eng., 1905 — Fruit Raising, Grand Junction. Colo. Married Elizabeth 
George, Jan. 23, 1900, Chicago, 111.; Children, Mary Edith, b. Nov. 10, 1901; Ellen 
Primrose, b. Dec 7, 1903. Address, Grand Junction, Colo. 


Cert. ; Contractor; b. Oct. 15, 1864, Kewanee, 111.; s. Levi North. Address, 9x4 Mo- 
nadnock Bldg., Chicago. 


(Sister of No. 1249) 

Cert.: b. Feb. s, 1864, Urbana, 111.; d. W. H. & Sarah A. (Wolfe) Owens. 
Member Baptist Church. Married T. Horace Needham, iSox, Tacoma, Wash. Child, 
William Horace, b. July 4, 1905. Address, 416 N. 2d St., North Yakima, Wash. 


Cert.; Phys. & Sur.; b. Atlanta, 111.; d. Jacob H. PauUin. Married Lewis M. 
Padgette. Address, Creston, Mont. 


(Husband of No. 553) 

•B. S. in Arch., 1888: Dairying; b. Oct. 13. 1862, Pike Co., 111.; s. W. T. F. (b. 
Mar. x^, 1840, Pike Co.. 111.) & Mary (Brittain) Petty (b. Apr. 22, 1840, do.) Prepared 
in Univ. Acad. Adelpnic. Married Ida May Stoltey, Mar. 3, 1889, Champaign, HI. 
Children, Lou Fisher, d. Dec 8, 1889; Edgar Lynde, b. June 20, 1891; Julia C, d. July 
20, 1896; Blanche Helen, b. Nov. i, 1898; Bernice 0.. b. Nov. 8, 1900; Thomas Henry, 
b. Aug. 18, 1902; (leorge K., Jr., b. Aug. ax, X90$. Address, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

1S85] Baccalaureate Alumni 131 

(Wife of No. 489) 
Cert.; b. Dec. i, 186^ 
(Greene) Plank (b. " 

Alethenai. Married 

Winamac, Pulaski Co., Ind. 

fic. I, 1863: d. Pbilo White ^b. CatekiU, N. Y.) & Elizabeth Jemima 
(b. do,) Prepared in Champaign H. S.; Monticello Sem., Godfrev, 111. 
ried Luther Thompson (*86), Dec. 2$, 1889, Champaign, 111. Address^ 


Cert, in C. E.: Farmer & Apple Grower; b. Aue. 2, 1850, Payson, 111.; s. Robert (b. 
Tune aa, 2827, Caldwell Co., Ky.) & Sara Jane (Edmonds) Rankin (b. May 20. 1828, 
Iredell Co., N. C.) Prepared in Payson & Camp Point H. Sch.; Chaddoc Coll., Quincy, 
111. Philomathean. Engr. work for Drainage districts; Railroad; Preliminary & Land 
Surveying; Justice of the Peace, 12 yrs.; Notai^, 8 yrs.; Mgr. & Secy, of a telephone 
(^, xooi — Farmer & Fruit Grower — Married Henrietta L. Whittleton, Feb i4» 
1888, Bary, 111. Children. Harriett E., b. Oct. 6, 1889; Lurv J., b. Feb. 17, 1892; 
Robert E., b. Sept. 9, 1893. Address, Star route, Payson, 111. 

B. S. in M. E.; Pat. Attv. & Mech. Eng.; b. Mar. 2, 1861, Mendon, 111.; s. Charles 
Christopher (b. x832, Winstea, Conn.) & Margaret (Frost) Reynolds (b. 182^. Lodi, O.) 
Prepared in (}amp foint. 111.. High School. Adelphic. Draftsman and Desianer ot 
Machinexr; Examiner in U. S. Patent Office; Pat. Attorney & Mech. Eng. Married 
Jane E. B. Williuas, July 19, 1803, Rockrille, Md. Children, Charles Lane. b. May 21, 
1894; Ella Wooton, b. Apr. 5, 1898; Richard Williams, b. Tuly 8, 1899. Address, 2518 
YMlerway, Seattle; Bus. Add., joy Leary Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

B. S. in M. E.; Merchandising & Farming; b. Dec. 2, 1863, Grayville, 111; s. 

Address, Grayrille, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.: Supt. Bldg. Constr.: b. Apr. 11, 1856. Green Vale, 111.; s. Matthias 
(b. (jermany) & Anna M. Schlader (o. do.) Prepared in Norm. Sch. Galena, ill. 
Adelphic i^raftsman, 1887; Estimator, x888; Supt. Bldg. Constr., 1890; Estimator, 
Bldfl^, 1903; Supt. Bldg. Constr., 191 1 — Elder Presb. Church. Married Mary Louise 
Holmes, May 29. 1888, Chicago (d. Not. 14, 1908). Children, Edward Holmes, b. 
Not. xo, x8q2; Henry Matthias, b. Sept. 20. 1894. Address, 130 S. Elmwood Atc.. 
Oak Park, III.; Bus, Add., 914 Monadnock Block, Chicago. 


B. S. in C. E.; Engr. & Supt.; b. Feb. 14, 1863, Joliet, 111.; s. Henry (b. Jan. 13. 
1816, HanoTcr. Ger.) & Dorothea (Bues) Schrader (b. Mar. 28, 1833, do.) Preoared 
in UniT. Acad. Engr. Dept. proposed Burlington extensions in la. & Colo., 1085-6; 

IB9S-I9IO; aupt. dc c.ngr., west Jfarks, i9»o — Member Western aoc. ot £.nm.; 111. 
Soc of Surry rs. & Engrs.; Hamilton Qub; City Club of Chicago. Married Rosa V. 
Heywood, Tune ^o, 1897, Aurora, 111. Address, 4032 Jackson BWd., Chicago; Bits. Add., 
Umon Park, Chicago. 


Cert, in L. & S.; Attorney; b. i860, Salem, 111. Address, Lewistown, Fergus, Co.. 


(Husband of No. 415) 

B. S. in M. E.; Pres. of Stockham Pipe & Fittings Co.: b. Sept. 15, x86i, 
Lafayette, Ind.; s. Dr. G. H. & Alice (Bunker) Stockham. Philomathean. Manufac- 

i8s)> Apr. 27, X887, Cobden, Uf. Children, Herbert C, b. 1888; Douglass W.. b. X898; 
Uchard J.» S. 1903; Address, 1231 N. 32d St., Birmingham, Ala.; Bus. Add., loth 
Atc. & 34th St. 


(Husband of No. 448; Father of No. 4930) 

Cert, in Arch. Exig.; Architect; b. i860, Perry, O.; s. Perry Swem. Married Abbie 
Weston ('8s>. Died June 21, 1907, Chicago, 111. 


(Sister of No. 156) 

Cert.; H. S. Prin.; b. Sept. 15, 1863, Mt. Airy, Md.; d. Francis Asbary (b. Mar. 28, 
1828, Union Bridge, Md.) and Ann Jane (Bussard) Switzer (b. Mar. Si 1834, Mt. Airr, 
Md.) Alethenai. Prin. Champaign H. S. Address^ 608 W. Church St., Champaign, 111. 

132 University of Illinois [1886 

(Brother of Nos. 409, 776, xaSo) 

A. T. & ST. F. R. R.: Asst. Engr., C. & A. R. R., 1888-91; Asst. Engr., C. & W. I. 
R. R.; 1892-3; Chief Engr., Ajax Forge Co.. Chicago, 1895-6; Prin. Asst. Engr., C. & W. 
I. R. R., 1897-1902; Chief Engr., Grimn Wheel Co., Chicago, 1902 — Author, The Rail- 
road Transition Spiral, Engr. News, Sept. uo, 1900, pp. 200 ff.; Standardization of 
Railroad Wheels with reference to Gross Load & Braking Power of Car, 40 pp., June i, 
191 1 ; Several Bulls, relating to Chilled Iron Car Wheels. Invented Sand Blast Car Wheel 
Cleaner: Chilled Iron Car Wheel; Convex tread Car Wheel; Locally hardened castings; 
Controlling direction of grain in Chilled Iron Tread of Car Wheels; other patents pend- 
ing. Member, Wes. Soc. Engrs.; Amer. Elec.-Chem. Soc.; Amer. Chem. Soc.; Amer. Soc. 
for Testing Materials: Wes. Ky. Club; Car Foreman's Assoc: Cong. Club; Cong. Church. 
Married Fannie E. Craigmile^ Apr. 19, 1802, La Grange, III. Cnildren, Harold C, b. 
Feb. 5, 1896; Charles R.. b. Feb. 18, 1899, (d. July 18, 1902.) Mary H., b. Dec. 20, 1901. 
Address, 312 Madison Ave., La Grange, 111. 

(Wife of No. 44s; Sister of Nos. zi6, 295, 580, 581; Mother of No. 4930.) 

Cert.; b. 1864, Champaign, 111.; d. Nathan (b. Wilson, N. Y.) & Jane (Cloyde) Weston 
(b. Troy, N. Y.) Married W. C. Swern (^85). Address, 417 S. Grove Ave, Oak 
Park, 111. 


Cert.; b. Mar. 6, 1865, Lone Grove Town, Fayette Co., 111.; d. Clifton Reader (b. 1835, 

Va.) & Sophia (Lape) Wills (b. 1837, Lancaster. O.) Prepared in Kinmundy H. S. 
Alethenai; Y. W. C. A. Taught 1887; Vandalia H. S., 1887-90; " * " * 

Cashier & Bookkeeper in 


(Brother of Nos. 712, xi8x & 2000) 

B. S.: M. S., x886: Teacher; b. April 28, i865» Champaign, 111.: s. Alvin Oakley (b. 
1819, N. v.) & Mary Celina (Carpenter) Wjoodworth (b. Apr. 5, 1842, Manlius, N. Y.) 
Prepared Champaign H. S.; Officer Ajrr. Exp. Sta. in Ark.; Teacher and Station officer 
in Calif. Member Soci6t6 de France* Cambridge Entomol. Soc; American Assoc, of Econ. 
Entomol.; Entomol. Soc. of Amer.; Pacific Slope Assoc, of Econ. Entomol.: Amer. Assoc. 
Adv. of Sci.; Sigma Xi. Married Leanora Stern, Sept. 4, 1889, Rolla, Mo.; Children, 
Lawrence Ariel, d. June 8, 1890; Harold Evans, b. May 30, 1894: Charles Edward, b. 
Sept. 25, 1897; Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 7, 1901. Address, 2237 Carlton St., Berkeley, 


(Husband of No. 523; Brother of No. 452) 

Groves, Mo. 


(Sister of No. 451) 

A. B. in L. & A.; b. Toulonj 111.; d. William Wilberforce (b. Apr. ^, 1820, Hanover, 
N. H.) & Anne Matilda (Creighton) Wright (b. Mar. 29, 1820, Co. Haven, Ire.) 
Prepared in Champaign H. S. Urad. Sopher Scb. of Orat., 1892. Married Miles W. 
CanadaVi Apr. 3, 1889, Chicago, 111. Children, Sophia M.; Alice C: Miles £. Address, 
27 N. Pine Ave., Chicago, 111. 


(Wife of No. 374) 

Cert.; b. 1862, Plainfield, 111.; d. Mrs. Mary C. Wright. Married H. H. Barbour 
('84), 1887. Died April 18, 1900, Savanna, 111. 


Cert. Elec. Eng.: b. Spring Bay, 111.; d. John Geo. (b. 1828, Germany), Fredericka 
Caroline (Nicholas) Zeller (b. Prance). Address, 1008 Main St., Peoria, HI. 

CLASS OF 1886 (37) 

(Sister of No. 412) 

B. L. in L. & S.; Sui^ervisor; b. Dec. 6, 1864, Urbana, 111.; d. Alexander M. & Mary 
J. (Glenn) Ayres. Prepared in Urbana H, S. Alethenai; C)hicago Coll. Club; Ipswich Art 

iSS6\ Baccalaureate Alumni 133 

Qub, Chicago. Scholarship, Teachers Coll., Columbia; Scholarship, Univ. of 111., Super- 
visor of Drawing, Pub. Schs., Chicago, 111. Address, 828 E. 48th St., Chicago, 111. 

B. L. in L. & S.; Lawyer; b. Mar. 13. 1864, Ipava, 111.; s. William M. (b. J[an. 24. 

ly 5. » 
FalU, Id. 


B. S. in Arch^ Arch. Engr.; b. July 23. i860, PhelpSi N. Y.; s. T. O. (b. Marengo. 
N. Y.) & Hanna Elizabeth (Pound) Bannister (b. Black Rock, Can.) Prepared in Odell 
H. S. Philomathean. Secy., Pres. Arch. Supt. and Draftsman; Foreman of Drafting 
Room, 1892; Practising Architecture, 1894; Supt. of Constr., 1896: Arch. Engr. & Spec- 
ifications, 1902: Mgr. Athey Sanitary Equipment Co., 19 10— Member Congregational 
Church; Pres. Plymouth Club, 1890; Supt. of Dqrenius Sundav School, 1892; Trustee in 
Fellowship Church, 1900: Deacon of same. 1904; Trustee Bethany Union Church, 1908; 
Bridge Country Club. Married Jeannette Price, 1893. Ottawa, III. (d. 1896); Alia Bryan 
Ripley, 1902, Chicago. Child, step-daughter, Jean Ripley, b. 189Z. Address, 1620 W. i02d 
St., Chicago; Bus, Add., 1907 Michigan Ave., do. 


B. S.: b. x866, Lee Co., 111.; s. Josephine Barrett. Married. Died Dec. 30, 1888, Balti- 
more, Md. 


(Brother of Nos. 165, 303, 304) 
Cert, in C. E.; Engr.; b. Feb. 13, 1861. Mechanicsburg, III.; s. Wesley (b. Shelby Co., 
Ky.) & Sarah Ann (Foster) Bullard (b. do.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Adelphic; Ath. 
Assoc. Gen. Practice in C. £.; First Asst. City Engr., Tacoma, Wash. Married Clara 
Jane Heilig, Dec. 12, 1901. Address, 3001 N. 29th St., Tacoma, Wash. 


B. L.: Asst. Attornev; b. Mar. 10, 1866, Metamora, 111.; s. Charles Holiday (b. Sept. 
IS, 1822. Madison Co., Ky.) & Rebecca Wing (Lemon) Chitty (b. July ^, 1828, Lawrence 
(x>., Ina.) Prepared in Metamora and Champaign H. Schs. Pres. Philomathean; Sec. 
.Athletic Assoc.; Valedictorian^ Law student at Harvard, 1886-7; admitted to bar Wichita, 
Kans., 1888; in law practice with father 1888-90; LL. B. at Garfield Univ. Law Sch., 1890; 
practiced law in Chicago, 1890-4; appointed member of Bd. of Pension Appeals, Secretary's 

F. & A. M.; Mithras Lodge of Perfection, No. i, A. A. S. R., loio; Am. Soc. for Tud. Set. 
of Inter. Disputes, 19 10; University Club, Washington, D. C; Harvard Law School. Assoc, 



Joliet^Vorks, Toliet, 111.; Engr., Garrett-Cromwell Engr. Co., Cleveland, O.; Dir., Alliance 
Machine Co., Alliance, O.; Cleveland Machine & Mfg. Co., Cleveland, O. Member of the 
Amer. Soc of M. £.: Civ. Engrs. Club of Cleveland. Married L. Belle Caves, May 24, 
1893, Joliet, 111. (d. May 9, 1909). Address, New England Bl., Cleveland, O. 

(Husband of No. 468) 
B. S. in C. E.; Lawyer; b. Feb. 2, 1861, Brirafield Tp., Peoria Co., 111.; s. Richard 

86; first place in Philo. Orat. Contest, 1885. Lawyer admitted to practice of law by Dist. 
Court, Harris Co^ Texas, Dec. 22^ 1000; before Texas Supreme Court, 1901; in U. S. 
Courts, X902: in Calif. Courts, 1007. County Survyr. for Washington Co., (^lo., fall 1887- 
80; member Trinity M. E. Chuich of Berkeley, Calif.; Pres. Golden Gate Alumni Assoc, of 
Univ. of lU. Married Rozina Phebe Fairchild (*86), Sept. 22, 1886; Children, Elmer 
Fred, b. Sept. 12, 1887; Richard Henry, b. Feb. 17, 1890; John (jliver, b. Sept 20, 1892; 
Willard Elbert, b. Nov. 30, 1894; Helen Margaret, b. Mar. 26, 1897: Gertrude Orpha, b. 
Mar. 19, 190X (died Nov. s. 1908); Fairchild, b. Aug. 18, 1903 (died Aug. 24, X903); 
Address, 2644 Dwight Way, Berkeley, Calif. 


B. L.; Phya. & Sur.; b; June 15, 1864. Dover, L. L, N. Y. Prepared in Urbana H. 
S. Philomathean. M. D., C. M. C^ Northwestern Univ., 1889. Phys. in U. S. Marine 
Hosp., iBBqi E. 111. Hosp. Insane, Kankakee, 1890: Champaign, 111.. 1890 — ^State Medical 
Director, M. W. A. for Illinois, 1908. Member Presb. Church. Married Mina Brown, 

University of Illinois 

a, b. Oct.. iSgi; JoHphinc, b. May, 1893; Donald, b. Jin 
(Motfacr of No. tSgS) 

Ctn.; b. Sept. 11, 1861, Urbane. 111.: d. Erwin (b. Dec 20. i8]a, Riplejr, 
othT (Shepherd) Elder (b. July s, 1643, Urbana. III.) Prepared m UrVani 
ibenai. Member Y. W. C. A. Married Charles Ferman Harria, Apr. 10, 18B9, 

Child, Leila Dorothy, b. Jaly 13, 1890. Address, ;ii S. Randolph St., Oumpa 

B. S.; b, 1S63, Milfotd, III.; ». A. J. Endsley. Died Jan. 1, 189a, Milfora, HI. 

B. L.; Teacher; b. Dec. aj, iS6ti: Urbana, III.; d. William John (b. 181a. 
lerine Margaret (Dauaheily) Ermealrout (b. 1B33, doi Prepared in Orl 
eber, i886.igaa. Married Chai. Abbie Kanipcr, July, igoi, Chicago, 111. ( 
lentrout, b. July s. 1S04. Addrnl, ijis Wesley Ave., EvaastonTill- 

Child, Joh 

(Brother of Noa. mo, 373o) 
A. B. in L. & A.: Superintendent of City Sdils.; b. Auff. ji, 1865, near Windwr, 111.; 
a. Rev. Marion Waabinglon (b. June x6, 1S43, near Newcomerslown, O.) & Sarah Iiai>elle 
(Wjandl) Everbart (b. Mar. u, 184?, near Newcomerslown, O.) Prepared 11 " " ■- 
Bt Mattoon f ■--- ■' ' ■■ ..... ...... ,..■.... 


" pt. Sch., Havana, iBgc-g; Supt. Schi 

:.nh.r,n. ^..r.t ^A, . lf...ratinf. Inw., ,,.„ 

1887-8; Supt. Schools, Virginia, 1889.05; Supt. Sch., Havana, iBgc-g; Supt. Schi 
Chy, 1890.1906; Supt. Sch., Enid, O^V igo6-ag; Supt. Sch.. Muscatine, low) 
Married Laura Braatfield McCullouEh, June 16, 1891, near Jatksonville, III. 


(Wife of No. 46a) 

B. L.; b. Jan. ij, 1865. Meumora, III.; d. Reuben H. (b. Apr. aj, 1819. Woodatod^ O.) 
& Hulda Hoiinab (Marsh) Fairctild {b. Oct. .0, 1S14, do.) Prepared in Uetamora H. S.; 
Aletbenai; Sophograpli Board; Literary Ed. oi Illini, 1S85 86; Coireywndini Sec. Houilon 
Central W. C. T, LJ., 190J-S; Supt. Legialaliie Wort for Houston, Teiaa, Cent. W. C. T. 
U.. 1901^5; Supt. Legialatwe Work, Hariii Co., Texaa. W. C. T. U., loos; Member Ttinitjr 
M. E. durch of fferkcley, Calif. Married James Oliver Davis ClS), Sept. ii, 1S86, 
Metamora, 111.; Children, Elmer Fred, b. Sept. 12, iBSt; Richard Henry, b. F^b. 17, 1890; 
John Oliver, b. Sept. >o, 189a; Willatd Elbert, b. Nov. 30, 1894; Helen Margaret, b. Mar. 
a6, 1897; Gertrude Orpha, b. Mar. 19, 1901 (d. Nov. s. 1911), Fairchild, b. Aug. 18, 
1903 (d. Aug. 14, '903). Addrta. 1644 Dwight Way, Berkeley, (Talif. 

B. S.: Fruit Packer & SJiipnet; b. Sept. 18, 1861. Waihbuni, III.; a. Francis (b. May 
ij. iS]4. Pa.) & Marf E. (Jury) Fulton (b. Aug. 10, i33fi. Eng.) Prepared in Diat. Sch. 
Held record for i mile run, 100-yd. and lao-yd. daaheg i ita-jfd. hurdlea, TranAtman, 

Mo. Pac. R. S., 1886^7; Aast. City Engr., San.DIega, 18S7-?, 

Floy, b. Ja ,., 

th, b. Sept. 13, 1910, Address, ifB; Bi 

Diego, Cijif. Seiber''cong!°&hurch°* .,, 

^-'■' '-•^ -i, Stflla Floy, > Jan. 2, 1907: Jan 

B. S. in M. K; Elec. Engr.; b. iBfii, Rochelle, III.: a. Mra. L. Garrelt. Married Elin 
Scoll, 189°. Addmi, 304 WT Waabington St., Champaign. 111. 

g. 3. 1661, Morriatown, N. Y.; a. Jamea & Mary (Brewer) 
Omega; Col. Hegl.; damma Umbdo; Ptea, of Sen, Oiiaa: 
II. TeschinE, Milwaukee, Wis.. 1S86-7; Clerk, Diat. Court i 
r. Springfield, Colo., 1887.9; SHidenl, Regiatrat & Librarian, 
Colo., i889J)i; Instr. in Chem., East Side Sch., Denver, Colo., 
cning H. S., 1910— Author, Qualilative Chemical Analyaii, 
[ass.. 1902, 141 pp. Member Amer. Aasoc. Adv. Sci. Married 
, 1891, Golden, Colo. Children, Victor J., b. Mar. 18, 189a. 
\pr 23, 1894; Marlorie, b. Feb. 10, 1897; John B., Jr.. Oct. 

B. S. in C. E.: Engineer; b. Nov. %. 1863. Beloit, Wis.; b. Jamei U. h Sarab Louiae 
(Robbinsj Harria. B. H. Eng. in various rapacities. Married Mane Kisanet, Dee. 16. 1894, 
Charlevoix, Mich. Children, Edith Carol, \. Dec. 2s. 1895; Elisabeth Helen, b. Nor. i, 
190]. Addrtti, tio S. Eaat Ave, Oak Park. 111. 

Cert.; Fruit Grower; b. Jan. 4, 1866. Urbana; s, Thomaa S. (b. Cromwell, Conn., iSas) 
& Jane E. (WoodruB) Hubbard lb. 1829, New Britain, Conn.) Prepared m Urbana H. 

1 8861 Baccalaureate Alumni 135 

Trustee Pres. Churcli; member A. F. & A. M.; K. T.: Shrine. Married Margaret R. Riley, 
May 13, 1887. Children, Frank W., b. May la, 1888; Austin, b. 1910. Address, Urbana, 


(Wife of No. 484) 

B. L.; b. 1867, Crawfordsville, Ind.; d. George A. Hu£F. Married Alvah Philbrick ('86), 
1889. Died Apr. 6, 1895, Chicago, 111. 

Cert. Bom May la, i88a, Niantic; s. H. Jacobson. Died, July 15, 1890, Denver, Colo. 


B. L.; Aflst. Cashier; b. Sept. 19, 1864, Urbana, 111.; d. Francis Granger (b. Jan. 5, 
1839, New York City) & Eliza Jane (Park) Jaques (b. Jan. 23. 18391 Greene Co., O.) 
Prepared in Urbana. Alethenai. Asst. Cashier, Urbana Banking Co. Address, Urbana, III. 

B. L. in L. & A.; Principal: b. June 4, 1861, Rostock, Get,; s. Carl August (b. 1831, 
North Ger.) & Caroline (Rutenick) Kammann, (b. 1833, do.) Prepared in Mascoutah Pub. 
Schs. Philomathean; Ed. in Chief, IlUni. 1885-6. Attended Univ. of Chicago, summer 1894 
& 1895. Supt. of Schs., Mascoutah, 1886-90: Prin. Douglas Sch., Peoria, 1890-^; Head of 
Ger. Dept., Peoria H. S., 1894- 1904; Prin. McKinley Sch., Peoria, i<)04-9; Prin. Lincoln 
Sch.. 1909 — Author: A number ot pamphlets, addresses and translations on the mission 
of the (jer-Amer. Element in this country. Member, Past Master, Schiller Lodge A. F. 
& A. M. No. 335; State Ger.-Amer. Alliance (Pres. 1907-11^; NatM (Ser.-Amer. Alliance 
(Ex. Council; Secy. 19 10 — ) 111. School Masters' Club. Married Mary £. Hucke. Nov. 28, 
1888. Children, Elva K., b. June 14, 1890: Meta M., b. Jan. 30, 1892; Carl P., b. Oct. 
9, 1900. Address, 2408 Main St., Peoria, 111. 


C^ert. in Arch.; Architect: b. Feb. a, 1863, Davenport. la.; s. Edward W. (b. Ham- 
burg, (jer.) & Henrietta (Kohrmann) Lemme (b. do.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. 
Arcmtect, 1900 — Architect of the famous Sutro Batha, San Francisco, the largest 
public baths in the world; also of the Cliff House, destroyed in 1907. Author: Strength 
and Stiffness of Beams for Architects, Engineers and Constructors. Past Chief Ranger 
Covat Acacia, Ind. Order of Foresters, 1906; Dist. Deputy High Chief Ranger, I. O. O. '., 
1912. Married Amy Alberta Lemme, Sept. 15, San Francisco, Calif. Address, 337, 7th 
Ave., San Francisco, (^alif. 


(Husband of No. 543) 

B. L. in Lp. & A.; Physician & Surgeon; b. June 14, 1862. Ringwood, 111.: s. Thomas 
Robert (b. Scarborough, Ens.) & Eliza A. (Mitchell) Lumley (p. Kingsville, O.) Prepared 
in Ringwood Pub. Sen. Philomathean. M. D., Northwestern Coll. of Med., 1889. Married 
N^ellie McLean ('88). Sept. 26, 2889, Urbana, 111. Children, Harold, b. Mar. 20, 1891; 
L.cslie Robert, b. July 23, 1893; Arlene, b. Feb. 27, 2897; Dorothy, b. Aug. 26, 1900. 
Address, 11 06 W. California St., Urbana, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 280, 432) 

B. S. in M. £.; Bridge and structural Engineer; b. Oct. 7, 1864, Metamora, 111.; s. Levi 
P. (Rochester, Vt.) & Mary A. (Parminter) Morse (Devonshire, Eng.) Prepared in 
Metamora H. S. Philomathean; Class Pres.. 1883; Orator Intercoll. cont., 1885; £iec. light 
inttallation, 1886-87; Arch, iron work draughting and estimating, 1887-98; Structural Steel 
and Bridge draughting and designing, 2898; Bridge designing and Chief Draughtsman for 
R. Modjeski, 1902-9; Asst. Engr. for sime, 1909-21; Engr. on Const of Broadway bridge, 
Portland, Ore., loii-'ia Author: The Superstructure of the McKinley Bridge, St. Louis, 
in VoL 01, Ene. Record, 1910, pp. 572-4. Married Mary F. Hall, Feb. 1^ '893. Chicago, 
111.; Children, John Alden, b. Sept. 23, 1896 (died Mar. 9, 1897); Katherine Hall, b. Dec. 
i7i 1899; Milton Hall, b. July i, 1904. Address, 502 Railway Exchange Bldg., Portland, 


B. S. in C. £.; Civ. & Min. Engr.; b. 2865, Davenport, la.; s. J. J. Olshausen. Address, 
Parral, Mex. 


B. L. in L. & A.: Missionary work; b. Dec. 22, 1863, Metamora, 111.: d. John (b. 
1822. DeT02isliire, Eng.J & Harriet (Earl) Parminter (b. 1835, Northampton, do.) Preparci 
in Metamora H. S. Aleihenai; Y. W. C. A. Teacher, I^^5-9I; at home, 1891-9; Mission 

A C. A.; The Chicago Coll. Club. Address, 814 £. 42nd St., Chicago. 


136 University of Illinois [1886 

Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi. Asst. Eii«-., Gulf, Colo. & Santa Fe R. R., 1886; Roadmaster, 
Asst. Engr. Maintenance of Way & Res. Engr., 1886-92; Instr., Asst. Prof. & Assoc Prof, 
of C. E., Univ. of 111., 1892-9; Prof, of C. E., Purdue Univ., 1899; Prof, of Ry. Engr., 
Univ. of Wis., 1006 — Engr., Wis. Tax & R. R. Commissions, 1906 — On commission to 
study drainage oevelo^ments in Kankakee Marsh Region, 1 904.-6. Author: Stand Pipe 
Accidents & Failures, hngr. News Pub. Co., N. Y., 1895. Surveying Manual (joint author) 
1900; Editor, Publications, Amer. Ry. Engr. Assoc, 1903 — Member Amer. Soc of C. E.; 
Soc for Promotion of Ensr. Educ; Western Soc. of Engrs.; Western Ry. Club; Wis. 
Engr. Soc; Univ. Club of Madison. Married Charlotte Gaston, Dec 31, 1888, Columbus, 
Ind. Children, Nellie Ada, b. Aug. 23, 1890; Helen Lottie, b. Nov. 23, 1892; Esther 
Nancy, b. Feb. 11, 1907. Address, 168 Prospect Ave., Madison, Wis. 


(Brother of Nos. 284, 399; Husband of No. 474) 

Cert.; engineer; b. 863, Baileyville, 111.; s. Mays H. (b. 1827, Waldo, Me.) & Mary 
(McFarland) Philbrick (b. 1828, Md.) Member Philbrick, Dunn & Co. Chief Engr. M. 
& G. R. R., 1886-1905. Married Bertie Huff ('86) 1889 (d. Apr. 6, 1895). Address, 946 
E. Beach St., Biloxi, Miss, it) or Hibernian Bldg., New Orleans, La. ({) 

B. L.; b. 1864, Virden, 111.; s. J. Plowman. Died July 13, 1893, Shoshone, Wyo. 


Cert.; Mun. Engr.; b. i86r, Du Page Co., 111.; s. T. O. & Sarah (Fuller) Roberts. 
Public Engr., Blue Island, 111.; Engr., Morgan Park, Hinsdale & Evergreen Park. 
Address, 105 N. Clark St., Chicago, 111. (|) 


B. S. in M. E.; M. S. ; Chief Engr.; b. Sept. 12, 1862, Carlinville, 111.; s. Jacob True 
(b. 1832. N. H.) & Maria L. (Braleyl Sargent (b. 1835, Westboro, Mass.) Prepared in 
Dist. Sen., Blackburn Coll. M. S., 1886; Philomathean ; represented Univ. in State Orat. 
Cont. Mgr., Ide & Son, Chicago, z8p6; Chief Engr., Elmes Engr. Works^ Chicago, 1900; 
M^r.. Sargent Engr. Co., 1897; Gas Engr., Wis. Engine Co., 1910; Consulting Engr., 191 2; 
Chiex Engr., Amer. Rotary Valve Co., Anderson, Ind. Inventor of Sargent complete 
expansion Gas Engine, Pats. Nos. 783,983; 752,304; 752,303; 752,109; 73iii34; 644.149. 
Sargent Steam Meter No. 716,865, Sargent draft gauge; Recording Dynamometer; Steam 
Turbine; Pressure Switch; Gas Calorimeter; etc Author: A New Principle in Gas Engine 
Design, An Indicating Anglemeter, An Indicating Steam Meter, etc Contributions to 
Power, Amer. Machimst, Mod. Machinery, The Gas Engine, etc. Member Western Soc. of 
Engrs.; Franklin Inst.; Amer. Soc of M. E. ; Episcopal Cnurch; Engr. Soc of Wis.; etc. 
Married Ilattie Boynton, Apr. 2, 1900, Chicago. Children, Franeelia P., b. 1891; Charline 
M., b. 1897; Richard B., b. 1901. Address, 544 N. Pine Ave., Austin, Chicago; Bus. Add., 
136 W. Lake St., do. 


(Brother of No. 324) 

B. S. in Arch.; b. Nov. 11, 1865, Decatur, 111.: s. Henry (b. Jan. 13, 1834, 
Wildeshausen, Grossherzogtum, Oldenburg, Ger.) & Caroline (Weissman) Shlaudeman (b. 
Mar. 22, 1836, Rothselberg, Rheinpfalz, do.) Prepared in Decatur H. S. Philomathean, 
Vice Pres; Treas. Ath. Assoc; Class Treas. Arch., Chicago, 1887. Secy. & Treas., Decatur 
Brewing Co., 1888-1900; Pres. Citizens* Natl. Bank, 1900-5. Married Margaret J. McGorray, 
Feb. 27 1 1894, Decatur, 111. Children, Mildred Draper, b. Nov. 16, 1894; Caroline, b. Apr. 
I, 1896; Harry, Tr., b. May 7, 1897; Karl. b. Dec 30, 1898; Robert, b. Sept. 22, 1900; 
Margaret Gertrude, b. Mar. 20, 1903; Frank, b. Dec. 14, 1904. Address, 563 N. Marengo 
Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 


(Husband of No. 437; Brother of Nos. 917, 1084) 

Cert: Engineer; b. Nov. 9i 1863, Heath, Mass.; s. Edward Payson (b. Sept., 1833, do.) 
& Susan Jane (Burrington) Thompson (b. Apr. 24, 1838, do.) Prepared in Bement H. .S. 
Adelphic Civ. Engr., 1. C. R. R., 1 886-1902; Drainage Engr., 1902 — Member, Wes. Soc 
Engrs. Married Bessie G. Plank ('85), Dec 25, 1889, Champaign, 111. Address, Winamac, 


(Brother of No. 225) 

B. L.; Phys. & Sur.; b. Apr. 20, i86s^ Metamora, 111.; s. James Smith (b. Dec 13, 
1 82 1, Sidney, O.) & Sidna (Robinson) whitmire (b. Feb. 28, 1827, Morgan Co., 111.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad.; Adelphic; M. D., Rush Med. Coll., iSgb; M. L., 189^. Con- 
tributor to various medical journals. Member M. E. Church; Champaign Co., Med. Soc, 
i89X-9. Married Alice G. Fugate, Mar. 5, 1891. Urbana, III. Child, Laura Gwendolen, b. 
Apr. 27, 1892. Died, Dec 3, 1899, Urbana, 111. 

(Brother of No. 845) 

A. B. in L. & A.; b. July 16, x866. Essex Co., N. Y.; s. C. N. & Martha Louise 
(Thornton) Wilder. Philomathean; Capt. Univ. Regt. ; Struc. Steel Work, Chicago. Mem- 
ber Royal League North Amer. Union, C. A. A. Married Susan V- Kann, Feb. 22^ 1890, 
Racine, Wis. Children, Thornton Storer, b. Mar. iS, 1893; Chester Nelson, b. May 7, 1895. 
Address, 9847 Prospect Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1887] Baccalaureate Alumni 137 

CLASS OF 1887 (30) 

(Brother of No. 624) 


Elizabeth L. Walters, Jan. i. i89Z> Wheatland, 111. Children, Herbert T., b. 1891; 
James F., b. 1894; Gordon A., d. 1806; William L., b. 1902; Margaret A., b. 1904. Address, 
740 Sandusky Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 


B. S. in M. E.; Engineer; b. May 7. i86<^, Arlington, Mass.; s. Stephen Pierce (b. 
July 31, 1822, West Cambridffej Mass.) & Abigail Ploming (Wood) Blake (b. Dec. 22, 
1836) Prepared in Chicago Universitv; Psi Upsilon; Mech. £ng. with Rice & Whitaker, 
1887-1888; Fraser & Chalmers, 1888- 1889; Leonard and Izard, 1890- 1892; Central Electric 
Co. 1 892-1894: Cameron & Blake, 1894-1890; Holabird & Roche, 1899 — Member Am. 
Soc. Heating a Ventilating Engrs.: Glen Oak Country Club. Married Martha Wadsworth 
(Tlaflin* May 28, 1891, Lombard, 111. Address, Lombard, 111. 


, & C 
Charles Edward (b. 183^, near 

B. S. in C. E.; Engr. & Contractor; b. Jan. 20, 1864, near Birmingham, Mich.; s. 

rles Edward (b. j8p[8, near Battle Creek, Mich.) & Helen Scott (Wallace) Cantine 

(b. 1840, near Birmingham, do,) , Prepared m Bloomin^on H. S.; Cross Bus. Coll., & 

111. Wesleran Univ. Pres. Philomathean ; Pres. & Treas., Y. M. C. A.; Treas. 
Athletic Assoc.; Apollo Glee Club; Capt. With Chicago, Kan. & Nebr. R. K., 
1887-88; Private Practice, Bloomington. 111., 1888-89; Civ. Engr., No. Pac. R. K. 
Wash., Ida. & Mont., 1889- 1903; Div. Engr. Delaware R. R., Lackawana & Western 
R. R-, N. J., 1003-iz; Engr. & Contractor, Portland, Ore., ipii — Member 111. Soc, 
Mont. Soc., & Amer. Soc. of C. E.; Prcsb. Church. Married Anna Warren, Oct. 18, 


B. S. in Chem.; b. Oct. 17, 1866, Elgin, 111.; s. Anson Luman (b. Oct. 12, 1836, 
North Adams, Mass.^ & Phoebe Etta (Lemon) Clark. Prepared in Champaign H. S. 
Philomathean. Practiced medicine 1887-92; Supt. Morsan & Wright Rubber Factory, 
1892-7; Gen. Mgr. Self- Winding Dock Co., 1897 — Member Loyal Legion. Married 
Emroe Fredericka I^llenbach, Apr. 18, x888, Kenosha^ Wis. Children, Anson Luman, b. 
June 17, 189^; Percival Lemon, o. May 13* 1892; Marion Almcda, b. Aug. 20, 1898; John 
Thomas, b. Sept. 5, 1901. Address, 185 Dearoom St., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in M. E.; Engr. & Salesman; b. Au^. 24, i860, Lafayette, Ind.; s. Hiram D. 
& Catherine (Lindley) Dryer. Elec. Constr. with IJ. S. Elec. Co., 1887-9; Elec. Constr. 
& Enjsr. with Westmghouse; Engr. & Selling with Allis Chalmers Co. Address, 925 
Airdric Place, Chicago. 


Cert.; b. July i, 1867; Mascoutah, 111.; d. Geo. C. (b. July 9, 1820, Hassloch, Gcr.) 
& Margarcthe (Emig) Eisenmayer (b. May 3, 1S22, Imsbach, doo Prepared at Mascoutah 
and Univ. Acad.; Alethenai. Taught in Lebanon (111.), 1888-9; Mascoutah, 1889-91; at 
home and recreation traveling, 1891-06. Married Philip Scheve, May 15, 1906, Mason 
City, 111.; Children, Margaret Elizabeth, b. Feb. 27, 1907; Carl Julius, b. Feb. 17, 1908. 
Address, Palisade, Colo. 


B. S. in C. E.; C. E. 1891; Architect; b. July 28. 1865, Chicago, 111.; s. Owen & Pru- 
dence L. (Harrison) Fargusson. Prepared in Prep. Dept. Univ. of 111. Attended Cornell 
Univ., 1885: With Pencoyd Constr. Co.; Phoenix Constr. Co.; Gen. Eng. work, and city 
survr.; Yacnt designing with C. D. Mosher; Chief Asst. Engr., Holland Submarine Boat 
Co.; Tech. Expert U. a. Shipbuilding Co.; Naval Arch. Commissioned as Lieut, in Naval 
Brigade, N. C, State Guard, Dec. 15, 1897 and 1899. Discovered method of determining 
distances between ships at sea during fogs, also between ships and lighthouses; method of 
combining turbines and reciprocating engines in steam ships. Member Amer. Soc. ot 
Civ. Engrs.; Amer. Soc. of Naval Engrs.; Soc. of Naval Archs. & Marine Engrs.; Natl. 
Geographic Soc. Address, Southport, N. C. 


B. S.; Professor; b. Dec. 22^ 1861; s. Reuben (b. Baldwinsville, N. Y.) & Mary 
Elizabeth (Day) Fink (b. do.) Prepared in Jennings Seminary, Aurora, 111. Adelphic. 
Sigma Xi. Taught Mt. Vernon, S. D., 1887-9; ^^^ Point, S. D., 1889-92; Fayette, la., 
19^2-1903. Townsend Scholarship at Harvard. A. M., Harvard, 1895; Ph. D., Univ. of 
Minn., zopo. Prof, of Botany, la. Coll., ,1903-6; Prof, of Botany, Miami Univ., 1906 — 
Author: lk>tanical papers published in various places; The Lichens of Minnesota, 300 pp. 
FeUow Amer. Assoc.; member Central Soc. of Maturalists; Botanical Society of America; 
International Association of Botanists; Acad, of Sci.; Assoc. Editor of Mycologia. 

138 University of Illinois [1887 

Married Ida May Hammond, Jan. 19, 1889. Children, Louis Day, b. Aug. ii, 1890; 
Hugh Willard. b. Oct. 6, 1897; Ruth Elizabeth, b. Dec. 8, 1900. Address, 504 Maple 
Ave., Oxford, O. 


(Wife of No. 581; Sister of Nos. 1026, 1675.) 
Cert.; b. 1868, Champaign, IlL; d. George (b. 184a, Akron, O.^ & Louise (Stoltey) 
Cayman (b. 1844, Hildesheim, Hanover, Cer.) Prepared in Champaini H. S. Alethenai. 
Taught 1887-04. Married Nathan Austin Weston ('80), Sept. 4, 1894, Champaign, 111. 
Children, Natnan, b. 1896; Janet Louise, b. 1905. Address, Champaign, 111. 


B. S. in M. E.; machinist; b. Jan. 9, i860, Montgomery, Tex.; s. Thomas Gilbert (b. 
London. Eng.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Draftsman; Mech. Engr. Married Anna 
Ulrica Fuchs, 1899. Children, Anna Marion, b. Sept. 20, 1900; Franklin Carl, b. May 
7t 1905. Address, care N. Y. Air Brake Co., Watertown, N. Y. 


Cert.^ Contractor: b. May 17, 1866, Urbana, IlL; s. Z. E. & Hannah K. (Wolfe) Gill. 
Prepared m Urbana H. S.; Contr. at Knoxvillc, Tenn^ 1889-93; Urbana, 111., 1893 — ; A. F. 

& A. M.; Knight Templar: Shriner; B. P. O. E.: Mo. Ath. Club of St. Louis. Married 
Nellie Martha Maxwell, Oct. lo, z88p, Knoxville, Tenn. Children, Rudolph Zcrse, b. 
June 29, 1894; Frederick Maxwell, b. Mar. 23, 1899. Address, 932 W. Illinois St., Urbana. 

(Brother of Nos. S37i 802) 
District Manager, Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co.; b. June 23 1865, 
Davenport, Iowa; s. Peter (b. 1824. Germany) & Elise (Hinrichsen) Coldschmidt (b. 1828, 
Germany). Prepared in Univ. Acad. Sale and Installation ot Electrical Machinery, 
Western Elec. Co., Chicago, i889-i9oi; Bullock Electric Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, Chicago 
office, 1001-02; Dist. Manager New York office, 1902-04; Dist. Manager, Wagner 
Elec. VLia. Co., St. Louis, at N. Y. office, 1004 — Associate member Amer. Institute of 
Electrical Engineers: Engineers Club, N. Y. Married Maud Kimball, June 14, 1894, 
Champaign, III.; Children. Margaret M., b. 1806; Clara E, b. 1898; Edward K., 0. 1905. 
Address, 21 Norman Road, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

B. S.; Address, Albany, Ore. 


(Brother of Nos. 139, 178) 

B. L.; Speculative Building; b. Sept. 9. 1864, Ann Arbor, Mich.; s. John Milton (b. 
July 6, 1822, Sand Lake. N. Y.) & Julia (iregory (b. Sept. 7, 1830, Sand Lake. N. Y.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Adelphic. First reporter for tne Kansas City Star, 1888-1891; 
reporter for N. Y. City News Bureau, 1892; reporter of Brooklyn politics, N. Y. World, 
i8<}i*i896, N. Y. Tribune reporter and copy editor, 1896-1903; asst. night city editor 
Tribune, 1903-05; speculative Duilding in suburbs of Brooklyn, 1905 — Married Caroline 
Peeples, Oct. 14, 1891, Joliet, 111.; Children, Dorothy, b. Sept. 20, 1893; John Worthing- 
ton, b. Mar. 14, 1903. Address, 970, Bay Ridge Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

B. S. in M. E.; Manufacturer; b. July 28, 1863, Philadelphia, Pa.; s. Poindexter Smith 

Srinter since 1889; Manufacturer, 1887 — Invested 2 gas governors, 1905, Pat., 1907. Libm., 
baptist Church, 21 yrs. Married Mary Camett Hegan, Jan. 25, 1803, Chicago. Address, 
338 N. Howard Ave., Austin, Chicago; Bus. Add., 607 S. Dearborn St., do. 


'• »H93-i_ 

Davenport (la.) Com. Club: Union League Cfub; 111. Athletic Club; Davenport Outing 
Club. Married Anastasia Madden, July, 26, 1897. Address, Davenport, la. Bus. Add.. 
Davenport Loco. Works, do. 


(Brother of No. 182) 

B. S.: Storekeeper; b. Aug. 2, 1866, LaMoille, 111.; s. David H. & Ellen Percis 
(Angier) Llo^de. Prepared in Champaign H. S. Pres. of Philomathean. Expert for 
U. S. Elec. Lighting Co.; also Thompson-Houston Elec. Co., 2 yrs.; Supt. Cicero Water, 
Gas & Elec. Lighting Co., 2 yrs.; Mgr., Western Light Power Co., i yr.; Asst. Supt. 
of Installation at World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Dept. Machinery; Proprietor 
Twin City Elec. Co., Champaign; with D. H. Lloyde Store; manufacturer of Bowsher 
Tellurian. Inventor of Elec. Transfer Switch: Voltmeter Switch; Motor Regulator for 
Organ Blowing. Organist at 1st Baptist Church; Supt. of Sunda]f School. Married Ida 
Mae Kellogg, Apr. 15, 1890, Chicago (d. March 30, 191 2, Champaign.) Children, Robert 

1887] Baccalaureate Alumni 139 

KeUog^ b. Feb. 23, 1891: Mildred Lygia (adopted), b. Jan. 3. 1905 (d. May, 1906); 
Marjone Zidie (adopted), b. May z8, 1906. Address, 305 S. Randolph St., Champaign, ill. 

(Brother of No. 888) 

1891^- Member Cong. Church; Univ. Club of Chicago. Married Jennie May Ter Bush, 
June 26, 1899, Chicago. Address, 656 Bowen Ave., Chicago; Bus. Add., 1400 Monroe 


B. S. in M. £.; Ennneer: b. April i, 1864, Forest City, Calif.; s. Romanzo (b. 
Northampton, Mass.) & Mary G. (Alderman) Lyman (b. New York state) Prepared in 

numerous other inventions. Member, O. Elec. Soc; Natl. Elec. Lighting Assoc; Engrs.' 
Qub, Columbus, O.; Ensrs.' Club^ Philadelphia. Married Marie H. Detmers, 1890, 
C}<damba8, O. Children, Dorothy £., b. 1892; Florence M., b. 1894. Address, 704 N. 
Fortieth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


(Brother of No. 1556) 

B. S.; Teacher: b. Oct. 8, 1861, Locke, O.; s. Emor Hawkins (b. O.) & Emily Sophia 
(Re>nolds) Mitchell (b. do.) Prepared in Dist Sch. Adelphlc; Pres., V. M. C. A.: Hon. 
scholarship, Univ. of Chicago. Taufl[ht in Urbana H. S., 188B-0; Gen'l. Sec'yi V. M. 
C. A., Bloomington, 1889-91; taught in Bement H. S, 1891; Hyde Park H. S., Chicago, 
1891 — Author: Studies of Plant Life, Heath & Co., 1900 (with Pepoon & Maxwell). 
Married Florence Medora Stewart, Tune 19, 1889, Champaign, 111. Children, Bculah, b. 
Jan. 24, 1893; Maurice Stewart, b. May 10, 1894. Address, 1228 E. 57th St., Hyde Park, 
Chicago, 111. 


1004; insp., 1 rana-^onunencai rreignc uur., 1904-0; decy., waiia waiia Liommerciai 
(jub, 1906- — First Lieut., Co. G, 6th Inf., I. N. G., 1888-9. Address, Commercial Qub, 
Walla Walla, Wash. 


B. S. in Chem.; b. 1864, Ind.; s. Joshua Powers. Died Feb. 28, 189s, Evanston, HI. 


, ,Ccrt. Engineer; b. Mar. 2, 1865, Bath, Engy s. Albert Hcaton (b. 1826) & Fannie 
L. (Napier) Richards (b. Eng.) Prepared in E. Side H. S, Champaign; Univ. Acad. 
Rodman with Santa Fe R. R., 1887-8; Engr., Colo., 1888: with U. S. Engr. Corps, Asst. 
Engr., 1889— Married Isabelle N. Noble, Jan. 9, 1895, San Diego, Calif. Child, 
Alberta, b. May 31. 1897. Address, Federal Bldg., Rock island, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; b. Clarlinville, III.; s. John I. (b. Baltimore, Md.) & Clarissa (Kep- 
lin^er) Rinaker (b. Franklin, 111.) Prepared in Carlinville H. S.; B. S., Blackburn Coll. 
Philomathean. Architect, Springfield, 111. Member, A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; K. P.; 
M. W A.; Maccabees. Married Nellie Otwell, 1892, Carlinville, HI. Address, 1331 Noble 
Ave., Oak Knolls, Springfield, HI. 


_^, B. S. in M. E.: Vice Pres. & Mgr. Drug & Chem. Works; b. Apr. 7, 1865, Aurora, 
111.; s. Warren & Matilda (Griffith) Spear. Prepared in W. Aurora H. 5. Pres., Class; 
Winner xoo & 220 Yds. Cont. Pres., Warren Spear & Co., Aurora, 111., 1887-95; Dear- 
bom Drus & Chem. Works, Vice Pres. & Eastern Mgs^ 1895— Member A. F. & A. M.; 
Commandcry: B. P. O. E.; Chicago Athletic Assoc; Traffic Club of N. Y.; N. Y. Rail- 
road Qub; Manufacturers & Dealers Club. Married Mary Carr, Nov. 12, 1890, Argenta, 
IlL Child, Emily Lenore, b. Feb. a, 1896. Address, 593 Riverside Drive, N. Y. Bus. 
Add., 299 Broadway, N. Y. 


B. S. in Chem.; b. Constantinople, Turkey; s. John Kalinder. Mgr. gold mine, Dale, 
Calif., 1904. Address, Care of Agr. Coll. of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. 


C^rt., Artist: b. Oct. 7, 1865, Christian Co., 111.; s. George Rae, (b. Burlington, N. 
J.) & Margaret S. (Griggs) Taylor. Prepared in Univ. Acad. Sigma (Jhi; Chicago Daily 
News and Record.^ 1887-89: Chicago Herald, 1889-96; New York Journal, 1896-1900; 
Verdict, 1900-2. Studio, 118 E. Twenty Eighth St., 1905-11. Address, Scarsdale, West- 
chester Co., N. Y. 

_ B. S.; Plant Pathologist: b. Jan. 23, 1865, Oregon, 111.; s. E. J. (b. 1812, Granville, 
N. Y.) & Eliabeth (Benway) Waite (b. 1834, Renslaer Co., N. Y.) Prepared in Oregon 

140 University of Illinois [1888 

H. S. Capty Prize Co., Univ. Rcgt., 1886. Philomathean. Botanical Aast., Univ. of 
111., 1887-8; U. S. Dept. Agr., 1888-1912. Discovered Insect Distribution of Pear Blight 
Bacteria, 1891: Self-sterility of Orchard Fruits, 1892-3. Articles, Pollination of Poma- 
ceous Fruits; Pollination of Pear Flowers; Cause & Prevention of Pear Blight; Fungi- 
cides & Their Use in Preventing Diseases of Fruits; Other papers on Orchard Diseases. 
Member, Cosmos Club; A. A. A. S.; Bot. Soc. Amer.; Bot. Soc. of Washington, Biol. 
Soc. of Washington. Address, Dept. of Agr., Washington, D. C. 


B. S. in Min. E.; Min. Engr.; b. 1863, Farm Ridge, 111.; s. R. Williams. Address 
care of Chas. H. Williams, Streator, 111. 


B. L.; b. Nov. 16, 1866, near Areola, III.; d. William (b. May 21, x835» Middlctown. 
O.) & Anna Maria (Jacoby) Williamson (b. Jan. 17, 1846, Seven Mile, O.) Prepared 
in Areola & Urbana H. S. Alcthenai. Pres. Senior Class; Prcs. Alethenai; Prea. Y. 
W. C. A., 1885-6; Pres. Orat. Assoc, 1887. Sute Sec. Baptist Young People's Union 
of 111., 1 89 1-3; Pres. Woman's Soc. of Baptist Church, Lima: Pres. Woman's Miss. Circle, 
Baptist Church, Frankfort, Ind. Married Pearl Adolph Elder, Apr 24* 18^^, Cham- 

t "■ " ' ' ^ "■■" *"' ^ " 


Nov. 20, Z902; Jane' Avis, b. Apr. z, 1906; Estelle Angeline, b. J'au. 28, 1910. Address, 

Palacios, Tex. 

>aign. 111. (d. Jan. 16, 191 1). Children. William Addison, b. Mar. 12, 1895; Marianna, 
). Apr. 15, 1897; Hulda Alexandra, b. Mar. 39, 1899; Victoria Alberta, b. Sept. 13, 1901; 
Paul Adolph, d. Sept. 13, 1901; Olivia Alfreda, b. Sept. 13, 1901; Theodore Allen, b. 

CLASS OF 1888 (34) 

B. L.; b. Aug. 2, 1862, near Champaign, 111.; d. John Norris (b. Sept 19, 1844, near 

and oresident of same; Inter-society Oratorical Assoc. A. M. Hartsville Coll.. 1897. Prof, 
of \lath., Hartsville Coll., 1892-97; afterwards Prof, of Hist. & English, Central Coll.. 1897- 
1902. While teaching frequently contributed articles to the college and denom- 
inational papers. Following are titles of some publications & lectures: The Rei^n of 
Isabella the Catholic (1892); a critique on J. G. Holland's Kathrina (1893): an appreciation 
of Mary Lyon (1807). Lectures deliverecl at Central Coll.: Lucretina & Ilis Relations to 
Modern Thought U890); Savonarola (1900); Critical Discussion of Wordsworth's Place 
and Influence in Enslish Literature (1901); The Meaning and Value of College Life 
(1901). Subject of address given before the ^oard of Managers of the Woman's Mission- 
ary Assoc, of the United Brethren Church. The Nineteenth Century — What God Hath 
Wrought (1900); Idealization of Life (1899). Seveial of these lectures were published. 
Treasurer Woman's Foreign Missionary Auxiliary of Trinity M. E. Church, Urbana; 
Member Central 111. Branch Assoc, of Collegiate Alumnae. Address, 603 East Springfield 
Ave., Champaign, 111. 


(Wife of No. 451; Sister of No. 625) 

Cert; b. Feb. 14, 1869, Ind.; d. George W. (b. New^York) & Lydia A. (Sims) Beach 
(b. O.) Prepared in Pub. Sch. and Female H. S., I-ouisville, Ky. Asst. in Art, Univ. of 
111., 1888-9. Married Tohn Edwards Wright ('85). May 5, 1892, Champaign, 111. Address, 
215 Rosemont Ave., Webster. Groves, St Louis Co., Mo. 


Cert.; Architect; b. 1863, Kevyanec, 111.; s. E. Beadle. Address, 217 E. Main St, 
Galesburg, 111. 

B. S. in Chem., M. S., 1891; Merchant; b. Aug. 27^ 1867, Urbana, III.; s. Jonas (b. 

Armour & 1..0., racking nouses, : so 1-02; (^inet Asst v^hcmist, Chicago, Milwaukee & M. 
P. R. R. Co., 1892-93; Merchant, Urbana. 1893 — Pres. Grand Prairie Lodge, No. 281, 
I. O. B. B.; Urbana Lodge, No. 157, A. F. & A. M.: No. 80, R. A. M.; Worshipful Master, 
Urbana Lodge, No. 157, A. F. & A. M., 1909-10; A Grand Lecturer. Grand Lodge of III., 
A. F. & A. M., 1909 — Member No. 19. R. & S. M., Urbana, & Thrice Illustrious Master, 
1911-12; Champaign & Urbana Hebrew Congregation; Jewish Bd. of Char., 1904; Merchants' 
Assn., N. Y. City, 1 897-1905; Central Grand Lecturers' Club of Central, 111. Address, Ur- 
bana, 111. 


B. L. in L. & A.; Teacher: b. Nov. 22, 1859, Tarboro, N. Car.; 9. Joseph H. (b. Salem, 
Mass.) & Elizabeth B. (Abbott) Bowditch (b. Beverly, Mass.) Prepared in Urbana H. S. 
Philomathean; Capt. in Univ. Regt. Married Helen L. Try on, Aug. 12, 1896, Mahomet, HI. 
Children, Fred T., b. Oct 3, 1897; Harvey Russell, b. Jan. 3, 1899; Lawrence J., b. Aug. 
18, 1902. Address, 504 S. Race St., Urbana, III. 

i888] Baccalaureate Alumni 141 


Cert.; Architect; b. Tunc 2, 1862, Princeton, III.; s. Peter (b. June 2, 1837, Princeton, 
111.) & Henrietta (Bacon) Bryant (b. Oct. 26, 1843* Smithfield, Mass.) Prepared in Prince- 
ton H. S. Adelphic. Architectural draftsman, 1889-90; Heating, Plumlnng, & Ventilating; 
Expert and Contractor, 1889-1005; Building & Plumbing Inspector, Butte, Mont., 1892-3; 
Mont. State Militia, 1806-7; Member Amer. Soc. Heatinff & Ventilating Eners., 1900. 
Royal Arch. Mason; I. U. O. F. Married Fannie Stokes, Nov. i, 1892, Butte, Mont., (d. 
July 19, 1900, Butte.) Child, Ruth Frances, b. July 15, 1900. Died. Apr. 6, 1912, Holton, 


B. S. in C. £.; Consulting Civ. Engr.; b. Dec. 14, 1861, Palos Tp., Cook Co., 111. s. 
Lewis (b. 181 1, Bristol, Vt.) & Mary ^Kitchey) Bush (b. 1824, Chillicothe, O.) Prepared 
in Cook Co. Normal School; Civil Engineers' Club, for a time President. Asst. Engineer 
U. P. R. R. & Pac. Short Line, 1888-1890; Asst. Engr. E. L. Corthell, 1890-92: Chief 
Draftsman, West Office, Pittsburg Bridge Co., 1892-6; Asst. Bridge Engr. & Acting Div. 
Engr. C. & N. W. R. R., igpo-;}; Chief JEnar. D. L. & W. R. R., 1903-8; Consulting Civil 
Engr, 1909 — Discovered Sand Jack for lowering great weights, 1902; new method of 
constructing concrete with footings, 1904; Bush type of train shed. 1904; Bush type of 
concrete roadbed constructing for railroad tunnels, subways and circular tunnel tubes, 1908. 
Author: The Use of Scows and Sand Jacks in Moving and Lowering a 1000 Ton Draw 
Bridge over the Passaic River, at Newark, N. J., Engineering News, Vol. 50, No. 27, Dec. 
31* 1903, p. ^96-600; Bush Track Construction, Railroad Age Gazette, Apr. 23, 1909; A 
New Type of Train Shed, Architecture, Oct. 1909; Treatment of Railroad Ties and the 
Materials Available for this Purpose in New Jersey. New York and Pennsylvania, Eng. 
Record, .Apr. 20, 1907, Vol. 55, No. x6, p. 482. Pres. Univ. of 111. Alumni Assoc, of 
New York; Director Ainer. Soc. Civil Engineers; Western Soc. of Engineers: Amer. Ry. 
Eng. Assoc.; Amer. Inst, of Consult. Engrs.; Arlington Ave. Presb. Church. Married 
Alma Rosetta Green, 1890, Colfax, III.; Children. Cedric Lincoln, b. Feb. 2, 1802, Denzil 
Sidnev, b. Aug. 7, 1901. Address, 281 Springdale Ave., East Orange, N. J.; Bus, Add., 
I Maaison Ave., N. Y. City. 


B. S.; Teacher; b. Aug. 24, 1863, Jacksonville, 111.; s. William Chauncey (b. Apr. 2, 
1820, New Canaan, Conn.) & Julia Ann (Wolcott) Carter (b. June 20, 1826, East Windsor, 
Conn.) Prepared in City H. S. and Whipple Acad., Jacksonville. Philomathcan. A. B. & 
A. M-, 111. Col. Jacksonville. Teacher, 111. Coll., 1891-1901; Dairy Farming, 1901-12; 
Teacher, Jacksonville H. S^ 191 2. Married Elizabeth DeMotte, July 31, 1894, Indianapolis, 
Ind. Children, Catharine DeMotte, b. Mar. 22, 1898: Roger Wolcott, b. Tune 3, 1900; Alice 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 18, 1903. Address, 475 Lincoln Ave., Jacksonville, 111. 


B. L. in L. & S.; M. L., 1894; b. Apr. 2, 1863, near Solsberry, Ind.; d. Isaac (b. Mar. 12, 
1805, near Prosperity, Pa.) & Lucinda (Smith) Connet (b. Dec. 25, 1821, near Hayesvillc, 
O.) Prepared in Champai^ H .S. Y. M. C. A.; Alethenai; Sophog^rpah Bd.; Secy. Class, 
1888. Prin. H. S., Farmington, 1801-3; do.,^ Fairbury, 189 a- 5: Private instr. and house- 
keeper, 1895 — Member Cong. Church. Married Thomas Babb, Jan. 16, 191 2, Kansas City, 
Mo. Address, Champaign, 111. 


Cert, in Arch.; B. S. in 1909, Contractor; b. Jan. 13, 1868, near Chestnut, 111.; s. 
William Abiff (b. Hardin, O.) & Mary Catherine (Eberman) Davis (b. Watedoo, 111.) 
Prepared in Latham, 111. Philomathcan; Artist, Sopkograpk; Capt. Architectural Drafts- 
man, Burnham & Root, 1888; Mgr., Burke & Co., Marble & Mosaic Contractors, 1889-91; 
Contractor & Designer of Marble Work. Mosaic & Tiling; executed interior of Public Libr. 
& Gas Bldg., Chicago, B. & O. Office Bldg., Baltimore, Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadel- 
phia. Second Natl. Bank, Pittsburgh, etc. Member Chicago Architectural Club, 
1889; Arch. League, N. Y., 1903. Married Laura Mavnard Johnston, Dec. 10, 1894. 
Children, Robert Johnston, b. Sept. 26, 1896; Katharine, b. Julv 23, 1898; Anna Medora, 
b. Nov. i4t 1899. Address, 742 Orleans St., Chicago; Bus. Add., 1209 Stephen Girard 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.; 1713 Flatiron Bldg., N. Y. 


(Brother of Nos. 1020, 102 1) 

B. Lp.; Journalist; b. Dec. 3, 1864, Somonauk, 111.; s. Milton Alvord (b. 1830, Lenox, 
Mass.) & Rebecca Janet (Brown) Dewey (b. 1836, Carthage, N. Y.) Prepared in Urbana 
n. S. Teacher; Asst. Editor, Orange Judd Fanner. Died Mar. 7, 1893, Evanston, 111. 


B. L.; Teacher; b. Jan. 31, 1865, Toulon, III.; d. Samuel M. (b. Sept. 20, 1820, Spring- 
field, Mass.) & Caroline F. (Gardner) Eldridge (b. Sept. 25, 1831, Newark, N. J.). 
Prepared in Galva, 111.; member Cong. Church. Died May 18, 1899, Chicago, III. 

B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr. & Phys.; b. Jan. 26, 1865, Marine, 111.; Jacob (b. Nov. 
IS, 181 5, Long Island) & Mary A. (Walker) Ellison (b. Mar. 1828, Plattsburgh, N. Y.) 
M. D. Died June i, 1896, Alton, 111. 

142 University of Illinois [i88S 

(Brother of No. 941) 

Cert.; Minister: b. Sept. 15, 1858. Ridgefarm. 111.; a. John (b. Sept. 17, 1829, do.} 
& Elizabeth Ann (Reynolds) Folger (b. Aug. 18, 1831. Bloomingdalc, Ind.) Prepared 
in Vermilion Acad., Vermilion Grove. Adelphic; Y. M. C. A.; Farmer; Minister. Died 
Sept. 4, 1001, Alva, Okla. 


B. L.; Lawver; b. July 11. 1867, Paxton, 111.; s. David Alonzo (b. Nov. 6, 1831, 
Methuen, Mass.) & Marilla Marks (Shaw) Frederick Mb. Dec. aSt 1833. Holdemess, 
N. H.) Prepared in Paxton Coll. & Nor. Inst. Adelphic. Teacher, 1 888-9; Lawyer, 
1889; Lawyer & Abstractor. 1898— Was State's Atty. of Hand Co.. S. D., 1894-6. Since 

iuly X, 1 911, Vice Pres. 111. Savings & Trust Co., Investment Bankers, Bloomington, HI. 
larried Mary Bemice Pike. Dec. x8, 1890, St. Lawrence, S. D. Children, David Alonzo, 
b. Nov. 13, 189X (d. May 9, 1803); Manila Louis, b. Jan. 4, 1894 (d. Jan. la, 1804); 
Nellie Grace, b. July 25, i^Si Frances Adelle, b. Mar. 8, 1890; Herbert Louis, b. Aug. 
^5, i3oir Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. i. 1903; Howard Sherman, 6. Nov. 3, 1908. Address. 
130X £. Washington St., Bloomington, 111. 

(Brother of Nos. 503, 80a) 

B. S. In M. E.: Elec. and Mech. Engr.; b. Mar. 30. x868, Davenport, Iowa; a. Peter 
(b. Apr. x8, 1824, Ger.) & Elise (Hinrichsen) (joldschmidt (b. Jan. 27, 1828, do.). . Elec. 
and Mech. Engr. at Davenport, la.; at present Supt. Davenport Gas & Electric Co. 
B. P. O. E. Married Anna Bremer, June 38, 1894, Davenport, Iowa. Children, Erna 
Claire, b. July s, 1895; Alfred G., Jr., b. Feb. ax, X906. Aadress, Z22z W. Fourth St., 
Davenport, lawo. 


B. L.; Attorney; b. May 9, x866, Loda, Iroquois Co., 111.; s. Addison (b. July 16, 
1832, Mentor. Ohio) & Jane H. (Warren) Goodcll (b. Pittstown, N. Y.) Prepared in 
Loda H. S. & Greylock Inst., Williamstown, Mass. Adelphic. With A. Goodell & Sons 
Bankers; Vice-Pres. & Attorney, part owner and manager of Loda Brick & Tile Co., 
Loda, 111.; admitted to bar of State of Til., Nov. 19, xoix. Member 111. Soc. 
Sons American Revolution; Hamilton Club, Chicago; 111. Athletic Club, Chicago; Sec. 
Board of Educ, Loda, 111.; Univ. Club, Chicago; Pres. Cong. State Brotherhood of 111. 
Married Mary Ellinore Gray, Mar. 6, X894. Children, Martha Jane, b. Jan. 31, 1895; 
Frances Wareen, b. July 28, X896. Aadress, Loda, HI. 

Cert.; Supt. Car Wheel Works; b. Aug. 35, 1865, Michigan City, Ind.; s. George (b. 
1830, Aberdeen, Scot.) & Mary Jeannette (Freeman) Greaves (b. X837, Titusville, Pa.) 
Prepared in Aurora H. S.; Jennings Sem. Adelphic. Chemist, 1892; Supt. Smelting 
Works, 1898; Metallurgical Chemist, 1905; Supt. Car Wheel Works. A. F. & A. M.; 
I. O. O. F.; B. P. O. E.; Oorgia Hussars. Address, care Decatur Car Wheel Co., Savan- 
nah, Ga. 


B. S. in .\gr.; Prof, and Chief; b. Apr. 'x3, 1864, Champaign, III.; s. Joseph S. (b. 
Oswestry. Eng.) & Sarah E. (Sands) Grindlcy (b. ibid.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. 
Agr. Club; Grad. Club, Harvard; Sigma Xi: Pni Lambda Upsilon. So. D., Harvard Univ., 
1894. Harvard Univ. Scholarship, X892-3; Morgan Fellowship, 1893-4; reappointed, 1894-5. 
A.St, in Agr. Exp. Sta., Univ. 01 III., 1888-9; Asst. in Chcm.. 1889-92; do.. Harvard Univ., 
1892-3; Instr. in Chem., Univ. of 111., 1894-5; Asst. Prof., x 89^-9; Assoc. Prof., x 899-1904: 
Prof, of Gen. Chem. and Dir. of the Chem. Lab^ 1904-5; Prof, of Animal Chem., & Cfhief 
in An. Chem., Agr. Exp. Sta., xoos- — Author: Studies on the Influence of Cooking upon 
the Nutritive Value of Meats, U. S. Dept. of Agr., Office of Exp. Stas.. Bull., No. 162, 
pp. 1-230; Action of Sodic Alcholates on Chloronil, Acetals derived xrom substituted 
Quinones (with Prof. C. L. Jackson). Am. Chem, Jour., Vol. X7, pp. 577-607 and 633-638. 

Inorganic and Organic Phosphorus in Meats, Jour. Btol. Chem., 8, pp. 483-493; Improved 
Methods for the Analysis 01 Animal Substances. Jour. Amer. Chem. Soc, Vol. 27, pp. 
658-678; also a large number of other articles; lab. guide and class manual; elementary 
lab. course, etc. Member Amer. Chem. Soc; Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Chem. Soc. 
of London; Amer. Breeders* Assoc; Amer. Soc. Biol. Chem.; Amer. Health League; 
Amer. Assoc, of Refrigeration; Amer. Soc. An. Nutr.; Natl. Amer. Conservation Assoc; 
Amer. Home Econ. Assoc; Amer. Pub. Health Assoc; Soc. for Prom, of Agr. Sci. Mar- 
ried Anna Eaton, July 2, 1896, Champaign, 111. Address, 918 W. Green St., Urbana, 111. 


A. B. in L. & S.: Teacher; b. Dec. 15, 1867, Pittsburg. Pa.; d. Benj. (b. July 
15. X830. Willimantic, Conn.) & Anna (Rovoudt) Jilson (b. Oct. 13, 1835, Phil., Pa.) 
Prepared in Pittsburg (Pa.) H. S., and Univ. of 111. Prep. Alethenai. Teacher in H. S., 
Pittsburg. Pa., 1890-19x2. Member Natl. Geog. Soc; Teachers Assoc; Univ. Exten. 
Course of Lectures. Address, 315 S. Highland Ave., E. E,, Pittsburg, Pa. 


B. S. in Sci.; Postal Ry. Clerk: b. June 15, 1868, Urbana, 111.; s. Thomas W. (b. 
May 23, 1838, O.) & Lydia S. (McKinney) McHugh (b, Nov. 39, 1845, O.) Prepared in 

1 888] Baccalaureate Alumni 143 

(Wife of No. 479) 


Asst. Supt. of S. S.; member Assoc. CoU. Alumnse: Univ. of IlL Alumnae Assoc; Vice 
Prea. Chicagro Graded Union of S. S. Teachers: Libr. Chicago Story Teller's League. 
Married Clinton Grant Lumlev, Sept. a6, 1889, Urbana, 111. Children, Harold, b. Mar. 
20, 1891; Leslie Robert, b. July 23, 1893; Arlcne, b. Feb. 27, 1897; Dorothy, b. Aug. 26, 
1900. Address, 1106 W. California St., Urbana, Ills. 


Cert, in L. & S.; b. May 13, Brooklyn. N. Y.j d. Hugh McLellan (b. Glasgow, Scot- 
land) & Susan Campbell (Hossuck) McLellan (b, Gonrock, do.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. 
Y. W. C, A.; Fresh. Class Historian; Class Secy., 1909- Teacher in Settlement 
House of A. C. A., 5 yrs. Member Cong. Church. Address, 706 W. Park Ave., Cham- 


B. S.; b. Feb. 8. 1867, Mason Co., 111.; d. John H. (b. 1827, Miami Co.. O.) ik 
Martha Jane (Sayers) Mathers (b. i8js, do.) Prepared in Mason City H. S. Alethenai, 
Prcs.; Y. W. C. A. Married Faul Alexander Enlows, Aug. 9, 1893, Mason City, 111. 
Children, Freda Efiie, b. May 6, 1894; Ian Mathers, b. Oct. i, 1806; Kenneth Paul, b. 
Apr. 6, 1902; Harold Eugene, b. June xi, 191 1. Address, Mason City, IlL 


B. L. in L. & S.; M. L.. 1891; Professor; b. Apr. 30, 1864, Champaign Co., 111.; 
s. Robert Henry (b. Apr. 30, 1833) & Mary Helen (Shawhan) Myers. Prepared in Urbana 
H. S. Valedictorian; 2d place in Inter-Soc. Cont.; Editor I Hint j Philomathean, Pres., 
Excelsior term. Sigma Xi: Phi Beta Kappa. Ph. D., Ludwig Maximilians Universitat zu 
Munchen, 1896. Inst, in Math., Univ. of 111., 1888-90; Asst. Prof., same. 1890-95; Assoc. 
Prof, of Math. & Astron., same, 1895-7; Prof, of Astron. & App. Math. & Astron, Obser- 
vatory, same, 1897-1900; Prof., Teaching of Math. & Astroii;. Univ. of Chicago, Coll. 
of Educ. & Math. Supervisor of Univ. of Chicago Coll. of Educ. Capt. by Brevet. I. 
State Mil. Discovered cause of variability of B. Lyrae & U. Pe^asi; inventor of method 
of computing orbit of close double variables from light curve of the variable. Author: 
The Rational Elementary Arithmetic (joint), Scott Foresman, 1905; The Rational Gram- 
mar School Arithmetic (joint), same, 1903; Von Lommels Experimental Physik, Kegan 
Paul Trench, 1898; Untersuchungen ueber den Lichtwechsel des Stemes Beta Lyrae; 
Light changes of U Pegasi; articles, Mixed Math, in The Univ. of Chicago High School, 
Sck. Set. & Math., i^ii, 25 pp.; Rep. on Teach. Secondary Math, in France, Sch. Rev., 
19x1, 25 pp.; Math, m Elem. Sch. & Kdgn., for those going to coll. & for those drop- 
ping school, Ed"!. Monthly ^ 191 1, 20 pp., as well as numerous other articles in masazines 
along educational lines. Life Member Astron. Gesellschaft, 1896; Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of 
Sci., 1897; Soc Astronomique de Beige, 1896; Soc. Astronomique de Republique Francais, 
1896; Amer. Math. Soc, 1904; N. E. A., 1904; Circulo Math, di Palermo. Married Mary 
Eva Sim, June 27, X889, Urbana, 111. Children, Sarah Helen, b. May 21, 1890: Joseph 
William, b. Sept. 29, 1892; Margaret Elizabeth, b. Sept. 14, 1898; Eleanor, b. Nov. 11, 
1902 (d. May 18, 1903). Address, 1953 E. 72d St., Chicago. 


B. S. in Chem.; Vhys. & Surgeon; b. Sept. 29, x866, Charleston, 111.; s. William Rush 
(b. Oct. 14, 1836, Palestine, 111.) & Hannah Margaret (Decker) Patton (b. Nov. 26, 
1843, Charleston, 111.) Prepared in Charleston H. S. At^elphic; Phi Rho Sigma; Bus. 
Mgr. Sophograph; Treas., Athletic Assoc; Capt. M. D., Rush Medical Coll., 1890. 
Med. Stud., 1888-90; Physician & Surgeon, X890 — ; Demonstrator Chem. & Materia Mcdica, 
1893-7; Asst. Prof., same, 1897-1908; Instr. in Gcnito-Urinary Surgery, same 1902-7; 
Asst. Prof., same, 1907-8; Instr., same, Chicago Polyclinic, 1902-8; Asst. M:ed. Dir., 
Prudential Life Ins. Co., 1908 — Author: Lab. work in Materia Medica & Therapeutics, 
Chicago Med. Book Co., 1898, 286 pp. Member Baptist Church; Hudson Co. Med. Soc. 
4 N. T. State Med. Soc; Amer. Med. Assoc; Amer. Urological Assoc; The Assoc, of 
Life Ins. Med. Div.; Amer. Assoc, of Ins. Examinations; Montclair Associated 
Physicians; Montclair Club; Montclair Athletic Club. Married Katherine Woodward 
Parr (Ex. '90), Nov. 11, 1890, Chicago. Children, Frederick William, b. Jan. 23^ X893; 
Mary Virginia, b. Oct. 18, 1095. Address, 161 Valley Road, Montclair, N. J.; Bus. Add., 
Prudential Life Ins. Co., Med. Dept., Newark, N. J. 


A. B. in L. & S.; Journalist; b. Sept. 25, X864, Madison, Wis.; s. Joseph Coffin 
(b. 1826) & Mary Ann (Storer) Pickard (b. London, Eng.) Philomathean, Pres.; Vice 
Pres., Athletic Asoc; Sigma Chi. Member Press Club of Chicago, Secy., 1907-8-9; 
Westward Ho Golf (^ub, Dir., 191 o — Address, 1717 Crilly Court, Chicago; Bus. Add. 
52t W. Adams St., Chicago. 

144 University of Illinois [1888 


B. L.; Lawyer; b. Mar. 4. 1866, Foster, R. I.; 8. Jason T. (b. Sept 10, 1820, Foster, 
R. I.) & Martha E. (Peck) Place (b. May 23, 1834, Dighton, Mass.) Prepared in E. 
Greenwich Acad.; Eureka Coll. Adelphic. Taught i888-§; Newspaper work, 1889-99; 
Lawyer, 1899-^ Member of Chicag^o Newspaper Club; Chicago Press Club to 1890. 
Married Nannie Carey, Jan. 11, 1902. Address, 4644 Racine Ave., Chicago; Bus. Add., 

5 N. LaSalle St., Chicago. 


B. S. in C. £.; Pres., Consulting & EnsT. Co.; b. Oct. 20, 186^, Sadorus, III.; s. Sam- 
uel Martin (b. Apr. 4, 1829, Great Falls, N. H.) & Celestia Wood (Brayton) Roberts (b. 
Jan. 27y 1834, Blackstone, Mass.) Prepared in Sadorus & Champaign H. Schs., Fhilo- 
mathcan; C. E. Club. Bridge Engr., 1888-91: Engr. of Bridges for Citv of Chicago, 2 yrs.; 
Pres. & Gen*l. Mgr. of Engr. & Contracting Co. that built Library of Univ. of 111. & Univ. 
Hall for Univ. of la.; Pres., Roberts & Schaefer Co., Consulting & Constructing Engrs. 
Author: Article on the designing & building of the Van Buren St. Bridge, a new type 
of Rolling-Lift Bridge, Chicago, Jour, of Western Soc. of Engrs. & Engr. News, 1894; 
numerous articles for Engr. & Tech. Journals on subjects Modern Coal Mining Plants, 
Engr. as Applied to Mod. Coal Mining, Preparation of Coal for Market, etc., etc. Mem- 
ber Western Soc. of Engrs. Married Lucy C. Stewart, Oct. 7, 1891, Champaign, III. 
Children, Jerome Gillespie, b. Nov. 30, 1892; Mary Brayton, b. July 28, 1894; Kathryn 
Stewart, b. Feb. 4, 1890; Elizabeth Evans, T. Feb. 9, 1902. Address, McCormick Bldg., 
Van Buren & Mien. Blvd., Chicago. 


B. S. in M. E.; Pres., Ft. Madison Plow Co.; b. Aug. 15, 1866; s. Charles Fred (b. 
Feb. 29, 1839, Adelaf, Sweden) & Hannah Cecelia (Huntoon) Samuels (b. Sept. 23, 1845* 
Moline, 111.) Prepared in Moline H. S.; Augustana Coll. Philomathean; Capt. Drafts- 
man, Wabash Shops, Springfield, HI., 1888-9; Designer & Draftsman, Williams, White 

6 Co., Moline, 111., 1889-92; Insp., manufactured goods & Supt. of Bldgs., Moline Plow 
Co., 1892-5; Siipt. Factory Erection, Ottawa, 111., 1895-7; with D. M. sechler Carriage 
Co., Moline, 1899 — ; elected GenM. Mgr., 1900; Pres., Ft. Madison Plow Co., 1908— 
Author: Annual pamphlets regarding improvements on corn planters & the handling of 
fertilizers. Member Cong. Church. Married Lucy Beatrice Fisk, Jan. 23, 1901. Child, 
Florence Cecelia, b. Mar. 3, 1905. Address, 823, 3d St., Ft. Madison, la. 


B. S. in M. E.. 1905; Engineer: b. Jan. 28, 1865, Granville, 111.: s. Frederick (b. 
Gcr.) & Anna (Eicnenhauer) Schaefer (b. do.) Prepared in Granville Schs. Philoma- 
thean; Winner ist prize Philomathean Declam. Cont.; won Inter-Soc. Orat. Cont. & Inter- 
Coll. Orat. Cont.; 3d place Interstate Orat. Cont, Greencastle, Ind, Mech. Expert, 
AUington & Curtis Co., Chicago, 1889; Instr. in Mach. Shop, Univ. of HI., 1889-90; Drafts- 
man, Link-Belt Mach'y Co., Chicago, 1890-3; Engr., A. L. Ide & Son, Springfield. 1893-4; 
Contracting Engr., Link-Belt Macn'y Co., Chicago, 1904: organized Schaefer Mfg. Co., 
Birmingham, Ala., 1907; Vice Pres. & Gen'l. Mgr., Schaefer Mfg. Co., Birmingham, Ala.; 
Vice Pres. Roberts & Schaefer Co., Chicago. Member Amer. Soc. M. E.: Western Soc. 
of Engrs. Author: Pamphlets on subjects of Coal Washing. ' Member Baptist Church. 
Married Eva Shepard, Granville, HI. Child, J. Victor, b. Oct. 24, 1900. Address, Birm- 
ingham, Ala. 

(Wife of No, 436) 
Cert; b. Apr. 22, 1869, Champaign, III.; d. Henry D. (b. 1842, Hanover, Ger.) & 
Amanda (Busey) Stoltey (b. 1845, Rosedale, 111.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Mar- 
ried George Riley Petty (^85),. 1889, Champaign, HI. Children, Lou Fisher, b. Dec. 8, 
1889; Edgar Lynde, b. June 20, 1891; Julia C, b. July 20, 1896; Blanche Helen, b. Nov. 
I, 1898: Bernice Gay, b. Nov. 7, 1900; Thomas Henry, b. Aug. 18, 1902; George Riley, 
Jr., b. Aug. 21, 1905. Address, R. F. D. No. 10, Oklahoma City, Okla. 


B. S. in C. E., Engineer; b. Dec. 9, 1866. Decatur, HI.; s. Walter Jason (b. Somerset, 
O.) & Jennie Frances (Ricketts) Taylor. Prepared in Charleston H. S. Local Engr., 
Middleborough to St Louis Terminal; Resident Engr., 1893-99; Asst Chief Eiigr., 1900-01. 
Married Mary Swannell, June 4, 1890, Champaign, III. Killed Dec. 26, 1901, E. St. Louis, 
III., by locomotive, while examiniiig track. 


B. S. in Chem.: Chemist; b. Jan. 5. 1867, Springfield, III.; s. Daniel b. June 15, 1828, 
Exeter, Scott Co., 111.) & Frances Mary (Moores) Van Gundy (b. Sept 29, 1828, Cincinnati, 
O.) Prepared in Springfield H. S. Philomathean; Local Editor, Illini. 1886-7; Bus. Mgr., 
1887-88; Asst Editor. Sophograph; Pres. Ath. Assoc; Univ. Baseball team; Class Poet, 
Asst Chemist. B. & O. R. R., 1888-90; Laughlin & Co., Iron Furnaces, 1800-2; Chief 
Chemist. B. & O. R. R., 1802 — Member Amer. Chem. Soc; Amer. Soc. tor Testing 
Materials; Soc. of Chem. Industry. Married Esther Louise Bellis, Oct 21, 1903, Balti- 
more, Md. Address, care B. & O. R. R., Mt. Clare, Baltimore, Md. 

1889] Baccalaureate Alumni 145 

CLASS OF 1889 (26) 


(Brother of Nos. 677; 1302) 

*M. L. 1893, M. D. 1896; Phys. & Sure.; b. May 9, 1870, Mattoon, 111.; a. Charles Cb. 
Mar. 27, 1839, JBridgeton, Mc.) & Susan W. (Cleaves) Bennett (b. Mar. 7, 1842, do.) 
Prepared in Mattoon H. S. Philomathean. Asst. Libr., Univ. Ills, to 1894; Physician ^ 
Surgeon since 1896. County, State and Amer. Med. Assoc. Married Frances Hoages Dec. 
29, 1897, Champaign. Children, George L., b. Jan. 6, 1901; Charles H., b. Sept. 8, 1906. 
Address, CHiampaign, III. 


(Husband of No. 673; Brother of No. 926) 

B. L.; Clergyman; b. Apr. 6, 1866, Woodstock, Ohio; s. George F. (b. Jan. xx, 1836. 
Woodstock, Vt.) & Orpha A. (Marsh) Bennett (b. 1837, Woodstock, O.) Prepared in 
Atlanta H. S. First Pres. Freshman Class; Pres. Philomathean; Phi Beta Kappa; Fore- 
man, IlKni, four years. A. M. H^hrvard 1895. Real Estate & Banking, 1892. Unitarian 
Clergyroan, 1895 — Ed. several church papers. Author of sermons & articles in the 
Christian Register, the New Unity. Sj>ring field Republicai^ etc. Member Missionary Coun- 
cil A. U. A.; Director Western Unitarian Conference; Missionary Missouri Valle^r Uni- 
tarian Conference. Married Alice May Barber, Sept. 5, 1895, La Fox, 111. Children, 
Orpha Estelle, b. Nov. 29, 1896 (d. Feb. 14, 1912); Lawrence Barber, b. Apr. 23 1900. 
Address, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


B. S. in Agr.; Farmer & Stock Raiser: b. Sept. 30, 1867, Reynolds; 111. ; s. Daniel (b. 
1825, Pa.) & Sarah (Litterington) Bopes (b. 1835, (5.) Prepared in Country Sch. Phil- 
omathean; Agr. Club. Member Presb. Church. Address, Reynolds, III. 


UL. B.; Lawyer; b. 1861, Lincoln, 111.; g. Mrs. M. E. Lasher. Died Sept. 3, 1898, 
Chicago, 111. 


Cert.; b. 1865, Akron, III.; d. D. L. F. Bronson. Professional Nurse. Address, 1107 
W. Illinois St., Urbana, III. 


B. S.; Asst. Prin.; b. Dec. 17, 1862, Springfield, 111.; s. Felix (b. Oct. 4, i8a8, Dajrton, 
O.) & Rachel Tamsen (Donner) Carver (b. May 7, 1842, Springfield, 111.) Prepared 
in Springfield H. S. Class Orator; Capt. Raised a company for Spanish-American War, 
not mustered into service. Past Commander, K. T. Deacon Presb. Church. Married 
Elizabeth C. Payrann, Aug. 12, 1896, Springfield, 111. Address, 120 W. Allen St., Spring- 
field, HI. 


B. L.; Teacher; b. May 15, 1868, Atlanta, 111.; d. Azel Edward (b. July 21, 1832, 
Swanton, Vt.) & Jane Gertrucic (Leonard) Church (b. Sept. 30, 1837, Uewitt, N. Y.) 
Prepared in Atlanta H. S. Pres. Alethenai; served on class com.; class day program. 
History and Prophecy? Pres. Oratorical Assoc, one term. Teacher in Ottawa, 111. Tp. 
H. S., 1889-3; studied at Chicago Art Inst., 1894-5; taught in Atlanta Pub. Sch., 1896-8; 
studied in Ger. and France, 1S98-1900; taught LaSalle H. S., 1900-7; Cent. H. S., Grand 
Rapids, Mich., 1007 — Member Daughters of Amer. Rev. Address, Atlanta, 111.; Bus. Add., 
240 Lyon St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 


(Sister of Nos. 729; 1x09) 

B. L. in L. & A.; b. Dec. 18, 1867, Homer, 111.; d. Alva Martin (b. Feb. 11, 1836, 
Attica, Ind.) & Miranda Amy (Gaines) Coffecn (b. Dec. 28, 1836, Virginia. 111.) Pre- 
pared in Champaign H. S. Phi Beta Kappa; Alethenai. Studied music in New Exigland 
Conservatory of Music, 1 890-1; Gottschalk Lyric School, 1892*3. Music Teacher, (Jham- 
pai^, x89X'i909. Member Conrr. Church; Central 111. Branch of Collegiate Alumnae; 
Alliance Chapter, D. A. R. Address, 806 S. Fifth St., Champaign, 111. 


B. S.; M. S., 2893; Professor; b. Aug. 10, 1857: s. Samuel (b. O.) & Rachel (Mechem) 
Daufffaerty (b. do.) Prepared in Wenona H. S.; State Nor. Univ., Normal, 111. Ph. D., 
Wealeyan Univ.. 1901. Prof, of Zool., Mo. State Nor., Kirksville, Mo., 1897. Authof 
of General Principles of Zoology. Member Amer. Assoc. Adv. Sci. Zoology, 1903; Teachers? 
Assoc, Mo., N. E. A. and other Teachers' Assocs. ; Eminent Com^ Ely Commandery 
Kirk«ville, Mo.; A. F. & A. M., Kirksville, Mo. Married Millie Crum, July 8, 1885. 
Children, Blanche C, b. X890; Bessie L., b. 1893. Address, 116 E. Baldwin St., Kirks- 
ville, Mo. 


ice; Railroad Tranaitman & Res. Engr.; Survyr. in private practice; U. S. Survyr; U. S. 

146 University of Illinois [1889 

Inspector of Bridges; General Contractinff & Buildins. Member Engrs. Club of St. Louis; 
Natl. Geographic Soc. Address. Hotel Maryland; Bus. Add., ii6 South 4th St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


B. S. in Arch.; Bid. Conti.; b. Oct. 4, 1866. Bloomington, IlL; s. John Watkins (b. 
Feb. 13, 1828. Ebensburg, Pa.) & Martha (Williams) Evans (b. 1840, Ebensburg, Pa.) 
Prepared in 111. State Nor. Univ.; Univ. Acad. Pres. Athletic Assoc, 1888-9. Married 
Alice Tryner, Oct. 9, 1894, Bloomington, 111. Children, George Tryner, b. Jan. 13, 1898; 
John Watkins, b. Sept. 27, 1901. Address, Bloomington, 111. 


B. L.; Editor. Daily Journal Casette; b. Aug. 17, i86§. Flora, 111.; s. Cyrus D. & Ro- 
villa Catherine (Miller; Kendall. Prepared in Newton H. S. Read Law, 1889-91; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1891; soon after took up newspaper work. Married Jessie B. Johnson, 
Mar. a, 1898, Newton, 111. Address, 1309 Lafayette Ave., Mattoon, lu. 


B. L. in L. & S.; Lawyer; b. Feb. 9, 1868, Macoupin Co., III. Address, 1013 Madison 
St., Litchfield, 111. 


(Brother of No. 744) 

B. S. in M. E. & C. E.; Dist. Foreman: b. Dec. 8, 1866; s. Joseph R. & Julia (Robin- 
son^ Kinkead. Engr. in Chicago, Oil City & Independence, Kan.; Dist. Foreman 01 P. O. 
& G. Co. Married Dora M. Weber, June 20, 1892, Earlville, 111. Child, Dorothy Elizabeth, 
b. July 14, 1904. Address, Neodesha, Kan. 


B. S. in Arch.; Farmer & Arch.; b. May 20, 1863, Joliet, 111.: s. C. A. (b. Decatur, 
N. Y.) & Emmeline (Seward) Lewis (b. do.) Arch, in Spokane & Whatcom, Wash., 1890; 
Farmer, Toliet. III., 1891. Member M. E. Church. Married Anna Morton^ Oct. 20, 1809, 
Hope, Ida. (a. Jan. i, 1891); Lulu B. Ames, May 3, 1893, Springfield, 111. Children, 
Anna Isabelle, b. Feb. 16, 1897 (d. Mar. 8, 1897); Dorothy Pringles, b. July 17, 1898; 
Franklin Spencer, b. Nov. 9, 1901. Died Jan. 12, 1908. 


B. L.; b. 1850, Franklin Co., 111.; s. Elizabeth Lewis. Died Dec. 20, 1894, Gaines< 
viUe. Pa. 


Cert, in Min. Engr.; Engineer; b. Sept. 4, 1866, Escanaba, Mich.; s. George G. (b. 
1 821, Winchester, Eng.) & Elizabeth Grey (Steele) Ligare (b. 1820, Rochester N. Y.) 
Prepared in Glencoe H. S. Married Edith Francis Hovey, Sept. 19, 1895. Children. Eliza- 
beth Frances, b. Dec. 25, 1896; Alice Louise, b. June 24, 1900; Robert Edward, b. Dec. 
28, 1904; Harriet Hovey, b. Oct. 20, 191 1. Address, 156 Keystone Ave., River Forest, 
Cook Co., IlL 


B. S. in M. £.; Gen'l. Mgr.; b. Dec. 27, 1866, Sadorus, 111.; s. Oberlin C. (b. Dec 10, 
1835, Bainbridge, O.) & Margaret E. (Sadorus) McConney (b. June 15, 1842, Sadorus, 111.) 
Prepared in Common Sch., Sadorus, 111. Erecting Engr., 1889-92; Svipt. ox Constr., 1892-3; 
Chief Draftsman, Supt., Asst. Mgr., Davis Iron Works, 18^3-7; Consulting Engr., Mine & 
Smelter Supply Co., 1897-1902; Salesman. Holthoff Mchy. Co., 1902-4: Mgr., Denver office, 
AUis Chalmers Co., 11)05-9; Gen'l. Mgr., The F. M. Davis Iron Works Co., 1909— Mar- 
ried Gertrude I. Schriver, Apr. 20, 1892, Denver, Colo. Children, Reobert Clay, b. June 
i7» 1893 (d. July 18, 1894); Virginia, b. May 7, 1904. Address, 1162 Vine St., Denver, Colo. 


B. L.; 'M. L., 1893; Teacher; b. Jan. 16, 1861, Peoria, 111.; s. Oliver (b. Mar. 12, 
1805, Dumfries^ Scotland) & Mary (Robertson) Moles (b. June 10, 18x5, Glasgow, do.) 
Prepared by private instruction. Adelphic; Class & Commencement (Jrat. Ph. D., Univ. of 
Denver, 1897. Prin. of Schools, Monroe, la.; Supt. at Canon City, Colo.; Prin. Logan 
School, Denver, 1803-5: taught in West Side High School, 1895-7; Prin. of Sherman Sch., 
1897-190A; East Side High School, 1904 — Married Mary L. Hunter, Aug. 7, 1890, Calhoun, 
111. Children, Hunter Stephen, b. June 17, 1891; Oliver Clinton, b. Nov. 22, X892; Lillian 
Alice, b. Sept. xs, 1894; Laura Esther, b. May 9, 1897; Eleanor & Evelyn, b. Dec. 19, 
1901. Address, Edgewater, Colo. 


(Sister of No. 660) 

B. L. in L. & Aj b. July 7, 1864^ Sidney, 111.; d. Andrew Jackson (b. Aug. 19, 1832, 
Grafton, Mass.) & Elizabeth Ann (Shacklciord) Paine (b. May 7. 1827, Danville, Ky.) 
Prepared in Sidney & Champaign H. Schs. Y. W. C. A. Teacher & Housekeeper. Mem- 
ber Y. W. C. A.; Y. P. S. (J. E.; Y. W. C. T. U. Died Sept. 23, 1907, Longview, 111. 


(Brother of No. 287) 

B. S.; M. S., 1890; Prof. & Dir.; b. Sept. 6, 1864, Reno, 111.; s. John Milton (b. 1823. 
Maury Co., Tcnn.) & Ruth Naomi (Jones) Ross (b. 1825, do.) Prepared in Greenville, 
H. S. Philomathean Pres.; 2d prize Declamation Contest, same; ist place, Orat. Contest, 

1S90I Baccalaureate Alumni 147 

same; Hatchet Orat.; Pres., Class. Fellowship in ZooL Prof, of Nat. Sci., i8oo-i; 

GoMtttt, Vol. zs; Preliaiinaiy Notes on the Iowa Entomostracat Proc. la, Acad. 0/ Set., 

A ntw dpeaes ox jjapnnia a xsriez jxotes on utner .i^iadocera ot ia.» same, vol. a^ pp. 
167-70: All Observation on the Number of Bacteria in Des Moines School Builain^s, 
same. Vol. 13, pp. az-3: Food of Subterranean Crustacea, same. Vol. 13, pp. 273-6; His- 
torical Sketch ox £arly Health Regulations in la., same, pp. 229-40, etc. Member A. A. A. S. 
Married Ellen Maria Bardwell, June 22. 1892, Lr.verett; 111. Children, Ruth Lovilla, b. 
Sept. 5, 1895! Helen Bardwell, b. Feb. 28, Z901; Mary Kellogg, b. Apr. i, 1903. Address, 
1308 27lh St., Des Moines, la. 


A. B.; A. M., 1800; Teacher: b. Oct. 9, 1861, New Haven, la. d. Fanny Moore 
Alethenai; Y. W. C. A. Taught Latin in Ottawa, III. Member Presb. Church; Modem 
Literature Club. Address, Care Ottawa High School, Ottawa, Ill.(}) 


B. S. in M. E.; Mech. Engr.: b. June 10, x86<, Johnson, Vt.; s. Levi B. (b. Apr. 
2S, X829. Bixton, Me.) & Mary Ide (Peabodv; Steele (b. Nov. 22, 1835, Rochester, Vt.) 

Sec*y., 111. State Assoc. Nat'l. Assoc, stationary Engrs. Married Hattie Morrison, Feb. 
IX, z8oi, Urbana, 111. Child, Phyllis, b. June 7, 1893 (d. Feb. ai, 1910). Address, 2122 
Osgooa St., Chicago. 

(Brother of No. 367) 

Cert, in M. £.| Designer; b. Dec Z2, z866; s. Joseph (b. 1825, Hana, (^r.) & Marie 
(Brennemann) Weis ^b. 1828, Marburg, do.) Prepared in Peru H. S. Designer for 
Arch. Iron Works. Died July 25, 1891, Tonica, III. 


(Sister of Nos. zi6; 295; 448; 581) 

B. L. in L. & S.: b. June z6, 1870, Champaign, 111.; d. Nathan (b. N. Y.) & Jane 
(Cloyd) Weston (b. Troy, N. Y.) Prepared in Cliampaign H. S. Married Frank Mills 
Van Osdell, June 16, Z903. Chicaso. Children, Arthur Weston, b. Sept. 28, 1904; Florence 
Elirabeth, b. Aug. 24, Z908. Adaress, Wheaton, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. zi6; 295; 448; 580; Husband of No. 500) 

B. L.; M. L.. 1898: Asst. DIr.; b. 1868, Champaign, HI.; s. Nathan (b. 1827. Walworth, 
N. Y.) & Jane (Cloyd) Weston (b. 183;, Troy, N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. 
Adelpnic; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Beta Kappa. Ph. D., Cornell, 190X. Fellowship, Univ. 


her Amer. Econ. Assoc.: Amer. Pol. Sci. Assoc. Married Angeline Cayman (^87); i8o4» 
Champaign. Children, Nathan, b. Z896; Janet Louise, b. 1905. Address, 6oz Daniel St., 
Champaign, 111. 

CLASS OF 1890 (42) 


(Brother of Nos. 16 17 and 2567) 

B. S. in M. E.J Draftsman; b. July 22, 1868, Urbana. IlL; s. Andrew (b. Oct. i, 
X836, Lanarkshire, Scot.) & Elizabeth McBeath (Paisley) Barr (b. Aug. 3, 1842, Scot.) 
Prepared in Urbana H. S. Capt. Chief Draftsman for Armour & Co. in Power Dept. 
Member Western Soc. of Engrs. Married. Lillian R. Bennett, Apr. 22, X902, Chicago. 
Children, Robert J., b. Mar. 8, 1003; Helen Frances, b. Mar. aa, 1905; James, Jr., b. 
Oct. 28, 1907; Arthur Thomas, b. June 12, 191 x. Address, 7434 Princeton Ave., Chicago, 


B. S. in M. E.; Supt.; b. Dec. 2, 1868, Elyria, O.; s. Rev. Henry Heath (b. Jan. 17, 
1839. Totnes, Devon, Eng.) & Harriet Newell (Day) Bawden (b. Jan. 31, 1842, New York 
City.) Prepared in Dayton H. S. and Denison Univ. Philomathean. Pres. 111. Inter- 
CoU. Athl. Assn., X889. B. S., B. D., Rochester Theol. Sem. Teacher of Math., Univ. 
Acad., j^89o-i^; l>acher_^Man.^Tr., Beardstown H.^S.;^Sugt. B^^trice Elec. Light and 

became Indus, 
[ndus. Exp. Sta., 

148 University of Illinois [1890 

1910-12); Exchange Ed., Baptist Miss'y Review, igio-ii; Ed. Indus. Miss'y Assoc. Dept. 
do., xoii. Married Minnie L. Cotton, June 2^, 1806, North Amherst, O. Children, Her- 
bert Newton, b. Feb. 2, 1900; Dorothea Caroline, b. June 15, 1904. Address, 137 Huron 
St., Elyria, O. 


(Brother of No. 203) 

B. L.; Merchant; b. May 311 1870, Champaign, 111.; s. Geo. F. Beardsley (b. May 26, 
i8i7, Knox Co., Ohio) & Martna (Mahan) Beardsley (b. July 16, 1834, N. Y.) Prepared 
in Champaign H. S. Adelphic. Clerk in law office, 1890-91; Fire Ins., 1891-94; Manager 
Machine shop & foundry, 1894-1902; Life Ins., 1902-6; Fruit farm, 1906-10; Merchant, 
1910 — Married Edith M. Stave, June 14, 1899, Champaign, 111. Children, Alfred, b. 
Sept. II, 1900; Katherine, b. Aug. 31, 1902; John W. Jr., b. Aug. 19, 1911. Address, 
Overland Park, Kansas. 


(Brother of No. 2017) 

B. S. in C. E.; b. Mar. 25, 1869, Oak Grove (now Carlock), 111.; 8. Cvrus H. (b. 
Sept. 16, 1835. do.) & Lucy Amanda (Rowell) Benson (b. Aug. 10, 1869, do.) Prepared 
in Univ. Aiaa. Philomathean ; C. E. Club. Draftsman, Instrumentman and Asst. Lngr.. 
Northern Pac. R. R.. 1890-92; same, Spokane Falls and Northern R. R., 1892-3. Died 
Oct. 8, 1894, Ames, la. 

Cert; b. Girard, Macoupin Co., III.; s. R. B. Bowsher. (t) 


(Wife of No. 880) 

A. B.; b. Champaign, 111.: d. Patrick (b. 1828, Ireland) & Catharine (Lynch) Bo^le 
(b. 1832, do.) Prepared in Champaign High School. Alethenai. Bookkeeper & Cashier, 
1900. Member Chicago Assoc. Coll. Alumnae. Married Peter Junkersfeld ('95), June 
19. 1 90 1, Champaign. Child, Mary Josephine, b. Sept. 5, 191 1. Address, 139 N. Prairie 

.Ave dllCcLffO 


B. L.; b. Nov. 17, 1867, Ottawa, 111.; d. David (b. Aug. 31, 1832, Ottawa, 111.) & 
Helen Barnes Brumbash (b. 1840, Utica, N. Y.) Prepared in Lake Erie Seminary, 
Painesville, O. Alethenai. Taught in Watseka H. S., 1890-91. Member Classic Culture 
Club, 1892; Mothers' Club, 1902 (Sec. 1^04-3)1 Cheminade Musical Club, 1902; Inter- 
collegiate Alumnae Assoc, 1904; Pilgrim C^ng. Church; City Y. W. C. A. Board, 1906-11; 
Pres. Seattle Branch of Mothers* Congress, 1908-11; State Chm. Legislative Com. & Fed- 
eration of Clubs. Married Charles Eugene Bogardus, Feb. 16, 1893, Oilman, III. 
Children, Almon Eugene, b. Sept. 28, 1895; Wallace David, b. Dec. i, 1896; Helen Evelyn, 
b. Jan. 17, 1899. Address, 323 Fourteenth Ave., North, Seattle, Wash. 


B. S.; Evangelist; b. Tune 25, 1867, Bement, 111.; s. James Harvey (b. Oct. s, 1833, 
Mt. Vernon, O.) & Anna Catharine (Holm) Camp (b. Mar. 16, 1847, Bucyrus, O.) Pre- 
pared in Bement H. S. LL. B., Northwestern, 1893. Philomathean; Kept*, in (Jrat. Cont.; 
Class Pres., 1890. Practiced Law until Oct., 1900; Bible Teacher & Evangelist, 1900 — 
Teacher of Union Bible Classes in Can. & U. S., 1904. Author: pamphlets, The Way 
of Life made Plain; The G. A. R. Married Mabel Johnston, Tune 3, 1896, Chanute, Kan. 
Children, Horace Johnston, b. Mav 4, 1897; John Mallory, 0. Sept. 22, 1907. Address, 
5416 Winthrop Ave., Edgewater, Chicago. • 


(Sister of Nos. 591, 790) 

Cert, in L. & S.; b. Feb. is, 1867, Pecatonica, III.; d. Henry S. (b. Tan. i, 1841, ' 
New York) & Harriet Louisa (Cable) Clark (b. Nov. 11, 1840, Pecatonica. 111.) Prepared 
in Pecatonica H. S. Ik Univ. Acad. Alethenai; Y. W. C. A. Member M. E. Church. May- 
view, 111. Married Jesse Clinton Kirkpatricl^, Feb. 14, 1893. Children, Henry Clinton, b. 
Aug. 7, 1894, (died Mar. 27^ 1895.) Florence Mabel, b. July 19, 1898; Jesse Clark, b. 
June II, 1908 Address, 902 W. Green St., Urbana, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 590, 790) 

B. S. in M. E.; Mechanical Engineer; b. July 23, 1865, Pecatonica, 111.; s. Henry S. 
& Harriet I^uisa (CablO Clark. Prepared in Pecatonica H. S. & Univ. Acad.; Capt.; 
Sen. Class Pres. Elcc. Const., July.-Nov., 18^0; with David L. Barnes, Chicago Ry. & 
Mechanical Eng., 1890-94; Chief Draftsman, C B. & Q. R. R. Co., 1894-99; Mech. Engr., 
1899-1902; Supt. Motive Power, 1902-05; Gen. Supt. Motive Power C. B. & Q. R. R., 
1905 to i^ii; since Jan. i, 191 1. Gen. Supt. Motive Power Baltimore & Ohio R. R. 
Married C^ra Campbell, Apr. 4, 1893. Children, Harold Ezra, b. Sept. 7, 1895; Helen 
Louise, b. Nov. 17, 1900. Address, 17 Midvale Road, Roland Park, Md. 


(Husband of No. 629) 

B. L.; Dean of Men; b. Mav 11, 1862, Minonk, 111.: s. William G. (b. Nov. 8, 1814. 
Northumberland, Eng.) & Dorothy (Metcalf) Clark (b. Sept. 16. 1812, Blythe, do.) Pre- 

1890] Baccalaureate Alumni 149 

paign, 1890-91: Instr. m Engl. & Latin, llniv. Acad., 1891-3; Inatr. in Ensl., Univ. of 111., 
1893-5; Asst. Prof, of Rhetoric, 1805-9; Student in Harvard Univ., iSoB-g; Professor of 
Rhetoric, 1890^ — ; Acting Dean, Coll. of Lit. & Arts, 1900-z; Dean of Undergraduates and 
AssL to the President, 1901-4; Director Summer Session, IQ03-08; Dean of Undergradu- 
ates, 1904-9; Dean of Men, 190Q — Author: Washington's Farewell Address, XV, 25 pp, 
Chas. Scribner's Sons, 1908; Webster's Bunkerhill Oration, XIV, 29 pp., do.; Burkes 
Speech on Conciliation, do.; Facts for Freshmen, with A. R. Wamock, 100 pp., Univ. of 
111., 191 X. Has written regularly for magazines and educational publications since 1897. 
Married Virginia Broaddus ('91), Aug. 34, 1896. Address, 928 Illinois St., Urbana, 111. 
Bus. Add., 330 Natural Hist. Bldg., Univ. of 111. 


B. S. in C. £.; Railway Contractor j b. Nov. 2, 1868, Chicago, 111.; s. Michael & Ellen 
M. (Henneberry) Clarkson. Prepared xn Lake H. S., Chica^, 111. C. £. Club; Varsity 
Baseball. Married Lucy Irene Ridgley, June 22, 1891, Chicago, 111. Address, 689 E. 
2 1 St, N. Portland, Ore. 


(Brother of Nos. 864, 1836) 

B. S.; M. S., 1894; Botanist; b. May 7, 1867, Polo, 111.; s. John Waterbury (b. Andes, 
N. Y.) & Carrie Adelia (Perkins) Clinton (b. do.) Prepared in Polo H. S. Class 
Day ft Commencement Orator. M. S., Harvard. 1901; So. D., Harvard, 1902. Asst. 
Botanist, III. Agr. Exp. Sta. & Asst. in Bot., 111., 1 890-1902; Botanist. Conn. Agr. Exp. 
Sta., 1902 — Author of various bulletins and reports on^&rasitic lungi of cultivated 
plants, published by 111. Agr. Exp. Sta., and Conn. An*. Exp. Sta.; various papers on 
fungi in botanical magazines; monograph of N. Amer. Ustilagineae, pub. by Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist. Member Conn. Pomological Soc; Conn. Bot. Soc; New England Bot. Club; 
Bot. Soc. Amer.; Amer. Phytopathological Soc. (Pres.. 191a); Fellow, Amer. Soc. Adv. 
Sci.; International Assoc, of Botanists. Married Anna J. Lightbody, Aug. 0, 1892, Pekin, 
m. Child, Harry Lightbody, b. July 14, 1893. Address, Care Conn. Agr. Exp. Sta., New 
Haven, Conn. 


B. S. in C. E.; Asst. Enm*.; b. Dec. 26, 1862, £. Newbern, 111.; s. Elon (b.* 1835, 
En^nd) & Palmira (Brown) Cooke (b. 1838, N. J.) Prepared in Alton H. S. Jun. and 
(Commencement orator. Cajpt. Draftsman, la. Div.. I. C. R. R.. 1890; do., Union Pac. 
R. R. Wyo. Div., 1890-2; Asst. Engr., Chicago & West Ind., R. R., 1892-8; Chief Drafts- 
man, Joint Track Elevation and Depression, Chicago., 1898- 1900; Asst. Engr., Chicago & 
Alton R. R., 1900-5; Asst. Engr., Chicago & Western Ind., R. R., 1905-8: Asst. Engr., 
L. S. & M. S. RT'> 1908 — Married Lottie Stewart, Oct. 12, 1892, Cnampaign, 111. 
Child, Russell, b. Feb. 22. 1898. Address, 7209 Harvard Ave., Chicago, 111. Bus. Add., 
402 LaSalle Station, do. 


B. S. iu Chem. ; Technical Chemist ft Manufacturer; s. Rev. I. A. Cornelison. Pre- 
pared in H. S., S. D., Harvard, 1893. Asst. in Chem., Univ. of 111., 1890-91; Morgan 
Fellow, Harvard, 1891-93. Member Amer. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Ind.; Deut. Chem. 
(>esel; Fellow A. A. A. S., etc. Married Alice E Lou^hridge. Children, Margaret L.; 
Elizabeth F. Address, West Summit St., Somerville, NT J. 


B. S. in C. E.; Engineer; b. Tuly 29, 1866. Decatur, Ind.; s. Austin (b. Jan. 8, iSjjS, 
Richland Co., O.) & Catharine '(Yeiter) Crabbs (b. Sept. 18, 1842, Ashland Co., 0.) 
Prepared in H. S. & Mich. Agr. Coll. C. E. Club; Valedictorian; Bus. Mgr. Illini. 
Civ. Engr., 1890-1900; Manufacturin|[, 1900-06; Prin. Asst. Engr., 1Q06-09 — B. R. T. 
Eng. Way & Structures, Brooklyn Rapid Transit System, 1009-1911 — Assoc, member Am. 
Elec. Ry. Assoc; Member Am. Ry. £ng. Assn.; Hamilton Club. Brooklyn, N. Y. Married 
Jessie Elizabeth Cox, Sept. 30, 1903, Denver, Colo. Children, Helen Elizabeth, b. Sept. 18, 
1Q04; Richard, b. Dec. 4, 1906. Address, 177 82d St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Bus. Add., 85 
Ointon St., do. 


A. B. in L. & A; A. M., 1893; Teacher; b. Jan. 25, 1867, Atwood, 111.; d. William 
(b. Dec. 3, 183A, Loran Co., O.) & Maria (I>ewis) EUars (b. Feb. 22, 1832, Warren Co., 
Ind.) Preparea in Tuscola H. S. Alethenai. Teacher in Gram. Sch.. Tuscola, 1891-2; 
H. S. Teacher, Tuscola, 1892-8: Prin. of do., 1898-1000. Married Leonard Qliver 
Hackett, Nov. 22^ 1900, Tuscola, 111. Address, Tuscola, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Apr. 24, 1865, Indianola, 111.; s. Michael (b. Nov. 6, 
1835, Indianola, 111.) ft Maryctte (Baum) Fisher (b. 18, 1845, do.) Prepared in 
Indianola H. S. Capt. Draftsman, Chicago, 1890-s; Survyr., Indianola, 1805-1900; Town- 
site surveyor for Dept. of Interior. I. T., 1900-5: Surveyor & Engr., Danville, 111., 1905 — 
Author: Articles, Experiments on Paving Brick, No. 4, Selected Papers of the C. E. Club 
of the Univ. of 111.; Building a Small Stone Highway Bridge, The Eng. Record, 1896. 
Member M. £. Church. Married Maude Songer, Apr. 14, 1900, Danville, III. Children, 
(aeorgia Mary Ellen, b. Dec 12, 1905; Bertha Nell, b. Aug. 20, 1908 (d. Dec. 23, 1908.) 
Address, 705 N. Gilbert St., Danville, 111. 

I50 University of Illinois 1 1890 


B. S. in M. E.; b. 1866, Columbus, 111.; s. W. E. GiUiland. Master Mech. Address, 
Care Calumet & Anzona Mining Co., Douglas, Ariz. 


Cert. Architect; b. Nov. 22 ,1869, Davenport, Ta.; s. Louis (b. Jan. 26. i8ai, Itzehoe, 
Ger.) & Maria Sophie (Hannemann) Hanssen (b. Nov. 17, 1831.) Prepared in Davenport, 
la., and Univ. Acad. First prize mil. drill, 1887; Instr. in Gymnasium. Married Lilli May 
Stibolt, June 28. 1894, Davenport. la. Children, Paphne Louise, b. June 17, 1896; Arthur 
Christian, b. Feb. 6, 1906. Address, 2030, 29th St., San Diego, Calif. 


B. S. in M. E.; Engineer; b. Aug. x6, 1868, Forest Glen, Chicago; s. William Cross 
(b. x8^2, Northfield, N. H.) & Frances Amanda (Morrill) Hazleton (b. 1840, Canterbury, 
N. II.) Prepared m Jefferson H. S., Chicago, Philomathean. Draftsman, Westinghouse 
Elec. & Mfe. Co., 1890-1; Draftsman, D. L. Barnes, 1891-2; Draftsman & Supt., Intra 
Mural Ry., World's Fair, 1892-3; with J. B. Arnold, 1894; Draftsman, Metropolitan West 
Side Elevated Ry., 1895-7; Engr., Englewood & Chicago Ry., 1898; Asst. £lec Ensr., 
Manhattan Ry., N. Y., 1899-1903; Elec. Engr.. 1903-8; same, with L. B. Stillwell, N. Y., 
2905-1 1, during which period was Elec. Engr. tor Hudson & Manhattan Ry., N. Y. Mem- 
ber Amer. Inst Elec. Engrs.; Er^^rs. Club. N. Y.; Ry. Club, N. Y. Married Caroline 
Sylvia Norton, Nov. 17, 1906. Children, Caroline Norton, b. Nov. 4, 1907; Sylvia Ken- 
drick, b. Dec. 6, 1909. Address, 42 Sherwood PI., Englewood, N. J. Bus, Add., xoo 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


(a laboratory manual) : articles and press bulletins. Sewage Disposal for Country Homes, 
Small Water Supply Plants, Lightning Protection, Chimney Construction for Dwellings, 
Management of House Furnaces, etc, Ohio Farmer, 1911. Married Myrtle Pearman, 
Oct. ^, 1893. Children, Margaret, b. June 26, 1894; Dorothy, b. Aug. ai, 1896; Rebecca, 
b. Feb. Z5, 1904; Philip, b. Oct. 8, 1906; Virginia, b. Dec. 4, 1908. Address, 1028 7th St., 
N. Fargo, N. D. 


A. B. in L. & A.; b. Oct., 1869, Champaign, III.; d. George W. (b. 1835, Sidney, O.) 
& Laura (Garst) Kennard ^b. 18^5, Dayton, O.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Address, 
31 X W. Univ. Ave., Champaign, 111. 


B. S. in M. E.; Manufacturer; b. Feb. 22, 1866, Orion, Henry Co., 111.; a. John (b. 
Mar. 5, 18x9, Oakdale, Penn.) & Margaret M. (Burns) McCandless (b. Nov. xs, 1839, Im- 
perial, Penn.) Prepared in Orion H. S.; Davenport (Is.) Bus. Coll.; won ist prize in 

Mfgr. Elec. Lamps, 1895 — ; also Treas. Ernwall Realty Co., 67 Park PI., N. Y. City. X905 — 
author of trade catalogs, etc. Married Nancy Pearl Long, June 25, 1903, Lynn, til. Chil- 
dren, Margaret Louise, b. Sept. 15, XQ04; Nancy, b. Nov. 21, 1907; Jessie Wanda, b. July 
15, 1909. Address, 600 2Sth St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Bus, Add., 67-69 Park Place, New York. 


B. S. in M. E.; Supt. of Machy.; b. Sept 3, 1866, Tippecanoe. Ind.; s. Samuel 
(b, Jan. 2y, 1838, Tippecanoe Co., Ind.) & Alma (Bush) McKee (b. Jan. 19. X839, do.) 
Prepared in country school, Rising, 111.: Univ. Acad. Chief Engr.. Milwaukee, 1892-4; 
Dallas Chief Engr., 1895-6; Ishpeming, Mich.; Master Mech., Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., 
Mich. M!n. Co., X899-1005; Supt. of Machy., Bisbee, Ariz., 1905; same, Calumet & 
Ariz. Min. Co. Married isa Dora Fisher, Oct 18, 1892, Denver, Colo. Child, Lottie 
Maude, b. Oct. 23, 1893. Address, Warren, Ariz. 


(Brother of No. 1053) 

Cert Lawyer. Address, Mount Sterling, 111. 


B. S. in Chem.; Secy., Tel. & Tel. Co.; b. Nov. x, 1869, Dwight, III.; s. Montgomery 
& Qara M. (Armstrong) Moore. Prepared in Champaign schs. Athletic Assoc. Chemist, 
1 890- 1 900; Scc;r., Federal Tel. & Tel. CO;. 1900 — Married Ina L. Hubbell, 1896, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Children. Spencer A.: Marvin P.; Byron L,, Jr., b. Nov., X897 (d. Nov., 1900). 
Address, 651 W. Deiavan Ave., Buffalo; Bus. Add., 332 Ellicott St, Buffalo, N. Y. 


B. S. in M. Ej Engr. & Supt. of Constr.* b. Aug. 17, x868, Charleston, 111.; s. 
Simeon Hiatt (b. Cynthiana, Ky.) & Martha Jane (Anderson) Nesbit. Prepared in 
Charleston H. S. Treas. 0/ Athletic Assoc. Mech, Drafting, 1 890-1 900; Designing 

1890J Baccalaureate Alumni 151 

zinc smelters* roasters & ffen'l machy., & Supt. of Constr., 1900 — Member Amer. Soc. 
of M. £.; Cleveland Athletic Club; all Masonic bodies, excepting Consistory; Elks. Mar- 
ried Frances Radcliffe Horton, Oct. 19, i907i Chicago. Address, 2027 E. 77th St, Cleve- 
land, O.; Bus. Add., The Grasvelli Chem. Co., Cleveland. 


20, 1897; U. J. L., Jr., b. Dec. 26, 1901. Address, 901 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.; 
Bus. Add.^ 66-8 Vandergrift Bldg., do. 


B, L. in L. & S.: Rice & Cane Planter; b. Dec. 13, 1867; a. Alfred Stephen (b. May 
20, 1820) & Elizabeth (Gillett) Proctor (b. Mar. 20, X832O Prepared in Countnr Sch. 
Philomathean. Teacher, Bragmer, Mo., 2 yrs.; Editor, Peoria, 111., 14 7^9.; Farmer, 
Chillicothe, 111.; Rice & Cane Planter & GenL Mdse. store, 1912. Married Bertha L. 
Washington, Aug. 20, 1891. Address, Belle Helene, La. 


Cert.; Civ. & Min. Engr.; b. July 3, 1867, Parral, Mex.; a. John Phillip (b. Jan. 30, 
1846, Ger.) & Geroniraa (Carmona) Schaefer (b. Sept. 30, 1846, Parral, Mex.) Pre- 
pared in St. Mary's Coll., San Antonio, Tex. C. E. Soc; Adelphic; Athletic Assoc; 
Mgr. Baseball team. Asst. Engr., Term. Ry. Assoc, St. Louis, Mo., 1892-3; Ry. Comm. 
of Tex., 1805; Asst. Chief Engr., Link Line Ry., Georgetown, Tex., 189S-6; Genl. office 
work, x8o6-8; Postmaster, Georgetown, Tex., 1898-1902; Min. & Engr. work, Parral, Mex., 
1902 — also engaged in manufacture of fire-day products— Secy.-Treas., Cia de Artefactos 
de Tierra Refractaria S. A. Address, Parral, Chihuahua, Mex. 

(Brother of Nos. 665, 1162 ) 

B. S. in Chem.: M. S., 1891; Lawyer & Univ. Lect.; b. June 2, 1867. near Spring- 
field, IlL; s. Conrad & Caroline (Alkire) Shamel. Prepared in Taylorville, 111., H. S. 
Philomathean; Sigma Xi, Columbia. LL. B., Mich., 1893: A. M., Columbia. 1905; Ph. 
D., 1907. Prof, of Chem., Coll. of P. & S.. Keokuk, la., 1890-2; Lawyer, Taylorville, 111., 
18^-1904: Spec Stud., Min. & Sur., N. M. School of Mines, 1901; Grad. Stud, in Law, 
Mm., & OeoL, Columbia Univ^ 1904-6: Asst. State's Atty., Christian Co., 111., 1896-1904; 

Kracticing Law, Taylorville & Springfield, 111., 1906-8; Seattle, Wash., ipio — Lecturer on 
fin. Law, Untv. of Wash., 1910 — Author: Mining, Mineral & Geological Law. McGraw 
Hill Book Co., N. Y» 1907, 8vo. XXX & 627 pp.; Lepal Definitions of "Mineral," "Ore." 
etc., when used in Deeds, Leases or other written instruments under the Laws of the 

.\rctic Club. Address, 536 N. Y. Block, Seattle, Wash. 


Western Soc of C. E.; Tech. Soc. Pdc. Coast; S. F. Assoc. Amer. Soc. of C. E.; San 
Francisco Qub; Union League Club. Married Harriet Runyon, Oct. 14. 1899, N. Y. 
Children* Henry Runyon, b. Aug. 3, 1900; William Cowperthwaite, b. July 26, 1904; Helen 

B. S. in C. E.; Contracting: Engr.; b. June 12, i866. Fulton, 111.; s. William Cow- 
perthwaite (b. July 29, 1821, Birmingham, N. J.) & Icypnene Caroline (Pearce) Snyder 
(b. May o, 1828, Fall River, Mass.) Prepared in Fulton H. S. Class Prcs. Draftsman, 
1890-7; Chief Draftsman, 1897-1900; Contracting Engr., 1900 — Invented Combination 
Steel Column 4 Flat Concrete Floor Slab Constr^ *^*®' Member Amer. Soc. of C. E.; 

^ Harri 
Uuldren* iienry Kunyon, D. Aug. 3, 1900; wiuiam Cowpertnwaite, d. juiy 20, 1904; Helen 
Jean, b-July 29, 1905; John Robert, b. June 3, 1909. Address, 2713 Forest Ave., Berkeley, 
Calif.; JBus. Add., 251 Kearny St., San Francisco, Calif. 


B. S. in Chem.; Fruit Grower; b. Feb. 2, 1866, Plattsburgh, N. Y.; s. Alfred W. (b. 
1827, Brooks, Me.) & Irena E. (Worthley) Stevens (b. 1835, Plattsburgh, N. Y.) Prepared 
in Univ. Acad. Chemist with Smelting Co., S. Chicago, 1890-1901; with Tacoma Smelt- 
ing Co., 190^; Fruit Grower, 1905 — Married Julia A. Grantier, Sept. 28, 1904, Tacoma, 
>\ash. Children, Marian, b. Aug. 13, 1905; Frank Alfred, b. Jan. 6, 1909. Address, San 
Martin, Calif. 


B. T>.; b. Apr. 25. 1869, Holly, Mich.; s. Pliny (b. Sept. 11, 184^) & Catherine Anne 
(Watterson) Ter Busn (b. Sept. 21, 1846, Holly, Mich.) Prepared m Champaign H. S.; 
Adelphic editorial Dept., The Chicago Record; The Chicago Daily News, 1 890-1 904; 
Peabody Coal Co., Chicago, III., 190^ — Married Louise M. Karcher, June 20, 1906. 
Address, 3708 Grand Blvd., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in C E.; C. E., 189^; Pres. & Mgr. Contracting Co.; b. Auf. 3t 1864, 
Monmouthshire, Ens.; s. Henry (b. Aug. 31, 1S38, Monmouthshire, Eng.) & Charlotte 
(Nurse) Tresise (b. Nov. 21, 1834, do.) Prepared in Pub. Schs. of Sharon, Pa. Philomathean; 
C. E. Club; Capt. Civ. Eng. for various Ry. Cos. & City of Buffalo, Dept. of Public 
Wofks; private practice, lopi-io: Pres. & Mgr., Erie Contracting Co., 1910 — Member 
Amer. Sop. C. E. Married f^liza Richards, Feb. 13, 1892, Dover, N. H. Children, France* 

152 University of Illinois [1891 

Louise, b. Apr. 23, 1893; Amy Richards, b. May 14, 1894. Address, 17 Dorchester Rd., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


B. S. in C. E. ; Civil Engr,; b. Apr. 15, 1866; s. Geo. F. (b. Okawville, 111.) & Bettie 
(Pierce) Tscharner (b. Ky.) Prcpar<?d in Univ. Acad. C. E. Club; Bus. Mgr., Sopho- 

fraph, 1888. Civ. En^r. and Mgr., Waterworks Plant, Waco, Tex.; do. Lawrence, Kans. 
)ied Apr. 22, 1893, Colorado Springs, Colo. 


B. S. in M. E.; Mech. Engr.; b. May 24, 1869, Sycamore, III.; s. Walter (b. 1848, 
do.) & Electa Jane (Dustin) Waterman (b. E. Topsham, Vt.) Prepared in Sycamore 
H. S.; Md. Mil. & Naval Acad. Draftsman for Iron Bay Mfg. Co., Duluth, Minn., 
Chicago & N. W. R. R. Co., and Pullman Car Co., 1890-2: Draftsman and Asst. Master 
Mech., 111. Steel Co., Joliet, 111., 1892-4; Draftsman for Johnson Co., Lorain, O., 1894-7; 
Chief Draftsman. 1897; En^. work in Constr. ot Blast Furnaces and Steel Works for 
The Lorain Steel Co., Lorain, O., 1899; Chief Engr., The Dominion Iron & Steel Co., 
Sydney, Nova Scotia, 1 899-1 901; Mech. Engr. on Constr. Work. Al^oma Steel Co., Sault 
Ste Marie, Ont., 1901-2; Julian Kennedy, M. E., Pittsburg: Mech. Lngr., The Natl. Tube 
Co., Lorain, O., 1902 — Married Ivy Tune Walters, 1900, Johnstown, Pa. Children, Fred 
W., Jr., b. Dec 25, 1900; John A. and Philip G., b. Jan. 27, 1906. Address, National Tube 
Co., Xorraine, O. 

620. JAMES McLaren white 

B. S. in Arch.; Professor; b. Oct. 16, 1867, Chicago, 111.; s. Samuel Holmes (b. 1830, 
Lockport, N. Y.) & Jennie (McLaren) White (b. 1840, Glas^ow^ Scot.) Prepared in 
Peona H. S. Philomatbean ; Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Si^ma Xi; Soph. Class 
Pres.; Cadet Maj., Univ. Regt. Asst. in Arch., 1890-3; Asst. Prof, in Arch., 1893-6; On 
leave for Study Abroad, 1904-^; Assoc. Prof, of Arch., 1896-1901: Prof, of Arch. Eng., 
1901; Act. Dean of Coll. of £ng^, 1905-7; Supervising Arch. & Prof, of Arch., 1007 — 
Member Soc. for Prom, of Eng. Educ; Wes. Soc. Engrs.; Amcr. Soc. Insp. Plumbing & 
Sanitary Engrs.; Univ. Club of Chicago; Champaign Co. Country Club; Univ. Chih of 
Urbana-Champaign, Pres., 1910; Assoc. Amcr. Inst. Archs. Married Edith Adelaide 
Shattuck, June i^, 1899, Champaign, 111. Child, .Adelaide Louise, b. Mar. 14, 1903. Address, 
716 W. tJniversity Ave., Champaign, 111. 


A. B.; Farmer; b. Nov. 20, 1869, Champaign, 111.; s. Robert Sloan (b. 1842, New 
York) & Elizabeth Wilber (b. 1840, N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Coal & Whole- 
sale Fruit Bus., 1800-1910. Member Presb. Church; K. P.: B. P. O. E.; T. P. A. 
Married Katherinc Wilber, Sept. 10, 1902. Address, 707 W. Church St., Champaign, 111. 


B. S.; Phjrsician: b. Oct. 18, 1868, Argenta, 111.: a. Jackson (b. 1826, Chillicothe, O.) 
& Mary (Morrison) Wilkinson (b. 1850) Prepared in Univ. Acad. M. S., Cornell, 1892; 
M. D., Washington Univ., 1898. Philomatbean; Nat. Hist. Soc. Fellow in Clark Univ., 
1892-3. Prin. H. S.; Organizer of Alton Naval Reserves, Commander, 1896. Surgeon, 
111. Naval Reserves, 1902. Schools of Ger., 1896-7. Member Amer. Med. Assoc; III. 
State Med. Assoc; Madison Co., Med. Soc; Alton Med. Soc; Assoc, of Surgeons of 
I. N. G.; Assoc. Mil. Sur. of U. S.; Secy., Madison Co. Med. Soc; Vice Pres., Alton 
Med. Soc. Married Anna Joseph, 1909* Wichita, Kan. Address, 1070 Washington St., 
Alton, 111. 


B. S.: Physician; b. July ,s» 1865, Towanda, III.; s. James C. (b. 1812 Brownsville. 
Pa.) & Elizabeth (Jackman) Wilson (b. 1828, do.) Prepared in Blackburn Univ., 1884-9; 
M. D., Univ. of Penn., 1893. Philomatbean. Member Chicago Med. Soc; 111. State Med. 
Soc; Amer. Med. Assoc. Married Louise Crepin Hoyt, Apr. 26, 1905, Chicago, 111. 
Address, 471 1 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

CLASS OF 1891 (49) 


(Brother of No. 492) 

B. S. in Chem.; Chemist; b. Aug. 14, 1867, Plainfield, 111.; s. James (b. Scot.) & 

Rachel (McMicken) Barclay (b. do.) Prepared in Dist. Sch. Philomathean. Married 

Emma L. Gavman, Apr. 18, 1804. Child, Bertram Donald b. Nov. 9, 1899. Address, 
Casilla 447, Santiago, Chili, S. A. 


(Sister of No. 523) 

Cert.; b. Mar. 24. 1872. Champaign Co.; d. George W. (b. New York) & Lydia A. 
(Sims) Beach (b. Ohio) Prepared in Champaign H. S. and Louisville (Ky.) H. S. 
Alethenai. Married Nathaniel C. Wright, Apr. 25, 1893F Champaign, 111. Address, The 
New Amsterdam, Euclid & East 22iid St., Cleveland, O. 


Cert.; b. Tan. 28, 1870, Napervillc, 111.; s. Samuel Fletcher (b. June 23, 1837, Con- 
cord, N. II.) & Mary Ann (Hoyt) Bouton (b. Nov. 12, 1839) Prepared in Hyde Park 

1 89 1 1 Baccalaureate Alumni 153 

11. S.. Chicago: Varsity Baseball Team 1888-1 891; Varsity Tennis Team, 1800; Prcs. 
Adelphic Lit. Soc. 1891; Member Athletic Advisory Board, 1895-1896; LL. B., 1894, 

Member III. Hort. Soc. 1910 — Supt. Dept. of Hort., Tri-State Fair, Memphis, 1910. 
Deacon, Presb. Church, Springdale, Ark. 1910 — Author: State Aid to Horticulture, 
Ark. Hort. Rept. 1910; A Logical Selection of Varieties of Apples for the Ozarks, 
idem. 1911; Pruning the Apple Tree, Southern Agriculturist, 191 2; Laws Relating to 
the Manumission of Slaves, Green Baa, 1904. Marned Clara Cunningham Oct. 14, 1896, 
Champaign, 111. Children: Charles Snerman, b. Feb. 2. 1898; Dorothv Bell, b. Jan. 17* 
1899; Arthur Franklin, b. June 28, 1900. Address, Springdale, Ark. 


B. S. in M. E.; Em.; b. Sept. 6, 1870; s. William & Lucy (Foote) Boyd. Pre- 
pared at Lewistown H. S. Adelphic. Mech. Engr. in building construction. Married 
Louise Burnette, 1901, Chicago, 111. Child, Robert Putnam, b. Mar. 31, 1910. Address, 
22 Pendleton Lane, New Brighton, N. Y. 

(Brother of Nos, 377, 378, 413, 785, loio) 

B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. July x6. z866, Lincoln, 111.; s. Daniel Ludwig & 
Henrietta Curtis (Hill) Braucher. Prepared in Lincoln H. S. Draftsman, Holabird ^ 

& selling Aluminum for The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co., zoio — Married Lillie E. 
Abbott, 189 1 (d. 1897, Chicago); Katherine Hankinson, 1899, Chicago. Children, Fred 
Abbott, b. Aug. 18, 1892; Bertha Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1894. Address, 5213 W. Monroe 
St., Chicago. 

(Wife of No. M2) 
B. S.; A. B., 1911; b. Nov. 13, 1868, Broaodus, 111.; d. Christopher (b. Sept. 20, 
1 819) & Minerva Ann (Hall) Broaddus (b. ;fan. 25, 1828) Preparea in Henry H. S. 
& Univ. Acad.; Alethenai; \. W. C. A.: Phi Beta Kappa^ Sophograph; Class Prophet. 
President class 190Q and 191 z; Vice-President Alumni Association 19x1-12; Prin. of H. S. 
at Forrest, 111., i8<^i-3; Dir. of Mary Nash Coll. Gymnasium, Sherman. Tex., 1894-6. 
Member of Presb. Church, 111. branch Coll. Alumnae. Married Thomas Arkle Clark, Aug. 
24, 1896. Address, 928 W. Illinois St., Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in E. E.; Electrician; b. 1868, Elmira, III.; s. Mary L. Bunton. Mgr., Mil- 
waukee Elec. Co. Address, Kewanee, 111. 


B. L.; M. L., 1894; Lecturer; b. Oct. 21, 1869; Pompey Center, N. Y.; d. Charles 
Otis (b. Sept. 18. 1 82 1, Pompey Hill, N. Y.) & Martha D. (Bogardus) Butterfield (b. 
Jan. 18. 1827, Dewitt, N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Alethenai; The Idler 
(Radcliffe Coll., Cambridge). Pres. Class of 1888: Pres. of Alethenai, 1890; Repre- 
sented Univ. of 111., in Intercoll. Orat. Cont., 1890, Bloomington, 111, Teacher of 
English in Mattoon li. S. 1891-3; Instr. in Engl. Univ. of 111., 1894-7; Lecturer, 1897 — 
Collaborator in a book on Movements for Social Betterment in Brooklyn, N. Y. Author: 
Domestic Science and Domestic Art at Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and sciences in House- 
hold Arts Re'Aew, v. iv. ion. No. i, pp. 22-27; Nature Stories. for Children. Member 
South Cong. Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Pres. Domestic Sci. Dept. Brooklyn Inst, of Arts 
& Science: Member of Local Sch. Board of Dist. 28, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Vice Pres. 
Brooklyn Woman's Qub; Vice Pres. Amer. Assn. for the Planting and Preservation 
of City Trees; do.; Pres. of Urban Club, do.; Council of Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and 
Sciences: Brooklyn Woman's Club; Raddifte Club of N. Y.: Ex-President's Association of 
Brooklyn. Married John L. Schoonhoven, June 16, 1897. Champaign, 111. Child, (jeorge 
Otis, b. Oct. 30, 1900. Address, 13 74 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(Sister of No. 1828) 
B. L.; b. 1868, Urbana, 111.; d. T. B. Carson. Teacher. Died Oct. 18, 1908, 
Decatur, 111. 

(Brother of Nos. 1105, 1474, 2342, 2928) 
B. S. in Chem.; b. Tan. 28, 1869, Champaign, 111.; s. Ezra E. (b. Apr. 30, 1837, 
Truro, O.) & Margaret Elizabeth (Powell) Chester (b. Feb. 25, 1840, Truro, do.) Pre- 
pared in Chester Sch. Phi. Delta Theta. Member, The Engrs' Club; Natl. Geog. Soc; 
Amer. Breeders' Assoc. Married Lucille Augusta Bischoff, iqoo, Washington, D. C. Child, 
Lucille Elsie, b. Jan. 24, 1901. Address, 605 W. 112th St., N. Y. 

B. S. in C. E.; Hydraulic & Mechanical Engr.; b. Sept. 24, 1864, Groveport, Ohio; s. 
Hubert (b. July 16, 1840, Groveport, O.) & Melvina Sopnia (Needles) Chester, (b. Aug. 
8, 1842, Columbus, O.) Prepared in Champaign, H. S. Philomatnean; C. £. Club; 
Member, Amer, Soc. Civil Engrs.; Engrs. Soc. Western Pa. Address, Union Bank Bldg.. 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

154 University of Illinois [1891 

(Brother of Nos. 636, 935, 1017) 
B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Aufp. 20, 1868. Fulton, N. Y.; s. Edwin Ambler (b. 
Tunc 8, 1839, Oswego, N. Y.) & Leoline Frances (Besancon) Clarke (b. June ao. 1839, 
Natchez, Miss.) Prepared in Quincy H. S. & Chicago Man. Tr. H. S.; Adelphic: Athletic 
Association; foot-ball and track teams, 1890. Architectural draftsman & architect, in 
partnership vrith Lawrence Buck, Chicago, i907'ii; Office Mangr. for Stevens & Nelson 
Co., Architects. New Orleans, La^ 191 1 — Member Chicago Arch. Club, 1907-9. Married 
Louise Forstall, Aug. 16, 1898, Chicago, 111. Child, Leoline Louise, b. Jan. 25, i907- 
Address, 321 South Eleventh St., Quincy, Illinois. 


(Brother of Nos. 635, 935, X017) 

A. B. in Arch.; Arch.; b. Dec. 12, 1870, New Orleans, La.; s. Edwin Ambler (b. 
L843» Oswego^ N. Y.) & LeqlineFrancesca (Besancon) Clarke (b. 1843* Natchez, Miss.) 

'pnic; Prize medals 

Columbian Ex- 

Ksitibn, Chfcago, 1892; Professor of Drawing, Peoria Pub. Sch'., 1893; Architect., Quincy, 
., i8p6; Studied Arch, abroad; France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Scotland, 1897; 
Practicing Arch., Omaha, 1905-12: Director in Nebr. Assoc, of Arch., 1912-15. Married 
Olive Weller Davenport, nee Webber, Feb. 14, 190X. Child, (Step-daughter) Katharine 
Davenport, b. Nov. 23, 1893. Address, 682-7 Brsnder's Bldg., Omaha, Nebr. 

B. L.; b. Jan. 7, 1870, Elmwood, 111.; d. H. H. (b. Bethany, N. Y.) & Ellen 
(Smith) Darby (b. Elmwood, 111.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Taught, Champaign Co., 
1891-2; Prin., Normal Dejpt.. Platte Coll. Inst., Kearney, Nebr., 1892-94; H. S., Dillon. 
Mont., 1895-96; Prin. H. S., Moscow^Ida., 1896-1900: Prescott, Ariz. H. Sm. 1900-01; Asst. 
Supt., Hedrick, la., 1902-05; Prin. H. S.. Ortonville, Minn., 1906-10. First Vice Pres. 
Inland Empire Teachers* Amoc, Wash., Ore., & Ida., 1898-99. Member Cong. Church. 
Married Benjamin Pettersen, Aug. 23, 1910. Child, Harry, b. Sept. 9* 1912. Address, 
Ortonville, Minn. 

(Brother of No. 1858) 
B. S. in C. E.; R. R. Postal Clerk; b. June 21, 1871, Mascoutah, III.; s. Louis 

Practical Christianity. Married Marv C. Kunze. Apr. 28, 1903, Freebur'g, 111. Child, 
Robert Emmett, b. Jan. 4, 1905. Address, 407 Portland Ave., Belleville, 111. 


Asst. to John A. Cole, Consult. Eng., 1894-5; Engineer and Supt. Public Works, Win- 
netka, Illinois, 1895-8; Asst. Engr. (Tolumbus, Ohio.; Assoc. Prof. Civil Eng., Ohio State 
Univ., 1902-5; Prof. Mun. Engr. Ohio State Univ., Julv^ 1905 — Author; Uses of Hy- 
draulic Cement Bui. 2, 4th Series of the Ohio Geoi. Purvey, published by the State 
of Ohio, 1904, 260 pp.; Typhoid Fever Epidemic, Columbus, Ohio. Engineering News, 
Feb. II, 1904. The Koad Building Materials of Cashocton Co. Trustee of Oakwoods 
Union Church, 1804-5; Trustee Cong. Church, Winnetka, 111., 1893-8; Treas. Plymouth 
Cong. Church, Columbus, O., 1902: Deacon. 1903-4; Member Amer. Soc. Civ. Engrs.; 
Sigma Xi; Soc. for Promotion of Engr. Educ. Natl. Geographic Soc. Married Nellie 
Cecelia Kellogg, Oct. 17, 1892, Milwaukee, Wis. Address, Columbus, O., Care Ohio 
State Univ. 


Cert.; Merchant; b. June 15, 1866, near Oregon, 111.; s. George (b. Oct. f, 1818, Bavaria, 
Germany) & Mar^ret (Grohs) Fischer (b. Aug. 31, 1835, do.) Prepared m Dist. School; 
Well's Teachers' Tr. Sch., Oregon, 111. Arch. Drafting & Estimating, 1891-0; Merchant, 
Gen'l. Book Store, 1899. Married Grace A. Gantz, Tune 27, 1897, Oregon, lU. Children, 
Marian G.. b. May 5, 1808; Laura Beatrice, b. Mar. 15, 1902; Frank R., b. July 15* 
1908. Address, Oregon, III. 


(Brother of No. 1492) 

B. L.J Lawyer; b. Oct. 11, 1868, Bourbon, 111.* s. Hans (b. Scheishrig, Holstein, 
Ger.) & (Jvnthia Ann (Abbott) Fiahm (b. Bourbon, 111.) Prepared in Tuscola H. S. 
LL. B., Harvard, 1895. Practiced Law in Chicago, 4 yrs.; returned to Tuscola & 
Superintended 1,000 acre farm. Member K. of P.; A. F. & A. M.; Chairman of Dem- 
ocratic Co. Central Com.; Candidate for Co. Judge, 1906. Died, Sept. 14, 19 10, Tuscola, 


1 891] Baccalaureate Alumni 155 

(Brother of No. 799) 

B. S. in C. E.; Engineering; b. Dec, 1867, Champaign, 111.; s. Erasmus (b. Copenhagen, 
Denmark & Tohannah Hansena (Thorn) Frederickson (b. do,) Prepared in Champaign 
H. S. Civ. Eng. with I. C. R. K., 190X : Engr. and Asst. Engr., James Stewart & Co., 
Sl Louis, Mo., X 904-6; Mgr. of State Road Constr., Stewart, tCorbaugh, Shanley Co., 
New York State, 1907-8; Mgr., James Stewart & Co., Denver, Colo., 1909-1 x; do,. 
Salt Lake, Utah, 1912 — Member Western Soc. of C. E.: Amer. Soc. C. £. Married 
Sarah Shelby, June 2, 1908. Children, Myra Shelby, b. Feb. 19, 1909; John H., b. Oct. 
!, 191 1. Address, Walker Bank Bldg., Salt Lake (Jity, Utah. 


B, S. in Arch.; Draftsman on Bldg. Constr.; b. July 16, 1866, Venice, O.; s. Ma- 
thaniel Granville (b. 1834, O.) & Amanda (Bartlett) French (b. 1840, O.) Prepared in 
Hamiltoa, O. Architecture & Bldg. Constr. employe. Married Vashti Morrow, Oct. 6, 
1897, Kapides, La. Children, Vashti Morrow, b. May 24, 1903; Ransford Morton, Jr., b. 
Apr. 2, 1906; Margaret Louise, b. July 4, 1910. Address, 397 Grand Ave., Cincinnati, O. 


B. S. in Agr.; Agronomist; b. Nov. 19, 1864, Gilman, 111.; s. Isaac J. (b. 1837, 
near Scranton, Pa.^ & Inverno (Bennett) Gardner (b. 1840, Lockport, N. Y.) Prepared 
in Gilman H. S.; George Washington Univ., 1895-6; Adelphic; Agr. Club. Agriculturist, 
Univ. of 111., 1891-95; Soil Expert, U. S. Dcpt. Agr.. 1895-01; Dir. Expert Sta., Porto 
Rico, 1901-4; in charge of Soil Management, Bur. ot Sous, U. S. Dept. Agr.^ X904-8; 
Prof, of Agronomy, Penn. Coll. & Sta., 1908 — Published Bui. Nos. 19 (with Prof. 

Amer. Plant Breeders Assoc.; Amer. Soc of Agronomv; Amer. Farm Management 
Assoc.: Pa. Plant Breeders Assoc; Univ. Club; Biological Soc. of Washington, D. C; 
Fruit Growers' Assoc of Porto Rico; Nat. Geog. Soc Married Ellen P. Crum, June 
6, 1894, Fanner Cit^, 111. Children, Matthais Bennett, b. Nov. 29, 1897; Frank Easter, 
b. Apr. 7, 1901; Reina Elisa, b. Jan. 6, 1904. Address, State College, Pa. 


B. S. in C. £.; Phys. & Surg.; b. Sept. 1$, 1868, South Grove, 111.; s. James (b. 
Glasgow, Scot.) & Margaret (Logan) Gibson (b. do.) Prepared in Sycamore, H. S.; 
Univ. Acad.; M. D., Rush Med. Coll. Married Margaret Piper, Sept. 30, 1902, Chicago, 
IIL Children, Helen Margaret, b. July 23, 1903; Frances Alice, b. Feb. 2, 1905; Robert 
(jordon. May 10, 1909. Address, 1514 Pierce St., Sioux City, 111. 


B. S.; Physician: b. x868, Jacksonville, 111.; s. H. R. Green, M. D. Address, 245 E. 
43rd St., Chicago, lU. 


1891-2; Engr. Dept., World's Fair, Chicago, 1892-3; Ins. & Loans, Salt Lake City, 
■894-5; Newspaper & Printing, same, 1895-6: Prcs. & Mgr., Tribune Reporter Co., 
1906— - Member Country Club; Bear River Club; University Club, Sec'y., Treas.^ Vice 
Pres. & Pres. Married Nellie May Bransford, Oct. 10, 1900, Salt Lake. Children, 
Bransford, b. May 9, 1907; Susanna, b. Dec 5, 1908. Address, 521 E. ist South St., 
Salt Lake, U.; Bus. Add., 66 W. 2d South St., do. 


(Husband of No. 659) 

B. S. in C. E.; C. E., 1894; ^- ^^P^- '^» '^^^j Waverly, 111.; s. Alfred (b. Aug., 
1836, Sutton, N. H.) & Elizabeth Foster (George) Harvey (b. 1836, Manchester, N. H.) 
Prepared in High School at Paris, 111.; Captain; Philomathean. World's Fair Asst. 

, . , . ^ Chicap;o . , -^--, 

Kansas City Southern Railwav, 191 1; at present Chief Engineer, Metropolitan St. Ry. Co., 
Kansas City, Mo. Married Clara Myers, Nov. 16, 1892, Newport, Ind. Children, infant, 
b. Apr. 6, 1804; Alfred Dallas, b. Jan. 7, X898; Harriet, Sept. 14, 1900. Address, 8x7 
E. 30th St., Kansas City, Mo. 


B. S. in C. E.; Circuit Clerk & County Recorder; b. Nov. 2^, 187X, Somonauk. 111.; 
Isaac Morris & Aurelia (Latham) Hay. Prepared in Somonauk H. S.; Philomathean; 

Cbildrexx, John Gilbert, b. Nov. ij^ X897 (died Jan. 9, X907); Isaac Morris, b. Aug. X9. 
1899; Walter Lowman, b. Sept. X2, 19x0. Address, Sycamore, 111. 

156 University of Illinois [1891 


A. B. in L. & A.: A. M., 1890; Teacher; b. Aug. 26. 1867, Urbana, 111.; d. Eli J. 
(b. Guadenhutten, O.) & Sarah Ellen (Black) Heller (b. Au^. i, 1847. Ripley, O.) 
Prepared in Urbana a.. S. Attended Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., summer 19 10. 
Teacher in Urbana, 111., 1897; N. Yakima, Wash., 1900; Ellensburg, Wash., 1004; 
Phoenix, Ariz., 1908; Globe, Ariz., 1912. Address, Whittier Hall, Columbia Univ., ricw 
York City. 


B. L.; Secy. Amcr. Sch. of Corres. ; b. Aug. 17, 1870, Y'orkville, 111.; s. Franklin 
Moody (b. 1829, Falmouth, Me. & Harriet N. (Crooker) Hobbs (b. 1830, Saco, Me. J 
Prepared in Yorkville H. S. Track team; Band, leader, i8qo-i; Baseball team; Pres. 
Sen. Class Sigma Xi, 1902. Ph. D., Chicago, 190^. Lab. Asst. in Physics, Univ. of 
111., 1 89 1 -2; same, Univ. of Chicago, 1892-4; Instr. in Physics., Univ. of Chicago, 1896- 
1009 ; dec'y., Amer. School of Corres., 1909 — Asso. Member Amer. Physical Soc. Author: 
The Relation between Spark Potential and Distances for ver^r small values of the latter, 
Phil. Mag, Married Lucy H. Stratton, 1899, Chicago. Children, Wesley, b. Jan. xi, 
1903; Glenita, b. Jan. 7, 191 1. Address^ Amer. School of Cor., Chicago, III. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Editor; b. Feb. i, 1869, Quaker City. O.; s. Edmund (b* 1840, 
Lancashire, Eng.) & Campsadell (Moore) Howorth (b. 1846, Quaker City, O.) Prepared 
in Valparaiso (Ind.) H. S. Adelphic; IntercoU. Orat. Meet, 1890; Illini Staff. Re- 
portorial .Staff, St. Louis Rebuhlic; Ed., Financial Record; Ed. Chester Tribune, 1894 — 
Married Grace A. Briggs, C;ct. s. 1900, Urbana, 111. (d., Sept., 1905). Children, Ed- 
mund Briggs, b. Sept. 15, 1901; Ula Ruth, b. July 14, 1903. Address, Chester, 111. 


(Sister of Nos. 654, 1229) 

Cert.; Instructor; b. Champaign, 111.; d. James S. & Eliza (Houston) Jones (b. S. 
Charleston, O.) Stud, of Arts, in Pratt Inst. Kappa Alpha Theta. Instr. in Art & 
Design, Univ. of 111. Member Presb. Church. Address, 302 W. Church St., Champaign, 

(Sister of Nos. 653, 1229) 

B. L.; Asst. Libr.; b. Champaign, 111.; d. James S. Jones. Address, 302 W. Church 
St., Champaign, 111. 

(Brother of No. 751) 

B. S.; b. 1868, Gibson City, 111.; s. J. T. McClure. Capt. Address, Ishpeming, Mich. 


(Brother of No. 819, 2737) \ 

B. L.; b. 1872, Gibson City, 111.; s. Bruce McCormack. Died Apr. 9, 1893, Mahomet, 


B. L. in L. & S.; Principal; b. Aug. 27, 1866, Mokena, 111.; s. Daniel (b. 1832, 
Bavaria, Ger.) & Sarah (Mast) Maue (b. 1836, do.) Prepared in Adrian (Mich.) Norm.; 
Grad. 1885. Philomathean; Class Historian. Prin. of Schs., 1891-1906; Wholesale Prod, 
bus., z 906-8; Prin. of Schs., 1908 — Member BH. of Trustees M. E. Church. Married 
Carrie V. Linebarger, Dec. 26, 1895, Elwood, 111. Child, Harold Linton, b. Apr. 2, 1902. 
Address, 102 Mound St., Joliet, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; Engineer; b. Sept. 21, 1868, Fulton, 111.; s. Abram D. & Mary E. 
(Murphy) Mitchell. Prepared in Fulton H. S. Keystone Bridge Co., 1892; 111. Cent. 
Ry. Co., Field Engr., 1895; Draftsman, Fairbank, Morse & Co., Chicago, 1900; Chief 
Draftsman, same, 1900 — Author: Short articles in Amer. Machinist: Power & Ma- 
chinery. Member Cong. Church; Dir. Beloit Y. M. C. A.; Amer. Soc. of M. £. ; 
Beloit Countrv Club; Masonic Societies; Nat'L Geog.; Beloit Six O'clock Club. Married 
Giace D. Dickinson, Mar. zs, Z894, Eureka, 111. Children, Hugh D., b. Dec. 23, Z894; 
Donald E., b. Dec. 19, Z896; Roger D., b. Aug. 28, 1898; Malcolm, b. Aug. 3, Z900; 
Marianna, b. Aug. zp, Z906; Charles James, b. Sept. 17, Z907; Robert W., b. July 8, z9Z2. 
Address, 825 Park Ave., Beloit, Wis. 


(Wife of No. 648) 

B. L.; b. June 25, Z869. Newport, Ind.; d. W. C. (b. Oct. 19, z84<t, Newport, Ind.) 
& Maria (Burson) Myers (b. Julv 7, 1842, Newport, Ind.) Prepared in Newport H. S. 
Member M. E. Church. Married Alfred Ernest Harvey, Nov. z6, 1892, Newport, Ind. 
Children, Infant, b. Apr. 6, 1894; Alfred Dallas, b. Jan. 7, Z898; Harriet, b. Sept. X4, 
X900. Address, S17 E. 30th St., Kansas City, Mo. 


(Sister of No. 575) 

B. S. in Sci.; Music Teacher; b. Apr. 28. Z862', Sidney, 111.; d. Andrew Jackson 
(b. Aug. X9, Z832, Grafton, Mass.) & Elizabeth Ann (Shackleford) Paine (b. May 7, 

1891I Baccalaureate Alumni 157 

i8j7» Danville, Ky.) Prepared in Sidney Twp. H. S. & E. Champaign H. S. Cor. 
SecV-. Y. W. C. A.; Pres., Alcthenai; Pres., Stud. VoL Teaching, S. Raymond, 111., 
189A; Private Instr., 1895-1907. Longview; Instr. in Mus., Broadlands, i893-Z90«; Fair- 
land. 1 894- 1 903: S. Horner; Ayers & Newman Tmtps., Longview, 1894-1907. Member 
of Church of Christ; Y. P. S. C. E.; Supt. of S. S., 1902-4, 1907-8; Y. W. C T. U., 
1886-93: Supt. of Medal Cont. Dept., W. C. T. U., 1907-9; lU. Mus. Teachers Assoc, 
1898 — Nat'I. Geog. Soc; C. W. B. M. Died Dec. ao. 1912, Kankakee, 111. 


B. S. in M. E.; Mech. Expert; b. Oct. 24, 1864. St. Joseph, HI.; s. Hiram (b. 
Oct. az, 1835, LaGro, Ind.) & Hester A. (Broderick) Peabody (b. June 23. 1840, 
Colfax, Ind.) Prraared in Urbana H. S. Philomathean: Class Pres. £ngr. ox Tests, 
St. L. & S. P. R. R., 1904; Mech. Expert, Waters Pierce Oil Co. Member M. E. Church. 
Married Carrie R. Abbott, Sept. 4, 1907, Springfield, Mo. Address, 515 E. Elm St., 
Sprinfffield. Mo. 


B. S. in C. E.; b. Mar. 7, 1868, Shawneetown, 111.; s. H. B. & Elizabeth Sarah 
(Barger) Powell. Adelphic; City Engr., Mt. Vernon, 111., 1891; Inst, in Des. Geom. & 
G. E. D., Univ. of 111., 1891-2; Treasurer, Swofford Bros., Dry Goods Co., wholesale 
Kansas City, Mo., 1907; Real Estate, Sec*y. & Treas. La Porte Orchard Coj. 19x0. Elder 
& Sunday School Supt., Central Presb. Church, Kansas City. Mo.; Knife & Fork 
Club; Southwestern Alumni Assoc. Married Amy E. Andrews, Oct. 12, i89:r, Flemings- 
burg, Ky. Child, John Henderson, Jr., b. Oct. 19, 1898. Address, 312 Reliance Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo.$ 


Expert. I yr.; Engr., "Weaver Coal & Coke Co., 1902: Designed built tip Constr. for 
Coal Tipples; Coal Feeders for shaking Screens: Elec Engr. & Mgr., Lt. & Power prop- 
erties, 1906 — Pres. Interurban Elec. Co. Author: Selection of Engines for Elec 
Lighting, Elec, World. Elder Presb. Church; Amer. Soc of M. E. Married Elizabeth 
Watson, Aug- 6, 1902, Carterville, 111. Children, Ralph Robert, b. Dec 30, 1903; 
Christian Rebecca, b. Aug. 8, 1907; Hugh McAllister, b. July 13, 19x0. Address, Carter- 
ville, 111. 


B. S.; Feb. 2<, 1868, Riverdale, 111.; d. George (p. Meredosla, 111.) & Mary Eliza- 
beth CPollard) Seibert (b. Mason Co., 111.) Prepared in Washington H. S., Jacksonville, 
ni. Alethenai; Y. W. C. A. Fellowship in Art. Teacher, 1891-2; Student, 1892-1902; 
Teacher, 1902-3. Address, 543 Harvard Blvd., Los Angeles, Cafif. 


(Brother of Nos. 613, 1x62) 

B. S. in Agr.: M. S., 1894; Editor; b. Mar. 9, 1869, near Springfield, HI.; s. Con- 
rad & Caroline (Alkire) Shamel. Prepared in Univ. Acad. Editor, Jllini. Editor, 
Orange Judd Farmer, 1902 — Author: Profitable Stock Raising, Orange Judd Co., 
N. YT, 191 1, 270 pp. Member Presb. Church; York & Scottish Rite Mason; Birchwood 
Country Club; III. Farm Press Assoc; Past Commander Evanston Commandery K. T. 
Married Pearl Teresa Springer, July 17, 1907. Children, Cbnrad Springer, b. Au^. 23, 
1908; Garth Coleman, o. Oct. 27, i^og. Address, 1344 Kenilworth Ave., Chicago. 
Bus. Add., 1209 Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago. 


(Daughter of No. H39; Wife of No. 359; Sister of No. 667) 

B. L.; M. L., 1895; Asst. in Rhetoric, b. Dec. 7, 1868, Urbana, 111.; d. Samuel 
Walker (b. x8iii, Groton, Mass.) & Adelaide Louise (White) Shattuck (b. x84x. Center- 
▼iUe* O.) Alpoa Chi Omega; Alethenai; Pres. of Alethenai; Teacher 1887-89; do. 1892- 
1893; Student & Asst. in Khetoiic, 1905 — Collegiate Alumnae Asociation; Phi Beta 
KapfHL Married Arthur William Palmer, 1893, Champaign. 111. (d. Feb. 3, X904). 
Child, Charles Shattuck, b. Nov. ix, 1895. Address, Urbana, ill. 


(Brother of No. 666; Son of No. H39) 

B. S. in Arch.; M. Arch.; Architect: b. Dec. 12, 1871. Urbana, 111.; a. Samuel 
Walker (b. 1841, Groton, Mass.) & Adelaide Louise (White) Shattuck (b. 1841, 
Centerville, O.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Instr. in Arch. & Prof, of Arch., Cni- 
cago Sch. of Arch.. x8oi — Married Miram C. Neuburs(er, Dec 14, 1897, Chicago. 
Children, Miram Aaelaiae, b. Sept. 24, 1898; Janet Martin, b. May 4, 1900; Walter 
Francis, b. June 25, 1906. Address, 4743 Kenwood Ave., Chicago. Bus. Ada., 907-19 S. 
La Salle St., Chicago. 



ville, . . . , w ' r -- ' 

111. CapL CThemist, M. H. Zinc Co., x89t-2; Mine & Sampling Cos., x 892-9: Butte 
B. & M. C. & S. M. Co., X899-X900; Smelter Supt. Yerington, ipox-a; Mine Survyr., 

158 University of Illinois [1892 

Helen, b. June 20, 1898. Address, San Lorenzo, Velardcna, Mex. 


Goodwin (b. Sept., 1838, 

lew Jeney). Prepared m 

. _ _ . - . , s; Fruit tree trimmer and 

gardener. Address, Deer GroTe, 111. 


B. S. in C E.: CIt. Engr.; b. Sept. 11, x866. Lone Tree, III.; s. Richard R. (b. Not. 
iz, z8x8, Newark, N. J.X & Catherine (Brokaw) Vail (b. June 30, 1830, SomerTille, N. J.) 
Pbilomathean; Sen. Class Pres.; Capt., Univ. Regt. Asat. Engr., u. P. R. R.. 1891-3; 
Chief DrafUman, U. S. Sur. Gen. Office of Wyo., 1893-4: Loc. Engr., I. C & W. R. K., 
1894-5; Asat. Engr., Mex. Int. R. R., do.; Aaat. Enar. u. P. R. R., 1895-6 : Div. Engr., 
O. S. L. R. R. 1896-7; Prin. Asst. Engr., Butte Water Co., Cheyenne Wyp., now ot 
Vail, Read & Cummings. Member Mont. Soc Engrs.; Amer. Soc. C. £.; A. P. & A. M.; 
B. P. O. £.: Silver Bow Club. Married Rose Paden, Sept. 6. 189^, Denver, Colo. 
Children, Richard Randolph, b. Apr. 9, 1895; Allan Paden, b. Dec. 8, 1896; Kenyon 
Colyar, b. Sept. 28, 1899; Charles Gillespie, b. Oct. 10, 1901; Vera Mary, b. Apr. 16, 1905. 
Address, 29 Ogden St., Denver, Colo. 


B. S. in M. E.; Enidneer; b. Dec, 1869, Chatsworth, 111.; s. Robert Ross (b. Mar. 
13. 1835. O.) & Louise C. (Strawn) Wallace (b. Nov. 18. 1845, 111.) Prepared in Pon- 
tiac H. S.; Treas. A. A.; Class Pres.; Capt. Machinist & draxtsman, 1891-92'; draftsman, 
1892-93; expert engr., 1893-1895; Master Mechanic, 18QC-99; Supt., 1899; Gen. Supt. 
Peoria Gas & Elec. Co., 1006-09; Vice-Pres. & Gen. Man. Peoria Gas & Elec Co.; 
also Vice-Pres. & Gen. Man. Citizens Gas & Elec. Co., Pekin, 111.. 191 1; also Vice-President 
& Gen. Man. Pekin Light & Power Co., X9xi; do. Washington Light & Power Co., Waah> 
ington. 111., 191 1. First Pres. Church of Peoria; Chairman Board of Deacons, same; 
Director Y. M. C. A. of Peoria^ member A. S. M. E.; A. I. £. E.; National Elec Light 
Assoc.; Country Club of Peoria; Creve Coeur Qub of Peoria (Directory). Married 
Jessie Waring, June i, 1898, Washington. HI. Children, Margaret Lucile, b. Nov. 9» 
1899; Helen Louise, b. Oct. 15, 1903. Address, 2x6 Nortii St., Peoria, 111. Bus. Add., 
316 S. Jefferson, Peoria, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Mech. Engr.; b. Sept. 25, 1865, Aurora, 111.; s. Jacob Russell (b. 
Mar. 10, 1819, Johnstown, N. Y.) & Clarissa Bailey (Crandall) Young (b. Feb. x7, 
1824, Tonawanda, N. Y.) Prcpaicd in Aurora H. S.; Adelphic. Draftsman for C. d. 

Pres., 1911-12. Married Lillian Verdell Frazier, Oct. ix, 1905, Aurora, 111. Address. 
411 Fox St., Aurora, III. Bus. Add., 226 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

CLASS OF 1892 (41) 


(Wife of 557) 

B. S.j M. S.,1893; b. Apr. 21, z86a, LaFox, 111.; d. (^vin C (b. Apr. 21, x8i7, 
Fabius, N. Y.) & Maria Louisa (Garfield) Barber (b. Oct. 16, 1833, Mt. Holly, Vt.). 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Alethcnai. Held ist Fellowship given in Univ. Hon. Mem. 
Audubon Soc. of State of la. Married F. M. Bennett, Sept. 5, 1895. LaFox, 111. 
Children, Orpha Estelle, b. Nov. 29, 1896, (d. Feb. 14, 19x2); Lawrence, b. Apr. 23, 1900. 
Address, Salt Lake City, Uuh. 


(Brother of No. 373) 

B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. June 26, 1864, Strathroy. Ontario, Can.; a. Isaac & 
Ursula Mary (Davis) Barber. Prepared in Urbana, (Ill<) « Aylmer, (Ont.) H. Schs. 
Tall building Constr. ; Location & Constr. of R. Rs.; Tunnel Constr.: in char^ of the 
division of Constr. & Repair, Chicago. Member Amer. Soc. of C. E. Married Mary 
Edith Wickett, Dec. 12. 1892. Children, Harold William, b. Apr. x8, 1896 (d. Jan. 3> 
1800]); Milo Isaac, b. Nov. 30, 1897 (d. Tan. 5, 1899); Evelvn Ursula, b. Jan. 27, 1900; 
William Edward, b. July 15, X902. Address, 4th Floor, Bureau of Engr., (^ty Hall, 


Amer. Soc. Engr. Contrs.; N. E. Water Works Assoc; Spring^eld Bd. of Trade. 
Married Annie i^rooks Crane, Jan. 15, ipoi, Hanover, Mass. Child, Franklin W., b. 
Nov. Z3, 1905. Address, 332 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

ig^i] Baccai^ukeate Aluuni 159 

B. 5. in a E.; Engr.; b. Not, 8, 1869, Quiccy, H 
Sole) k Emity A. (Hiitln) Beekwiib (b. iB^j, do.) 
Eur. a B. & Q. &j., itew; Re». Engr., gmncy Bndi 
1901; Prio. Asm. Eogr. S Bridge Engr., L. S. & M. S 
Huboc and C. I. A 5. Ky., 1906; CooaU- Eogr., Fic 1 
ConKr. Co., 1900— Member Amer. Sot of Ci». Eni 
iSm, Dubuque, la. Children, Liwton Baocroft. b. Oct 
i»o; LeBrun, b. No»^ 1204. Addrtsi, tiio Durban 
Gra. Office, C. B. k Q. B. R., Chicago, III. 

<5imr of K08. 556, iJoO 
B. L.; b. Tin., ji, 1S71, Matloon, 111.; d. Cfaarlea {b. iSjo, Bridgeton, Me.) & Susan 
W. (ClcmK*) Bennett (b. 1B41, Btidgeton. He.) Prepared Mattoon H. S.; Alelhenu; 
ViledietorUn. Teacher of Latm in Kankakee H. S.. 1892-3. Married John M. F. Eiwin, 
Aug. 14, 1893, Mattoon, 111.; Child, Suian Cleavea, b. July aj, 1901. Addrtti, S9' 
Pruhlio Ave., Atloria, Oregoo. 


(Siiter of No«. 336. 7B4. "6^3) 
B, L-: b. Oct. ii. i860, Douala» Co., lU.: d. Benjamin Franklin {b. Jiik 1, 1831, 
Uvmce Co., O.) A Mary Jane (Annstrong) Boggt (b. Not. 19, 1S35. dn.) Prepared in 
TuKola, 111- Alelhenai- Xeicfaer. Urbana, 1B91-991 Toppenirh, Wash., 1899-1900; North 
Vikima. Wash., igoi; Seattle. 1001-7. Married George Abram Miller, Dec. 13. 1909. 
AUrm, 110] W. lUioDia St., Urbana, ni. 

B. S,: Architect; b. Aug. 8, 1871, Davenport, Iowa: s. Elisha Gamage <b. July 11. 
'ito, DaTtnpon, lowil & Joanna Hand CGreene) Burrows (b. Cincinnati, Ohio.) 
Prepared in DaTcnport U. S. and by private initruction, 1S92; Pbilomathean 1 Pres. Qass, 

f Arcbitecta. Martit 


Temple It BunowSi ipio— Member Amer. 

Mo. Cbildren, Camilla Wolcott, b. Oct. i, 1908: Helen Tunis, b. July 29, 1911; John 
McDowell, b. Oel. 18, 1911. Addrttt, 12. Miwsiippi Ave., Davenport, la.; Bui. Add.. 
ti McManui Bldg., Davenport. la. 

(Brother of No. gjj ) 

A. B. in L. a A.; Lawyer; b. Jan. S, 1871, Springfield, HI,; s. David Franklin (b. 
?tpl. 16, 1825. Montour Co., Pa.) & Sarah Anna (Uobbini) Camahan (h. Tune 4, 183M. 
Midiun, Ind.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Adelphic (Prea.); Sigma Chi; Y. M. C. A.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Tennis Singles k Doubles Caampionships; Varsity and Oau Baseball 
and Football Teams; Gym. Team; Met. Univ. Glee dub; Gaaa Poet; Member Sophoaraph 
Bottd; Supt. Waterworks, Champaign, 1892.1896; Aity-at-Law, Champaign, 1896-1903; 
Treaa. Federal Elevator Co.^ Minneapolii, 1003-11. Married Harriet Horton,. Dec. 18. 
1901, Winona, Minn. Children, Eliubetfa Horton, b. June 15. 1903; David Horton, b. 
June 1, 1908. Addrrti. Coronado Beach, Calif. 


B, S. id C. E.; Engineer: b. Oct. 6, 1869, Chester, 111.; s. Morris C. k Mary (Colel 
Criney. AddpUc. Witb Metropolitan West Side Elevated Ry., Chicago; 111. Cva\n 
X. B., CUcago A New Orleans; L. S. & M. S. R. R., Chicsgo. UarHedGrace Coleboui 

., Chicsgo. Harned Grace Colebour 
John, b. Sept. 15, 1904; Marion, b 


A. E.; Engineer; b. Feb. 4, iSio, Kcwanee, II!.; a. William Tvler & 
" Prepared in Krwance H. S. Prea. Athletic Assoc.; Univ. 

— . ... 1892-3; 

_-^ --,,. _ ., napolis, Ind^ 1894-11; Cbiet 

r., Christopher, Simpson Iron Worki, St. Louis, Mo., 1911. Married Joaephine Adams. 
ID, 1B98. Child, Helen Josephine, b. July 17, 1904. Adirtii, Kenwood Spring*, St. 

(Brother of Not. 1112, 1862) 
In ScL; U. S., 189s; Dir. Agr. Eip. Sis.; li. May, 1867, Cobden 

„ B. S. in ScL; U. S., 189s; Dir. Agr. Eip. Sis.; li. May, 1867, Cobden. II 
Quiion lb. May 19^ 1833, Preble Corners, N. Y.) & Laura Jane (Gorham) Foi 
2*. iSjj, Halland, Vl.) Prepared in Princeton H. S. Attended Harvard Univ. 
"e, 1S9J.4. Adelphic; Sigma Chi. Bureau Co., Scholarship; Conklii " ' 
itoi. Tnitr. in Chem., Univ. of 111., 1891-3; Chemlat and Teache: 
Dir. Aril. Agr. Eip. Sla., 1899— Secy. Ariz. Hon. Com. 19D9 
Bomber of Bulla, and Rpts. reiaiing to S. W. Agr. Harried (^1 
■(, 1901. Addms, Tucson, Arii. Bus. Add.. Agr. Exp. St*.,da. 

i6o University of Illinois [1892 


W. Morava & Morava Constr. Co., continuously since graduation to Jan., 1910 (Vice 
Pres. of Co. to 19 10). Member Western Soc. of Engrs., 1900; Chicago Elntomological 
Soc., 1900-2. Married Anna Mabel Burr. Sept. 20, 1894, Winnetka, lU. Children, 
Teannette Howard, b. Nov. 3, 1895; Anna Burr^ b. June 12, 1900; Helen Houghton, b. 
Jan. 12, 1903. Address, 9238 Pleasant Ave., Chicago. 


B. S. in C. £.; Civ. Engr.: b. 1865, Rosaville, 111.: s. E. Foster. Retired. Address, 
512 W. Calif. Ave., Urbana, 111. (t) 


(Brother of No. 870) 

B. S. in Arch.; Architect: b. May 19, 1868, Champaign Co. 111.; s. John H. (b. Feb. 
Q, iSjS, O.) & Elizabeth E. (Bailey) Funston (b. Oct. 26, 1833, do.) Prepared in Univ. of 
III. Prep. School. Philomathean. Member of firm Guilbert & Funston, Racine, Wis. 
Married Ella May Kephart, Aug. 23, 1905. Address, Racine, Wis. 


B. S. ia C. E.; Civil Engr. & Manufatcurer; b. June 24, 1867, Pawpaw, 111.; s. 
Francis E. <;b. Pawpaw, 111.) and Pollv M. (Robinson) Gates (do). Prepared in Aurora 
Sem. and Dixon Coll.; Philomathean. Manager Football team; Bus. Manager Illini; Pres. 
State Football League. City Eng. work. City Contract work and manufacturing. Member 
111. Soc. Engrs. and Survyrs; w^estern Soc. of Engrs.; Amer. Ceramics Soc Married 
Filone Norton, Jan. i, 1903, Wichita, Kansas. Address, Monmouth, III. 

(Brother of Nos- 689, 1029) 
LL. B.; Solicitor, Wholesale Grocer; b. Nov. 20, 1868. Champaign, 111.; s. Jesse Richard 
(b. Dec. 8, Z840, Pickaway Co., O.) & Louisa Lousette (Everett) Gulick (b. Dec. 4, 1848, 
Ky.) Prepared in Mahomet H. S.; Univ. Acad.; B. D.; A. M.; Shurtleff Coll., Upper 
Alton, 111. Philomathean. Minister 1900-4; Farmer, 1904-7: Boilermaker, Big Four Shops, 
ip07-9: Insurance & Fraternalism 1009-xi; Bookkeeper at A. E. Robinson's Z9xi-i2; With 
E. C Harlejr, 191 2 — Article, Civilization a Question of Cxeography, College Review. Nov. 
1896. Married Minnie Belle Reinhard, June 7, 1899, Champaign, 111. (Divorced Feb. 6, 
1006). Children, Florence Isabelle, b. Feb. 23, 1901; Margrett Loucile, b. Mar. i, 1904. 
Address, 209 W. Church St. Champaign, 111. 

(Brother of Nos. 688, X029) 

B. L.; Lawyer; b. Dec. a, 1870, Vandalia, 111.; s. Jesse Richard (b. Dec. 8, 1840, 
Pickaway Co., O.) & Louisa Lousette (Everett) Gulick (b. Dec. 4, 1848, Champaign Co., 
111.) Married Lilian L. Terwilleger, Nov. 20, 1900, Champaign, 111. Address, 508 S. 
Elm St., Champaign, 111. 

(Brother of No. 2998) 

B. S. in Arch. 
1834, New York 

in Evanston Twp. ».x. j, xmctumt^, v^ikuam v^ui, v«i^«i v«*uu. 
Varsity baseball; Record in Ball throw, and Hop, Step & Ti 
broke Univ. record in 'oo for running broad jump. Architectural draftsman, Chicap'o, 
1892-3: Asst. in Arch., Univ. of 111., 1893-6, with practice alone and with C. D. McL.ane; 
Asst. m Arch., Columbia Univ., x 85)6-7; Arch, work in various offices & independently, 
1 897-1903, New York; Head of Estimating Dept. for H. L. Krensler Bldg. Const., Pitts- 

27, X894, Chicago, 111. Children, Alexander Borden, b. Nov. 13, 1896; Marion, b. Oct. 
24, 1898; Harriet Gilbert, b. May 27, 1904; Helen May, b. Sept. 9, 191 0. Address, "Box 437, 
Manila, P. I. 


B. S. in Chem.; Farmer; b. near Tonica, 111., Apr. 26. 1867; s. Stillman Augustus 
(b. Jan. 23, x8p8) ft Harriet Adelia (Bcardslev) Hall (b. June 10, 1842.) Prepared in 
Univ. Acad. Adelphic; Y. M. C. A.; (^mera Club. In drug business, Tonica, III., 1893-9; 
Agriculture, & Extensive farming under irrigation, & Wholesale Produce and Comm. busi- 
ness and Hardware store at Toppenish, Wash., 1900-4; Secy. Richey & Gilbert Co. (Inc.) 
Comm. Storage, ^Hardware &^ Implements, &c.^ Tofi^enish, W&ah.j^igoj^^ ^''"'i growing 


20, 1900; Burton Augustus, b. May 31, 1902. Address, North Yakima, Wash., R. F. D. 


o. 4. 

1892I Baccalaureate Alumni 161 

B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Nov. 5, 1869, Rockford, 111.: a. Alfred, Jr. (b. Dec. 
13. 1836, N. Y.J & Georgianna (Anderson) Hart (b. Mar. 17, 1838, N. Y.) Prepared m 
Evanston H. S. Adelphic; Glee Club: Capt. Football team; Trustee Athletic Assoc. 
Draftsman, x 892-99; practicing Arch., 1899— Member Amer. Inst, of Arch.; Bohemian 
Qub: Commonwealth Club; San Francisco Golf & Country Club. Married Hilda W. 
MacDonald, Mar. 5, 1904. San Francisco, Calif. Child, Ralph Warner, Jr., b. Jan. 5, 
1906. Address, San Rafael, Calif. Bus, Add., Humboldt Bank BIdg., San Francisco, Calif. 


B. S. in Arch.; Engineer; b. Nov. 14. 1870, Waverly, 111.; s. Alfred (b. Noith Sutton, 
N. H.) & Lizzie Foster (George) Harvey (b. New Bedford, N. H.) Prepared in Paris 
H. S. Philomathean. Eng. with special reference to Ry. Constr. and Maint. since 1895; 
I. C. R. R., 1805-9: Chicago Ter. Trans. Ry., 1809- 1901: Rio Grande Western R. R., 
1901-2; C. and K. W. R. R., 1902-5; Asst. Engr., Chicago Great Western R. R., St. Pftul, 
1 90s — Married Belle Whiting Barrjr, Sept. 16, 190 1. Child, Virginia, b. Sept. xa, X904* 
Adarass, 1313 East 72nd Place, Chicago, HI. Bus. Add., 463 Grand Central Station, 


(Brother of Nos. 1886, 3397) 

B. L.; Lawyer; b. Dec. 8, 1871, Farmer City, 111.: s. George W. (b. Nevrville, Ind.) 
& Dora Olive (Knight) Herrick (b. Farmer City, HI.) Prepared in Farmer City H. S. 
Sigma Chi. LL. B., Univ. of Mich., 1804. County Judge, DeWitt Co., xpo2-4 (resigned). 
Married Harriet H. Swigart, Apr. 2, 1896, Farmer City, HI. Children, Mildfred, b. June 
26, 190X; Harriet Helen, b. Sept. 18, 1903. Address, Farmer City, 111. 


A. B.; Natl. Secy., Y. W. C. A.; b. Nov. 6, 1867, Dayton, O.: d. M. T. (b. Dec. 22, 
1834, Vt.) & Flora E. (Bierce) Hill (b. Sept. 28, 1836, Nelson, O.) Prepared in Nevada, 
(Mo.) H. S. Alethenai: Y. W. C. A. Genl. Secy. Y. W. C. A., Toledo, O., 189J-4; 
Traveling Secy., S. V. M. F. M., Aug.-Dec, 1804; Genl. Secyj, Y. W. C. A., Madras, 
India, 1895-7; Natl. Secy., Y. W. C A. for India, Burma & Ceylon, 1896— Address, 
Y. W. C. A., Bombay, India. 

(Brother of Nos. 957, X040) 

B. L.; Merchant: b. Sept. 8. 1869, Urbana, 111.; s. William Alexander (b. Apr. 17, 
1840, Dayton, O.) & Charlotte (Mittendorf) Kiler (b. Mar. 22, 1845, Wolfenbueltel, (xer.) 
Prepared in Urbana H. S.; Kent Law School, 1893-4. Adelphic; Sigma Chi; Winner 
CoxLklin Orat. Prize; Pres. Sen. Class: Bus. Mgr., Sopkogra^h; Editor IlUni. Natl. 
Immigration Commissioner, 1905; Secy, s Dir. Champaign Chamoer of Commerce, 1908-9, 
Pres., X910-X1. Author: Articles in House Beautiful, Apr., 1908; short stories in Chicago 
Tribune, Sunday issue, X906-11; Good Roads Advocate; contributor to Trade papers. 
Member Univ. C^ub of 111.; Co. Club of Champaign; Univ. Club of Chicago; (>dd Fellows; 
Elks; Court of Honor; Sone of Veterans: Libr. Bd., loos-xo; Park Bd.; Pres. 111. Fur- 
niture Dealers Assoc, 1906-8. Address, Champaign, Hlinois. 


(Brother of No. 1550) 

B. S. in Arch.: Architect; b. Sept. 4, 1866, Iowa City, la.; s. Joseph G. (b. Ohio) & 
Mary Margaret (Wallace) McLane (b. Pa.) Prepared in Allerton H. S. Philomathean. 
Taught in Univ. of 111., till 1904; Arch., Temple, Burrows ('92) & McLane, Davenport, 
Ta.. X9O4-I0; same, Rock Island Plow Co., X910 — Pres., McLane Engr. Co., main office in 
'Rock Island, 111. Married Blanche Keeney Cleland, Tune 25, 1896, Rock Island, ill. 
Children, Margaret Esther, b. Aug. 4, 1901; Dorothy (Heland, b. Mar. 20, 1904; Eleanor 
Lucile, b. Mar. 11, 1908. Address, 3025 xoth Ave., Rock Island, 111. 


B. S. in M. E.; Gen. Supt. Quincy Ry. Co.; b. Sept. 29, 1865, New York City; 
s. Geo. (b. Dec. 25. 1840, Glasgow, Scotland) & Elizabeth Ann (Rose) Martin (b. July 4, 
1845, Pt. Dover, Ont., C^n.) Prepared in Hamilton, Can^ & Chicago: Spring Garden 
Inst., Philadelphia, Pa. Engrs. Soc. Special work with Omaha T-H £lec. Light Co.; 
Supt. of Pueblo, Colo. St. Ry. Co.; Supt, Quincy Gas & Elec. Co.: Supt. Quincy Ry. Co. 
"hfemher 111. State Electric Assoc; Amer. Elec. Ry. Assoc. Married Mary Louise 
Shaw, June 18, 1895, Chicago, (d. Aug. 28, 1912, at Quincy.) Children, Mabel 
Louise, b. Mar. 21, X896; Edith Rose, b. Aug. 6^ 1898; William Eugene, b. Sept. 
Ambridge, Pa., 1900 — Instr. in charge of Amer. Bridge Co. Apprentice School, 1902-3. 
Address, c/o Qumcy R. R. Co., Quincy, III. 


(Brother of No. 891) 

B. S. in C. £.; Draftsman; b. May 27* 1870, Will Co., 111.; s. Samuel (b. X847. 
Essex Com N. Y.) & Melvina M. (Ballon) Mather (b. 1848 Cuyahoga Co., O.) Prepared 
in Dist Schools & Northwestern Coll.. Naperville, 111. Philomathean; C. E. Club; Vice 
Pres. Sr. Class; Asst. Bus. Mgr. Sopnograph. Field & office work on Sewerage (Constr. 
with Cole, Alvord & Shield. Chicago, X892; Draftsman, Chicago Elevated Railroads, 
Metropolitan, Northwestern & Union Loop, 1893-7; Bridge Draftsman, Chief Engrs. 
office, C. B. & Q. R. R., Chicago, 1898- 1900; Draftsman in charge of work, A. B. Co., 

i62 University of Illinois [1892 

Ambridee, Pa., 1900 — Instr. in charge of Amcr. Bridge Co. Apprentice School, 1902-3. 
Invented the Kectifyin^ Cunre, Patd.. 191 1. Member Corps of Engrs., I. N. G., 1896-7: 
A. F. & A. M.; Worshipful Master ox Lodse; First Reader, ist Church of Christ, trustee, 
1902-4. Married Emma Hammerschmidt, Oct. 21. 1896. Naperville, III. Children^ Mar- 
garet, b. Mar. 23, 1898; Laurence Hammerschmidt, b. Tune 8, 1900; Helen Caroline, b. 
Aug. 8, 1903: Rachel Bertha, b. July 19, 1905; Doris Allen, b. Mar. 19, 1910. Address, 
314 Beaver St., Sewickley, Pa. 


B. L.: d. William S. (b. April xi, 1838, London, Pa.) & Josephine (Raymond) Max- 
well (b. Apr. 8, 1842, Raymond, O.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Address, Bayside, 
Long Island, N. Y. 


B. S. in M. £.; b. 1869, Chicago, 111.; s. William M .Miller. Supt. Chrisholm, lioyd 
& White Co., 1 905* Address, care, Ul.-Ia. Traction Co., Ottawa, 111. 

(Brother of No. X057, 397) 

A. B.i b. Dec. 33, 1871, Kinmundy, III.; s. John Barb (b. May 8, 1829, Ala.) & 
Martha (Doolen) Morgan (b. Aug. 13, 1837, Kinmundy, 111.) Prepared in Kinmundy 
H. S. Adelphic; Sigma Chi. LL. B., Kent Law School, 1895. Married Mable Jennings, 
Apr., 1899, Peoria, Ariz. Died Jan. 7, 1901, Phoenix, Ariz. 


B. S. in C. E.; Contracting Engr.: b. Oct. 5> 1868, Waukegan. III.; s. William Z. (b. 
Sept. 3f 1842, Chicago) & Marguerite (Fallon) Page (b. Apr. 16, 1845, Chicago.) Prepared 
in Waukeran H. S. & Evanston Acad. Civil Engr., 1892-8; Contracting Engr., 1898— 
Invented Page Bascule Bridge, x8oo; Page Scraper Bucket Excavator, 1904. Married 
Emma Belle Page, June 16, 1804. Child, ranxiv Belle Pase, b. Oct. ix, X895. Address, 
7009 N. Paulina St., Chicago; Bus. Add., 1002 Security Blag. 


A. B. in L. & A. X892, A. M. X894: Teacher; b. May 28, X869, Lincoln, 111.; s. Joseph 
& Emma (Allen) Piatt. Prepared in Univ. Acad. Adelphic; Phi Delu Theta. Fellowship 
1892-93. Ph. D., Strassburg, Gcr., X897. Inst. & Asst. Prof., Illinois, 1894-01; Supt. of 
Schs.. Coshocton. O., xqoi-o8| Prin. F. S. 34, Brooklyn, N. Y. Author of: Tour du 
Monde, Jenkins & Co.; Comedies by Labiche, Crinn & Co.; & various articles in education. 
Member N. E. A. X901 — ; N. Y. Prin. Assoc; Brooklyn Prin. Assoc; Brooklyn Teachers* 
Assoc. Married Lottie Seibert Lodge, Tune 28, X893, Hannibal, Mo. Address, 32 West 
123d St., N. Y. City; Bus. Add., 25 x Stagg St., Brooklyn. 


B. S.: Secy., Bldg. & Loan Assoc; b. Feb. 26, 1864, Wooster, O.; s. D. H. & Leah 

(Kir4flr) Plank. Prepared in Ft. Scott Acad.; Mt. Morris Coll. Philomathean; Secy. 
Y. M. C. A. Govt. Indian Service, x 897- 1003^ Kan. Univ. Athletics, x 903-5; Secy. 
Lawrence Bldff. & Loan Assoc. 1906-xi. Married Emma E. Ziegler, Apr. 25, 1894, 
Harrisonville, Mo. Children, William Ewart G., b. Nov. 4, 1897; Elizabeth, b. Oct. 30, 
1896. Address, Lawrence, Kan. 


VT ,?v W^^^T{y^^* ^'^^^^J^A '^70. Centr^ia^ IlL; s. B. (b. June 8. 1833, Heighstown, 
N. Y.) & Lucille O. (Gex) PuUen. LL. B. Chicago Law Sch., X894. (f) 


B. S. in C. E.; Contr. and Engr.; b. Apr. 25, 1871, Mendota, 111.; s. Jacob & 
Catherine (Fabcr) Scheidenhelm. Prepared at Blackstone H. S. With Purdy & Hender- 
son, X 892- 1 901; John Griffiths & Son, i9oi-5. Chief Engr. Am. Water Wks. and Guaranty 
Co. Married Harriet Joy, Sept. 14, 1889, Wilmette, 111. Child, Katherine. Address, 
808 First Nat. Bk. Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 

(Brother of 1765) 
B. S^in M. E.; Orchardist; b.Apr^ 16, x872, Coldspring, Wis.; s. William _(b. June 

Growers Assoc Married Antoinette Dewey. July 2Z. 1897. Urbana, 111. Child, Mary 
Helena, b. Feb. 6, X902. Address, Ncuva uerona. Isle of Pines. 

(Brother of No. 1602) 
B. S. in C. E • Civ. Engr.; b. Sept. xs, x868. Eastharapton, Mass.; s. Benjamin 
Anderson (b. Feb. 8, 1830, Williamsburg. Mass.) & Mary (Carter) Wait (b. Blue Grass. 
111.) Prepared in Easthampton H. S.; Williston Sem. Adelphic. Structural Steel Drafts- 
man, x892-i9oo; Bridge Draftsman with various railroads, X900-1903; Asst. Engr., C R. I. 

1893] Baccalaureate Alumni 163 

& p. Ry., 1904 — Married May Wilson, June 10, 1896, Rushville, IlL Child, Anna 
Wilton, D. July 6, 1897. Addrtss, 1430, 5th St., Dea Moinea, la. 



B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. 1867. Harford Co., Md.; s. Wra. Thomas (b. Harford Co., 
Md.) & Margaretta Andrews (b. do,) Prepared at S. 111. Nor. Sch. Asst. Engr., The 
Sanitary District, Chicago, IlL; Member M. £. Church; Amer. Soc. Ciy. Engrs. Mar- 
ried Addie A. Martin, 1897, Lima. O. Children, Tulia E., b .1898 (d. 1902); Frank Martin, 
b. 1 901; Edwin Paul, b. 1905. Address, 7346 Yale Ave., Chicago, 111. 

(Brother of Nos. 450, aooo, xx8i) 

B. S.; Bookkeeper, buyer and estimator: b. May 94* 1869; a. Alvin Oaklev (b. 18x7, 
Tyre, N. Y.) & Mary Celma (Carpenter) Woodworth (b. Apr. s. 1842, Manlius. N. Y.) 
Prepared in Champaign H. S.; Pbilomathean; Grad. Stud., III.. 1892-3; Cornell 1803-5, 
M. S.; Aast. HI. State Lab. x 895-7; Field Asst. Ento., Univ. of CaliL. X897-8: Asst. State 
Entomol. in HI. State Lab. of Nat. Hist., 1898-ipoo; Student in Fed. and Zool., 111.. 
ipoo-i; AssL State Entomol., N. Y. Exp. Sta.. (Jeneva, N. Y.* x903-a; foreman Calif. 
Pooltry Sta. 190 ^-s; with Natl. Self Winding Dock Co. 1905-6; Bookkeeper for £. A. 
Robinaon'a plumbmg ahop 1906-xi; Bookkeeper, buyer and cramator for W. R. Wozen- 
craft'a plumbing anop 191X — Author: various articles published in poultry journals; 
Hon. Mem. Petaluma Poultry Keepers Protective Assoc; Prei. Baptist Y. P. S. C E. ot 
Berkeley, Calif, 1897-8; Docon Herald of Hope Baptist Church, 1910-12; Treas. do. 
19x0-12. Married Elsie Victoria Weeks, May 27, X903, Geneva, N. Y. Children, Mary 
Elsie, b. May 27, 1904; Newton Clyde, b. May 11, 1905, (d. Sept. s» '995) i ^P*^ Victoria, 
b. June j6, X906; Howard Oakley, b. Oct. 10, 1907. Address, 58 £. University Ave., 
Champaign, HL 

(Brother of G250 ) 
B._L.; Lawyer; b. Sept. 13, 1870, Urbana, Ill.j_ s. Francis M. (b. Aug. 23, 1844, 

~ "I Prepared in Urbana 

Master in chancery of 
, ^ .. . ~ _ . , , Tarried Male C^ndy, X894, 

Ind. Address, (t) 

CLASS OF 1893 (65) 


B. S.; M. D., 1899; Physician; b. Aue. xo, 1869, Piasa. 111.; s. Joseph B. (b. 1837, 
Brighton, IlL) & Mary A. (Rudrow) Anarews (b. 1838, (Umden, N. J.) Prepared in 
Blackburn Coll. Philomathean. Teacher, Salt Lake City fi. S., 1803-6; Physician, i89<^ 
Married Zada Keames, 1904, Gunnison, Utah. Children. Mary Emma, b. Mar. 8, 1905. 
Zada Leah, b. Mar. X5, 19ZX. Address, San Bernardino, Clallf. 


B. L.: Lawyer; b. June 10, X865, Plainfield, 111.: s. (^rl (b. July 25, 1827, Grathkan, 
Ger.) & Kathrina (SumeO Arbeiter (b. Oct. 26, 1 828, Frankfort, do.) Prepared Plain- 
field H. S. & N. Indiana Nor. Sch.; Philomathean. LL. B. Univ. of Mich.. 189s. 3d Re^. 
Co. B., I. N. G., 1896. First Sup. Vice Commander, Sup. Council Order of the White 
CroM, 1900 — Married Esther Kittie McBride. Feb. x, 1889, Elgin, 111. Children. Margaret 
Georgia^ b. July a, 1900 (died Apr. 19, 1901); (}eorge Carlton, b. Mar. 20, X902; Gladys 
Esther, b. Oct. xo, 1904; Lois Genevieve, b. Oct. 20, 1908. Address, 102 Woodworth Ave., 
Tolset, HL 


A. B.; b. 1866 Roanoke, 111.; d. C^ B. Arnold. Died Jan. 2, X898, Cambridge, 111. 

(Wife of No. 762; Sister of No. 371) 

and unxv. Acad. Aietnenai; z. w. u. A.: laugnt in Kocnester, Minn., 1094-5; rtor. UiXB. 
Coll. Member Minerva Lit. and Mus. Club. (Pres. 191 1). Married William Ambrose 
Powers, Sept. 9, 1897, Urbana, 111. Child, Chalton Aycrs. Address, 1020 Western Ave., 
Topeka. Kan. 


B. S. in C. E.; Topographic Draftsman; b. Jan. 13, 1867. Huntsville, 111.; s. William 
H. (b. Sept. ax, 2838, Augusta, III.) & Marv Ellen (Gould) Bacon (b. Oct. 12. X841, do.) 
Piepared in Dixon Coll. C. £. Cinb; at the head of the Military class frcsnman year; 
(Hass baseball team. Union Switch & Signal 0>., Swissvale, Pa., 1893; Engaged in 
business, Ft. Smith, Ark., X894: with Choctaw Oklahoma & Gulf R. R., 1894-97, nrst as 

164 University of Illinois [1893 

draftftman, later as Asst. Enjn.; Draftsman with Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, 
D. C, 1897 — Designer of C. O. & G. Ry. shops & yards, Shawnee, Okla.; C. O. Ik G. 
railroad track pile driver. Published, Plan of a Track Pile Driver, Technograph, ^^9^-97 1 
pp. 38-40; The C. O. & G. R. R. Shops at Shawnee, Okla., same. Member of M. £. 
Cnurch. Married Viola Coe, Nov. 28, 1894, Eldorado, Kan. Children, Cecil H., b. Nov. 
20, 1895; infant daughter, b. Aug. 29, 1899 (d. Aug. 31, 1899^. Address, Silver Spring, 
Md.; Bus. Add,, Coast & Geodetic Survey, Washington, D. C. 


B. S. in C. E.; Chief Enjcr., Dir. & Mcr.; b. Oct. 12. 1870, Port Byron, 111.; s. 
Daniel Thomas (b. July 22, 1824, Camden, Me.) & Lucy Ann (Sidlinger) Barrett (b. 
Aug. x8, 1828, Thomaston, Me.) Prepared in Port Byron H. S. & Acad.; Curtiss Bus. 
Coll., Minneapolis. Minn. Pres., Adelphic; Sigma Chi; C. E. Club; Class Pres.: Bus. Mgr. 
Technograph & Pnilo- Adelphic Lecture Course. U. S. Surveyor & Inspector, U. S. EMr. 
Corps, 1 893-1900; Asst Engr. C. B. & Q. Ry., 1900; C. E. with Fairbanks Morse & Co., 
1900-04; Dir. & Genl. Mgr. & Chief Engr., Roberts & Schaefer Co., 1904 — Patents for 
improvements in coal handling devices dated 1907. Sept. 1908, Oct. 1908, Re-issue Pat., 
X909. Member M. £. Church; Chicago Engrs. Club; LaGrange Village Bd., 1907-00; Dir. 
LaGrange Trust & Savings Bank, 1909 — Dir. Old Colony Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago. 

Bldg., Chicago. 

B, S. in C. E.: Draftsman; b. Sept. 27, 1870, Mt. Sterling, 111.; s. Henrv H. (b. 1841, 
Crown Point, N. Y.) & America J. (Tones) Bartlett (b. 1852. Mt Sterling, 111.) Prepared 
in Mt Sterling H. S. Supt of Schools, Brown Co., 111., 1894-98; Asst Engr., I. C. R. 
R., 1898-1904; Official Photographer, Panama Canal. 1904-5; Asst Engr., I. C. R. R., 
1005-6; Chief Draftsman, Constr. Dept Mo. Pac Ry., St Louis, Mo., 1006-10; Engr. 
Terminals, Chicago Passenger Subways, iqio-ii; Eng. of Bridges, The Chicago Assoc, 
of Commerce Comm. of Investigation on Smoke Abatement & Electrification of Railway 
Terminals. 19x1 — Member Amer. Soc of C. E. Married Nettie B. Cronin, June 4, x899> 
Mt Sterling, 111. Children, Chas. H., b. Feb. x, 1901; Frederick E., b. June 26, 1902. 
Address, 1447 E. 66th PI., Chicago. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Dec. 15, x86o, Quincy, 111.? s. Charles Frederick Adolph 
(b. Sept 22, x83S, near Minden. Ger.) & Mary (Beilstein) Behrensmeyer (b. Jan. 12, 
X842, near Quinc^r, 111.) Prepared in Quincy Pub. Sch.; Gem City Bus. Coll. Kappa Sigma; 
Adelphic; won nine class medals and inter-collegiate medals. Member Quincy Country 
Club; Past Chancellor, K. of P.; Past Exalted Ruler-Elk: Knights Templar; ^2nd degree 
Mason. Married Grace Rebecca Plank, July 12, 1893, Champaign, IlL Address, 9th & 
Main Sts., Quincy, 111. 


B. S. in E. E.; Engineer; b. Oct 24, 1870, Hiawatha, Kan.; s. A. M. & Mary (Avery) 
Blakesley. Manager Security Stove & Mfg. Co. Married, June 11, 1896, Chicago, III. 
Children, Gladys A.; Helen A.; Frank A.; Elizabeth A. Address, 3240 Windsor Ave.. 
Kansas City, Mo. 


B. S. in Arch.; Real Estate & Ins. Agt.; b. May xo, X872, Champaign, IlL; s. Scely 
^ ^ ^ o », . T . . « y,_ «r__. — . ^ ^ Prepared in Cham- 

-i94-S; Joint Rate Inspector for Cent Traffic Assoc, x 895-01; becy., Iwin uties bavings 
& Loan Assoc, Sept., 1901; Trcas. Western Star Lodge No. 240, A. F. & A. M.; Rec. 
Champaign Commanderv No. 68, K. T., iQQyi2\ Adv. Com. Bldg. Assoc. League of 111., 
X90S, Address, 34 Neil St., or 4x1 W. University Ave., Champaign, 111. 

B. L.; Music Inst: b. May 8, 1858, Champaign, 111.; s. Thomas (b. Nov. 3, 18x2, 
Sandy Hill, N. Y.) & Catherine (Belingcr) Carpenter (b. Oct 7. X831, Central, N. Y.) 
Prepared in Jacksonville School for the Blind. Philomathean. Natl. Hist Soc. Instruc- 
tor in Music & Piano Tuner, x 893- x 000 & 1905 — Instructor of Music & Musical Sciences, 
School for the Blind, Faribault, Minn., 1900-05. Address, Co-Op Bldg., Champaign, 111. 

(Brother of No. 1467 ) 

Child, Louise Hagar^ b. May 5, 1908. Address, 2815 Prairie Ave., Chicago; Bus. Add., 2005 
McCormick Bldg., Chicago. 

1893] Baccalaureate Alumni 165 


(Husband of No. 754 ) 

B. L.; M. L., 1894; Physician; b. Mar. 27 » 1868, Faribault, Minn.: s. Willard (b. 
Apr. 2, 1833, Wilmington, Mass.) & Emily Jane (Wbitlock) Carter (b. Muncy, Pa.) 
Prepared in Aledo H. S. Philomathean. First Inter-Soc. Orat. Cont., 1893; Class Poet. 
M. V,, CoIL of P. & S., Chicago, 1897. Fellowship in L. & S., 1894. Practicing medicine, 
1897 — Member Amer. Med. Assoc; 111. State Med. Soc; DeWitt Co. Med. Soc.; A. F. 
& A. M.: R. A. M., Goodbrake No. 59. Married Mary Estelle Mann, Jan. 12, 1898, 
Geneva, 111. Children, Charles Willard, b. Feb. 8, 1899; Alice Landon, b. Apr. 29, 1905; 
Dorothy, b. Sept. 2, 1908. Address, Clinton, 111. 


B. L. in L. & A.{ Lawyer; b. Jan. 30. x873> Sadorus, III.; s. Jacob George (b. Aug. 
Z2, 1842, Pouffhkeepsie. N. Y.) & Ann (Rock) Chambers (b. Apr. 2, 1845, Sadorusj 
Prepared in Urbana H. S. Philomathean; Representative at Inter-coll. Orat. Contest, 
1802: Winner Conklin Prize, Oratorv, x8{)2. Teacher, 1893^4: Law Student, 1894-96; 
IX. B., Univ. of Mich^ 1896; Clerk Ter. Dist. Courts 1907-10; Practicing Lawyer, xj)io — 
SeCT., Bd. of Educ, Danville, 1902-5. Married Liaa Spencer, Nov. 10, 1904, Chicago. 
Child, Richard Harvey, b. Nov. 7, 1906. Address, Sa£Ford, Ariz. 


(Brother of No. xoi6 ) 

B. S. in Sci.; Physician; b. Nov. i, 1870, Champaign, 111.; s. Ellas Oscar (b. 1829, 
Franklin Co., O.) & Frances Virginia (Skinner^ Chester (b. 1835, Orange Co., N. Y.) 
Prepared in Champaign West Side H. S. Nu Si^a Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha. Member 
Amer. Med. Assoc: 111. State Med. Soc; Chicago Med. Soc. & Physician's Club.; 
Kenwood Club; Hyde Park Presb. Church. Married Florence Griffin, Oct. 18, 191X, 
Chicago, 111. Address, 4744 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 563, 1x09) 

B. S. in Chem.; Foundry Expert; b. Nov. 22, X87X. Sidney, 111.: s. A. M. & Mira 
Amy (Gaines) 0>ffeen. Chemist & Supt. in foundry work, Chicago, 1 893-1 900; at Beaver 
Dam, Wis.. 1000-4; Foundry Expert, 1904 — Member Cong. Church: A. F. & A. M. 
Married Ida Weber, Aug. 15, 1899, Urbana, 111. Children, Richard Preston, b. Oct. 
22, 1900; Esther, b. Sept. 29, 1902; Frederick Harry, b. June 24, 1904. Address, X04 E. 
John St., Champaign, 111. 


B. S. in M. £.; Gen. Cont.; b. 1872, Rural Twp.. R. I. (>>., 111.; s. Mrs. J. V. Cook. 
Prepared in Rock Island H. S. Sigma Chi. With J. W. Schaub, Chicago, 1904. Address, 
810 Edgecomb Place, Chicago. 


B. S. in M. E.; b. 1865, Kankakee Co., 111.; s. Abram H. Cornell. Address, Grant 
Park, Kankakee Co., 111. 


B. L.; Lawyer; b. Apr. 7, 1872, Mattoon. 111.; s. James Wesley (b. June 29. 1844, 
Coles Co. 111.) & Mary (Chilton) Craig (b. July 4* 18^9, Scott Co., 111.) Prepared in 
Mattoon H. S. Adelphic. Attended Harvard Law School; admitted to bar and practicing, 
1806 — Married Fannie lone Dilley. Nov. 9, 1899, Dallas, Tex. Children, George Mans- 
field, b. Aug. 25, 1905; Donald Chilton, b. Oct. 27, 1908. Address, Mattoon, Hi. 


B. S. in C. E.; Engr. & Salesman; b. July 15, 1871, ITenry, 111.; s. D. W. & Katherine 
A. (Noe) Danley. Prepared in Henne(>in H. S. Adelpnic Engr. & Salesman, U. S., Austr.. 
En^., & So. Atr.; Engaged in organizing and establishing the S. African, German ana 
Italian contracting business for the Lamson Pneumatic Tube Co., and Lamson Store 
Service Co., of London^ Eng., 1 904-11. Married Matilda Elizabeth Cayzer, Oct. 3, 1808, 
Melbourne, Victoria. Child, Arthur L., b. Sept. 23, 1899. Address, Los Angeles, Calif. 

B. S. in C. E.; Consulting Engr.; b. Mar. 27, i860, Centralia, 111.; s. Marcus 

Mich. Address, Muskogee, Oklahoma. 


B. S. in Agr.; M. S^^ 1902; Professor; b. July i, 1869, Lockpo^t, 111.; s. John 
Alexander (b. July 30, 1823, Bethel, N. Y.) & Mary Ann (Van Horn) Fraser (b. Feb. 17, 
1829.) Prepared in Plaixifield H. S. ana Jennings Sem., Aurora, 111. Instr. in Dairy 
Hush., and Asst., Agr. Exp. Sta., Univ. of 111., 1896- 1902; Prof, of Dairy Hush., and 

Btruction of Silos, Bull., No. 102, 190^, 44 PP<; Dairy Suggestions from European Con- 
ditions as seen in the British Isles, Holland, and Denmark, Bull., No. 140, 1909, 84 pp.; 

1 66 University of Illinois [1893 

Economy of the Round Dairy Barn, Bull.. No. I43» 191 o, 44 pp.; Alfalfa Hay vs. Timothy 
Hay» and Alfalfa Hay vs. Bran for Dairy Cows, Bull. No. 146, 1910, 14 pp>; also 
earlier bulletins and a large number of circulars. Married Alice May Eaton, Sept. 12, 
1894, Aurora, 111. Children, Cecil Elaton, b. Oct. 7, 1895; Gladys Genevra, b. Aug. 17. 
1897. Address. 1003 S. Wright St., Champaign, 111. £ta. Add,, 1x9 Agr. Bldg., Univ. ot 
111., Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in Agr.; M. S., 1894; Pres. N. H. Coll. of Agr. & the Mechanic Arts: b. Mar. 
15, 1869. Winchester, 111.: s. William C. & Margaret C. Gibbs. Prepared in Winchester 
If. S. Kappa Sigma; Fellowship in Agr., 1894. Asst. in Agr., Ohio State Univ., 1895. 
Sigma Xi, Ohio State Univ.: Expert Asst. Bureau of Soils, U. S. Dept. of Agr., 1895; 
Asst. Prof, of Agr., O. S. U., 1895-6: Assoc. Prof., 1896-9; D. S. C, Univ. of Maine, 
1008; Prof, of Agronomy, Ohio State Univ., 189^-01 : Prof, of Agr. & Dir. Agr. Exp. Sta., 
New Hampshire Coll. of Agr. and the Mechanic Arts, Durham, N. H., 1901 ; Dean of 
Agr. and Dir. of Exp. Stations, Texas, A. & M. Coll., College Sta., 1902-3; Fres. New 
Hampshire Coll. of Agr. and the Mechanic Arts, 1903-IQ12; western representative of the 
Sagamon Land Trust of Boston, 19 12 — Address, Winchester, 111. 

B. L. Lawyer; b. Aug. 18, 1870, Pittsfield, 111.; s. D. C. (b. Galesburg, 111.) & Lizzie 
(Rose) Graham (b. Griggsville, 111.) Prepared m Pittsfield H. S. Married Bertha M. Rush. 
Fairmount, 111., Feb. 23, 1903. Address, Pittsfield, 111. 


(Brother of No. 468a) 

B. L.; Lawyer; b. Feb. 7, 1872; s. Richard J. (b. Feb. xi, 1842, Laurence Co., Pcnn.) 
& Caroline (Mundwiler) Graham (b. do.) Prepared in Aledo H. S., & Aledo Acad.; 
Adelphic; Kappa Sigma: Editor in Chief of lUini, 1892-3; Pres. Adelphic, 1893: Class 
Hatchet Orator. 1893. In law office of James M. Brock, Aledo, 111., 1893-5, also Deputy 
Sheriff, Mercer Countv* admitted to bar in 111. in 1895. Raised company as Captain of 
Anderson's Provisional Regiment in war with Spain, m Aledo. Elected State's Attorney 
Mercer Co., 1900; re-elected 1904. Married Olive B. Whan, Nov. 8, 1899, Aledo, 111., 
(d. Mar. 261 191 1). Children, Robert, b. Dec. 23, 1906; Ruth Olive, b. Nov. 12, 1910. 
Address, Afedo. 111. 


Twin Cities Savings & Loan Assn., Champaign, 111., until 1902; Planter, until Apr. 1904; 
in charge of southern real estate ofHce of Mullilcin & Biles, Memphis, Tenn., 1904-6; 
Partner of Martin Bros. & Co., Alligator, Miss., 1906-8; owns orange ranch. Orange, 
Calif., 1909— Married Cora Belle Martin, Mar. 25, 1900, Neosho, Mo. Children, Frank 
Martin, b. Nov. 18, 1904; Chas. Edwin, b. Apr. xo, 1910. Address, Orange, Calif. 


(Brother of No. 3020) 

B. S. in Arch., i%9z\ Mgr. of Mfg. Co.; b. Aug. 30, 1869, Elmwood, 111.; a. B. P. 
(b. Apr. 2p, 1834, Huntington, Mass.) & Mary E. (Leet) Hig^ns (b. Jan. x, 1842, Coim.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Class baseball & football teams; Varsity football team. Archi- 
tect in Chicago, Victor, Colo., Pueblo, Kansas City; Structural Eng.; Hon. Commission 
as Capt., I. N. G., Act. Volunteer Spanish- American War; Vice Pres. & Mgr. of Truss- 
wall Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Mo. Invented & Developed the Manufacture of Trusswall 
Concrete Columns, Pat. No. 945,948, 191 o, & No. 945,949t I9ii> with other patents 
pending. Published, Turned Concrete Columns (Trusswall Colurons Cement Age (30 
Church St., N. Y.) Vol. 13, No, 4, pp. x64-66. Member Y. M. C. A.; Engineers'^ Club; 
Arts Club; Noble of the Mystic Shrine. Married Jessie M. Glenn, Oct. 12, X9X0, Tarkio, 
Mo. Address, 2452 Harrison St., Kansas City, Mo. Bus. Add., 2315 Flora Ave., Kansas 
City, Mo. 


B. S. in Sci.; Coal Operator; b. Mar. 5, 1871, Mascoutah, 111.; s. Philip (b. Apr. 30. 
1844, Rotenburg. Ger.)^ & Elizabeth (Leibrock) Hucke (b. Mascoutah, 111.) Prepared in 
Mascoutah H. a. Philomathean. Taught in Champaijsn H. S., x893-i90o; (jenl. Mgr., 
Kolb Coal Co. Mines, St. Louis, Mo., 1900 — Married Louise Kraus. 1907, Chicago. 
Address^ 3^2ia Park Ave., St. I.ouis Mo.; Bus. Add,, 305 Mermod & Jaccard Bldg., 
St. Louis, Mo. 


(Brother of No. 879) 

B. S. in Chem.; with Piper, Johnson & Case; b. 1871, Urbana, 111.; s. J. E. Hunt. 
Address, N. Y. Lif6 Arcade, Minneapolis, Minn. 


B. L.; b. June 22, 1873, Rock Island; d. Walter (b. 184^, Coventry, England) & Ellen 
(Head) Johnson (b. 1843, Hull, do.) Prepared in Rock Island H. S. Alethenai. Grad. 
Worcester* Mass. Sch. of Dom. Sci., X90X. Charter member Illinois-Iowa Branch of 
A. C. A. Address, 11 32, ist Ave., Rock Island, Illinois. 

1893] Baccalaurbatb Alumni 167 

(Brother of No. 569) 

« w. JC K. l^., 1003-1902; i!,ngr. ot lests, Amer. Locomotive uo., 1902-5; Kes. :3aies Mgr., 
Parkcsburg Iron Co., 1908 — Assoc. A. S. M. E.: member A. S. N. E.; A. S. T. M.; 
Engr. Soc. Eastern N. Y.; Mohawk Golf Club; Engrs. Club, N. Y.; Railroad Club of 
N. v.; Marine & Field Club. Brooklyn. Married Beatrice Reynolds, Aue. 8, 1903, San 
Francisco, CaL Children. Robert Clendenin, b. Jan. 4, 1906; James Alan, b. Jan. 5, 1908; 
David, b. Oct. x6. 1909; Donald, b. Mar. 10, 191 1. Addrtss, Stelton, N. J.; Bus. Add., 30 
Chnrcli St.» N. Y. 

B. L. 1893; Lawyer: b. Mar. 8, 1870, Mascoutah, 111.; s. Louis (b. Mar. 8, 1841, 
Matcoutah, IlL; and Katheiine (Seibert) Klingel (b. 1849. Ger.) Prepared in Mascoutah 
H. S. Philomathean; Valedictorian; took LL. B. from Micnigan Law School, 1896. Taught 
school in Belleville, 111., 1893-94; practiced law in Belleville, 1896 — B. P. O. E.; Mar- 
ried Eugenie Guentz, Sept. 5, 1907, Belleville, 111. Children, Mary Helen, b. Aug. 2, 1912; 
Katherine Louise, b. Dec 24, 1908. Address, Belleville, 111. 


B. L.; Teacher; b. Champaign, 111.; d. Tosiah B. (b. 1843) & C. Marion (Gibson) Lam- 
kin fbu 1046.) Prepared iji Chainpaig;n Hi^^^ SchooL Pre^Alethenai ; Class Secy.; Pres. 


1902-5; Phys. Dir., Riverside Pud. Schs., 1904-7: Teacher of Elocution & Phys. work, 
Studio, Fine Arts Bldg.. Chica^, 1902-5; head ox Phys. Educ. Dept., Western 111. State 
Norm. School, 1907-11; Dir. of j3oys & Girls Sports at Chautauqua, 1904-11; Round Table 
Talks for Parents & Teachers at Chautauqua, 1^04-11. Author: Play: Its Value & Fifty 
Games, Lamlain Pub.. Chicago. 1908; Suggestive Physical Work for Every Dav and 
Holidays, for use in all the grades, Pub^ Macomb, 111., 1910. Member N. E. A.; Alumnae 
Club, Chicago; Alumni Club, Chicago; Presb. Church; Intercoll. Alumnx Assoc. Chicago 
Playground. Addnss, 4323 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111.; Bus, Add., Studio, Fine Arts Bldg., 
Chicago, (t) 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect: b. Feb. x, x8^2, Brookfield, Mo.; s. Marcus (b. Mar. 
31, 1843, Kolmar, Prussia) & Minna Levy (b. Sept. 30, 18^4, Bartenstein, Prussia.) Pre- 
pared in Brookfield (Mo.) H.' S. Teacher in Chicago H. Schs., 1896-1904; Practicing 
Arch., X904-XX. Member Chicago Architects Bus. Assoc; Dir. Marks Nathan Jewish 
Orphan Home. Married Eliza Westerfeld, Apr. 28, 1898, Chicago. Children, Alexander L., 
Jr., b. June 23, 191 1. Address, 5202 Prairie Ave., Chicago; Sus. Add., 1651 Otis Bldg., 


Massillon Bridse Co., 1904; Chief Engr., Toledo Bridge & Crane Co.. Toledo, O. Married 
Edith Louise Norton, Dec. 30, 1909, .Toledo, O. Address, Chesbro App.,cfo. 


B. S. in Chem.: M. S., 1900; LL. B., 1901: b. Mav 18, 1870, Metropolis, 111.; s. 
Robert Wilson & M:olly (Priestly) McCartney. Frcpared in Metropolis H. S.; Detroit 
Mil. Acad. Chem. Club; Pref. Univ. of 111. Assoc. Spanish War Volunteers, 1899. LL. D., 
Breseford Coll., EnsJeyj Ala. Teacher, Olmsted, 1893-4; Albion, 1895-6; So. Collegiate 
Inst., 1896-7; Metropolis^ 111., Druggist & Chemist, 1897-8; Food Insp. & Chem., with 
rank of First Lieut.. U. S. A., 1898-9; Univ. of 111., 1899-01; Paducah, Xy., 1901-4; Atty. 
St Law, Teacher ot Law, E. St. Louis, 111. and St. Louis, Mo., 1004-5; Teacher, Com. 
Law and Allied Sci., Breseford Coll.; Summer Term at Univ. ox Berlin, Ger., 1905; 
Counsellor-Scientist, Birmingham, Ala., Consulting and Analytical Work Pertaining to 
Iron Industries; Instr. at Breseford Coll., 1905. AttY-, Augusta, Ga. ; Supt. Univ. H. S., 
CHbson H. S., 1906 — Invented Leadoidine, a celluloia-like preparation with Sp. Gr. ap- 



Secy. ... . . ^ .. 

190X, Cairo, HI. Children, Robert A., b. Aug. 25, 1895; Homer D. b. June 17, 1898; 
James Scott, b. Feb., 1900; Jean, b. Jan. 30, 1903. Address, Gibson, Ga. \%) 


B. L. ; Lawyer; b. Feb. 22^ 1867, Effingham Co.; s. John (b. Jan. i, 1839) & Catherine 
(Murphy) McCloy. Prepared in Altamont H. S. Y. M. C. A.; Philomathean; Black- 
stonian Soc. LL. B., Kent Coll., 1895. Practical law for a time, connected with a real 
estate firm; in Law Dept. of the London Guarantee and Accident Co., Chicago, 1906 — 
Member of M. E. Church (steward & trustee) ; Arcand Lodge Xo. 717, A. F. & A. M., 1903-4. 

i68 University of Illinois [1893 

(Master); Univ. of 111. Club of Chicago, 1 898-1 901. Married Bertha Alma Tish, June 
i3i 1897* Address, 383 Greenwood Aye.» Blue Island, 111. 


(Brother of N0.655) 

B. S. in C. £.; b. 1870, Gib«on City, 111.; s. John T. McClure. Died Feb. 26, 1901, 
Tuscola, HI. 


B. S.; Teacher; b. Sept. 7. 1869, Champaign Co., 111.; s. Giles Franklin (b. 1826, 
Mo.) & Elizabeth (Smoot) McGee (b. 1834, O.) Prepared in Philo Twp. school & pri- 
vate study. Y. M. C. A.; Philomathean; Athletic Assoc. Fellowship, Univ. of 111., 1895; 
Prin. East Side School, Champaign, 1893-4; Stud., Univ. of HI., 1894-5; Chicago, 1805-6; 
taught in Englewood H. S., 189628; Stud., Chicago, 1898-9; taiij^ht in Hyde Park li. S., 

5327 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 


B. S.; Real Estate business; b. May 14, 1868, Vermilion Co., 111., near Rossville; 
s. Anderson Cb. Jan. 10, 1840, Waveland, Ind.) & Clarisa Comstock McMains (b. Nov. 12, 
18^8, Rossville, 111.) Prepared in Rossville H. S. Adclphic; Hoppin Medal, 1890. Prac- 
ticing Law, 1893-1902; Lite Ins., 1902-3; Real Estate, 1903-4 in Detroit, Mich.; Mgr.. Real 
Estate Dept., John Wocher & Bro., Indianapolis, Ind., 1904-10; Ind. Natl. Guards during 
R. R. strike, 1894. Member Christian Church; Chni. of Bd., 4 yi's.; Supt. of S. S., 6 
yrs. ; Treas. & Dir., Y. M. C. A., Crawfordsville. 1898-1902. Married Sadie Blanche 
Rittcr, June 26, 1895, Danville, 111. Address, 3266 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


(Wife of No. 726) 

B. L. in L. & A.; b. Dec. 29, 1871, St. Charles, 111.; d. Charles Eben (b. Sept. 27 ^ 
1844, N. Y.) & Sarah Ellen (Landon) Mann (b. Oct. 20, 1846, Bloomingdale, 111.) Pre- 
pared in Geneva H. S. Alethenai; ist prise in Declamation Cont. Taught in Mattoon 
H. S., 189^-4; Elgin U. S., 1894-7. Married Charles Willard Carter ('9^), Jan. 12, 1898, 
Geneva, ill. Children, Charles Willard, b. Feb: 8, 18^9; Alice Landon, b. Apr. 29, 1905; 
Doiothy, b. Sept. 2, 1908. Address, 203 N. Center St., Clinton, 111. 


(Sister of No. 1921) 

B. L.; b. 1871, Urbana. 111.; d. F. W. Mathews. Married W. A. Nicolaus. Address, 
601 W. Elm St., Urbana, lU. 


B. S. in Chem.; Bank Cashier; b. Feb. 14, 1871; s. James David, Sr. (b. May 16, 
1839, Ky.) & Bruneete (Mason) Metcalf (b. Mar. 10, 1843, do.) Prepared in Girard H. 
S.; Wes. Nor. Sch., Bushnell, 111. Kappa Si^a. Cashier of Shipman Banking Co., Ship- 
man, 111. A. F. & A. M. Married Eugenia Wolfe, Oct. 16, 1897. Child Eugenia b. 
Dec. 9, 1902. Address, Shipman, III. 


(Brother of No. 1056, 3878) 

B. S. in Chemj M. S^ 1894; Chemist & Assayer; b. Apr. 10, 1871, Mattoon, 111.; 5. 
Adam (b. Va.) & Fannie Bowen (Knowles) Millar (b. Ohio.) Prepared in Lee's Acad., 
Loxa. III. Asst. on State Wat. Survey, 1895^9; Chemist & Assayer, Joplin, Mo., 1899 — 
Member M. E. Church; has been S. S. Supt., Pres. Epworth League, a steward in church. 
Married Elizabeth C. inslev, June 15, 1898, Thayer, Kan. Children, Clendon Van Meter, 
Jr., b. Aug. 7, 1905; Frank Insley, b. Nov. 15, 1906. Address, 6i7>4 Joplin St., Joplin, 


B. S.; Professor; b. Jan. 8, 1862, Pike Co., O.; s. David (b. Mar. 20. 1827, O.) & 
Amanda R. (Brill) Mosier (b. Apr. 29, 1828.) Prepared in Urbana H. S.; Korm. School, 
Lebanon, O. Philomathean: Alpha Zeta; Asst. in Geol., Univ. of 111., 1894-7; Farmer, 
1898-1900; H. S. Teacher, Urbana & Champaign, i9oo-2' Asst. Prof, of Soil Physics, Coll. 
of Agr. & Asst. Chief of Soil Physics, Ap;r. Exp. Sta., Univ. of 111., 1902 — Author: Bull. 
No. 86, Climate of 111., 1903, 31 pp.; Circ, No. 82, Physical Improvement of Soils with 
Special Reference tq_ Organic Matte r^ 1904, 21 pp.; Soils ofjClay, Hardin, & Moultrie 

Aug. i^, 1894: Harold M., b. Dec. 10, 1897 (d. Aug. 29, 1900); Henry D., b. Apr. ^, 
1899; Helen K., b. Oct. 20, 1903: Dorothy R., b. May 19, 1905. Address, 908 W. 111. 
Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; b. 1871, Chicago, 111.; s. Mrs. Annie Peterson. Died Nov. 2, 1899, 
Chicago, 111. 

1893I Baccalaureate Alumni 169 

(Wife of No. io6a) 

A. B. in L. & S.; Teacher j b. June 22, i872» Champaign, 111.; d. Peter John (b. Oct. 
2, 1848, Sweden) & Marie Christine Peterson (b. Mar. 8. 1850.) Prepared in Champaign 
H. S. Alethenai; y "' *" * '^ *-" —•---' -" »*^-^ *--_ ^ y-.^ _ ,. 

Married John Louis 
Children, Harold Lesiic, u. 
S. 2nd St., Champaign, 111 


B. S. in Arch.: As&t. Dean in Coll. of Engr.; b. June i, i860, Chicago: s. James Mill 
(b. Scotland) & Ellen (Stewart) Phillips (b. do.) Prepared in Chicago Schools: Univ. 
Acad. Tau Beta Pi; Shield & Trident; Sigma Xi. Instr. in Shop Work & Mach. Design, 

ScL Married Darley Payne, Aug. 27. 1894, Champaign, 111. (died.) Children, Paul 
Ste«.-art, (died); Mary Helen (died); Wendell, b. 1899. Address, 1925 W. Lawn Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 


(Husband of No. 717) 

B. S. in Chem.; Chemist; b. Mar. 14, 1866, Knoxborough. N. Y.; s. Walter Moses 
(b. Tan. 18, 1837, ^^O ^ Lucinda Rebecca (Lawton) Powers (d. June 18, 1842, Vernon, 
N. Y.) Prepared in Belvidcre H. S.; Philomathean. Chief Chemist, A. T. & S. F. R. R.; 
Eureka Ammonia Works, 189^; Article, Water Treating by the Powers System, Sept., 
1904, Loco. Fireman's Magazine. Member International Assoc for Testing Material, 
1903; Western Railway Club, 1898. Married Grace Ayers, Sept. 9, Urbana, 111. Child, 
Chalton Ayers, b. Oct. 10, 1898. Address, 1020 Western Ave., Topeka, Kan. 


B. S. in Arch.: Architect; b. Aug. 12, 1869. Decatur, 111.; s. Robert M. (b. Mar. 8, 
1841, Harrisburg, Pa.) & Catharine J. (Francis) Rea (b. Jan. 15, 1840, Zanesville, O.) 
Prepared in Urbana H. S. Philomathean; Arch. Club. Arch. Draftsman, 1893-1900; 
Engrs. office, Natl. Home for Disabled Vol. Soldiers at Danville, 111., 1898- 1900; practic- 

Cfaurch, 1905-1 z. Married Viola Edith Cross, Dec. 29, 1902. Child, Frances Aleene, b. May 
25, 1905. Address, Suite 204 Grome Bidg., Joplin, Mo. 


A. B. in L. & S.; Farmer; b. Jan. 24, z866, Freedom, 111.; s. Robert A. (b. Oct. i, 
1826, York Ridge, Ind.) & Fear B. (Hosford) Rowe (b. Dec. 24, 1839, Freedom, III.) 
Prepared in Ottawa H. S. Philomathean. Taught, 1893-4; with W. A. Wood Co., 1894; 
U. S. Mail Service, 1895-65 on I. C. R. R., 1896-1903; C. R. I. & P. R. R.; Farming- 
Invented machine for folding, printing & stamping R. M. S. labels, 1900. Member A. 
F. & A. M. Married Phebe E. Knight, Aug. 6, 1890, Baker, 111. Children, Fay K,, b. 
Aug. 19. 1892; Marion A., b. Feb. 24, 1897; Nellie May, b. May 14, 1899; Earl W., b. 
Oct. 16, 1903. Address, Freeport, Kan. 


A. B.; Farmer; b. June 10. 1871, Virginia, 111.; s. William (b. Aug. 11, 1836, Edin- 
— -h, Scot.) & Rebecca (Neednam) Russell (b. Oct. 26, 1839, Oldham, Eng.) Prepared 
in Virginia H. S. Philomathean. H. S. Teacher, 1893-6; Farmer, 1897-1900; Teacher, 
1901-2: Farmer- 1902 — Prcs., Cass Co. Farmers* Inst., 1905-— Memb. A. F. & A. M.; 

A. iS.; rarmer; d. June 10. 1071, Virginia, ill.; s. William (b. Aug. 11, 1036, li^in- 
burgh, Scot.) & Rebecca (Neednam) Russell (b. Oct. 26, 1839, Oldham, Eng.) Prepared 
in Virginia H. S. Philomathean. H. S. Teacher, 1893-6; Farmer, 1897-1900; Teacher, 
1901-2: Farmer- 1902 — Prcs., Cass Co. Farmers* Inst., 1905-— Memb. A. F. & A. M.; 
Sen. Deacon: Jun. Warden. Married Florence Newman, Feb. 15, 1905, Virginia, 111. 
Child, Mary Rebecca, b. Dec. 6, 1905. Address, R. F. D. No. 6, Virginia, 111. 



1901; Struct. & Bridge Draftsman, 1901-2; Chief Draftsman, 1902-3; Chief Engr., 1903-6; 
Asst. Mgr., 1907 — Address, c/o James Stuart & Co. Bank of Commerce Bldg., St. Louis, 


B. S. in M. E.; M. E., 1895: Supt., Mach. Co.; b. Feb. 22, 1869, Beardstown, 111.; 
8. John W. & Mary E. (Thomson) Seaman. Prepared in Beardstown H. S. Pt. Huron 
Engr. & Thresher Co., 1H96-1904; Austin Mfg. Co., Harvey, 111., 1904; Mech. Engr., Ault- 
man & Taylor Mach. Co., Mansfield, O., 1904-8: Supt., Aultman & Taylor Mach. (^o., 
1908 — Married Susie C. Reichert, Sept., 1801, Beardstown, 111. Children, Ethel E., b. 
Sept. s, 1892; Forrest W., b. May 13, 1894; Leland S., b. Feb. 5, 1896. Address, Mans- 
field, Ohio. 


B. S.; M. S.. 1899; Teacher; b. May 20. 1868, Tiskilwa, 111.; s. Edwin (b. June 19, 
1840, Kent, Enjg.) & Marinda Sarah (Brown) Sharpe (b. Dec. 13, 1846, Monroe Co., O.) 
Prepared in Tiskilwa H, S. Dir., Band. Prin., Farmer City H. S., 1893-5; taught f 


170 University of Illinois [1893 

Danville II. S., 1896-9: Dubuque, la., 1899-1901; New Trier Twp. H. S., 190Z-6; Prof, 
of Biol.. State Nor. Sch.. River Falla, Wis., 1906-7; DeWitt Clinton H. S., 1907 — 
Author: Contribution to a Knowledge of the N. Amer. Freshwater Ottracoda, incl. in the 
Families Cytheridc & Cypridae, Bui. 111. St. Lab.. N. H., VoL IV, 1897; Report on the 
freshwater Ostracoda of tne U. S Natl. Mus., incl. a revision of sub-families & genera of 
the Family Cyprididx, Proc. V. S. Natl. Mus., Vol. XXVI, j>p. 909-1001; Pond, Stream 
or Lake as a stimulus to more practi&al work in Biol. & Physiography, Sch. Sci. & Math., 
Vol. V, 1905, pp. 26i-6; A Lab. Manual for the Solution of Problems in Biol., Amer. 
Book Co., 191 o, 352 pp.; Report of the Ostracoda of the U. S. Nat. Museum, Proc. U. S. 
Natl. Mus., Vol. 3^, pp. 339-43o.« PI- L-LXV, 1^08; Notes on the Marine Copepoda ft 
Cladecera of Woods Uall & Adjacent Regions incl. a Synopsis of the Genera of the 
Harpacticvida. do.. Vol., 38, pp. 405-36, 1910. Member of Council, Inst. Arts & Sci., 
Pres. Dept. Microscopy, 1908-9; Dir., Nat. Hist. Survey Long Island, Brooklyn Inst., 
1909-11; Vice Pres., Biol. Assoc, N. V. City, iott — Married Jessie May Kellogc, July 
IX, X907, Ooonomowoc, Wis. Children^ Richard Worthy, b. Nov. 6, 1908; Charles Lyman 
b. Nov. 4, loii. Address, 158 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Bus. Add., 59th St. & 
loth Ave., N. y. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Kioto, Japan; s. Shi^emi (b. 1831, Wakasa, Japan) & 
Tameko (Ono) Shi^a (b. 1832. Kioto, do.) Prepared m Tokyo H. S.; Univ. Acad. M. 
Arch., 1905; Addphic; Prof., Tokyo Koto Kogyo Gakko (Tokyo Coll. of Tech.) 1899-1903. 
.\rchitect to Educ. Dept., Impr. Japanese Govt. Editor, Journal Arch, in Japan, 1905 — 
Sen. Mem. Soc. Japanese Architects, 1894 — Bearer of the first grade of Sixth rank of 
the Imperial Japanese Govt. Married Haruko, 1895, Tokyo. Children, a son & two daugh- 
ters. Address (t) 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Sept. 17, 1870, Chicago, 111.; s. Lars & Mari (Knudsen) 
Skielvig. Supervisor of Drawing, Pub. Sch., Peoria, 1893-5; Architect, Dallas, Tex,, 1895 — 
A. F. & A. M. Presb. Married Floy Elotse Freeman, Dec. 2, 1903, Dallas, Tex. 
Children, Mari Aubrey, b. Oct. 12, 1904; Lois Judson, b. May 17, 1908. Address, c/o Texas 
Bldg. Co., Fort Worth, Tex. 


B. S. in C. E.; b. Aug. x^, 1872, Gibson City, 111.; s. Truman D. (b. Lewiston, N. Y.) 
& Wealthy R. Spalding (b. Asntabula, O.) Prepared in Gibson City H. S. ChieBy engaged 
in Mun. Engr. Died Aug. 28, 1897, Gibson City, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.: C. E., 1900; Prof. & Chief of Div. of Agr. Engr.; b. Jan. 13, 1868, 
near Loda, 111.; s. William R. (b. Dec. 25, 1831, Jonathan Creek, Perry Co., O.) & Nancy 
(Barr) Stewart (b. Feb. 14^ 1836, Rushville, Fairfield Co., O.) Prepared in Paxton 
Acad. M. L. A., urand Prairie Sem., 1888. Sigma Xi; Capt. Organized & drilled Co. B, 
Bogardus Prov. Rcgt. for Spanish-Amer. War, received Capt'a. commission from Gov. 
Tanner. Genl. Engr. practice, Paxton & Pecria, 1893-7: Levelman, U. S. Geol. Survey, 
6 mos. each, 1897 & 1898; Asst. Engr., Maintenance ox Way, Mich. Div., Big Four, 3 
mos. each, 1898 & 1899; with U. S. Geol. Survey, 1899-1904 (among other work, ran 3 
lines in the granite gorge, which is the deepest sec. of the Grand Canyon & are the only 
lines of spirit levels ever carried to the river in that sec.) ; Measured Vol. of Streams in 
Black Hills of S. D. & Wyo., 2 mos.; with Irrigation & Drainage Investigations, Office 
of Exp. Sta., U. S. Dept. of Agr.. 190A-8; Head of Div. of Agr. Engr. & in charge of 
Engr. Instr. in Dept. of Agr. & School of For.. Univ. of Minn., 1908 — Designed the 
turning pin & the graduation of the level rod used by U. S. Geol. Survey. Author: Data 
to be Contained in a Preliminary Drainage Rep., la. State Drainage Assoc, 1910, pp. 19- 
29; Disposal of House Sewage, Minn. Farmers* Jnst. Ann'l, No. 23, 1909, pp. 57-63; 
Drainage on the Farm, same. No. 21, 1908, pp. 100-5; Rev. of Drainage Legislation, 
.V. y. State Libr, Rev. of Legislation, igos, pp. 243-56, 1906, pp. 71-80, 1907 & 1908, pp. 
131-145; Roads, Amer. Soc. of Agr. Engrs., 19091 PP. ioa-ii; How to Tile Drain. Minn. 
Farmers' Inst. Ann'l, No. 22, 1909, pp. 278-90; as well as many other articles along 
similar subjects. Hon. memb. Alpha Zeta; Amer. Peat Soc; Amer. Soc. of C. E. ; Amer. 
Soc. of Testing Materials; Amer. Soc of Agr. En^rs. ;' Campus ; 111. Soc. of Engrs. & 
Survyrs.; K. of P.; Minn. Forestry Assoc; Minn. State Hort. Soc. : M. W. of A.: Natl. 
Geog. Soc; Western Soc. of Engrs. Married Ida Belle Wilson, Jan. i, 1900, Bloom- 
ington. 111. Address, Univ. Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 


(Brother of No. 1273) 

B. S. in E. E., B. S. in M. E.; M. K., 1901; with Str. Ry. Adv. Co.; b. May 3, 
1872, Chicago, 111.; s. Bernard (b Apr. 5, 1S38. Norway) & Antoinette (Johnson) Swenson 
(b. Apr. 14, 1849, do.) Prepared in Chicago Man. Tr. Sch. Phi. Delta Tneta; Tau Beta Pi. 
E. E., Univ. of Wis., 1901. Instr. in E. E., Univ. of 111., 1893*5: Asst. Prof, of E. E., 
J895-8; do., Univ of Wis., 1898-1905; Secy, and Treas., Amer. Str. & Interurban Ry. Assoc. 
1905-9; with Str. Rys. .\dv. Co., New York City, 1909 — Author: Testing of Electro Mag- 
netic Machinery and Other Apparatus (with Budd Frankernfield), Vol. I (Direct Cur- 
rents) 1904, 420 pp.; do., Vol. II (Alternating Currents), Macmillan Co., 19'iXf 3^4 PP*? 
Report of Electric Railway Test Comm. of L. P. Exp. (with Henry H. Norris), 1900, 700 
pp.; also a number of articles. Mcnihor Amer. Inst, of Elcc. Engrs.; Amer. Soc. of Mech. 
Engrs.: Natl. Elec Light Assoc; Elcc. Sec. Tnternatl. Jury of Awards. La. Pur. Expt., 
1904; Elec. Ry. Test Comm., do., 1904-5 (Asst. Supt.); Tnternatl. Elec. Congr., do.; N. Y. 

1894I Baccalaureate Alumni 171 

Ry. Qub; N. Y. Elec. Soc: Engrs. Club, N. Y. Married Kathcrine Vose Trcvctt, 1894, 
Champaign, 111 Children, Katherine Marcy, b. Dec. 12, xoox; Bernard Robert, b. Aha. 
i3> 1907. Address, 43 Cedar PI., Yonkers, N. Y. Bus. Add,, 175 Fifth Ave (14th floor) 
New York City. 


B. S. in C. Bi; C. E., 1896: Munic. Contr.; b. Apr. p, x868, Oilman, Ill.{ s. Levi (b. 
near Oilman, 111.) & Amanda (Wright) Thompson (0. do.) Prepared in Oilman H. S. 
Adelphtc; C. E. Club; Phi Delta TheU; Pres. Ath. Assoc, x89a-93; Bus. Mgr., Illini, 1892- 
93. Asst. City Engr., Peoria. 1893-95; City Engr., do.. 1895-1900: Munic. Contr. & Ensr., 
1900—^ Author: Cost of Brick Pavements, Ttchnograpk, No. 5, 1891; A Municipal Testing 

„ _ . .. T ' *7» '^99; Uuties ii 

Compensations^ of Munic. Engrs., Munic. Engr., 1809; and other articles along the same 
linesi Married Fleet Oillum, July 27, 1903) Milxord, 111.; Addr$ss, xo8 Barker Ave., 
Peoria, 111.; Bus. Add., 103 Oerman Fire Insurance Bldg., do. 


B. S. in C £.: Salesman; b. Feb. X4, X873, Condit Twp.. Champaign Co^^ III.; s. 
William Kneeland Dell (b. Jan. 3, 1840, Sanausky. O.) & Mary Hamilton (Zurhorst) 
Townsend (b. do.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Salesmaii. Pneumatic Despatch Tubes, 
1894-8: Mining Machinery, 1898-1901; Pneumatic Despatch Tubes, X90X — Rotarv Mchy., 
1909 — Married Alberta Frances Baker, Aug. 16, 1899. Children, William Baker, b. 
Mar. 4, X901; Elizabeth, b. June 6^ 1902; Susan, b. Nov. X3» 1909; Alberta Jane, b. Aug. 
14, 191 X. Address, 122 N. Catherine Ave., La Grange, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 4091 447> 1280) 

B. S. in C. £.; Farmer; b. July 9, 1872, Western Springs, III.; s. Robert (b. Apr. 
9. 1824. Chester, N. Y.) & Mary Roe (Ketchum) Vial (b. Nov 18, x8q^4, Newburffh, N. 
Y.) Prepared in Lyons Twp. H. S. Y. M. C. A.; Adelphic. Taught. 1 894-7; Civ. £ngr., 
1897-X903; Farming, X903 — Married Helen Alma Stage, Dec. 23, 1897^ Champaign, 111. 
Children, Edmund Elsworth, b. Mav 8, 1900; Tane, b. June 10, 1904; Stanley (Jarter, b. 
Apr. XX, 1908. Address, R. F. D. No. 2, La Orange, III. 

B. S. in E. E.; Elec. Eng.; b. Aug. 27, 1872, Quincv, 111.; s. Timothy Dewey (b. 
Oct. 27, 1840, Quincy, 111.) & Frances Eugenia (Godfrey) Woodruff (b. Nov. 4, x8a6, 
Bangor, Me.) Prepared in Ouincy H. S. Five years wiui (Sen. El^c. Co., Schenectady, 
N. Y.; five years with Alliea companies in France, Italy, Greece and Eng.; six years m 
constr. woric in South Amer., with J. G. White & Co., Ltd. Address, 329 N. 8th St., 
Quincy, IlL 


B. L.; Assoc Editor, Michigan Farmer; b. Sept. 2, 1870, near Stonington, HI.; s. 
B. F. (b. Canton, O.) & Sabilla (Schrantz) Young (b. Canton, O.) Asst. Editor Orange 
Judd Farmer, 189^-6; Assoc. Ed., Michiaan Farmer, 1896. Married Louise M. Murray, 
June 18, xgox, Springfield, Mass. Child, Elizabeth Schrantz, b. Oct. 15, 1904. Address, 39 
Congress St., W. Detroit, Mich, c/o Lawrence Publishing Co 

CLASS OF 1894 (69) 


(Brother of No. X798) 

B. S. in C. E.; Chief Engineer, b. Aug. 7j X872, Rockford, 111.: s. P. B. (b. Mar. xo, 
1843, Owen, HI.) & Emma (Catlin) Atwood (b. Feb. 2, 1848, Litchfield COf. Conn.) 
Pre^red in Rockford H. S. Adelphic, C. £. Soc; Bus.. Mgr., JlUni, 1893-4- Draftsman 

ngr., do., extension from 1904-5 ; Engr. of C. P. ft St. L. R. R., 1905; Supt. 
Litchfield and Madison Ry., 1905-0; Asst. Engr. So. Pac Ry. Co.. Mex. lines, X906; 
Private Practice and Real £state, Cal., Mex^ and Tex., 1907 — Author: Articles in 111. 
Soc Engr. and Sur. 13th Anntud Report R. R. Const, m Mex., pp. 106-xqo; Cost of 
Plates on Tie R. G. S. M. & P. R. R., no p^.; 17th Axlnual Report M. and W. Records, 
**sie, 54 pp.; x8th Annual Report Work Tram Records, 104 pp.: xoth Annual Report in 
renewals, x6o pp. Married Blanche Booker, Aug. 15, 1898, EI Paso, Tex., divorced. 
May, 19x0. Address, 409 Mills Bldg., El Paso, Tex. 


Can.] ^ , , . , 

Capt. Civ. Enffr., 1894-96^ Grain & Lumber Bus., 1896 — Married (Seorgia Eldred White, 
1898, Harvard, Nebr. (Jhild, Clyde Harold, b. June 21, 1903. Address, New Omaha 
Natl. Bank Bldg., Omaha, Nebr. 

172 University of Illinois [1894 


B. S. in E. E,: b. Tunc 5. »87i. Sparta, IlL; s. D. P. (b. Mar. s, 1842, 
New Design, 111.) & A. J. (Rosborough) Barker (b. Nov., 1842, Sparta, 111.) Prepared 
in Sparta H. S. Shield & Trident. Prop., Sparta Gas & Elec. Co., 1894-1902: Part, 
same, with L. J. Sexton, 1902-12. First Presb. Church. Married Florence Edith Barker, 
Sept. 21, 1908, E. St Louis. Address, Sparta, 111. • 


B. S. in E. E.; Stockman and in business: b. June 22, 1872, Hermann, Mo.; s. Engel 
(b. Apr. 24, 1824, Canton Uri, Switzerland) & Louise (Danizen) Baumann (b. Feb. ii, 
1838, Baden, Ger.) Prepared in Prep. School, Univ ol lU. DrafUman, Bell Tel. Co.; 
Engr., Gen. Elec. Co. & Western Elec. Co.; Rancher in S. D.; Stockman, Kansas City. 
Married May H. Baumann, Oct. 9, 1905. Address, 1626 Kentucky St., Quincy, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. En^r.; b. Oct. i, 1872, Peoria, 111.; s. N. K. & Susan Hester 
\Wadleigh) Beasley. Asst. City Ensr., 1894-7; Contr. 1897-1900; City Engr., Peoria, UK, 
1900-5; private practice, 1005 — Member Creve Coeur; B. P. O. E.; A. F. & A. M. 
Married Nellie Louise Bodv, Feb. 21, 1900, Peoria, 111. Children, Gladys Margaret, b. 
Nov. 8, Z901; Harriet Elizabeth, b. Feb. 20, 1904. Address, 131 5 Perry Ave., Peoria, 111. 

(Sister of Nos. 336, 678, 1623) 

A. B. in L. & A.: b. Nov. 18. 1874, Haves. III.; d. Benj. Franklin (b. July 2, 1832, 
Lawrence Co., O.) & Mary Jane (Armstrong) Bogcs (b. Nov. 29, 18^5, do.) Prepared at 
home. Lit. Ed.. The Daily Illini; Alethenat; Y. W. C. A.; Oratorical Assn.; Dramatic 
Qub. Ph. D., Univ. of Halle, Ger., 1900.; Hon. Fellow in Psych, and Phil., Cornell 
Univ., 1902-3. Teaching, Rice Collegiate Inst., Paxton. III., 1894-7; Study and Travel in 
Europe, 1897-1900; Teaching, Wash. State Nor. Sch., EUenburo;, Wash^ 1001-2; Study and 
Travel, 1903-5; Prof. Phil, and Psych., Western Coll. for Women, (jxford, Ohio, 1905. 
Educational Mission in China, 19 10-12. Author: Das Interesse und Seine Anwenduing in 
der Padagogik, C. A. Kaimerer & Co., Halle, Ger., 1901, 8vo., 75 pp.; The Phvsiological 
Accompaniments of Feeling, Psychological Review. Vol. XI, 1004, pp. 223-248; Psychology 
of Interest and the Learning Process, Jour, of Philosophy, Vol. iV, pp. 447-^81; Educa- 
tion for Home Making, Proc. of Child Welfare Conf., loio, pp. 8-i'3; Possibilities of the 
Kindergarten in China, Chinese Fed. Jour., 191 1; The Making of Curricula for Schools 
in China, Educational Review, (China), Vol. I v., pp. 8-20; also a number of other 
articles. Member Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Tne Child Welfare Conf. (Secy.); 
Natl. Assoc, for Collegiate Alumnae. Delegate to Intematl. Congress, Brussels, 19 10. 
Member Methodist Church. Address, 811 W. Illinois St., Urbana, 111. 

(Brother of Nos. 377, 378, 413, 628, loio) 

B. S. in Agr.; Teacher; b. Feb. i, 1869, Lincoln, 111.; s. Daniel L. (b. Mar. i, 1833) 
& Henrietta C. (Hill) Braucher (b. June i, 1831.) Prepared in Lincoln H. S.; Lincoln 
Bua. Coll. Adclrhic; Chem. Club; Agr. Club. Teacher of Sci. in IT. S. & Fruit Grower, 
1 895-1903; Hort. Inspector, 1903-0^; Taught Hort. & Manl. Tr., Pub. Schools, San Antonio, 
Tex., z9o«-o6; Dir. Afanl. Tr., Kan. State Norm. School, 1906 — Member Kan. Acad, 
of Sci.; State Teachers' Assoc; Chairman Manl. Tr. Sec, atate Teach. Assoc; Dir. in 
Emporia Bldg. & Investment Co. Married Gertrude Doten, Aug. 26, z8p6, Mt. Pulaski, 
111. (d. Oct. 25, 1890); Myrtle E. Duff, Dec. 25, 1906, Lincoln, 111. Children, Margaret, 
b. May 11, 1896; Hilbert Duff, b. June 25, 1908 (d. July 31, 1908). Address, 905 Neosha 
St., Emporia, Kan. 


B. S. in A. E.; Farmer; b. Mby 18, 1869, Barrington, 111.; s. Samuel W. & Mary A. 
(Billiard) Browning. Prepared in Elgin, 111., Acad. Address, Elgin, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Manager Gas Co.; b. Feb. 2. 1870. Joliet, 111.; s. Frank (b. 1828. 
Whitehall, Vt.) & Harriett (Deverson) Bush (b. 1827, (Canterbury, England.) Prepared 
in St. Johns Military Acad., Delafield, Wis. Manager Gas Co., Joliet, 1895-9; Assayer, 
Leadville, Colo., 1899-1905; Manager Gas Co., Mendota, 111., 1906 — Served in State 
Militia, 1887-90. Married Mary L. Hubbard, Dec 18, 1906, Geneva, HI. Children, Arthur 
Willis, Jr., b. May 23, 1909; Katherine Hubbart, b. Sept. 22, 191 1. Address, Mendota, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Credit Manager Armour & Co.; b. Tune 10, 1873, Evanston, 111.; a. 
James A. (b. May 18, 18^7, England) & Caroline S. (Sheppard) Butterfield (b. July 10, 
1856, CHiicago.) Prepared in West Division H. S., Chicago. Delta Tau Delta. Three 
years in Alaska, since with Armour & Co. Married Florence Myers, Aug. 4, 1904, St. 
Louis, Mo. Address, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.j Contracting Engr.; b. July 28^ 1873, Mt. Carmel, 111.; s. William Fisk 
(b. Oct. 24, 1844, Indiana) & Sarah (Jaquess) Chipman (b. Mt. Carmel, 111.) Prepared in 
Mt. Carmel H. S. Shield & Trident; Tau Beta Pi. Civil Ennncer with Pere Marquette 
R. R., 1901-5; with Canadian White Co., Ltd., Engr. and Contractor, Montreal, Can., 

1^1 Baccalaureate Alumni 173 

i?os-«; Contracting Engr, 1008 — Assoc. Member Amer. Soc. CivU Engrs.; 111. Society of 
Cml Engrs. & Surryrs. Married Laura Beall Hughes, Dec. 27, 1905. Mt. Carmel, Dl. 
Child, Laura Beall, b. July 21, 1909. Address, ML Carmel, 111.; Tern. Add., Osceola, Ark. 

(Brother of Nos. 590, 591) 
B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Sept. 17. 1871, Pecatonica, 111.; s. Henry S. (b. Jan. 
I. 1841, New York) & Harriett Louisa (Cable) Clark (b. Nov. 11, 1840, Pecatonica, do,) 
Prepared in IJrbana H. S. Delta Tau Delta; Capt. Track Team, 1893-4; 1892 Western 
Intcr.-CoU, high jump record. Member, Chicago Ath. Assoc; Presb. Church. Died Jan. 
29> 1896, Urbana, Hi. 

B. S. in Sci.; Salesman: b. Feb. i, 1872, Champaign; s. William Henry (b. June 30, 
1837) & Margaret Mary (Allen) Coffman (b. Jan. 10, 1843, Hardin Co., Ky.) Prepared 
m Champaign H. S. Kappa Sigma. Married Agnes Decker, Feb. ai, 1906, Chicago. 
Child, Gretchen Elizabeth, S. Feb. 25, 1907. Address, Box 1135, Milwaukee, Wis. 

B. S. in E. E.: Elec. Engr.; b. Nov. 18, 1872, Sterling, 111.: s. David M. & Maria 
Letitia (Gait) Crawford. Prepared in Wallace H. S. Sigma Chi; Elec. Eng. Soc.; Shield 
& Trident. Supt. Sterling Gas & Elec. Light Co., 190$; Supt. & Genl. Msr. Qinton Gas 
& Electric Co., 1905 — Adv. Gen. Mgr. Maquoketa Light & Heat Co., Maquoketa, la.; 
Pres. la. Elec. Assoc, 191 1 — ; Memo. Amer. Soc. of £. E.. Western Soc. of Kngrs. 
Invented apolication of induction motors to gas machinerv. Married Helen Brookiield, 
Tune 2, 1898, Sterling, 111. Child, Dorothy Harriet, b. Feb. 21, 1901. Address, Clinton, 


(Brother of No. 3337) 

B. S. in M. & S. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Mar. 24, 1873, Eureka, 111.; s. Roger B. (b. 1840, 

Eureka)) & Annie E. (Jones) Dickinson (b. 1844, Williamsport, Pa.) Prepared in 

Eureka H. S. & Eureka Coll. C. E. with C. B. & Q. R. R., 1895; with I. Q, R. R., 

b. 1 911. Address, Eureka, 111. 

B. S. in Chem.; Principal of School; b. Aug. 8, 1859, Forreston, 111.; s. Absalom 
(b. Washington Co., Md.) & Amelia (Grim) Eakle (b. do,) Prepared in Forreston H. S. 
Adelphic. Principal of Elizabethtown Schs., 1896-8; Carman Schs., i899-ipoo; Ghana, 
1900-1: Cortland, 1001-3; Antioch, 1903-6; Minooka, 1906-9; Supt. Kirkland Sens., 1909-zo; 
Prin. Danforth. Sens., xoio; Prin. Redmon Schs. 1910-12; Recorder, Court of Honor Mo. 
547, Antioch, 111. : Supt. Union S. S. Carman. 111., 1900; do. M. E. S. S.. Antioch, 1904-5 : 
Asst. Supt. M. E. S. S. Minooka, 1908-9; Supt. Evan. S. S., Danfortn^ 19x1-12: Supt. 
M. E. S. S., 1912 — Married Emma J. Nazarene, June 20, 1900, Mt. Morris, 111. Address, 
Danforth, 111. 

B. S. in Chem.; Publisher; b. Sej>t 4, 1872; s. Jonas (b. Mar. 31, 1837, Bergsjo, 
Helsingland. Sweden) & Elizabeth (Zimmerman) Engberg (b. Dec. 10, 1841. Nussloch, 
Baden, (jer.) Prepared in Chicago, 111. Chem. Club. Chemist 1894- 1900; Publisher, 1900 — 
Treas. Engberg-Holmberg Pub Co. Member Immanuel Swedish £v. Luth. Church, Chi- 
cago; Natl. Geog. Soc; Swedish Hist. Soc of Amer.; State Hist. Soc. of 111.; 111. Sute Acad. 
Sci. ; Soc. for the Adv. of Scandinavian Studv. Married Elizabeth Frances Aurora Hottsten, 
Aug. X7, 1904, Philadelphia, Pa. Children, Robert Martin, b. Tan. 17, 1906; Paul Richard 
Honsten, b. Aug. 20, 1908. Address, 2204 Cleveland Ave., Chicago, 111., or 901 Belmont 
Ave., do. 

(Brother of No. 869) 

A. B. in L. & S.; Comptroller, Railroad Co.; b. Jan. 25, 1872, Carthage, 111.; s. 
Hiram Gano (b. May i^. 1822, Howard^ N. Y.) & tulia Esther (Holton) Ferris (b. Mar. 
28, 1836. Hillsgrove, 111.) Prepared m AcaoM Carthage Coll.; Carthage Coll., 1890-3. 
Philomatnean; Phi D*elta Theta; Treas., Senior Class; Athletic Assoc. Clerk, Hancock Co. 
Natl. Bank, 1894-8; Qerk, Exchange Natl. Bank, 1898-1900; Mining, Alaska, looo-i: 
Auditor, Kettle Valley Ry. Co., 1902; Treas., Spokane Traction Co. & Spokane Inland 
Ry. Co., 1903-7; Treas., Spokane & Inland Empire Ry. Co., 1907-11; Comptroller, Spokane 
& Inland Empire Ry. Co., 19x1 — Pres., Spokane Chapt. Sons of Amer. Revolution, 1909; 
Gov., Soc. Colonial Wars in State of Wash., 1908; Trustee Treas./ Univ. Club of 
Spokane, 1908-12; Spokane Club; Spokane Country Club. Address, Spokane, Wash., 
care Spokane & Inland Express Ry. Co. 


B. S. in E. E.; Elec Engr.; b. Auff. 25-, 1867, Jo Daviess Co., 111.: s. Chas. C. (b. Vt.) 
& Marion (Stevens) Foote. Prepared in H S & Private Schools. E. E. Univ. of Wis. 
1902. Y. M. C. A. Asst. in Elec En;., Univ. of 111., 1804-8; Supt. for Cutler Hammer 
Mfg. Co^ 1 898- 1 901; Erecting Elec Engr. for Bullock Elec Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, 
1002-^; Elec. Engineer with American Oak Leather Co., 1905-7; Elec Engineer with 
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co., 1907-g; Master Mechanic, Ohio Elec. Ry. 
Co., 1909 — Married Dora Burton, Aug. 11, X892, Champaign. Address, 285 E. 14th Ave., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

174 University of Illinois [1894 

B. S. in C. E.; Structural Desi^er; b. Feb. i8, 1871, Bradford, 
(b. 1836, Herman Center. Me.) & Diana (Lombard) Foster (b. 1839. Bangc7» do.) Pre 


, 111.; 8. Stephen A. 
_. . . , , , ,_. J. Bangc7» do.) Pre- 

pared in Univ. Acad. Philomathean; Track team (record for mile run» 1904). Asst. 
Engr., IlL & Miss. Canal, 1894-6; Structural Draftsman & Desisner, 1 896-1 902; Fruit 
(jr9wer, 1902-^; Structural Desiffner, 190A. Married Emma L. Schlund, Feb. 9, 1898, 
Chicago. Children, Edith S.» b. Jan. 17, 1899: Marguerite L., b. June 5, 1900; Louise B. 
b. Jan. 17, 1902; Charles W., b. Jan. 4, 1904; Alfred S., b. Mar. 3, 1909. Address, 413 S. 
7th Ave., Maywood, 111.; Bus. Add., 213 E. Illinois St., Chicago. 

(Brother of No. 642) 

B. S.; Dealer in Pianos & Organs; b. Apr. 14, 1874, Champaign; s. Erasmus (b. May 
13, 1826, Odense, Denmark) & Johanna Hansena (Thorn) Fredericksan (b. Feb. 18, 1831, 
Christian's Isle, Baltic Sea.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Sigma Chi; Baseball team; 
Pres., Athletic Assoc; Class Historian; Member Alumni Advisory Bd.: Glee Club. Chief 
Engrs. Office & Constr. Dept.. 1894-8; Mgr., Decatur Linseed Oil factory, 1899; Vice 
Pres., Kansas City Cotton Oil Co., 1899-1900; Sr. member firm Frederickson, Kroh, Music 
Co., Piano & Organ Dealers, wholesale & retail, Oklahoma City, O. T., 1900 — Pres., 
same, 1906 — Member Presb. Church; Okla. City County Club, Pres., 1911; Okla. Lake 
view Club, Pres., 191 1; Lotus Club, Pres» 1910-11: Men's Dinner Club. Married Mary 
L. Brownlee, Dec 28, 1899, Carbondale, 111. Children, John B., b. Dec. 8, 1900; Harry 
Gray, b. Apr. 5, 1904. Address, Box 676, Oklahoma City, Okia. 

(Brother of No. 2976) 

repared in 

B. S.; Professor; b. Sept. 15, 1869, Washington, 111.; s. Joseph (b. 1830, Muh 
Alsace, Germany) & Catherine (Kinzinger) Frye (b. 1841, Congervillc, 111.) Prei 

s>upt. bcnools, isatavia, ill., 1897-1900; Student, umv ot unicago, 1900-2^ Asst. in riant 
Histology, Chicago, 1900-2; Prof, of Biolog>', Morningside Coll., Sioux C^ity, la., 1902-3; 
Prof, of Botany, Univ. of Wash., 1903 — Pat. in U. S. & <3an. (with Dr. C. E. Magnusson) 
New & Useful Food Products from Kelp. Author: A Morphological Study ot Certain 
Asclepiadaceae, Bot. Gazette, 1902, pp. 389-413; Laboratory Exercises in Elementary 
Botany (with G. B. Rtgg), Ginn & Co., 191 1, 139 PP*; The Polytrichaceae of Western N. 
A., Proc. Wash. Acad. Set., V. 12, ao pi., pp. 271-328, 19x0; Height and Dominance of 
the Douglas Fir, Forest Quarterly, V. 8, pp. 465-470, 19x0; besides numerous other bo- 
tanical articles published from time to time oy the Bot. Gaaette. Bryologist & U. S. Dept. 
of Agr. Memoer Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci. Married Else M. Anthon, June 30, 

1908, Seattle, Wash. Child, Elizabeth Anthon, b. Oct. 30, 1909. Address, Dept. of Botany 
L^niv. of Wash., Seattle, Wash. 


B. S. in C. E.; Consult. Engr.; b. Oct. 26, 1870. Marietta. Ga.; s. William P. (b. 
Knoxville, Tcnn.) & Elizabeth E. (Riley) Gaut (b. Raleigh, N. C.) Prepared in Mt. 
Sterling. H. S. Athletic Assoc; Adelphic; Shield & Trident; Pres. Ath. Soc; 
Engr. Soc; Engr. of Bridges & Buildings, I. C. R. R^ 1910; Leonard Construction 
Co., 191 x; Consulting Ensr., 19XX — Member. Amer. Soc. Civil Engrs.; Inst.. Civil Engrs., 
London, Eng. Married Grace M. Mack, May 2, 1900. Child, Muriel Louise, b. Jan. 21, 

1909. Address, 516 £. 34th St., Chicago, 111. 

(Brother of Nos. 503, 537) 

B. S. in E. E. Elec. Engr; b. Jan. 15, 1871, Davenport, Iowa; s. Peter & Elisc (Hin- 
richsen) Goldschmidt (both of Ger.) Prepared in Univ. Acad.; Member A. S. M. i£.; 
Engr. with C. G. Armstrong, C. E., Chicago; Sargent & Lundy, Chicago; with Geo. A. 
Fufler Co., New York, Now Consulting Engr., 30 W. 38th St., New York. Address, 30 
W. 38th St.. New York, N. Y. 

B. S.; Lab. Supt.; b. Mar. 23, 1859, Champaign; s. Andrew & Ann Hallincn. Supt. 
of the M. Rumelcy Co. Laboratories, 19x1. Address, La Porte, Ind. 

B. S. in E. E.: Sec'y. & Treas. of Mfg. Co.; b. Dec. 28, 1871; s. Dr. George Fred- 
erick & Hannah (Schwecn) Heideman. Prepared in Elmhurst H. S.; Wheaton Coll. 
Exchange Mgr. (Chicago Telephone Co., X895X904; Sec'y. & Treas. The Knoblock- 
Heideman Mfg. Co., 1904 — Married Etta Baab, Sept. ao, 1899. Chicago. Children, 
Margaret Dorothy, b. Dec. 28, 1901; Vernette Henrietta, b. Sept. 28, 1905; Helen Kuth, 
b. Au£. 28, 19 10. Address. 1^07 Vistula Ave., South Bend, Ind.; Bus. Add,, care of 
The iCnoblock- Heideman Mfg. Co., do. 

R. S. in Chem.; Bus. Mgr.; b. June 27, 1873, Chicago, 111.; s. Samuel (b. MancheaUr, 
Eng.) & Elizabeth J. (Brown) Holbrook (b. New York). Prepared in Univ. Aoid. 
Athletic Assoc; Dir. Woodlawii Park Club. Bus. Mgr., Amer. Smelting & Refining Co., 
Natl. Plant. Married Adelyn E. Parshall Oct. x6, 1009, Chicago, 111. Child. Thomas 
ParshaU. b. May 29, xpix. Address, O441 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. Bus. Add., 
Amer. Smelting & Refining Co., South Chicago. 

1894] Baccalaureate Alumni 175 


B. S.; Lawyer; b. Nov. 9, 1870, NashvUle, 111.: a. Henry H. (b. Feb. 19. i8a6, West- 
phalia, Prussia, Ger.) & Charlotte (Wernse) Holston (b. Hanover, do.) Prepared in 
Nashville H. S. Philomathean; Slnna Chi; Mgr. ball team; Mgr. Glee Club. LL. B., 
Yale, 1896. Master in Chancery, Wa^ington Co., 111., 1902-4; 1908-10. Married Irene 
M. Watts, June 27, 1898. Children, James B., b. Aug. i. 1900; Mildred L, b. Aug. x. 
1900; Lawrence L., b. Feb. 21, 1902. Address, Nashville, III. 

(Brother of No. 950) 

Zeta, Ph, D., Bonn, Germany, looi. Asst. in Botany, 1895-09; Inst, in Botany, 1901-3; 
AssL Prof, of Botany, 1903 — I<ellow in Amer. Asoc. for Adv. of Sci. Married Flora 
Guth, Aug. 25, 1895, Mascoutah, 111. Child, Flora Emily, b. May 21, 1896. Address, 
9x5 W. California Ave., Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; Contractor: b. Aug. 8, 1872, Pckin, III.; s. John D. & Anna (Stccn) 
Jansen. Prepared in Pekin H. S. Delta Tau Delta. Civil Engr., 1894-8; Contractor, 
1898-191Z. Member German M. E. Church: Tazewell Club. Married Norma Roos, Nov. 
24» xooo, Peldn, HI. (d. Mar. 9, 1907). Cnildren, James Nathan, b. Feb. 9, 1902; Nor- 
man &., b. Mar. 2, 1907. Address, Pekin, 111. 


B. S. in E. E.; Manufacturer 
Leonille (Lomelino) Jasper. Prep; _ 

Team; Elec. Engr^ 1894-9; Gas Engines^ 1899-1901; Secy. Ge< 
1 901-10. Owner Thos. jasper Water Co., Chicago, 111., 191 
Sept. 25, 1 90 1, Quincy, 111. Address, Chicago, 111. 

(Brother of No. 811) 

B. S. in Arch.; Asst. Prof. & Geologist; b. Dec. 3, 1874* Belle Plaine, la.; t. 
Christian (b. Qixbull, Schleswig) & Caroline Marie (Stuehrk) Johannsen (b. Hemm- 
ingstedL) Prepared in State Center H. S. Phi Beta Kappa; Pres., Adelphic: Sigma Ai; 
Gunma Alpha; Artist, Sophograph; Pres. Art Club. B. S. in Sci., Univ. of Utah, 1898; 
Scholarship. Johns Hopkins Univ., ioox-2; Fellowship, same, 1902-3; Ph. D., same, 1903- 
Arch. Draftsman, 1 894-6 ;Designer of Furniture, 1 896-7 ;with Topographic Division, U. S. U. 
S., 1807; Stud., Univ. of U., 1897-8; Newspaper arUst, 1898: Topographer & Draftsman 
with Ci^ ^"^'i Salt Lake City, xSop-ipoo; Stud., Johns Hopkins, 1900-3; Asst. Geol- 
ogist, Md. Gcol. Survey, 1901-2; Geologist, U. S. G. S., 1903 — Asst. prof, ot 
Petrolo^, Univ. of Chicago, t9oo--7 Asst. Editor, Journal of Geology, 191 — Author: 
Determination of Rock-forming Minerals, N. Y., John Wiley ft Sons, 1008, 542 pp., 
107 figs., 14 diagrams & i colored pi.; Igneous Rocks of Western Ariz., Bull. 352, U. S. 
G. S., 1908; Improvements for a Petrographical Microscope, Amer, Jour, Set., xxix, 1910, 

Club; Qtiadrangle Club; Knight Templar, 32nd deg. A. A. a. R., Mvstic Shrine. Married 
Annabeue Scott, Nov. x6, 1904, Radxord, Va. Children, Albert, b. Aug. 3, 1908; Willard, 
b. Oct. 15, 19 1 2. Address, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

(Brother of No. 810) 

B. S. in A. E.; Teacher & Entomologist; b. May 14* 1873, Davenport, la.: s. Chris- 
tian (b. 1845^ Qixbfill, Schleswig) & Caroline Marie ^tuerk) Johannsen (b. Hemming- 
stedt, Holstein.) Prepared in State Center (la.) H. S. Adelphic; Gamma Alpha; Tau 
Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Assoc. Editor of Technoqraph, 1894. A. M., Cornell, 

Amer. Soc. of ZoSl.p 19x0; Entomological Soc. of Amer., 1906; Assoc, of Economic 
Entomologists, 1909; Assoc, for Advancement of Sci., 1904. Married Harriette Alice 
Fvller, Sept. 23, 1896, Chicago. Children, Dorothea Elizabeth, b. Oct. 14, 1903; Laurence, 
b. Jan. 27, 1907', Robert Albert, b. July 26, 1909. Address, Ithaca, N. Y. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Oct;^ 5, 187X, Alma, HI.; s. Thomas (b. Montreal, Can.) 
and Mary (Rowbatton) Kennedy (b. England.) Prepared in Collinsville H. S. Practicing 
architwture at East St. Louis, 111. Married Clara Peers, Sept. 30, 1896, Collinsville, 111. 
Child, Gladys Peers, b. Nov. 27, 1902. Address, Collinsville, 111. 

176 University of Illinois [1894 


6. S.; Physician; b. Jan. 16, z87i» Belleyille. III.; s. Frank (b. Ger.) & Adeline 
(Schmidt) Kerchncr (b. DeSoto, Mo.) M. D., Marion Sims Med. Coll.. 1898. Mcm- 
Chem. & Camera Clubs; Freshman Ball team. Asst. in Chem., 1895-7 (while in Med. 
Coll.); Post Grad. work, Chicago, IQ08; travelled representing National Ammonia Co., 
St. Louis, X yr.; Interne Female Hospital, St. Louis, 1898-9. Member Madison Co., 
State & Amer. Med. Socs.; Odd Fellows; Mod. Woodmen of Amer.; Loyal Americans. 
Married Emelia Schnieder, May 7, 1898. Child, Cornelia, b. Feb. 5, 1899. Address, 
Dorsey, III. 


(Brother of No. 390) 

Track Team; U. of I. Quartet; Glee Club. Office Mgr., Louis H. Sullivan, Arch.. 
Chicago, 1895-1900; Stud., Mus. & Lang., looo-z; Singing Professionally, 1902-3; Pub- 
lishers Representative. N. Y., 1904; Asst. Advertising Mgr^. 1904 — Baritone soloist 
Cong. Church, Montclair, N. T.; during Chicago residence. Baritone Soloist of Church 
of the Messiah & member of Mendelssohn Club (Mannerchor) ; at N. Y., Quartet in Mt. 
Morris Baptist & 5th Ave. Coll. Churches. Member Mecca Temple; Shrine; Masonic 
Club of N. Y.: Sigma Chi & Univ. of 111. Alumni Assocs. of N. Y.; Dir. of N. Y. Repre- 
sentatives (Adv'g!) Club. Married Marie Beaumont Weber, June i4t 1910, St. Agnes 
Chapel, N. V. Address^ 94 Hamilton Place, N. Y.; Bus. Add., i Madison Ave., N. V. 


of Math., Eureka Coll., 1895-1900. Married Ella Pearl Puterbaugh, Dec. x6, 1896, 
Mackinaw,^ 111. (d. June 27 1 1899). Child, Emily Annette, b. Oct. o, 1897 (d. May 8, 
1899). Died Nov. 19, 1900, Gibson City, 111. 


(Brother of No. 817) 

B. L.; Lawyer: b. Aug. 26. 1873, Rantoul, 111.; s. Tames Calvin (b. Conroe, Ind.) & 
Margaret (CHoyd) McCaskrin (b. Feb. 9, 1845, Stockwell, Ind.) Prepared in Rantoul H. 
S. L.L. B., Univ. of Mich., 1896. Practicing law, 1896 — Married Hazel A. Pierce, Aug. 
z, 19ZI. Address^ 1700 £. 2d Ave., Rock Island, ill. 


(Sister of No. 8z6) 

B. S.; b. Sept. 26, 1B70, Rantoul, 111.; d. Tames Calvin (b. Conroe, Ind.) & Margaret 
(Cloyd) McCaskrin (b. Feb. 9, 1845. Stockwell, Ind.) Prepared in Rantoul H. S. Alc- 
thenai; Univ. Choir. Taught m Pud. Sch. Z895-190Z. Member Christian Church. Mar- 
ried John David Stay ton, Jan. 30, 1901, Rantoul, III. Children, Laura Sarah Margaret, 
b. Dec. 29, Z90Z: Jean Marie, b. Feb. 6, 1005; Paul Montelle, b. Feb. 23, Z908 (d. Oct. 
14, 1908); Leo Cloyd, b. June 2, 191X. Address, Texas City, 111. 


B. S., in A. E.; M. Arch., Z005; Architect; b. May z, 1871:8. A. B. & F. M. 
(Walker) McConnell. Prepared in Univ. of Denver & Haish Man'l. Tr. School. Address, 
Casa Vcrdugo, Calif.; Bus. Add., 335 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


(Sister of No. 656, 2737) 

B. L.; b. X874, Gibson, 111.; d. Bruce (b. 1843, Streator, 111.) & Martha Rebecca 
(Gibson) McCormick (b. Z848, Zenia. O.) Married Samuel Beaver Shilling, Nov. 2, 
1910. Address, 641 Buckingham PI., Chicago. 

820. JOHN McNUTT, Jr. 

B. L.; Lawyer & Judge City Court: b. Jan. 2, 1872, Humboldt, la.; s. John (b. 1828, 
Terre Haute, Ind.) & Camelia (Wells) McNutt (b. Z842, Cincinnati, O.) Prepared in 
Univ. Acad. Adclphic; Hatchet Orat. Shield & Trident. Stud., z 894-6; City Atty. of 
Mattoon, Z899-ZQ01; State's Atty., Z904-8. Married Clementine Eichhorn, Dec. 31, 1901* 
Delaware, O. Children, Infant, b. Dec. 4, Z902 (died); William John, b. May 29, 1906. 
Address, Mattoon, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; M. Arch., Z895; Architect; b. Jan. 17, 1870, Rockford, 111.; s. Horace 
G. (b. Z826. Mt. Morris, N. Y.) & Mary (Alden) Miller (b. zSi6, N. Y.) Prepared in 
Mt. Vernon (la.) H. S.; Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, la. B. S., Cornell- z89p Fellowship. 
Married Etta S. Clark, Mar. 26, 1896, Rockford, III. Address, iz6 S. Michigan Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 


B. S., in C. E.; Ennneer; b. Dec. zz, i860, Roskilde, Denmark; s. Nils & Margareth 
(Olsen) Mogensen. Adelphic: Sifrma Chi: Editor SoPhograph. Asst., Univ. of 111., 
1894-5; I^iv. Engr., Toronto, Hamilton k Buffalo R. K., Hamilton, Ont., 1895-6; Asst. 
Engr. & Surveyor under the Miss. Riv. Comm., z 896-7; Chief Draftsman & Engr. ot 

1894] Baccalaureate Alumni 177 

Conttr. at smelters of Amer. Smelting & Refiniiig Co., Pueblo, Colo., & Monterey, Mcx., 
1898-1902; Asst. & Checker in Constr. Dept., 111. Steel Co., Chicago, 1002-3: Supt. of 
Constr. & Engr. for Messrs. M. T. Lewman & Co., Contractors at Dcmopolis. Ala., 
1904-5; C. E. for C. B. Pride, Appleton, Wis., 1905-6; investigated, surveyed and re- 
ported upon water power projects of the Chic. Mil. & St. P. R. R. in the northwestern 
states, 1Q06-8; in professional practice as Civ. & Hydraulic Engr., northwestern states & 
British Columbia, principally on hydraulics & mill projects, 1908 — Member Western 
Soc. of Engrs., 1893-8; Amer. Soc. of C. E., 1907; Univ. Club of Spokane, 191 1. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Davis, Aug. 20, 1894, Urbana, 111. Address, 1707, 8th Ave., Spokane, 


B. L. in L. & S.; Rancher; b. Apr. 28, 1869, Onarj^a, III.; s. William C. (b. 1838, Pa.) 
& Anne £. (Lucas) Morris (b. 1838, 111.) Prepared in Grand Prairie Sem., Onarga. 111. 
LL. B., Univ. of Mch., 1895. Practice Law, 1895-1902; Ranching, 1902 — Address, 
Trinidad, Wash. 


A. B.; Broker; b. June 24, 1873, Champaign, 111.; a. Dan & Anna Donnelly Mor- 
rissey. Prepared in Champaign H. S. LL. B. Yale Law Sch, 1896. Married Vivian 
Monier, Maryville, Mo., 1899. Address, Champaign, 111. 


Co., Chicago, 18^5-1902; with Joslin Schmidt & Co., Cincinnati, 1902-3; Asst. Supt., 
Morris & Co., Chicago, 1003-4; member firm The Link, Nelson Co., Mfg. Cnemists, 1904-7; 
Asst. Chem., Bur. of Chem., U. S. Dept. of Agr., Washington, D. C, 1908 — Chict 

Chem, Soc, 1911; The Quantitative Determination of Ketones in Essential Oils, Jour. 


B. S.; Trained Nurse; b. Feb. 15, 1868; d. David T. & Harriet W. (Eager) Nichols. 
M. D. Northwestern Univ., 1897. Nurse in Eng. Hosp., Jaffa, Palestine, 1904 — Address, 
Champaign, III. , 


B. L. in L. & A.; Farmer; b. Aug. 24, 1871, Tolono, 111.; s. John Calvin (b. Dec. 27t 
1826, Manlius, N. Y.) & Elizabeth Jane (Craven) Parry (b. Feb. 28, 1840, Randolph, 
N. C.) Prepared in Tolono H. S. Philomathean; Jr. Conklin Orat. ConL prize $00; 
Motto Orat. tor class. Taught Ivesdale, III., 4 yrs.; Fireman, I. C. R. R. 5 yrs.; Farm- 
ing, 1903 — Married Ida Mae Parry, Aug. 11, 1901. Newton, III. Children, Gladys Mae, 
b. July 24, 1902; Vern Lyle, b. Dec. 11, 1906. Address, Tolono, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; M. Arch.; 1903; Professor; b. Apr. 8, 1873, Lockport, 111.; a. Albert 
(b. 1847, Essex Co., N. Y.) & Harriet L. (Sprague) Phelps (b. 1850, Dupage, 111.) 
Prepared in Lockport H. S.; Univ. Acad. Philomathean. Draftsman, 1894-7; student. 
Bavarian Polytechnicum, Munich, 1897-8; Arch., 1898-9; Instr. in Arch., Cornell, 1899- 
1903; Asst. Prof, of Arch., same 1903 — Sec^., in charge of Coll. of Arch., Cornell, 
1907-8. Author: Stylistic Catalog of Lantern Slide Negatives, Cornell, J. P. Troy, Ithaca, 
Pao., 1907-9, ^7 pp. Articles in Amer, Arch., 1908; Arch. Record, 1908; Cornell Era, 
1907; Amer. Homes & Gardens, 1907; Country Life in Amer., 1907. Member Amer. Inst, 
of Arch.; Sec'y*» Cent. N. Y. Chapt. A. I. A., 1903 — Hon. memb. Tau Beta Pi; Hon. 
memb. (jargoy^le Club, Cornell; A. F. & A. M.; Town & Gown Club, Ithaca; L'Ogive Soc. 
Married Carolyn Blount Lynd, Aug. 14, 1902, Joliet, III. Child, Cieorge Lynd, b. May i, 
1905. Address, Cornell Heights, Ithaca, N. Y.; Bus. Add., Coll. of Arch., Cornell Univ.. 
Ithaca, N. Y. 


B. L. in L. & A.; Lawyer; b. Aug. 10, 1874, Urbana, 111.; s. Ozias (b. May 14, 1852 
Paris, 111.) & Frances Elizabeth Riley (b. Dec. x6, x8^, near Urbana, III.) Prepared 
in Champaign High School. Kappa Sigma; Shield & Trident; Treas., Athletic Assoc; 
Students'^ Dancing Club: Chairman. Sr. Ball Com.; on Qass Dav program. LL. B,. 
Yale^ 1896. Master in Chancery 01 Champaign Co., 1906-11. Clerk of Baptist Church; 
Mem.b. Champaign Co. Bar Assoc. Married Edna Nappin, June 8, 1Q04, Peoria, 111. 
Address, 702 W. Clark St., Champaign, 111. Bus. Add., Room 200, ist NatM. Bank Bldg., do. 


). in M. E.: Min. 
& Maria 

B. S. in M. E.; Min. En^.; b. Mar. 10, 1870, N. Alton. 111.; s. Walton (b. Eng.) 
ria (Eno) Rutledge (b. Lincolnshire, do.) Prepared in Alton H. S.; Shurtlef! Coll. 

Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1904. Mine M^r., 1895-9; Mine Supt., 1900; Grad. Stud, in 
Geol, 1900-4; Geologist, Supt. Davis Sulphur Ore Co., Davis, Mass., 1905 { Consulting 
Mine Engr. & Geologist, Baltimore. Md., 1906-9; Min. Engr., Bur. of Mines, 1909^ 
Specialty, Permissible Explosive work in Mines. Author: Articles in Engineering & Min. 

178 University of Illinois 1 1894 

Jour., N. Ym & in Mints & Minerals. Scranton, Pa.; Coal in III., Mineral Industry; Min- 
ing Magasint, N. Y.; Diatribudon ft Character of the Md. Coal Beds, (with Wm. B. 
Clark & G. C Martin), Md. Geol. Survey. Member Amer. Inst, of M. E.: Nat'L Geog. 
Soc.; Geol. Soc. of Wash.; Fellow in Geol. Soc. of Amer. Married Ella Loraine Gates, 
Mar.. 1892. Alton, 111. Three children. Address, Bur. of Mines, 40th & Butler Sts., 
Pittsburg, Pa 


B. S.j Pharmacognosist; b. Apr. 13, 1863; s. John (b. Hesse-Cassel, Ger.) & Elizabeth 
(BUrki) Schneider (b. 111.). Prepared in Norm. School, Dixon, 111., M. D., P. & S., 1887; 
M. S., Minn., 1894; Ph. D., Columbia, 1897. Scholarship in Bot., Minn., 1803; Fellow 
in Bot., Columbia, 1894-6; Prof, of Bot., Pharmacognosy & Mat. Med., Nortnw. Univ., 
Coll. of Phar., i897*ioo3: Prof., same, Univ. of Cal., xpo^; Prof, of Mat. Med. & Ther- 
s^eutics^ Univ. of Cal., Coll. ox Dentistrv, 1904-6; Pathologist & Physiologist, Spreckels 
Sugar Co., 1906-7; Pharmacognosist, U. S. Dept. of Agr., Bur. of Chem., 1909 — Editor- 
in-chief of the Pacific Pharmacist, zoio — Work in Lichenolo^. Special work with Khizo- 
bia of Leguminosae. Histology of Medicinal Plants. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants. 
. Beet Blight. Author: Primary Microscopy & Biol^ X04, 8vo. pp. ai, illustrations from 
pen & ink drawings by author, 1890; A Textbook of Gen'l Lichenology, 247, large 8vo. pp., 
& ^6 full-page illustrations N. Y., 1897; Gen'l Vegetable Pharmacograpny, 136 8vo. pp., 
Chicago Med. Book Co., X899; Powdered Vegetable Drugs, 323 8vo. with 104 half-page 
illustrations from drawings by author, Midland Pub. Co., Columbus, 1902; The Native 
and Introduced Poisonous Plants & Medicinal Plants of Cal., Bui. Forestry Dept., Sacra- 
mento, Cal.; Pharmaceutical Bact. with Special Reference to Sterilization & Disinfection. 
Blakiston's Son & Co.. Philadelphia, 1911; also numerous other publications along bot- 
anical subjects, scientific papers, special rcoorts, reviews, etc. Member Tor. Bot. Club 
(cor.); Amer. Acad, of Pol. & Soc Sci.; Amer. Phar. Assoc; Fellow Amer. Assoc, for 
Adv. of Sci. Married Marie Louise Harrington, 1892, Minneapolis. Child, Cornelia Eliza- 
beth, b. Dec. 28, 1900. Address, Coll. of Phar., Parnassus Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 


(Daughter of No. 86) 

B. L.; B. L. S., 1900; b. Feb. 8, X874, Urbana; d. George Robert (b. Mar. 20, 1844, 
Falmouth, Ind.) & Sarah Vista (Brown) Shawhan (b. J[une 25, 1847, Roscoe, O.) Pre- 
pared in Urbana H. S. Alethenai: Y. W. C. A.; lllini staff; Sophograph Bd.; Valedic- 
torian. Taught, 1894-1900; Stud., Lib. School & Asst. in Lib., 1897-1900; Cataloger, Lib. 
of Congress, 1900-2; Instr. in Lib. Management, Kan. State Nor., 1902-4. Member Chris- 
tian Church; Amer. Libr. Assoc. Married Frank Robert Schaefcr, June 29, X904, Cham- 
paign. 111. Children, Margaret, b. June 6, 1906; John Warren, b. Oct. x, 1908; Charles 
Robert, b. Oct. 8, 1910. Address, 842 N. Ave. 65, Los Angeles, Calif. 


B. S. in E. £. 1894, D. O.: Osteopathist; b. Nov. 10, 1871, Indianapolis, Ind.; s. 
Samuel Hitt (b. Dec. 16, 1841, Picway, O.) & Mary Ann (Linns) Slater (b. Aug. 27, 
1 85 1, Liverpool, Eng.) Prepared in Urbana H. S. Adelphic; Phi Delta Theta; Football, 
1890-93; Class Historian. Elect. Engr., Crane Elevator Co.; Mich. Lake Supo-ior Light 
& Power Co., Sault Ste Maria, Mich.: Mgr. Acetylene Apparatus Mfg. Co., Chicago; 
Osteopathic PhysiciaUi 1905; Member ox Faculty of The Amer. Coil, of Osteopathy Med- 
icine & Surgery, Chicago. lllini Club; The Colonial Club; The Fellowship, Chicago. 
Married Ida B. Coolican, Nov. 22, 1905, Chicago. Address, Plaza Hotel, Chicago; Bus. 
Add., ao4 Trude Bldg., 132 N. Wabash Ave., do. 


A. B.; A. M., 1898; Judge; b. Dec. 6, 1870, Beecher City, 111.; s. George W. (b. Dec. 
I, 1822, Mt. Vernon, O.) & Susannah (Riley) Spurgin (b. Mar. 17, 1827, do.) Philo- 
mathean. Taught, Pekin, 111., 189^-7; Stud, of Univ. of 111., 1898: Read Law; admitted 
to Bar 1902, & practicing 1902, City Atty., Urbana, 1901-5; Co. Judge Champaign Co., 
1910. — Married Anna McLeod, July 8, 1903, Galesburg, 111. Address, ist Nat'l Bank 
Block, Urbana, 111. 


C. A.; kd. fecnograph. Died Sept. 16, 1894, Rock Island, 111. 


B. S. in Chem.; in Business; b. Mar. 17, 1873, Pittsfield, 111.; s. Isaac (b. Ger.) & 
Elisa (Jacobs) Strauss (b. ihid.) Prepared in Pittsfield H. S. Address, Pittsfield. 111. 


B. S. in Chem.; M. S., 1899; Professor: b. Aug. 7f 1872, Altamount, 111.; s. Philip 
(b. June 7, 184s, BerghoU. N. Y.) & Wilhelmine fMilville) Sy (b. Dec 20, 1844, Ger.) 
Prepared m Altamont H. S. Ph. D., Univ. of Buffalo, 1908. Instr. in Chem., Univ. ot 
Bumlo, X 895-8; Asst. in Chem., Univ. of 111.. 1898-9; Asst. Prof, of Chem., Univ. of 
Buffalo, 1899-1900; Chief Chem., Ord. Dept., U, S. Army, 1900-4; Prof, of Chem., Univ. 
of Buffalo, 1004 — Inventor of Test for Stability of Nitrocellulose Powders, officially 
adopted by (Ordinance Dept., U. S. Army, 1903; Flask for Fat Extraction. Author: 
New Fat Flask, Mercury Seal, Jour, Ind. & Eng. Chem., 1909, 3x4 pp.; Three New 
Prelim. Tests for Maple Product, Jour. Amer. Chem. Soc, 1908, pp., 1429-1431; Lead 

1894I Baccalaureate Alumni 179 

number of other articles. Member Luth. Church; Amer. Chcm. Soc. : Univ.' Club/BufFalo. 
Married Lucetu M. Hersee, Sept. 5, 1901, Buffalo, N. Y. Child, Kdwin Alber William, 
b. Oct. 5, X902. Address, 219 Crescent Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


B. L.: b. Apr. 13, 1870, Ivesdale, 111.; s. Walter B. & Elizabeth G. (Powers) 
Tacket. Prepared in Sadorus Twp., Champaign Co., III. Philomathean: Blackstonian; 
Y. M. C A.; Phi Delta Theta; Prohibition Club; Shield and Trident; Football Team; 
Trade Team; Editor, /;/«m. Teacher of Math.. Champaign H. S., 1894-6; Lawyer, 1896-7. 
Member Christian Church. Died Feb. 5, 1897, Chicago, 111. 


Stud. Univ. of Chicago, 1897-8; Prof. Latin & Greek, Marion, Ind^ Nor. ColL, 1898- looi. 
Elder Christian Church. Married Carrie Harter, Dec. 25, 1894, Indianapolis Ind. Died 
Jan. 9, X901, Marion, Ind. 


B. S. in Chem., M. S., 1908; Teacher: b. June 5, 1871, Bennington, Vt.; s. Keuben 
Smith (b. June 12, 1845, N. Y.) & Susan Cnase (Lyons) Tower (b. Jan. i^, 1850, Benning- 
ton). Prepared in Univ. Acad. Philomathean; Chem. Club; Y. M. C A. Manager of Thilo. 
Adelphic Lecture Course, 1894. Prin. of Elkhart Inst., 1 895-7; Teacher in Enslewood 
II. S., 1897 — Published various articles on the teaching of hign school physics. Member 
of M. E. Church; Central Assoc. Science & Mathematics Teacher; Active Member of 
Nat. Ednc. Assoc; Amer. Assoc, for the Advancement of Sci. Married Alta Coolev, 
Dec. 27, 1899, Rochelle, 111. Children, Dorothy, b. Sept. 15, 1901: Robert Cooley, d. 
Mar. ao, 1904; Frederick Willis, b. Oct. 7, 1905. Address, 344 N. Normal Parkway, 


B. S. in E. E. Farmer: b. Aug. 3. 1870, Chicago, 111.; s. Alfred H. (b. June x6, 
1838, Wrightstown, Pa.) & Frances C. (Reed) Trego (b. Sept. i, 1848, Farmington, 111.) 
Prepared in Hoopeston H. S. & Univ. Acad; Mech. & Elect. Eng. Soc With Hoopeston 
Canning (>>., 1894-^; Manager & Supt., Hoopeston Electric Co.. 1 895-1901; Cuba Cattle 
Cc, 1902: farmed m Southern California 1903-8; farming at Paiacios, Texas, since 1908; 
Member Northwestern Elect. Assoc., 1896-1900. Married Clara T. Clark, Feb. 3, 1905, 
Chicago, 111. Address, Paiacios, Texas. 


B. S. in .C. E.; Eng. Contractine; b. Mar. 27 , 1871, Paxton, 111;, s. William L. (b. 
Oct. 30, 1844, England) ft Kate B. (Hinchman) Walton (b. Jan. 28, 1848. Racine, Wis.) 
Prepared in Faxton H. S. Structural Steel & Bridge Engr., with Koken Iron Works, St. 

Bridge Co., 1912 — Married Cora L. Landell, July 30, 1898, St. Louis, Mo. (d. June 16, 
1903); Ida M. Owen, May 27, 1904* Belleville, 111. Address 551 Gilhllan Block, St. Paul, 


(Brother of No. 1282) 

B. L.; b. Feb. 21, 1872, Qeveland, O.; s. Benjamin (b. May i, 1846, Schenectady 
Co., N. y.) & Martha Maria (Campbell) Weaver (b. Aug. 30. 1850, Cook Co., 111.) 
Preoared in Danville H. S. Delta Tau Delta; Adelphic: Alpha Delta Sigma; Shield and 
Trident; Dramatic Club; Chess Club: ///tm staff; Sopkograph Bd. Mayor pro tem of 
(Hiampaign; A. F. & A. M.; B. P. O. E. Married Eunice Sheldon, June 8, 1898, Urbana. 
111. Chudren, Dorothy Eunice, b. July 4, 1899; Sheldon Alvord, b. Nov. 13, 1902. Died 
Nov. 19, 1905, Champaign, 111. 


B. L.; b. Mar. 28, 1872, Farmer City, 111.; s. T. S. & Mary M. (Brownlee) W>edman. 
Prepared in Pnb. Sch. Phi Delta Tneta; Blackstonian; Philomathean; Track; Capt. 
Varsity Championship Track Team, 1894- With J. V. Farwell, 1894-5; Real Est. & 
Ins., 1895-6; Taught School, 1896-8; Asst. Postmaster. Farmer City. 1900-2; Investigator 
of Claims in Claim Dept., I. C. R. R., 1902 — Married, Winifred Wetzell, Mar. 28, 1900, 
Farmer City, 111. Address, 305 Park Row Sta., Chicago, III. 


(Brother of No. 491) 

B. S.; Miner; b. Dec. 17. 1870. Essex, N. Y.; s. Charles N. (b. Winchendon, Mass.) 
& Martha L. (Thornton) Wilder (b. Sidney, Australia). Prepared in Champai^ H. S. 
Sigma Chi: Philomathean; Associate Editor, Illini, Instr. Univ. of 111., 1894-];; ^n charge 
Dqrt. of Photography, do., 1895-1900; Real Est., 1900-2; Minins 1902-12; Real Estate, 
Los Angeles, 1912 — A. F. ft A. M.; I. O. O. F.; Kebekah. Address, San Pedro, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

i8o University of Illinois [1895 


A ,1- ^- *^ JA' ?•• If' ^'* '^5S; b. Nov. 26, 1866. Woodburn, 111.; s. Rich H. & Ellen 
A. (Sturges) VVood. Philomathean ; Y. M. C. A.; Agt. British Luxfcr Prison Co.; Member 
Walbrook Baptist Church, Baltimore, Md.; Supt. of Sun. Sch. Married Maude I. Stevens, 
Feb. ao, 1900, Hampstead Heath, London, Eng. Children, Robert Stevens, b. Apr. 20. 
1902; Esther Helen, b. Aug. 19, 1904. Address, Aspinwall. Pa. 

(Sister of No. 1290) 

* j.^' S-',^' ?^-4,'895; b. Tan. 20, 1871. Polo, 111.; d. R. Dickson (b. Sept. 9. 1834. 
Andes, N. Y.) & Mary A. (Holmes) Woolscy (b. Tunc 15, 1838, Hamden, N. Y.) Pre- 
pared m Polo H. S. Alethcnai; Y. W. C. A.; Engl. Club. Fellowship in Latin. Taught 
?,'??,y*"^- Member Cong. Church. Married William David Gibbs. July 16. 1896, Polo, 111. 
Child, Dorothy, b. June 11, 1899 (d. at birth). Died June 11, 1899, Columbus, O. 

CLASS OF 1895 (74) 


B. S. in A. E.; Vice Pres. Central Scientific Co.; b. Mar. 3, 1871, Dubuque, la.; 
s. Charles Henry (b. Dec. 25, 1840. Knoxville, III.) & Aurora Bartlett (Clarke) Arms (b. 
k^',?h i?4^» Conway, Mass.) Prepared in Hyde Park H. S., Chicago. Sigma Chi; 
Shield & Trident; Glee, Mandolin, Architects Clubs; Pres. Students Dancing Club; Treas. 
Freshman Qass. Helped organize Glee & Mandolin Clubs. Editor of ist IlHo and 
named it. Assoc. Editor IlRni. Asst. Architect I. C. R. R., 1895-98; Mgr. Chicago 
Laboratory Supply & Scale Co. 1898-1904; Vice Pres. Scientific Co., 1904 — Grand 
Tribune, Sigma Chi Fraternity 1900-9; Member N. E. A.; Ontral Assoc, of Sci. & Math. 
Teachers. Married Elizabeth Watson Gregg, June 20, 1900, Chicago. Child, Eloisc Eliza- 
beth, b. Aug. 28, 1903. Address 345 W. Michigan St., (Jhicago; Res., Wilmette, III. 

B. S. in M. E.; Engineer; b. Aug. 6, 1871 Henry, 111.: s. Michael (b. Ireland) & 
Margaret (Brown) Barry. Prepared in Nor. Sen., Dixon, 111. With International Har- 
vester Co., X895-I907; Cont. Eng. Co., 1907 — Address, Dallas City, 111. 


(Husband of No. 121 7) 

B. S. in C. E.; Civil Engr.; b. Nov. 23, 1874, Indianola, 111.; s. Frank (b. Nov. 1849, 


Asst. Engf. on U. P. R. R., 1899- 1904; Asst. Engr., O. S. L. R. R., 1904-5; Supt. Constr., 
Jas. Stewart Co., 1905-9; Contracting Mgr., 1909 — Married Daisy Garver (99) Mar. 
20, 1905. Address, care Jas. Stewart & Co., Salt Lake City, U. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civil Engineer; b. Dec. 5, 1868, Des Moines, Iowa; s. David & 
Roxana (Munhall) Beach. Prepared in Colo. Agr. Coll. Civil & Irrigation En^r. Deputy 
State Engineer. Author: Irrigation in Colorado, pub. by Bureau of Irrigation Inves- 
tigation, U. S. Dept. Agr.; also did work on two biennial reports of State Engineer, 
1905-6, 1907-8; Chief Engr., Two Buttes Irrigation & Reservoir Co. Address, Las Animas, 


No. xi,jpp. 446-449, 19 10; Cast Iron Car Wheels. 1907, read before Eng. Soc., Boston 
School Technology. Member Mech. Eng. Soc; Masonic Order; Chicago Yacht Club. 

Married Grace Josephine English, Dec. 24, 1906, Boston^ Mass. Address, 3357 Warren 
Ave., Chicago, 111. Bus. Add., Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago. 


B. S. in C. E.; Asst. Engr., b. Nov. 2, 1870, Chrisman, 111.: s. John (b. Apr. 13. 
1837, Eng.) & Ann E. (Guthrie) Boon (b. Jan. 25, 1841, Ind.) Prepared in Univ. 
Acad. Asst. Engr., C. B. & Q. R. R. Civ. Engr., Dept. Maintenance of Way. Married 
Charlotte Bates, June 12, 190X, Burlington, la. Children, Guthrie Bates, b. June 26, 
1902; William Clifford, b. Aug. 12," 1905. Address, 981 Washington St., Burlington, la. 

B. L.; Banker; b. Mar. 8, 1875, Tolono, 111.: s. Robert Allan (b. Brown Co., O.) & 
Mary Elizabeth Bower (b. Md.) Prepared in Tolono Twp. H. S.; Tolono Bank, 1896-01; 
Supt. Ice Plant, Mattoon, & Vice Pres. Bank of Tolono, 1901 — Married Ella Beaton, 
Feb., 1 005, Chicago. Children, David Robert, b. Mar. 8, 1906; Isabel, b. Feb. 12, 1909; 
Mary, b. July 2, 1912. Address, Tolono, 111. 

1^51 Baccalaureate Alumni i8i 


A ^ _^ ^ .^_, ^.^ ,„,„.„ « *,«*«.^ 

tanr Engrs., Chicago. PublisLed various papers delivered before Technical Societies with 
reference to the purification of water, methods of water pumping, accuracy tests of 
meters, etc., etc. Member Amer. See. C E.; Western Soc. Engrs.; Amer. Water 
Works Assoc: 111. Wat. Supply Assoc: 111. Soc. Engrs. & Surveyors (past Pres.); Chi- 
cago Engrs. Club; Calumet Country Club. Married Mabel Myra Taylor, Oct. 8. 1909, 
Chicago. Address, 3704 Grand Blvd., Chicago; Bus. Add. 14x7 Hartford Bldg., Cnicago. 


6. S. in Arch.: Arch. Engr.; b. Sept. 30, 1868, Stephenson Co., 111.: s. Edward & 
Sophia T. (Cowan) Burrill. Prepared in Urbana, 111., H. S. and Spokane Coll., 

Oct 3I1 190X; Lida Manila, b. July 7, 1903; and Lois, b. May 4, 1906, (d. May i, 1907.) 
Address, 2376 Carter Ave., St. Paul, Minit. 


(Brother of No. 1309) 
6. S. in M. E.; M. E. 1898: Sales Engineer; b. Aug. 28, 1872, Urbana, 111.; s. 
Mathew D. (b. Urbana, 111.) & Anna E. (Hurd) Busey (b. Lima, O.) Prepared in 
Urbana H. S. Operated foundry & Machine Shop. Chicago, 189C-8; In business X098-X905- 
Consulting F.nar., Seattle, 1906; With Eng. Exp. Sta., Univ. of iH., X907-i9ii; Aast. Cniex 
Engineer, Busalo Forge Co., 191 >; Author: Tests with House Heating Boilers <k 
Furnaces, Eng. Review, 191 1. 18 pp.; New Basis for Rating House Heating Boilers and 
Furnaces presoited at June, X91X, meeting of Amer. Soc. Heatitijg & Vent. Eiigrs. ; joint 
author with Mr. W. H. Carrier of paper presented Dec, 191 x, before the Am. Soc. Mech. 
Engrs., on "Air Conditioning Apparatus.*' Various short articles in Eng. Review., Power, 
Domestic Eng. and Metal Works. Married Lillian M. Yanos, Julv 5, X897, Urbana, 
HL Address, 354 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y.; Bus. Add., care Buffalo Forge (;o. 


B. S.; b. Oct. X5, 1874, Urbana; d. Geo. W. (b. Apr. 8, 1836) & CtVma. C^therixie 
(Copenhaver) Call (b. Auff. 20, 1841, Dresden, O.) Prepared in Urbana H. S. Alethenai; 
Y. W. C. A. Nurse in Mary Thompson Hosp., 1896-8, Chicago. Married Andrew Barr, 

iuly 15, 1899. Children, Andrew, b. May 6. 1901: Catherine Celina. b. Aug. 31, i904*> 
[arion Elizabeth, b. Mar. 21, X907. Address, 502 S. Race St., Urbana, 111. 


B. L.; Banker; b. Nov. 9, 187^, Edgewood, 111.; s. John Thomas (b. Jan. 26, 1845, 
Barrington, 111.) & Katherine (Jenkins) Campbell, (b. Sept. 21. 1850, near Dayton, O.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Philomathean; Blackstonian ; Editor, The Illini. 1895; 
Fellowship in Latin, 1890-1000; M. L., 1900; Teacher, 1903; Deputy Co. Clerk, 1905; 
Married Lula Myra Mitchell, Aug. 27, 1902. Address, Joy, 111. 


B. S. in E. E.; E. E., X896; b. May 14, 1873. IHiopolis, 111.: s. Thomas W. & 
Nellie (Vanhisc) Capps. Prepared in Mt. Pulaski H. S. A. M., Univ. Nebr^ X899; 
Prac Elec, 1897; Prin. H. S., Blair, Nebr., 1900; Owner & Mgr. Blair Elec. Light & 
Power Co., 1900 — Married Claudic Henrie, 1895, Champaign, 111. Child, SUnley 
Mozart, b. Jan. x, 1898. Address, Blair, Nebr. 


0. S. L. R. R., Pocatellq, Ida., 1899; Wabash R. R.. St. Louis, Mo.. 1903; C. & N. W. 
R. R., Chicago, X904-05: Engr., U. S. Reclamation Service. MitchelL Nebr., 1905:10; ^uPf-, 
Imperial Water Co. Ko. i, 19x0 — Asso. Member Am. Soc. C. E. Married Birdie 
Irine Tillotson, Dec. 24, X908, Sheridan, Wyo. Children, Deanc Edwin, b. Aug. 29, 1910; 
Mabel Adila, b. Mar. 11, X9ia. Address, Imperial, Calif. 


B. S. in M. E.; Contractor; b. Nov. 1, 1873; ^ Robert Eldredge (b. Tenn.) & 
Elizabeth (Malone) Carmack (b. Ind.) Prepared in Indianapolis H. S., Univ. Acad. 
Philomathean. M. E. work, 1895-01; Supt. Canning Factories, 1901-3; Contractor, 
builder. Married Essie Morris, Oct. 10, 1900, Indianapolis, Ind. Children, Robert Mor- 
ris, b. Sept. 20, xooi; Dorothy Elizabeth, b. Dec. xs, 1903; Floyd Clyde, b. Dec. 4, 
1905; Edith Irene May, b. May 5, 19". Address, Tropico, Calif. 

1 82 University of Illinois [1895 


B. S. in M. & S. £.; b. Feb. ij, 1869, Lombardville, III.; s. WUliazn W. (b. Aug. 10, 
1840, N. Y.) & Clara £. (CUrk) Clement (b. Oct. 18, x84S> Tiskilwa, III.) Prepared in 
Tiskilwa H. S.; C. E. Club. Recorder on Survey, Miss. River, 1895-6: C. Engr. with 
En^. Corps U. S. Army, Constr. of 111. & Miss. Canal. 1896-1^02; Draftsman with 

Engr., Missouri River Improvement. igoCKii. Married Josie Abbott Mayo, Uec. i^f 
looit Wyanet, III., (died Dec, xoio). Child, Jennie Maurine, b. Mar. 3, 1906. Died 
Oct. II, 191 1 > at Kansas City, Mo. Buiied at Sheffield. 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 594, 1836) 

B. S., in Chem.; b. Nov. 16, 1871. Polo, 111.; s. John W. & Carrie A. (Perkins) 
Clinton. Prepared in Polo H. S. Worked in Chicago for a short time, when health 
failed. Died Oct. 18, 1905, Polo, 111. 


B. S. in A. E.; Arch. Engr.; b. May 8, 1870, Normal, 111.; s. Levi & Mary (Wright) 
Dillon. Prepared in Wisconsin Acad. Designed construction and equipment and 
superintended construction- of Belle Isle Aouarium and Horticultural Bldg., Detroit, 
Mich. Married Rose E. Richards, Mav 20, 1096, Normal, 111. Child, Lyle, b. Aug. z3i 
1899. Died June 19, 1908, Seattle, Wash. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect: b. Oct. 6, 1871, Independence, la.; s. James B. (b. Dec 
10, x8^. West Charlton, N. Y.) & Martha Jane (Ross) Donnan (b. Lower Wateford, 
Vt.) Prepared in Independence, la. H. S. & Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, la. Arch. & 
Treaa., Buchanan Co., la., 1906 — Married Helen Maud Rosemond, Sept. 9. 1903. In- 
dependence, la. Child, Ross Donnan, b. Sept. 23, 1910, (d. Oct. 5, 1910). Address, In- 
dependence, la. 


B. L.; Newsp. Man; b. May 21, 1873, Lisbon, 111.: s. Christopher (^lumbus (b. 
Dublin, Ire.) & Emeline (Hall) Duffy (b. DeKalb (^., 111.) Prepared in Piano H. S.; 
Jennings Sera.; Ottawa H. S. Phi Ddta Theta; Shield & Trident; Phi Beu Kappa. 
Address, 5047 Winthrop Ave., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in Archj Architect; b. Mar. o, 1875, Chicago, III.; s. August (b. Munich, 
Bavaria) ft Julia (Roeuthal) Fellheimer (S. Dortmund, Prussia). Prepared in Univ. ot 
111., Prep. DelU Tau Delta. With Reed & Stern, Archs., Chicago. Member Transpor- 
tation Club, New York City. Married Elizabeth Fellheimer, Dec 35, 1902, New York 
City. Child, Madeleine, b. Oct. 24, 1905. Address, 676 Riverside Drive, New York 
City. Bus. Add., 7 E. 42d St., New York City. 

(Brother of No. 796) 

A. B. in L. & A.: Banker; b. Jan. a, 1874, Carthage. 111.; t. Hiram G. (b. Howard. 
N. Y.) ft Julia E. (Holton) Ferris (b. Hellsgrove, lu.) Prepared in Carthage H. S 
Phi Delta Theta. Address, East 615, 16th Ave., Spokane, Wash. Bus. Add., Union 
Trust & Savings Bank, Spokane, Wash. 

(Brother of No. 686) 

B. S. E. E.; in Tel. Bus.; b. May 24, 1872, New Comb Twp., Champaign Co.; s. 
John H. (b. Feb. 9, 182^, Ran Co., O.) ft Elizabeth E. (Bailey) Funston (b. O.) Pre- 
pared in Univ. Acad. Philomathean. Married Jinks J. Hume, Feb. 21, 1900. Children, 
John Harold, b. Dec. 2, 1901; Robert Hume, b. Apr. 15, 1903; Elisabeth E., b. Jan. 25, 
1007; George Cyril, b. Nov. 29, is>o8; Margaret A., 8. Sept. 6, 1910. Address. 
(jcddes, S. u. 


(Brother of Nos. 2103, 2994) 

B. S. in M. E.; b. 1871, Ivesdale, HL; s. Patrick (b. Nov. 7, 1842, Ire.) ft Maria 
(Hopkins) Green (b. Mar. 23, 1845, do.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Locomotive Engr., 
I. C. R. R. Address, 214 E. Clark St., Champaign, 111. 


(Wife of No. 990) 

B. L.; b. Champaign, 111.; d. Jonathan, Bogue (b. 111.) & Sallie (Raymond) Green 
(b. O.) Prepared in Champaign H. S.. Alethenai. Married William LaBarthe Steele, 
Apr. 30, 1 90 1. Children, Mariana, b. June 10, 1903; Melina, b. Nov. 6, 1905: William 
LaBarthe, Jr., b. Aug. 25. J907; Harriet (Sertrude, b. Feb. 27, 1909, (d. June 8, 19x0); 
Jane Raymond, b. Mar. 26, 19 10. Address, 25 12 Jackson St., Sioux City, la. 

1895] Baccalaureate Alumni 183 


(Brother of No. 2679) 

_ B. S. in Arch.; Architect: b. 1870, Chatsworth. 111.; s. J. S. & Sarah M. (Stanford) 
HaU (b. 1845. Lowell, IIL) Addrus, 153 USalle St., (Jhicmgo, 111. 

B. S. in Chem.; Chemist; b. Oct. 24, 1875, Ger. Prepared in Rock Island H. S. 
Phi Delta Theta; Shield and Tcident; Adver. Agt., 1894', Mgr. Baseball Team, 189S* 
(Chemist, Milwaukee, 1895-^; in Mexico, 189^-1902; in Milwaukee, 1902-3; in Mexico, 
1903-4; in Calif., 1904-8; in Brewers & Distillers Lab.. 1908 — Member Amer. Chem. 
Soc Address, 3033 Indiana Ave., Chicago, III. Bus. Add., 608 South Dearborn St., do. 

B. S.; M. S., x8p8; Economic Entomologist; b. Apr. 10, 1870, Canton, O.; s. H. A. 
& Axma Maria (Cierber) HempeL Prepared in Rollins Coll., Winter Park. Fla. At- 
tended Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll., 1891-4. Delu Tau Delta. 111. State Biol. Surv., 1896; 
Entom. of Musen Paulista, S. Paula, Brazil, 1897-1900; Economic Entom., Inst. Agro- 
nomico, Campinas. S. Paulo, Brazil, 1900 — Author: Many articles on Entomology and 
Biology. Married Emma Julia Hempel, Nov. 9, 1901, (^mpinas, S. Paulo, Brazil. Ad- 
dress, (Campinas, State of S. Paulo, Brazil. 



Ind., , . „_. __ 

Frax^klin Inst.; CoaJ Mining Inst, of America. Address, 5537 Hampton St., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; Bus. Add., 2511 Oliver Bldg., Pittsburgh. 


A. B. in L. & A.: Lawyer; b. May 16, 1873, Thomasboro, 111.; s. Walter Brice (b. 
Penfield, N. YJ & Hester (Atkinson) Hoag (b. Independence, Mo.) Prepared in 
Champaign H. S. Alpha Tau Omega; Philomathean. Member Univ. Club of Chicago; 
Legal Qub of Chicago: Amer. Bar Assoc; 111. Bar Assoc; Chicago Bar Assoc: Worship! ul 
Master, A. F. & A. M., 1006-7; High Priest, R. A. M., loio-iz; Chevalier Bayard Com- 
mandr^ No. 52: Oriental Consistory; Shrine; Red Cross of Constantine, No. i. Address, 
32x0 (Jalumet Ave., Chicago; Bus, Add., 1305 Fisher Bldg., Chicago. 


B. S. in Arch.; Consulting Engr.; b. Mar. 23, 1874, Pontiac, 111.; s. Samuel K. 
(b. Nov. 27, 1837, Pa.) & Mary King (Ford) HolUmann (b. June 12, 1843, Newark, N. 
J.) Prepared in Pontiac H. S. Delia Tau Delta; Mgr. Football Team. Tramp Drafts- 
man to 1905; Consulting Engr., N. Y. City, 190^ — Member Royal Arch Masons. 
Married Maude Ellen bhaw, Jan. 30, 1903, Washington, D. C. Children, Jeddiah 
Samuel: Stephen Robert. Address, Hastings on Hudson, N. Y.; Bus. Add., xi £. 24th, 
N. Y. City. 


(Brother of No. 742) 

B. S. in E. E.; Physician & Surgeon; b. Dec. 7, 1875, Urbana, 111.; s. Joseph 
Everett & Ruth (Alexander) Hunt (b. N. Y.) Prepared in H. S. Engr. Soc: Pni Kho 
Sigma. Sen. Baseball Team. Coll. of Phys. & Sure., i8o<-8; M. D., same, 1898. Mem- 
ber Marshall Co. Med. Soc, 1898-1908; Austin Flint Med. Soc; Amer. Med. Soc; 
Blackhaw Co. Med. Soc; Waterloo C^ity Med. Soc. Married Adelyn Kimball, June X4» 
1900, LaMoille, 111. Children, Dorothy K., b. Aug. 16, 1901; Robert Everett, b. Dec. 
28, 19 10. Address, 915 W. 3d St., Waterloo, la.; Bus. Add., 40 x -2 Com*!. Bldg., Waterloo. 


(Husband of No. 587) 

B. S. in E. E.; E. E., 1908; Engineer; b. Oct. 17, 1869, Colfax Twp.. Champaign 
Co., 111.; s. Peter J. (b. 1833, (jermany) & Josephine (Schmitz) Junkersfeld (b. 1840. Ger- 
many.) Prepared in Champaign H. S.; Northern Ind. Norm. Sch. Adelphic; M. & £. E. 
Club; Editor, Technograph, 1895; Tau BeU Pi. Elected Fellow in £. £., X805, but 
resigned. Delivered Address, representing students at Inauguration of Pres. Draper. 
Operating Constr. & Engr. work, later in charge of Engr. Dept.; Asst. to Vice Pres., 
Commonwealth Edison Co., 1895 — Member Amer. Inst. E. E.; Western Soc. Engrs. ; 
Amer. Soc. M. E. Married Anna Boyle, June 19, 1901, Champaign, 111. Cliild, Mary 
Josephine, b. Sept. 5, 1911. Address, 139 N. Prairie Ave., Austin Sta., Chicago. 

B. S. in Arch.; Contractor; b. Jan. 11, 1873, near Earlvillc, 111.; s. Francis G. (b. 

J., b. Apr. 8, 1 90 1. Address, Earlville, III. 

1 84 University of Illinois [1895 

882. MILO smith KETCHUM 
(Brother of No. 123a) 

Valedictorian; Sigma Xi. Instr. in C. Ey Univ. of 111., 1895-7; Engr. with Gillettc-Herxog 
Mfg. Co., 1GP97-9; Asst. Prof, of C. £., Univ. of 111., 1899-1903; Contracting Mgr., 
Amer. Bridge Co., Kansas City, Mo., 1903-4; Prof, of C. E., Univ. of Colo., 1904; Dean 
of Coll. of Engr., 1905 — Member firm Crocker & Ketchum. Consulting Engrs., 1909 — 
Author: The Design of Steel Mill Buildings, McGra\^-Hill Book Co^ N. Y., 480 pp.; 
The Design of Walls, Bins, and Grain Elevators, same, 556 pp.; The Design of Highway 
Bridges, same, ^46 pp.; The Design of Mine Structures, same, 460 pp.; Surveying 
Manual (with W. D. Pence), same, 250 pp. Editor 12th & 13th Annual Report of the 
Soc. for Promotion of Engr. Educ. Also author of numerous articles in Engr. News, 
Technograph & Colo. Jour, of Engr. . Member Amer. Soc. of C. E. ; Soc. for Promotion 
of Engr. Educ. Sec*y., same, 1903-5, Vice Pres., 1009-10; Amer. Soc. of Testing Ma- 
terials; Amer. Ry. Engr. Assoc; Natl. Assoc, of Cement Users; Fellow A. A. A. S.; 
Colo. School Masters Club. Married Mary Esther Beatty, Sept. 17, 1903, Newton, la. 
Children, Martha Esther, July 29, 1904; Elizabeth Jane, b. Nov. 8, 1908; Milo Smith, 
Jr., b. Mar. 8, 1910. Address, Univ. of Colo., Boulder, Colo. 


B. S. in E. E.; Electrician; b. Mar. i, 1871, Evanston, 111.; s. William Parker (b. 
Concord, N. H.) & Helen Eliia (Haven) Kimball (b. New Lenox, 111.) Prepared in 
Lowell, Mass. & Chicago H. Schs. E. E. Club. Custodian Service U. S. Treas. Dept., 
19x0. Married Lucy Kegal Schacifer, July 25, 1907, Berkeley, Calif. Children. Helen 
Winifred, b. Aug. 12, 1909; Robert, b. Oct 24, 19x1. Address, 120 Middlefield Rd., 
Burlingame, Calif.; Bus. Add., St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, Calif. 


Raiser, 1904^^ Teacher, Farm (hardener, 191 1; Stock Farmer & Fruit Raiser, 19XX — 
Member M. £. Church. Married Elizabeth O. E. King, Nov. 4, 1904, Geneva, O. Address. 
Maple Lawn Farm, R. F. D., do. 


B. S. in Arch.; Asst. Prof.; b. Mav 5, 1871, Edinburgh, Scotland; s. William (b. 1840, 
Eng.) & Mary Jane (Billing) Lake (b. 1844, do.) Prepared in Viroqua (Wis.) H. S. 
Adelphic. Studied at Rose Polytech., 1891-a; Pratt Inst., 1898-9; London School of Art, 
1908; Julian Acad.. Paris, 1909. Asst. Prof, of Art & Act. head of Dept. of Art & 
Design, Univ. of 111. Author: Articles, Drawina for Common Schools, School News ir 
Prac, Educator, 1897-9; Course in Drawing, 111. State Course; Japanese Painting for 
Young People's Libr., 4,000 words, The Educational Soc. Pub., N. Y.; Birds and Animals, 
Rand, McNally Pub.; Composition for Photographers, Photographic Weekly, Cleveland, O., 
iQix. Member Cong. Church. Married Erne Estelle Harris, Aug. 22, 1900, Champaign, 
111. Children, Zera W., b. June 15, 1901; James Harris, b. June 2, 1912. Address, 703 
W. Park Ave., Champaign. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Dec. i9f X873, CoUinsville, 111.; s. Clarence J. (b. Jan. 
0, 1843, CoUinsville, 111.) & Sarah Catherine (Smith) Lemen (b. Apr. 2, 1846, N. Y. City). 
Prepared in Union Acad., Morsanfield, Ky. Philomathean. Draftsman & Computer & 
Lcveler, Miss. Riv. Comm., St. Louis, Mo., 1895-9; Topographer U. S. Engr., St. Paul., 
Minn., 1899-1900; Insp., Miss. Riv. Comm. steamer Patrol, 1900-1; City Engr. & Supt. 
Munic. Elec. Lt. & W. W.^ Paris, 111., xooi-2; Chief of Party on Survey Miss. Riv. Reser- 
voirs, X902-3; Jr. Engr. with Savannah U. S. Engr. Office, 1902-9; Asst. Engr.. in charge 
of Brunswick Sub. (Jffice, 1910 — Harbor & River Improvements, S. E. Ga. & N. E. l-la., 
1903 — Author: Article, Topographical Survey Reservoirs at Head-waters of Miss. Kiv., 
Technograph, 1 901, copied bj^ Engr. Record, 1901. Assoc, member Amer. Soc. of C. E.j Past 
Exalted Ruler of B. P. O. E.; A. F. & A. M. Married Olive Belle, Dec. xOj 1896, livans- 
ville, Ind. Children, Catharine Neil, b. Sept. 29, 1898; Wilhelmina, b. l*eb. 13, 19 lo* 
Address, Brunswick. Ga. 


B. S. in M. E.; Draftsman; b. 1869, Sterling, 111.; s. M. W. & Laura A. (Dresser) 
Llewellyn. Address, Care Amer. Bridge Co., Chicago. 


(Brother of No. 509) 

B. S. in Arch.; Draftsman; b. Feb. 4. X872. Virden. 111.; s. J. M. & Emma V. 
(Brewer) Long. Prepared in Virden H. S. Delia Tau Delta; Arch. Club. Address, 
1 61 6 Forest Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

1895] Baccalaureate Alumni 185 


(Brother of Nos. 107. 108, 1052) 

B. L.: Lawyer; b. Nov. 7, 1869, Gilman, IlL; s. William H. (b. Ky.) & Elizabeth D. 
(Abraham) Mann (b. Va.) Prepared in Gilman H. S. Adelohic; Editor of the Jllini, 
Admitted to Bar, 1897; practiced law in office of James I^. Mann & Geo. W. Miller, 

return ; 
eiectea 2a L.ieuc.; ^.^o. r, 1903. isc i^ieut., I9p4' Jnemocr x^ansnan \^aurcni A.o^ai Arcan- 
um; Soc of the Army of Santiago. Married Edna Dunshec, July 22, 1903, Mt. Carroll, 111. 
Address, Mannville, Fla. 

(Brother of No. 1054) 

Postmaster, Barrow. Alaska, 1 901-4. Hosp. Corps, I. N. G., 3d Reg., 1892-7. Author: 
article, Eskimo Medicine, N. A. Jour, Homeopathy, 1901. Member Amer. Inst Home- 
opathy. Married Emma J. Cargain, Dec 24, 1896, K. Y. Children, Loren C, b. Oct 9 
1898: Frances R., b. Apr. 21. 1901; Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 3i 1902; Charles Lippincott, 
b. May 17, 1904; Horatio Richmond, b. Mai*. 27, 1906; Donald C, b. Nov., x9x'o. Address. 
Barrow, Alaska. 


(Brother of No. 699) 

B. S. in Arch.: Engineer: b. Sept 3. J87r, Will Co., 111.; s. Samuel (b. Mar. 7, 1847, 
Whalonsburg, N. Y.) & Melvina pallou) Mather (b. May 29, 1848, Brecksville, O.) 
Piepared in Northwestern Coll., Naperville, 111. Draftsman in Steel Bldg. & Bridge, 
Amer. Bri<Ue Co., C. M. & St P. R. R., 4^^ yrs.; Engr., Andresen, Evans Co., 1910 — 
Married Ella Hopkins. June 12, 1901, Johnstown, Pa. Child, Fred Elbert, Jr., b. Nov. 
24, 1906. Address, Naperville, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.: Farmer; b. Nov. 13, x868, Danville. III.: s. Oscar Fitz Allen (b. Lowville, 
N. Y.) ft Theodosia (Yale) Maxon (b. Martinsburg, N. Y.) Prepared in Danville, lU. Phi 
Delta Theta. 111. Sute Militia, 1888-91. Ry. Constr. & Maint principally, x89S-i9>o; Fruit 
Ranch, 1908; Truck Garden, Fruit & Cotton Grower near Round Rock, Tex., 1908 — Member 
Western Soc. of Engrs., x897-i9o$; Y. M. C. A., X902: Presb. Church. Married Frances 
Sprague Candee, June 20, X905, Gilroy, Cal. Children, Yale Candee, b. Oct. 5, 1906; Mary 
Can<ke, b. Nov. 12, 19 10. Address, Round Rock, Tex. 


(Sister of No. 4822.) 

B. S. in Sci.; M. S., 1900; b. Jan. 22, 18751 Tolono, 111.; d. John Thomas ft Amelia 
Minerva (Myers) Moore. Prepared in Tolono H. S. Althenai; Dramatic Art Qub; Glee 
Club; Chapel Choir; Secy., Senior Class: Class Prophet Taught, .1897-1908. Member 
Young Ladies Society, Pres. Church; Thirty Qub of Champaign, 1909; Assoc. Coll. 
Alnmnx. Married George Howard Cook, 1908, Tolono, 111. Child, Eleanor Frances, b. 
Nov. 25, 191 1. Address, 5 Davidson PI., Champaign, 111. 

B. S. in A. E.; Engr. with McKinley Syndicate; b. Dec. 19, 1871, Joliet, 111.; s. Capt 
R- J. (b. May i, 1840, N. Y. City) & Hester A. (Snider) Morrison (b. Oct x, 1840, Carter, 
Co., Tenn.) Prepared in Joliet H. S. Glee & Mandolin Quba. Supt Springfield Ry. Co., 
Springfield, O.. 1805-6; Asst (Scnl. Mgr., Bay City Consolidated Ry., Bay City. Mich., 1896- 
1900; Supt, Wichita Ky. ft Lt. (^., Wichita, Kan., Sept, xooo: Constr. work, Danville, 111., 
Wabash, Ind., & Huntington. Ind., 1900-1; Gcn'l. Supt., Wichita Ry. & Lt Co., 1901-11; 
putting in complete system for McKinley Syndicate, Bridgetown, Barbados Island, W. I.. 
iQii — Member B. P. O. E. Married Marion Alice O'Neil, Sept. 26, 1900, Bay City Mich. 
Address, Wichita, Kan., or Bridgetown, Barbados Island, West Indies. 

B. S. in C. E.; Engr. & Contractor: b. Nov. 20, 1868, Wyoming, Ncbr., a. Eugene 
Munn (b. Dec. 28, 1836, Wooster, O.) & Mary Dessa (Kling) Munn (b. Apr. 6, 1841, 

Elks; Nat'l. Geog. Soc; Assoc, memb. Amer. Soc. of C. £. Address, Rich Hill, Mo. 


B. S. in Arch.; Contractor; b. Dec. x8, 1869, CHiicago; s. William (b. Nov. sa, 
1837, Ire.) & Mary (McCarthy) Noble (b. Sept. 12, 1843, Cork, do.) Prepared in N. 
Div. H. S., Chicago: Univ. Acad. Arch. C^ub; Alpha Tau Omega; Capt. Supt. of Bldg. 
Constr., 1895-1903; Contractor, 1903-— I. N. G., 1887-92, part of 1894, Co. D, ist Inf. 
Member A. F. ft A. M.; N. H. Consistory, S. P. K. S. 32nd degrees; Kora Temple 
A. A. O. N. M. S. Lewiston, Me.; Univ. Club, (Hiicago; LaCrosse (Hub, LaCrosse, Wis. 

1 86 University of Illinois [1895 

206, McMillan BIdg., do. 


(Brother of Nos. 898, 3133) 

Pres. of Bloom. Country Gub. Married Daisy Hill, Nov. 8, 1898, Bloominston, 
111. Child. Frances Hill, b. July, 1901. Address, Peoples Bank Bldg., cloomington. 111. 


(Sister of Nos. 897, 3x33) 

A. B.; Student: b. June x8, 1875. Bloomington, m^-; d. William Low (b. Not. 4, 1838, 
Derry, N. H.) & Marion (Forrest) Pillsbury (b. tan. ra, 1843, London, Eng.) Prepared 
in Univ. Acad. Alethenai; English (^ub; Kappa Alpha Theta. A. M., Radcline, 1898; Ph. 


B. S. in C E.; Engineer; b. Feb. 9, 1872, Moline, 111.; s. Conrad (b. Sept. 6. 1842, 
Schleswig, Germany) & Anna (KroegeO Quade (b. July ^, 1850, do.) Prepared in Moline 
High Scnool. Pres., Sr. class. Asst. Engr., Chicago Park Comm.» 1896-7; C. E., Kewanee, 
IlL, 1897-1900: Chief Engr., Western Tube Co., Kewanee, 1 900-4 : same. Big Creek, Col. 
Co., St. David, 111., 1904 — Engr. Corps Nat'l. Guards, 1896-7; Member 111. Soc. Engrs.; 
Western Soc. Engrs.; A.F. & A. M.; R. A. M.; R. & S. M.: K. T.: A. A. O. N. M. 
S., Mahoromed, Peoria; B. P. O. E. Married June 17. 19 12, Canton, 111. Address, Box 
15, Canton, 111.; Bus. Add., St. David, 111. 


B. S. in A. E.; Architect; b. Feb. 22, 1863. Spring Green, Wis.; s. William (b. Aug. lo, 
1828, Brookland, Kent, Eng.) ft Pbebe Robson (Spalding) Reely (b. Lincolnshire,^/^.) Pre- 
pared in Spring Green H. S. Philomathean ; Arch. Club; lUio staff; Technograph Bd. 
Draftsman m Architects' offices, 1895*9; practicing Arch.. Ft. Dodge, la., 1890 — Member 
la. Chapt. A. I. A.; Amer. Inst, of Archts. Married Adeline Van Buskirk, Aug. 2, 1899, 
Webster City, la. Address, Ft. Dodge, la. 


(Brother of No. 4383) 

B. S. in C. E.; Asst. Ener. in U. S. Civ. Seivice; b. Mar. 21, 1874, Tampico, III.; s. 
Joseph C. (b. 1840. Marion, N. Y.) & Frances R. (Brewer) Reeves (b. 1844, Berkshire Co., 
Mass.) Prepared in Tampico H. S. Pres. C. E. Club; Pres. Mil. Club; Shield & Trident; 
Maj. Ittstr. m Mil., 1893-5; Varsity Football team; Class Football; Class Pres. Taught, 
1895-8: Military service, 1898-9; U. S. Civ. Service, 1899^ ^^^9: & Lieut., 3d Vol. Engrs., 
U. S. a Cuba. 1898-9; U. S. Insp., 111. & Miss, canal, 1900-2; U. S. Jr. Engr^ same, 1902-11; 
r. S. Asst £ngr., 191 1 — Author: Strength of Ice, Technograph. 1895; Reinforced Con- 
crete Aqueduct Linings, 111. Soc. of Engrs. & Surveyors, loio. Member Amer. Soc. of C. 
E.; 111. Soc. of Engrs. & Surveyors. Married Helen A. Nowers, Nov. 2, 1901, Atkinson, 
111. Child, James Edson, b. Sept. 16, 1906. Address, Rock Falls, 111.; Bus. Add., U. S. 
U. S. Engr's* Office, Sterling, 111. 


Assoc. Retail Druggists. Married Nelle Vandaveer, Sept. 26, 1900. Child, Mary Huston, 
b. Jan. 10, 1904. Address, 201 N. Central Ave., Paris, HL 


Bl S. in A. E.; Architect; b. Aug. 2, 1873, Urbana, 111.; s. John D. (b. July 13, 
1 83 1, Baltimore, Md.) & Mary M. (Brining) Rover (b. Apr. 6, 1846, Vienna, Austria^. 
Prepared in Urbana H. S. City Engr., Urbana, 111., ^898-1906. Married Adelaide Danef^, 
Oct. 14, 1902, Champaig "" - — ^ ^. _- . -.. -. 

Flat Iron Bldg., Urbana. 

Oct. 14, 1902, Champaign, 111. Address, 801 W. Oregon St., Urbana, 111.; Bus. Add., 


B. L.; Proprietor of Billiard Hall; b. Nov. 17, 1872, Delphi, Ind.; s. William Jetferson 
& Elizabeth (Peddicord) Rovsdon. Prepared in Champaign H. S. Sigma Chi; AdelphSc; 
Baseball & Track teams. Address, Champaign, 111. 

(Brother of No. 1074) 

B. S. in M. E.: Engr. Salesman: b. Sept. 10, 1870, Troy, Ohio; s. Judson (b. Dec x8 
1841, Troy, O.) & Mary Ann (Gearhart) Sayers (b. May 29, 1840, Piqua, O.) Prepared 

1895I Baccalaureate Alumni 187 

in Farmer City H. S. M. £. Soc. In Bus^ Champaiffn, 1895-6; I. C. R. R. Co., 1896-7; 
Sarsent & Steel Co<^ 1897-8; in charge P. Testixig Lab., Link Belt Co., 1898; Draftsman, 
1898-9: En^. in charge of Constr., 1899- 1900; '•ngr. Salesman, 1900 — Member Baptist 
Church; Western Soc of Engrs. Address, 7x21 Eggleston Ave., Chicago. 


(Sister of No. 907) 

B. L.; b. Oct. Ji, 1874, Brimfield, 111.; d. Thomas Gibney (b. Aug. 2, 1824, Mt. Jackson, 
Pa.) & Rosalthea (Coffin) Scott (b. 1836, Beaver Falls, Pa.) Prepared in Champaign H. 
S. AlethenaL Married William Henry Stevenson, June 29, 1904, Champaign, 111. Ad- 
dress, 2116 Boone St, Ames, la. 


(Brother of No. 906) 

B. L.; Cashier; b. 1870, Maiden, 111.; s. Thomas G. (b. 1824, Pa.) & Rosalthea (Coffin) 
Scott (b. 1836, Beaver Falls, Pa.) Address, Champaign, 111. 


Declamation Cont. Tausht, 1895- 1902; isfewspaper Bus. Agt., 1897; Real Estate & Collec- 
tions & Law, 1897 — Married Sarah Elisabeth Humuhreys, June 18, 190 1, Decatur, 111. 
Children, Helen Loraine, b. Nov. 27, 1905; Mary Catharine, b. May 19, 1907; Martha 
Victoria, b. Feb. 22, 1909. Addrtss, 346 S. Union St., Decatur, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; Prin. Asst. Engr.; b. Apr. 18, 1872, New Boston, 111.; s. John August 

(b. Aug. 3, 1834, near Stockholm, Sweden) & Eva Sophia (Hillmore) Seastone (b. Sept. 

29, 1839, do.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Tau Beta Pi. Engr. with Miss. Riv. Comm., 

1895*7; Asst. in T. & A. M., Univ. of 111., 1897- 1900; Instr., Asst. Prof., & Assoc. Prof., 

(2nrch; Ind. Engr. Soc; Assoc, memb. Amer. Soc. of C. E. Married Susan Bouton, 
June 25, 1900, Anna, 111. Children. John Bouton, b. Mar. 11, 1905; Charles Victor, b. 

ian. II, 1008. Address, 323 N. Blair St., Madison, Wis.; Bmj. Add., 530 State St., 
fadison. Wis. 


(Brother of No. 1077) 

B. S. in C. £.; Civ. Engr.; b. May 21. 1875, Marble Rock, la.; s. Sylvanus Eaton 
^b. Aug. IS, 1832, Gerry, N. Y.) & Lucy Mana (Judd) Shepardson (b. Sept. 22^ i832f 
Patterson, N. Y.) Prepared in West Aurora H. S.: Univ. Acad. Engr. Soc; Ath. Assoc; 
CapL Univ. Regt. Draftsman, 1895-8; Asst. City £nj[r., Kewanee, 1898-9; City Engr. & 
Supt. Water Dept., 1899- 1902; Gradvuite work, Columbia, 15)02-4; Civ. Engr. in tield, S. & 
W. R. R., 1905-6; Res. Ei^gr., do., 1906-7; Res. Engr., Clinchneld & Ohio R. R., 1907 — 
First Lieut.. Engr. Co., I. N. G., 1898. Article, The Construction of the South & Western 
K. R., 23rd Ann. Rpt. IlL Soc Engrs. & Suivyrs., 1008, pp. 141-7* Unitarian; A. F. & 
A. M.; Shriiie: Assoc Mem. A. S. C. £.; 111. Soc. Engrs. & Survyrs; Natl. Geog. Soc; 
111. Sons of Rev. Married Bertha Belle Blish, Dec. 28, 1907, Kewanee, 111. (Children, 
Mary Frances, b. Dec. 15, 1908; James Blish, b. Oct. 20, 1910. Address, 500 £. Watauga 
Ave., Johnson City, Tenn. 


(Sister of No. 2247) 

A. B.; B. L. S., 1899; A. M., 1900: Bibliographer; b. Dec 5, 1872, Miller Twp., 111.; 
<1. Geo. (b. Nov. 21, 184S, Lucas Co., O.) & Esther Peacock (CJifton) Sparks (b. Feb. 4> 
1842. do.) Prepared in OtUwa Twp. H. S., Marseilles & Seneca H. Schs. Alethenai; 
Y. W; C. A.; Libr. Club; Grad. Club, 1904. Libr. Organizer, Davenport, la., Acad, of 
Sd., 1900; Elkhart, Ind., Pub. Libr.. 1902-^; Kansas City, Kan., Pub. Libr., 190^; Dowagaic, 
Mich., Pub. Libr., 1904} Res. Bibliographer, Nutrition Investigation Lab., Univ. of HI-. 
i9(u-io: miscellaneous bibliographic work, 191 o— Author: Birds vs. Street Cars, Wilson 
Bui.,. Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 44-8, 1905; Note of a Brilliant Meteor, Pop. Astronomy. Vol. 55, 
PP- 558-9: Dialect or English, Dial, Vol. 24, p. 39. Presb. Church, 1892; W. C. T. U., 
i!^i-3; King's Daughters, i8pi; Christian Endeavor; Cent. 111. Branch of Assoc, of Coll. 
Aliunni. Address, 1205 Springfield Ave., Urbana, 111. 


B. L. in L. & A.; b. Jan. 3, 1874, Oakley, 111.; d. Read (b. Dec. 23, 1836, Pa.) 
& Sarah Jane (Grccnman) Spencer (b. June 8, 1841, Centre Belpre, O.) Prepared in 
Decatur H. S. Taught school in Flora, Areola & Decatur. Married Earnest Adelbert 
Miner, July 11, 1901, Decatur, 111. Children, Harrison Read, b. Aug. 11, 1908; Sarah 
Avice, b. June 20, 1910. Address, 1129 W. Wood St., Decatur, III. 


B. S. in C. E.: Civ. Engr.; b. Mar. 4, 1874, Dewev, Champaign Co., HL: s. Henry 
l^rederick A. (b. June 14, 1839, Eckermuehle, Prussia) & Anna Johanna (Burkhardt) 

i88 University of Illinois [1896 

Sperling (b. Oct. 30, 1841, Kottenackcr, Ger.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Adelpbic, 
Rodman & Instrumentman, 1895J Draftsman,^ Merchant & Drainage Survyr, 1896-7; 

& Constr., 

Rodman & Instrument man, 1895: Draftsman, Merchant & Drainage Surv] 
Insp. on Underground Constr., 1898; Asst. Ry. Engr., Draftsman Ry. Location 
1899; Asst. to Ry. Promoter, 1900; Draftsman, ucn*l. Land Office, 1901 -a; 

6| 1899, Champaign, 111. Children, Margaret, b. Sept. 6, 1900 (d. Aug. 2, 1901); Tnede, 
b. Jan. iz, 1904; Lois, b. Dec. 5, 1905. Address, 709 Hays St., 6aa>4 Overland Bldg., 
Boise, Ida. 

(Husband of No. 2037) 

B. S. in Chem.; b. June 29, 1871, Augusta, 111.; s. George & Nancy (Parrott> 
Stark. Asst. Chem. in 111. Exp. Sta. Phi Lambda Upsilon. Parmer, Augusta, 111.; 
Asst Chem. State Water Sur., 1897-1905: Asst. Chemist, 111. Exp. Sta., 1905 — Married 
Mabel E. Cafky ('04). Oct. 5, 1904, Jacksonville, 111. Child, Elizabeth, b. July 6, 1905. 
Address, Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba. 

(Wife of No. G49) 
B. S^ b. Oct. 25, 187^, Champaign, 111.; d. John P. & Mary (Evans) Stewart. 
Married Charles Nelson Cole ('97) » Auk. 29. 1899, Irving Park, 111. Chila, Kenneth 
Stewart, b. Jyly 10, 1900. Address, Obenin, 0. 


B. S. in A. E.; Architect; b. Aug. 24, 1866, Kickapoo, 111.; s. John Andrews (b. 
Oct. 19, 1825, Schuyler Co., N. Y.) &Dielsie (Stowell) Thomas (b. July 29, 1837. New 
York.) Prepared at Nor. Ind. Norm. Sch. Arch. Drafting, i89§-i9oo; Supt. of Const.. 
ipoo-2; Struct. Steel Estimator, 1902-4; Reinforced Concrete design, x904-o; Reinforced 
CToncrete Supt, 1906-8; With F. F. Weld in Gen. Struct. Designing, 1908-12. Member, 
Wes. Soc. Engrs. Address, 1703 Hoge Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

(Sister of Nos. 489, 1084) 

A. B.; b. Jan. 10, 1873, N. Leominster, Mass.; d. Edward Payson (b. Sept. 20, 
1833, Heath, Mass.) & Susan Jane (Burrington) Thompson (b. Apr. 24, 1830, do.) 
Prepared in Bement H. S. Married Benjamin Gratz, Oct. 20, 1896, Bement, 111. Chil- 
dren, Marion Howland, b. Mar. 17, 1898; Helen, b. Mar. 19, 1900. Address, 5155 Lin- 
dell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


B. S. in E. E.; Elec. Engr.; b. Feb. 22, 1874. Bement. 111.; s. N. N. & Frances 
Pamelia (Routh) Vance. Capt. Univ. Regt Elec. Repair Work, 1896-8; U. S. Navy. 
Chief Elect U. S. S. Philadelphia, 1898-9: Elec. Engr., Miehle P. P. and Mfs. Co., 
ipo^; Western Elec. Co., 1905-6: Secy. iJurand Steel Locker Co., 1907-12. Married 
Emily A. Camp, Oct. 24, 1906. Address, Chicago Heights, 111. 


B. S. in E. E.; Manager; b. Aug. 2, 1871, Polo, 111.; s. Wellan Hassett (b. Apr. 
23, 1842, Eagle Point, Illj & Sarah Catherine (Davis) Webster (b. Nov. 30, 1847* 
Delaware Co., N. Y.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Adelphic; M. E. & E. E. Eng. Soc; 
Memorial Orator. Supt. Elec. Lt Plant, West Point, Miss., 1897; Expert Electrician, 
Asbury Park, N. J., 1901; Gen. Mgr., Gas & Elec. Co., Sandy Hill, N. Y., 1902; Asst. 
Chief & Chief Engr. at Schenectadx, N. Y., 1910; Treas. & Mgr. La VeU Light Heat 
& Pr. Co., X910 — Patent Automatic Circuit Controller, No. 658,225, Apr.. 1900. Past 
Grand, I. O. O. F., 1897. Married Minnie May Hartman, May 10, 1900, Bryan, Ohio. 
Children, Gladys Ruthena, b. Mar. i, 1901; Nelson, b. May 2, 1906; Doris Catherine, 
b. Jan. 25, 1908. Address, La Veta, Colo. 


B. S. in M. E.; Draftsman; b. Aug. 19, 1872, Moline, 111.; s. A. & Sarah Jane 
(Taft) Williams. Y. M. C. A. Address, 600 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 111. 


B. S.; M. D. 1890; Phys. and Sur.; b. Tan 27, 186^, Hereford, Berke Co., Pa.; 
s. John (b. Nov. 21, 1823, Hosensack, Pa.) & Lydia (Kriebel) Yeakel (b. Mar. 8, 1829, 
Quinet, Pa.) Prepared in Polo H. S. Adelphic: Y. M. C. A.; Nat Hist Soc Principal 

1899, Beloit, Wis.; Children, Willard Robinson, b. Aug. 20, 1901; Helen Lydia, b. Apr. 
7, 1903. Address, 4207 N. 42d Ave., Chicago, 111. 

CLASS OF 1896 (80) 


B. S. in E. E.; b. Mar. 31. 1875, Phila., Pa.; s. Edward A. (b. Phila., PaO & Mar- 
anret R. (Swain) (b. do.) Prepared m Maywood H. S. and Chicago Man. Tr. Sch. With 
David L. Barnes, 1896-7; Mecn. Engr., and Asst. Supt. of the Open Hearth Dept, The 

1896] Baccalaureate Alumni 189 

SaTj^ent Co., and at the time of death, Asst. to the Pres. in charge of operation of works 
in Chicago and Chicago Heights. Died Jan. 31, 190a, Chicago, 111. 


A. B.; b. Mar. 8, 1874. Chicago; d. Soloman ^b. 1836, Cracon, Austria) & Henrietta 
'Felaenthal) Alpiner (b. 1^45, Offenbach, Ger.) Prepared in Kankakee H. S. Pi Beta 
Phi; Alethenai; Dramatic Arts Club; French Club; Der Deutsche Verein; Qass poet, 
1896; mini staff. Teacher, xS96-99; Student and Traveller, xSpo-xpoo. Author of: 
From Dav to Day^ 1806-97, £. St. Louis, 111.; Children's Literature, Child Study Monthly, 
1898. Member Social Science Qub of Champaign & Urbana, 1902; Thirty Oub, 1002; 
Assn. Coll. Alumnae, 1904. Married Albert Leland Stem, Apr. 30, 1901, Kankaikee, 
111. Children, Alpiner Ldand, b. Oct. 13, 1902; Dorothy Darling, b. Apr. 23, 1904. 
Address, 909 W. University Ave., Champaign, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Jan. 4, 1875, in Apalachin, N. Y.; s. Dr. G. 
W. Beach. Prepared in Binghamton (N. Y.) H. S.: Lehish Univ.; Sisma Chi; Shield 
& Trident; Doyle Patterson & Beach Architects, Portland, Ore. Assoc. Mem. Amer. Soc 
C. E. Married Oct. 25, 1909. Child, George Benson, b. Tan. 36, 1911. Address, X015 
Qniraby St., Portland, Ore.; Bus. Add., 401 Worcester Blag., do. 


B. S.; M. E.; Elec Engr.; b. Apr. 21, 1871, O'Fallon, 111.; s. James Monroe & 
Augusta Jane (Beedle) Begole. Prepared in McKendree Coll.; Phifomathean. Asst. 
Erectixig Kngx"., Tod & Stanley, x 896-7; Meter Dept., Wagner Elec Mfg. Co., x 897-2900; 
Elec £ngr. in charge of Meter and Switch Board Department, 1900-8; Elec. Engr. 
for Public Ser. Comm., X912 — Delegate Internat'l. EUec Congress, 2904. as M. A. I. 
E. E. Married Mattie A. Bartlett, Feb. 11, 1900, Collinsville, UL Children, Mildred 
Augusta, b. Apr. 5, 1904; Louis Bartlett, b. May 5, X906; James Franklin, b. Dec. 20, 
1908. Address, X329 Temple Place, St. Louis, Mo. 


(Sister of No. 557) 

B. S. ixi L. & A.; Teacher; b. Sept. 3, 1871, Milford Center, O., d. George F. (b. 
Woodstock, Vt.) & Orpha A. (Marsh) Bennett (b. do.) Prepared in Ohio Schs. 
Alethenai: Kappa Alpha Theta. Taught m Rochelle H. S.; John Marshall H. S. Address, 
5625 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111. 


A. B. in L. & A.; b. Oct. 4, 1874, Urbana, 111.; d. George (b. Dec. 20, 
1832, Waynesboro. Penn.) & Emma Julia (Denton) Besore (b. Feb. X3, 1850, Berlin. 
Penn.) Prepared in Urbana High School; Y. W. C. A.; Alethenai; Pi Beta Phi; Phi 
Beta Kappa. Mem. Presb. Church; Daughters of the American Revolution; C. L. S. C. 
Married William Everett bears, June 29, iSoo, Urbana, 111. Child, Margaret Denton, b. 
Mar. 21, 1900. Address, 508 W. Green St., Urbana, IlL 


A. B. in L. & A; Salesman: b. Aug. i, 1874, Kinmundy, SI.; s. Bamett W. (b. 
Austinburg, Ohio) & Mary (Selleck) Blakeslee (b. Norwalk, Conn.) Prepared at 
Kiximundy H. S^ Norm. Sch., Effingham, 111. Adelphic; Blackstonian Qub: Varsity 
Baseball Team; (Jlass Football Teams. Member M. E. Church. Address, Sedalia, Mo. 


B. S. in Chem.; M. S., 1898; Assoc. Professor; b. Apr. X2, 1874, Berlin, Ger.; s. 
Fred William Martin (b. July, 1846, Ger.) & Wilhelraina (Klopper) Brenke (b. Oct., 
1849, do.) Prepared in N. W. Div. H. S., Chicago. Adelphic; Chem. Club; Math, 
(lub. Instr. in Math., Univ. of 111., 1896-1900; Xnstr. in Math. & Astron., do., X900-4; 
Harvard Grad. School in Math. & Fellow in Astron., 1904. Ph. D., Harvard 1907. 
Assoc Prof, of Math., Univ. of Nebr. Published: Advanced Alsebra and Trigonometry, 
1 910, 345 pp: also articles. Apparent Figure of the Sky, Cioservations ox Variable 
Stars, The Leonids of 1901-02, Nova Persei, etc., etc. Member Deutsche Math. 
Vereinigung; Circolo Mat. di Palermo; Amer. Math. Soc; Amer. Assoc for Adv. 
of ScL (Fellow); Amer. Chem. Soc. Married Kate A. Read, Aug. 16, x8s{8, Urbana, 111. 
(Hiildrcn, William Mastin, b. Aug. X2, X899 (d. Aug. X4, 1899); Katherine, b. Aug. 7, 
1900; Bernice, b. Aug. 26, 1902. Address, 1250 S. 21st St., Lincoln, Nebr. 


B. S. in C. E. ; Structural Engr.; b. Feb. 6, 1873, Urbana, 111.; s. Henry Jackson (b. 
Ohio) & Isabelle (Dunlap) Burt (b. 1845, Cook Coimty, 111.) Prepared in Urbana H. S.; 

American Brid^ Co. of New York, Denver, Colo., till Apr, 30, 19x1: now Structural 
Eogr., Holabird & Roche, Architects,^ Chicago. Member Western Soc. of En^s., Chicago 
Engrs.* Club, Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials, Amer. Soc. for Promotion of Eng. 
Educ; A. F. & A. M., A. S. C. E.: Univ. Club of Chicago. Married Edith A. B. Fleming, 
July 2, 1 90 1, Champaign, 111. Children, Henry Jackson, b. May 10, 1904; Luella, b. Mar. 

190 University of Illinois [1896 

29, 1008; Jesse Fleming: b. May 3, 1910; Morris Nathan, b. Sept. i, 1912. Address, 
1027 £lmwood Ave., Wilmette, ill.; Bus. Add., 1400 Monroe Building, Chicago, 111. 

(Wife of No. 105s) 

A. B. in L. & A.; b. Jan. 25, 1874, Polo, 111.; d. James (b. May 25, 1834/ Cabin 
Hill, N. Y.) & Rebecca Jane (Starner) C^ims (b. Dec. 14. 1843.) Prepared m Polo 
H. S. Y. W. C. A. : Alethenai. Married Norman Foote Marsh ( 973» 1901, P(do. lU. 
Children, Norman LeRoy, b. May 24, 1902: Marion Elizabeth, b. Aug. 7, 1906. Address, 
9x1 Fair Oaks Ave., South Pasadena, CaXiL 


B. S. in E. E.; Engr.; b. 18731 Brinfield, 111.; s. Felix G. Campbell, £. E. 1897. 
Died June 6, 1903, St. Paul, Minn. 


(Brother of 680) 

A. B.; A. M.,. 1898; Assoc. Prof.; b. Nov. 16, 1874, Dixon, 111.; a. David Franklin 
& Sarah AJona (Dobbins) Camahan. Prepared in Champaign H. S. Sigma Chi; Adelphic; 
Shield & Trident; Fellowship, 1897-8; Editor in Chief, Illini, z8o6; Baseball Team; 

bhield (k iriaent; reiiowsnip, 1097-8; Editor in Ubiet, lutnt, looo; isaseoaii leam; 
Track team; Tennis Championship, 1898. Taught French, Univ. of IIL, 1896-8; Univ. 
Paris, 1898-9; Teacher, Univ. of Chicago, 1 899-1 900; Univ. of Ida., 1900-1; Univ. of IlL, 
1901-^ & 1905 — Ph. D., Yale, 1905. Author: The Prologue in the Old French and Proven- 
cal Mystery. The Tuttle Morehouse & Taylor Co.. New Haven, 1905, 200 pp.: Poesies de 
Maistre Eloy du Mont, diet Constentin, same publishers, 1907, 58 pp.; Jean d* Abundance, 
A Study of his Life and Works, University Fr««^ Urbana-ChJaunpaign, 1909, 133 pp.; The- 
oretical Principles of the Methods of Analytical Chemistry by M. C. Chesneau, translated 

iohnson, June 19, 1909, Arkaaelphia, Ark. Children, Margaret, b. July 25, 19x0; Franklin 
leil, b. Feb. 19, 191 2. Address, 1006 Nevada St., Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Sept. 29, 1873, Quincv, 111.; s. Enoch R. (b. Apr. a, 
1846, Quncy, 111.) & Alice Louise (Miller) Chatten (b. Feb. 29, 1852, Quincy, III.) 
Prepared in Quincy H. S. Sigma Chi; Shield & Trident; ist in pole vault, Univ. meet 
& indoor meet. With Elec. Elevator Co., 1896- 1900; Studied arch, in Paris 1905-6; 
Practicing Arch., 1906 — with Chatten & Hammond. Mierober Amer. Institute Architects. 
Married Anne Coleman, Sept. 17, 191 0, Chicago. Address, 933 Alexander Place, Chicago; 
Bus. Add., Ilia Steinway Hall, Chicago. 


(Sister of Nos. 635, 636, 1017) 

B. S. in Chem.; b. Mar. 10, 1875, Quincy, 111.; d. Edwin Ambler (b. June 8, 1839, 
Oswego, N. Y.) and Leoline F. (Besancon) Clarke (b. June 22, iSjo, Natchez, Miss.) 
Prepared in Quincy H. S. Alethenai; Univ. Club; Chem. Club. Chemist for Illinois 
Chem. Co., General Chem. Co.. Chicago Heights; Investigation of Volumetric deter- 
mination of Alumina in basic Alum. Married John Michalek, Jan. i, 1902,' Quincy, 111. 
Children, John Jr., b. Oct. 13, 1^02; Louise Antoinette, b. Oct 25, 1905; Barbara Jane, 
b. Nov. 27f 1910. Address, 13 E. i6th St., Chicago Heights, 111. 

(Wife of No. 986) 

A. B. in L. & A.; b. Tune 22, 1874, Rantoul, HI.; d. William Robinson (b. Mar. 4, 
1844, Napanee, Ont.) & Mary Elizabeth Lavinia (Steele) Cole (b. June 8, 1854, Pinck- 
neyville. 111.) Prepared in Rantoul H. S. Alethenai; Pres. Y. W. C. A.: Engl. Qub: 
Cercle rrancais; Valedictorian; Fellowship, 1896-97; Phi Beta Kappa. Member Social 
Clubs & Missionary Societies in Mattoon, 111., Cambridge, Mass., & Yankton, S. D.; 
State Executive Com. Home Missionary Union, S. D.; Congr. Church. Married George 
Harvey Scott ('96), Dec. 31, 1807, Rantoul, 111. Children, William Arthur, b. Nov. 
23, 1898; Franklin Daniel, b. July 4i 1901; Irvins Cole, b. June 7, 1904 (d Nov. 10, 
1904); Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 11, 1905; Clara Lavinia, b. Mar. 21, 1907. Address, 
1200 Douglas Ave., Yankton, S. D. 


B. S.; Gen. Merchantile Bus.; b. Feb. 3, 1873, Mendota, 111.; s. P. H. Cooper. 
Sigma Chi; Baseball & Football teams. Address, Aurora, IlL 


(Husband of No. 968) 

B. S. in E. E.; Teacher; b. June 28, 1869, Story Co^ la.; s. John Elliott, (b. Dec. 5* 
1842, Butler Co., Pa.) & Emma (Stone) Durstine (b. Sept. 21, 1849, Mt. Vernon, O.) 
Prepared in Rock Falls H. S.; Oberlin Acad.; Oberlin Coll., 1891-2. Y. M. C. A.; Vice 
Pres. Class of '96; Genl. Secy., Y. M. C. A., 1896- 1903. Taught in Joliet H. S., 
z 903-9; Tech. H. S. Cleveland, 1900 — Member Presb. Churcn; Amer. Assoc, for the Adv. 
of Sci.; Natl. Geographic Soc; Central Assoc, of Sci. & Math. Teachers; Qeveland 

1896] Baccalaureate Alumni 191 

Geographical Club. Married Althea S. Mather ('96) , Feb. xo, 1900, Joliet, HI. 
Chudren, John Elliott, b. Dec. lo, 1900; Emery Mather, o. Mar. 31, 1902: Warren Ed- 
ward, Jr., b. Apr. 24, 1909. Address, 107 Burton Ave., N. E., Cleveland, O. 


B. S. in C. £.; Engineer; b. Apr. 6, 1875; s. Charles Bright (b. May xx, 1842, 
Shilob, N. J.) & Emma (Damon) Estee (h. Mar. 22, 1850, Burk, vt.) Prepared in 
Gibson City H. S. Adelphic; Engrs.' Qub. C. E. with U. S. Govt, on Illinois & Mississippi 
Canal, Z896-X900; C. N. W. Ry., 1900. Married Grace Buchan, Aug. 17, 1904, Buda, 111. 
Address, Gibson City, 111. 


B. S. in E. £.; Ensineer; b. Apr. x8, X873, Sprin^eld. Mo.; a. Francis A. (b. St. 
John. N. B., Can.) & Flora E. (Doe) Everett (b. Calais. Me.) Prepared in Champaign 
H. S. Adelphic Draftsman, Central Iron Works, Quincy, 111. Author: Practical 
Conttniction of Rheostats for Electric Elevators, Technograph, No. ix, x 896-97. Member 
Baptist Church. Died Aug. 5, X897, Quincy, 111. 


(Sister of No. 53s) 

B. S.; b. May 14. x868, Ridgefarm» 111.; d. John (b. Ridgefarm, 111.) & Elizabeth 
Ann (Revnolds) Folger (b. Bloomingdale, Ind.) Prepared in Vermilion Acad. Creamexy, 
1898^. Married Richard H. Rhumpnrey, Jan. 28, 1903, Lafayette, Ind. Children, Nettie, 
b. Feb. 9, 1904; Julia, b. Sept. X3, X905. Address, Culver, Ind. 


(Sister of Nos. X024, z86x) 

B. S.; Teacher; b. Nov. 28, X874, Normal, 111.; d. Stephen Alfred (b. May 29, 184^, 
Stephenson Co., III.) & Clara Shaw ((}aston) Forbes (b. Aug. 3X, 1848. Hamilton, O.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Dramatic Clubj Althenai; First Pres. ox Students' Assembly; 
Member Illio Board. Instr. in Biology in Austin H. S., x 896- x 904; Instr. in Wendell 
Phillips H. S., Chicago, to date. Address, xst Apt., X713 E. 55th St., Chicago. 


(Brother of Nos. X497, 209X, 3366, 3748* 4673) 

A B.; A. M. X897; Lawyer: b. Jan. 12, X873, Colmar, HI.; s. Robert Kirtley (b. 
Aug. 4, X844, St. Marv's, 111.) & Anna Elixabeth (Hunter) (larnett (b. Oct. 19. 1845, 
Catasauqua, Pexxn.) Prepared in Plymouth H. S. & (^rthage Coll. Acad. Adelphic; 
Phi (jamma Delta: Fellowship in Econ., x896-7; won Harris Banking Prize, X896; LL. B. 
at Yale, X899. Aomitted to 111. Bar, X899. Author of State banks of Issue in Illinois, 
Uaiv. of Hi., x8o8, pp. 55. State's Attorney of Hancock Co., 111., x 900-4: Sec & Treas. 
State's Attorney s Association of 111., X904-5. Married Mary Ermine Williams, June 6, 
1906, Ft Stockton, Texas. Children, Elizabeth Ermine, b. Dec. 3, xoo8; Williams Kirt- 
ley, b. June 24, loxx. Address, X615 £. 8th St., Oklanoma City, Okla. Bus. Add,, 920 
Sute Natl. Bank Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 


B. S. in Chem.; Chemist; b. Nov. 6, X870, Chicago, 111.; s. Frank A. (b. X828, 
Genoa, Ital^) & CamiUa Rettagliata (b. 1857, do.) Prepared in North Division, H. S., 
Chicaso. Sigma Chi. A. M., Harvard Univ.. X898. Discovered new chemical substances 
deseribed in Contributions from The Chemical Laboratory of Harvard College, as follows: 
On (^rtain Derivatives of Symmetrical Trichlorbenzol, Proe. Amer. Acad. Arts & Sci.; 

i4t 1903. Address, X357 Astor St., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in C. £.; Railroad Engr. ^ b. Apr. 7, 1874, Colfax, 111.; s. Patrick ft Maria 
(Hopkins) Green. Prepared in Univ. Acad. Philomathean; Engr. Soc; Maj., Univ. 
Mgt Surveying, 1896: Locomotive Fireman, X896; Masonry Insp. & Mech. draftsman, 
S. P. R. R. ft Santa Fe, X898-XQ00; Survyr. on various R. Rs. as Eiigr. on location & 
construction; Engr. on Humboldt Northern R. R., X900 — Highway Comm., Humboldt 
Co., (}alif. Married Pauline A. Valdes, Oct. 5, X904, Palo Alto, (^lif. Children, 
Pauline Anita, b. Sept. X9, X905; Frank Robert Duncan, b. Aug. 29, X910. Address, 
Eureka, Calif. 


B. S. in Arch.; Teacher; b. Dec. 31, x870t Kewanee, HI.; s. John (b. Nov. ax, 1837. 
Nenthead, Eng.) & Elizabeth (Slack) Green (b. Sept 21, X839, Durham, do.) Prepared 
m Jennings Seminary & Univ. Acad. Adelphic: Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club. Architectural 
work, X 896-7; Iixstructor in Man. Tr. in Pub. Schools, 1 897-0 x; R. T. Crane Man. Tr. 
H. S., X901-8; A. G. Lane Tech. H. S., X908 — Member M. E. Church. Married Nellie M. 
Speyer, June 28, 1899, Chicago. Children, John Russell, b. Apr. 14, X900; Beatrice 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. xo, X90X (a. Feb. xo, 1902). Address, X615 Sherwin Ave., Rogers 
Park, Chicago. 

192 University of Illinois [1896 


B. S. in £. £.; b. 1874, Mendota, IlL; s. F. H. Haskell, Sr. Died June 5, 1901. 
Mendota, 111. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Merchant; b. Iroquois Co., III.; s. Joseph & Catherine Hindman. 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Adelphic. Address, 504 Diversey Blvd., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; C. E., 1907* Asst. U. S. Engr.; b. Au^. 8, 1872, Milan, 111.; s. Gus- 
tavus licnry (b. Nov. 8, 1832, Beliefeld, Prussiai) & Amelia Emily (Clippinger) Honens 
(b. Mar. 15, 1834, Massillon, O.) Prepared in Milan H. S.; Univ. Acad. Adelphic; C K. 
Club; Asst. Editor The Tcchnograph; Bus. Mgr. lUio' Bus. Mgr., J Hint. Inspector. Drafts- 
man, etc., on surveys for 111. & Miss., Hennepin Canal, 1896; Insp. .on Chics^o River 
Imp., 1897; Junior U. S. Engr. on 111. & Miss. Canal, 1897-1909: Asst. U. S. Engr., 
Mo. & Osage River Improvement, 1909^ Member Western Soc. of Engrs.; Amcr. Soc. 
Civ. Engrs.; 111. Soc. Engrs. & Surveyors^ Nat'l. Geom-. Soc, Washington, D. C; Per- 
manent Internat. Assoc, of Navigation Congresses. Married Mary Isabella Manahan. 
Nov. 29, 1899, Sterling, III. Children, John Gustavus, b. Jan. 24, 1901; Robert Ward. 
h. June 14, 1906. Address, 39x7 Belleview Ave., Kansas City, Mo.; Bus. Add., Postal 
Tefegraph BIdg., Kansas City. 


(Brother of No. 807) 

B. S. in Arch. Eng.; Fruit Grower; b. Nov. i, 1S71, Mascoutah, 111.; s. Frederick (b. 
July 13, 1840, Grosszimmer, Hesse Darmstadt, Ger.) & Barbara (Dathan) llottes (h. 
Nov. 29, 1847, Speyer, Bavaria, do.) Prepared in Mascoutah H. S. Furniture and 
Undertaking; Fruit Grower. Member Colo. Consistory No. i, Denver^ £1 Jcbel Shrine, 
Denver; Temple Commandery No. 2^, Grand Junction, Colo. Married June i, 1898, 
Mascoutah. 111. Amelia Marion Krull, Nov. 30. 1905, St. Louis, Mo. ('hildrcn. Fred- 
erick Charles, b. Oct. 20, 1899; Dora Henrietta, b. Sept. X3> 1901; Anna Marie, b. June 
4f 1903, (d. Dec 2J, 1903): Helen Marie, b. Oct. 17, 1906 (d. June 29, 1907); Howard 
Harry, b. June 11, 1908; Allen Ceaser, b. Oct. 24, 1910. Address, 508 Hays St., Boise, Id. 


(Husband of No. 1402) 

B. S.; M. S., 1898; Professor: b. May 12, i8^i> Tolono, 111.; s. Linus Green (b. 
Jan. 24, 1844, Wilmington, Vt.) & Helen Lorena (S>tanard) Hubbard (b. Sept. 28, 1844, 
Perkins Grove, 111.) Prepared in Urbana H. S. Philomathean ; Nat. Hist. Soc; Agr. 
Club. A. M., Harvard, 1901; Ph. D., Cornell, 1905. Fellowship, 1896-7; taught in 

Academy, 1896-7; Asst. in Geol., i897*x900, Univ. of 111.; Grad. Stud., Harvard, 190 1; 
Geography E. 1. S. N. S., Charleston, 1901-3: Asst. Geol. & Geog., Cornell, 1903-4: 
Instructor, 1904-5; Asst. Prof. Geolo|ry, O. State Univ.. 1905-xo; taught Geography 

Cornell Summer School, 1904, 1905; Prof, of CJcol., Oberlin Coll., 191 o — Author: In 
the Class Room, School Science. V. lii, 1903. pp. 320-322; A Case of Geog. Influence upon 
Human Affairs, Bui. Amer. Geog. Soc, V. xxxvi, 1904, pp. 145-157; Commercial Iiii- 
portance of Continents, Jour. Geog., 1904, V. iii; Rock Terraces along Streams in Central 
Ohio, O. Nat., V. ix, 1908-09, pp. 397-403; Precious Metals as a Geographic Factor in the 
Settlement and Development of Towns in the U. S., Scottish Geog. Mag., V. xxvi, 1910, 
pp. 449-66; also numerous other articles along geographic and geologic lines. Member 
Baptist Church; Natl. Geog. Soc; 8th InternatJ. Geog. Congress, 1904; Eastern 111. State 
Teachers Assoc, 1 901-3: 111. State Teachers Assoc, 1902-3; O. State Acad, of Sci.; Fellow 
in Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Alpha Chapter of Sigma Xi, Cornell & Omega Chapter 
at O. S. U.; Fellow Amer. Geog. Soc; Assoc Amer, Geographers. Asst. Geologist (Phy- 
siography) O. Geol. Survey, 1906— Married Edna Almira Rugg ('00) Sept. xo, 1901; 
Urbana, 111. Children, Ruth, b. Sept. 22, 1902; Oscar Edwin, b. Nov. 14, 1903; Dorothy 
Hope, b. Oct. 6, 1909. Address, X25 Woodland Ave., Oberlin, O. 


B. S.; County Clerk; b. Jan. ^0, 1874, Blandinsville, 111.; s. John C. (b. July 13. 
x8si, do.) & Sarah E. (Mustain) Huston (b. June 21, 1851, Powen, 111.) Pre- 
pared in Lhiiv. Acad. Athletic Assoc Bookkeeper, 1896; Agri. & Stock raising, x 896-9; 
County CHerk, 1907 — Sec'y., A. F. & A. M. Married Ella M. Rcinhart, June 22, 1904, 
Arapano, O. T. (d. Dec. 5, X908); Married Garnett Willis, May 18, 19x0. Address. 
Arapaho, Okla. 

(Brother Nos. 1352, 1S29, 1702, 2705, 3044) 

- B.: Contractor: 


B. S.,; Asst. Prin.; b. Jan. -m, 1875; s. William (b. Nov. 14, 1842, Albany, N. Y.) 

& Catharine Pfau) Kceler (b. Nov. 24, 1844). Prepared in Lake View TI. S., Chicago. 

111. Attended Univ. of Chicago, 1893-4. in Chem., Univ. of 111., 1896-7; do.. 

Lake View H. S., Chicago, 1897-8; do.. EriRlcwood H. S., 1898-1910; Asst. Prin. ibid.. 

1896] Baccalaureate Alumni 193 

19 10— Psrk Com., Ridge Park District. Maker of Relief Modds of Geographical 
Types. Member A. F. & A. U.j R. A. M.; Ridge Country Club, Chicago (Pres.); Golf 
Champion, do., 191 1. Married Edith R. Nelson, Aug. 28, 1900, Chicago, 111. Children, 
Harry, Jr., b. Aug. 11, 190U Philip Nelson, b. Jan. 7, 1903: Katherine T., b. Apr. 13, 
1904; Frederic Seward, b. Feb. 13, 1906; Edith Elizabeth, d. Sept. 3, X910. Address, 
9054 Longwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 


A. B.; LL. B.; Lawyer; b. Jan. i, 1874, Warren Co., Ind.; s. John W. (b. June 24, 
1873, Ross Co., O.) & Katherine (Wallace) Kent (b. Aug. 16, 1840, do.) Prepared in 
Wabash Coll. Athletic Assoc; Blackstonian. .Address, 408 N. Hazel St., Danville, 111. 
Bms, Add., 517 The Temple, do. 

(Brother of No. 1357) 

B. S. in C. E.; C. E., 1900; Assoc. Prof, of Ciy. Eng.; b. June 10, 1874, Augusta, 

nian and template maker. Ajax Forge Co.. Chicago. 1896-7; Asst. in Civ. Eng., W. of 111., 
1897-8; various engineering positions 1898-1900; Coief Draftsman & Div. Engr., O. S. L. 
Ry., Salt Lake City, 1901-6; Chief Engr., Independent Coal & Coke Co.. Kenil worth U., 
1906-8; Chief Engr. Kansas-Colo. K. R., Pueblo, Colo., Sept. 1908-March 1909; 
Chief Engineer G. N. W. R. R., March-June, i909;Supt. of Construction, Gray Harbor 
and Piwt Sound R. R., June-Sept, 1909; Assoc. Prof. Civ. Engineering, Univ. of 
Utah, Sept., 1909 — Published pamphlet on Economic Design of Keinforced Concrete 
Beams, May, 191 2. Member M. E. Church; Am. Soc Civ. Engineers; Sec. Utah See 
of Engineers. Married Lulu L. Pierce, Canon City, Colo., Sept. 10, 1901. Children, 
Pierce Waddell, b. Sept. s, 1903; Infant b. May 3, 1905 (d. May 5, 1905). .Address, 171 
Q Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


(Sister of Nos. 696, 1040) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Teacher; b. Mar. 20, 1875, Urbana, 111.; d. William Albert & 
Charlotte (Mittendorf) Kiler. Prepared in Urbana H. S. Alethenai. Address, 608 W. 
Park Ave., Champaign, 111. 


A. B.; Teacher; b. 1874, Urbana, 111.; d. T. R. Leal. Address, Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. 1873, Blue Mound, 111.; s. C. S. Lewis. Address, 519 
Temple Bldg., Danville, 111. 


6. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Dec. 12, 187^, Nashville, Dl.; s. Frank Ernest & 
Flli7abcth (Eisenmeyer) Liese. Atlanta, Ga^, i897-8; Sioux City, la., 1899; Lincoln. 111., 
1^00; Danville, 1901 — Married Mary E. Burton, Sept. x, 1903, Lincoln, HI. Children, 
George, b. Sept. 20, 1904; Edward Ernest, b. Nov. 22, 1908. Address, Danville, 111. 


(Husband of No. 1013) 

B. S. in M. E., 1896; hon. M. E.: Consulting Mech. Eng.; b. Jan. 9, 1873, Byron, 
111. Prepared in Byron H. S. Adelphic; Eng. Soc. Married Luella Eugenia %uck 
(97), Feb. 16, 1899, Philo, 111. Children, Dorothy R.; David E.; Virginia H. Addre**. 
321 S. Ashland Ave., LaGrange, 111.; Bus. Add., 108 S. Lasalle St., Chicago. 


B. S. in Arch.: Architect; b. Feb. 29, 1876, St. Joseph, 111.; s. George (b. St. Joseph, 
111.) * Mary F. (Drullinger) Ludwick (b. do.) Prepared in St. Joseph H. S. Drafts- 
JMii, Univ. of 111., 1897; Bloomington, 111., 1898; Sioux City. la.; Sioux Falls, S. D., 
'^99; Danville, 111., 1900; Practice of Archt., 1901 — Married Jannette Snow, Dec. 23, 
'899, Sioux Falls, S. D. Address, Danville, 111. 

, B' S. in M. E.; M. E., 1898; Chief Draftsman; b. Jan. 28, 1873, Thornton, 111.; s. 
John C. (b. Aug. 17. 1850. Ireland) & Ella Elizabeth (Hemingway) McKce (b. Apr. 
J?. 1852^ N. Y.) Prepared in Calumet High School; Univ. Acad. M. E. Soc. Football; 
^»Pt-; Oass Pres. Fellowship, Univ. of lU., 18^6-8; Draftsman, Austin Mfg. Co., Har- 
^?y. lU.; Chief Draftsman. Pres. of Bd. of £duc., 1905; member same for Thornton 
/*?","• S., 1907 — Married Alice Biel, Nov. 28, 1901, Chicago. Children, Paul James, 
jji '» 1903; John Frederick, b. Sept. 11, 1906; Herbert Theodore, b. May 30, 1908. 
.mress, 79 W. isoth St., Harvey, 111.; Bus. Add., care Austin Mfg. Co.. do. 


» .B-S. In M. E.; Mech. Engr.; b. Aug. 20, 18691 Kewanee, HI.; a. John (b. Scotland) 

n J^e (Murchison) McRae. Prepared in Kewanee 11. S. Draftsman to 1904; M. K., 

.;*A. Ry., 1904-6; M. E., Mich. Cent., 1906— Member Western R^. Club; N. Y. Ry. 

^'ub; Master Car Builders Assoc; Anier. Ry. Mechanics Assoc; l\ &. A. M.; Mich, 

194 University of Illinois [1896 

Sovereign Consistory; Moslem Temple A. A. O. N. M. S. Married Pauline Bremer, 
June 30, 1908, N. Y. City. Address. 27 Clairmount Ave., Detroit, Mich. 


B. S. in Arch.: Architect; b. Feb. 11, 1874, Rockford, 111.; s. Alpheus B. (b. 
Mar. 25, 1837, BrockviUe, Ont.. Can.) & Alice Z. (Wright) Manard (b. July 9, 1853. 
Eng.) Prepared in Rockford H. S. Athletic Qub; ArchU. Qub; Military Qub. Arch. 
Draftsman with H. Burnham & Co., Chicago, 190X-9; with Western Elec. Co., Hawthorne. 
III., 191 1 — Married Effie Abigail Bowen, Sept. 3, 1904. Edgerton, Wis. Address, 5967 
Midway Park, Austin Station, Chicago. 


B.. S. in E. E.; Engineer; b. May 12, 1872; s. Silas M. (b. i8ao, Worthington, Mass.) 
& Lucy M. (Curtiss) Marble (b. Chicago, III.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Tau Beta Pi. 
Wire Chief, Home Telephone Co.; Asst. Elec. Engr., Univ. of 111., 1898-1902. Address. 
904 W. White St., Champaign, 111. 


A. B.; A. M., 1902: Teacher; b. Apr. lo, 1862, Vinton Co., O.; s. William G. (b. 
1828, O.) & Nancy (Shively) Martin (b. 1833, O.) Prepared in O. Sute Univ. Prep. 
SchooL Prin. Bement Sch., 1800-5; PnO' S. ward School, Oak Park, 1900-1; Supt. 
Elmwood Sch., 1901-2; Dept of Eng. & Math. Brown's Bus. Coll., Peoria. 1902-6; Dept. 
of Bookkeeping, Brown's Bus. Coll., Terre Haute, Ind., 1906 — Married Emma M. 
Bamhill, Aug. 12, 1890, Vinton, Co., O. Children, Shirley Mabel, b. Nov. 4, 1891; 
Harold Henry, b. Mar. 14, 1903; Arnold Robert, b. May 20, 1900 (d. May 15, 190R); 
Walter Eugene, b. Oct. 10, 1903. Address, 316 N. 6th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 

(Wife of No. 938; Sister of Nos. 1368, 2168) 

A. B. in L. & A.; b. Nov. 16, 1872, Du Page Two., 111.; d. Jonathan (b. Oct. 5, 
T849* N. Y.) & Elizabeth (Sprague) Mather (b. Sept. 12, 1848, DuFage, III.) 
Prepared in Jolict H. S. Y. W. C A.; Alethenai, Prcs^ Pres. Y. W. C. A.; Prcs. 
Class. Member Presb. Church. Married Warren Edward Durstine ('96), Feb. xo, 1900. 
Children, John Elliott, b. Dec. 10, 1900; Emery Mather, b. Mar. 31, 1902; Warren Ed- 
ward, Jr., b. Apr. 24, 1909. Address, 107 Burton Ave., (^eveland, O. 


(Brother of No. 1733) 

B. S. in Chem.; Chemist; b. Aug. 29, 1874, Litchfield, 111.; s. (xeo. Lewis (b. 1840, 
Ttear Marion, Pa.) & Katherme Dow (Johnson) Maxwell (b. 1848, Schodack Landing, 
N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Chemist with Darling & Co., Union Stock Yards, 
Chicago. Address, Union Stock Yards, Chicago. 


B. S.; M. S., 1900; Teacher; b. Lockport, 111.; s. William (b. do.) & Fanny (Parker) 
Milne (b. Syracuse, N. Y. ) Prepared in Chicago Man. Tr. Sch. Class Pres.; Varsity 
Track Team. Instr., Univ. of III., 1897-1907; .Champaign H. S. 1909 — Address, 
Champaign, III. 


A. B. in L. & A.; b. Sept. i^, 1872, French Grove, 111.; d. George & Ruth A. 
(McCoy) Moore. Address, Bnmfiela, III. 


B. S. in E. E.; Banker; b. Oct. 13, 1874, Champaign Co^ 111.; s. James Madison 
(b. June 19, 1836, Madison Co., N. Y.) & Elizabeth Julia (Hart) Morse (b. Jan. o, 
1838, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.) Prepared in Champaign H. S. Delta Tau Delta; SMeld 
& Trident; Pres. Athletic Assoc; Leader, Mandolin Club. Asst. Cashier, E. J. Morse 
& Son, Bankers, 1 897-1905: Cashier, Morse Bros. & Co., Bankers, 1905 — Married 
Frances Elizabeth Todd, June 9, 1897, Champaign, III. Children, Finley Breese, b. June 
4, T898; James Todd, b. Oct. .^, 1800; Madison Bruce, b. Apr. 12, 1905; John D., 
b. Sept. 26, 1906. Address, Gifford, 111. 

(Husband of No. 1058) 

B. S. in C. £.; Co. Surveying & Drainage Specialist; b. Dec. 26, 1872, (^rlin- 
ville. 111.; s. Theodore (b. Hubbleston, Mass.) & Emma (Welton) Morse (b. Carlinville, 
111.) Prepared in Carlinville H. S.; Blackburn Coll.. 1890^3. Class Football; Track 
team. Engr. & Super. I. C. R. R., 1806-1902; C. & E. I. R. R., 1903-4; Co. Survyr. 
Macoupin Co., 1904-8; Res. Engr. with I. T. S., 1Q05; Drainage Specialist. Elder 
in Presb. Church; memb. M. W. A. Married Grace May Munhall ('97)1 July 5. 1897, 
Champaign, 111. Children, Alice May, b. Mar. 29, 1898; Frederick Samuel, b. Feb. 
17. 1900; Marion Grace, b. July 25, 1901; David Theodore, b. Oct. 15. 190*; Edith 
Estelle, b. Dec. 16, 1904; Ruth Valentine, b. Feb. 14, 1906; Jesse Welton, b. Oct. 4, 
1908; Thomas Munhall, b. June 10, 1911; William Henry, b. Oct. 13, 1912. Address. 
Carlinville, 111. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Teacher; b. Mar. i4> 1869, Ladoga, Ind., s. William Jasper (b. 
Oct. 1840, Brazil, do.) & Luisa (Jackson) Myers (b. 1846, Peru, do.) Prepared in 

1896] Baccalaureate Alumni 195 

Cfariaman H. S. Philomathean; IIHni staff. Teacher, Normal, 111., 1897; Prin. Sec. 
Ward Sch., Urbana, Ill» 1898: traTeline salesman for Atkinson & Co., Cnampaign, 111.. 
1808-1900; teacher in Utah, Wyo. & Id., 1900-4; Supervisor teacher for district ot 
Calumpit, Bidacan, P. I., 1904 — Address, (t) 


(Sister of Nos. 976, 1931) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Poultry Fancier; b. Nor. aa, 187a, Todd's Point, 111.; d. 
Robert (b. 1849, Massillon, O.) & Jane (Harmount) Noble (b. 1849, New Haven, 
Conn.) Prepared in Shelbyville. 111. & Univ. Acad. Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; 
Alethenai; Class Historian; Girls' Tennis club. rnys. Instr., Hartford, Conn., 

1899-1904. Address, Daysland, Alberta, Can. 


(Sister of Nos. 975, 1931) 

A. B. in L. ft A.; b. Mar. 15, 1874, Todd's Point, 111.; d. Robert Cooper (b. Feb. 
21, 1848, Massillon, O.) &_Tennie Elizabeth (Harmount) Noble (b. New Haven, Conn.) 
Prepared in Shelbyville, 111., H. S. Univ. Acad. Y. W. C. A.; Alethenai: Kappa 
Alpha Theta; J//f0 Bd. Taught in Champaign, 111., pub. schools, x8o8-x9oi. Y. W. C. A. 
in Wichita; Bethany Circle; aoth Century Oub; Baptist Church. Address, 1230 N. Waco 
Ave., Wichita, Kan. 


A. B. in L. ft A; Dealer in Wholesale Grain & Seed; b. Oct. 7, 1872, Massillon, 
O.; a. William (b. Aug. 15, i&(5, Massillon, O.) & Margaret E. (Ball) Noble (b. Aug. 

J, x8^7. Canton, O.) Prepared m Western Reserve Acad., Hudson, O. Phi Delta Theta. 
famed Effie E. Smith, Apr. 17, 1901, Foosland, 111. Children, William, Jr., b. J&n. x8, 
1902 (d. Aug. 10, X903): Margaret S., b. May 18, 1904; John, b. Oct. 22, 1906; Mary 
Alice, b. Feb. 4, X912. Address, Foosland, 111.; Bus» Add., Gibson City, lU. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Mar. 2, 1863, Quincy, 111.; s. James Green (b. Feb. 
19, 182^, near Nashville. Tenn.) & Sarah (Brown) Orr (b. near Jerse^iUe, 111.) 
Prepared in Pub. Schools & Gem City Bus. Coll. Track team; Prohibition Club; 
Y. M. C A.; Athletic Assoc. Drafting & Arch, work, Holabird & Roche, I. C. R. R. 
& Widman, Walsh ft Boissalier ft others, 1896- 190 5; Ceiling Salesman, Wheeling 
Corrugating Co., 1905-7; sold Coffee, Fire Ins., ft Carpenter work, x907-8; opened 
Confectionery store, 1908 — Mustered into Naval Reserves at Quincy, when organized, 
& served as gunner's mate — honorably discharged. Memb. M. E. Church ft Epworth 
League; A. F. ft A. M. Married Annetta Sarah Gay, Nov. 30, 1905, St. Louis, Mo. 
Address, 5208 Fairmount Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


team, Capt. ft Mgr.; Baseball squad; lUini Bd. of Mgrs.; Illio Bd. Football coach, 
Monmoutn Coll., 1896; Experimenter ft Draftsman, Deering Harvester Co., 1897-8; 
Designer of air compressors. Gates Iron Works, 1899; Consulting Engr. ft Testing 
for the Lyman Water Circulating ft Heating Co., xooo; Constr. Engr., Foyer Pneumatic 
Carrying Co^ x9ox; Factory Engr. of Tests ft Experimentation, Western Elec 0>., 
1903; Mgr., Continental Engr. 0>., 1905. Inventions: Controller of Pneumatic Traveller 
for cash carrving system for Fayer Pneumatic Co.; Radially opposed multiple cylinders, 
internal combustion engine, Pat. No. 157,085; Horizontal directly opposed inteniol 
combustion engine with trunk piston, Pat. Ko. 218,954; Concentric Cylinder, Vertical 
Double Cylinder, Single Crank Intemal Combustion Engine, serial No. 761,539. Author: 
articles, £lectric Desisn, Electricity, X897; Serial of 26 articles. Motor Vehicle Constr., 
Auto Rev., X904-5. Member K. of C; Mgr. Com. of Chicago to manage affairs of 
Conference Colleges Athletic Assoc, x 900-10. Address, 901 Webster Ave., Chicago, III. 


A. B.; Actuary; b. July 13, 1871, Bumside, HI.; s. Alex (b. X833, Westmoreland 
Co., Pa.) ft Mary (Swartz) JPhillippi (b. 1833, do.) Prepared in Carthage Coll. 
Taught school, Bumside, 111., 1896-7; studied law, Urbana, 111., x 807- 1900; taught 
school. Rising Citv, Nebr., X900-X; Asst. in Actuary's office, St. Louis, Chicago ft Rock 
Island, X 902-5; Nashville, Tenn., 1905-8; Actuary, Insurance Dept., Columbia, S. C, 
ipo8-xx; Actuary Southwestern Life Ins. Co., Greenville, S. C, 1911-12; Actuary Life ft 
Casualty Ins. Co. of Tenn., Nashville, Tenn. Married Rosa Cook, Auburn, Ala., June 6, 
1912. Address, Life ft Casualty Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. 


A. B. in L. ft A.; b. X874, Urbana, 111.; s. Jasper W. Porter. Address, Prescott, 
Ariz. (X) 


B. S.; M. D., 1809; Capt., Med. Corps, U. S. Army; b. Sept. i, 1875, New London, 
la.: s. John Rogers (b. 1840, West Union, O.) ft Kathenne (Malone) Reasoner (b. 1842, 

La^yctte, IndO Prepared in Tolono H. S. Nu Si^a Nu: Mgr., Mandolin ft Gt 
Qub in p. ft S. House Surgeon and Instr. in Physics. P. & S., 1898-9; Asst. Surgi 

Mandolin ft Guitar 

196 University of Illinois [1896 

Mex. Cent. R. R., xSop; in Army Med. School. Washington. D. C, 1905-6. Author: 
Articles, Uterine Colic, Pelvic Infections, Jour, III, State Med. Soc: Water 

Member Amer. Med. Assoc.: Assoc, of Mil. Surgeons; Army & Navy Gubs, Manila, 
P. I.; Portland Commercial Club. Arlington Club, Portland, Ore. Married Mabel Sparks 
Milnor, June xo, X909i Litchfield, III. Child, Alice Milnor, b. Dec. 31, 1911. Address. 
Vancouver Barracks, Washington ;^mj. Add., care. Surgeon Genl. U. S. Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 


B. S. in M. £.; Engineer; b. Sept x8, 1873, Centralia, III.; s. Samuel (b. Mar. 
6, 1830, Greenburg, PaO & Susan (Brown) Row (b. June 10, 1840, Nashville, Tenn.) 
Prepared in Centralia H. S. Mech. Engr., 1896-7; Draftsman, z898-i90i; Chief Engr.. 
1 90 1 — Address, 11 04 S. 34th St., Omaha, Nebr. 


B. S.; M. Arch., 1897; Cons. Engr.; b. Dec. 5, 1869, Lebanon, Iowa; s. E. B. & M. 
Angeline (Frazee) Sample. Preparea in Keosauqua, la.; B. C E. 1895, la. State Coll.; 
C. E. i905f la. State Coll. Prcs. Hawkins Iron Constr. Co. of New York City. Author 
of Properties of Steel Sections, McGraw Pub. Co., N. Y. 1905; Pamphlet, "Burcharz 
Fireproof Floor Construction", 1910. Married Elizabeth Thacher, June 7, 1905, New 
York City. Address, 74 Elm St., Flushing, N, Y.; Bus. Add., i Madison Ave., do. 


B. S. in Chem.: Phvsician; b. Dec. 23, X871, Chicago, 111.; s. Thos. B. (b. 1837, 
Eng.) & Mary C. Saunders (b. 1837. do.) Prepared in Lake H. S., Chicago. HHo 
Board; Class track team; Varsity baseball & football teams. M. D., Univ. of 111., 1905* 
Chief Chem. Mut. Fuel & Gat Co., Chicago, 1886-7; Chem. & Asst. Supt. Northwestern 
Chem. Co., U. S. Yardf, X897-0X; Asst. to Surgeon John H. Woodbury Inst., 1901-4; 
Consulting Office Mgr>» Dr. Pratt Inst., 1904. Invented condenser for phosphorus 
fumes, X898; Multiple Needle device in Electrolysis for removal of abnormal i^rowths. 
19021 Editor, Health and Beauty Columns, Pop. Domestic Science Monthly. Pres. 
Natl. Med. Electrotherapeutic Soc^ 1904; Chicago Med. Soc; Electro-Therapeutic Soc. 
Inst, of Chem., Natl. Med. Coll. Married Victoria Ward, 1900. Address, 5430 Armour 
Ave., Chicago, III. 


(Husband of No. 936) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Professor; b. Mar. a, 1873, Thomasboro, III.; s. Franklin Draper 
(b. Sept. 8, 1842, St. Johnsbury, Vt.) & Elizabeth (Lukens) Scott (b. Aug. 0, 1851. 
Disko. Ind.) Prepared in Rantoul H. S. Y. M. C. A.; PhUomatheau; Phi Beta 

School; Prin. of Acad. & Prof, of Math. & Astronoiny, Yankton Coll.; Member 
Cong. Church; Supt. of S. S.; Deacon: Amer. Math. Soc; S. D. Educ Assoc. Married 
Mary Maude Cole ('96), Dec. ^x, 1897, Rantoul, 111. Children, William Arthur, b. 
Nov. 33, 1898; Franklin Daniel, b. July 4f x9oi; Irving Cole, b. June 7t 1904 (d. Nov. 
TO, X904); Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 11, 1905; Clara Lavinia, b. Mar. ai, 1907. Address, 
Yankton, S. D. 


B. S. in £. E.; Traveling Salesman; b. Aug. 26, 1873. Decatur, 111.; s. John G. (b. 
July I, Z842, Kerry Co., Ire.) & Susannah (Qark) Shea (b. July 17, 1845, Buckhamian, 
W. VaO Prepared in Decatur H. S. Orchestra; Stud. Dancing Club; Athletic Club. 
Mgr., Gem City Paving Brick Co., Quincv, 111., 1896-1902; Danville Brick Co., 1902-7; 
Partner, Champer & Shea, Auto Garage & Sales Agency, 190^-10; Citv Salesman, McDuffcc 
Auto Co., 191 1 — Married. Address, 2457 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in E. E.; Principal; b. Apr. 17, 1875, Quincy, 111,; s. Joseph (b. Mar. 18, 
1833, Mentz, Ger.) & Maria DeKraft (Miller) Simons (b. Sept. 20, 1847. Quiocy, 111.) 

111. Nav. Reserves, 1900-7; do., retired list for life. Pres. Cent. Calif. Teachers Assoc; 
Pres., Co. Bd. of Educ, Tulare Co., Calif., 1911-14; Secy. Wcs. Soc. Assoc Engrs.; 
A. F. & A. M.; B. P. O. E. Married Cecile Rose Heckle, Aug. 1, 1908, Los Angeles, 
Calif. Address, Dinuba, Calif. 


B. S. in Arch.; Farmer & Ranchman; b. Dec 22, 1869, LeRoy, 111.; s. J. V. (b. 
Oct. 27, 1837, Newark, O.) & Sarah A. (Marcau) Smith (b. Mar. 12, 1847, Lewiston, 
Me.) Prepared in I^Roy H. S, Si^ma Chi; Baseball. Arch. Draftsman; Farmer & 
Ranchman, 1898 — Married Rose Schwingle, Jan. 15, 1902, Jolly, la. Children, J. V., b. 
Nov. 6, 1902; John Sherman, b. Oct. 4» »904 Stuart, b. Dec 26, 1906; Walter Frederick, 
b. May 6, 1909. Address, Howard, Kan. 

1*96] Baccalaureate Alumni 


(Husband of No. 872) 
B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. May 2, 1875, Springfield, 111.; a. Robert Clingao (b. 
¥^' Kh .'^36. Cheater Co;, Pa.) & Mary E. (LaBarthc) Steele (b. Not. 30, 1852, ^nring^ 
^^^* i?4 £"Pf*"«^.»»* Springfield H. S. Arch. Club; Sigma Chi; Shield & Trident; 
Glee Club: Band; Illustrator, 1896, Illio; Class Song; Scholarship in Mus., 1895-6. 
Arch. Draftsman, 1 896-1905 :memb. firm Beach & Steele, to 1907; Practicing alone, 1907 — 
Member Bd. of Trustees, Pub. Libr., 1906-9; K. of C; Sioux City, Acad, of Set. & 
Letters: la. Chapt., Amer. Inst, of Arch.; Fres., Catholic Charitoble Soc., Sioux City. 
Married Manana Green ('95), Apr. 30, loox. Children, Mariana, b. June, 10, 190.3; 
Melissa, b. Nov. 6, 1905; William LaBarthe, b. Aug. 25, 1907; Harriet Gertrude, b. 
f .' ^'»«'509» (d. June 8, 1910); Jane Raymond, b. Mar. 26, 1910. Address, 2512 
Jackson St., Sioux City, la. 

B. S. in Affr.; b. Tune 22, 1871. near Springfield, 111.; s. James Ashal (b. May 6, 
1842, do.) & Elixa (Allvn) Stone (b. July 7, 1844, near Waverly, lU.) Prepared in 
Sprin^d, H. S. Y. M. C. A.; Phuomathean ; Glee Club; Band; Hatchet Orator. 
With Chicago Elec. Protective Assoc, 1896-7; returned to farm, and engaged in farming, 
stock raising and fruit growing. Enlisted in state militia, as a member of reg. band., 
1892. Member Presb. Church. Married Jessie A. Goltra. Sept. 2, 1903, Jacksonville, 
IlL Children, Rolland, b. Nov. 7, 1905; Mildred Elizabeth, b. July 31, 1911. Address. 
R. F. D. No. 4, Springfield, 111. 

(Brother of No. 1976) 

Heprworth, Engineer & Contractor, Cfiicago; inventor of Jack-knife Dump Vehicle, 1906; 
Skips (for derricks or cableways) 1908; Combination Thimble & Clamp (for wire rope) 
1910. Member Am. Soc. of Civil Engrs.: Western Soc of Engineers; Natl, (jeograpnic 
Society; Universtiy Club of Chicago; Chicago Engrs. Qub; Illini Club of Chicago. 
Married Mrs. Elizabeth R. Cissna, May 7, 1912. Address, 819 Sheridan Road, (Chicago, 
IIL; B%is. Add., 606 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago. 


B. S. in M. E.; Mech. Engr.; b. Feb. i, 1872, Mason City, 111.; s. John Miles 
(b. Nor. 21, 1846, Gettysburg, Pa.) & Cecilia (Townsend) Sweney (b. Oct. 5, 1845, 
Goshen. N. J.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Soc. of M. & E. Ej Capt. of Football Team, 
1897. Locomotive Fireman, I. C. R. R., Champaign, 1896-7; Fellow in M. E., Univ. of 
IIL, X 897-8 j Locomotive Experimenting, 1898-9: Draftsman. C. B. & Q. R. R., 1899: 
.\fiet to Div. Master Mechanic, C. B. & Q* R* ^* (SalesSurg, 1899-1903; Asst. Road 
Foreman of Engines, Galesburg Div., 1903-5; R. F. Engines, Aurora Div., 1905 — 
Married Lena Josephine Dolder, Dec. 7, 1899. Child, Don Dolder, b. Oct. 22, 1907. 
Address, 436 Spring St., Aurora, 111. 

(Brother of No. 1775) 


DcPauw _ _ , w , 

AssL Enrr., 1899-1903; Roadmaster, 190^-7: Asst. Engr. of Bridges, 190^-10; Engr. of 
Bridges & Bldgs., 1910— All with I. C. R. R. Member, Wes. Soc. Enjsrs.; Chicago 
Engrs. Clttb; Amer. R. R. Engrs. Assoc Married Maude Nellie Martin, Nov. 21, 1900, 
Terre Haute, Ind. Children, Donna Grace, b. Aug. 5, 1903; Ruth Louise, July x, 191 1- 
Address, 6322 Ingleside Ave., Chicago, 111. 

B.S. in C E.; Physical Geologist; b. Feb. 8, 1870, Pekin. 111.; s. Charles Gregory 
(b. Sept. 16, 1844. Whitehall, 111.) & Mary Mar^rct (Van Deusen) Van Ostrand (b. 
Sept. 14, 1849, Kmderhook. N. Y.) Prepared in Pekin H. S.: Univ. Acad. M. S., 
Michigan, 1898. Nautical Almanac Office, Naval Observatory, 1898-1900; Asst. do.; Asst. 
Phys. GeoL. U. S. Survey, & Lecturer oil Mech., George Washington Univ., Sept., 
1901 — Article, (with A. L. Day) The Black Body and the Measurement of Extreme 

pp. 628-638; Reversion of Power Scries, do.. Mar., 10 10, pp. 366-376; A Simple Appli- 
cation of the Theory of Probabilities to Weather Predictions, Monthly Weather Review, 
June, 1909. Member, Amer. Math. Soc; PhiL Soc. Washington; Amer. Phys. Soc.; 
Astron. & Astrophysical Soc Amer.; Amer. breeders* Assoc; Amer. Assoc Adv. Sci.; 
(jcoL Soc. of Washington; Washington Acad. ScL; Soc. Francaise de Physique; Y. M. 
C. A; M. E. Churcli. Address, U. S. Geol, Survey, Washington, D. C. 

198 University of Illinois [1897 


Berlin, 190 1-2; In'd. Init. Homeopathy, 1902. Married Myrtle Martin, June' lar'igol^ 
Dwight, 111. Address, South Bend; Ind. » s^ . 


« . . ^*«§-» '^9^' ^* ^" '909; Mech. Eng.; b. Aug. is, 1865, Russia; s. Benedick & 
Liebe Mohilner Weinshank (of Russia) Prenared in '^Gymnasium" in Russia. With 
B. F. Sturtevant Co., 1896-01; with the National Blower Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 
190X-J; with Warren Webster Co., 1903 — Married Sophia Weinshank, Mar. xo, 1885, 
at Mitchell, S. Dak. Children, Annie, b. Dec. 2, 1889: Willie, b. Apr. 33, 1892; Harry, 
b. Jan. 23, 1898. Address, 821 Hume Mansen Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Teacher; b. Dec. 30, 1873, Payson, 111.; d. Henry (b. Sept. 17, 
i845f Philadelphia, Pa.) & Mary Ann (Gilbert) Wharton lb. Feb. 7, 1840, Payson. 111.) 
Prepared in Payson H S.: Shurtleff Coll., Upper Alton, Kappa Alpha Theta; Alethenal; 
Y. W. C A.; Girls' Basketball Team; Pres. Stud. Ass., 1894. Instr. in Lat. & Hist. 
M. L., Univ. of Calif., 1912. Author: The Gadsden Treaty, May, 1912. Address, 
1329 Jackson St., Oakland, C^lif. 


B. S.; Physician; b. July 16, 1873, Hokah, Minn.; s. Solon C (b. 1838. Bamston, 
Can.) & Anna C. (Armstrong) White (b. 1844). Prepared in Sandwich H. S. Nu 
Sigma Nu. M. D., 1897, Northwestern; Interne Cook Co. Hosp., Chicago, 1897-8; 
Demonstrator of Patholonr & Bacteriology, Univ. of Minn., 1898- 1900; Asst. Prof. do.. 
1900-1908; Assoc. Prof. Medicine, U. of Minn., 1908 — ; Physician & Specialist in Internal 
Med.; Patholoffist to Citv Hosp., Northwestern & St. Barnabas Hospitals. Author ot 
numerous articles on Patnology & Internal Medicine. Member Sigma Xi; Libr., Henne- 
pin Co. Med. Soc; Minneapolis Med. Club; Pres. Minneapolis Path. Soc, 1903-4; 
Pres., Minn. Acad, of Med., loio-ii; Amer. Assoc of Path. & Bact., 1901-3; 
Minn. State Med. Soc. Married Sara Miner Abbott, July 25, 1900. Children, Asher 
Miner, b. Aug. i, 1901; Anna Elizabeth, b. May 8, 1903; Mary Grace, b. Dec. 23, 1906. 
Address, 910 Donaldson Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 


B. S. in M. E.; Engineer; b. 1873, Warren, 111.; s. John & Alzina (Matson) 
Whitham. Asst. Engr. to J. M. Whitham, Philadelphia, i^ yrs.; Engr., Switt 
& Co., Chicago, ; yrs.; Engr., Loomis Pettibone Co., N. Y., i yr.; Salesman, R. D. 
Wood ft Co., Philadelphia, 2 yrs.; Consulting Engr., Belting & Machinery Mfg. Co., 
Atlas Engine Works, Rochester, N. Y., 2 yrs.; Consult. Engr., Belting & Machinery Co., 


II State St.. Rochester, N. Y^ 2^ yrs.* Consult. & Contract. Engr. for self, 3^ yrs. 
ember 32nd deg. Mason & Shnner. Married Irma D. McCoy, June, 1901. Child, 
?mice Eloise, b. May, 1902. Address, 711 Powers Bldg., Rochester, N .Y. 


Cutler (b. Aug. 12, 

, Wilmington, Del.) 

tush Med. Coll., 1900. 

Member. Epis. Church; Amer. Med. Assoc; Minn. State Med. Soc: Hennepin Co. Med. 
Soc; Hennepin Co. Med. Milk Com.; Pres. Twin City. Univ. ot 111.. Alumni Assoc. 
Married Martha Golden Davidson, Oct. 15, 1901, Cartnage, 111. Children, David, b. 
Oct. 20, 1904; Robert Westen, b. July 25, X9X1. Address, 3436 Chicago Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


A. B.; b. Dec. 4. 1874, Watseka, 111.; s. Mrs. Helen Wright. Address, 6428 Jackson 
Ave., Chicago, HI. (i) 

CLASS OF 1897 (91) 


B. S. in C. E.; Engineer; b. July 17, 1871, Anna, 111.; s. James (b. Apr. 18^ 1834, 
Dunblane, Perthshire, Scot.) & Mary fane (McNeill) Anderson (b. Aug. 29, 1836, Hudson, 
N. Y.) Prepared in Public School; So. 111. Norm., 1886-90. Y. M. C. A.; C. £., Athletic 
& Military Clubs; Lambda Chi; Capt. Instructor in Military Sci. & Tactics, 1897; Drafts- 
man, B. M. C. & I. Com 1897; Rodman & Recorder, U. S. Deep Waterways Survey, x 897-99; 
Bridge Draftsman, I. C. R. R., 1899-1900; Engr.. S. F. P. & P. Ry., 1902 — Member A. F. 
& A. M.; Douglass Corps Cadets, 3 yrs.; Presb. Church; Jr. member Western Soc. of Engrs., 
1 898- 1 900. Married Bertha C. Hall, June 21, 1898, Urbana, 111. (d. Sept. 7. 1902); second 
wife, Dec. 31, 1903, Prescott, Ariz. Address, X14 S. Summit St., Prescott, Ariz., c/o Chief 
Engr. S. F. P. & P. R. R. 


A. B.: B. S., 1903; Dairyman; b. 1874, in 111.; s. James D. Married Lydia Auten. 
Address, Claremont, ill. 

1897] Baccalaureate Alumni 199 



SbieJd and Trident; Prea. Freshman class'; Assoc Ed. Illini; Mgr. baseball team; repre- 
wntatiye Univ. at Washington Birthday Celebration, Union League Club, Chicago. Studied 
law till Dec., 1899. Practicing law in Joliet, 111. States Atty., Will Co., 111., xpo8-i2. 
Member Union League Club, Joliet, 111. : Commercial Club, Joliet; Hamilton Club, Chicago. 
Married Mary Speer, Oct. 16, 1902. Children, James Worrell, b. Mar. o, 1904; Joseph 
Milton, b. July ix, 1905. Address, 206 Third Ave., Joliet, 111. dus. Add., Woodruff Bldg., 
Joliet, 111. 


B. S. in Chem.; Architect; b. Jan. x8, 1874, Kewanee, 111.; s. J. G. Beadle. Address, 
Jarbridge, Ncv., via Three Creeks, Id, 


B. S. in Agr.; Professor; b. Nov. ^o, 1872, Mt. Vernon, 111.; s. Lewis N. (b. Apr. 
28, 1844, Allentown, Penn.) & Sarah Melissa (Casey) Beal (b. Apr. 14, x 847, Jefferson Co., 
lU.) Prepared ML Vernon H. S.; Military Club; Capt.; Pres. Agr. Club. Foreman Hort. 
Dept, 111. Ex]>. Sta., 1898*99; Student at Cornell 1899-1900; Foreman, Agr. Green Houses, 
1900-x; Asst. in Hort., x 90x^2 ; Asst. in Floriculture, 1902-3; Instructor in Floriculture, 1903* 
8; i8t Asst. in Floriculture, 111. Exp. Sta., 1908-9; Grad. Asst. Hort^ Cornell Univ., X909-10; 
Prof. Floriculture & Landscape Gardening, Home Correspondence School, 191 o; Asst. Prof. 
Floriculture, Cornell Univ., X9XI — M. S. A., Cornell Univ., X903; Ph. D., Cornell, 1911. 
Sigma Xi; Congregational Church; Society of American Florists; Member Nomenclature 
Committee, National Sweet Pea Society of America, X910— Chairman Nomenclature 
Com. American Gladiolus Soc, 191 x; Life member. 111. State Horticulture Soc from X902; 
Life Mem., Ill State Florists' Assoc, from X905; Sec of same, x 906-7: Soc. Amer. Florists 
& Ornamental Horticulturists: American Carnation Soc; American Chrysanthemum Soc; 
Chicago Floriitt^i' Club. Author: Our Experiment Station and What We Have Done, 
Florists^ Exchange, Vol. 25, 1907, pp. 279-3 14; Insecticides for Thrips, Weekly Florists' 
Review, Vol. 22, pp. xo-xi; The Control of Thrips in Cucumber Houses. American Flor- 
ist, Vol. 32, pp. 68-71: Thnps in Greenhouses, a Series of Articles in The 
Gardner^ Chrontcle of America, Dec, X908 to May, X909: Sweet Pea Evolution & 
Pollination, Amer, Florist, VoL 36, 191 it PP* x 284- x 2 85; Dwarf Sweet Peas, Amer. 
Florist, Vol. 36, X91X, pp. X329-1331: besides various other articles and bulletins on horti- 
cultural and floricultural subjects. Married Ervilla Belle LeFevre, Dec. 3if 18991 Cham- 
paign, IlL Child, Elizabeth, b. A)ig> 5f 1903. Address, 103 Harvard Place, Ithaca, N. Y. 


B. S. in M. E.; Engr. & Elect., b. Nov. X7, X873, Chicago, 111.: s. Jonathan Willis (b. 
July xo, 1837, Elmira, N. Y.) & Frances M. (Burrough) Beebe (b. Dec. X9. X847, Evanston, 
lU.) Prepared in Evanston Two. Sch. Pres. Glee Club; Capt. Foot-ball team. Drafts- 
man; Construction Supt.; Chief Engr. and Elect. Royal Arch Mason. Address, 811 
University PI., Evanston, 111. 


B. S.; Arch.; b. Oct. 24, X867, Irving, IlL; s. John (b. Dec. 7, 1831, Greenville, O.) & 
Georgiana Brandt (b. Sept. 20, X850, Chaumont, N. Y.) Prepared in Westfield Acad., O., 
Mo.. Appleton City Acad., Appleton City, Mo., & Rose Poly. Inst., Terre Haute, Ind., x8p2. 
Arch Club. With Frederick £. Hill, Arch., Kansas City, Mo., 1898 — Broadway Mfg. Co., 
Leavenworth, Kan., X899: James iVler & Son, Arch., Lincoln, Nebr., xoo^; Asst. State 
Arch., Uebr., X906; Mowbrav & Uffinger, Arch., New York City, 1907; Tyler & Brandt, 
Lincoln, Nebr., 1907. Presb. Church. Married Jessie Rowena Palmer, Aug. 3, 1906, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Address, 1619 S. 23d St., Lincoln, Nebr. 


(Brother of Nos. 377, 378, 4x3, 628, 785) 

B. S. in Agr.; Entomologist; b. Feb. xo, X87X, Lincoln, 111.; s. Daniel Ludwig (b. Mar. 
»» t833, Pickaway Co., O.) & Henrietta Curtis (Hill) Braucher (b. June x, X83X, Orange, 
N. H.) Prepared in Lincoln H. S. Philomathean; Agr. Club; Chem. Club; Nat. Hist. Soc. 
Asst. to S. A. Forbes, 111. State Entomologist, 1897-99, X90X-04; Asst. to F. M. Webster, 
Chief Inspector O. Agr. Exp. Sta., X900; Inst, in Agr.. Cherokee Orphan Acad., Selina, I. 
T.; Special work for control of scale insects, Lincoln Park Commissioners, Mar.-June, 
1903: Chicago, winters, X902-3, xoo4-5: Proprietor Neoga Fruit Storage Neoga, 111., 1904. 
Special work in Pomology & Testing ot Power Sprayers, 111. Agr. Exp. Sta., summers X904- 
6; Special Field Agt., U. S. Bur. of Entomology in charge of Mich. Field Lab. for the 
•tudy of deciduous fruit insects. X908-XO. Fellowship, Cornell Univ., 191 1 — Published, 
The One-Spray Method in the Control of the Codling Moth and the Plum Curculio by A. 
L Quaintance, E. L. Jcnne, E. W. Scott & R. W. Braucher, Washington, Govt. Printing 
Office, xpio, U. S. Bur. of Entomology, Bull. 80, Pt. vIL, V., 113-146 PV-j F»g8. 33*37, 

«1. X. XL Member Amer. Assoc, for the Adv. of Sci.; Assoc, of Econ. Entomolomsts; 
i^ashington Entomological Soc; Entomological Soc. of Amer.; 111. State Hort. Soc; Natl. 
Geographic Soc. Married Mabel Harriett Hankinson, Nov. 12, 1902, Chicago. Children, 
«on b. & d., Dec. 27, 1907; Bertram Ralph, b. Aug. 7, 19 10. Address, L.incoln, ill.; 
Tern, Add,, 115 Stewart Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 

200 University of Illinois [1897 


B. S. in C. E.; Soldier; b. Feb. 12, 1874, Dayton, 111.; s. Irencns (b. 1839, Montgomery, 
N. Y.) & Mary A. (Sprague) Browcr (b. 1848, Anders, N. Y.) Prepared in Ottawa TL S. 
Pres. Adelphic{ Bus. Mgr*. Technograhh, 1897; Military Club; Ilazelton Medal; Capt.; 
C. E., Cbampaign, 1897; 2nd Lieut., U. S. A. by Pres. McKinley; First Lieut., 1901; 
Member First Congr. Cnurch, Champaign, 111. Died, Aug. 7, 1902, Lake Tahoe, Calif. 


B. S.; M. S., 1905; Gen. Supt.; b. Apr. 23, 1874, Grand Detour, 111.; s. John S. (b. 

1842, Stonington, Conn.) & Cornelia E. (Turner) Brown (b. 1845, Grand Detour). Pre- 
pared in Sterling H. S. Asst. Chemist, 1897-9, Buffalo, N. Y.; Asst. Chemist, C. & N. W. 
Ry.» 1899-ipoo, Chicago; Chief Chemist, Morris & Co., 1900-3; Gen. Supt. \'ictor Cheni. 
Works, Chicago, 190^ — Member Amer. Chein. See, 1900; Soc. Chem. Industry, 1900. 
Married Antoinette Mae Farren, Jan. 2^* 1906, Paris, France. Address, 5434 Cornell Ave, 
Chicago; Bus. Add., Fisher Bldg., do. 


(Wife of No. 961) 

B. S.: b. Oct. 28, i875» Coldbrook, N. Y. Prepared in Univ. Acad. Alethenai; Y. W. 
C. A. Married Homer R. Linn ('96). Children, Dorothy R.; David E.; Virginia H. 
Address, 321 S. Ashland Ave., La Grange, III. 


B. S. in Arch.; Draftsman; b. Nov. 22, 1872, Bentley, IlL; s. George W^ (b. July 2, 

1843, Bentley, lU.) & Ellen (Bickford) Capron (b. May 20, 1846, Quincy, 111.) Prepared 
in Carthage H. S. Arch., Sandwich, IlL, 1898; Draftsman, Carthage, 111., 1899; U. S. Ry. 
Mail Service, 1899-1905; Arch., Wichita, Kan., 1905-6: Draftsman Virginia Bridge & Iron 
Co., Southwestern Bridge Co., Morava Construction Co., & American Bridge Co., 1907 — 
Address, 2337 Seminary Ave., Chicago, 111. 


(Husband of No. 1271) 

B. S. in E. EL : Prof easor ; b. Jan. 29, 1875, Argo, 111.; s. Charles XL (b. 1827, Warren 
Co.. N. Y.) & M. £lij?abetb (^urge) Carpenter (b. 1839, do.) Prepared in N. IlL College, 
Fulton, 111. Y. M. C. A.; Tau Beta Pi; M. K. & E. E. Soc; Baseball team. Asst. in 
Physics, Univ. of lU., 1897-9; Instructor, 1899-1901; Asst. Prof, of Physics & Elec. Engr., 
State Coll. of Wash., 1901-2: Prof, of Mcch. & Elec. Engr., do., 1902 — Author: Articles, A 
Study of the 0)ndenser; A Method of Measuring Frequency; A Method of Comparing 
Self Inductance; Pamphlet, High School Bull., The Physics Course in the Modern High 
SchooL Member M. £. Church; Assoc, in Amer. Inst, of £. E. Married Maggie Edith 
Staley (*99), June 19, 1899, Urbana. 111. Children, Charles Benjamin, b. Oct. 27, 1900; 
Florence, b. July 21, 1903; William Harold, b. Aug. 29, 1906; Arthur Clarence, b. Dec. 15, 
1909. Address, Pullman, Wash. 


(Brother of No. 728) 

Elias Oscar (b. 
Prepared in 
ic (Jo., 1897- 

1910; with Goodyear Rubber Insulating Co., Supt., manufacturer of rubber covered wires, 
1910 — Member Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials. Married Cornelia McCue, Feb. 3, 1907, 
New York City. Child, Bryant, b. Mar. 26, X908. Address, 105 E. 131st St., New 
York, N. Y. 


(Brother of Nos. 635, 636, 935) 
B. S. in E. E. ; in business* b. Jan. 17, 1878, Quincy, 111.; s. Edwin Ambler (b. June 
8, 1839, Oswego, N. Y.) and Leoline Francesca (Besancon) Clarke (b. June 13, 1839. 
Natchez, Miss.) Prepared in Quincy H. S. Adelphic. Mech. Engr., Amer. Mfg. Co., ^. 
Y., 1897-X900; Arch, draftsman, 1901; Asst. Res. Engr., Union Electric Light & Power Co., 
St. Louis, Mo., 1902-3; Supt. Const., Mech. Dcpt., Louisiana Pur. Exp. Co., 1904; Supt. 
for Mauran, Russell & Garden, Architects. 1905, tJ. S. Letters Patent No. 734,222, July 
^»» '903i ^or Dam Construction; Engr., Hill & O'Meara Const. Co., St. Louis, Mo.. 1906; 
Supt., Frisco Mines and Tunnel C!o., Animas Forks, Colo., i907-8* Kn^r. Kio (irande 
Water and Land Corporation, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 1909: Pres., Virginia Orchard Co., 
Albuqueroue, N. M., First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Mass. Address, Albu- 
querque, N. M. _ _ _ 


B. S. in E. E.; in business; b. Apr. 21, 1870, Winfield,.Ia.: s. E. M. (b. O.) & S. 1. 
(Simmons) Crellin (b. ibid.) Prepared in la. Wesleyan Univ. Philomathean; Engl. Club. 
Electrician, Des Moines (la.) Elec. Light Co., 1897-1901: proprietor, Crellin Mach. Co., 
Los Angeles, Calif., 1901 — Married Marcia Tompkins Stanley, Nov. 2, 1902, San Francisco, 
Calif. Address, 121 Railroad St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


B. S. in E. E.; b. May 17, 1875, Pekin, 111.; s. Geerd Steven (b, Dec. 2. 1844, Wirdum. 
Cer.) & Tina (Roelfs) l)e Vrics (b. June 24, 1854, Groothusen, Ger.) Prepart'<l in Pekin 

1897] Baccalaureate Alumni 201 

H. S. Y. M. C. A. (Died on Class Day, his diploma being buried with him.) Died June 7, 
1897, Pckin, in. 


(Brother of Nos, 532, 1021) 

B. S. in Agr.; M. S., 1908; Farmer: b. July a, 1874, Otlawa, 111.; s. Milton Alvord 
(b. Oct. 26, 1830, Lenox, Mass.) & Rebecca Janet (Brown) Dewev (b. Aug. 4, 1836, 
Carthage, N. Y.) Prepared in Evanston Twp. H. S. Philomathean. Work in Bacteriology, 
1898-1901; Taught in Eastern IlL State Norm. School, 1001-2; P'arming, 1904 — Married 
Elfie A. Smith, June 12, 1900. Children, James Ansel, Jr., b. Dec. 17, 1906; Milton 
Alonzo, b. July 27, 1909. Address, Armstrong, 111., R. F. D. i. 

(Sister of Nos. 532, 1020; WSfe of No. 3243) 

A. B. in L. & A. & M. S., 1890; Housewife; b. Mar. 30, 1871, Ottawa; d. Milton Alvord 
(b. Oct. 26, 1830, Lenox, Mass.) & Rebecca Janet (Brown) Dewey (b. Aug. 4, 18^6, 
Carthage, N. Y.) Prepared in Urbana H. S., & Univ. of Chicago. Alethenai; A. C. A.; 
Y. W. C. A.; Fellow in Physiology, 1808-9; Asst. in State Lab. Nat. Hist., 1898 & Wat. 
Surr. Lab., i8<>9; Bacter. for Danville Water Co., 1904; Member of the Unitarian Asso- 
ciation of America, 19x0. Married Trygve D. Yensen ('07), Tunc 30, 1910, Urbana. 
Child, Arae Dewey, b. Apr. 4, 1912. Address, 701 W. Green, Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in M. £.; M. £.; 0>n. & Contr. Engr. ; b. Apr. 29, 18^4. Newark, O.; s. Uriah 
(b. Newark, O.) & Orlinda Ramey (b. Pataska, O.) Prepared m Kan. State Agr. Coll. 
Philomathean; Asst. Director, Band. Insp., 1897-8; Asst. Supt., Mech. Draftsman, 
1898-9; Mech. Draftsman, Chief Draftsman and Estimator, 1899-1905; Chief Engr., 1905-10: 
Con. & (}ontr. Engr. 19 10 — Introduced various patents on conveying machinery, pressed 
steel pulleys, sand separators, screens, etc. Fublii'hed Formulas and Tables for Bin 
Designing, Engr. News, 1904, pp. 62-66; Suspended Bunkers, Power, 1904, pp. 651; 
numerous articles in Rock Products. Member A. S. M. E.; Western Soc. Engrs.; S. & G. 
Producer's Assoc. Married Edna M. Pope, Jan. 15, 1901. Children, Raymond Law- 
rence, b. Jan. 17, 1902; Florence, b. Nov. 10, 1904; Claremont, b. Sept. 4, 1906; John 
Richard, Oct. 21, 1908. Address, 395 Garfield Ave., Aurora, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. May 6, 1874, Columbus, Ind.; s. Terastus R. (b. 1851, 
Bartholomew Co., Ind.) & Ella (Evans) Dunlap (b. 1853, Zancsville, O.) Prepared in 
Columbus H. S. Phi Delta Theta. Supt. of Constr., 1897-1900; Practicing Architect, 
1900— Member Prcs. Church; Indianapolis Commercial Club; Amer. Institute of Archi- 
tects. Married Mida G. Elliott, June 15, 1S98, Noblesville. Ind. (d. Max., 1902); Martha 
Scott, June 27. 1905, Indianapolis, Ind. Children, Terald Blakely, b. June 25, 1906; 
Eleanor Scott, 0. July 17, 1908. Address, 1132 Ashland Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 


(Brother of Nos. 942, 1861; Husband of No. 1368) 

B. S. in Sci.; B. S. in Agr., 1902; Chief in Dept. of Nutrition; b. Nov. 3, 1876, Normal, 

111-; s. Stephen Alfred (b. May 29. 1844, Pecatonica, HI.) & Clara Shaw (Gaston) Forbes 

(b. Aug. 30, 184'?, Hamilton, O.) Prepared in Urbana H. S.; Univ. Acad. Delta Tau 

nelta; Shield & Trident: Sigma Xi; Biological Theory, Zoology & Agr. Clubs. Ph. D., 

univ. of Mo., 1908. Editor Illinois Agriculturist, 1902. Asst. to State Entomologist of 

Minn., 1897-8; Asst., 111. State Lab. Nat. Hist., 1898-1900; Acting State Entomologist of 

Minn., 1900; Asst. 111. Agr. Exp. Sta., 1 901-2; Inst., Univ. of III., 1902-3; Asst. Prof, of 

Animal Husb., Univ. of Mo., 1903-7; Chief Dept. Nutrition, Ohio Agr. Exp. Sta., 1907 — 

Author: Pamphlets, Contr. to Knowledge of Am. Freshwater Cyclopidac, Bui. 111. State 

^b. .Nat. Hist.» 1S97; several bulletins on the stock feeding published by Mo. Agr. 

Exp. Sta.; 'also numerous bulletins on the mineral elements in animal nutrition for O. 

Agr. Exp. Sta. Member Am. Chem. Soc; Am. Breeders' Assoc; Am. Soc. Animal Nutri- 

[ion; Soc. Promotion Agr. Sci. Married Lydia Maria Mather ('00), Aug. 18, 1903. 

Children, Ljrdia Frances, b. Dec. 7, 1904; Winifred, b. Nov. 9, 1906; Stephen Alfred II, 

b. Dec. 4, 1909; Rosemary, b. Aug. 10, 191 1. Address, Wooster, Ohio. 


A. B. in Sci.: Instructor; b. Sept. 30, 1868, Win field, O.: s. Daniel (b. Mar. 3, 1823, 
Strasburg, O.) & Savilla (Snyder) Garber (b. Sept. 24, 1838). Prepared in Flora H. S. 
A. B., Wcstfield Acad., 1893. Instr. Biol., Houston, Tex., H. S., 1897-IQ00; Ph. D., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1903; Prof. Biol. & Phys., State Nor. Sch., River Falls, Wis.; Head ot 
Dept. of Botany, Veatman XL S^ St. Louis, 1905 — Articles, The Life History of Kicciocar- 
pus natans. Botanical Gazette, Feb., 1904, pp. 20; Dimorphism in Blissus Icucopterus, Biol. 
Bui. Apr. 1904. Member St. Louis Biol. Soc. & St. Louis Bot. Club; Amer. Assoc. Adv. 
Sci. Fellow. Address, Care Yeatman High School, St. Louis, Mo. 


(Brother of Nos. 500, 1675) 

B. S. in M. £.; Mechanical Engineer; b. May 14, 1877, Champaign, 111.; s. 
George (b. .Ohio) and Louise (Stoltey) Gayman (b. Germany). Prepared in Champaign 
H. S. With the Link-Belt Co., 1897 — Married Alice May Conlong, July 2, 1003, Chicago, 
111. Child, Ethel Louise, b. Sept. 29, 1909. Address, 5425 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 

202 University of Illinois [1897 


B. S. in Arch. Eng.; b. Oct. 31, 1870, Farmer Citv, 111.: 1. Silas Thomas (b. May 
i5f 18381 Miami Co., O.) ft Lydia Ann (Layman) Gearhart (d. Oct as, 18^ Rochester, 
O.) Prepared in Farmer City H. S. Acacia; Arch. Club; Masonry Inn>., tJniv. of Ul., 

Engr. News, Vol. 26, No. <. pp. 113-114; Concrete Foundation & Cement Filler for Brick 
Pavements, Engr, Record, Vol. 40, No. 7, pp. 189*191. Member of M. E. church, 1886; 111. 
Soc. Engrs. & Survyrs., 1904; B. P. O. £.; A. F. & A. M.; Knight Templar. Married 
Nellie May VanWegen, Dec. 10, i90S» Champaign. 111. Child, Van Silas, b. Aug. 19, X9ii. 
Address, 107 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, III. 


B. S. in M. E.: Pres. & Mffr. Midland Machine Co.; b. Dec. s, 1875, Mansfield, O.; s. 
Charles Loomis & Mary A. (Miller) Grimes. Prepared Moline H. S.: iPhilomathean. In 
charge of Shops, Univ. of la.. i897-8* Instr. Mech. Eng., Univ. of Mich., 1808-1901; 
Eng. in charge of desini, manufacture & repairs of patterns. Western Tube Co., Kewanee, 
111., i90X'06; Detroit Stoker & Foundry Co^ Salesman. 1906, Supt., 1007-9; Pres. ft Mgr. 
Midland Machine Co., ipio — Invented Grimes Rollover Molding Machine, Pat. Oct., 
1 910; Grimes Jolt Running Rollover Coil machine, Pat. allowed Oct., 1911. Member 
Junior Amer. Soc. Mech. Eng. Married Lucia Voorhees, Apr. 29, 1907, Kewanee, 111. 
Child, Emily Georgine, b. Dec. 18, 1909. Address, 120 Chandler Ave., Detroit, Midi. 


(Brother of Nos. 688, 689) 

B. S.; M. D. 1902; Physician; b. Nov. 27. 1876, Champaign, 111.; s. Jesse R. (b. 
Dec. 4> i8f0, W. Va.) ft Louisa L. (Everett) (iulick (b. Dec. 8, 1848, Ky.) Prepared 
in Champaign H. S. Philomathean. Taught school and farmed, 1898-99; studied medicine, 
1 899-1902 ; Asst. Phys., New. Mil. Sanitarium, Wauwatosa. Wis.^ 1902; practice of Med.. 
1902 — Member Amer. Acad, of Med.; Sec. & Treas., Cnampaign Co. Med. Soc., I905< 
Married Grace J. Alward, June, 1903, Canton, 111. Address, xo8 S. Race St., Urbana, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; Genl Supt.; b. July 9, 1875. Wilmington, 111.; s. A. S. (b. 1844. 
Jefferson Co., N. Y.) ft Kittie (Townsend) Hadsall (b. 1846, Oshkosh, Wis.) Prepared 
in Wilmington H. S. C. £. Soc; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Shield ft Trident; 
Baseball ft Football teams; Mgr. Football team, 1806; Pres. Students* Dancine Club. 
Draftsman, 111. Central R. R., 1897-9; Bridge Shop Inspector, 1 899-1 900; Chief Masonry 
Insp., 1900-03: Res. Engr. Cairo Bridge, 1903-04; Res. Engr. Tenn. R. Bridge, 1904-5; 
AssL Engr. of Bridges, 1905-7; Gen'l. Supt. for Leonard Constr. Co., 1907 — Member 
Amer. Soc. of C. E.; Western Soc. of Eng^rs., Chicago Engrs. Club. Married Jean 
Stewart, July x, 1903, Wilmington, 111. Children, Harry Stewart, b. Feb. 13, 1907; 
John Mclntyre, b. Jan. 28, 1909. Address, 6515 Kimbark Ave., Chicago. Bus, Add., 
1937 McCormick Bldg., do. 


B. S. in E. E.; Ooerating Engineer; b. Homer, 111.; s. W. R. (b. 1830. Wales) ft 
Rachel (Jones) Havard (b. 1829, Wales.) Prepared in Homer H. S. Philomathean; 
Y. M. C. A. Invented the "Coal Meter" U. S. Pat. Dec. 14, 1909; "(xwd Meter and 
Hopper" Canadian Pat. Mar., 19 11, U. S. Pat. 1912. Author of Operation of Power 
Plants, Elec. Traction Weekly, Sept.. ipii. Member Eng. Soc. of N. £. Penn.. Keystone 
R. R. Club. Married Anna Louise Lonse, Oct. 26, 1909. Address, xii8 Ash St., Scran- 
ton, Pa. 


B. S., C. E., 1898; Constr. Engr.; b. Apr. 9, 1875. Elgin, 111.; s. Alonzo Chapin 
(b. 1843. Abington, Mass.) ft Ellen Maria (Groce) Hobart (b. 1848, Scituate, Mass.) 
Prepared in Elgin H. S. Shield ft Trident; Phi Gamma Delta; Engrs. Club; Military 

Vice Pres., Discharging Apparatus Mfg. Co., 15)05-7; Vice Pres. ft Mgr., Bereen Point 
Iron Works, Bayonne, N. J., 1907-T0; Constr. Engr., with Charles H. Peckwortn. X910— 
Married Florence Herbert Shurtleff, June 4. 1907, Norwell, Mass. Address, Box 362, 
Shamokin, Pa. _ 


B. S. in Arch.: Architect; b. June 13, 1872, Naperville, 111.; s. John (b. X824, Bad 
Nanheim, Ger.) ft Bertha Agnes (Metzner) Horn (b. 1838, Ernstall, do). Prepared in 
Northwestern Coll.; Univ. Acad. Alpha Tau Omega. Worked as Draftsman, x897-i902; 
Architect, X902 — Vice Pres. M. H. Shaw Co.. Chicago. Member Deutsche Verein, Lo- 

fansport; A. F. ft A. M.; B. P. O. E. Married Ruth Murray, Seph 6, 1899, Napersville, 
11. Children, Margaret, b. May i, 1903; Carolyn, b. Mar. 25, 1907; Anthony, b. Oct. 10, 
X911. Address, Stettiner Block, Logansport, Ind. 


B. S. in Arch.; Advertising Mgr.; b. Feb. 22. 1872, near Sandwich, HI.; s. James 
(b. x8x4, Smailholm, Scot.) ft Mary Jane (Kirkpatrick) Howison (b. 1840, Pa.) Prepared 
in Sandwich H. S. Arch, until 1909; Advertising Mgr. and Credit Man for Warner 

1897I Baccalaureate Alumni 203 

Mercantile Co., Sandwich, 111. Married Sara Bessie Warner, Oct. 26, 1898, Sandwich, 
HI. Children, Charlotte Warner, b. Mar. 9, 1900; James Alexander, b. July 16, 1905 (d. 
Dec. so, 1905); Charles LeRoy, b. Apr. 25, 1909. Address, Sandwich, 111. 

B. S. in C E.: Smelter Engr.; b. Apr. 13, 1874, MascouUh, HI.; s. Robert Hughes 
(b. June 25, 1843) & Alwina Mary (Eisenmayer) Hughes (b. Nov. ix, 1852, Venedy, 111.) 
Prepared at Okawville, 111. Adelphic. Enfinr, for the Hayden Plant of the American 
Smelting and Refining Co. Married Mary Lurline Fisher, Not. 14, 1906, Alice, Texas. 
Address, Hayden, Arizona. 


(Sister of No. 1037) 

B. L; b. June 7, 1876, Gifford, 111.; d. Tames Kid well (b. Apr. 8, 1844, Mannington, 
W. Va.) & Nancy Jane (Butcher) Ice (b. July ii, 1846, West Warren. W. Va.) 
Prepared in Gilford, 111. Alethenai, Y. W. C. A.; Qass Prophet. Member Natl. Gene- 
alogical Soc Washington, D. C; Christian Church. Married Earl Middleton, May 2, 
1897, (Afford, 111. Children, Errol Bathurst, b. Jan. a8. 1898; Virgil Wayne, b. Dec 12, 
X900; James Dent, b. May X2, 1905. Address, Eagle Lake, Tex. 


(Sister of No. X036) 

B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Mar. 12, 1872, Rantoul, lU.: d. James Kidwell (b. 
Mannington. W. Va.) & Nancy Jane (Butcher) Ice (b. do,) Prepared in Gifford, 111. 
Y. W. C A.; Architects' Club. Architect & Arch. Draftsman: Draftsman in office of 
John K. Dow, Empire State Bldg., Spokane, Wash. Married L. R. Stritesky Aug. 22, 
X906. Child, Mildred Nellie. Died May 2, 1908. 


B. S. in A. E.; Contractor; b. Peoria, 111.; s. Valentine (b. Fulda, Get). & Su- 
sanna (Schneider) Jobst (b. Coblenz, Ger.) Prepared in Peoria H. S. Delta Tau Delta; 
Shield & Trident; Treas. Athletic Assoc. Gen. Contracting. V. Jobst & Sons. Married 
Lanra £. Nelson, Apr. 11, 1900, Champaign, 111. Address, Peoria, 111. 


A. B. in L. & A.: Head Master; b. Oct. 16, X872, Illiopolis. ill.: s. Andrew 

Kendrick (b. Aug. 2, 184^, Chillicothe, O.) & Mary (Seeds) Kerns (b. Noy. 30^ ^851, 

Shaderille, O.) Prepared m Champaign H. S. A. B., Harvard, 1898. Master in English, 

The Country School for Boys, Baltimore, Md., x898-i90o; Act. Head Master, Sept.Ofan.. 

1899-1900, X900-0I; Senior Master, Middlesex School, Concord, Mass., 100X-3; Asst. Head 
Master, 190^-4^ Instr. in English, Noble & Greenougfa's Classical School, Boston, 1904-6; 
Proprietor & Head Master, The Country Day School for Boys, Boston, Mass., 1006 — 

Married Jeanie Noyes Richardson, Dec. 26, 1905, Concord, Mass. Children. Jeanie Noyes, 
b. Sept. 27 f 1906; Shirley Kendrick, Jr., b. Dec 8, 1908; Allen McClellan. b. Aug. 5, 
19x0. Address, 21 Waterston Road, Newton, Mass. Bus, Add., Nonantum Hill, do. 

(Brother of Nos. 696 and 957) 

Aocipoic; aigma v^ni: Atpna uciia, ^^igma: anieia ana xnceni; rooioau leam. 10^4-01 
Debating team, 1896; Prize orator, X896; Motto orator, 1897. Pnn. Public School, Dixon, 
111., 1897; Instructor in Hist, and Engl., Culver Mil. Acad., 1898; University of 111. Law 

o07-9X3t vol. 3; uower, B65-0W, vol. 4; rorcible Jintry and JJetamer, 775-004, vol. 5. 
Address, 1053 Broadway St., San Francisco, Calif. Bus. Add., 508 Metropolis Bank Bldg., 


A. B. in L. & A.; LL. B^ 1902; Lawyer; b. May 4. 1876, Kinmundy, III.; s. WilHam 
Lovejoy (b. Apr. 28. X838, Georgetown, O.) & Sarah Harriet (Forshee) King (b. Nov. 
xo, X848, Springfield, Ind.) Prepared in Kinmundy H. S.; Univ. Acad. Adelphic; 
Alpha Tau Omego; ist prize Adelphic Declamatory Cont.; Asst. Editor Illini. Practicing 
Law, X002-7; Atty. for Amer. Surety Co. of N. Y., 1907-8; Atty. & Mgr., same, for 
Utah, Ida. & Mont., 1 908-12. U. S. vol., 1898-9; 2d Lieut. 6th O. Inf., U. S. & Cuba; 
1st. Lieut. & Quartermaster N. G. Utah, xon — Member A. F. & A. M.; Odd Fellows; 
Commercial CTub^ Univ. Qub; Naval & Mil. Order Spanish Amer. War.; Pres. Salt 
Lake Citv Alumni Assoc Univ. of 111.; Pres. Salt Lake City Alumni Assoc. Alpha Tau 
Omega: Rotary Club; Utah Suretv Assoc; Utah Development League; etc Mgr. Mountain 
States Branch Office, Aetna Accident & Liability Co., ox Hartford, Conn., 1012 — Married 
Wilhelmina Marie Growey, Sept. 11, 1902. Defiance, O. Address, 11 U. St., Salt 
Lake City, U.; Bus. Add., Walker Bank Bldg., do. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Supt. Schools: b. June 6, 1876. St. Joseph, III.; s. Austin Wilson 
(b. Sept. 29, 1834* O.) & Sarah (DiUins) Kirkpatrick (b. May 10. 1848, Urbana, 111.) 
Prepared in St. Joseph H. S.; Univ. Acad. Supt. Schs., Penfield, 111., 1897-1902; Deland, 

204 University of Illinois [1897 

x9oa-4; Illiopolis, 1904-7; Atlanta, 1007-10: Leroy, 1910 — Member M. E. Chttrch; 
A. F. & A. M. Married Hannetta Mae Kirkpatrick, Aug. x5> 1900, Chicago. Child, 
Vivian Maurine, b. June 10, 1901. Address, Leroy, 111. 


John George (b. 
Kistner (b. Aug. 9, 

• w^yt ^'•iiAUTiiic, AiA.y f icpuicu in \.fiu^ituvuic ^ei. o.; mtmaLuvua Vr^U.* Carllnville, Io93> 

Smdd & Trident. Architect, Granite City, 111., 1900-xi; same, San Diego, 191 1 — 
Address, 8x4 Amer. Natl. Bank Bldg., San Diego, Cal. 


B. S. in C. E.; With Portland Cement Co.; b. Tune 21, 1874, Chemnitz, Ger.; 
s. Frederick William (b. July 36, 1840, Elling, do.) & Margaret (Franck) Klossowski (b. 
Aug. X3, X838, Heixiigenhafen. do.) Prepared in Dixon H. S. Engr. U. S. Deep Watet^ 
way Comm.; Lake Superior Power Co.; 111. Steel Co.; InternatL Portland Cement Co.; 
Western Canada Cement Co.; Edmonston Portland Cement Co^ Can. Discovered Portland 
Cement Properties at Orofino, Id. Member Amer. Soc. of Civ. Engrs. Address, Marl- 
boro, Alberta Canada. 


(Sistei- of No. 1360) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Sculptor; b. Oct. 14. 1875, Monticello, 111.: d. W. H. (b. Apr. 

a, X843, Plumstead, PaO & Alice T. (Pratt) Kratz (b. Nov. 8, 1849. Monticello, 111-) 
Prepaxed in MontiMllo U. S. Aletnenai. Attended Art Inst., Cnicago, 1901-5. Sculptor 
Asst. to Lorado Taft., x907-xi. Address, Monticello, 111. 


B. S. in Arch.; Arch.; b. Aug. 16, 1874, Ger.: s. Karl Oscar & Anna (Doerfel) 
Kuehne. Prepared in Ger. and Chicago pub. schs. Member Order of Columbian Knights; 
A. P. & A. M. Married Amelia Centner, July 12, 1899, Champaign, 111. Children, 
Carl W., b. Nov. 5, 1900; Gertrude, b. July ai, 1903: Esther, b. Mar. 21, 1909. Address. 
1947 Patterson Ave., Chicago, Bl. Bus. Add,, 1572 N. Halsted St., do. 


A. B., in L. & A.; A. M., 1898: Instructor; b. Dec. s, 1862, Cedarville, O. ; d. 
Thomas B. (b. Jan. 8, 1824, ibid) & Margaret (Henderson) Kyle (b. May 30, 1829, near 
Pittsburgh, Pa.) Prepared in Urbana, H. S. Engl. Club; Alethenai; ///to Bd., 1897; 
Adv. Ba., Y. W. C. A.; Phi Beta Kappa. Attended Univ. of Chicago, summer 1904; 
Columbia Univ., 1009-10. Instr. in Engl, and Khet., Univ. of 111., 1899-9 and 1910 — 
Asst. Dean of Undergraduates, 1905-6. Address, 11 01 W. Calif. Ave., Urbana, 111. 


A. B.; A. M., xooo; Teacher: b. Aug. i, 1865 Woodford, Eng.; d. Johannes Louis 

b. Apr. 28, 1831, Bremen, N. (jer.) & Elizabeth Johanne (Rovekamp) Lampe (b. Mar. 
23* i837» do.) Prepared in Bloomington H. S.; State Norm. Univ. Prin. Rocnelle H. S., 
1000-3; same, Dwight High School, 1903-4; same, Pittsfield, H. S., 1905-6; teaching in 
Normal H. S., 1907 — also Instr. in Latin & (Serman in summer school. State Norm. 
Univ., 191 x. Author: Latin Drill book, X9<^-s, Pub. School Pub. Co., Bloomington. 
111., 78 pp.; German Drill Book, 1904, samr 76 pp.; also two series of articles published 
in School and Home Education, The Sunny Side of Literature & Why Need English 
Composition be a Bugbear, respectively, which continued more than a yrs. & were pre- 
ceded by single articles at various times. Address, R. F. D. No. i, Bloomington, 111- 


B. S. in E. E.; b. Dec. 20, 1874, Chicago; s. Ole (b. Aug. 12, 1841, Songdal, Nor- 
way) & Anna (Olson) Larson (b. Sept. 22, 1846, do.) Prepared in English H. S. & 
Manl. Tr. Sch., Chicago. M. & E. E. Soc. •Died Feb. 4, 1899, Chicago, 111. 



Orat. ContMtT^atchet~Orat.;~Capt^ Grad.' wo7k Univ. of CHicago. Prof, ot Math. Ft. 
Worth Univ., 3 yrs.; Instr., Armour Inst, of Tech., 4 yrs.; Asst. Prof, of Math., same, 

Clnb; Gresham Treble Clef Club; Dir. Norm. Park Choral Soc. Married Theresa 
Violet Faulkner, Tan. i. 1903, Wyoming, 111. Children, John Richard, b. June St 1906; 
Charles Hammond, b. Mar. 20, 1910. Address, 7320 LaFayette Ave., Chicago, III. 

A. B.; Teacher; b. Jan. 31, 1877* Champaign, 111.: s. Samuel (b. Antrim, Port- 
glenonc. Ire.) ft Sarah Ann (Lillibridge) McFadden (b. Wilmington, Del.) Prepared 
in Champaign H. S. Taught in Greenview H. S., 1897-9; Shawneetown, 1899-1901; 
Gibson City, 190X-2; Urbana, 1903-5; Ypsilanti^ Mich., 1907-10: Muskogee, Okla., 1910 — 
Member Presb. Church. Address, 30a W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, 111. 

1897) Baccalaureate Alumni 205 


(Brother of Nos. 107, 108, 889) 

B. S. in M. E.; Draftsman: b. Aug. 13, 1872, Oilman, 111.; s. VPm. H. (b. 1827, Ky.) & 
Elizabeth Dabney (Abraham) Mann (b. 1829, Va.) Prepared in Gilman H. S.; Butler 
L'niv.. Acad. Indianapolis; Y. M. C. A.; Univ. Band. With 111. Steel Co., Chicago, i897-«; 
Pullman Co., Asst. Engr., 1898-1901: Swift & Co., 1901-2; The Link-Belt Mchv. Co.; 
1902-6. Member, First Rcgt. Inf. I. N. G., 1905. Married Jennie M. Havard, Dec 12, 
1898. Child, Hayard William, b. Oct. 28, 1900. Address, Mannville, Fla. 


(Brother of No. 607) 

B. S.j Real Estate Dealer; b. Dec. 20, 1874, Mound Sta., 111.; 8. Mrs. M. J. Manny. 
Address, Mt. Sterling, 111. 


(Husband of No. 931; Brother of No. 2746) 

B. S. in Arch.; Architect: b. July 16, 1871, Upper Alton, 111.: s. Ebenezer (b. 
Alton, m.) & Kate Prevost (Foote) Marsh (b. 111.) Prepared in Upper Alton High 
School & special course Shurtleff Coll. Debating Club; won Trustees' ist prize for best 
debate at Uniy.: Leader of winning team against Chicago: Y. M. C. A.; Glee Qub; 
Philqmathean. With Luxfer Prism Co., 1897-9; Arch. Draftsman, 1899-1900; prac- 
ticing Arch., 1900— Member Baptist Church; Bd. of Trustees Carnesie Pub. Libr.. 25. 
Pasadena; ^2nd deg. Mason; Consistory; Amer. Inst, of Arch. Married Cora Mae 
Cairns (jp6), Jan. 23, 1901, Polo, 111. Children, Norman LeRoy, b. May 27, 1902; 
Marean Hixabeth, b. Aug. 7, 1906. Address, 911 Fair Oaks Ave., S. Pasadena, OJif.; 
Bus. Add,, 213-14 Broadway Cent. Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 


(Brother of Nos. 757, 3^7^) 

B. S. : M. S., 1901; Asst. Prof.; b. Sept. i8, 1873, Mattoon, 111.; s. Adam (b. 1837, 
Va.) & Fannie Bowen (Knowles) Millar (b. 184a, O.) Prepared in Uniy. Acad. 
Y. M. C. A.; Adelphic. Gcnl. Secy., Coll. Y. M. C. A., Uniy. of 111., 1897-8; taught 
in Cfaanipaign H. S., 1 898-1000; Grad. work, 1900-1; Instr., G. E. D., Uniy. of ill., 
1901-2; Instr., Mech. Draw. & Des. Geom., Univ. of Wis., 1902-8; Asst. Prof, of Draw- 
ing, same, 1908 — Author: Esentials of Des. Geom., (Phillips & Millar), Tracy. Gibbs 
& Co., Pub., 104 pp., 1909* Member Y. M. C. A.; Enrr. Soc. of Wis. Marriea Maud 
Talbot Treakle, Aug. 12, 190^, Cortland, 111. Child, Harriet Louise, b. Jan. 4, 2905. 
Address, loii Grant St., Madison, Wis. 


(Brother of Nos. 397, 702) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Lawyer; b. Aug. 17, 1876. Kinmundy, 111.; s. John Barb (b. May 
8, 1829. Russellyille. Ala.) & Martha (Doolen) Morgan (b. Aug. 13, 1837, Fayette Co., 
III.) Prepared in Kinmundy H. S. Aaelphic; Phi Beta Kappa. Supt., Kinmundy H. S., 
1897-9; in Kent Law School, 1800-1902; Teacher, 1902-3; Lawyer, 1904 — Dist. Atty., 
I St Jud. DisL of Colo., 1908 — Married Helen Kohrbough. Sept. 25, 1902, Kinmundy, 
111. Address, 3000 S. Sherman, Englewood, 111.; Bus. Add., 529-34 Symes Bldg., Den- 
ver, Colo. 


(Wife of No. 973) 

B. L. in L. & A.; b. June 15. 1874, Champaign. 111.: d. William Henry (b. Harris- 
burg, Pa.) & Margaret W. (Hulbert) Munhall (b. Sherman, N. Y.) Prepared in 
Champaign H. S. Alethenai; Y. W. C. A. Member Presb. Church. Marriea Samuel 
Theodore Morse, ('96) July 5, 1897, Champaign, 111. Children. Alice May, b. Mar. 29, 
1898; Frederick Samuel b. Feb. 17, 1900; Marion Grace, b. July 25, 1901; David Theo- 
dore, b. Oct. 15, 1902; Edith Estclle. b. Dec. 16, 1904: Ruth Valentine, b. Feb. i4» 
1906; Jesse Welton, b. Oct. 4. »5K>8^ Thomas Munhall, b. June 10, 19"; William Henry, 
b. Oct. 13, 1 91 2. Address, Carlinsville, 111. 

B. S.; Metallurgist: b. Sept. 2^, 1874, Rock Island, 111.; s. Francis P. (b. 1849* 
Ire.) & Marie (Campbell) Murphy (b. 1851, Rock Island.) Prepared in Augustana Coll. 
Supt< of Copper Smelter for Transvaal Copper Mining Co.; Chemist for Anaconda Cop- 
per Mining Co., 1807-98; CThemist, Black Warrior Copper Co., Globe, Ariz., 1899-1900; 
Metallurgist, Unitea Verde Copper Co., Jerome, Ariz.. 1903-4; with Northport Smelt- 
ing & Refining Co., Northport, Wash., 190X-2; Supt. 01 Copper Smelting for Transvaal 

2o6 University of Illinois [1897 


B. S. in M. E.; b. Tan. 28, 1876. Buda, III.; a. G. T. Nelson., Mgr. Keystone 
Novelty Works, 1904- Address, 1515 Cnicago Ave., Evanston, 111. 


B. S. in M. & S. E.; Office Engr.; b. Mar. 8, 1874, Moline. III.; s. Robinson Nye. 
Office Engr., S. P. & S. R. R. Address. Portland, Ore. 


(Husband of No. 760) 

B. S. in Arch., 1897; Architect; b. Jan. 15, 1870. Wyoming, Wis.: s. John Henry 
(b. June za, 1838, Boston, Mass.) & Martha Ann (Taggart) JParr (b. Jan. 9. 1839. 
Rochester. N. Y.) Prepared in Dodgeville High School. Wis. Y. M. C. A.; Architects' 
Club; Valedictorian; Asst. Bus. Mgr. Tecknogrqpk; practiced arch, continuously 1897 — 
Deacon in Plymouth Cong. Church, 1898-1903; Deacon in Union Cong. Church, 1904 — 
Pres. Plymouth C. End,, 1898-9; member Plymouth Church choir 1898- 1903; Peoria 
Chorus, 1897-99; Bradley Chorus, 1899- 1900. Married Sophie M. Peterson. Se]^t. 20, 
1899; Champaign, 111. Children, Harold Leslie, b. Jan. 6, 1901; Marie Christine, b. 
Feb. 19, 1903. Died Dec. 29, 1906 at Peoria, III. 


B. S. in Chem.; M. S., 1898; with U. S. Dcpt. of Agr.* b. Sept. 29, 1874; s. Otto 
L. & Frieda (Von Stojenthin) Paul. Prepared in (jermania, Pa., H. S. Ph. G., Chicago 
Coll. of Pharmacy. Grad. work, Univ. of Chicago, 1898-9; with Mariner & Hoskins, 
1899-1Q08; with U. S. Dept of Agr., Bur. of Chem., 1908 — Address, 125 N. Elizabeth 
St., Chicago; Bus, Add., 1607 Heisen Bldg., Chicago. 


B. S. in E E.; Sales Agent; b. Aug. 27, 1871, Manhattan, 111.; s. William (b. 
1826, Eng.) & Sarah (Young) Pepper. Prepared in Univ. Acad. Married Abbie » 
Elmira Patterson, 1898, Philo, 111. Children, Genevieve Marguerite, b. Feb. 15, 1900; 
Lucille Abbie, b. July 21, 1902. Address, 304 Glenwood Ave., Joliet, 111. 


B. S.; Druggist; b. Aug. 31, 1875, Augusta, lU.; s. Orville L. (b. June 6, 1845, 
Loraine, O.) & Mary Katherine (Fifher) Pitney (b. Aug. 21, 1844. Ghent, Ky.) Prepared in 
Augusta H. S. Philomathcan; Alpha Tau Omega. Address, Augusta, Hi. 


B. S. in Arch.; Manufacturer; b. Sept. 16. 1S69, Blackaby, Sweden; s. Osley (b. 
May II, 1829. Skepperstad, do.) & Johanna (Peters) Plym (b. Aug. 1829, do,) Pre- 
pared in Northern Ind. Norm. Valparaiso; Univ. Acad. Arch. Club; Tecknograph- Phi 
Gamma Delta; Adelphic; Mffr., TUini, Draftsman, 1897-1900; Arch., 1900-6; Pres., 
Kawneer Mfg. Co., 1906— Manufacturer & Inventor of the Kawneer system of Store 
Fronts, including ten patents covering same; Patentee, Kawneer Metal Wall Plug, 
1905; Member Efficiency Soc. Married Jennie May Barber, Mar. 10, 1903, Lincoln, Neb. 
Children, Florence, b. Dec. 26, 1903 (d. Jan. 7, 1904); Lawrence, b. June 28, 1906. 
Address, Nilea, Mich. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Apr. 28, 1868, El wood, lUj s. William (b. Ger.) & 
Amelia PoMman (b. do.) Prepared in No. Ind. Nor. Sch.. Rodman, Chicago, 1897-8; 
U. P. R. R., 1898; Asst. EngTy U. P. R. R., 1898-1900: Levelman, A. S. L. R. K., 
1900-1; Asst. Engr. U. P. R. R., 1901-5; Office, Engr., Nev. Nor. R. R.. 1905; Div. 
Engr., Wes. Pac, 1905 — Address, 412 Tribune Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. 


B. S. in E. E.; Elec. Engr.; b. Mar. 22, 1876, Dover, 111.* s. Warren (b. Feb. 8, 
i834i Williamstown, Vt.) & Sarah V. (Humphrey) Poole (b. July 25, 1840, Palermo, 
N. Y.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Fellowship, 1897. With Genl. Elec. Co., Schenec- 
tedy, N. Y., 1898 — Died June 6, 1899, Dover, 111. 


A. B. in L. & A.; B. S. in Chem., 1900; M. S., 1900; Chemist; b. July i3t 1876, 
Urbana, 111.; s. J. W. & Clara T. (Chamberlain) Porter. Prepared in Springfield High 
School. Sigma Chi; Phi Laninda Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Orchestrs^ Mandolin 
Club, Dir.; Track team, Mgr.; Capt.; Univ. Fellowship, 1899- 1900. A. M., Harvard, 
1901; Ph. D., I903- Chemist, Schwarzchild & Sulzberger Co., Kansas City, Mo., 
July-Aug. 1900: Grad. work at Harvard, 1900-3; Thayer Scholar, 190 1-3; employed in 
Lab. of The Solvay Process Co., Syracuse, N. Y., summers, ipoi & 1902; Chemist, 

Storage of Coal, Jour, of Ind. & Engr. Chem., 191 0, pp. 78-80; The Volatile Matter of 

1897I Baccalaureate Alumni 207 

Coal Bttl. I, U. S. Bur. of MJoea, zoio; The Escape of Gas from Coal, Tech. Paper, 
No. 2, U. S. Bur. of Mines, loii; Deterioration & Spontaneous Heating of Coal in 
Stoiw, Tech. Paper (16) U. S. Bur. of Mines, 1912 (all the above with 
P. K. Ovitz); Experiments on Losses in Cooking Meat (with H. S. Grindley & 11. 
McCormack), Bui. loa, Exp. Sta. U. S. Dept. of Agr.. 1901, pj). 1-64; also various 
articles on chemical subjects. Member Amer. Chem. Soc; Chairman of Pittsburgh 
Sec., same; Chemists Club of N. Y. Married Helen Pickard Dana, June 16, 1909, West- 
brock, Me. Children, Mary Pickard, b. July 9, 1910; Robert (^lamberlain, b; Feb. 13, 19 12. 
Address, U. S. Bureau of Mines, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Wm. , 

Adelaide «.«,«.w.m» v'^^m'*^*'/ «. v0m«.vu «*<»«»,«, v^. a^vt. v. *wi|v, j.-^. a. 's«*i.^./ a.^.j^^.wu ••• 
Trinit7 Coll., Port Hope, Can.; School of Practical Sci., Toronto. In Albuouerque, 
X. M^, Feb.-July, 1898: Gravenhurst Sanitarium; in (^n., July-Sept, z8p8. Married 
May Frances Haynes, Mar., 1899, Toronto. Died Apr. 2, 1899, Toronto, Can. 


B. S. in M. £.; Mech. Engr.; b. May i, 1869, Augusta, Mich.: s. Thomas H. (b. 
Ang. 4, 1834, Kent, O.) & Electra (Foster) Randall (b. June x_S, 1033, do.) Prepared 
in Kalamazoo H. S., and in Mich. Ag. Coll. Tau Beta Pi. With R. W. Hunt Co., & 
Window Bros. Co., z8^8-ox; Instr. Univ. of 111., X901-3; Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & 
Co., 1903-6: Asst. Prot., Univ. of 111.. Z9o6-9; U. S. Gov. Fuel Tests, Z909-I2; Arthur 
D. Little. Inc. — Married Myrtle Peck, Aug. 24, 1808. Children, Herbert, b. Jan. 7, 
Z901; Robert, b. Sept. 27 , 1902. Address, Augusta, Mich. 


B. S. in Chem.; Physician; b. Jan. 9, 1873, Roseville, 111., s. W. R. Kayburn. 
Died, Apr., 1912. 


B. S. in Chem.; M. S., Z899; Asst. Prof.; b. Jan. z, 1873: s. Jonathan Bangs (b. 
Jidy 13, 1848) & Malvena Augusta (Newman) Sammis (b. July zo, 1848.) Prepared 
in Washington H. S., Jacksonville, 111. Phi Lambda Upsilon; Hazleton Medal. Ph. 
D., Univ. of Wis., 1906. Asst. in Chem., Univ. of 111., 1897-1900; Instr., 1900-3; Fel- 
lowship in Chem., Univ. of Wis.^ z905-6; Dairy Div., U. S. Dept. of Agr., Z906-7; Asst. 

Chem. Soc, 2f-43» 1899; Relation of Chem. Activity to Elec. (Conductivity, Jour, of 
Phys. Chem., Vol. 8, pp. ^93-635, 1906; U. S. Dept. of Agr., Bui. Z2a, Bur. of An. In- 
dustry; also bulletins & circulars, Univ. of Wis. Exp. Sta. on Chem. & manufacture ot 
dairy products. Member Unitaiian Church; Amer. Chem. Soc; A A. A. S. (Fellow). 
Married Flora Elizabeth Curtis, June 30, 1898. Children, Marguerite; Malvena Eliza- 
beth; Josephine Louise; John Curtis. Address, Univ. of Wis., Madison, Wis. 


(Brother of No. 905) 

B. S. in M. E.; Mech. Engr.; b. Aug. 13* 1874, Troy, O.; s. Judson & Mary 
Ann ^(Searhart) Sayers. Prepared in High School; Univ. Acad. Engr. Soc.: Shield 
& Trident. Address, 4002 Lake Ave., Chicago; Bus. Add., 39th St. & Stewart Ave., do. 


B. S. in M. E.; Chief Draftsman; b. July 5, i869f Yuba, Mich.; s. Samuel H. 
(b. Mecklenburg, N. Y.) & Kate L. (Reynolds) Sayler. Prepared in Traverse City 
H. S. Mech. Engr., Chicago & Alton R. R., 1897-1900; Jeansville Iron Works Co., 
Z900; Traverse City, vacation, 1900; Allis (Chalmers Co., 1900-1; Internatl. Corres. Schs., 
1901; Del. & Hudson Co., Coal Dept., 1901 — Member Scranton Engrs. Club. Address, 
P. O. Box 208, Scranton, Pa. 


(Brother of No. 1954) 

B. S. 1897; M. S. 1898; Teacher; b. Apr. 30, 1874, Moline, 111.; s. Henry August 
(b. Apr. 9. 1847. (««r-) & Catherine (Efflandt) Sckacht (b. Sept. 14, 1847. do.) Pre- 
pared in Moline H. S. Philomathean; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Kappa; Y. M. C. A.; 
Nat. HisL Soc; Fellowship in Zoology 1897-8; Pres. Soph. Class: Pres. Ath. Assoc.; Senior 
Pres.; Sec-Treas. Students' Assembly: EcUtor IlHo; Editor-in-Chief UHni, 1896-7; Football 
team, 1894-95-96; Trustee Philomathean. In Chicago Univ. 1900; 1906 to present, pur- 
suing work toward Ph. D. in Education; Prin. H. S. Chicago Heights 1898-1902; Bloom 
Twp. H. S. 1900-2; Tuscola Union Dist. H. S. 1902-4; Whiting, Ind., 1904-0; Wendell 
Phiuips H. S., Chicago, Dept. of Ger. 1906 — Author, Articles: The North American 
Species of Diaptomus. Bull. 111. State Lab. of Nat. Hi»t., 1897, no pp. 15 plates; 
The North American Ontropagidae belonging to the Genera Osphranticum, Limnocalanus 
and Epischura, Bull. 111. State Lab. of Nat. Hist., 1808, 43 PP-; Study of Derivatives 
and Composites as an Aid in the Acquisition of a Vocabulary, School Review, 1908, 

2o8 University of Illinois I1897 

Teachers' Assoc., 1903; of Lake Co. Teachers* Assoc. 1905; Prcs. High School Sec., 
M)o6; Mason, 1901. Married Dora Ann Hall, June 25, 1902 (died Nov. 18, 1906); 
Child, Frederick Henry, b. Apr. 12, 1903. Married Lucie Hammond, Apr. 24, 1909, 
Chicago. Address, 117 E. Randall St., Downers Grove, 111. Bus. Add., Wendell Pihflips 
H. S., 39th & Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

(Brother of No. 910) 
B. S. in Arch.; M. Arch.; Architect; b. Mar. 2, 1873, Paw Paw, III.; s. Sylvanus 

Ath. Assoc; Mgr., Glee & Mandolin Clubs. Arch., 1897-1900; Farming. 1900-2; Arch., 
1002 — Married Jessie Young Fox, Tune s, 1903, Chicago, 111. (d. Feb. 13, 19")- 
Address, 463 N- Lake St., Auiora, 111. 


B. S. in Chem.; M. S., 1899; Professor; b. Apr. 15, 1872, Crystal Lake, 111.; 3. 
Charles Watson & Ann (Robinson) Smith. Prepared in Crystal Lake Union H. S. 
Band: Chem. Club: Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda Upsiton; Alpha ^cta; Gamma Alpha. Ph. 
D., Halle, 1^07. Asst. Chemist, 111. Agr. Exp. Sta^^ 1899; Chief Asst. Chemist, 1902; 
Asst. Chief m Chem. & PI. Breeding, 1903; Asst. Cfhief in PI. Breeding & Asst. Prot. 
in PI. Breeding 1005; Chief & Prof, in same, 191 1 — Author: Ten Generations ot 
Corn Breeding, Bull. 128, 111. Exp. Sta., 1908; F.ffect of Selection on Certain Phvsical 
Characters of the Corn Plant, Bull. 132, ibid., 1909; On the Measurement of Correlation 
with Special Reference to some Characters of Indian Corn, Bull., 149 (with H. L. Kietz), 
ibid.; A series of articles on Improvemenl of Corn in The Natl. Stockman & Farmer, 
Vol. XXVII & XXVIII; Breeding Fat & Protein into Corn, Amer. Breeders' Mag.. 
Vol. X, loio; also others along Aer. subjects. Member Univer. Church: Amer. Breeders' 
Assoc.; Amer. Soc. of Agron.; Fellow, Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Univ. Club. 
Married Marv Phronia Ketchum, Aug. 8, 1901, Elmwood, 111. (d. May, 1902). Address, 
604 Daniel St., Champaign, 111. 


B. S. in A. E.; Asst. Arch Engr.; b. Apr. 7, 1874, Clinton, la.; s. George (b. N. 
Y.) & Martha Wilcox (b. do.) Prepared in Clinton High School; studied in Rose Poly. 
Tech. Inst., Tcrrc Haute, Ind. Y. M. C. A. Asst. Arch. Engr. D. H. Burnham & Co., 
1897 — Member Baptist Church. Married Helene M. Stone, June 30, 1896. Children, 
Fred W., Jr., b. July 11, 1898; Helene M. E., b. May 15, 1901: Mattison S., b. May 6, 
1903; George Louis F., b. Sept. 4, i905> Address, 4845 St. Anthony's Ct., Chicago. 


B. S. in M. E.; Fanner; b. Feb. 4, 187^, El wood. 111.; s. Frank (b. 1844, Baden, 
Ger.) & Sarah (Benedict) States (b. 1842, N. Y.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Street 
Car line, 1897-1900; Farmer, 1900— Married Charlotte Rebecca Thornburg, Feb. 10, 
190X, Lemont, 111. Children, Harold William, b. Aug. 20, 1907; Robert Francis, b. July 
30, 291 X. Address, Elwood, 111. 

(Brother of No. 1969) 
B. S. in E. E. ; Com. Mgr.: b. Feb. 9, 1877, Quincy, 111. : s. William & Louise A. 
Stcinwedell. Prepared in Quincv H. S.; Univ. Acad. Kappa Sigma; Shield & 
Trident; Alpha Delta Sigma. Stud., Mass. Inst. Tech.; Secy., Arrow Kock M. & M. 
Co., Quincy, 111.; Statistician, Denver Gas & Elec. Co., Denver, Colo.; Coml. Mgr., 
St. Paul Gas Lt. Co. Member Amer. Gas Inst.; Natl. Coml. Gas Assoc; Natl. Elec. 
Lt. Assoc. Married Ruth Eleanor Bjornstad, June 8, 1910, St. Paul, Minn. Address, 
c/o St. Paul Gas Lt. Co., St. Paul, Minn. 


B. S. in Arch.; Chief Draftsman; b, Nov. 25% X870, Rockford, 111.; s. Charles 
Gleason (b. 1842, do.) & Zillah Keziah (Douglas) Teeple (b. 1847, do.) Prepared in 
Marengo H. S. Draftsman. 1897-8; soldier (Cuba), X898-9J; Arch. 1899-oa; Draftsman 
and Supt., 1902-6; Arch., South Bend, Ind., 1906-8; Chief Draftsman, Studebaker Bros. 
Mfc Co., 1908 — Priv. Co. M., 4th I. N. G., 1895-6; Sem., 1897-9; Priv. Co. B., jrd 
I. N. G., 1901; Sergt., 1902; Priv.. Co. F., 3rd Ind. N. G., 1902 and 1910; Sergt., Co. 
M., 4th 111. Inf. Vols. 1898-9, (Cuban Serv.); Inspr. of Elections, St. Joseph Co., Ind., 
1910. Discovered: Method for Perspective Lineads, Simplified with Tables, i9o7* 
Member A. F. & A. M,; Prcsb. Church; S. V., U. S. A.; Y. M. C. A. Married Mary 
Emma McKee^ Apr. is, 1893, Chicago, 111. (d. Nov. 1906); Nellie Elvina Rush, June 
29, 1907. (Children, Dorothy Seniorita, b. May 7, X898; Beatrice Rush, b. Jan. 30, 
1909. Address, 705 South Eddy St., South Bend, Ind. 


B. S. in M. E.; M. E., 1907; b. Aug. 26, 1877. Kewanee, 111.; s. Henrv Trask 
(b. Mar. i, 1851, Rochester, Vt.) & Ella (Dutton) Terry (b. Feb. 25, 1855, Newark, 

1897] Baccalaureate Alumni 209 

Asst. Supt., Rolling Mills, ibid., 1898-1905; Supt., Butt Weld Dept., ibid., 1905-8; Supt., 
Mill Dept., ibid,, 1908-11: Asst. to Gen. Supt., Pittsburgh, Pa., 191 1 — Alderman, A.e- 
wanee, til., 1903-5. Member Kewanee Pub. Lib. Bd., loio-ii; Amer. Soc. Mech. Engrs., 
1903; Amcr. Soc. M. E., 1908. Married Bertha lone Browne. Oct. 2^, 1905, Kewanee, 
111. Children, Katharine Charlntte, b. Aug. la, 1906; Henry Browne, b. June, 15, 19^0. 
Address, 1123 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

(Sister of Nos. 489, 917) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Teacher; b. Jan. 6, 1869, Leominster, Mass.; d. Edward Payson 
(b. Sept. 20, Z833, Heath, Mass.) & Susan Jane (Burrington) Thompson (b. Apr. 24, 
1838, do.) Prepared in Bement H. S. Kappa Alpha Theta. Address, Winamac, Ind. 


B. S. in A. E.; Tcachen b. Sept. 17, 1871, Kewanee, 111.; s. Edward Martin (b. 
Plain£eld, N. J.) & Emma (Cheney) Vail (b. Manchester, Conn.) Prepared in Kewanee 
H. S. Married Jessica Marshall, 1903, Rochester, N. Y. Child, Edith Marshall, b. 
May 20, 1911. Address, White Plains, N. Y. 


B. S. in E. E.: Elec. Engr.; b. Aug. 31, 187s, Waterman, 111.; s. George William 
(b. Aug. II, 1837, Rome, N. Y.) & Mary Jane (Mighell) Wakefield (b. Mar. 28, 1848, 
Waterman, lU.) Prepared in Waterman Pub. & Well's School, Oregon. M. E. Soc; 
E. £. Soc. Connected with various Mercantile & Engr. companies in capacity of technical 
expert; Asst. Eng.. E. Goldman & Co., Chicago; Prcs., Wakefield Grain Co. (Inc.) Water- 
man, III. Married Minnie Gronewold, Mar. 23, 1899, Oregon, 111. Children, Roy Lewis, 
b. ^an. 30, 1901; William John, b. Jan. 11, 1903. Address, 337 S. Normal Parkway, 
Chicago, 111. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Teacher; b. Tan. 28, 1872, Neponset, 111.; s. Reuben L. (b. Feb. 
23, 1842, Vt.) & Anne (Mear) Wallace (b. 1843, Eng.} Prepared in Neponset H. S.; 
Univ. Acad. Philomathean; Le Cercle Francais; Engl. Club; Band; Final Honors; 
Treas., Senior Class; Asst. Editor & Exchange Editor, Illini. Asst. Editor, Ranch and 
Range, 1897; Assoc. Editor, do., 1898-9; Prin. of various grade & high schs. Articles: 
Practical Field Work in Physiography, Northwest Jour,, 1909; numerous articles in 
Post-Intelligencer and other newspapers. Vice Pres. Teachers* Assoc, So. King Co., 
Washington, 1901; Secy. & Treas., King Co. Schoolmasters' Round Table; Pres. of 
Epworth League Union, Seattle. Married Lulie E. McClure, Oct. 25. 1898, Green- 
castle, Ind. Children, William, b. Aug. 31, 1899, (d. Sept. i, 1899); Donald, b. Apr. 
16, 1902 (d. Dec. 10, 19Z0), Dorothy, b. July 18, 1904. Address, 220 Quince St., 
Olympia, Wash. 


B. S. in Arch.; Supt. of Constr.; b. Feb. 15, 1869, Jefferson Co., III.; s. James 
(b. June 14, 1840, do.) & Jane Clarissa (Waite) Webber (b. Jan. 25, 1845. Franklin 
Co., do^ Prepared in Mt. Vernon H. S.j Univ. Acad. Adelphic; Arch. Club. Asst. 
in G. E. D., 1897-8; Arch., 1898-9; Draftsman, 1899-1000: Supt. of Constr., U. S. 

Quartermaster's D^ept., 1900-4; Supt. of Constr., U. S. Pub. Bldgs., Superv. Arch, office, 
reas. Dept., 1904-6; Computer in office, Superv. Arch., same, 1906-7; Supt. of Constr.. 
U. S. Pub. Bldgs., same, 1907 — Author: The Manufacture and Use 01 Architectural 
Terra Cotta, The Technograph, 1900. Member Presb. Church. Married Lura Fryer, 
Dec 28, 1904, Whitewater, Wis. Children, Catherine Loyal, b. Jan. 12, 1907; H. A., 
Jr., b. July 9, 1908; Stanley Ward, b. July 27t 1910. Address, Eastholme, Mexico. 


B. S.; Merchant; b. Dec. 8, 1874, Svcamore, 111.; s. Henry C. (b. Oct. 31, 1841, 
Auburn, N. Y.) & Amelia (Martin) Wnittemore (b. Apr. 19, 1841, Sycamore, 111.) 
Prepared in Sycamore H. S. Phi Delta Theta; Shield & Trident; Baseball Mgr., 1896. 
Bookkeeper, State Treas. Off., 1897-1902; do., ACarine Bank, Springfield, 111., 1903-4; do.. 
Sycamore, 1904. Gen. Mdse. Bus., Lawrenceville, 111. Address, LawrenceviUe, 111. 


A. B.; Missionary; b. Sept. 1873., Middlefield, Conn.; d. Alpheus (b. Feb. 1835, 
Belchertown, Mass.) & Flora Damaris (Thompson) Winter (b. Sept. 1833.) Prepared 
in Northfield, (Mass..) Sem. Missionary of Amer. Bd. of C. F. M.; Prin. Of Girls' 
Dept., Mt. Silinda Sen. Assisted in translation of gospels into Ndan language. Married 
John Edgar Hatch, June 5, 1907, Melsetter, Rhodesia. Child, Lawrence Edgar, b. Apr. 
9, 1908. Died April 22, 1908, Melsetter, Rhodesia, S. Africa. 

(Brother of No. 1292) 

B. S.: Missionary and teacher in Union Medical Coll.; b. May 31, 1874. Chicago; 
8. James Nicholas (b. Oct. 31, 1847, Lafayette, Medina Co., O.) a Mary G. (Hayes) 
YounfT (b. Nov. 25, 1846, Sand Lake, near Troy, N. Y.) Prepared in Calumet H. S.. 
Chicago. Y. M. C. A.; Philomathean. M. D. 1903, Johns Hopkins; Prin. H. S. Sullivan, 
111., 1898-9; Asst. in Botany, Univ. of III., 1899-1903: Student, Med. Dept., Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1899-1903; Resident House Officer, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1903-4; 
Missionary American Board of Comm. of Foreign Missions, and teacher in Union Medical 
Coll., Peking, China, 1904 — ; Sec. of Union Medical Coll. faculty; Recipient of Decoration of 

210 University of Illinois [1898 

the Double Dragon for services daring plague epidemic. 191 1. Married Olivia Doyle, 
Sept. IS, 1904, Baltimore, Md. Children, Aniu Elizabeth, b. Oct. 31, 1906; James 
Courtney, b. Jan. 17, 1909; Address, Peking, China, care of American Board of^ Mis- 
sions; Tern. Add., (Sept. 1912-July 1913) c/o A. C. Doyle, 301 St. Paul St., Baltimore, 


(Sister of No. 4045) 

A. B.; b. Apr. 30. 1876; d. Charles & Helen Louise (McKinley) Zilly. Prepared 
in Champaign H. S. Kappa Alpha Theta; Althenai; Pres. Students Assembly, 1896; 
member of N»7 Illio Board. Taught school from 1897 to 1900. Member Presb. Church, 
Kewanee, 111.; Tuesday Club, Rewanee. Married Leroy Frederic Hamilton, Oct. 17, 
1900, Champaign, 111. Child, Helen Louise, b. Feb. 13, 1903. Address, 125 S. College 
St., Washington, Pa. 


B. S. in M. E.; Mech. & Elec. Engr.; b. Feb. 12, 1873, Earlville, LaSalle Co., 
111.; 8. John (b. Nov. 17, 1848, LaSalle Co., 111.) & NetUe (Nitzel) Zimmerman (b. 

^uly 27, 1853, Ger.) Prepared in Earlville H. S. and Univ. Acad. Philomathean; foot- 
all team, 1895-96. Univ. of 111., Steam Dept., June. x897-Feb., 1898; Mech. Eng. C. 
C. C. & St. L. Ry., Urbaiia, 1898-1899; Mgr. Urbana Light, Heat & Power Co., x8o9'i90o; 
"' '^ •.. -. . ..-- ^^^ ^ Supt. DeKalb Sycamore Electric, 

Power Co., Lansing, Mich^ 1906-9; Pres., 
Auto Tractor Co., 1912 — Invented system 
for automatically returning condensation from steam piping, headers, separators, etc., to 
the boilers, without the use of auxiliary apparatus, patent granted; invented a tractor 
attachment to use with an automobile (Pat's, pending in U. S. & foreign countries: also 
method of constructing dams and other hydraulic works, (Pat. pending). Member Amer. 
Soc. of Mech. Engrs.; Western Soc. of Engrs.; Mich. Soc. ot Engrrs.; Electric (Jlub ot 
Chicago. Married Anna Sophia Morsch, Nov. 5, 1893, Champaign, lu. (d. June 16, 1912). 
Address, 713 No. Central Ave., Austin Sta., Chicago. 

CLASS OF 1898 (91) 


B. S. in E. E.; Electrician; b. Mar. 22, 1872. Coatsburg, 111.; s. C. Aaron. Phi Gamma 
Delta. Address, 1518 First Ave. S., Seattle, Wash. 


B. S. in C. E.; Engineer; b. Jan. 5, 1873, Moline^ 111. Prepared in Molinc H. S., and 
Augustana Coll., Rock Island. Philomathean. City Civ. Engr, Moline, 111., 1905*11; Comm. 
Pub. Works, same, 19x1-12. Married Oct. 5, 1899. Two children. Address, 2105, 14^ St., 
Moline, 111. 


B. S.; Real Estate Dealer; b. Oct. ^, X872. Sprineiield. 111.; s. Joseph Wesley (b. Feb. 
2 J, 1823, Covington, Ky.) & Mary (Mathis) Arnold (o. Oct., 1840, Camden, N. J.) 
Prepared in ShurtlefF College. Dramatic Club; Medical Club; Illini Suff. Real Esute at 
Springfield ; Mercantile Trust Co., St. Louis, x yr. ; in Real Estate business with John Davis 
& Co., Seattle, Nov., 1904 to June, X905; with Title Trust Co., as Mgr. of Mortgage Loan 
& Escrow Depts., from June to Dec, 1905; Real Estate business as Arnold & Co., 1905-12. 
Member 5th Regt. I. N. G., 1 900-1. Invented sinsle handed soda fountain faucet; Portable 
sleeping porch; Movable gas chandelier' Lath & plaster substitute, break-proof, water-proof, 
sound-proof, warp-proof (not completed); Originator of Divisible Loan Co. & Amer. Self- 
Protection Co. Married Ethel Walker, Jan. 4, 19x0. Address, 1820 E. John St., Seattle; 
Bus. Add., 508 Hoge Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 


A. B. in L. & A.; b. Nov. 3, 1876, Urbana, 111.; d. Wm. A. (h. Dec. 26. 1834, Ripley^ O.) 
& Zillah (Ludwick) Beasley (b. Sept. 14, 1846, Lafayette. Ind.) Prepared in Urbana H. S. 
Alethenai, Ger. Club; member of first Girls' Basket Ball team. Married Loma William 
Goben, Aug. 2, 1899, Urbana, III. Children, Leland Loma, b. Mar. 26, 1901; Dorothea 
Esther, b. Oct. 24, 1903. Address, 26i-i3th Ave., Columbus, O. 


B. S. in Arch., 1898; Telephone Mgr.; b. Oct. 8, 1874; s. Isaac Newton (b. Aug. 7. 
183a, Licking Co., O.) & Mary (Clarkson) Beem Cb. Ky.) Prepared in Ottawa H. S. Phi 
Delta Theta; Mgr. Illio, 1897. Practiced Arch, in Kansas City, Mo., 1898-01; Ottawa, 
III., 1901-5; in mercantile business; farming in Canada, Mar., 1905; Mgr. United Tal. Co., 
Ottawa, 1905 — Served as ist Lieut., Co. C, 3rd I. N. G., 1901-5. Address, Ottawa, III. 


B. S. in Chem.; Asst. Chem.; b. Apr. 23, i8;r5, Pawpaw, 111.; s. Isaac J. (b. New York) 
& Harriet (Fonda) Berry (b. do.) Prepared in Pawpaw H. S. Assayer at mine near 
Boulder, Colo.; First Asst. A. T. & S. F. R. R. to Oct, 1907: Asst (Them., Mariner & 
Hoskins, Oct., 1907-June. 1909; Chief Chem., Mo. Pac. R. R., June to Nov., 1909; Asst. 
Chem., U. S. Dept of Agr., Chicago Food a Drug Lab., Nov., 1900-;- Member Presb. 
Church. Married Daisy A. Hunter, June 10, 1903, Topeka, Kan. Child, Lois Helen, b. 
May I, 1905. Address, 207 N. Howard Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1898] Baccalaureate Alumni 211 


A. B.; A. M., 1899; Professor; b. July 23, 18^9, Michignntown, Ind.j a. Jonathan (b. 
1816, Virginia) & Mary Ann (Wayt) Black (b. 1822, O.) Prepared in Ind. State Norm. 
School, Terre Haute, Ind.; Grad., 1802. Instructor, Sci. & Art of Instruction, I. S. N. U., 
1900-1; Sci. & Art of Instruction, Chicago Norm. School, 1901-6; Supervising Prin., Dist. 
of Columbia, 1906-8^ Dean of the School of Education & Prof. Elementary Educ, ind. 
UniT., 1908 — Married Anna Eliza Stockton, 1883, Delphi, Ind. Child, Okla Karl, b. 
1884 (d. 1888). Address, Blooroington, Indiana. 


B. S. in C. E.; Engr.; b. Aug. 17, 1875, Pekin, 111.: s. John Henry (b. Oct. x8, 1833, 
Langen, Hessen, Ger.) & Helen Maria (Ackerman) Breidert (b. July 25, 1842, Binswangen, 
Wnrtemburg, do,) Preoarcd in Havana H. S. Cit^r Engr.. Havana, X898; Structural Drafts- 
man with C. M. & St. F. R. R., 1901 : Keystone Bridge Works, 1902; Estimator & Designer, 
190a; Ft. Pitt Bridge Works, 1905: Contracting Engr., Ft. Pitt Bridge Works, isp9. A. F. 
& A. M.; Monday Night Club, Caiionsburg, Fa.: Western Soc. Engrs. Married Jennie 
Myrtle Snyder, June 14, 1902. Address, 1008 Leland Ave, Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in E. E.; Engine^; b. Sept. 30, 1874; s. Albert L. and Mary E. (b. Tenn.) 
Brockway. Prepared in Macomb, 111., H. S.; Kap. State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kan. U. 
of I. Band; Capt. Tennis Team; Y. M. C. A.; E. E. Soc. l»upt. Const. Met. St. Ry. Co., 
N. Y.; Rep. & Const. E. Engr. for T. J. Cope, Phila^ Pa. A. F. & A. M.; Shriner; I. 
C M. A.; Areco Ath. Club; A. I. E. £. Married Clair M. Caine, 1898, South Haven, 
Mich. Children, Ladue M., b. Nov. 19, 1899; Dorothy L., b. Apr. 10, 1905. Address, 
154 Bickley Ave., Glenside, Pa. 


B. S. in Arch.: Professor of Art; b. May 7. 1871, Ottawa, 111.; s. Ireneus (b. x8x6. 
N. Y.) and Mary (Sprague) Brower (b. 1848, N. Y.) Prepared in township hi^ school 
at Ottawa. Adelphic; Architects' Club (Treas.); Military Club (Sec. & Treas.) Designed 
Battalion Uniform adopted in 189^. Won competitive scholarship in Man. Tr. Teachers' 
Coll., Columbia Univ., X902; studied in Grad. School, Univ. of Kans., educational psy- 
cbolog7& vocational education, 19x1 ; Supervisor of Man. Tr. & Drawing^ Rockford, 111., x898- 
1 903 1 i>irector Man. Tr., Elgin, 111., 1903-4; Prin. Man. Tr. School, dprin^eld, IlL, X904- 
5 ; Director Drawing & Grade Manual Training^ State Man. Tr. Normal Pittsburg, Kansas, 
1905-1 x; Professor in' Art. Dept., State Man. Tr. Nor., Pittsburg. Kans., 19x1 — 
Diet illustrated work in grade school constr. Pamphlet 36 pp. S. M. T. K^ 1906. Member 
Presb. Church; Supt. Sunday School; Special Lecturer old masters. 19x0, Euterpean, Pitts. 
burf, Kans., & elsewhere; Kansas Manual Arts Assoc, (Sec, Vice-Pres., & Pres., 1906-xo); 
A. F. & A. M. Married Zalia Eustis. Sept. 30. x899f Ottawa, III. Child, Esther Mar- 
guerite, b. Mar. 19, 1903. Address, Pittsburg, Kansas. 


A. B. in L. & A.: Instructor; .b. Dec. 17, 1876, Chillicothe, 111.: s. J. P. Byrne. Member 
Track Team, 1896-8, Capt., 1808; A. M., Univ. of Chicago, x899^ Ph. D., Univ. of Pa., 1901. 
Instr. in Latin, Central H. S., St. Louis, 1902-9; Scldan H. S., St. Louis, 1909-11; Prin- 
cipal, Mobile, Ala., H. 'S., 191 x — Editor, The Syntax of High School Latin, Univ. of 
Cnicago Press, 190$. Address, 251 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala. 


(Brother of Nos. 6j3i I474> 2342, 2928) 

B. S. in £. E.; Engineer; b. Nov. 10, 1875, Champaign. 111.; Engr. Cent. Union Tele- 
phone 0>.; Sui)ervising Engr., Sargent & Lundy, 1900-5; Asst. Elec. Mech. Engr. to 111. 
Trac Sys., Springfield, 111., X905. Address, 717 W. University Ave., Champaign, 111. 


(Brother of No. X199) 

B. S. in E. E.; Officer, U. S. Army; b. Nov. 6, 1876, Vandalia, 111.; s. Daniel Monroe 
(b. Sept. 26, X844) & Rebecca D. Clark. Prepared in Vandalia H. S. Alpha Tau Omega; 
E. E. Soc; Officer Univ. Regt : Sergt. U. A. V., 1808-9 With Western Elec Co.; Supt. 
ft Gen. Mgr., Vandalia Light ft Fuel Co., 1899, 1902; Officer U. S. Army, 1902 — Alderman, 
Vandalia, X899-X902. Married Sara Jane (Jlark^ May 11, 1905, E. Liverpool, O. Children, 
Edith, b. Mar. 17, 1006 (d. Oct. 16, X906); Marian, b. Jul/ 27^ 1008; Charles Allen, b. Aug. 
24, xgio; daughter, b. Mar. 15, 19x2. Address, Fort Ruger, H. I. 


(Brother of No. 1200) 

B. S. in Arch.; Instructor: b. Aug. 6, 1874, Donovan, 111.; j. Evlan (b. Aug. 18, 1838, 
St. Joseph, Mich.) ft Qarissa Ellen (Watkins) Clark (b. Aug. 9. 1843. Crawfordsville, Ind.) 
JH>epared in 111. Wesleyan. Architects Club: Tau Beta Pi. Taught Man. Tr., Chicago Pub. 
Schs., 1898-X90X; Arch. Draftsman. D. H. Burnham & Co., X902-4; Instr. in Arch. Constr., 
Univ. of lU., X904 — Author: Repairing of Plaster CMtB.Technograph, No. X2, pp. XOX-X04; 
Member M. E. Church: Univ. Club. Married Alice E. Edwards, Sept. 10, 1900, Cincinnati, 
O. Children, Donald Evlan, b. Aug. i, X905; Margaret Elenor, b. June 27, 1908. Address, 
xos Chalmers St.. Champaign, 111.; Bus. Add., 417 Eng. Bldg., Univ. of 111. 

313 Univeksitv of Illinois 

thomas wiley clayton 

_. _. ..J C. E.: Civil En»i 
1844. CUyi 

B. S. in C. E.: Civil Enir.: b. Sept. 30. 1871. Ndion, III.; a. Ow«n L. (b. Nor. 27. 

" '■— "- ' • "-y C. {Mrnsch) Clayton (h. June >4, i8«, da.) P«p»red >n 

E. Club; TtclinBtraph Board; Y. M. C. A. Wilh Aupiit 

ZiCTinj, iSflB; Bridge Inipecior, 1899: Drafiinian wiih tbe Amer. Bridge _ .. .. 

Engr., Chicago & Alion fi. B-, 1901-4: Ant Engr. S. Side El«. R. Tl.. Chicigo, 1904— 
Member Weaifrn Sot of Engri.. Sepi.. 1901; Memhei A. S. C. E. 1908. Mafried Mora J. 
Mouholder. June ij, 1900. Diion, 111. Children, Wilbur Sunley, b. Aug. 14. iVOi> (d- 
Apr. 6, iftoS); Catherine Margaret, b. July 19, 1904; Inea Eleanor, b. Sept. 11, igosh Ai- 
<lriu, 514 W, 67ih St, Chicago, III. 

(Brother of Noa. s6j, 739) 
B. It. Bus.: b. July 37, 1877. Champaign, 111.: 1. Alva Martin 

{b. Fet : Miianda Amy (Gainea) Coflecn (b. Dec. iS. 1836, Virginia, 

III.) H. S. Pbilomalhean: Phi Gamma l»elU; Tau ileia K: 

Track '; Football Team, 1896-7; Mgr. HUo: Frts., Illini Adviiory 

ltd.. It Con£. of Ibe Middle Weit, 1 9 1 1— Fellowsbip, III,, 1898-9; 

Scbolai 9-1900. Computer. Flower Ailr. Obief*., and Stadenl. 

Univ. < - igoi; Inslt. Cen. Draw., Univ. of III., 1900-3; Innr. and 

Asm. 1 ktmour Imi., looi-ii; Special Agt. Northweuern MutuiU 

Life ti Fried Ida Winslow Felkner. Oct. aj, 1907, Iowa City, la. 

Adirti H. Add., 971 Rookerr Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

(Brother of No. 1478) 
B. S. in E. E.: Technical Supt.; b. Not. i. 1873, Maasfield, III,; a. William Crigaby 
& Eliai Catherine (MeUia) Collina, Prepared in Farmer City 11. S. Tau Beta PI; M. L. 
i E. E. Soc. Student, Genl. Elec. Co., Schenectady, 1898-1900; Foreman. Teating Dept., 
ume Co., rpofi; Supt. of Teuing, 1906-9; Tecbnical SupL, SchCnecudy Worka of Gen. 
Elec. Co,, 1009 — .Author: Standard Teatmg of Electrical Apparatus, tn pp.) Seriea ot 
articlei on Comnercial Electncat Testing. Auoc. Member A. I. E. E. Married t^Ura 
Josephine Van Olinda, Dec. a6, 1900. Schenectady, N. Y. Addrtsi. 1465 Slate St., dc, 
01: Professor: b July 20, 1S76, Toronto, Can.; a. Alexander (b. 184J, 
Mation (Brooks) Craig (b 1851. Londun, £ng.) Prepared in Hyde 
hie; lal prize. Univ. Pri« Ucbaie; Moiio Oral,; Investigator III. 
na, TB98-9. H. S. Iraclirr, Harlan, la., (9on; Ft. Collins, Colo., 1900-1; 
hicago, 1901-4: Tracher, Coihocion, O. 1904-5; State Morm. School. 
i90S-7i Student Univ. of Chicago, 19078; Ph. D^ Univ. of Chicago, 
I. B. L., Wood's Hole, Mass., sunimera. 1903-11; Prof, of Philosophy, 

- Author; Articles, N. D. Life; Plant, Animal h Human, Bull. Am. 

- 40, pp. 311-331, 40i*iJ. The Voices of Pigeons regarded as a Meana 
n. Jaur. cf Soc, V. if. pp. 8(i-ioo; The Expreuiona of Emotion in the 
id ring-dove. Jour, of Comp. Ncur. fr FiycU., V. 19, pp. 19-80: also 
eons published in Tht Auk Sr Jour, cf Morphelary. Member Amer. 

of Sci.: Sigma Xi, Univ. of Chicago, 1903. Married Mrs. Mima 
Davis Jenness, 1904. Chicago. Addrtii, Univ. of Me., Otono, Me.' 


alh.; b, Scarborough, Eng.; t, Francis (b. „ .-.- 

t Anne (Harrison) Cralhorne (b. Nov. i. 1846. Sea 
cH, 5. Philoi ■ 

B, S., iBoB; Aaioe. in Math.; b, Scaiborough, Eng.; t. Francis (b. Feb 5, 1848. WinI 

ingham, Yorkshire. Eng.) ft Anne (Harrison) Cralhorne (b, Nov. i -■■ ' " — ■■ 

j_ . n J ._.__, ;,._,. ,.- w... '---^ Fhi Kappa Sigi--- 

Board; Cant - 

pt. in Regiment. Ph. D. in 
n Math., Univ. oi Maine, 1398-1900; Instr. in Math., Univ. of Wis., 

KOI. 4: ASSOC, in Math., Univ. of 111., 1907— Author Uaa Riumliche isopermetische 
ohlem, 1907. 70 pp.. Ksestner, Goltinicn; College Algebra (Rieti ft Crathorne) 360 pp.. 
ipoo, Henry Holt & Co.. N. Y.; Probrems in Aleebra {Hieti & Cralhorne) 1910, Henry 
Hofl « Co.: Essay on the Fourth Dimension, Munn & Co., roio; Varioua article* in acien- 
titic magaiinea: member of EpiscDpal church; Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Amer. Math. Soe. 
Deutache Hathematik^r Vcrcinigung, Amer.^Soc. for the Advancement of Science (Fellovr) 

i^t. ^Mad^Jon, \^. c"h'ildren',''t5a?"pr* 8lon,'h.'Nov, Jj'1'906; Anne'narriKn, Iu"y IV. 

1909; Arthur Robert. Jr., June 5, 191 1. Address, 1113 S. Fourth St., Champaign, III. 


1 Arch.: Arch. Designer; b. Mar. 17, 1871, Mendola, 111.; s. Richard Andrew 

1839, Steuben Co., N. Y.) & Hary Eliiabelh Peterson (b. Jan. i, 1845, 

N. Y.) Prepared in Rock Pall* H. S.; Jennings Seminary, Aurora, III. 

Oct. 37. 183,. -- , 

■> York, N. V.) Prepared i _.. ,_ , „ _... 

lie des Beaux Arts, 1901-4; Arch, Club; Alumni Assoc. Illini Ciub, Chicago: 
:y. Y. M. C. A.. 1897; JlTini Suff; Class Artist. i8g8 Illio; First Mention K 
dal, Ecole dea Beau. Arts; Medal U. S. Comm. Paris Expos., 1900. Suryeyor, 
a-99; Areh. Draftsman with H. K. Holaman; Arch.: Sulf of Architect*. Paris F^ip., 
o; Arch. Pavilion of Cuba. Paris Exp., 1900; Traveled in Ger. France, Italy & Eng., 
04: Arch. Draftsman, New York. 1904; Instr. in Arcb., Univ. of III., 1904-51 Arch, 
iflaman. D. H. Burnham & Co.. Chicago. 1905-7 (Worked on plans for new "City 
lutiful.'') Retired 1910: Arch. Designer, D. M. Burnham A Co., on City Plans. 1911; 

1898] Baccalaursate Alumni 213 

vhh F. S. Hall, Arch., 1912. Member Co. E, 6th RegL, I. N. G., 1892-5; Cong. Church; 
Y. 11. C. A; Honorary member Atelier Bennett; Massier, Atelier Bennett, 1909-xo. 
Address, 529 N. Lombard Ave., Oak Park, 111. 


B. S.; Student: b. July as, 1873, Argenta, 111.; s. William (b. 18x4, Ky.) 8t Sarah 
Ann (Brennan) Dickey (b. i8a8, Montreal, Can.) Prepared in Lincoln College Prep. Sch. 

Philomathean; Instr. in Physics. Taught Monticello, 111., 1899-1900; Alton, 111., 1900-4; 

1906; .\nnamar7, b. Apr. 9, X91X. Addrtss, 2037 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

(Husband of No. 1x38; Brother of Nos. 1485, 3710) 
A. B. in L. & A.; Insurance; b. Oct. 21, X872. Ash Grove, 111.; s. Henry (b. Sept. 

4620, 70th St., Portland, Ore. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. June 9, 1872. Lawrence Co., Pa.; s. Robert McCasIin 
(b. Tunc 5, 1842, Pa.) & Margaret Louisa (Welsh) Eckles (b'. Aug. xo, 1847, do.) Prepared 
in Grove City, Fa. Adelphic. Y. M. C. A.; C £. Qub. Meniber of Christian Catholic 
Apostolic Church in Zion; Major in Zion Guard^ Amer. Soc Civil Engrs. Address, 
Bridge Dept., Kansas City Terminal Ry., Kansas City, Mo. 


B. L. Sm 1898; Librarian; b. at LaCrbsse, Wis.: d. Benjamin Eugene (b. 1845, Elkhorn, 
Wis.) and Ella C. Edwards (b. 184^, Nelson, N. Y.) Prepared in Wellesley Coll. B. S., 
1S94; Pi Beta Phi. Cataloger. Univ. Lib.j ill., x 898-01; Librarian Pub. Lib., Michigan 
City, Ind., 1902-3; Pub. Lib., Superior, Wis., 1903 — Visitor United Charities, Chicago, 
Oct., 1909 — Address, LaCrosse, Wis. 


(Brother of No. xxx9; Husband of No. 1227) 

B. S. in E. E.; Supt. Chas. A. Stickney Cq^ Manufacturers of Gasoline Engines; b. 
Mar. 22, 1878. Prairie City. III.; s. S. D. (b. Farminffton, 111.) & Margaret A. (Riner) 
Enochs (b. Yates City, 111.) Glee Club; Quartet; Football team; track team. Chief 
Engr. of the Vou^ht-Berger Tel. Manf. Co.; in Western Elec. shop, x 898-9; Chicago Tel. 
Co., 1899 1901; Wes. Elec. Eng. Inspection Dept., 190X-3; New York Branch Wes. Elec. 
Kng. Dept., 1903-4; Chicago Wes. Elec. branch, 1904-5; Chief Engineer of the Vought- 
Rerger Tel. Manf. Co., 1905-8; Engaged in experimental work, inventing about so inven- 
tions pertaining to telephone apparatus or circuits; Supt. Chas. A. Stickney Co., St. Paul, 
X91X — Author: The Application of Iron Wire Ballasts to Telephony, American Tele- 
phone Journal, Au^ 1905. Married Aline D. Hughston C99)t June X4, X900, Urbana, 
111. Child, CHaude Hugnston, b. June 29, 1906. Address, East Shore Park, White Bear, 


(Brother of No. 11 18) 

A. B.; LL. B., 1903; Lawyer; b. Nov. 30, 1875, Yates City, 111.; s. S. D. (b. Farm- 
ington, m.) & Margaret A. (Riner) Enochs (Yates City, 111.) Prepared in Canton H. S. 
Philomathean; Von Twiller Court; Theta Kappa Nu; Political Science Club; Glee Club; 
Mandolin Club; Track Team; Valedictorian. X903. Taught school, 1808-99; Prin. Monti- 
cello Hid^ School, X899-X900: Practiced Law, 1903 — Instructor in Cnicagp Law School, 
1906-0; Practicing Law and in Real Estate business at Champaign, Feb. 6, 191 x — 
Address, 305 W. Green St., Champaign, 111. Bus. Add., 20 N. Neil St., Champaign, 111. 


(Brother of Nos. 467, 3730) 

A. B. in Lk & A.; Minister; b. Oct. 2X, 1874, Griggsville, 111.; s. Marion Washington 
(h. June 28, 1842, Newcomerstown, Ohio) & Sarah Isabel (Wyant) Everhart (b. Mar. X2, 
1847, do.) Prepared in Whipple Acad., Jacksonville. Philomathean, Phi Gamma Delta; 
Glee Club; Quartette: Debating Teams. Various occupations till 1900; entered ministry in 
M. £. church; appointed to special work as Asst. State Supt., Anti-Saloon League of 
111., 190s; transferred to Supt. Syracuse Dist, N. Y. Anti-Saloon League; State Supt. 
Maine Anti-Saloon League, x 906-7: Pastor M. E. church, Waterville, Me., x 907-9; State 
Street, M. E. church, Troy, N. Y., X900-X2; State Recording Secy., Epworth League, 
ilL, X904-6. Member, Board Trustees, and State Headquarters Com., Anti-Saloon League 
of Me.. 1907-0; State Board of Txustees, N. Y.; Anti-oaloon League, 190^-12. Married 
(jertruae Azalea Simmons, June x, 1905, Chicago Heights, 111. Child, Isabel, b. June 28, 
1908, Waterville, Me. Address, 217 S. Orongo St., Webb City, Mo. 

214 University of Illinois [1898 


B. S. in M. & S. E.; Engineer; b. Aug. 30, 1876, O'Fallon, IlL: s. Louis F. (b. Feb., 
1820, Lowenhagen, Germany) & Josephine (Engelmann) Fiacner (b. Sept., 1831, 
Shiloh, 111.) Prepared in St. Louia Manl. Tr. School. Kain>a Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; 
C. E. Club; Football team: Mgr. Baseball team; Mgr., Glee & Mandolin Clubs. Asst. 
& City Engr^ Kewanee, 111., 1899; City Engr.. Paris, 111., 1901; GenL Supt. & Mgr., 
Danville St. Ky. & Light Co.; Vice Pres. & Genl. Mgr. 111. Traction Co., 1009; Operation 
of Public Utility Properties, 1900— Invented the so-called, Near Side Car now being 

£ laced in operation at Buffalo & Philadelphia. Member Chicago Union League Club. 
Earned May C. McCord, July 3, 1901, Paris, III. Address, 14 N. Kings Highway, St. 
Louis, Mo. 


(Brother of Nos. 683, 1862) 

B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Dec. a6, 1876, Cobden, 111.; s. H. C. & Jennie Forbes. 
Phi Oamma Delta; Varsity Football team; Shield & Trident; Editor, Tschnograph. 
Address, 121 W. South St., Seattle, Wash.(t). 

(Brother of No. 1325) 

Phi Gamma Delta; A. M. Columbia, 1905. Farming, 1898-99; Prin. of Amboy High 

School, 1899-1901; Instr. in English, U. of I., 2902-4 and 1^05-6: Instr. in Engl., J. Ster- 
ling Morton H. S., Chicago. 1906-7; Inst in Engl., Univ. ot 111., Sum. Sen.. 1906; 
Prof, of English, Butler College Summer Term, 1907; Teacher of English, Westport 
H. S., Kansas City, Mo., 1907-8; Head of Dept. of English, State Nor. Sch., Mayville, 
N. Dak., 1908 — Warden and Trcas. of Calvary Episcopal Church, Mayville, N. Dak. 
Married Henrietta Alma Cutter, Aug. 19, 1908, at Kansas City, Mo.; Children, Mariorie 
LoomiSp b. Julv 30, 1909, died the same day; Dorothy Elise, b. June 19, 1910; Kicnard 
Frederick, b. Oct. 10, 1912. Address, Mayvule, North Dakota. 

(Sister of No. 1494) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Teacher; b. Jan. 13, 1871, Upton. Mo.; s. Frederick Lauder- 
bach Frazey (b. July 24, 18^0, Everett, Pa.) & Parmelia Jane (Hanks) Frazey (b. 
Tuly 8, 1844, do.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Alethenai; Y, W. C. Aj Asst. in Ober- 
lin, Kan. H. S., 1898-1900; Grad. Stud., III., 1900-1: supervisor of Drawing. Stevens 
Point, Wis., 1901-2; Supt. of Drawing, Sheboygan, Wis., 1902-5. Address (f) 

(Brother of Nos. 1669, 4669) 

B. S. in Arch.: Architect; b. Sept. 8, 1874, Mechanicsburff, 111.; s. Henry Thomas 
(b. Mar. 2, 1846, Mechanicsburg, 111.) & Sarah Connet (Lidsly) Fullenwider (b. Oct. 
21, 1849, Grove City, 111.) Prepared in Mechanicsburg Acad. Band: Phi Gamma 
Delta. Arch. Draftsman at Indianapolis & Chicago. Married Grace Adele Stewart, 
Tan I, iQOO, Champaign, 111. Children, Lois Adele. b. June 3, 1905 (d. Oct. 2, 1906); 
Harlan Stewart, b. Aug. 15, 1908. Address, 7209 Harvard Ave., Englewood, Chicago. 

(Brother of No. 1672) 

A. B. in L. & A.; LL. B, 1900; Lawyer; b. Tan. 14. 1875, Lynedoch, Ont., C^n.; 
s. James Fulton (b. May 12, 1843, Can.) & Jane Elisabetn (Gray) Fulton (b. May 18, 
1843, Portage, N. Y.) Prepared in Hartford City, Ind. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta 
Phi; T. N. E.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Shield & Trident; Capt. Varsity Baseball team; 
Editor Class Illio; Phi Beta Kappa. Member firm of Faissler & Fulton; City Atty., 
Sycamore, 111., 1902-8. Married Laura Busey (ex-*oi), Nov. 26, 1901. Urbana. Children, 
Frederick Henry, b. Jan. 6, 1905 (d. Mar. 27, 1906); William Jonn, Jr., b. Feb. i2i 
1907; Robert Busey, b. May 5, 1909; Sarah Jane, b. Sept. 5, 19 12. Address, Sycamore, IH. 


B. S. in E. E.; Mgr. Lisht Co.; b. Tan. 12, 1874, Chicago, 111.; s. Henry W. (b. 
Aug. X, 1844, Dover, Eng.) & Harriet K. fPortcr) Goodridge (b. tune 10, 1854, Kingston, 
Ont.) Prepared in Northwest Division H. S.., Chicago. Shield & Trident; Phi Delta 
Theta. Married Elfreda Tumler. Oct. 15, 1902, Chicago, 111. Child, Francis Eleanore, 
b. May 27, 1904. Address, Alamosa, Colo. 


B. S. in Arch.; Mun. Architect: b. July 26, 1875, Lewistown, 111.; s. F. E, (b. 
Pa.) & Mary E. (Benton) Hair (b. 111.) Prepared in Knox Coll. Designed a number 
of the largest schools and court houses in the southwest in Monolithic Concrete Skeleton 
Constr. Member Scottish Rite Masons; B. P. O. E.; Episcopal Church. Married Pearl 
Allen, July 22, 1908, Kansas City, Mo. Child, Thomas Edwin, b. Feb. 21, 191 1. Ad- 
dress, 825 W. 20th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 


A. B. in L. & A.; LawA'er^ b. Mar. 23, 1875, Areola, 111.; s. John I. (b. Dec. 
10, 184$, Mitchell, Ind.) & Carrie (Bond) Hall (b. Nov. 17, 1846, do.) Prepared in 

1898] Baccalaureate Alumni ^ 215 

Areola H. S.; DePauw Univ. Prep. LL. B., Washington, 1901. Phi Gamma Delta. 
Gcnl. Practice of Law, Firm of Hall & Dame, 1901 — Member Christian Church: St. 
Louis Bar Assoc.; Masonic Club of St. Louis; Young^ Mens Democratic Club; A. F. & 
A, M.; Roval Arcanum; served as Pres. & Secy., Univ. of 111. Club of St. Louis; Fhi 
Gamma Delta Club. St Louis; Knights Templar. Married Minnie L. Kanzler, June 5, 
191 1 » Chicago. Address, Suite 915 Central Natl. Bank Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 


(Brother of Nos. 1507, 1508, 2402) 

B. S. in M. £.; Gen. Mgr.; b. Apr. 19, 1875, Secor, 111.; s. Morgan B. & Rosa 
Tayne (Gibson) Hammers. Prepared in Univ. of 111. Acad. Adelphic; Mech. & Elec 
£ng. Soc; Pres. lUini Assoc; Assoc. Ed. Technograph; Univ. Cor. for Record-Herald. 
Mech. Subt., Rock Island Plow Co., 1898-1903; Gen. Supt & Mech. Kngr., Phoenix 
Iron Wlorks, Meadville, Pa., 1903-5; Gen. Mgr., Jacobson Mach. Mfg. Co., Warren, Pa., 
1905-xx; Treas. & Gen. Mgr., Abbott Motor Co., Detroit, Mich., 191 z — Member Amer. 
Soc Mech. Engrs. Address, Pasadena, Apts., Detroit, Mich. 


B. S. in E. E.; Elec. Engr.; b. May 11. 1875, Kankakee, HI.; s. Walter W. (b. 
Apr. 27. Woodstock, Ont., Can.) & Martna Emma (Enyart) Hatch (b. Aug. 10, 1852, 
Peru, Ind.) Prepared in Kankakee H. S. Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Delta Sigma; 
Shield & Trident. Contractor for Mun. Improvements. Married Elsie Marie Wood, 
Jan. 7, 1904, Goshen, Ind. Children, Thomas Milford, Jr., b. Mar. 31, 1905; Walter 
W., b. Mar. 2, 1909; Frederic O., b. Sept. 12, 1908. Address, 651 Field Ave., Detroit, 
Mich.; Bus. Add., xoos Hammond Bldg., Detroit. 


(Brother of No. 15 12, Husband of No. 1249) 

B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Aug. 29, 1876, Sidney, 111.; s. Edmund (b. Oct. 
16, 1848, Jeffersonville, O.) & May Cathrine (Smith) Hays (b. May 9, 1849, ^^'^ 
Prepared in Sidney H. S. Railroad Constr. work, 1911; orivate work, 19x1 — Assoc, 
member A. S. C. E. Married Daisy Margaret Owens C99) June 14. 1906, North 
Yakima, Wash. Child, Margaret Katharine, b. Sept. i, 19x2. Address, North Yakima, 
Wash.; Parents' Add., 207 W. 111. St., Urbana, IlL 


A. B.: Ph. M., Univ. of Chicago, 1904. Student in Paris, 1908-9; Dean of Women 

& Prof, ox Mod. Lang., Ripon Coll., 1902: Head of Mod. Lanf. Dept, Shorter CoU., 

1904-7; Asst. in Mod. Lang., la. State Coll., 1907-8; Head of Mod. Liang. Dept.. Tabor 

Coll., 19Z0-11; Head of Mod. Lazis. Dept. & Dean of Wom., Stephens Coll., 191Z-X2. 

Address, 61 10 Ellis Ave., Chicago, III. 


A. B.; Teacher; b. Nov. s, 1877, near Sadorus, 111.; d. Irvin (b. Aug. 2, 1840, 
W. Va.) & Ellen Elizabeth (Fleming) House (b. Aug. 22. 1849, Bureau Co., HI.) 
Prepared in Urbana H. S. Y. W. C. A.; Alethenai. Taught in vicinity of Sadorus, 
1898-1902; Bement, 1902-3; Sadorus Pub. SchooL 1903-6; at home, 1906-7; teaching 
vicinity of Sadorus, 1907 — Address, Sadorus, 111. 


B. S. in E. £.: Farmer; b. Nov. 8, 1873, Panola, 111.; s. Thomas James (b. Au^. 
8, 1832, Lacona, N. Y.) & Julia (Stevens) Hurd (b. Jan. 1833, do.) Prepared m 
El Paso H. S. Adelphic. Draftsman, Chicago Bell Tel. Co.; Lake Shore & Mich. 
Southern Rv., (^eveland. O., 1809; Pa. R. K.. Altoona, Pa., 1902; Julian Kennedy, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., 1903-^; Pressed Steel Car Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., as Estimator, 190c; em- 
ployed as Checker with Amer. Car & Foundry Co^ 190^-9; Farmer, 1909 — Married 
Jessie Homewood C^innon, June 19, 1900, £1 Paso, ill. Child, Burton Cannon, b. Nov. 
4, X90X. Address, El Paso, HI. 

(Sister of No. 1354) 

B. S.; b. Sept. 13, 1874, Tolono, 111.; d. Theron Francis (b. July 23, 1834, Rock- 
port, O.) & Ellen Adelia (Bamum) Jordan (b. Sept. 26, 1841, Kockport.) Prepared 
in Champaign. Died Sept. 24, 19x1. 


(Husband of No. 1364. Brother of No. 2132) 

B. S.; M. D., 1901: Phy. & Sur.; b. Dec. 9. 1878, Highland, 111.: s. Fritz (b. 
May 13, 1847, Glarus, Switzerland) & Katherine CCaindle) Kaeser (b. May 13, 1850, 
Highland, III.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Alpha Kappa Kappa; 
Adelphic Honor Roll, Phys. & Surgs., 1901. Post Grad. work, Berlin, Germany, 1909- 
Memoer Madison Co. Med. Soc; ill. Sute Med. Soc: Amer. Med. Assoc. Married 
Jennie Latzer ('00), June 26, 1907, Highland, 111. Address, Highland, 111. 


(Wife of No. 1115. Sister of No. 1715) 
B. S.; b. Sept. 15, 187a, Granville. 111.: d. Nelson (b. Apr. 15, 1838, Bornholm, 
Denmark) & Elizabeth Jane (Ellis) Kofoid (b. June 8, 1846, Ind.) Prepared in State 

2i6 University of Illinois [1898 

Nor. H. S., Normal, 111. Attended Obcrlin Coll., 1803-4. Alethenai. Teacher, 1878-9. 
Married William Wagner Dillon, ('08) 1901, Normal, III. Children, Henry, b. 190a; 
Harold Sidney, b. 1906; Elizabeth Gertrude, b. 1910. Address, 4620 70th St., S. £•» 
Portland, Ore. 

LL. B.; Farmer; b. July 7. 1873, Vienna, 111.; s. J. B. (b. Jan. 9, 1842, Johnson 
Co., 111.) & Eliza (Gorham) Kuykendall (bjfan. 31. 1842, Milwaukee, Wis.) Prepared 
in DePauw Acad., Greencastle, Ind. Phi Gamma Delta; Football Team. Ph. B., De 
Pauw Univ., 1896. Lawyer, 1899- 1908; Farmer, 1908 — Married Eva Benson, June 
25, 1902, Vienna, 111. Children, Jack, b. May 5, 1903; Sidney Benson, b. Dec. 3I1 
1908. Address, Vienna, 111. 


A. B.; b. Dec. 30, 1876, Ashley, 111.: d. Solomon Riley (b. Dec. 13, 1846) & Esther 
E. (McClure) Lentz (b. Oct. 28, 1854.) I'reparcd in Areola H. S. Illio Bd.; lUini 
staflF; Class Poet; Girls' Glee Club. Taught as ist Asst. Prin. Farmer City H. S., x yr. 
Member Presb. Church. Died Sept. 10, 1899, Areola, 111. 


B. S. in Agr.; Farmer; b. May 9. 1874, Byron, 111.; s. David Wray (b. Jan. 29. 
1836, Millerstown, Pa.) & Martha Bull (Roberts) Linn (b. July 16, 1841, Petersburg. 
Pa.) Prepared in Byron 11. S. Adelphic; Agr. Qub. Address, Byron, Ogle Co., 111. 


Gen. Elec. Co.. Schenectady, N. Y.. 1890- 1903; Chief Engr., Akron ETec. Mfg. Co., 
X003-8; Pres. & Chief Engr., The Imperial Elect. Co., Alcron, O., 1908 — Address, 
Akron, O. 


B. S. in E. £.;_Asst. Engr.; b. Se^t. 29, 1876, Logansport, Ind.; s. Jeremiah V. 

larty (P< 

Ry., Rockiord, 1903-4; Asst. ^ngr. C. B. & Q. R. R., various duties, 1905 — Audior: 
Various short descriptions of municipal plants and railroad devices, The Eng, Record. 
Married Susy M. Nicholson, Oct. 2, 1904, Aurora, 111. Address, 221 N. View St., do. 

A. B. in L. & A.; Lawyer; b. Aug. 10, 1877, Shelbyville, 111.; s. William Benjamin 

3. Married jessie JJavidson isurnbam, Jan. 15, 1900. \^nild, josepmne, d. June if 
1907. Address, 448 Kenilworth PI., Milwaukee, Wis.; Btis. Add., 1115-20 Wells Bldg., 


(Brother of No. 3875) 

B. S. in E. E.; Secretary, Riverside Chamber of Comm.j b. Jan. 18, 1878, Rochellc 
111.; s. Henry Ritter (b. 1845, New York) & Ida Althea (Monroe) May (b. 1852, New 
York.) Prepared in Rochelle H. S. Y. M. C. A.; Tau Beu Pi; Capt. Cadet Corps. 
With Western Elec. Co.. Chicago, Shoip, Installing, Engineering & Sales Dept., 1898- 
1002; Western Electric Co., San Francisco. 1906-7; Chamber of Commerce, Riverside, 
Calif., 1907 — Married Frances N. Howard, Sept. 18, ij90o, Milan. 111. Children, 
Henry Howard, b. Mar. 22, 1902 (died Apr. 4, 1902); David Chapin, b. Jtine i, 1903: 
Bruce Monroe, b. Dec. 22, 1905. Address, 206 Pleasant St., Riverside, Calif. 


B. S. in E. Ej Engineer; b. Feb. 3, 1877, Belleville, 111.: s. Louis P. (b. Sept. 
I, X844, St. Clair Co., 111.) & Anna Eva (Schneider) Merker (b. July 37f 1847. Ger.) 
Prepared in Belleville H. S. M. E. & £. £. Soc; Guard Varsity Football team. Engr., 
E. St. Louis & Suburban Ry. Co. & Alton, Granite & St. Louis Traction Co. Member 
A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M.: M. W. A.•^ lUini Club of St. Louis; Amer. Elec Rj^, Engr. 
Assoc; Com. on Way Matters: Chairman. Sub. Com. on Rails & Joints. Married 
Marie Hays, Nov. 2p, 1904, E. St. Louis. Child. Gertrude Elizabeth, b. Sept. 13, 1905. 
Address, 533 Washington PI., E. St. Louis, 111. , 


B. S. in M. E.: Contracting Engr.; b. Jan. 7, 1875, Butler, 111.; s. John A. & 
Harriet L. (Hope) Mitchell (b. Hillsboro, III.) Prepared in Hillsboro H. S. Addphic; 
Y. M. C. A.; Tau Beu Pi; M. E. Soc Civ. & Mech. Engr.. Burlington R. R., 1898- 
1901; Amer. Bridge Co., May-Sept., 1901; Instr. in T. & A. M., Univ. of 111., 1901-3; 
Draftsman & Mpr., Kansas Citv Wire & Iron Works, 1903-6; Vice Pres. & Chief Engr., 
Bartlett Struc. Steel Coy^ 1906-7; Contg. Engr., Kansas City Siruc. Steel Co., 1907 — 
Member Presb. Church, (Jlerk of Session: Teacher of Men's Bible Class; Secy. Kansas 
City Presb. League; mcmb. Kansas City Engrs. Club. Married Mae Bell Roberts, Nov. 

1898J Baccalaureate Alumni 217 

I, 1900, St. Joseph, Mo. Children, Frederick Roberts, b. July 13, 1903; Louise, b. 
July X, 191 1. Address, 2926 Lockridge St., Kansas City, Mo. 


(Wife of No. 136a) 

B. S.; b. Jan. ar, 1878, Champaign, 111.; d. Georse Espy (b. Oct. 19, 1840, Foster. O.) 
& Sarah (Giflord) Morrow (b. Mar. 24, 1840, Argyie, N. Y.) Prepared in Univ. Acad. 
Kappa Aijpha Theta. Taught in Stillwater, Okla., 1899; Paxton High School, 1899-1901. 
Married Garrett Teller Secly ('99), Oct. 21, 1902, Paxton, 111. Children, Miriam, b. Oct. 
% 1904; Janet, b. Nov. 14, 1906. Address, 4367 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago, 111. 

B. S. in C. E.; Secy. Engr. Co.; b. Nov. xo, 1877, Chicago; s. William Henry 
(b. Feb. st» 1839, Chicago) & Catherine (McFadden) Musham (b. Dec. 2, 1845, ^^c*^ 
Prepared in DeLaSalle Inst. & Armour Inst., Chicago. C. £. Soc; Athletic Assoc. 
With contractor in Peoria, 1898; Draftsman, Holabird & Roche, C. M. & St. P. R. K. 
Ajner. Bridge Co., Ralph Modjeski, T. L. Condron, S. Side Elevated Ry., Sanitary 
Ditt of Chicago, 190 VII ; Assoc. Engr. with W. L. Condron, Consulting Engr., 191 1-12; 
Secy. Condron Co., Struc Engrs., 19x2 — Address, 741 Rush St., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in A. E.; Arch. Diaftsman; b. Jan. 4, 1877, Chicago; s. Henry George (b. 
Sept 30, 1848, Chicago) & Louise M. (Deverman) Naper (b. Nov. 17, 1853, do.) Pre- 
pared in ManL Tr. School, Chicago. Tau Beta Pi; Arch. Club; Orchestra; Tennis 
team. Steel Constr. Engr.. 1808-9; Interior Decorating, designing, 1899-1900; Arch. & 
Arch. Engr., i900;7; Arcn. Draftsman, 1907 — Memoer Chicago Arch. Club; Astic 
Tennis. Married Teresa Anderson, June 6, 1906, Chicago. Child, Kathryn Louise, b. 
Dec 20, 1908. Address, 908 Airdrie Pi., Chicago. 


B. S. in M. E.: M. E.; Mcch. Engr.; b. Apr. 3, 1877, Peru, IIL: s. Charles F. & 
Louise ^csterle) Neureuther. Prepared in Peru H. S. M. £. & E. E.; Tau Beta 
PL LL. B., Chicago Correspondence School of Law» 1903. M. £. & Designer, Western 
Dock Mfg. Co., Peru, 111.; Patent Atty. LaSalle Co. delegate to Natl. Deepwaterway 
Convention, Chicago, 1911. U. S. patents No. 887,835, 1908; No. 806,359, 1905; No. 
^7*834, 1907; No. 906,915, 1908; Ko. 937ffaS9f 1900; No. 782,869, 1905; No. 8441389, 
1907; No. 9^i,72St 1909; No. 712,32;;, 1902; English, No. 23,524, 1902. Contributor 
to Street Railway Rev,; Machinery; Technograph, Trustee, Cong. Church; Secy. Exec- 
utive Bd. of Civic Federation of LaSalle, Peru, & vicinity: Vice Pres., Peru Bus. 
Men's Assoc.; Pres., The Natl. Sheet MeUl Co.: Dir. Midland Casualty Co., Mid- 
land Operating Co., & The Hasbrouck Tunnel Realtv Co. of N. J.; Peru Pub. School 
Bd.; Columbian Kziights, Pres. 2 vrs.; Yeomen of Amer.; A. F. & A. M.j R. A. M., 
Chaplain; St. John Commandery No. 26, Generalissimo: life memb. Peru Hosp. Assoc; 
Amer. Soc. of M. E.; Western Soc. of Engrs.; Dir. Citizens Hotel Co., Peru: Pres., 
Peru Public Libr. Bd. Married Nettie lane Robinson, Oct. 15, 1902, LaSalle, 111. Chil- 
dren, Anita Nettie, b. May 30, 1904; Andrew Wesly, b. Dec. 9, 1909. Address, Peru, III. 


B. S. in Arch.; Arch. Engr.; b. Mar. 11, 1876, Camp Point, Illj s. Joseph Allen 
(b. Pcnn.) & Emma (Stahl) Nevins (b. do.) Prepared in Camp Point H. S. Phi 
Delta Theia; Tau Beta Pi; Shield & Trident Asst. Instr., G. E. D., Univ. of 111., 
1898-9; Arch. Engr., 1899— 32nd deg. Mason & Shriner. Married Letitia May LaPlant, 
Nov. as, 1910, Tacoma, Wash. Address, P. O. Box 46, Seattle, Wash. 

(Husband of No. 1257) 

Elisabeth, b. Dec. 14, 1904. Address, Beirut, Syria. 

B. S. in E. E.; Sales Mgr. & Dir.; b. Dec. xo* 1875, Malta, 111.; s. Dan Francis 
^b. Dec 30. 1826) & Rachel (Burzell) Pease (b. May 22, 1836). Prepared in Cornell 
Coll., Mt. Vernon, la. Pres. of Class. Engr., Western Elec. Co., Chicago, 1 898-1 902; 
Sales Mgr. & Dir., Western Elec. Co. Ltd., London, 1902 — Assoc, memo. British In- 
stitution of E. E.; same, Amer. Inst, of E. E. Married Adelaide Columbia Timber- 
lake, Nov. 25, ipoi, Cincinnati, O. Child, Maxine Virginia, b. Nov. 19, 1909. Address, 
Montebello, 99 Litham Rd., Lee S. E., London, Eng.; Bus. Add., Western Elec. Co., Ltd., 
N. Woolwich E. London. 


A. B.: Merchant; b. Mar. x, 1875, Springfield, 111.; s. Joseph B. (b. May 15, 1824, 
Richland Sta., 111.) & Ann Mary (Price) Perkins (b. Jan. 17, 184^1, Woodford Co.. Ky.) 
Prepared in Springfield High School. Philomathean ; Sigma Chi. LL. B., 111. Wesieyan. 
1901. Mgr. of Lyceum Bur., 1898-1902; Ice & Coal bus., Springfield; Perkins Ice « 

3i8 UNivBRsny of Illinois I1698 

Coal Co., Tgo>~ Married Nellie Pierce EngUnd, Apr. iB. tooB, Kbiuu City, Uo. 

Addrtii, loi; S. 6th St., SprinHield, 111.; But. Add., josK ^. Monroe St., SpringGeld. 


(Brolher of No. 1104) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Bancber; b. Jan. 3. 187;, Areola, III.; t. John Lutber (b. Sar. 

as. iBii, BridgcvUle, Del.) & Cora Justfce (Black«-ell) Polk (b. June », 1846, New- 

bern, N. C.) Prepared in Areola H, S. Engl. Club; Siima Alpfaa Epulon. A. B., 

Harvard, ipoo. With P. F. Collier ft Son, 1901-*; Priirate tuior, igo4; conducting a 

ranch. Encinal, Tex., 1904— Married Margaret ElTiabelh Reily, Oct. 14. 1901, Boiton, 

Hau. Deceased. 


A. B. in L. i A.; Initr. in Univ.: t>. Feb. 11, 1876, Galena, III.; a. John H. (b. 
Aug. 1, 1B4}. Eng.) & Eather (Vipond) Pooley (b. Oct. j, iSu, Scalea Uound, 111.) 
Prepared in Galena H. S. Kappa Sigina; Shield & Trident. Pb. D.. UniT. of Wii., 
looj. Tangbt in Galena H. S-, 1899-1901: Grid. Stud., Unii. of 111., 1901-1; game, 
UniT. of Wis., 1901-4; Penoyer Scbolar in Econ., same, 1904: Van. Scholar in Amer. 
Hial., aame, loos; taught m Madison H, S., 190S-6; Prof, of Hiat, Slate Norm. 
School, Klrtsvifle, Mo., 1906-7: aame. Stale Norm. Sebool, Valley Ut*, N. D., 1907-91 
Inalf. in Hist., Norlhweslem Univ., Evanston, 1909— Author: Settlement of lU. 1830- 

S, Bui. of UniT, of Wis., 1908, 309 pp.; Anicfe, Some Cauiea for the Weatward 
□vement before 1859, Proceedings of N. Cent. Iliat Teachera Aaioc., 1907. Mem- 
ber Amer. Hiat. Aiaoc.: A. F. & A. M. Married Marie Antoinette Baume, Jan. i, 1907, 
Galena, 111. Child, Elizabeth. E., b. Sept. 17, 1909. Galena, lU. Addrrii, 818 Simpaon 
St.. ETanalon, III. 

(Uuaband of No. 1507) 

8 10; Chief Engr.: b. Mar. 14, 187S, Metamora, IlL; s. Jerry 
1.) ft Harriett (Swallow) Ray (b. Feb. 35, 1843, Green Co., 
. C E. Uub. VarioUB posilioni under Chief Engr., I. C. R. K.; 

"'i9oi°3L l?^"E"«r-° D."l..''& W. °r'.' R"''fe«^%n, Pa.^ 
Chief Engr., D. L. ft W. B. B.. 1909— Member fiaptiat 
Aaaoc; Amer. Soc of C E. Married Edoa Boee Ham' 
Champaign, 111. Children, Lilian Rosalind, b. Not. i, 1904: 
a. Addrtii, 86 N. Arlington A-se., E. Orange, N. J.; Bui. 
., Hoboken, N. J. 

B. S.; M. D., 1901; Fhrs. ft Sur., b. Mar. ii, 1B71, Bloomington, Illj *. Aaron 
Payne (b. Apr. 18, 1834) ft Martha M. <Coi) Rhode* (b. Aug. 9. 1834). Prepared in 
III. Stale Normal Univ. High School. Capt.; Footballl team, 1896-97: Alpha Kappa 
Kappa, P. ft S., Chicago. M^ber McLean Co. Med. Soc; 111. State Med. Soc; Amer. 
Med. A«io.; Brainard Diairiel Med. Soc.; Amer. Acad, of Medicine: Consulting Swtl 
St. Joaeph'B Hoap., Btoominglon; Chrintian Church. Married Myrtie J. Downa, Slay S. 
igoi, Erwood. Ind. CbUdrcn, daugbler, b. Feb. 16, 1903 (d. Feb. 18. 1903}: Aaron 
Payne, b. Oct. ij. 1908. Addrtta til6 E. Grove, Bloominglon, 111.; Bus. Add.. 40S-7 
Corn Belt Bank Bldii., do. 


A. B.; A. M„ 1901: Prof.: b. Feb. is, 1871, Cedar Grove, Va.; a. Andrew 
A. Ih. 183S, Winebeater, Va.) ft Virginia (Friea) Robinson (h. 1847, Cedar Grove. Va.) 
Prepared in Shenandoah lust., Dayton, Va. Y. M. C. A. Ph. D., N. Y. Univ.. 19111 
Scholarahip, Columbia. 190S-9; Crad. Fellowship, N. Y. Univ., 1910-11. Taught m 
Kankakee H. 5., 1900; in Univ. Acid, while doing Giad. work, 1900.1; Inatr. in 
Physiu & Math., State Agr. Col!^ Pullman, Wash., 1901.1: Ore. Sute Norm. School, 
Monmouth. Ore., 1901-8: Assoc Prof, of Pedagogy ft Supt. of Tr. School, Wlnthrop 
Norm, ft Ind. Coll., Rock Hill, S. C, 1909-iii Prof, of Psych, ft Educ Univ. of Porto 
Rico. Member Presh. Church; Y. M. C. A.; N. E. A.; S. E. A.; Ore. Acad, of Sci., Vice 
Pres., 190S; Biochemical Soc. of Columbia, igir; Assoc of Doctors of Pedagogy of N. 
Y. City. 1911; Secondary Education Club of Columbia, 1909; Mosely Commrhr Vialting 
Sehooll in Eng., 1908; Pres. of Assoc, of Masters & Doctors, N. Y. Univ., 1911. Married 
AaoaGard, Sept. is, 1903, Salem. Ore. Child, Haiel Gard, b. June 34. 1904. Addrtis, 
Univ. of Porto Rico, Rio Piedras, P. R. 


B. S. in E. E.: Engineer: b. May iS, 1876, Champaign Co.. 111.; a. Joa. <b. Dec. 
as 1840^ Ind.) ft Cornelia (Clark) Saunders <b. Aug. ). 1831, 111.) Prepared in St. 
Joseph A S.; Univ.. Acad. With B. F. Remy. Anderson, Ind., 1S98; Western Elec 
Co.. Chicago. 1899; Peoria Gen. Elec. Co., S Diamond Meter Co., Peoria. i899-'90>; 
Fargo Edison Co., Fargo, N. D.. 1901-3; Ft. Wayne EI. Works, 1901-4: A. T. ft S. F. 
R. X '904-9; Minneapolis Gen. Elec. Co., 1909— Married Haiel Richardson. Apr. 
II, ij^o. Kansas City, Mo. Addrett. 15 S. 5th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

(Brotbei of Nos. 613, 66s) 
B. S. in Agr.; with U. S. Bur. of Agr.: b. Ocl. is, 1877; s. Conrad (h. Bavaria. 
Ger.) ft Caroline Shamel <b. S])rinEfield. 111.) Prepared in Taylorville M. S. Sigma 

1898I Baccalaureate Alumni 219 

Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Zcta; Philomathean; Agr. Club; Debating team; Editor, xst & 2d 
AnnL IlRuois Agrtculturist; Repre., xst 111. State Farmers' Inst, meeting. Asst. & Instr., 
in. Coll. of AfiT., 1 898-1902; Physiologist, Bur. of Plant Industry, U. S. Dept. of Agr., 
1902— Invented Tobacco Seed Separator. 190^; Paper bag method of protecting tobacco 
flowers from cross pollination, 1904; Seed bed steam sterilizer. 1906: Cig^r testing 
nuchine, 1907. Autnor: Manual of Corn Judging; Book of Corn; Bulletins IlL & 
Conn. Exp. Stas. & U. S. Dept. of Agr.; contributions to Encyloptdia Amer. Agr.; 
Brittanica; Amer. & H. S. Text books in Agr.; Agr. reports 01 various kinds: also 
variotis articles. Member Presb. Church; Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Sci.; Bot. Club ot 
Wash.; Amer. Breeders Assocs.; Masonic orsanization; Victoria Club. Married Agnes 
Far, Sept. 25, 1908, Hockanum, Conn. Cnild. Carolina Agnes, b. Aug. 12, 1909. 
Address, Bur. of Plant Industry, U. S. Dept. ot Agr., Washington, D. C. 


A. B. in L. & A. 1898; Superintendent of Schools; b. Mav 31, 187^, Gifford, 111.; 
s. Milton Hubbel (b. Apr. 6, 1836, Franklin Co., Vt.) & Catoenne Arietta Soper (b. 
May I, 1845, do.) Prepared in Kantoul H. S. Adelphic; 2d in Class in Scholarship. 
Grad. work Kan. State Normal, 1002-3; Chicago Univ., 1909. Miller, 1901: Teacher, 
1902; Snpt. of Schls. 1903 — Author of The Relation ot the High School Sciences 
10 one Another, The Inter-State Schoolman, Vol. 8» No. 4; xoio, pp. 19-20. Prcs. 
Meth. Brotherhood, X9ix; Pres. Co. Teachers* Assoc., 191 1- Married Mabel Mar^ 
Dolliaon, Jan. i, 1903, Kansas Citv, Mo. Children, James Milton, b. Jan. 11, X90i^: Dons 
Amy. b. May 20, 1906; Dorothy Mabel, b. May 26, 1006 (d. May x, 1908); Cecil Stan- 
ley, b. May 25, X909; Rebecca, b. Feb. 28, 191 1. Address, Eureka, Kan. 

LL B.: Asst. Adv. Mgr.; b. Mar. 30, 1876, Byron, 111.; s. John Franklin (b. Rock- 
ford, m.) & Emily Lucius (Read) Spalding (b. Byron, do.) Prepared in Byron H. S. 
filler with Sears, Roebuck & Co., x 808-1903; Supt. Mail Order Dept. of The N. K. 
Fairbanks Co., x903;xo; with The Globe Soap Co., Asst Adv. Mgr., 1911 — Married 
Ethel Rood, 1899, Byron, 111. Address, Glen Ellyn, 111. 


(Brother of No. 1271) 

A B.; Teacher; b. Jan. 2c, 1874, Tolono, 111.; s. George Alexander (b. Sept. i5> 
1842, Cabal Co.. Va.) & Priscilla Jane (Benjamin) Staley (b. Mar. x, X842, Perry Co.. 
0.) Prepared in Urbana H. S. Philomathean; Y. M. C. A. A. M., Stanford Univ., 
1900. Teaching, X900 — Address, 314 nth Ave. St., N. Yakima, Wash. 


^ B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Feb. ix, 1876, Johnson, O.; s. Charles Corbet (b. 
Ant 11, 1853, Bristol, do.) & Ella (Hulsc) Thayer (b. Sept. 22, i8ss, do.) Prepared 
in Newcastle H. S. Glee & Mandolin Clubs. Member Christian Church; A. F. & 
A. M.; K. T.; I. O. O. F.; K. P.: A. I. A. Married Ethel E. Halstead, Sept. 20, X899, 
Cortland, 0. Children, Lauren Halsted, b. Nov. 8, 1901; Harding Hulse. b. Mar. 4, 
1903; Charles Bradley, b. Sept. 7, 1904 (d. Dec. 27, 1906); Evelyn K., b. Oct. X2, 1909. 
Address, New Castle, Pa. 


„ A. B.; A. M.; Harvard Professor; b. Jan. 8, 187X, Steward, III.; s. Robert James (b. 
Mar., 1847, Romney, W. Va.) & Evelyn Louise (Flagg) Thompson (b. 1847, Williston, Vt.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Phi Gamma Delta; Adelphic (Prcs.) Teacher, Millersburg, Ky., 
A 5?*v X898-9; Harvard Univ.. x899-i90x; Instr. in Engl., Univ. of Me., i90i*<; 
AssL Prof, of Engl., do. 1905-9; Grad. Stud., Univ. of Chicago, 1906-8; Prof, of Engl. 
Lit., Univ. of Me., 1909 — Member Mod. Lang. Assoc. Address, Univ. of Me., Orono. 


^ B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Apr. 3, 1875, Rock Island, 111.; s. Henry J. (b. 
f"- 3. 1850, Berlin, Ger.) & Mary (Willcrs) Tocnniges (b. Feb. 14, 1852, Hamburg, 
J?-) Prepared in Davenport, la., H. S. Railroad Const. Work, 1898-X904; Asst Engr. 
Unat ^ork, B. & O. R. R.. 1904-10; Chief Engr., Robert Grace Contracting Co., 
Uevdand^ Q., Pittsburg. Pa., & New York. Married Myra E. Meader, Oct. xx, X900, 

acbuylemllc, N. Y. Address, c/o Robert Grace, Contracting Co., 170 Broadway, N. Y. 



.0 {^ifi- in L. & A.: Dep. Coll. Customs; b. Mar. x, 1875; s. Jacob J. (b. Dec. ^27, 
^?40 ft Phebe (Engei) Unzicker (b. Oct. 22, X843). Prepared in Acad., 111. State 
50.™. Sch. Phi Gamma Delta; Pres. Soph. Class: Illio Board. Taught, 1898-X900; 
^wel Qerk, Custom House, Omaha, X901-3; Chief Deputy Collector of Customs, X903- 
l^ Member Univ. Club of Omaha; Omaha Field Club. Married Alice Auld. June 
ii9o8. Child, William L., b. Aug. 20, 19x0. Address, 1307 S. Thirty- fourth St., 

B- S. in C. E.; Civil Eitgr.; b. Apr. 11, 1876, Naperville, Du Page Co., 111.; s. 

220 University of Illinois [1898 

throw; Member advisory board on athletics. Asst. Engr., 111. Central, 1898- 1900: Engi- 
neer in Bridge Dept. War Dept. U. S. A., Chicago, 1900; Supt. of Constr. & Consult- 
ing Engr.. Chicago & So. Bend, Ind., 1900-01; Consulting and Contr. Engr., asso- 
ciated with Love Pros., Aurora, 111., and private practice 1901 — U. S. Letters Patent 
No. 780,441. Jan. 17, 1905- Flush Hinge Dcor Construction: U. S. Letters Patent No. 
795f004, July x8, 1905; Store Fronts. Member Episcopal Church; Western Soc. of 
Engineers: 111. Soc. Engrs. & Surveyors. Married Irene Huxley Love, Apr. 19. i900» 
Aurora, 111. Children, Frances Irene Helen, b. Nov. 3, 1901; Mercedes Glaays, b. 
Mar. II, 1903. Address, Naperville, 111. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Manufacturer; b. Feb. 27, 1875, Rock Island, 111^ s. Rufus 
(b. Williamstowii, Vi.) & Jane (Edgini^ton) Walker (b. Edgington, 111.) Prepared m 
Moline H. S.; Univ. Acad. Phi Delta Theta; Delta Delu DelU; Shield & Trident; Pres., 
Freshman class; First Mgr.^ Tennis Team; Asst. Baseball Mgr.; Football Mgr.; I Hint 
Staff; ///to Bd. Coal Business, 1898-1904; Manufacturing, 1904 — Married Margaret 
Christy, b. Nov. 15, 1899. Children^ Joseph C; John R.; Charlotte; Margaret Jane. 
Address. 614 Twenty-Second St., Moline, 111. 


B. S.; Ph. C. in Pharm.. 1898; M. S., 1901: Phar. D., 1902; Mgr. Drug Dept.; b. 
Feb. a6, 1876, Piano, 111.; s. Gus Walter (b. Sandwich, 111.} Prepared in Sandwich H. S. 
Delta Tau Delta; Valedictorian class X898. Mgr. Drug, Drug Sundry, Novelty & Toy 
Dept., Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago— visits Europe 10 wks. every yr. buying drug sun- 
dries, fancy goods and toys in England, France, Germany & Austria. Married Lucile 
Cooper, Oct. 33, 1901, Chicago. Cnildren, Florence, b. 1904; Ralph, b. 1906; Charles 
Richard, b. 1908. Address, 317 E. Ave. North, Oak Park, 111; Bus. Add., c/o Sears, 
Roebuck & Co., Chicago. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. Feb. 3, 1873, Philadelphia, Pa.; s. Lukens & Eliza- 
beth (Hallowell) Webster. Prepared in Friends Cent. Sch. & Armour Inst, Chicago. 
Adelphic; Bus. Mgr., I Hint. Supt. of Constr. with W. W. Lindsay & Co., Engrs. & 
Contra., 1899 — Member Philadelphia Engrs. Qub; Friends Meeting, Birthwright mem. 
Married Katherine C. Hamilton, June 20, 1900, Petersburg, 111. Died Mar. 23, 1907- 


A. B. in L. & A.; Art Insti.; b. May 16, 1876, St. Louis, Mo.; d. Sidney Breese (b. 
Feb. 21, 1843, Carlyle, 111.) & Emeline (Barnes) Webster (b. Sept. 14, 1845, St. Louis, 
Mo.) Prepared in Carlyle, III. Y. W. C. A.; Alethenai; IlHni cartoonist; Illio artist. 
Taught Engl, in Sioux Falls, S. D.; Champaign, 1900-1; Director of Art, Pub. Scbs. 
Lincoln, Nebr., 1901-6; Instr. in Art. Dept, N. Y. Tr. Sch. for Teachers, 1906. Ad- 
dress, 519 W. 1 21 St St, N. Y. City. 


B. S. in E. E.; Contracting and Building; b. Dec. 27, 1877, Traer, Iowa: s. C. F. 
& Emma (Axon) Wetzel. Prepared in Traer H. S. First year's Univ. work done at 
Univ. of Iowa. Telephone Engineer, 1898- 1907: High tension Switchboard operator 
i9o8-9: Contracting & Buildins, 1909 — Married Margaret Bell, Aug. 3, 1907, Cnicago; 
(Children, Chris Jr., b. Apr. 28, 1909; Lois, b. Feb. 14, 191 1; Address, 216 Cutler St.» 
Waterloo, Iowa. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civ. Engr.; b. July 20. 1876, Olney, 111.; s. James Elliot (b. 1854. 
Keene* O.) & Adelia Hannah (Allison) Wharf (b. 1855, Jonesborough, Ind.) Prepared 
in Olney H. S. Highway Bridge Const. 1898-9; Asst. to W. A. Gray, Eng. & Contr. 189S; 
Eng. with U. Paci&c Ry. Co., 1899-1912: Real Estate Investment, Building Supt Member, 
A.^. C. E.; Natl. (5co. Soc; A. F. & A. M.; B. P. O. E.. Married Sara Bower Thomp- 
son, Jan., 1900. Olney, 111. Children, Allison Webster, b. Oct., 1900; William Thompson, 
b. Aug., 1904 (d. Nov., 1905); James Eugene, h. Jan. 26, 1909. Address, 5032 Sunnyside 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 


B. S.; M. E., 1902; Mech. Engr.; b. Apr. 6, 1872, Quincy, 111.; s. William Penn (b. 
Dec. 10, 1832, Freeport Pa.) & Martha L. (St. John) Williamson (b. Kent, Conn.) 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Capt. Univ. Regt. Shop & Drafting room, C. M. & St. Paul, 
R. K., Milwaukee, W5s., 1898-1901; Draftsman Mex. Cent R. R., 1903; Topographic 
Wqrk, 1904; Asst. to Supt. Machinery» Mex. Cent R. R.. X904'6 ;Mech. Insp., 1906-7; 
Mech. Engr., do., 1907-8; Instr., R. R. C. E., Univ. of 111., i9o8-ti. Articles, Friction 
of New and Old Shoes on New and Worn Cast Iron Wheels, Air Brake Assoc. Natl. 
Conv., Chicago, 1911; Brake Shoe Tests and Their Relation to Train Braking, Car 
Foremen's Assoc, Chicago, 19x1; Tie Treatment with Fuel Oil on the Mex. Cent 
R. R., 1900; Effect of Scale on Boilers, Thresherman's Review, 1910; Locomotive 
Efficiency and Friction, Amer. Engr. & R. R. Jour., 1911; Various Short Articles in 
Power & The Engineer • The American Machinist. A. F. & A. M. Married Mildred 
Wilcox, Oct. 23, 1907, Aguascalientes, Mex. Address, P. O. Box 308, Quincy, 111. 


ech. Engr.; b. Au 
Prepared in Evanston 11. S. Sigma C 

B. S. in E. E.; Mech. Engr.; b. Aug. 14, 1876, Evanston, 111.; s. W. C. Wilson. 
~ ■■ ~ ~ Chi. Electrical work; Chief Elect Battleship 

i^] Baccalaureate Alumni 221 

Kentucky, U. S. N., 1900-4; Elec. Dept., Deering Hanrester Co. Works, 1904; Steam 
Turbine Dept., Allts Chalmers Co.. 1906; Master Mechanic, B. F. Avery & Sons. Plow 
Mfrs., Lonisville, Ky. Member Engrs. & Architects Club. Address, 11 40 S. ist St., 
Louisrille, Ky. 


A. fi. in L. & A.; LL. B.; b. June 3, 1875, Champaign, III.; s. Benjamin Franklin 
(b. May 28, 1841, Delphi, Ind.) & Mary Oara (Forney) Wingard (b. Oct. 10, 2846, 
Waynesboro, Pa.) Adelphic; Asst. Ed., Iltini; Band; Orchestra; Pol. Sci. Qub. Atty- 
at-Law. Secy. Bd. of Educ. of Champaign, 1901^ — Secy. Repub. Co. Com. Member 
M. E. Church: A. F. & A. M.; Shrine: Sons of Veterans; Amer. Fed. of Musicians. 
Address, 407 N. State St., Champaign, III. 


B. S. in Chem.; Chemist; b. Oct. 21, 1868, Peoria, 111.; s. Gilbert (b. Jan. ao, 1837, 
Brooklyn. N. Y.) & Maria (Day) Wolcott (b. Feb. 17. 1839, Nunda Val., N. Y.) 
Prepared in Peoria H. S. Asst. to City Chem^ Buffalo. N. Y., 1898; do. State (Jhem. 
do.. 1899; Asst., 111. Steel Co., 1900; Asst. Chem., Armour & Co., 1901; Supt., Oil 
Refinery^ Armour & Co., Ft. Worth, Tex.. 1902. A. F. & A. M.; Amer. Chem. 
Soc Married Marie Boss, June 20, 1900, Cnicago, HI. Died Feb. 9, 1904, Ft. Worth, 


(Wife of No. Z292; Sister of Nos. 450, 712 & 2000) 

A. B. in L. & A.: b. May 5, 1877^ Champaign, 111.; d. Stephen Elias (b. Nov. 27» 
181 5, near Seneca Falls, N. V.) & Mary Celina ,( Carpenter) woodworth (b. Apr. ^» 
1842, near Fayetterille, do,) Prepared in Champaign H. S. & Berkeley. (Jalif., H. S. 
^ W. C A.; Alethenai. Teacher in Champaign Schs. 1898-9; Member Southern Pres. 
(Eastminster) Church; Kings Daughters Circles in Moline and Burlington, la. Married 
John Hayes Young ('99), Dec. 26, 1899, Champaign, 111. Children, boy. b. Nov. 21, 1900 
(d. Nov. 21, 1900); John Hayes, Jr., b. Sept. 7, 1903; Celina Woodworth, b. June 5, 1910. 
Address, 326 Myrtle Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

(Brother of No. 2291) 
LL. B.; LL. M., 1899; Lawyer; b. May 17, 1877, Warsaw, 111.; s. George Byron (b. 

__.. , , ___ ._^, „ , _ .. e{ 

Co., 1904: Mgr., ColL Dept, .^mer. Joblnng Assoc., 1904; (Ten. Law practice. Author: 
Uiw of Contracts, ^ub. anonymously, Amer. Jobbing Assoc, 1906; articles in current 
magazines, 1000-2; in Green Bag, American Legal News & Law Student's Helper, 
tfember Comi. League of Amer.; Sr. Warden, Holy Cross Mission, Episc. Married 
Etta M. Horstman, Sept. i, 1902, Olatha, Kan. (^ild, Mary Theye ,b. Sept. 8, 1903. 
Address, 22x2 8th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Bus. Add,, $01-2-3 Alston Bldg., do, 


(Brother of No. 2538) 

B. S. in C. E.; Mining Engr.; b. Feb. 27,^ 1875. Winnebago, 111.; s. S. T. & 
Martha (Scott) Wray. Prepared in Winnebago H. S. C. E. Qub. With U. S. Geol. 
Snr., 1898-Z000; Asst. Mine Eng., Whitebreast Fuel Co., 1900-1905: with Mineral 
Point Zinc Co., 1906-— Married Bertha M. Loskill, June 10, 191 1, LaSalle, 111. Address, 
DePue, 111. 


B. S. in £. E.; Electrician; b. Feb. 24, 1876, Chicago; s. Leonhard (b. Jan. 3x» 
1829, Bavaria, Got.) & Albertine (Koplien) Wuerffel (b. June 19, 1839, Pommerania, 
do.) Prepared S. Chicago H. S.j Brevet Capt. I. N. G. With Western Electric Co., 
1899-Z908; U. P. Vulcan Elec. Heating Co., 1908 — Member (jer. Luth. Church, May- 
wood, III. Married (Tharlotte Anna Eissfeldt, Jan. 14, 1900, Milwaukee, Wis.: Children, 
Stella Albertine, b. Tnne 19, 1901; Gertrude Anna, b. Mar. 30, 1905; Leonoard Carl, 
b. June 9, loxi. Address, 409 S. loth Ave., May wood. 111.; Bus. Add., 542 W. Jack- 
son Blvd., Chicago. 

CLASS OF 1899 (108) 


B. S. in E. E.; Elec. Engr.; b. June 12, 1878, Sheldon, 111.; s. M. Anderson. Ad- 
dress, 333 Henry Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 


B. S. in M. E.: Engr. b. Nov. x, 1877, Serena, 111.; s. Abraham T. and Lottie E* 
(Hall) Armstrong (Maine). Prepared in Ottawa H. S.; Tau Beta Pi, Pres. of M. E. & 
E. E. Soc, Asst. Master Mechanic Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., 1899-01; Master Mechanic 
Crystal Falls Iron Co., looi-oa; Master Mechanic Republic Iron Co., X902-4: Mech. En^. 
for Puin. Iron Mining Co., and Republic Iron Co., 1904 — Member Lake Superior Min- 
ing Inst;. 1902; A. S. M. E. 1908; Assoc. Mem. A. I. £. E. 1909. Married (^ara E. 
Pascoe, Dec. 23, 1903, Republic. Mich. Children, Charlotte E., b. May 2, 1905; Eleanor, 
b. Sept. 6, 1908. Address, Vulcan, Mich. 

222 University of Illinois [1899 


B. S. in L. & A.: b. Apr. ii, 1878, Vincennes, Ind.; a. Joseph Lamber t(b. Jan. 37. 
1841, do.) & Helen M. (Burke) Bayard (b. Sept. 10, 1850. Marietta, O.) Prepared in 
St Francis Xavier's Prep. School and Vincennes Univ. Phi Delta Theta; Shield and 
Trident. Clerk Bankers' Nat'l Bank, Chicago. Died Sept. 19, igoif Vincennes, Ind. 


B. S. in C. E. 1809; Civil Engineer; b. Sept. 28, 1876: s. James G. (Penzance, 
Eng.) and Catherene (Brown) Beckerley (Mineral Point, Wis.) Prepared in C3iica£0 
Eng. H. S. and Man. Train. Sch.: C. E. Club, Tau Beta Pi. Vice-Fres. Athletic As- 
sociation; Pres. Sen. Class; Pres. C. £. Qub. Member Western Societv of Engineers; 
Missouri AtlUetic Association. Member of Ancient Arabic Order of flomadic Msrstic 
Shrine, Murat Temple, A. F. & A. M.; C^mmandery* Civil Engr. wi^h August Ziesins, 
X 899-01; Am. Bridge Co., N. Y., xpoi-j; 111. Steel Co., X903-§: Bridge Manufiacturers 
Co., 190^-6; Contracting Mgr., Noelke-Kichards Iron Works. Married Clara M. Unge- 
witter, Dec. 24, 1901, Chicago, III. Child, William Gwavas, b. Nov. 7, 1908. Addrejj, 
1555 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 


(Brother of No. 1x90) 

B. S. in E. E.; Chief Ennneer; b. June 20 1875, Morton, 111.; s. William Sargent 
(Ohio) & Mary Ann (Campbell) Bennett. Prepared in Chicago Eng. H. & M. T. S.; 
Fhilomathean. Chief Elec. £ngt., Edison Elec. Co.. Los Angeles, Cauif., 1902-08; Chief 
Engr. Great Western Power Co., i909-ii< Chief Engr.. Domni^ez Land Co., 19x2 — 
Assoc. Member Amer. Inst. Elec. Engrs.; Congr. Church. Married Mary Belle Burns, 
Aug. x6, loio. Child, Mary Gay, b. Sept. 21, 191 1. Address, 136 Witmer St., Los An- 
geles, CaliL; Bus. Add., 625 S. Hill St., do. 

(Sister of No. 1x89) 

A. B. in L. & A.; Medical Missionary: b. Sept. 20, 1877, Morton, 111.; d. William 
Sargent (b. Ind.) & Mary Anna (Campbell) Bennett (b. 1836, Morton. 111.) Prepared 
in Northwest Div. H. S., Chicago. Y. W. C. A.; Watchekc; Alethenai. M. D.. Johns 
Hopkins, 1904. Med. Miss., Tsinir Kiang pu, China. Member, Presb. Church. Married 
Lorenzo Seymour Morgan, M. D., June 28, X904, Nashville, Tenn. Address, Tsing 
Kiang pu; via Chinkiang, China. 


B. S.; Teacher; b. June 29, X879, Wildwood, 111.; s. Homer Bevans. Taught Man. 
Tr. Address, 253 W. 60th PI., Chicago, 111. 


A. B.; B. L. S., 1910; Librarian; b. July 13, 1877, Austin, Minn.; d. Edward (b. 
Lakeville, N. Y.) & Lucv Hare (Brown) Bigelow (b. Fitchburg, Mass.) Prepared in 
Champaign H. S. Teacning, 1899-1901; Clerking, 1901: Libr. Asst., Rockford Pub. 
Lib., 1909 — Address, 324 N. Horsneau St., Rockford, 111. 

A. B. in Sci.; Teacher; b. Dec. 14, 1876, Stark Co., 111.: s. Cyrus & Eleanor 
(Fouts) Bocock. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Le Cercle Francais: Natural History Club; 
Instr. in Sci.. Corning High School, Iowa, 1900-04. Dean and Professor of Sci., State 
Nor. Sch., Albion, Ida., 1904 — Graduate work, Univ. of Chicago, Summers, X905 and 
1907. Married Lillian Rodda Normington, Nov. 26, 1907. Child, Oscar Lafayette, b. 
May 25, 1909. Address, Albion, Idaho. 

(Sister of No. 2023) 

Minn., 1899-1900; Stillwater. Minn., 1901-1905; Cloquet, Minn,. 1906-1908. Member, 
St. Andrews Guild, 1008 — Women's Friday Club (Charter Member); Cloquet Charitable 

Organization, 1908 — Married Charles B. Watkins, Tune 15, 1908, Grand Forks, N. Dak. 
Child, Harriette Wendell, June 6, 1909. Address, Cloquet, Minn. 


B. S. in M. E.; Practitioner of Patent Law; b. May 29, 1875. Morrison, 111.; s. 
Japies Hubbard (b. 1842, O.) & Emily Elizabeth (McAllister) Bradley (b. 1849. Ind.) 
Prepared in Morrison H. S. Y. M. C. A.; Track team. Studied law Nationad Univ. 
& Ceo. Wlashington Univ., Washington, D. C. Drafting, Aiax Forge Co., 1899; U. S. 
Navy Dept., 1900-01; Examining Corps, U. S. Pat. Office, Washington, 1901-05: Practice 
of Pat. Law, Pittsburg^ Pa., 1905 — Member Presb. Church; Bar of U. S. Circuit 
Court of Appeals, 3d Circuit, 5th Circuit, 7th Circuit & Dist. of Columbia. Married 
Dorothy Holland Sipe, June i, 1904, Washington, D. C. Children, Emma Elizabeth, 
b. May 7, 1907: James Clifford, Jr., b. Tunc 21, 191X. Address, 7909 Inglenook Pl.f 
Pittsburg, Pa.; ous. Add., 922 Frick Bldg., Pittsburg. 

1S99I Baccalaureate Alumni 223 


B. S. in C. E.; Banking: b. Apr. 30, 1875, Moline, 111.; s. Swan P. (b, Sweden) 
J Charlotte (Larson) BurkJand (b. do.) Prepared in Moline H. S. Delto Tau Delta; 

Junes, 1904, Huron, S. Dak. Children, Benjamin Trumbower b. Juiy 15, 1007: Theo 
dore Unnart, b. Aug. 19, 191 1. Addrgss, c/o Citizens State Bank, liampa, Idaho. 

(Brother of No. 1475) 

^ B. S. in C. E,: Engr.; b. Oct. 13, 1877. Sullivan, 111.; s. Abia (b. Tune 8, 1852, 
Clarksburjf, W. Va.) & America (UUy) Chipps (b. Oct. 10, 1856, Sullivan, 111.) Pre- 
pared in SuUxvan, 111., H. S. Tau Beta Pi; C. £. Qub. Inbtructor in C. £., Univ. of 
m., 1899; Chicago Jet. R. R. Co., Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111., 1900; Union Pac. 
*y-i 1900. Died Nov. 3, 1900, Laramie, Wyo. 


Not. 15, 1904, St. Louis, Mo. Address, 1504 Charleston Ave., Mattoon, 111. 


(Sister of No. xzo6) 

A. B. in L. & A^ B. L. S., 1902; b. Apr. 28, 1877, Vandalia, 111.: d. Daniel 
Monroe (b. Haddan, Conn.) & Rebecca (Davis) Clark (b. Higganem, do^ Prepared 
in Vandalia H. S. Pi Beta Phi; Watcheka: Y. W. C. A.; Phi Oelta P»; Capt. basket 
b«U team: Class Poet. Article: Niarara Falls, A Bibliography, Bui. of Bibliography, 
Vol. 3, No. 6, pp. 85-91. Member Bd. of Dir. Detroit Branch Coll. Alumnae & also 
Spolane Branch; Cor. Secy., City Federation of Worn. Clubs, Spokane. Married 
Frank Henry Burr, June 10. 1903, Vandalia, 111. Address, Sydney, Australia; Bus. 
Add., c/o Bnrr-Williams Real Estate Co., Sydney. 


(Sister of No. 1x07) 

A. B. in L. & A.; A. M., 1906; b. Feb. 6, 1879, Donovan, 111.; d. Evlan (b. Aug. 
18, 18x8, St. Joseph. Mich.) & Clarissa E. (Watkins) Clark (b. Aug. 9, 1843, Crawfords- 
viUe, Ind.) Engl. Club; Alethenai; Y. W. C. A. Taught at Chillicothe, 1900-oz; Mt. 
Vernon, 1902-9; graduate student in Univ. of 111., 1905-6. Died Feb. 28, 1909. 


A. B. in L. & A.; Lawyer; b. Dec. 31, 1873, Guilford, 111.; s. Edward E. (b. Feb. 
3, 1845, Ireland) & Sarah F. (Sale) Clark (b. Dec. 6. 1851. Guilford, 111.) Prepared in 
Galena, HI. H. S. Prin. x8<)9-02, and Supt. of Cialena Sch. 1902-6:, 
Lawton. Okla., 1907 — Married Loretta J. Mahony, June 30, 1904, Galena, 111. Child, 
Edward J., b. Jan. xa, 1907. Address, Lawton, Okla. 


B. S. in £. E.; Elec. Engr.: b. Sept 6, X874, Serena, 111.; s. Martin Luther (b. 
Nov. If. x83a. New York State) & Sarah Elixabeth (Sinclair) Clifford (b. July 29, 
1836, Illinois). Prepared in Ottawa To. H. S. Arc Lamp Dcpt., Western Electric 
O)., Chicago, 1899; with Chicago Telepnone Co., 1900-2; Elec. Engr., War. Dept. ot 
U. S. Govt., X902 — Married Belle Ethel Jones, Dec. 19, 1900, Chicago, 111. Address, 
1729 N. Y. Ave., Washington, D. C. 


111. Civh; Univ. of Mich. Club; College Women's Suffrage League: Amer. Libr. Assoc. 
Address, 653 E. Capital St., Washington, D. C,; Bus. Add., Libr. ox Congress, do. 


B. S.: b. Maroa, 111.; d. M. E. Dinwiddle. Married. Address, c/o Chas. E. Piper, 
Los Angeles, Calif, it) 


B. S. in £. E.; Elec. Engr.; b. Nov. 4, 1878, Neoga, 111.; s. Eli & Ophelia (Ever- 
hart) Dodds (b. Port Washington, O.) Prepared in Neoga, 111. Pub. Sch. With the 
Bnllock Elec Mfg. Co.; Asst. in Test Dept., 1899-1901: Sales Engr.. 1901-3; Foreman 
Test Dept., 1903-5; Asst. to Supt. of Constr., x 906-9; E. E. with W. & L. £. R. K.. 
1909-xx; with Delaware & Hudson Co., 191 1 — Married Lula Engel, June x8, i904« 
CSnctniuiti. Child, Roselle Sue, b. Apr. 9, 1905. Address, 10 Sianwix St., Albany, N. Y. 

224 University of Illinois 1 1899 


(Brother of No. 1654) 

LL. B.; Lawyer; b. July 28, 1876, La Salle, Ind.; s. Timothy J. (b. Belville. Can J 
& Catharine (Cody) Donoghue (b. La Salle, 111.) Prepared in St. Bede's College; 
Univ. Acad. Address, La Salle, III. 


B. S. in £. E.; E. E., 191^; Aasti Prof.; b. Dec. 19, 1875, Springfield, 111-; 
8. Nicholas (b. Apr. 7, 1846. Carlinville. 111.) & Orlena Eliza (Dawes) DuBois (b. 
July 20, 1851. do.) Prepared in Springheld H. S. M. & E. E, Soc: Prcs. Military 
Club; Natl. Hist. Club; Y. M. C. A.: Military Scholarship, Winner Hazelton 
Medal; Military Instr.; Adjutant: Capt.; IlUo Board: Class Treas^ Class Track Team; 
Delegate to Student Assembly; (jrad. Student Cornell, 1908-10. Draftsman^ The Elec. 
Storage Battery Co., 1899-1900; Wabash R. R. Co., 1000-2; with Western Electric Co.» 
1902; Engineer, Western Electric Co., 1902-6; General Staff of Power Apparatus Msr., 
same, 1906-7: Asst. Elec. & Mech. Engr., 111. Traction System, 1907-8; Instr. in Eiec. 
Eng., Cornell UniT., 1908-zi; Asst. Prof. Elec Eng., Purdue Univ., 1911 — Member 
^th Regt., I. N. G.. 1896-8. Patents, Nos. 826,318; 836,019; 840,690. Author: 
Will it JPay to Electrify the Shops, Ind. Engr., Jan., 1912, Vol. Il, pp. x-8; A Note on 
the Neatinff of the Whippoorwill, The Auk, Oct., 191 1» vol. 28, pp. 469-471. Member 
Soc for Promotion Engr. Educ, Assoc, Amer. Inst. Elec. Engrs.; Amer. Ornith. 
Union; St. Louis Rv. Club; Methodist Church. Married Alma Margaret Houser, Nov. 
8, Z902, Lincoln, 111. Address, 320 Waldron St., W. Lafayette, Ind. 


B. S. in Arch.; Supt. for Architects; b. Jan. 25, 1878, Rock Island, 111.; s. Frank 
S. (b. Fort Sndling, Minn.) & Cora Louisa (Brackett) Eastman (b. July 22, 1858, 
Rock Island, 111.) Prepared in Rock Island H. S. Tau Beta Pi. Junior Engr. in 
Govt. Const, work from 1899-1906, under U. S. Engineer Office. Rock Island, 111.; 
Chief Engr.. Healy Tibbitts Const. Co., San Francisco. Calif., 1906-9; Supt. for Hola- 
bird & Roche, Architects of Chicago, 111., 1909 — Address, 116 N. 25th St., Omaha, 
Nebr.; Bus. Add., 161 8 Monadnock Block, Chicago, 111. 

B. S. in M. E.; Engineer; b. Feb 19, 1876, Peoria, III.; s. Edwin C. (b. 1840, O.) 
& Mary M. (Grier) Ely (b. 1847. Danville, Pa.) Prepared in Peoria H. S. DelU 
Tau Delta; Shield and Trident. Asst. Engr. to Supt., Peoria Water Works, 1899; 
Asst. FnjBT* to D. W. Mead, C^nstr. Engr., 1899-1907; Engr. for Parker- Washington Co., 
Contr. Engrs., Chicago, 1907-9; Supt. Danville (111.) Water Co., 1909 — Author: 
Description ot Concrete Dam Construction, Proc. III. Soc. Engrs. & Survyrs., 1904; 
The Southwest Water Tunnel, do., 1908; Legislation in Regard to Stream Pollution in 
IlL; Proc. Water Supply Assoc, z9io; Pumping Station and Pumping Engine Duty. 
Rpt. Water Works Comm., Proc. III. Soc. Engrs. & Survyrs. Member West. Soc. 
Engrs.; IlL Soc of Engrs. & Survyrs.; 2nd & 3rd Vice Pres.* 111. Water Supply Assoc; 
Amer. Water Wtorks Assoc Married Nellie fi. Hawes, Sept. 18, 1907,, Danville. 111. 
(d. July x6. 1909). Child, Nellie Jane Grier, b. Aug. i, 1908. Address, 412 W. North 
St., Danville, III. 


B. L. S.; b. Mav f, 1876, Marinette. Wis.; d. Charles March (b. Mar. 10, 1850, 
Knightstown, Ind.) & Sarah Jane (Cook) Fairchild (b. Aug. 9, 1850, Irasburg, Vt.) 
Prepared in Marinette (Wis.V H. S. and Walnut Hill Sch., Natick, Mass. Attended 
Welleslev Coll.; i894-S- Pi BeU Phi. Cataloger, Northern 111. State Nor. Sch., De- 
Kalb, 111., 1899-1900; Org^anizer. Chicago City Club, 1905; Asst. John Crerar Lib., 
Chicago, 1905-8; Asst. Libr., Ryerson Lib., Art. Inst., Chicago, 1908-12. Member 
Chicago Welleslev Club; Chicago Lib. Club. Married Colwert (Teorge Pier, Mar. 12, 
i9za. Address, 802 First St., wlausau, Wis. 


Wm. Barnum (b. 

i853') Prepared 

icago, x899'X90i; 

Dist. Mgr.,'1901; St. Paul, Service Insp., 1901-2: Switchboardman, Sunset Tel. & Tel. 
Co., Seattle, 1902-4; Supt. Inside Plant, Pu^et Sound Div., 1904: Dist. Supt Constr., 
Puget Sound Dist., 1904-9; City Plant Chief, Seattle. 1909; Dist. Supt. Plant, San 
Francisco, Coast Div., 1910; Div. Plant Engr^ Central Div., San Francisco, Cal., 191 1 — 
Assoc, member A. I. E. E. Married Mabell £. Maynard, July 12, 1905. Child, William 
Masmard, b. Apr. 20, 1907. Address, gay Indian Rock Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 


B. S. in Arch.; b. Sept. 28, 1876, Philadelphia, Pa., s. J. A. & Fredericka (Astruck) 
Flesch. Kappa Sigma. Married Rose Eisler, Oct. 29, 1904, New York. Child, Ruth, 
b. Aug. 8, 1905. Address. 4809 (Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 


M. D. 1898, B. S. 1899; Physician and Surgeon; b. Feb. 17, 1869. Ridgefarm, 
111.; s. Henry (b. Oct. 28, 1839, do.) and Mahala (Haworth) Fletcher (b. Oct. 15* 1842* 
(Georgetown, 111.) Prepared in Ridgefarm H. S. Phi Rho Sigma of P. & S. Vermilion 
Co. Healtli Officer, 1902-4; Member Vermilion Co. Med. Soc, 1900; 111. State Med. 

1 899) Baccalaureate Alumni 225 

Soc., 1902. Married Jessie Baum, Aug. 5, 1897, Newport, Ind. Child, Mildred, b. 
Apr. 8, 1900. Address, Georgetown, 111. 


B. S.; Instructor; b. Mar. 12, 1876. Chicago, HI.: 8. Nels A. (b. Sweden) & Mathilda 
(Bergstrom) Foberg (b. do.) Prepared in Chicago Man. Tr. H. S. Attended summer 

2uartere. Univ. of Chicago, 1895-^^-8. Fellowship in Math. O^ot used). Instr. in Math. 
Irare Tech. H. S. Married Louise Julia F., July i, 1904, Chicago, 111. Child, Marian, 
b. 1906. Address, 4031 N. Avers Ave., Chicago, 111. 

B. S. in C. E.; b. Oct. 4. 1876, Charity, 111.; s. Robert & Ellen (Dillon) Fowler. 
Prepared in Univ. Acad. Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi. One year Min. and Civ. 
Eng.; three years Min. Engr., Utah Fuel Co.: one year Chief Engr., do.; one-half 
year Supt. Nevada Coal Co.: Prospecting with Diamond Drill; Supt. of Gelsonite and 
Coal Mines of the Barber Asphaltum Co., Dragon, U.; in business in Maurer, N. J. 
Address, 141 Water St., Perth Amboy, N. J. 


(Brother of No. 3363) 

B. S. in M. E.; Mech. Engr.; b. Jan. 27, 1875, La Salle, 111.; s. William H. (b. 
Mar. 26, 1838, Perth, Ont.) & Lydia M. (Waterman) Eraser (b. Apr. 26, 1848. Pleasant 
River, N. S.) Prepared in La Salle H. S. Delta Tau Delta: Shield & Trident: Tau 
Beta Ph Alpha Delta Zeta. Asst. Master Mech. in Engr., Univ. of 111., 1901-2; Master 
Mech. Flammisfumis Co., Mojave, Calif. 1903; (Sen. Mgr., do., 1904 — Address, Mojave, 
Calif. (I) 

(Wife of No. 850; Sister of No. 1867) 

Abilene, Kan. 


B. S. in M. & S. E.; San. Civ. Eng.; b. July 8, 1876; s. Henry H. (b. May 18, 
1846, Byron, 111.) & Isabella C. (Dean) Gerber (b. Cazanovia. N. Y.) Prepared in 
Rockford H. S. Mun. & San. Eng., Chicago, 1899- 1902* Railroad Location & Constr, 
Okla. 1902-6 Arkansas, 1906-7; C K. I. & P. R. R., Chicago, 1907-8; R. R. Location, 
Ky., X908-9; member of firm The W. S. Shields Co., Sanitary Civ. Engrs., Chicago, 
1909 — Member 111. Soc. Engrs. & Surveyors; Western Soc. Engrs.; Amer. Ry. Eng. 
Assoc: mini Club of Chicago. Married Jessie Fuller Davidson, Aug. ay, ^9^^u ^^^^' 
burg, III. Child, Jean Isabelle, b. Aug. 17, 191 o. Address, 1200 Hartford Bldg., Chicago. 


B. S. in E. E.: Mining Engineer; b. Oct. ai, 1878, Rapids City, HI.: s. John Weir 
(b. Sept., 1857, Wanlockhead, Scotland) & Caroline (Schaecter) Gilchrist (b. May> 
1850. Rapids City^ 111.) Preoared in Viola, 111. & Univ. Acad. M. E. Michigan Coll. 
of Mines, 1900. Asst. Supt. Southern Smelting Co., 1900-2; Engineer Empire and Alden 
Coal Co., 1902-10; Vice-Pres. & Gen. Manager Alden Coal C^o., 19 10 — Married Elizabeth 

Soirk, Apr. 29, 1903, Peoria, 111. Child, Mary Mar j one, b. May 13, 1907. Address, 
avenport, la. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Nov. 24, 1876, May wood. HI.: s. George Walter (b. 
Mar. 20, 1851. Haverhill, Mass.) & Estelle Melvina (Burley) Gri£Sn (b. Mar. 13, 1852, 
St. Charles, 111.) Prepared in Oak Park H. S.; Arch. Qub; Le Cercle Francais; Tau 
Beta Pi. Prize ($8,500.00) for design of Australian Capital CitV;^ 191 2. Architectural 
draftsman, Chicago, 1899-1901^ Arch. & Landscape Arco. with Frank Lloyd Wright, 
Oak Park, III., 190X-5; Practicing independently, 1906— Member, Chicago Arch. Club; 

Jefferson Club; University Qub; 111. Chap. Amer. Inst. Arch.; City Club of Chicago, 
(arried Marion Lucy Mahony, June 29, 191 x, Michigan City, Ind. Address, 104 S. 
Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in C. E.; Civil Eng.; b. Aug. 10. 1875, Canton, III.; s. E. W. & Elizabeth 
Ann (Jones) Grim (b. Salt Lake City, Utah.) Prepared in (^nton H. S. Married Ida 
Christina Anderson, Mar. 18. 1902, Canton, 111. Children, Robert Frederick, b. Apr. 
5i 1903; (Charles William, b. Apr. 30, 1910. Address, 133 Calendar Ave., LaGrange, 111.; 
Bus. Add.. 22 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 


B. S. in Agr.; M. S. 1906; Assistant Professor & Investigator in Animal Husbandry; 
b. June 13, 1878, TaylorviUe. 111.; s. William W. (b. Nov. 30, 1847, Springfield, 111.) 
& Sarah Louisa (Stewart) Hall (b. Mar. 31, 1849. at Waukenin, 111.) Prepared in 
Hawarden H. S., Iowa. Adelphic; Y. M. C. A.; Agr. Qub. Engaged in beef cattle 
trade^ ranching at Fairfax, S. D., and cattle feeding at Hawarden, la., and general 
farnung 1899-1903; Instr. in An. Husb., Univ. of IlL, & ist. Asst. in An. Huso., ill. 
Agr. Ex. St., 1903-9; Asst. Prof, of An. Husb. in Univ. of 111., & Asst. Chief in An.^ 
Hnsb., Agr. Ex. Sta., 1909— Member ist Pres. Church, Champaign, 1904 — ; Amer. 
Breeders* Assoc; Amer. Soc. of Animal Nutrition; Hon. member of Alpha Zeta. Author: 

226 University of Illinois [1899 

Areas, Brick, Vol. 27, No. a, pp. 115-117 (Feb., 1907); Feeding Value of Corn for 
Beef Cattle, Illinois Agriculturist, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. lo-ii (1909); Commercial Feeds 
for Fattening Cattle, Illinois Agriculturist, Vol. 13, No. 9, pp. 16-19 (1900); Use of Meat 
on the Farm, Illinois Agriculturist, Vol. 14. No. 8. pp. 7-10 (1910). Married Elizabeth 
Cutler Wilder, June 13, 1900, Champaign, III. Children, Dixon Wilder, b. May 7, 1902; 
Charles Nelson, b. Feb. la, 1904; Elizabeth Virginia, b. Mar. 5, 1910. Address, 11 1 £. 
Chalmers St., Champaign, 111. 


B. S. in M. E.; b. Tuly 27, 1875^ Mason City, 111.; s. Gerhard (b. Hessen Castle, 
Ger.) & Elizabeth (Sullivan) Herwig (b. Goshen, N. J.) Prepared in Univ. of 
Til. Acad. Married Pearl Merrill, June 16, 19 10, St. David, Ariz. Child, Lois Pearl, 
b. Dec. a6, 191 1. Address, Lordsburg, Calif. 


B. S. in Arch.; Architect; b. Feb. 19, 1875, Toliet, 111.; s. Charles Augustus (b. 
1834, Truxton. N. Y.) & Lydia Melissa (Wood) Hm (b. 1838, Crete. 111.) Prepared 
in Univ. Acad.; Chicago Art Inst., 1897-8. Phi DelU Theta. ilugler, I. N. G.. i89i-3- 
Married Jamie E. Woody, June 11, 1901, Champaign, 111. Child, Frederick Way, b. 
Mar. 30, 1905. Address, 2816 N. 30th St, Tacoma, Wash.; Bus. Add., 62a Prov. 
Bldg., Tacoma. 


(Husband of No. 1501) 

& Conference record in mile walk. Farmer & Grain, Hay & Live Stock Shipper. Mason; 
Elk. Married Frances Myrtle Green ('01), Feb. la, 1902, Urbana, HI. (d. Dec. 23, 
1908, Hartland, Wis.); Alice Mary Green, Apr. 27^ 1910. Children, Max Green, b. 
Aug. 3, 1904; Karl King, b. Nov. 20, 1907. Address, 2415 N. ist St., Shelbyville, 111. 


(Husband of No. 1519) 

B. S. in M. E.: M. E., 1899; Mech. Engr.; b. Dec. 15, 1876. Urbana, 111.; a. George 
Wyllys & Edna Price (Post) Hubbard. Prepared in Urbana H. S. Adelphic: Y. M. 
C. A.; Military Club; Capt. Draftsman, 1902; Asst. M. E., 1902 — Marriea Mabel 
Hopkins ('01 ), Sept n, 1901, Indianapolis. Ind. Child, Elizabeth Edna, b. May so, 
1905. Address, 1409 Iowa St., Oak Park, 111.